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Ken grew up a basicly normal life until the day of his tenth birthday when his parents died in a car crash on the way to pick him up from school then his older brother got custody of him and things stayed normal for another year until his brother began to drink and abuse and rape Ken and renting him out to his friends who also raped Ken everyday when Ken turned 16 he found out he was pregnant by his brother and beaten sinceless for it and left for dead by his brother in a alley outside the school _______ is kens teacher who used to be an assasin finds Ken half dead outside the school and takes him in.

This will start were the teacher finds Ken half dead

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Ken whimpered in fear as the man began Approching him and working on his wound and just nodded when the man said something about food and then when he was asked how this happened Ken stiffened up and began to cry loudly not wanting to think about his brother remembering what his brother had told him before leaving him broken and bleeding in that alley
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 167d 15h 59m 31s
"Pregnant?" He asked confused not remembering if he had known of ken's condition "Well we better get you cleaned up, please don't be worried I'm going to stitch up your wound, so you no longer are bleeding" he said as he went to get a first aid kit in a nearby washroom he returned and went to work cleaning up the boy's injuries.

"Well if you are pregnant, you need some food then, so how did you wind up in this state if you do not mind me asking" he said.
  Alex Butcher / AngelMoi6 / 167d 16h 5m 1s
Ken didn't say anything, but he did grabbed the bottle of water and drank it all quickly. " I'm p pr pregnant." He stuttered looking at his teacher. He was slightly calmer since the man was no longer coming closer to him. He was still scares and hurt tho and didn't want approached even as he began to pass out again from blood lose
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 167d 16h 8m 51s
Alex plastered on his best smile he could muster "I am not going to hurt you Ken don't you remember? I'm your teacher Alex is my first name you probably know me as Mr. Butch and I have no desire to hurt you, please drink the water it will help combat the dizziness" He suggested as he stayed where he was figuring he'd do more harm then help approaching the boy.
  Alex Butcher / AngelMoi6 / 167d 16h 13m 50s
Ken looked terrified as the man approached him the man wasn't trying to hurt him but Ken figured the man just wanted sex like all the ones his brother had rented him out to "please don't hurt me" he cried wrapping his arms protectivly around his stomach trying to protect his unborn child hoping that he or she was still alive and ok
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 167d 16h 17m 43s
"Baby? What do you mean by that? Here I barely can understand you! Don't worry either, I don't get cheap thrills in hurting people, drink the water maybe you will feel better" He suggested.

"Should I call an ambulance?" Alex asked the boy as he slowly moved over to the boy, talking slow and gently but sounding very alarmed and worried for the other boy's well being.
  Alex Butcher / AngelMoi6 / 167d 16h 25m 43s
Ken was slowly coming to but wasn't fully awake yet " baby ok ???? Is it???" He asked in a slur wanting to know if his unborn child was ok or not as he became fully awake he panicked rolling off the bed and began to cower in the near by corner arms around his stomach hoping his baby was still alive even if it was the result of his being raped by his brother.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 167d 16h 31m 38s
Alex was just on a walk, he had finished his second term quite nicely and had finished grading some papers, he made his way down the usual path he took. Something new was going on with this path, suddenly his eyes of emerald green expanded as he looked to see a boy he made it in time to catch him. He frowned as he picked the boy up who had been badly beaten it seemed carrying to him house, placing him on a guest bed.

"Excuse me are you okay? Ken who did this to you? Don't worry your safe I'm Mr. Butcher...your history teacher? Have some water" Alex told him as he slowly unscrewed the lid from a cold bottle of water.
  Alex Butcher / AngelMoi6 / 167d 16h 38m 19s
"If you live you'd better abort that baby before coming home!!!" His brothers words rang in his ears as Ken lay in a puddle of his own blood. He was slowly losing the ability to stay awake due to blood lose. As he passed out he saw a man Approching him but couldn't make out who it was coming for him
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 167d 19h 20m 43s

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