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The year is 2020 and the existence of the gifted has been discovered by the government. The government hopes to use the gifted as human weapons and begin to gather and collect gifted children who have certain gifts. Gifts that will make them valuable weapons. What will happen tho when the gifted turn there gifts on the government and those who are not gifted? 5 of these captured gifted only hope for peace and plan to end the now raising war between gifted and nongifted. Will they stop the war or give up and join the other gifted??

What are the gifted????

The gifted are children born with a affinity for a certain thing. Now no two gifts present themselves quit the same. Say you have two children gifted in fighting, one may be gifted in all fighting styles ; while the other might only be gifted in hand to hand combat. The gifted have been hidden away from the world for many years until now. Gifted children can always be told apart from others cause from the time they are born a gifted child's hair is wild and unnatural in color. Ones gift normal presants itself around age 13.


all es rules apply

no godmodding

cussing is ok it's war after all

romance is ok but not main plot

send me skelly and title pm I am gifted







Hair color


who are you?

What side are you on?


Accepted skellies

Username: kenbloodmoon

Name Luka: Fire

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Gift?: his gift is survival

Hair color: Silver

Bio: N/A

who are you?: one of the five who seek peace

What side are you on? Neutral

Username: CyberAlienPrincess

Name: Juniper Mcclough


Gender: female

Gift: Fire

Hair color: fiery red

Bio(optional): n/a
who are you? one of the five who seek peace

What side are you on? neutral


Username: Kingkazu

Name: Katzumi Hideyoshi

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Gift: Manipulation of lightning

Hair color: Brown and Blue

Bio(optional): I'll come back to this in the future
who are you: One of the many tasked with pushing the human race into the new era

What side are you on: Their is no white and black of theach world but he is one to eleven years right is to purge the earth of the lesser beings that the gifted had evolved from

Username colorful

Name Candle

Age 23

Gender male

Gift? Immortality....at the cost of his emotions

Hair color: gold

Bio: unavailable

who are you? A person caught on the cross- fire between government and the free radicals

What side are you on? His own, so a new power can rise and an era of peace reign


Name: Millie Walker

Age: 20

Gift: Can manipulate Milk

Hair color: Black

Bio(optional): Born and raised in New York, Millie had a fairly normal upbringing, besides her strange fascination with milk. On her 13th birthday, she found that her favorite beverage reciprocated her interest, and she found it followed commands she sent it mentally; it contorted itself into shapes, zipped through the air, and even able to lock itself at a point so it was virtually as solid as concrete. However, at that point, she had never heard of gifts, so while keeping it secret, paid no special attention to her control over dairy. After graduating from college Millie started a milk delivery business, in which, despite extensive use of her Gift, she paid little heed to the wider application of Gifts. Then New York turned into a warzone and her life was leveled. Now, she's left to pick up the pieces and stop the carnage that has engulfed New York.
who are you? The Milkwoman, one who wants to end the war on her home

What side are you on? Would like peace


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[tab] Millie walked down Jackson Heights, whistling, and carrying her crate of six jugs. Normally, somebody dressed like a milkman walking down a New York thoroughfare would stick out, at least slightly. As it were, among the current debris ridden streets, there was nobody around to give odd looks to Millie as she tripped her way through the shattered concrete and twisted rebar of the war zone that New York had transformed into. It made her sad if she thought too much about it, so she continued walking, whistling and listening to her bottles clink.
[tab] Interrupting her train of thought, she caught the sight of a line of tanks and infantry hurriedly making their way towards the airport proper. Trouble. Millie had no illusions what would happen if they happened to notice her, even if she was nothing more than a simple milk-woman. Her conspicuous white get up certainly didn't help in that department. Luckily, she had long since come up with a strategy to deal with the government troops. Don't.
[tab] Setting down her crate, she jostled the milk in the bottles with her thoughts. The jugs hummed, vibrating in response. Satisfied, Millie watched as the milk flowed out of her six bottles and coalesced into a pearly orb before her. Then, it hovered a foot above the ground and flattened itself into a circular platform. All in a hard days work.
[tab][i Nothing flies in New York anymore,] she thought grimly, picking up her now empty carton stepping onto the platform, [i but the milk-woman still does air deliveries.]
[tab] Ascending soundlessly through the air, she flew forward, following the military. Except it appeared in the time she had spent ascending to comfortable cruising height, the entire mechanized unit had been obliterated and the lawn at LaGuardia had been the victim of a fire bombing.
[tab] She weighed her options. Go down and most certainly attract the ire of whatever had just killed the entire unit of soldiers and set the field ablaze, or go somewhere else. But then her curiosity wouldn't be sated. Difficult choice.
[tab] Millie descended rapidly, coming in at an angle. She kept herself and her crate upright by lashing them with small milk seat belts. As she got closer, she felt the heat and saw a girl throwing literal fireballs out of her hand, a man who looked somehow rather bored with the exotic events he was embroiled in, and finally an anachronistic samurai. Millie wasn't sure what she had expected from investigating. Once Gifts started being thrown around, all bets were off.
[tab] As if on cue, a naked man emerged from the inferno, sans muscular structure and skin. Millie felt she might spoil her own milk looking at him as he first became an anatomy dummy, then finally into a naked, handsome Adonis. Millie appreciated what she saw. Then he sawed his head off and tossed it at the foot of the samurai.
[tab] Millie momentarily lost control of her flying saucer, the portion holding the crate and its contents dissolving into a milky rain. Panicking, she yelped, loud enough for the assembled party below to hear, and then heard her crate and jugs crash into the ground, glass and wood shattering.
[tab] She dusted herself off as she regained control of the disk. Then, knees wobbling, she laid down flat against the disk of milk, closing her eyes.
[tab] "Fuck me," she groaned, "it's going to take forever to find another six jugs."
  Millie Walker / Nas / 9d 10h 13m 11s
Candle noted as the people got closer to him they seemed to get even angrier. One drew his weapon while the other two were just as angry. Throwing words at him such as murder, killer, Butcher; it was these things that made the man stand there silently; his head was going over what had happened. He recalled killing the one government official, but then drawing a blank from his frenzy. Taking in a deep breath Candle reached for something in his back pocket, but before he could reach it the girl with red hair started throwing fireballs at him.

Feeling the hair, the skin, even the muscles burn away to ash the fire just boiled his blood to air, but his body regenerated itself quickly like they had not done anything to him. Moving out of the way of the last fireball it destroyed a fire hydrant which amazingly still had water built in the old thing even with the city in ruins. It had sent up a spray of mist and air. Taking this to his advantange the man stepped up face to face with the girl her name must have been Juni, or something close to it. Grabbing her left arm his intent was to break it, but as he grabbed her his hands started to melt away again in a searing pain.

Throwing her away from him Candle’s hand regenerated as the smoke cleared away. The girl quickly responded however by getting up and lighting the field of overgrowth on fire around him. Seeing the flames licking the concrete as they burnt the grass away they were standing on the air field to La Guardia Airport. As he once again fell silent, sitting down in the flame circle. It seemed the girl didn’t like him either, but it was no matter to him.

As the girl called out to her partner the silver haired male, Luka, to watch them so she could grab something to put the fire out. She was gone by the time Candle stood back up. Laughing at the attempt Candle went over to the ring of fire, even if it did come up to his chest he would not wait for the girl to come back, at least not in any attempt not while there was still so much to do within the city.

[b “I will be leaving now.”] Stepping his left leg into the fire he kept going eventually reaching the other side of the fire. The sickly sweet smell of burning flesh got to Candle’s noise, he knew it was his body on fire, so the male looked down to see himself now standing basically nude accept for what little pieces of clothing he had on his upper body. Grabbing the cloth he tied it around his mid-section. His flesh started regrowing itself just as the muscles and the like under them regenerated themselves as well.

Drawing his sword with a skeleton hand he looked at the blue and brown haired male still trapped inside the circle of flame. [b “You wish for my head, fine take it.”] Reaching up and cutting off his own head his body reacted still and tossed the now lifeless head to the center with him. Turning away from the group his head regrew including his hair back to its look. Without a word the male took off only to see the Luka in his way.

[b “You will move.”] Candle said flatly to him. He had shown his power already but yet still didn't know these two who stood with him and their powers yet. For all he knew one could still counter his own. Drawing his blade up he was ready for yet another fight.
  Blind demon / Colorful_insanity / 9d 19h 15m 15s
Listening to her partner ramble on Juni follows after him when she sees him take off. He starts to confront the strangers. when she gets down there she places a hand upon his shoulder and shakes her head. "Luka enough let me handle this" Juniper says sternly stepping forward. "Who are you and why have you come to our place of being bringing nothing but death and chaos? Do you not feel remorse for what you have done? Do you not understand you just took hundreds of innocent lives? Does the word peace not mean anything to you?" Juni starts getting angry when the strangers just stand there smirking. "So you wanna play tough do you?" Juniper says her hair slowly igniting and balls of fire popping into her hands. "Okay tough guy let's see how well you do with fire." Stepping back she throws fire ball after fire ball before stopping and coming face to face with the stranger as he grabs her by the arm and throws her half way across the meadow. "UHF" Juniper says getting up and brushing herself off flame igniting in her hair once more she tries a different tactic, she lights the meadow on fire and surrounds the strangers in a circle. "Now are you going to speak to me or at you going to sit there and continue playing macho man?" She says standing with her arms crossed looking and watching them. When they don't say anything she turns to Luka. "Luka do me a favor and watch these morons while I go back to the house and get a couple of things to put the fire out and to bound our intruders here." She commands quickly walking off.
  Juniper McClough / CyberAlienPrincess / 10d 7h 15m 19s
Luka yawned as him and his partner juniper watched the battle going on below were they stood. "Juni shouldn't with do something about this???" He asked the older female looking upset by all the fighting going on below. They had spent the last three months along with three other gifted to bring about peace. He didn't understand why people just couldn't get along. He sighed looking at both sides the tanks shook the battle field as they fired shot after shot. Then suddenly it all stopped both sides were dead and there stood a lone stranger in the midst of what had once been a battle. He felt anger bubble up inside him that one person had killed so many. He took off running at the man ignoring his friend behind him. He ran straight at the man his eyes raging with anger. His gift was surivial he could survive just about anything so the stranger would be hard pressed to kill him. Soon he stood before the stranger seeing another person there with blue and brown hair. "How could you kill so many like it was nothing?!" He demanded as the stranger said hello like he hasn't just killed hundreds of people. "You just murdered hundreds how can you be so calm." He screamed out in anger. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked back to see juniper behind him. "Juni how can you not be angry at him we fight for peace yet people like him mess it up." He said to his friend anger fading away slightly as he spoke to his dear friend. He sighed and turned to let juniper take over talking to the strangers.
  luka fire / kenbloodmoon / 10d 22h 32m 19s
The same grey sky's, filled of rolling colds, ever since he was thirteen he was had been used to the deep ash colored clouds hanging over him, his “gift” caused it. Having power over the weather, or for better words a function of the weather. Katzumi, one of the unofficial generals of the unofficial army of misfits and day dreamers. Those who have the foresight of knowing that human beings, bestowed with God like powers was no coincident, it was a sign that a new age was to be ushered in. Katzumi was one of those who believed in this strongly, why else would a weak minded leader allow children may thirteen to be tormented and tested on in the first few waves of the gifts, why else other than fear. Katzumi refused to let anyone decided what he would do with his powers, why let a feeble human chose what he is and isn't able to do, when he like all of his other brothers and sisters were gods.

Looking up to the skys, the brown and blue haired male closed his eyes, allowing the sky to bless him, it started as a calm drizzle, the wind kicked up softly and before long it was beating down raining. The wages of another battle in this power struggle was on its way to beginning. The rumble of tanks in empty city blocks could be heard from were the nineteen year old stood. Town square, the city had been abandoned, left to be overgrown and rot, the screens that had once force-fed advancements to the hustle and bustle of traffic, were now falling apart in disrepair some only hanging on by thread like wires while others were cracked and shattered. It was a shame really, though that was besides the point now.

Snapping back to reality, Katzumi made not of three tanks rolling into position, the clatter of their heavy tracks on concrete used to shake him to his core. But now it only amused him, after three months too much as been given to have his tail tucked between his legs. Pulling one of four blades from his waist, tell blue as brown haired man posted the blade bladed katana towards the sky, a tingle resonating from in his fingers, as the blade busted into a deep ocean like blue. The light emanating from it not being powered by the branching light show from above, but from Katzumi himself. His muscles tense, getting a custom to the power surging through him, into his skin, his blood, his being, only discharging into the ground raising in great towers of lightening. A display of only a portion of his power.

With a blur, Katzumi stood in front of one of the three tanks. He moved quickly as to avoid having a hole blown into him by one of the shells, with a swing of his sword, Katzumi killed the reinforcements around the armored vehicle and with three others and another turn of his back he handled the tank.

With a pause Katzumi ducked into one of the may abandoned buildings as a fuzzy signal came onto his walkie-talkie, [i “Kat, it's Jay”] [b static] [i “he's here…..he took out half of the group”] [b fuzz] [i “m scared, we need you back here now!”] The young male voice of a thirteen year old way in over his head came in. He, the golden haired fuck who killed for the sack of killing. Katzumi didn't care about the soldiers he laid waist to but his own men being slaughtered in a frenzy held by one man. Katzumi wouldn't stand for it. [i “Keep your head down Jay. I'm on my way” ] He replied as he held down the red button at the side of the talkie.

It didn't take long to deal with the second tank clearing a path back to the initial battle ground, walking back were he had left his people Katzumi’s blood boiled seeing face he knew, people he laughed with, cried with, loved with, face down in their own blood. Looking up Katzumi watched the golden haired man clean blood from his balde as if the people he had killed were nothing. Slowly he walked closers drawing his blade with as fire not his red eyes and his teeth gritted. [i Your head is mine]
  Katzumi / Kingkazu / 11d 10h 8m 12s
"Death, that is a game no one wanted to play with, including myself, but it had to be done. Without playing in the game everyone would end up dead at those who believed themselves stronger and those who prey on the weak. Without order there would be nothing for us to strive and achieve towards. However in this game of death memories haunt those who are part time players, but for those who are constant players like Doctors, thieves, murderers, soldiers they all seem to be unaffected by it...at least that is what I thought until that one night, no no I can't go back to it."

War was all they knew and it grew tiring; those who were gifted, those who had powers beyond the normal human. The government sought them out among their countries to make them into weapons. Very few went into hiding and as more and more gifted children popped up their government hunted them down using their own gifted peoples. Eventually war broke out between the governments about three months ago. During these useless wars many believed the governments shouldn’t have power over the gifted and so some revolted and the world was thrown into chaos. Gifted children fought for the government, while other’s fought for the revolution and some fought for their own version of freedom.

One such a person was a male who now stood the age of twenty-three years of age. He had been a part of what the government called the first generation. It was these group that were it seemed the most loyal to nothing more than themselves. These were the first to pull away from their government and go into hiding however it was these people who also led the revolt against the officials. Candle was smart and hid away until he believed it was time to show his gift to the world.

Immortality, The gift of the gods was what Candle was given; he had stood on many battlefields between government and revolt sympathizers and destroyed both sides of the fight even after taking several bullets to the head and more to the heart. Perhaps it was these that caused him to lose his emotions, but one could also say Candle never had emotions and when he was born he did not cry, he did not laugh. No he just stared at the doctor with a stunning intellect. It had scared everyone around him even his own parents. They knew he was gifted due to his unnatural gold hair.

Drawing his attention away from his thoughts he drew in a sharp breath. His rapier held at his side. The sunshine bright upon it’s metal blade. Observing the field just below him was two armies. He guess both had gifted people in them and regular soldiers. The first side it seemed was more organized, Tanks in the middle. Their heavier fire power behind just regular soldiers, or as the male called them gun fodder, they usually were the first to die and sprayed down as much of the enemy as they could before they did so. Their heavier troops were meant to guard the tanks as the tanks opened fire upon the enemy before their troops engaged. Air forces stayed down low, but behind the forces they had put onto the field for air strikes.

The second force was less organized he guess it was likely the resistance as the bulk of their force consisted of light gunners or gun fodder. What few siege tanks they had were placed upon cliffs off behind their forces. Candle could only guess that the resistance plotted to retreat once they got the attention of the heavy weaponry. He had killed hundreds; no thousands of people on his own, but nothing interest him more than seeing the strategy of his enemies laid down in front of him.

Seeing the battle proceed Candle went down to his knees so he wouldn’t be seen, but it seemed people had other plans. Seeing shells land close by to him the man just rolled away. The explosion would have caused anyone else to die, but it had just caused him to be pushed in the wind to another area. [b “Damn they found me already.”] getting back on his feet Candle jumped down the cliff and rolled as he hit the ground, drawing his blade up and into the cut of a person he guessed was a government soldier.

Pulling his sword out and standing up Candle went into a blood lusted frenzy. His vision blurred for what seemed quite a long time, however upon regaining his composure he saw nothing but bodies piled around him both revolt and government officials it seemed he once again didn’t care who it was he fought as long as he was killing someone. Cleaning his blade off Candle stood a gold statue it seemed among all the carnage that was now New York City. The city ruined the population zero.

As he turned around he came face to face with more Gifted people. One a male with Silver hair he came from the side the revolt started the fight on. Another was a girl with fire red hair that came from the same side, perhaps a coincidence, but to Candle it did not matter. He did not know their gifts and would not risk yet another fight after one so soon.
As he face the two his ears picked up yet another person. Turning to face it was another male, only he had caught Candle’s attention with the blades at his side, and his brown and blue hair. [b “Hello.”] was all the gold haired male said as he placed his blade back in its sheath, a blank stone cold face on.
  Blind demon / Colorful_insanity / 11d 9h 22m 29s

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