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Same as the othwr scars rp


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"I Am sorry next time ill wait for you to wake up and than i will come to make us some breakfast." he spoke smiling as he watched Ken bringing a plate with eggs, bacon, sausage, and waffles. "i hope he is very hungry i made alot of food." he sad down in front of him with a omelet with rice in the middle. "If you want anything else i will make you it."
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 163d 8h 42m 44s
Ken giggled as he was picked UP. "I don't like waking up and you not being there."he said resting his head on levis shoulder. "I don't want to just lay around all the time."he said smiling brightly ad Levi mentioned breakfast. As if on cue his stomach growled loudly and the baby kicked hard. "I think the baby wants breakfest." He said giggling.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 176d 7h 5m 45s
Levi woke up and walked to the kitchen making them both break fast waffles eggs bacon sausage everything you can imagine he wanted to make sure that he was happy and the baby and him were fed. he heard footsteps heading his way in the halls he opened the door looking noticing Ken and sighed walking to him and picked him up."Mymy you dont listen now do you? you need to lay in bed i was only making a breakfast for you." He spoke carrying him to the kitchen sitting him down.
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 182d 3h 59m 21s
"Ok" Ken said smiling. He scooted closer to Levi as He got in the bed. He slowly drifted off to sleep while still smiling. He woke up the next morning surprised Levi wasn't still beside him. He got out of bed and went looking for Levi in the big house. He wandered the halls wondering were Levi was af.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 182d 7h 11m 28s
Levi looked up to him his violet eyes not leaving Ken. "Well living with me your life will change for the better you will have everything you will ever need and more. Our child will have more than enough college money he or she will never have to worry about anything. we will be happy all of us.Okay?" he spoke and then turned the lights of putting blankets over Ken and laid next to him
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 188d 5h 12m 13s
Ken giggled as Levi kissed his stomach. "Ok levi."he said smiling as he looked at the shirt Levi had helped him into.sighing he laid back on the bed staring at the ceiling."I haven't had cloths that fit me in years." He muttered as he thought about Levi getting him some cloths to fit. He chuckled at something in his head then closed his eyes.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 188d 5h 19m 41s
Levi looked at him and then chuckled. "Well if you slap me on the cheek i would wake up. do what you have to to make sure i am up okay?" He spoke playfully as he began to wash Kens body and finally his hair once the two were clean he picked up ken drying him off and brought him back to his room grabbing one of his own shirts putting it on Ken. "Its a little big but for now until i can go out and get you some new clothes maternity clothes for you and our baby." He spoke kissing his stomach.
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 188d 5h 27m 10s
Ken nodded blushing slightly as he got in the shower with Levi. He held onto Levi so he wouldn't fall. He still felt really weak. "I tried waking you up you know."he said being a bit of a smartass. Sighing he thought about levis suggestion earlier to name their baby after his mother if it was a girl. Sadly that couldn't happen cause Ken couldn't remember his mother's name.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 189d 1h 30m 51s
Levi slept but then woke up not feeling Ken next to him and he sighed getting up and traveled to the bathroom knocking on the door. "Ken im coming in." he noticed Kens state rushing to his side holding him up. "I told you to let me know when you had to go. i dont care if i am asleep i dont want you or our child to get hurt." Levi set him on the toilet seat helping him undress setting the clothes aside not asking him what happen he already knew but didnt want to embarrass him more so he started the shower undressing himself and helped Ken into the shower. "Just hold onto me okay ill wash you down.
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 189d 3h 43m 9s
Ken nodded resting his head on levis chest being calmer since Levi said he wasn't going to leave him for a month. A little while later Ken felt the need to go to the bathroom and tried waking Levi up. When he couldn't get Levi up he slowly got up and walked to the bathroom. Just before he reached the bathroom he felt the baby kick his bladder hard and he peed himself. Being embarrassed he didn't go back to the bedroom he just went and sat on the side of the tub fiddling with the water he wanted to do something for himself without having to wake up levi. As he stood up to undress and get in the shower he suddenly felt weak and sick and slowly toward himself to the floor to keep from falling.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 190d 1h 53m 54s
No that's impossible I can't leave you in this condition I care way to much for the both of you. I want to be here when our little one is born. He leaned back on the bed holding Ken close. " let me know when you have to go to the bathroom and don't think your a burden because your not if I thought you were I would have never offered to help you." He said brushing his hair out of his face.
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 190d 2h 40s
Ken clung to Levi crying. He didn't like hearing Levi might have to leave him for a month. " Your not really leaving for a month are you?" He asked between sobs. He didn't say anything else after he had asked about if Levi was really leaving him for a month. He just sat there clinging to Levi trying to call himself down.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 190d 2h 9m 43s
Levi's eyes widened as Ken apologized he then sat on the bed pulling him into his arms. "Father what ever you want can wait for a couple of weeks I know you want me to do stuff you. But for now I need to calm my wife." He said holding Ken close.

"Fine but when I call for you next you might be gone for a month. And kid You be good try to become stronger." He was then hit by Levi's shoe. "Okay okay I'm out."
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 190d 2h 14m 2s
All the yelling was just making Ken even more scared. He couldn't help it when silent tears of fear started rolling down his face. He didn't understand why Levi was yelling or why levis father was yelling but he felt like it was his fault. "I'm sorry for whatever I did." He cried looking up at Levi then his face again in levis sleeve.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 190d 2h 22m 3s
Levi's father hissed and looked at them both. "I really wasn't going to ask this but why the fuck did that boy run off you had most the men searching for him now he comes home and he's skittish. What the hell did you do to him!" His father hissed Levi patted kens head trying to calm him down.

"It was just a small miss understanding everything will be fine now. I don't want him leaving the house men like that will come after him if he's left alone. He's mine and so is the child! Now if you don't mind leave the damn room your scaring him." He yelled back at his father.
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 190d 2h 25m 58s

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