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The year is 2020 and the existence of the gifted has been discovered by the government. The government hopes to use the gifted as human weapons and begin to gather and collect gifted children who have certain gifts. Gifts that will make them valuable weapons. What will happen tho when the gifted turn there gifts on the government and those who are not gifted? 5 of these captured gifted only hope for peace and plan to end the now raising war between gifted and nongifted. Will they stop the war or give up and join the other gifted??

What are the gifted????

The gifted are children born with a affinity for a certain thing. Now no two gifts present themselves quit the same. Say you have two children gifted in fighting, one may be gifted in all fighting styles ; while the other might only be gifted in hand to hand combat. The gifted have been hidden away from the world for many years until now. Gifted children can always be told apart from others cause from the time they are born a gifted child's hair is wild and unnatural in color. Ones gift normal presants itself around age 13.


all es rules apply

no godmodding

cussing is ok it's war after all

romance is ok but not main plot

send me skelly and title pm I am gifted







Hair color


who are you?

What side are you on?


Accepted skellies

Username: kenbloodmoon

Name Luka: Fire

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Gift?: his gift is survival

Hair color: Silver

Bio: N/A

who are you?: one of the five who seek peace

What side are you on? Neutral

Username: CyberAlienPrincess

Name: Juniper Mcclough


Gender: female

Gift: Fire

Hair color: fiery red

Bio(optional): n/a
who are you? one of the five who seek peace

What side are you on? neutral


Username colorful

Name Candle

Age 23

Gender male

Gift? Immortality....at the cost of his emotions

Hair color: gold

Bio: unavailable

who are you? A person caught on the cross- fire between government and the free radicals

What side are you on? His own, so a new power can rise and an era of peace reign

Username : Kaosu

Name : Chaos

Age : 21

Gender : Male

Gift? Darkness manipulation

Hair color : Black

Bio: Data is corrupted

who are you? One who wishes to survive in order to keep a promise he once made

What side are you on? nuteral

Username: NorthernWolves

Name: Reyna Lanora

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Gift?: Electricity

Hair color: electrical yellow

Bio(optional): top secret - classified

who are you?: A girl who doesn’t remember her past

What side are you on?: government agent.

Username: Cursethewhitecat

Name: Firo Corteo [0210 ]

Age: Nineteen

Gender: Male

Gift?: Gravity manipulation

Hair color: Platinum blonde

Bio:He was raised in a government institution known only as Pandora's box. His original identity was wiped nonexistent and his name supplanted by the number 0210.They placed him into the Pandora project which was initially designed to be a training facility for gifted children to be slowly conditioned into human weapons,however later came to doubled as a research and development facility.He was a obedient government agent even after the gifted rebelled.Ordered to hunt down and capture the gift like a dog. He did just so for a few years before turning rouge himself

who are you?: Just a gifted lackey taking on the role of a mercenary to help carve a path for the new era of the gifted.

What side are you on?: Currently affiliated with the rebel force ;via request

Username: Dragoncita

Name: Amelia

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Gift: Telepathy

Hair color: White

Bio: Amelia was born blind. Despite her blindness, she managed to get around, using echolocation and her guide dog. Though, unfortunately, when Amelia's gift presented itself, it was in the worse situation possible. She would rather not speak of it...The ability to read others minds made her rather unpopular. It didn't help with the constant flow of thoughts that always overwhelmed her. Amelia was driven from civilization, making a life of her own in what little forests that were left. Once there, she also learned she could hear the thoughts of the animals, who in turn welcomed the young woman.Amelia befriended a wolf in one of the forests, who now travels by her side like any loyal dog. Even without any sight, Amelia still continues on with her life, learning more about her gift and its abilities, despite the war that rages on around her.

who are you?: A young woman trying to find where she belongs

What side are you on: Neutral


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[h3 [center Amelia]]
Amelia listened to the world around her. Then the sudden crash sounded. She had instinctively dropped, curling into herself. The world was always more frightening when you could only hear the threats, but had no way to see them. The woman started to shake uncontrollably.
The voices, more suddenly were echoing in her head. The whisper that was once in the shadows became loud, annoyed. The newest voice, calm, almost a frightening calm, as if the owner of the voice had either little or no emotion at all. She couldn't be sure. Then two others, these were further away, but they were growing closer.
Amelia pulled her hood over her head, digging her fingers into the wolf's thick fur. As for the animal, it took a protective stance in front of the curled up form of Amelia who was still trembling. Its hackles were raised, ears laid flat back against its head. The animal's lips twitched, fangs showing.
[#6495ed "P-please,"] her voice was a barely audible whisper, [#6495ed "No violence...please."]
She would prefer avoiding conflicting. Amelia still had a few bad memories, one of those where her 'gift' seemed to sensed that she was being threatened. It was either 'fight' or 'flight', and all 'flight' options had been closed off at the time, and Griswold hadn't been anywhere near her to help then. The woman curled up into herself even more. The screams had been terrifying as she remembered.
Amelia pushed that memory back, swallowing hard. Griswold, the wolf, glanced back to her. He whined softly, going over to nuzzle, then lick her cheek. The woman slowly moved, feeling slightly comforted by her companion. Amelia reached towards him, getting a grip on his fur. She didn't let go, as if she were afraid of losing him.
[#6495ed "I am unsure of what is exactly even going on..."]
She lifted her blind eyes to where the voices in her mind could 'hear'. Amelia remained sitting down, holding her staff close in one hand, the other clinging to the wolf's fur. Her trembling had calmed down a bit. However, she was still afraid.
In the back of her mind, there was a silent plea for help, for freedom, but it was being drowned out by everything else. To focus on it alone would drain her of what energy she had left. Amelia had only a short nap, which wasn't enough when it came to keeping her mental shield.
[#6495ed "I was hoping for a little more time to rest...but if we must, we will continue onwards..."]
  Amelia / Dragoncita / 143d 2h 47m 9s
Chaos had watched the events unfolded as he sat in the shadows, giving a sigh in response to the events that had unfolded. [b "Great, Mr. Invincible is Mr. Impaitent as well"] On closer inspection, Chaos got a better description of his face and suddenly he recognized him. [b [i so this is the emotionless cane I've been hearing so much about. Seems things have gotten more interesting than I suspected]]

Giving a long sigh, Chaos finally took a step out of the shadow and into the light, causing the shadows that hid him to creep back into the darkness itself. The next step finally brought him into view, with a look of annoyance on his face. [b "I don't remember ever agreeing to help you. Also, yelling out my name really doesn't inspire any reason to really trust you.'] Chaos kept walking until he was directly between the blind girl and the lightning girl who was being restricted by who he believed to be Candle.

[b "All I care is making sure that this person behind me doesn't come to any harm and as far as I saw, nothing was happening. So unless if you have come to harm her, then I have no business with either you or the solider girl"] Chaos loathed others who gave him orders or asked him to do anything. All it did was remind him all the times the facility he was in asked him to use his powers in the name of research.

After finishing, Chaos felt a tap on his shoulder and saw his own shadow was trying to get his attention, reminding him of the fact that he might want to make sure he gets out in time. He simply gave a node as his shadow slunk back down his back and returned to its normal position underneath him. [b "I suggest leaving this area before more of the government shows up.'] He then turned around to the girl and her protective look, seeing what her response to this situation would be.
  Chaos / Kaosu / 147d 3h 10m 43s
Well, the situation became much more interesting, maybe even more interesting than she had ever seen before. The wolf was with the female, and the female was talking out loud to the wolf; based on the way the female looked around, Reyna thought the female was blind. A blind female with a guard wolf, this made Reyna want to stay and find out some more about this female.

Just as Reyna had not wanted to have absolutely no harm, so did this female. The female apologized for the wolves behavior, who's name was Griswold, but Reyna now somewhat understood that the wolf was a sort of guard and guide dog for a blind person. But, it was curious as to where the two of them were going. Even though she worked for people who wanted to be told if she had found any other "gifted" people, Reyna usually never did; she either killed them quickly or let them live.

But what the female said next just completely confused Reyna. What had the female meant by the whole schpeel of two voices inside one person? One being trapped and the other dominant..... What was this female saying? And then something about a whisper in the shadows, which did not make any sense whatsoever. Reyna even looked around but saw nothing in the shadows; nothing living and/or moving.

Reyna carefully looked over the silver haired female, was this female crazy, drunk, or was she simply telling the truth? The first two were completely possible, as both of them went hand-in-hand with each other if one were in the midst of a war zone. But if the first two options were not true, and the third option was true, then that leaned towards the conclusion that the female had some telepathic capability. Which, to be fair, wasn't completely impossible. Reyna knew she could control electricity, and there were other "gifted" people.

Somehow during all this time, she had not noticed someone crashing into the building, and then putting a sword to her throat. She only noticed that one very little and "unimportant" fact when she heard a very familiar voice speak up. Well, she couldn't do anything, as any move from her would end up having her being killed, and Reyna preferred being alive to being dead.

Something else of interest, that at the same time as all this was happening, something else was happening. From the moment the female had said those words about one trapped and one dominanat voice, the Reyna who was trapped begged for the female to help. The trapped part of Reyna wanted to be back in control, but she could not do it by herself; she needed help, and maybe this telepathic female could help her regain control of her own body from the malign presence currently controlling it.
  Reyna / NorthernWolves / 147d 22h 13m 53s
Candle had watched as the blonde pulled something on her blade and let Electricity run free. Candle had however suspected another bomb to go off, and so he threw his sword to gather up the storm. However as he went to go collect the blade he got a blast from the past, literally. A girl with red hair from the same facility had shown up. She had the smell of government on her, but he wouldn’t take the chance, to many Gifted in one area for his own taste.

Candle had just stood up and swung his blade quick enough that it cut the girl’s head off in one clean shot. Standing on the other side of her he called out to the Silver haired male. [b “I will be going now.”] Before he could be stopped again Candle took a jump off the side of the airstrip that lead into the lower area. Running down the long hallway he came out into apart of New York that was still somewhat standing. Hearing the wolf cry out like it had been attacked Candle dove into the building from above.

Hitting the glass window arm first the male rolled drawing his blade up and had it close to the lightning girl’s throat. She had said something about not being there to hurt whomever it was that the wolf was protecting, and she had even spoken, but it only made the male that more determined. Pressing his blade to the girl he called out. [b “Chaos if you’re here I want you to cuff this one.”] nodding towards the girl with the electric blonde hair.

Hearing another crash come close by followed by a rapid succession of a second he saw the silver haired boy and the fire red head come into the building as well.
  Blind demon / Colorful_insanity / 149d 6h 29m 49s
[h3 [center Amelia]]
Even with the few voices that were left, Amelia managed to find sleep. As for her companion, the large wolf, the animal was on high alert. Its ears swiveled back and forth, listening intently to the world around it. The animal sniffed the air, sorting the scents. Several humans, they were those...'gifted', least that's what it remembered during a small conversation between the woman whom it traveled with and itself.
Footsteps, they were drawing closer. The wolf looked at the sleeping woman curled against its side, then to where the footsteps were getting closer. The animal laid its ears back, releasing a menacing growl, a warning.
Hm, seemed its warning was not taken. The sound continued to grow closer, too close for its own good...

She continued to doze, barely feeling as her guardian left her side. However, it was the wolf's yelp that woke the woman. Amelia reached towards her side, fumbling around until she found her staff, but she didn't feel the warmth of her companion's body.
[#6495ed "Griswold,"] the woman's voice was shaking, afraid.
The voices, one she knew was Griswold, her wolf companion, but the others weren't his.
Then a voice spoke out loud. The woman had no idea who this person was, or why there were 2 voices for a single person. The other voices in her mind were drowned out by Griswold's rough voice. She heard him, reaching her hand out to grab his fur.
[#6495ed "Are you alright Griswold...Yes, I can feel the static in your fur...Are you sure you are ok?"]
She probably looked insane, talking to the animal as if it were a human, least in another person's eyes who did not know the woman's gift. Amelia focused on the wolf's voice. After several moments of him reassuring her he was alright, did the woman return to focusing on the two voices. She lightly tapped her staff, the environment presenting itself.
[#6495ed "Just as you, we mean no harm. I apologize for my companion's behavior...hush Griswold...Yes, I know you were protecting me..."]
The woman's pale eyes looked in the general direction of the other who made themselves known. Two voices also emitted from the spot, voices which seemed to be bickering, she couldn't be too sure though.
[#6495ed "We are just passing through. We'd prefer no trouble..."]
The wolf suddenly released a growl again. His eyes shifted to the darkness. The animal could not see anything, but relayed his thoughts to Amelia.
Amelia dug her fingers into Griswold's thick fur. It was a comfort thing, helping her feel safe, from the world and the voices. There was a very faint voice in her mind which didn't belong to the one who confronted her, but someone else, or perhaps it was nothing. The sound she created to help 'see' showed nothing.
The woman whispered more to herself, [#6495ed "The voices...one is trapped, the other dominant, but both belong to the same person...then a whisper in the shadows...but perhaps the whisper is a mere figment of my own mind."]
  Amelia / Dragoncita / 161d 10h 32m 49s
After finishing his work, Chaos returned to his previous windowed position to see a new golden haired right before a thunderous strike hit the golden person. After the dust settling, the invincible man was standing their without a scratch on him, which was no surprise to himself after observing what had occurred earlier. Just before leaving to write another note in his notebook, a wolfs howl pierced his hearing, leading to his feet stopping dead in their tracks. [b[i What would a wolf be doing so close to a town like this? Unless...]] The thought of another gifted being in the area intrigued him but deep down within him he worried that they might be captured by the government and used as a test subject. Then, the woman who had previously released the lightning disappeared from sight, making the worrying feeling burn deeper. Chaos gave a sigh as he turned around and walked into the darkness as it embraced him. The darkness knew where to take him, as if the darkness itself was pinpointing the nearest location to the source of the sound he had heard earlier.

As he gently walked out of the darkness, he stopped just a stop away from the darkness when he noticed the previous woman from before addressing a lady who sat there with a wolf protecting her. He then noticed the jacket of the lightning woman he had seen before and saw the emblem of an government agent [b [i shit]]. Chaos knew that symbol anywhere and to be frank he didn't want to let the government know he was still alive but he wasn't going to leave a fellow gifted alone, especially to some government scum. Chaos girted his teeth as the darkness slowly reached out from behind him, covering him from head to toe in order to masking his presence from the world so that he could watch what would happen next without being noticed.
  Chaos / Kaosu / 162d 2h 32m 56s
The ball electricity detonated in a flash, a very deadly and quite a shock for the eyes type firework. The explosion itself unsettled the dust that had been settled on the rooftop, creating quite a layer; but what eventually comes up has to come down, and so the dust had settled down.

Sad to say, at least to Reyna, the explosion had not actually shocked anyone. Looking down, she could see where the bomb exploded; some smart prick had managed to detonate it before it had come close to anyone. Looking up, she noticed who this smart prick was; it was the guy with the black trench guy. He was glaring at her, as if he were attempting to kill her his stare. Sadly for him, it did not kill her or even scare her. She had seen much scarier things than that glare, and had managed to kill them all.

She did not know how this guy knew she was working for the government, he even had the balls to say that she'd lose. Preposterous, simply preposterous.

Reyna had a bit of amusement as she watched this very same guy began to glance around his surroundings. For some reason, she found it amusing that a guy who had balls to say she'd lose and then start glancing around as if he wasn't so sure now. But then she heard the cry of a wolf, but it did not sound as if the wolf was alone. On the contrary, it sounded as if the wolf was traveling with someone and protecting them. This sounded much more interesting than what was in front of her.

But then the guy pulled out his sword, such a little piece of slender metal. It would be such a shame if the sword was electrocuted. But in all honesty, Reyna did not want to fight this guy. She was more interested in the wolf, but she could not simply retreat.

She slowly pulled out her own sword, a curved blade of a katana slowly showing itself. As she pulled it out, Reyna began to slowly electrify the metal on the sword. As the conducting metal on her sword incrementally began to vibrate from the electricity, it acted like one of those metallic tuning forks. Instead of playing a C, the sword played a high G as Reyna stopped electrifying the sword.

Reyna pulled a little lever on the handle, the electricity was free to fly whichever direction it wanted to. Since it was bright as well, anyone who saw it would be partially blinded by it. Reyna used this opportunity to run off and head towards where she had last heard the wolf.

Running out of one ruined building, she ran in the open before running into another ruined building. She could hear something growling louder and louder, before a big, shaggy shape leapt towards her and bit down on her arm. Even though this wolf was trying to harm her, she didn't want to harm the wolf back. But if she wanted to survive and still have an arm, she'd have to shock the wolf. Reyna did shock the wolf, but only enough so that it would back off with its hair standing on end. [+purple "Look, whoever is here, I mean no harm.... Unlike those bungling bastards up there."]

The dark part of Reyna could give less of a fuck as to whoever this person had gotten here, or how they even befriended a wolf. The trapped part on the other hand, really wanted to know all this information as the trapped part of Reyna embodied all of Reyna's good qualities; the trapped part couldn't do anything as it was still trapped.
  Reyna / NorthernWolves / 162d 7h 37m 14s
Candle just stepped outside of the flame circle that had been created. Allowing his body to burn in the process. Coming face to face with the silver haired child that now stood in front of him. [b "You will move, as I am leaving."] Drawing out his rapier again the gold from his hair flicked into the light allowing him a single chance. Dropping into an offensive stand Candle was ready for a fight, however before the battle could even start a new person stepped up into the fray.

Drawing in a breath as a government Gifted stepped into the clearing of the newly founded asphalt of the airport from the burnt grass she had yellow hair, which started to crackle and give off sparks. Lightning must have been her gift or something of the sort to Candle. Perhaps it was His sister, the blue haired male he had killed earlier on the field that controlled storms. Saying that they had to die now and seeing a giant bomb coming towards them Candle just cut off his arm and threw it at the bomb. Having it explode prematurely before its target.

Letting the dust settle around them his arm had regrown by that time. Looking at the girl Candle gave her a dead stare. If looks could kill his would be the worse kind of death. Death by a thousand souls is what it would show. [b "You can not win here Agent, now go away."] waving his free hand like he was showing nothing more then an annoying fly away. [b "I have other things to do."] his eyes shifted to the red haired girl who was fast approaching, his guess was the explosion had caused a racket to attracted attention from more then just those in the close facility. Nope he had caught sight of a man on the same cliffs he was on earlier. Perhaps it was his current help Chaos. The man was twisted, but it suited what Candle needed. The two had never actually met, nor did they know of the other's powers, but they worked as a team quite often without knowing it. Chaos got the information they needed, and Candle executed targets, both at their discretion.

Choas was not the only person he had caught in his view of the city; he had also caught another women with bright red hair headed their direction as well from the other side of the Electric women. Hearing also a wolf start growling from the sinking airport behind them, Damn there was more gifted people here then there should have been. Candle had been a target of the government for a while, but the freedom fighters didn't care for his methods either, so they would likely kill him just like they would the girl if they could. Drawing up his rapier to be level with the girl that had attacked.
  Blind demon / Colorful_insanity / 162d 9h 27m 33s
Gifted. Special. Inhuman. Supernatural. Freaks. They all mean the same thing. They aren’t humans. Normal. It is causing mayhem. There’s no world peace. Just secret things going on like the government collecting does who are gifted to either train them and have them join them or kill them. Apparently, a few ‘gifted’ fought. Some died trying to avoid getting captured and others caved to survive. Mavis on the other hand was handed to them like a Christmas present at Christmas morning in hopes they can turn her human, normal, again. The joke is on her parents. They want to use the freaks and kill those who won’t obey.

There has been a lot of chaos within three months. She promised her great grandpa she would behave the best she can. Mavis only lasted two weeks. They treated her like shit. They weren’t even trying to make her normal. They wanted her, her powers for the wrong reasons. Her once loving and caring heart turned black. Fuck the humans. The redhead is team ‘gifted’. She would help those in need. As long as they’re trying to help out others like them of course. After escaping alone, Mavis kept to herself. Hiding, moving from one place to another. Eventually she found an abandoned ‘haunted’ house to stay in and not worry about getting caught. One minute she’s sitting down eating a cup of noodle soup and the next she’s using her gift to go towards the upcoming battle scene to help out others like her who wants freedom. Mavis doesn't know how things will play out. If the government won't give in and give the 'gifted' peace they will go down. However, if they do give up and allow them to live freely things would go smoothly. Only time can tell...
  Mavis~anime~ / simply_random / 163d 23m 26s
[h3 [center Amelia]]
The woman dug her fingers into the thick fur of a large wolf that stood by her side. In her other hand, she held a makeshift staff. A hood covered her head, but strands of pure white hair slipped out.
The voices that echoed in her mind, there were so many. It was all a jumbled mess, which left her feeling overwhelmed. As she moved, the young lady would tap her staff now and then, but also allowing the wolf to lead her through the ruins. The woman felt the ground shake beneath her; a mass movement.
Eventually, the voices became too much. She had to rest. Her voice was soft, [#6495ed "Griswold...please...find us a safe place to rest. The voices are all crying...so much death..."]
Her wolf companion laid its ears back. It gave a soft whine, but started to move. The woman tightened her grip on the wolf's fur. She didn't want to lose it, trusting the animal since she could not see with her own eyes. She still used her staff, the shapes of obstacles around her. She had learned to use echolocation at a young age due to being born blind.
Though, her past was something she had buried deep in the depths of her mind.
The wolf soon took the woman into an ruined building. It was shelter, and the wolf gave her its thoughts about the place. The animal laid down, the woman soon following, leaning her back lightly against the wolf.
She laid her staff by her side, hugging her knees close. The woman felt suddenly at ease. The voices were so panicked, but now they were silenced, all except for a few. Trying to understand human thoughts left her confused and drained.
[#6495ed "Thank you Griswold...yes, I'll be alright, thank you...No friend, I do not need anything...I'd prefer you stay by my side for now...These voices that I hear in my mind...No, but such dark thoughts for some...Yes, if you could stay alert please. I must rest, I can only keep up my mental shield for so long to block these thoughts..."]
The woman was always in darkness, but she would still need to sleep.
  Amelia / Dragoncita / 163d 2h 22m 34s
She was casually standing in the midst of a group of soldiers. These soldiers were less worried about the enemy, and more worried about what she would do. She was not their prisoner, she was like them because all of them worked for the government; that was where all their similarities ended.

Unlike them, she was "special"; she had a gift. She was one of the so called "Gifted" ones, and her gift was producing and controlling electricity. Combined with her aggressive and "no fucks given attitude", as well as past troubles, the soldiers were right in being fearful. Reyna could go from standing around doing nothing, to being aggressive and electrifying every nearby thing around her.

But in a way, it was not her fault.

Reyna did not remember the time before she had been gifted because the day she had been gifted, there had been a big accident. She had blown a gargantuan whole in an apartment complex, and in the process her brain had been rewired somehow; what had been Reyna, the nice and friendly person always wanting to help, locked itself up somewhere deep inside Reyna's head. Without parents, it had been easy for the government to snatch her and make her disappear without a trace; 'officially' she was listed as dead after the explosion had happened. But behind closed doors, the government focused on turning her into a walking electric weapon. A silent, deadly, and efficient pure blooded killer. And the government made sure that she would never be able to remember her past; all her records before "that day" were deeply buried and encode. The government did not want one of their own weapons to turn against themselves.

Suddenly, a radio message came over her headset, three "Gifted" ones had been spotted on a rooftop. The message ended, it implied that she'd go over and investigate. She stood up from her leaning pose, and ran off.

The group of government soldiers breathed a sigh of relief as she ran off.

It would've been helpful for them to have told her which rooftop the three had been spotted, but on the other hand there weren't too many rooftops left after each side had shelled everything. Well, there looked like one rooftop with figures standing on top. Reyna went inside and took the staircases up.

Walking out onto the rooftop, there weren't three people; there were two people. Some guy in a black trench coat and golden hair, and a white-blue haired kid.

Reyna's hair began to crackle and give off electric sparks. She did not pull out her sword, but instead in a voice which lacked a human touch -emotion, feeling, variability in tone - [+purple "I am quite sorry, but you will have to die"] The electricity had built up, and then she released it in a bomb-like explosion.

Deep inside her head, the true Reyna was squirming and crying at what she was seeing. She could not do anything, she did not have a say in the matter. The only thing that had a say was this other "Reyna" who was in control; something like the dark version of Reyna.
  Reyna / NorthernWolves / 163d 23h 49m 41s
[b "Well, aint this interesting"] a man said as he sat watching from a standing building far enough away to watch the fighting without him being noticed. Chaos simply watched as what seemed the invincible rapier person fought two other people, one a girl who seemed to be able to manipulate fire and another who ha fiery red hair but couldn't tell if he was gifted or not. It didn't really matter to him if he did because any information was something, so he simply took out a notebook and jotted down invincibility and fire manipulation in his list of gifted powers he had seen while on his own. It was something he did while he was bored and when he could simply hide somewhere and observe. As he watched the girl with fire walk off he gave a sigh and put his notebook back in his pocket

[b "Well, it seems your time to talk is wearing thin, now isn't it"] he said as he turned to look at a captured commander of the government forces, who he had tied up with a black rope and had two sets of purple eyes watching him from a dark corner of the room. [b "Like I said, I won't tell you anything. Especially to a gifted scum bag like you"] the soilder said, seemingly unafraid of him but Chaos knew it wouldn't take much to break him. [b "Well, you did say that, but I guess you are wondering what I have planned for you."] He gave a chuckle as he quietly walked into the dark corner of the room where the eyes where, completely blending in and disappearing from the solders view. [b "But I guess if you won't talk, I guess I'll just have to show you why they call me the gift of chaos"] After finishing his line, he reappeared from another corner of the room, walking up and stabbing the solder in his right leg, causing the general to cry out in pain. [b "You know, I hear that there used to be a sword style that took around a thousand sword slashes to kill their opponent. But I wonder how many daggers it would take to kill a man like you"] Chaos said, an evil grin appearing on his face. The general looked at him at terror, the thought of how many times he would be stabbed before he would finally be allowed to die. [b "Look, all I know is that last i heard, project Order was being transferred to a base somewhere in Organ. That's all I know, I swear...."] Chaos gave a chuckle and pulled out the knife and throwing it back into the corner where the two purple eyes stared.

[b " You will let me go know, right? I told you everything I know."] The solider pleaded for his life as Chaos walked a few steps and simply laughed. [b "Who said anything about you living?"] he said before the darkness from the corners of the room began to spread out and covering the room in the same dark shadow. The solider began his screams for help but it was only seconds before his cries where cut quiet by the darkness and all that was left afterwords was the bloody cap of the solider sitting in the middle of the room with Chaos simply standing there in amusement, knowing the horrors that awaited the new plaything of the darkness.
  Chaos / Kaosu / 164d 40m 32s
Listening to her partner ramble on Juni follows after him when she sees him take off. He starts to confront the strangers. when she gets down there she places a hand upon his shoulder and shakes her head. "Luka enough let me handle this" Juniper says sternly stepping forward. "Who are you and why have you come to our place of being bringing nothing but death and chaos? Do you not feel remorse for what you have done? Do you not understand you just took hundreds of innocent lives? Does the word peace not mean anything to you?" Juni starts getting angry when the strangers just stand there smirking. "So you wanna play tough do you?" Juniper says her hair slowly igniting and balls of fire popping into her hands. "Okay tough guy let's see how well you do with fire." Stepping back she throws fire ball after fire ball before stopping and coming face to face with the stranger as he grabs her by the arm and throws her half way across the meadow. "UHF" Juniper says getting up and brushing herself off flame igniting in her hair once more she tries a different tactic, she lights the meadow on fire and surrounds the strangers in a circle. "Now are you going to speak to me or at you going to sit there and continue playing macho man?" She says standing with her arms crossed looking and watching them. When they don't say anything she turns to Luka. "Luka do me a favor and watch these morons while I go back to the house and get a couple of things to put the fire out and to bound our intruders here." She commands quickly walking off.
  Juniper McClough / CyberAlienPrincess / 189d 20h 43m 25s
Luka yawned as him and his partner juniper watched the battle going on below were they stood. "Juni shouldn't with do something about this???" He asked the older female looking upset by all the fighting going on below. They had spent the last three months along with three other gifted to bring about peace. He didn't understand why people just couldn't get along. He sighed looking at both sides the tanks shook the battle field as they fired shot after shot. Then suddenly it all stopped both sides were dead and there stood a lone stranger in the midst of what had once been a battle. He felt anger bubble up inside him that one person had killed so many. He took off running at the man ignoring his friend behind him. He ran straight at the man his eyes raging with anger. His gift was surivial he could survive just about anything so the stranger would be hard pressed to kill him. Soon he stood before the stranger seeing another person there with blue and brown hair. "How could you kill so many like it was nothing?!" He demanded as the stranger said hello like he hasn't just killed hundreds of people. "You just murdered hundreds how can you be so calm." He screamed out in anger. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked back to see juniper behind him. "Juni how can you not be angry at him we fight for peace yet people like him mess it up." He said to his friend anger fading away slightly as he spoke to his dear friend. He sighed and turned to let juniper take over talking to the strangers.
  luka fire / kenbloodmoon / 190d 12h 25s
"Death, that is a game no one wanted to play with, including myself, but it had to be done. Without playing in the game everyone would end up dead at those who believed themselves stronger and those who prey on the weak. Without order there would be nothing for us to strive and achieve towards. However in this game of death memories haunt those who are part time players, but for those who are constant players like Doctors, thieves, murderers, soldiers they all seem to be unaffected by it...at least that is what I thought until that one night, no no I can't go back to it."

War was all they knew and it grew tiring; those who were gifted, those who had powers beyond the normal human. The government sought them out among their countries to make them into weapons. Very few went into hiding and as more and more gifted children popped up their government hunted them down using their own gifted peoples. Eventually war broke out between the governments about three months ago. During these useless wars many believed the governments shouldn’t have power over the gifted and so some revolted and the world was thrown into chaos. Gifted children fought for the government, while other’s fought for the revolution and some fought for their own version of freedom.

One such a person was a male who now stood the age of twenty-three years of age. He had been a part of what the government called the first generation. It was these group that were it seemed the most loyal to nothing more than themselves. These were the first to pull away from their government and go into hiding however it was these people who also led the revolt against the officials. Candle was smart and hid away until he believed it was time to show his gift to the world.

Immortality, The gift of the gods was what Candle was given; he had stood on many battlefields between government and revolt sympathizers and destroyed both sides of the fight even after taking several bullets to the head and more to the heart. Perhaps it was these that caused him to lose his emotions, but one could also say Candle never had emotions and when he was born he did not cry, he did not laugh. No he just stared at the doctor with a stunning intellect. It had scared everyone around him even his own parents. They knew he was gifted due to his unnatural gold hair.

Drawing his attention away from his thoughts he drew in a sharp breath. His rapier held at his side. The sunshine bright upon it’s blade. Observing the field just below him was two armies. He guess both had gifted people in them and regular soldiers. The first side it seemed was more organized, Tanks in the middle. Their heavier fire power behind just regular soldiers, or as the male called them gun fodder, they usually were the first to die and sprayed down as much of the enemy as they could before they did so. Their heavier troops were meant to guard the tanks as the tanks opened fire upon the enemy before their troops engaged. Air forces stayed down low, but behind the forces they had put onto the field for air strikes.

The second force was less organized he guess it was likely the resistance as the bulk of their force consisted of light gunners or gun fodder. What few siege tanks they had were placed upon cliffs off behind their forces. Candle could only guess that the resistance plotted to retreat once they got the attention of the heavy weaponry. He had killed hundreds; no thousands of people on his own, but nothing interest him more than seeing the strategy of his enemies laid down in front of him.

Seeing the battle proceed Candle went down to his knees so he wouldn’t be seen, but it seemed people had other plans. Seeing shells land close by to him the man just rolled away. The explosion would have caused anyone else to die, but it had just caused him to be pushed in the wind to another area. [b “Damn they found me already.”] getting back on his feet Candle jumped down the cliff and rolled as he hit the ground, drawing his blade up and into the cut of a person he guessed was a government soldier.

Pulling his sword out and standing up Candle went into a blood lusted frenzy. His vision blurred for what seemed quite a long time, however upon regaining his composure he saw nothing but bodies piled around him both revolt and government officials it seemed he once again didn’t care who it was he fought as long as he was killing someone. Cleaning his blade off Candle stood a gold statue it seemed among all the carnage that was now New York City. The city ruined the population zero.

As he turned around he came face to face with more Gifted people. One a male with Silver hair he came from the side the revolt started the fight on. Another was a girl with fire red hair that came from the same side, perhaps a coincidence, but to Candle it did not matter. He did not know their gifts and would not risk yet another fight after one so soon.
. [b “Hello.”] was all the gold haired male said as he placed his blade back in its sheath, a blank stone cold face on.
  Blind demon / Colorful_insanity / 149d 6m 38s

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