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[center [font "Segoe Print" [size15 [font "Cursive" ~] Are You? Are You? Coming To The Tree? We Met At Midnight, In The Hanging Tree.[font "Cursive" ~]]]]
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[center [font "American Typewriter" Dear Reader!,]]

[center [font "American Typewriter" You have been invited to Hangingman's Island. This island resort and getaway is one of the most relaxing vacations that you will ever take. Located just off the coast of California in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean what could be better?! In fact it might even be one of the [i last] vacations that you will ever take. The trip is all expenses paid all you have to do is call now! Start your tropical vacation today!]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" You come home to find the pamphlet tucked into the door of your humble abode. Upon reading through it you decide that you could use a vacation, especially if it's free. So you pack up your things and head for the vacation island. Once you get there, things seem great. The water is warm, the hotel is nice, and the people are pleasant. Nothing could seem to ruin your vacation except one tiny thing.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Rumors are going around that the island is haunted. At night you can hear the sounds of someone or something crying in the dark. Determined to prove to everyone that the island is not what they think it is you venture out into the night. At least you start to until you are stopped by one of the hotel employee's. The employee warns you that you do not want to stick your nose where it doesn't belong.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Shaking off the warning you decide to investigate further into the matter. You discover that a young man is behind the crying every night. Curious you decide to approach him about it to find out what is going on. Your entire world is about to unfold. Everything you knew will be flipped upside down. Can you handle finding out the truth? What secrets is the island hiding? Find out by joining [u Hangingman's Island.]]]

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[center [font "Papyrus" [size17 Cast]]]
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[center [font "Papyrus" [size15 Heart- Taken]]]
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[center [font "Papyrus" [size17 Rules]]]
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[center [size15 Real pictures only.
No cybering it will be taken off site or time-skipped
I ask for 1200 characters per post.
Please understand I have a life, I will understand that you do to. I ask posting at least once a week if you can. If you can't let me know.
I ask for proper grammar, please and thank you.
No God-Moding.
Be willing to collaborate with me.
This is a male x male if there is romance.
Pm me with your favorite type of book as the title to join.]]

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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Libre+Baskerville]

[center [Libre+Baskerville [size20 Two hundred years ago.]]]
[center [Libre+Baskerville The loud sound of screams burned the young male's ears as his hands clamped down on them. Hot fingers pressed into his shoulder causing his face to press against an equally hot chest that released a rhythmic heart beat. This was the safest place that the male could be right now, curled into the arms of his elder brother. Profane sneers were being yelled out the door by their third brother, whom was far more temperamental than the two of them.]]
[center [Libre+Baskerville People had come to the island with bows and pitchforks and demanded that they all surrender. It was than that their master had started shouting orders at them. Heart had barely time to realize what was going on before he found himself being tugged into the darkness of a cave by his elder brother Thunder. Who knows how long they had been sitting there as the shouts filled the cave, Heart certainly did not.]]
[center [Libre+Baskerville It seemed like forever ago that they had reached the safety of it and Thunder had pulled him close. Occasionally they would hear the wizard shouting something at the people who had come but than silence would wash over them as fast as the shouting. Their third brother would often pace in front of the door cursing about how their father was better than this. Heart couldn't entirely agree with that and he highly doubted that Thunder cold ether.]]
[center [Libre+Baskerville The smell of rain began to fill Heart's nose and soon the rain came pouring down. In the loud thunder claps that began to take over Heart could almost swear he heard someone shouting 'do it' and than a strange language following after. As the words died down warmth rushed over Heart and the young demon found himself beginning to be lulled into a deep slumber. Memories of what lead up to this flashing in his mind as he began to sleep.]]
[center [Libre+Baskerville His father had been the reason all of this had started, heart was sure of it. Kayden had been summoned to the island by their master and given a wife. With that wife he bore Thunder and their other brother whom took much after their father. That wasn't enough for Kayden though, the demon got greedy. He summoned another demon woman and with her Heart had been born. That's when things went south and fast.]]
[center [Libre+Baskerville All three children became Kayden's test subjects to unleash the ultimate power. It wasn't long after that the people came to the island to see what was going on. Their father had disappeared as soon as he saw the humans but the wizard did not. It was than that the wizard told them to go into hiding and not come out. At least Heart assumed that was what they had been told because of where Thunder took them before the warmth and the sleep took over.]]
[center [Libre+Baskerville [size20 The Present.]]]
[center [Libre+Baskerville Everything had changed after that night. When Heart had awoken he found that Thunder had changed into someone else. His brother was no longer kind and gentle towards him anymore. It was as if his heart grew cold over night and his hatred grew stronger. Slowly Thnder had become obsessed with finding a way to unleash the darkness their father had begun to unleash before the attack. It was also that morning that Heart had found the wizard and the hunters dead in the tree.]]
[center [Libre+Baskerville Humans had come and gone after that from the island. Each time they would be found dead in the tree, or find someone they loved in the tree; thus earning it's name. Hangingman's island. Two hundred years had passed since that faithful night and Heart often found himself wandering the woods. The island had become a resort of sorts in that time, a theme park for guests. Humans wandered all over it in hopes of relaxation or a good fright. As the male stood in the quietness of the cave he had a feeling tonight was going to be one of those nights.]]
[center [Libre+Baskerville Nimble hands quietly tied blonde hair into a pony-tail before reaching out and picking up an old hat to place on his head. The hat had once belonged to their masters son whom would play with Heart when he was a child. Their masters son had enchanted it to never decay and given it to Heart before he left the island in disgust of his fathers antics, or so he had said. Heart never really understood why he was so upset with his father until he grew older. Things slowly began to become crystal clear to the young man.]]
[center [Libre+Baskerville Quietly bare feet patted against the ground as Heart made his way out of the cave. His movements silent as to not wake ether one of his brothers. One was in a trance, controlling their half brothers dreams and occasionally his mind. The other was truly asleep and the last thing Heart wanted was to awaken Thunder. With swift silent movements Heart made his way out of the cave and into the welcoming semi-darkness of the forest.]]
[center [Libre+Baskerville Bare feet padded down a familiar path towards their masters old house, now turned resort. Blue eyes peering to the sides of the path to grab up flowers to place upon the empty porch. The coolness of the moon peered through the trees and beat down upon the young male. As Heart got closer he could see that as usual the house was locked down. Heart swallowed hard fighting back the urge to cry. It still broke Heart's heart to see what had become of his masters home. To see humans so blind to the dangers that lay upon the island.]]
[center [Libre+Baskerville Carefully moving out from the woods Heart found himself tip toeing up to the porch. Carefully the young male laid the flowers down making his way back into the darkness of the forest. Tears streamed down his cheeks and the male sniffled, running straight into a bush. The bush russeled and for a moment Heart couldn't breath. The last thing the demon wanted was to awaken the humans whom had just settled down inside. [+Crimson "HEART!"]]]
[center [Libre+Baskerville The booming howl hit Heart's ears hard enough to make him flinch. Oh hell the monster was awake and Heart could feel his throat going dry. In a panic the demon twisted on his feet bolting into the woods and stumbling over rocks as he moved. His sobs growing louder as he passed through the night. Why did he cry like a baby every single time? There was no doubt that the humans would of heard that and been interested in figuring out what was going on.]]
[center [Libre+Baskerville Bare feet carried Heart until he reached the front of a pond on the island and the male collapsed down his heart thundering in his chest. The sound making it hard for him to hear if anyone was approaching him from behind.]]
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