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Levi got a call from his father. "LEvi i see three men that you might want to take care of they are attacking your mate." He spoke and gave him the directions there.

Levi carried the blade he had given Ken holding onto it tightly as he got a ride to the Alley. he saw the men stripping the boy and became furious balling his fist hitting one of the three straight in the face with all his might sending him flying back to the ground breaking his hand ignoring the breakage he pulled the katana from the sheath pointing it at the other two his father pulling out his own sword blocking the passage out. " Let My wife go or ill kill you both where you stand." He said of course he was going to kill them but if they thought they could get away maybe they would let Ken go.
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 163d 16h 30m 13s
Ken was awoken from were hed fallen asleep behind a dumpster a few blocks away from levis home. What had awoken him was a swift kick to his stomach by one of three men surrounding him. He looked up in fear at the man wrapping his arms around his stomach in protective manner and closed his eyes. He knew what was coming bed seen that same look in the eyes of his brother and the ones bed been rented out to. He just laid there arms trying to protect his stomach and unborn child as he felt the men begining to strip him of his cloths and use him as his brother had. "Levi help." He cried weakly knowing Levi was nowhere near to help him this time he would die.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 163d 16h 50m 34s
Levi opened the door finding that Ken was not there and began to freak looking at the note. "Damn it." He ran out of the room and rounded up his fathers men to find him. Her Searched everywhere on foot.

LEvis father sat on a bench in the Park looking at the little man made lake when he got the call his sons mate was missing he left in the middle of the night.
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 163d 16h 56m 53s
Ken had left late that night. Leaving behind a note in the popcorn bowl from last night. The note read / Levi I enjoyed last night I won't be a bother anymore tho I know you plan to push me off on someone else once the baby is born so I left goodbye levi./ it could be seen where he had been crying when he wrote the note as there was stains from his tears on the paper.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 163d 17h 4m 46s
Levi turned noticing that Ken was asleep standing up he put ken's covers on and kissed his forehead. He went back to his room staying up at his desk for a few hours before falling asleep sitting there.

Once morning came Levi made breakfast for him and Ken setting the table once finished he walked to Kens room knocking on the door. "Ken, i made breakfast. Ken."
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 163d 17h 9m 0s
He sighed slightly as levi spoke of going to the movies one day. He knew itd never happen cause he was leaving that night. Ken smiled and talked happily with Levi rest of the night until it was late. He wondered if Levi had a feeling he planned to leave or just didn't want Ken away from him. He decided hed pretend to be asleep so Levi would leave the room or go to sleep so he could leave.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 163d 17h 16m 24s
Im glad you like it maybe i can take you to a movie theater their popcorn and drinks are the best in front of a large screen. Scary movies are the best because when you get scared you can hold onto the one your with for comfort." He sat in shock when he spoke of how he didnt hate men and still prefers them made Levi's face turn a slight pinkish.

"I see then i guess once your of age i have a chance of making you fall for me." HE whispered turning his attention back to the tv reaching in the bowl for some popcorn
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 163d 17h 21m 54s
"It's yummy, and no I don't hate men even after everything I still prefer men honestly I was starting to prefer guys before my parents died and my brother became abusive to me."He said letting his hair fall back over his eyes. He didn't quit know how to take the compliment about his eyes no one had been as nice to him as Levi has since his brother started drinking six years ago.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 163d 17h 33m 1s
Levi looked back at him. "How is the Popcorn Ken." LEvi smiled painfully then looked back at the screen. "You must hate men now right? I could always have the women come take care of you instead of my fathers Goons when i am not around." he reached over and brushed his hair from his face. "Your eyes are beautiful you should push your hair back."
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 163d 17h 36m 13s
Ken pouted slightly when Levi chose to sit in a chair instead of on the bed with him. He felt like Levi was going to push him off on someone else once the baby was born. Sighing he decided that even tho Levi claimed to want him around he would leave when everyone was asleep that night. He visibly cringed at the thought of leaving Levi even if he wasn't wanted around after the baby was born. Sighing he shook his head trying not to think about how he was going to leave later that night.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 163d 17h 53m 48s
Popcorn.alright ill be back with some." LEvi smiled as he stood up and left going to the kitchen looking around for the snack. he found a bag putting it in the microwave finding a bowl to put it in once it was done.

he smiled it was the first time he really had anyone over he felt like a child. LEvi didnt have any friends besides those who worked for his father and now he had his student whom he had slight feelings for in his home. he was quiet upset that the child wasnt his but if Ken was okay with it he wanted to care for him and the child. Levi knew he couldnt touch Ken till he was of age hell he didnt even think that Ken would want that.

"Right... He wont want nothing to do with the same sex once he has the child. Father is going to line him up with a few women tell them that ken is a single father. women will love that." as he spoke the microwave went off and levi brought the bowl of popcorn to Ken. "Here you go Ken." he spoke and looked for a chair he remembered before he left ken had asked why he was sitting on the floor.
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 163d 18h 4m 40s
Ken smiled looking down at Levi. "You know I've never had popcorn before. And y are you sitting on the floor." He said smiling as he tried thinking of somewhere head like to go once he healed up. It mad him happy to hear what Levi said about his baby maybe things would work out after all. He thought to himself as he watched the movie.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 163d 18h 14m 56s
He sat on the floor leaning against the bed looking back up at him. 'Oh no not at all. why would i be mad? I would be happy if your child was also mine. I guess maybe i am a little jealous but not mad or anything." he smiled up at him.

"Are you hungry want snacks or a meal?" he asked fast forwarding through the previews and began to play the movie. "Once your healed would you like to go somewhere. anywhere you want we will go."
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 163d 18h 31m 48s
Ken was laying down on his bed when Levi came back and put on a movie. "Are you mad that your father thinks my baby is his grandchild." Ken asked when Levi returned hed always liked his teacher but never let on cause of the situation with his brother plus Levi was his teacher. Sighing Ken tried to shake the thoughts he had been having about maybe him and Levi and the baby being a family levi clearly didn't want that.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 163d 18h 57m 8s
Levi looked down at him and shrugged. "He would undoubtedly keep you close specially since he believes that your child is his grand child. so youll end up getting alot of presents. hes just annoying like that.." he sighed. "PLus i want you to get your rest so dont mind my father okay." He walked back to his own room looking through his drawers. he then walked to Kens room putting a movie on.
  KasaiShadowFox / 163d 19h 18m 56s

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