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His father busting in had startled and scared Ken. He grabbed onto levis shirt sleeve and his his face behind it without thinking. He wondered what was going on now. He waited to hear what levis father was going to say this time to them. He was breathing fast trying to call himself down where he wouldn't be scared.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 163d 14h 58m 48s
Levi smiled and nodded. "Okay glad there is no problem with that. And hmmm if it's a girl why don't you name her after your mother?" He spoke softly before his father broke down the door Levi stood up looking back at him balling his fists then let out a groan looking down at his broken hand. "Fuck. Father why did you barge in here like that!"
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 163d 15h 3m 8s
He nodded indicating that he was fine with Levi helping him go to the bathroom and shower. "I think we need to start picking names." He said smiling at Levi. He was happy things was looking up now and he didn't have to leave Levi. He jumped in surprise when levis father suddenly burst into the room.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 163d 15h 8m 38s
Levi smiled and nodded. " Your right our child. Oh i think our child is happy that we agreed to be a family." he rubbed his belly gently. " Well then i will take you to the bathroom and i will shower with you so you can still have a normal well some what normal time. if your okay with that Ken." he stood up and checked on Kens Ivs making sure that they were not running low.
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"If we are going to be a family that makes the baby our child instead of just my child." Ken said chuckling softly and then felt relieved when the baby kicked there hands. He looked at Levi and smiled happily. "So if I'm on bed rest does that mean I'm not aloud to shower or go to the bathroom?" He asked not really wanting to be made to use a bed pan and sponge baths like a old person.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 163d 15h 37m 40s
"You will never be a burden to me i promise." Levi put his hand on top of Kens on his stomach. "You are not allowed to go anywhere you must stay in bed rest till the child comes. Doctors orders enen the slightest hit to your stomach may hurt ou...your child." Levi smiled as he watched kens stomach. "We will take good care of the child. Raise him as a family if you are okay with that."
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 163d 15h 41m 18s
He was shocked when Levi kissed him but kissed back. When Levi pulled away kens cheeks were bright red. "I'm sorry Levi I just feel like I'm a burden I can't do anything helpful around here."He said after listening to what Levi had to say to him. "I'm glad the baby is ok." He said one hand still on his stomach but he needed to feel the baby move before he would completely calm down the worry inside him for his unborn child.
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Levi felt movement from ken and his head darted up. "KEN! Your awake!" he became excited and kissed ken. "Im so glad your awake, dont worry your child is fine the doctor transfused my blood. Also!" Levi looked at him dead serious. "If you ever think you a burden to me ever again, im going to just have to love you until you get annoyed with it. you can never be a burden to me Ken."
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 163d 15h 49m 31s
Ken woke up sometime later and smiled seeing Levi beside him. He slowly reached to mess with levis hair but stopped himself and pulled his hand back slowly. He sighed he was once again being a burden to Levi. He placed a hand on his stomach hoping the baby would kick or give him some sign it was still alive after today.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 163d 15h 55m 27s
Levi smiled and touched Kens stomach dizzy but happy that kens child was unharmed. "Right i wont let him leave i will take care of him i will stay by his bedside the whole time. i am good as long as he will be fine then you may go rest" Levi held Kens hand as he leaned closer to kiss his forehead. " I Failed to protect you once i will not do that again i will keep you safe."
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 163d 15h 59m 4s
The doctor nodded and went to work beginning the transfer then performing the various test to check the baby. After several test the doctor turned to Levi. "The baby is alive but he will have to stay on bed rest until the baby comes one more incident like this or even a slightly hard bump to the stomach at this point could cause a miscarrage." The doctor told Levi then waited to see if he was needed for anything else.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 163d 16h 5m 3s
Levi continued to brush his hair from his face as he cried out for him and then looked at the doctor as he spoke. "I really dont want to loose both of them. What if we give him some of my blood take as much as you need from me so you can keep him alive and check for his child." He swollowed hard holding onto Ken's hand.
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 163d 16h 9m 44s
Ken would cry out for Levi every now and then in his sleep as the doctor worked on him. After hours of working the bleeding was stopped and Ken lay in the bed hooked up to multiple ivs and machines. The doctor turned to Levi with a concerned look "sir I can't tell if the baby survived or not this time without more test that could put the boys own life in danger do to the amount of blood he has already lost." The doctor said to Levi waiting for his answer on weather to do the test or not.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 163d 16h 12m 45s
Levi hissed looking at the blood he had lost alot of blood and this time he may have lost the child and it was all Levi's fault. "I guess your right you will die anyways but you see. you just messed with The Yakuza. The man behind you is my father. Also the Boss." he said as his father stabbed one of the remaining men and Levi shoved his sword between the eyes of the male that spoke.

He picked up Ken taking him to the house to the hospital room laying him in the bed while the doctor took care of him levi sitting by his bed holding onto his hand
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"Levi." He cried out where hed passed out from his wounds having reopened yet again and this time he was bleeding from between his legs due to having been kicked hard in the stomach by the first ones boot. The remaining two snorted in laughter. "Yeah right of we let him go you will kill us anyways but if we hold onto him we have a bargaining chip to ensure we get awah."one of the remaining to spoke it was the one who had kicked him in the stomach.
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