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Ken is a well know assasin who is getting ready to settle down and needs a replacement. So he takes ______ on as his Apprintice to train to be an assassin. But what happens when Ken falls in love with his Apprintice.

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[+maroon Juniper sat and looked through the book constantly flipping pages well into the night by morning she was exhausted and she laid her head down to rest a minute before she continued looking through the book ken had given her, next thing she knows shes sound asleep and seemingly dead to the world. Into the early morning Juniper hears a loud bang and she shoots up in her spot and looks around not seeing anything out of the ordinary she sits back down and continues looking at the book when she hears Ken get up and come into the room she is in.] [+blue "So i have decided on what i want to do Ken."] [+maroon Juniper says looking at him smiling.] [+blue "I want to do by the boom training.] [+maroon she says matter of factually.]
  Juniper McClough / MidnightJuniper / 157d 2h 53m 26s
"I'll be the judge of your cooking and cleaning skills, and my name is to hard for someone like you to understand so call me Ken." He said setting a bowl of stew infront of her. He then once again looked her over judging her physical abilities by what he could see. He got up and walked to his room in the back of his home leaving her at the table alone. Shortly after that he returned with a large book. "This is a book of all the assassins who came before us and who trained who. Pick one whose training style you like and that will be how I train you." He said to her doing as his teacher had him when he was picked as an assassin Apprintice.
  ken / kenbloodmoon / 164d 2h 33m 30s
"family took it pretty good i guess, my brother kinda freaked out and stormed off but other then that everything was good" Juniper says. looking around her teacher's home. "umm i never fully caught your name sir." Juniper says timidly looking at her teacher. "also i am good with cooking and cleaning i do it at home all the time, and i would kindly like some stew please." she stands next to the table watching her teacher dish up the stew. she stares at him and takes in every little detail about him before looking away.
  Juniper McClough / CyberAlienPrincess / 164d 2h 42m 26s
Ken yawned as he got up and let her into his home. "How did your family take the news?" He asked his student as he fixes himself a bowl of the stew hed made before picking his Apprintice. "Do you want some stew ??"He asked as he sat down and began to eat slowly. He waited for her to answer him while he ate. Once he finished eating he went to wash his bowl. Once the bowl was washed and put away he turned to his student. "Part of your training will include being able to keep this place clean to my standards and learning to cook" he said
  ken / kenbloodmoon / 164d 21h 43m 30s
“Yes sir.” Juniper says bowing her head and rushing home to tell her parents and her siblings what has happened today. Before returning home Juniper makes a detour to the meadow where she hastily dropped her haul of game to join the lineup for the assassin. She stops in front of her haul and examine her haul: two deer, eight rabbits, three turkeys, and thirty fish, she knew pulling her haul home would be easy for her. She starts dragging he r haul home and upon arriving home she whistles for her family to come out and join her. Her mother, father, twin younger sisters, and her obnoxious older brother all come outside exclaiming in astonishment. “Holy crap Juni you really got a huge haul this go around.” Her younger sisters say earning a stern look from their momma. “Wow Juniper I am extremely proud of you.” Her father says coming up to her and giving her a hug. “Sheer luck” her older brother says coming up to her and lightly punching her arm before turning around and going back inside. The rest of the family starts in on skinning plucking descaling her haul and hanging up everything save the fish to dry a little before heading inside to eat supper. Once inside the family sits down to eat when Juniper clears her throat “Mama, Papa I have something to tell you.” Juniper says timidly before launching into her story on how she has become the head assassins new apprentice , how she took down a girl who doubted her , how she already started training and how she was to return to his house after she was done at home. Juniper finishes telling her family the events that happened and looks up to see her parents looking shocked and her older brother looking quite pissed off. Junipers brother pushes away from the table and stands up exclaiming “ you can’t be his apprentice you are way too young.” He storms out of the room. Her parents don’t say anything but just nod their heads. Juniper finishes up her dinner and heads back over to her teachers home and knocks on his door when she arrives waiting for her teacher to answer his door.
  Juniper McClough / CyberAlienPrincess / 165d 4h 22m 21s
"That enough for today go visit with your family tell them you've been chosen as my Apprintice and then return to my home" he said jumping down to the ground walking away to his home leaving his Apprintice to herself may she keep practicing or whatever she should choose to do he had eyes on her at all times now to know if she should do something he wouldn't approve of while he was away once home he laid down on his bed and slowly began drifting off into a light sleep until his Apprintice returned to his home
  ken / kenbloodmoon / 167d 19h 16m 40s
She does as she is told jumping and landing and jumping again before she finally gets a hang of it she does it one last time landing next to her teacher when suddenly she hears a snap and the branch she was on breaks and she's falling. Panic sets in but it soon disappears as she grabs ahold of a branch not to far down. Pulling herself up she sits down and takes a deep breath looking around for her teacher. She spots him a couple branches up so she climbs up and sits down gently. "Well then that was something there sir." She says chuckling to herself .
  Juniper McClough / CyberAlienPrincess / 167d 20h 10m 15s
"Keep doing it til you can do it without touching that tree branch "He said sitting on the branch with his back against the tree trunk watching her as she practiced jumping up beside him after a while when he felt she had practiced enough on just jumping to one branch he jumped up again using three other branches to bring himself standing at the top of the tree he had been sitting lower down in before "now come up here and practise everything from the ground up until it easy he said sitting down against the tree again
  ken / kenbloodmoon / 168d 2h 7m 5s
Following her teacher she stops and looks up at him as he jumps into the tree. "You want me to jump up there beside you sir?" She asks a little questioningly shrugging her shoulders she walks back wards a couple feet and takes off running jumping and grabbing onto a branch and twirling around it and then landing shakingly next to her teacher her foot slightly slipping out from under her. Looking at her teacher she smiles softly and looks at him questioningly "how was that sir?" She asks again slowly crouching next to her teacher before jumping down and doing it again.
  Juniper McClough / CyberAlienPrincess / 168d 2h 13m 10s
"Dose anyone else question her right to be my student" he asked the village then turned and walked away from were he stood heading into the woods to begin her training right away once deep in the woods he easily jumped up into a nearby tree which part of becoming an assassin was ninja training to help you hide yourself more easily from targets "jump and land beside me" he said so he could judge just exactly how strong her legs are and if she knows any of the basics of being an assassin he didn't want to not know his student as well as he knew himself
  ken / kenbloodmoon / 168d 2h 32m 14s
Looking up at her teacher shocked she bows her head and turns around and starts to walk away. Hear the crowd gasp she stops and smirks pulling one of her daggers out of her thigh sheath she turns around and throws the dagger hitting the girl in the thigh. She unsheathes the second one and throws it to hitting the girl in the arm. Then running at the girl she does a running back handspring and kicks the girl knocking her down. Standing over top of the young girl she grabs her daggers and smirks bending down and running a hand over the girls face before slightly cutting the girl one more time on her left arm. Standing up she walks back to her Teacher head bent down and her breathing heavy. "Do you approve Sir?" She asks .
  Juniper McClough / CyberAlienPrincess / 168d 5h 24m 38s
He looked at his Apprintice and sighed nodding to her "prove your right to be my student" he said watching to see what she would do now if she didn't defend her right to be his student then this other girl was right and he wouldn't have an Apprintice for another ten years cause no one here would be fit to be his Apprintice he yawned watching to see what his Apprintice reaction to the other girl challenging her right to be his Apprintice he wanted to see what skills his new Apprintice had so he would know what he was working with
  ken / kenbloodmoon / 168d 5h 58m 31s
Smiling Juniper places her daggers in place one on her hip and the other two on her thighs in a thigh sheath and walks out standing behind her teacher. "Speak your name to the village" he says. Smiling timidly she steps forward. "My name is Juniper Rose McClough Daughter of Aline And Henry McClough." She states matter of factly as she steps back. Suddenly there is an outburst "She doesn't deserve to be your apprentice she will fail you and end up dead before the week is out." A young semi attractive teenaged girl steps out of the crowd and stares at Juniper and The Assassin.
  Juniper McClough / CyberAlienPrincess / 168d 6h 32m 29s
He looked at the dagger set she set before him and picks them up judging the her choice " welcome home my Apprintice "he said standing up handing her back the daggers "keep your weapon with you always were ever you go" he said to her and walked outside expecting her to follow him "I have chosen my Apprintice "he announced to the village nodding to the girl he had chosen "I expect her to be treated with respect by everyone or else"he said flashing an smirk at his Apprintice "speak your name to the village." He told her
  ken / kenbloodmoon / 168d 7h 3m 30s
Gasping as The Assassin tells her to follow him she can get the sighs and groans of the other girls as she is chosen and they walk away and to his home. Stopping inside his house he gestures to the walls and tell Juniper to pick a weapon. Smirking Juniper looks over and sees a beautiful set of daggers and walks over to them. Looking up at The Assassin she picks them up and weighs them in her hand before sliding one out of it sheath and balancing it on her finger. She know that if she were to pick a sword or a gun he would send her home. Juniper walks over to The Assassin and sets the dagger set down in front of him stepping back and putting her head down looking at the floor showing a form of submission.
  Juniper McClough / CyberAlienPrincess / 168d 7h 12m 22s

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