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[center [h3 Father Said]]

[center [b Arthur stood as he saw her go to town. As her red hair flowed with the wind and she moved with a certain grace and beauty. He had blinked a bit drawn to the scene unfolding in front of him. Oh no she was here to take the reward wasn't she? Drat a rival so soon? Father said that beautiful women are nothing but a trouble! As a hero in training he couldn't afford to let that trouble distract him from his goal! She had wielded magic as she moved the wolves around. It was true those who were blessed can only use so much magic before it was worn out but he hadn't expected her to ask for help.

[tangerine [size25 [center Y-You got it!]]]

[center [b He said as he stood in front of her slashing a wolf down with a heavy arc from his large and mighty blade. The Wolves had growled backing up looking at the two as Arthur let out a cocky chuckle wiping under his nose. He lived for this kinda thing after all it was all he was really good at.]]

[center [b As three lunged his way he drew his blade as the bunch fell against his blade he slammed the back with a slow but heavy swing as they got back up growling at the man. He wasn't quite as graceful or beautiful in doing things he hadn't used a single blessed magic yet. His movements were more clunky and powerful rather than graceful or precise as his father said. Guts valor and strength paired with more guts valor and strength! That's why Arthur trained everyday the way he had to wield such massive armor and a blade like that to boot. The wolves growled looking at the two as they ran back into the nearest cove as they began to make a retreat. Arthur hadn't chased them or used any magic to strike from behind as he let out a heavy sigh.]]

[tangerine [size25 [center Hey! We gotta get them all or I won't get paid! So what are you doing here huh? I'm guessing they sent another sellsword in case. I was pretty sure I called dibs on this job! How am I supposed to become a knight if I don't make a name for myself?]]]

[center [b He shrugged and slung his blade over his back as he let out a sigh than a brimming smile. Couldn't be helped he supposed as he gave a slight bow.]]

[tangerine [size25 [center The names Arthur! So I think I'm going to head in and chase after them I'm guessing you're coming too? How about this we split the reward fifty fifty okay?]]]

[center [b He said as he crossed his arms with his armor clanking around. He wasn't excited about that but at least they'd get the job done faster right?]]
  Arthur / -Isamu- / 4d 5h 4m 55s
[font "Bookman Old Style" Bright red hair flew wildly in the air behind the young woman who currently was flying on a broomstick. It was a special broom she bought a couple years ago that enhanced her natural magical ability of telekinesis and turned it into a levitation ability. It was worth the purchase, for this was the best mode of transportation in her opinion. She didn’t have to feed it or fill it up with more gas or other source of fuel.

Sayumi stopped for a moment, hovering over a village, and took out a map from her messenger bag. Looking it over, she appeared to be on the right track. There were rumors going around in the neighboring areas that this village was the one that recently started to become harassed by a pack of Blight Wolves. This species tended to roam from place to place, but this was the first time in a while that a pack made base in a place so close to the human population. It wasn’t immediately obvious on the outside that the village was in trouble, but she could sense a feeling of dread and tension.

With a nod to herself, the map is stored away and she continues on her way to the cove. The village was fortunate to have some space between them and the location of the wolves by a big hill that one had to climb in order to get there, but those hurdles probably didn’t matter much to those wolves once it became nighttime. It was the middle of the afternoon so, hopefully, she could catch the pack by surprise and have some advantage. She would have to rely on that advantage, since she would be alone in the fight.

Still on the broom, Sayumi slowed down so that she was creeping silently closer to where the pack was located. She kept her eyes and ears open in order to not be caught by surprise. As soon as she saw them, however, she completely froze. Slow, deep breaths. Breathe in, breathe out...

With a smirk, she landed on the ground and left her broom alone for the time being. She dug out a bottle with dark, unidentifiable liquid the color of crimson out of her bag. Using as much strength as she could muster, she threw it directly at the group of Blight Wolves. Some had been sleeping, others had been lazy sitting or moving about, but all jumped in alertness as glass shattered and the ground around them was suddenly lit ablaze. She didn’t manage to catch all of them on fire, but she hadn’t planned on that being enough to take care of the wolves.

As the wolves finally identified her as the cause of the fire, they did not hesitate to charge. Sayumi was prepared, for her hands were already out in front of her. She used her telekinesis in order to throw the two closest wolves to her and threw them against the nearest wall or tree as hard as she could. This was the time she needed to grab the crossbow from her back and prep it with a bolt.

Just then, something caught the corner of her eye. Someone who appeared to be a knight, eagerly wielding a large sword, standing a few feet away. She couldn’t keep an eye on him for long because there were wolves still attempting to rip her throat out.

After shooting at one of the wolves, she loaded the crossbow with another bolt and said, [b [#ff3333 “You planning to just stand there?”]] She shoots at another wolf. [b [#ff3333 “I would appreciate some help.”]]]
  Sayumi / nomey1 / 5d 1h 41m 24s
[center [h3 "Alkine"]]
[center [youtube]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b In a world reformed men and women all began to adapt and change to match the world in turn. In the mystical world of Alkine were such innovative youth some working toward the future in all sorts of different ways. Developing new automobiles others finding and discovering new creatures across the land and others? In a more simple old fashioned nature. Arthur was one such man who wished to strive for the future in such a way. With his own two hands. Here he was in Briar Glen borders away from the icy tundra of Ilfrey.]]

[tangerine [size25 [center Work work work... Something has to be around here.]]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The young armored male paced with a lighthearted tune. A cheerful trot as he made his way through the massive halls. As he heard few cars drive through in the open windows. This place was a guild hall one for sell swords no less. Only those who were registered within the kingdoms government and Arthur was one such man. It didn't make one hold a fancy title like "Knight" but they could legally do such work.]]

[center [b Arthur's card was however labelled simply as level one. He had to achieve more feats before changing that he had worked a lot at home. Though he wasn't registered yet now he is an official Mercenary. The guild he hailed from was known as Twilight Mercenary.]]

[tangerine [size25 [center Blight wolves have infested a cove in a village not to far from here. Hmm.. That's only a few miles from here it's a shame I don't really own a horse or my own set of wheels.]]]

[center [b Arthur placed his hands on his side with a grin the exercise never hurt anyone right? He pulled out a paper from the front desk with a pen as he began to head back to the request board. He began to write down the information and it wasn't much longer before he was off.]]

[center [h3 First Official Request]]

[center [b This was his first request since he had been registered! He could feel himself shaking in his armor. He was so excited! He couldn't wait to finally help someone out! He was pumped as he began to climb up a large hill he saw a cove not much further ahead. He had reached for his massive two handed blade with a grin. Hopefully another merc hadn't beat him here he wanted to play the hero. He couldn't do that if anyone else was cutting in the action right?]]

[tangerine [size25 [center Time to put the good ol family blade to good use! Ready or not baddies here I come!!]]]
  Arthur / Isamu / 12d 6h 48m 25s

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