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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/hgu5W9z.jpg]]
The legendary hidden leaf village. Home to some of the most gifted and powerful ninja in the world. Madara Uchiha has been beaten and the war has ended. A few years have passed and Kakashi Hatake is the Hokage. Peace has been restored to the ninja world.

There are occurrences however. Sometimes thievery, but now death has been happening amongst the people and ninjas that accidentally get too close. The discovery, from much investigation, is that sympathizers of Obito's envisioned Akatsuki have surfaced with a purpose of their own. As a response, the remainder of the Leaf's twelve have been dispatched in order to investigate and combat this seemingly unknown foe.

Due to the dispatch, the training of the remaining genin has been ramped up in order to protect the village and complete missions that would ordinarily be too difficult for them, but these genin are as promising or more than the ninja of the previous generation. But will it be enough to combat the looming dangers in the leaf twelve's absence?

[b Setting]
This is set between the end of the last ninja war and before Naruto becomes Hokage so Kakashi is Hokage right now.

Everyone that isn't a villain is to be a genin. This is basically my way of creating a power ceiling. We're basically caught in a point where we would be training for the chuunin exams, but it's being held off because of the problems occuring. Your skills max out at jounin level for now seeing as how Naruto's squad fought at about that level during the Sasuke retrieval arc.

Sharingan, Uchiha clan exclusive abilities, and the abilities of Naruto and his family{tailed beast stuff, rasengan stuff, Minato's skill set, ya know the OP stuff} are banned for two reasons. Number one, these are the most over played and over powered skill sets of the series. Many people including myself are guilty of continuously using these over and over again. Number two, there is no feasible way for any other characters to possess the skills anyway outside of the rasengan and chidori, but again, let's not use the signature attacks of the two most broken characters of Shippuden. Limited Sage modes are fair game.

[b About the rules]
I could list the rules out, but I'll just do this. Most, if not all of you, have RP'ed in some shape, way, form, or fashion. So just follow the basic rules, yeah? No GM, cursing is fine, let me know if you have trouble posting on time, shoot me a pm with any concerns, and so on. We will work out squads based on how many people join. No teacher for the squads under premise of us having to "learn to lead ourselves," but again, that comes later. The posting limit will be around 1500 characters and because life is a thing, I'll allow for a week's time to post, and as I said above, shoot me a pm if you've got some real life stuff happening because I worry about my fellow rp'ers.

[b Naruto Skelly]

Pic link:
Puppet Master:
Ninja Rank:
Extra Ninja tools: {tools outside of the standard ninja set}
Kekkei Genkai: {bloodline skill}
How you wear your headband:
Alignment: {Good or Bad mkay?}

[b Accepted Folk]

[b [i The Good]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/IlV8SBE.jpg]]
Puppet Master: AkumaMatata
Name: Gouki Hyūga
Age: 13
Ninja Rank: Genin
Extra Ninja tools: none
Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan, Tenseigan, gentle fist
Jutsu/Skills: Uses a more leg-based Gentle fist taijutsu, water style ninjutsu
Personality: Gouki can be said to have an inferiority complex. He doesn't ever want to be weaker than someone, but he often hides this in his egotistical behavior. In battle, he is more level-headed, but still brash in more frustrating situations.
How you wear your headband: Around his neck
Bio: Gouki is a member of the main branch of the Hyūga clan who, before the ninja war, study his basics from Neji. After his death in the war, he demanded that Hinata teach him everything she and her cousin knew to help him in his goal to become the most powerful Hyūga ever seen. His training was filled with many losses to others in the family before running off in a fuss over so many losses. Soon after, he started to turn the losses around and awakened the Tenseigan without the chakra form or truth-seeking balls.
Alignment: good

[center [pic https://s15.postimg.org/qprpwsoyj/eguchi5.png]]
Puppet Master: Lusami
Name: Safuyu Eguchi 'Safu'
Age: 13
Ninja Rank: Genin
Extra Ninja tools: Kunai, retractable bo staff, poison darts.
Kekkei Genkai: Eguchi; Hakugan/Lotus Eye
Capable of seeing others' chakra.)
Jutsu/Skills: Some Earth ninjutsu, brute strength. Incredibly high pain threshold.
Personality: Hardworking, Safu is a graceful and sturdy girl that both loves to help, and loves to train. She doesn't like to hurt others, but she hits so hard that it does happen. She is apologetic, and very overprotective of others. Safu's mind and body are capable of enduring all manner of pain and stress until they give out completely, which takes quite a while.
How you wear your headband: Head
Bio: Safu was raised by her uncle, a bird and green tea farmer that has a very easygoing personality. He treats her like a little sister, as he's relatively young himself and gets flustered when asked if he isher father, when she's actually the child of his late older brother. Her mother, a member of the ANBU Bear Division, had not wished to keep her, instead leaving her at her uncle's doorstep with a blanket and no note. Safu loves her uncle dearly, and does not harbor bad feelings for her missing mother. Safu's only true goal is to become someone capable of protecting Konoha from further threats, and she has been training with her uncle for years now, his having fled the ANBU ranks after his father died the year before Safu's birth and having changed his name an appearance to match. They've been sparring together since she could hold a kunai, and she's always been quite talented. Unfortunately, as she hates having an audience, she keeps these skills to herself when surrounded by groups of her peers. She means well, though, and would certainly use her skills if necessary.
Alignment: Good

[center [pic http://i962.photobucket.com/albums/ae110/Tesla_RP/Flex_zpsuo6qamna.png]]
Puppet Master: Tesla
Name: Sae Himuro
Age: 14
Ninja Rank: Genin
Extra Ninja Tools: Weapon Scroll
Jutsu/Skills: Chakra Flow, Eidetic Memory, Genjutsu Resistance, Hyperfocus, Perfect Chakra Control, Superior General Techniques and Taijutsu.
Personality: Sae is a calm individual who rarely shows strong emotions, although she has shown a few larger outbursts in high stress situations such as combat. She has been called heartless on more than one occasion given her response to others pain, and despite her attempts to explain her difficulty with empathy. Despite this she does her best to be polite to those who approach her, and works hard to be able to maintain what few friendships she has. Thanks to an experience when she was young she has no fear of death.
How you wear your headband: She wears her headband as a badge over her heart.
Bio: Sae was raised by her parents and older brother. While her family is known for their hard work as ninjas they are not considered particularly talented. When she went to join the academy she was even held back a year because of this.
Things changed however during Pain's invasion of Konoha, as she was one of the unlucky individuals to be caught in the fray. It was the first time that she was put into a life or death situation, and the fight triggered her unusually strong fight-or-flight response. She even managed to land one good hit before being torn to shreds by Pain. However that death and eventual rebirth changed her world view and gave her the groundwork necessary for her development.
Sae was unable to find a mentor due to the history of poor potential in her clan, and so she spent time developing each of the standard skills of a shinobi to a level that would allow her to compete with her more gifted classmates. Her Godspeed Body Flicker was improved to possess the precision of Tsunade's Chakra Enhanced Strength allowing her to channel it to specific parts of her body, and to be capable of amplifying more than just her movement speed. While her Physical Clone Technique was improved to be even more convincing than a shadow clone, and in combination with her other techniques capable of making solid clones. Perfect chakra control allowed her to not only walk up trees and across water, but even allowed her to walk across the air. However her most magnificent improvement was the development of the Perpetual Transformation Technique allowing her transformations to reach chakra homeostasis allowing her to maintain them indefinitely as long as she does not suffer damage, and when using her own DNA as a base the technique is capable of permanent transformations.
Using her Perpetual Transformation Technique she has optimized her body for the duties of a shinobi. She no longer needs glasses, and her other senses have been improved. Her reflexes have been heightened and she has gained the ability to control her hyperfocus. Along with some minor work that improved her overall system.
It proved to be enough to help her graduate towards the top of her class despite hovering towards the bottom of it until her final year. Using her newfound techniques she hopes to prove that her hard work can overcome god given talent.
Alignment: Good

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/61/d1/dd/61d1dd1d58ba2dd37953b736b8bdd384.png]]
Puppet Master:Ikage
Name:Kasumi Hikari
Age: 13
Ninja Rank:Genin
Extra Ninja tools: Black blade Katana
Kekkei Genkai: Crystal Release
Jutsu/Skills: is skilled in Fūinjutsu, Lightning style and her Kekkei Genkai
Personality:Quiet, Kind, fierce when provoked, Intelligent, Cunning, Playful to people she knows.
How you wear your headband:Around her neck
Bio:Kasumi was born to two leaf ninja shortly before the Fourth Great Ninja war. Luckly both of them lived and were able to raise her. Dispite the peace that came after the war her parents were wary and decided, once Kasumi showed intertest in being a ninja, to train her as much as they could before the acadamy. During this time she showed a interest in Fūinjutsu. When her parents realized this they started traing her in the obscure art. Due to this training she excelled in the acadamy. It was during her time in the acadmy that her life changed. When they were praticing one of the basic jutsu that she summoned fourth some crystals, much to the confusion of her classments and the instructor. After reporting it to her parents some the hokage it was quickly deduced that Kasumi had the crystal release kekkei genkai.
Alignment: good

[center [pic http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/narutooriginals/images/8/8c/Anime_ninja-girl.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100627173205]]
Puppet Master:kenbloodmoon
Name: Kenta Light
Age: 15
Ninja Rank:geinn
Extra Ninja tools: twin katanas that are unusaly short
Kekkei Genkai: blood storm
Jutsu/Skills: fire style and ice style jutsu
Personality: cold ,protective of her few friends, a loner
How you wear your headband: around her left leg
Bio: not much is known about her past as she was found outside the village at age 10 with no memories but above average skills as a shinobi
Alignment: good

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/XF2yUWM.png]]
Puppet Master: Retribution
Name: Yoshimatsu Heiwa
Age: 14
Ninja Rank: Genin
Extra Ninja tools: Naginata, Prayer orbs
Kekkei Genkai: No specific skill, though his clan is known for an unnatural affinity to Fūinjutsu
Jutsu/Skills: Trained to some extent in a range of barrier and sealing justu's. Can use limited water jutsu's offensively, as well as control over his family's floating prayer orbs.
Personality: Yoshi is a polite and enthusiastic young ninja, but lacks much self confidence. As a result, he can become easily overwhelmed when faced with overtly stressful situations. He can also come across as naive, though has a keenly analytical mind.
How you wear your headband: Worn as part of a sash wrapped around his waist.
Bio: Yoshimatsu, or Yoshi as he is colloquially known, is the youngest member of the Heiwa clan. The clan, originally hailing from Amegakure, have served as Konohagakure's jailers and historians for generations. It is a legacy Yoshi desperately wants to uphold, especially in light of recent times. This said, he is somewhat of a black sheep in his family, lacking their traditional cold ruthlessness and aversion to weakness.
Alignment: Good

[b [i The Bad]]

[center [pic http://i962.photobucket.com/albums/ae110/Tesla_RP/Masked%20Man_zpsod39npw8.jpg]]
Puppet Master: Tesla
Name: Yuu
Age: 39
Ninja Rank: Not Applicable
Extra Ninja Tools: Possesses a unique set of puppets that are capable of imitating humans, and of operating somewhat remotely.
Kekkei Genkai: Infernal Chakra
Jutsu/Skills: Master level Cursed Seals, Genjutsu, Stealth techniques, and Water Release. Expert level Earth Release, Medical techniques, Puppetry, Taijutsu, and Wind Release. He is at least Journeyman level across other skills.
Personality: Yuu is a cautious and calculating individual. He always makes sure to have a backup plan for his backup plan, an escape route, and rarely ever enters the fray himself. Just as he takes enormous care of his own life he is slow to risk his other valuable assets, and has done his best to keep his organization in the shadows.
How you wear your headband: Mark on Mask
Bio: Yuu's true name and origin have been lost to time, as he changed his name and face before becoming one of Orochimaru's underlings. The Sannin considered his stealth abilities to be valuable, although Yuu kept his unique chakra hidden using those same stealth techniques. While he wanted to get a hold of the Sannin's research he had no interest in becoming a part of said research.
So while other servants of Orochimaru worked hard to gain attention, Yuu was happy to be unworthy of Orochimaru's notice. Doing just well enough that he never needed oversight, but never well enough to warrant real merit. All the while he worked on the outside with the likes of Kyoya and Zangei to provide financial support to Akatsuki. Allowing him to play both sides and acquire valuable intelligence for his goal of acquiring both kekkei genkai and immortality.
When Orochimaru was killed, Yuu decided it was time to strike out on his own. However it was not until after Akatsuki's demise at the end of the world war that he truly started his campaign. During the start of peace it quickly became clear that the criminal enterprises would have difficulty surviving against the combined might of the five great villages, and in that Yuu saw a tremendous opportunity.
He assembled a variety of missing-nin into what he called a true hidden village in the form of Sakegakure. A mercenary group that had no set base of operations, and that could provide an actual counter to the great villages for the criminal enterprises. Yuu knew though that this group would require time to prepare, and so he even set about causing a distraction by providing some support to sympathizers of Akatsuki to draw attention away from Sakegakure.
Alignment: Bad

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/H319pGB.png]]
Puppet Master: LordDalgros
Name: Takumi - "The Iron Hand"
Age: 25
Ninja Rank: S-Class, Missing-Nin
Extra Ninja tools: A wakazashi from the Land of Iron and a satchel of tools used to maintain his creations. He controls a series of Puppets referred to as "The Five Fingers of Takumi"
1. "Tanin - the Stranger" Takumi's favored Puppet: a robed, wide-brim hat wearing mannequin made of wood and metal with an uncomfortably human-like face covered loosely by a cloth mask. This Puppet is equipped with a firearm worked into either forearm that can utilize both practical gunpowder and shot as well as chakra-based projectiles. Tanin also possesses a series of retractable defensive spikes across its torso and arms as well as a hidden one-shot firearm located in its mouth.
2. "Korekuta - the Hundred Handed" A Puppet designed to resemble four adult humans piled into a malformed unity that would twist the mind to madness if it were flesh instead of wood. The Puppet is designed with eight arms each ending in thin elongated human-like hands. The fingers house thin needles that can carry and deliver poison. The four faces of the conjoined creature each wear a different emotion on their faces and they house tubing capable of emitting gaseous poisons. The conjoined torso of the Puppet is large enough to hold a full grown adult and is entirely capable of opening, closing and locking.
3. "Haihai Yoroi - the Crawling Armor" Partially resembling a spider, this Puppet is made almost entirely out of metal; eight long leg-like appendages sprout from a nearly flat, circular body. Haihai is designed to be worn on Takumi like armor: the metallic limbs wrap around his torso and protect his vital organs from most attacks while the dense circular body of the Puppet rests on his back. The circular body can be detached from the limbs and used as a shield; when focused through chakra the edge of the shield can be made into a razor-sharp improvised weapon.
4. "Kodama - the Forest Spirit" Designed in crude mockery of the old myths of forest spirits, this Puppet stands inhumanly tall and possesses four incredibly elongated limbs. Its face is a crudely misshapen lump with hollow carvings to represent its eyes and mouth; the head shakes and rattles as it moves and the clicking noise is unnatural enough to disturb even the most well-disciplined of Ninja. Kodama is designed in such a way where it is nearly impossible to find in a forested environment. Its combat abilities have been severely stunted to allow for this level of camouflage, however, goes still possess retractable blades in its forearms and shins and is capable of moving at impossible speeds while remaining nearly invisible in its intended environment.
5. "Ekikani - The Battle Crab" Though humorously awkward, Ekikani's name is fairly true to its design and intention. A partner-design to Haihai, this Puppet is a larger body similar to that of a crab with eight spiked legs and two arms each housing a repeating firearm at its end. The crab shell-like torso houses a great deal of ammunition readied for the Puppets use. The Puppets uses are obvious; it is an incredible hard thing to damage and it is capable of delivering a massive amount of devastation across bodies and landscapes in a short amount of time.
Kekkei Genkai: None.
Jutsu/Skills: Black, Red and White Secret Puppeteer Techniques. The Puppeteer Techniques that make us of a Ninjas puppets tend to have a level of uniqueness to them base on the individual and their puppets designs - Takumi's in particular make use of various hidden firearms and blades.
Personality: Takumi is an uncomfortably strange individual - like a man walking through mist he seems almost lost and aloof in most cases and, to his disturbing credit, fairly carefree and positive despite whatever situation he may enter. His genius can be seen in his designs and utilization of alchemical powders, and his mastery and adaptability to various art forms allows him to quickly adopt himself into cultures. He is a worldly, soft spoken man whose actions and words often seem to contradict his hostile nature.
How you wear your headband: Doesn't have one.
Bio: Takumi, to his titles credit, is presumably from the Land of Iron, however, as with most S-Class Ninja there is more tall tale than truth to his character across the lands.
"The Iron Hand" first rose in reputation in the Land of Iron as a mercenary that aided the Samurai across over a dozen skirmishes throughout the Three Wolves against encroaching Missing-Nin, Bandits and Ronin Samurai attempting to subvert the lands dominating powers. In fact the Iron Hand was among the guards chosen by General Mifune to fortify the location of the Kage Summit, but he had lost interest in the ordeal and abandoned his position some time before the international criminal Sasuke Uchiha had attacked the Summit.
Shortly after the Fourth Shinobi War was resolved and the Land of Iron could settle its own matters on its homefront, Takumi was declared an enemy of the state for his abandonment and has, since his departure from the country, fought and defeated ten bands of Samurai who were sent in secret to kill him, as well as countless Hunter-Nin who only followed his trail after the bodies that would from the Shinobi Union authorizes his abandonment to be classified as a Missing-Nin.
But much of Takumi's origin yet remains a mystery. Where did he learn and master his Puppet Techniques? How did he learn of and utilize the alchemy that could revolutionize warfare? Why did he abandon the Land of Iron so frivolously? These are questions, sadly, with answers that will only ever be known to Takumi.
Alignment: Bad

[center [pic http://data.whicdn.com/images/55426221/large.jpg]]
Puppet Master: Colorful_insanity
Name: Lu Shu
Age: unknown
Ninja Rank: Anbu black op
Extra Ninja tools: several Surgical needles and scalpels
Kekkei Genkai: Ranmaru's Kekkei Genkai, Suppression Kekkei Genkai. This kekkei genkai which, when activated, causes his eyes to glow red in color. It grants him abilities such as penetrative vision as well as the ability to hinder other dōjutsu such as the Byakugan
Jutsu/Skills: Crystal and paper style Justus along with Shuriken justsus
Personality: Lu is and has always been a cold person. he is intelligent and cunning to the point of insanity. He however is outwardly very bubbly and very friendly.
Bio: Lu shu was a shinobi from Yukigakure before he joined the Akatsuki while they were but still used for the hidden rain village before they went to criminal. Believed to have been killed when the Salamander had killed the Akatuski members Lu shu returned to his village to become apart of the anbu. Upon being assigned a single mission to assassinate one of his comrade's under the command of Orochimaru and so instead he killed his comrade and stroke up on his own. He had rejoined the Akatuski and disappeared again upon finding their intention was to bring back then ten tails.
Upon leaving the Akatsuki Lu Shu started his own group called Yugera and has started gathering people for his cause. While he was out hunting he found the village Sakegakure and spoke to Yuu to join their groups together.
Alignment: Bad

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QgS5xoj]]
Puppet Master: Colorful_insanity
Name: Omi
Age: 19
Ninja Rank: Missing S ranked Nin
Extra Ninja tools: A chakara blade samuri sword, Along with chakara armor
Kekkei Genkai: Dark release and Dust Release
Jutsu/Skills: Sage mode, Mastery levels of earth, Air, water, and Fire type, Barrier types, Sensory Skill, an Ice Release. And journeymen in Wood, Scorch, Lava, Boil, and attractive and repulsive force.
Personality: Omi is a very secretive person, as he was raised that way to protect his Kekkei Genkai and his family lineage. Witty and a quick thinker along with a smart ass attitude has gotten Omi into some bad situations however he had to fight out of.
How you wear your headband: he doesn't wear it, but he holds his headband within his armor close to his heart.
Bio: Omi's parents were once members of the Land of woods, both anbu members who bbanded their life to give their child a better life. Omi was once a citizen and ninja of the Hidden rain village, back when Hanzo the Salamander was running the country, and before the Akatsuki started the civil war within the city. During the civil war Omi had become an anbu member at the age of nine and eventually had lost all details to his previous life and became known as Omi do to his mask being of an Oni demon. During the Akatsuki regime of the Hidden rain village Omi had disappeared only to have rumors of where he had disappeared to.

Being trained at Ryuchi Cave by the White snake sage Omi returned to his village years later to see the Akatsuki had changed, the only known living member left was Konan who was it seemed guarding the bodies of Nagato and Yahiko. Madara had come and stolen the bodies later and the great ninja war began. Omi had grown tired of the constant threat of war looming and so he returned to Ryuchi Cave and trained more vigorously with the White snake sage and mastered the Snake's Sage mode. Returning once again to the world the war was over, but the great alliance between the shinobi was not.

Striking out on his own, Omi had joined up with Lu Shu within the Yugera Organization, and later joining Yuu and Sakegakure. Omi had sense joining Yuu become a highly sought after ninja even going as far as to have his name placed within the anbu's Bingo book from a few of the hidden villages.

Alignment: Bad


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Roleplay Responses

Omi was one of but many. The Yugera Organization had grown sense the downfall of the Akatsuki and the end of the fourth ninja war. The shinobi alliance had however instead of falling into tatters had grown stronger, they had grown to the impossible moment of peace between them all. Crime was at what seemed an all time low; bands of thieves, hoodlums, and miscreants were far and few, so those who would be in them were forever on the run, as the ninja from the alliance was hunting them and would not stop. When Lu Shu had brought the idea of the Organization joining Yuu in Sakegakure Omi had voted in favor of doing so. Perhaps if the criminal world joined up then they could intend to fight back. Omi had earned himself a name in Sekagakure as the demon warrior. It was this name he was called by those who knew of his reputation, it was this that had also earned him his reputation within the villages of the Hidden rain, Hidden mist, Hidden sound, and the Hidden Waterfall. It was these villages that his targets would normally hail from. Omi was one for assassination. His silent, but deadly methods of his Samurai Chakra sword’s ability to cut through anything with its surrounding in Dust style Justus.

Standing over the dead body of his most recent mark the masked ninja had scratched out a name within the little black book he carried. Having his ear’s twitched he picked up several other ninja around. Drawing out his samurai blade as several of the ninja that were around drew their blades as well. Their masks matched those of members of Sakegakure. Haru must have launched his Coup and was attempting to take out anyone potentially loyal to the leader Yuu. Omi, Lu shu, and Yuu would be the big targets. The man looked around and counted out eight of them all together. Moving his blade to his side and placing it in the ground he drew up his hands. Each hand had a Star symbol on it. Absorbing the chakra nature’s of those close enough to him. Releasing it back to them it seemed their nature’s hit them hard blasting the group back several feet, four of them went out cold, while the other six seemed dazed by the attack.

Pulling his blade from the ground Omi pushed it into the body of the closest person to him with dust release around the blade itself. Pulling the blade out he swung it and removed the head of the closest other person to him, while other rushed him with blades of their own, or Firing Justus at him. Absorbing the Justus and throwing them back at their casters the male took his blade and threw it to the closest thing attacking him. Having the blade reach through the female’s chest. Diving around his next enemy. that drew to him he pulled the blade from the female and struck it up with his dust release again. [#9c150d “Leave now, or you will lose your life, like these people.”] waving his hand to the already three dead bodies. He acted like it was nothing to him, no problem at all killing other ninja that belong to his group, but even more so when he once again drew up his blade in an attack stance. The three ninja who yet were conscious drew their fallen brothers that still drew life away from the field.

Omi had stood there for a few more moments his senses outstretched to its limit, before returning the blade to its sheath. Pulling the mask of his assailants he had seen his accuracy was correct. The first person he had killed was a lackey of Haru. His name was Atalus. Removing the mask from the second male, the one who’s head he had cut off. His name had escaped Omi as he never saw the man, but he was indeed a retainer to Haru. Removing the mask of the female, Her name was Umara She was the oldest of the group at least as far as he knew. Many of their higher ups had unknown stuff about their past, especially Omi, and Yuu, and Lu shu. Perhaps this is why they were the top ranking within Sakegakure.

Omi had taken and collected the masks placing them in his pouch, he would have to show them to one of the others later. Jumping onto one of the tree branches close by the Coup encounter the ninja came into view as the other’s disappeared and Yuu was still speaking to Haru. Perhaps it was true Yuu would always win in a fight against an enemy he knew, and no one within Sakegakure moved, or would take out one of its few leadership. Yuu was in command of Sakegakure, Lu Shu was in command of its partner the Yugera Organization. The two worked close together and Omi was the middle man. He was the third party leadership. He was the face to the criminal side of the whole thing. Watching as Yuu leave Haru for dead Omi followed him and fell to his side. Pulling the masks from his pouch he handed them over to the man. [#9c150d “Atalus, Umara, and an unknown ninja have all fallen to my blade. They had attacked me my guess would have been on Haru’s orders.”]
  Samuri / Colorful_insanity / 260d 5h 9m 31s
The forest was quiet even as the two men moved through it at high speeds. In front was a man with a strong frame and the face of a movie star, dressed in a standard shinobi uniform save the lack of a headband. Behind him was a man whose body was hidden completely from view by a combination a black cloak and a white mask. Despite their physiques and dress the two did not make a sound as they rushed through the dense brush.

It would have been perfectly reasonable for them to be caught off guard by the sudden fire, but both men seemed to adapt to it as though they knew it would happen. The first by armoring himself using a strange technique that noticeably darkened the skin. While the second unleashed a wall of water from their mask that extinguished the fire before it had a chance to spread to the rest of the forest.

[b “Are you sure that this is what you want to do Haru?”] Yuu asked as he came to a stop on a partially burned tree. [b “If you walk away now I will act as though this never happened.”]

The stronger built man just glared at him before letting out a whistle. Just as quickly as the man whistled the two were surrounded by a dozen figures all dressed in similar cloaks and masks as Yuu. Despite the coup attempt none of them were willing to risk their identities being discovered by the man they had previously followed.

[b “You're too weak to be the leader anymore,”] Haru said as he made sure to stand at his full height to show the difference in their builds. [b “The only reason you've managed to attract so many strong members is because of me and it is time I take what is mine.”]

There was a tangible pause as Yuu seemed to consider what his disloyal subordinate said. None of the twelve cloaked figures moved to back Haru, but none of them were ready to retreat just yet either.

[b “Haru you have done wonderful work for me in the past, but I want you to truly think about what it is that you are doing here,”] Yuu said in a soft voice. [b “If you press forward you will force my hand. I would hate for Sakegakure to lose someone of your talent for such a stupid decision as this.”]

[b “Lose me?”] Haru laughed. [b “Sakegakure is going to thrive under me!”]

Yuu's head tilted slightly before he snapped his fingers causing a seal to spread across Haru's skin. He let out a scream of pain as his arms were forcibly dislocated and locked into position behind him. Combined with his legs locking him into a kneeling stance it left him looking less and less like the leader he had hoped to be.

[b “When did you put this on me?”] Haru shouted between pained gasps.

[b “The moment you decided to turn against me,”] Yuu replied as he gracefully dropped down in front of Haru.

Haru snarled and snapped forward but the seal kept him from getting his teeth anywhere near Yuu. [b “What are you all waiting for! Kill him!”] He yelled trying to incite his fellow conspirators to action, but none of them made a move.

[b “My offer still stands for the rest of you,”] Yuu said. [b “Just walk away now and I promise that I will not hold this matter against any of you later.”]

Haru quickly opened his mouth to state his case but his followers had already made their escape. They were not going to wait long enough for Yuu to change his mind, and with their glorious leader struck down so easily their belief in his strength was gone. Despite being left for dead Haru continued to snarl in the face of his captor.

[b “The reason you failed today Haru is that you misunderstand what it takes to be a leader. Don't get me wrong you are very strong, probably the strongest user of earth release that I have ever come across, and in a fair fight you might just take my head,”] Yuu said as he placed a hand on top of Haru's head. [b “I'm the leader not because I'm the strongest in a fair fight, but because my cunning and experience make me the best at avoiding a fair fight. I've known about your insurrection since the day you started planning it, and that is the reason that you failed.”]
  Tesla / 270d 8h 48m 17s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/H319pGB.png]
With his head pounding on and on against the tabletop, a blue-haired wanderer sat in a state of existential contemplation as he waited the painstaking minutes it took for the local Konoha chef to prepare his breakfast.
[+blue "Alright Boss - steamed rice and grilled fish!"] The chef plants a bowl and plate onto the tabletop with a hefty drop to draw the mans attention away from further abusing the wood, [+blue "Are you sure you don't want any veggies with that? Kids these days always neglect veggies but they're just as important as the meat! Ha ha!"] He takes his hands from the bowl and plate and rests a hand on the blue-haired wanderers shoulder, just a simple gesture of friendly communication, as the wanderer finally drags his head up to meet the chefs gaze.

[b "Truth be told I wouldn't be having [i rice] if it weren't the cheapest thing on your menu... But vegetables - at [i those] prices old man?"] He lets out a sarcastically loud scoff and waves a dismissive hand toward the menu, [b "I'd rather take my luck stealing the stuff raw from a farm..."] The chef laughs a jolly warm laugh in response to his proposition, none the wiser that the blue-haired wanderer had fully meant what he said, [b "But anything hot, even [i rice] is better than under cooked food eaten out by a tree-stump on the dew."] He rolls his eyes and his hand moves from its gestures to envelop the far side of the bowl of rice and begrudgingly begin to pull it closer to his face while the chef looks on with a smile that seems to ever so slightly shift from one of joy to instead a stale, fake smile simply on his face to mask his pity.

[+blue "Look, Mister..."]

[b "Takumi."]

[+blue "Takumi, right. Well look... You seem like a good kid, obviously from out of town, and I'd hate to have what could be your first visit to our wonderful village be sullied by some light starvation... I've got some veggies left over from supper I was preparing folks last night; I can maybe mix a third bowl up for your here, since its older food I can cut the price a little..."] The chef has the faintest bit of nervousness about his words, but he hides it well behind his smile. [+blue "I still run a business, so I can't give you any handouts, but..."]

[b "Huh..."] The thought of bargaining hadn't really occurred to Takumi, not in the entirety of the last several towns and villages he had stayed in had he ever thought that the food trade could be something he could bargain with, [b "I mean... I wouldn't say no, but I hope the discount is pretty sizable..."] He moves his free hand toward his backside, shifting the poncho covering his torso to the side to reach his money pouch on the back of his belt, [b "The last town I was at rang me dry for what they advertised as a 'free' spa treatment-"] His thoughts are cut short as he catches the chef eyeing the now visible wakizashi just beside his pouch, [b "-something wrong?"]

[+blue "It's... It's nothing. Just seen a lot of those recently. Kids, even, with them."]

[b "Kids...? There are children running around here with wakizashi swords?"] Takumi's interest rose, with a very visible expression of discomfort now on his face, [b "Where...?]

[+blue "I've been a few of those kids learning at the Academy,"] The chef gestures down the road toward the grand building at the base of Hokage Mountain, [+blue "A few of the kids drop by in the afternoon after classes to eat and they've got those swords like that... I mean, I'm sure it's not your fault, but I don't really like this influx of swords... It was bad enough when I had to trust my daughter with those darn knives..."]

[b "Knives...? Kunai?"] The chef gives him a nod, [b "Your daughter, she attends the school?"]

[+blue "Yeah, of course, anyone whose anyone goes there - it's a little expensive on upkeep if you don't have a fancy clan, but it's what makes her happy... Anyway, I don't know, I feel like..."]

[b "You feel like these swords are a bad sign? They're a more visible representation of the reality that you're sending your daughter to a building full of hired killers who will train her to be a hired killer?"] The chef is taken aback by Takumi's sudden verbal advance, but doesn't bother even attempting to deny his words, [b "You feel like since [i insane] hired killers decided to come fight your hometown hired killers and almost destroyed everything that this [i unified] world is only tightening its iron grip on your children and raising them to be a part of a system that constantly births and ends killers?"]

[+blue "Now now, friend, we don't need to talk about all this so early in the morning-"]

[b "When will you talk about it then?"] His words are emphasized as his slaps a bare hand onto the table, nearly toppling his bowl, [b "Pat her on the back for all the escorting and couriering in the world, fine- but will you embrace her with pride the day she comes home having killed a man for money? Will you look her in the eyes and justify to her that her existence was more important than the people she killed? How about when those people keep her awake at night?"] He stands, shifting away from the table and the chef in a visible struggle to restrain himself from bringing more than sharp words to the table, [b "You're a good father if you're worried... But you're a better father if you do something about it..."] He sets the remaining clump of money from his pouch onto the table before taking a few steps away toward the outside word, [b "I'm not very hungry anymore, but thank you for your hospitality..."]

With not another word from his lips, Takumi retreated into the streets of Konoha as they now begin to fill with morning activity. Just behind him, seemingly waiting outside the establishment for his return, a tall cloaked figured with a wide-brimmed hat begins to match his pace and follow steadily behind him...
  Takumi the Iron Hand / LordDalgros / 271d 22h 51m 24s
Kasumi stired as the sun sshined though the windows of her bedroom. She rubbed her eyes and moved any loss hair away from them. "Morning already? I really need to go to bed at a better time." she mumbled as she got out of bed and loooked around her room.

The floor was covered with papers with ideas and concepts for seals, ofcourse very few of them ever turned into anything, after all she is still a genin and does not get to expairment much with them without her jonin observing. Still people where usual surprised with her ideas. With the amount of time and effort she put into her study and testing of seals her friends started joking that she had Uzumaki blood in her vains.

Ignoring the mess that was her room, she gather her clothes for the day and went to the bathroom to take a shower. After that she Went down stairs and saw a note on the table. "Out on a mission should be back in two days. Love mom and Dad." Kasumi said as she read the note out loud. She let out a sign. "I wish they would try and get some leave, it would be nice to have a breakfest as a family once in a while." she said as she set the note down and started work on making her meal. She decided to make a quick breakfest of eggs and leftover sausage.

After eating and cleaning up the dishes she locked the doorto the house before headed out to the training grounds to meet up with her team. "I wonder what we are going to work on today? I really want to get some time test test out my new gravity seal or try out my new Crystal style jutsu." she said as she ran through the empty streets of the Leaf village.
  Kasumi Hikari / IKage / 273d 16h 29m 13s
The Himuro clan was not as famous as the Senju nor as infamous as the Uchiha, but it was one that was prominent in the records of Konohagakure. Despite having no bloodline talents or clan techniques they were a large clan that had demonstrated fierce loyalty to the peaceful ways of the Hidden Leaf. While there would be no stories written about them there were hundreds of them involved in the efforts of the Fourth Shinobi World War. It was because of that bloody war that their territory that had once been quite lively was now eerily quiet.

It was something that was upsetting and unsettling to most members of the clan, but if it bothered Sae she never let it show. Even as she went through the empty homes to keep everything maintained her facial muscles never tensed in the slightest. A useful ability for a shinobi in wartime, but one that only caused her problems in the current peaceful climate. Her own clan considered it to be a disturbing enough trait that she might have been banished if not for her mother being the leader of the clan. Of course she never let any pain from that experience show either which only served to make matters worse.

She did not let her tense relationship with the clan stop her from going through the effort to maintain the empty homes of her deceased clan members. The maintenance of the homes was something that she was well equipped to deal with given both her rank and her temperament so it was something she had volunteered for readily. It helped her feel a connection with her clan that would otherwise be difficult to achieve, and it allowed her to help her clan without having to interact with any of them.

It did not take much time as she had made sure there was no major repairs necessary given her other duties today. However, she still made sure to check through them all just to be safe. She was fast enough that it would not stop her from being early to her team meeting, and even if something required more attention she could always leave a clone behind. Luckily everything was in order for her to make her way to her team meeting right on schedule.

Once she was on one of the main roads she stood out from the crowd even without taking her blank expression into consideration. Being almost six feet tall with white hair would probably be enough for her to stand out, but it was accentuated by her scarf, cloak, and sleeveless jumpsuit. Sae did not mind the attention it drew though as she was more concerned with making it to her team meeting on time.

Just like always she arrived a few minutes early as she did not want to waste her teammate's time. Gouki making it there before her for a change was a pleasant change of pace though. It was also enough of a surprise that she tilted her head as she wondered if there was a reason for it or if it was just a matter of not paying attention to the time.
  Sae / Tesla / 274d 11h 15m 25s
Sunlight had just started to filter through the dense masses of sakura trees lining the estate, casting dappled shadows with an ever so faint pink tinge. From somewhere among their massed branches, a few birds began to sing. It was a moment of true serenity. Sitting between a small pond and a zen garden were a select few pouring over fading tan scrolls. Upon their backs, be it by patches on their clothes or tattoos on their skin, rested the kanji for Protection.

The Heiwa clan were well known as both historians and jailers throughout the Hidden Villages, building labyrinthine prisons below their compounds and museums. This rather unique aptitude earned them both respect and a modicum of fear or distaste. Villagers tended to be happy to see their arrival, unless they were the target.

This particular group of the Heiwa family were performing their former duty, transcribing decayed texts to newer, more resilient parchment. It was a quiet duty, but a cherished one nonetheless.

The serenity was shattered by the distinct sound of an explosion, muffled by the dirt beneath them. In a flash, ninja from elsewhere in the compound were flying past in a flash, drawing Yoshimatsu's gaze from his parchment.

"Yoshi, leave it be" cautioned an older man, his eyes never leaving the task at hand, "Your siblings can take care of it."

"I won't get in the way, Grandfather. I simply want to watch. I may learn something useful for today's lessons" replied Yoshi in a respectful tone. Taking the lack of a response as his Grandfather's blessing, he darted up and across the courtyard, disappearing down a hallway before his writings could even touch the floor.

Within the prison complex itself was chaos in stark comparison to the quiet above. A number of inmates had escaped and broken their chakra seals, attempting to brute force their way through to freedom. They found their way blocked by a multitude of Barrier Ninjutsu, interspersed with streaks of flame or bolts of lightning. The suppressing techniques of the Heiwa clan were impressive to watch as they herded the prisoners like cattle. It was almost impressive enough to make him miss a man slipping past to his left. Almost. He had gotten so close so quickly he caused Yoshi to jump, stumbling backwards in to the wall. Before he could shout, the man's lithe but powerful hands clamped over his jaw.

[#c598f9 "Don't think of calling out. I just want to leave, it's not worth your life"] the man growled softly, before disappearing as quickly as he'd turned up. Yoshimatsu stood trembling for a moment, considering his options. Choosing the safe option, he turned tail and ran, approaching the Leaf village.

[i I was late anyway, there was nothing I could do. Was I supposed to get myself killed?] he thought, attempting to rationalize his cowardice. So distracted was he that he took virtually no notice of the twig snapping beneath his foot, caught of guard by Kenta's unusually aggressive response.

"O-oh, sorry I didn't mean to sneak up on you" he apologized with a low bow.
  G A T E D / Retribution / 276d 20h 18m 37s
As the sun was rising in the morning over the Hidden Frost village we glance upon its Cold Ice walls, on top of it, besides the usual guarding Shinobi was a lone person standing several meters far away from the walls. The guards seemed angry with this Ninja, but the male didn't seem to pay attention, for his mask hid his face well, and regular Shinobi knew not to attack the ninja this member of the Anbu specifically was famed. The mask of the Anbu, specifically this Shinobi was carved by his own hand out of the wood and bones. Not many people talked about it now a days, for it seemed to cause more fear then anything else, they were under watch from something or someone else and they idn’t know why.. The mask was caved into the shape of a bear, its eyes painted to look as if they were shut with a few markings to represent the few battles the wearer has been in. [#eb922d “Candle, the leader wants you.”] said another anbu member who had appeared from what seemed like thin air.

[#6108ba “I will be there.”]

That was the ninja's Anbu name, and the one used around anyone else unless he did not have his mask on, then it was Lu Shu the name his parents had given him. Slowly as the sky turned from its shades of dark blue, light blue,pink, orange, and red mix to one of light blue, and the burning bright sun Lu Shu jumped from the natural formed wall to land on both his feet. Walking through the streets of the Hide out with his mask still attacked to his face, his hood up, and anything that could possibly point out who exactly he was hidden away from all prying eyes. Turning left he came to stop at a building that seemed to have no doors, but several windows. It was the second largest building in the village besides that of the Kage's own building back in the Hidden Frost village itself. Pushing on the wall about two feet to his left a door appeared out of the stone. Stepping inside the door shut quickly and once it was completely sealed again flames lit up in the dark leading down a hallway that seemed endless. Taking several paced steps it seemed like Lu Shu was counting his steps more than just walking down the hallway. Turning again to face the wall Lu grabbed the Torch on the wall to his right this time and pulled on it. With that another door opened up from the stone that made up the wall.

Once again stepping inside the door slammed shut and more torches lit up. The room now burning bright with light not only from the torches, but also from the little wholes that seemed to dot all over the ceiling like it was meant to seem like the night sky. In the room now besides Lu, was another man who seemed to be wrapped completely in bandages accept for his eyes and the headband which Identified what village he was from. [#7b243a “Candle, Welcome I have a mission for you. Its an assassination mission.”] Lu quickly pulled out his Biji book and looked through it for anyone who could have been added or had been left out from his already done missions.

[#6108ba “Who is it this time Rana?”]

[#7b243a “Its someone who isn't in the book, they aren't known enough to be in there. With all of the targets from the book either Captured and being questioned, or killed by your own hand it seems that us criminals seemed to have just to be ready for missing ninja from the villages can’t do and so they give it to us..”] Lu at that threw his book onto one of the Torches that was close to him.

[#6108ba “Then who exactly is it?”]

[#7b243a “Its a ninja that turned rogue on us several years ago, and none of our Sensory ninja have been able to find him, at least until now. However the person I had originally intended to kill him has well been killed.”]

Still seeming emotionless on his face Lu seemed to be getting irritated at the beat around. [#7b243a “Its one of the new seven deadly mist ninjas.”] [#6108ba “Which one exactly does this ninja have then? The Executioner Blade? The Sewing needle? The Shark Skin? The Helmet Splitter? The Splash? The Fangs? Or perhaps the last one The Twinssword? Which one did the Hidden mist loose this time after I recaptured and brought them all back to the Hidden Mist to once again use?”]

[#7b243a “Its the All of them that we have lost, and its to the Hozuki child.”]

[#6108ba “Mamo Hozuki, Is that who you are talking about?”]

[#7b243a “That is the one.”]

[#6108ba “Just hand me the Scroll and let me be off.”]

The man seemed to pull the scroll out from among his bandages that wrapped his body and held it out in front of him. [#7b243a “Then be off, and be quick.”]

Taking the Scroll Lu opened it up and read quickly the details. nodding he turned around and left the room after pulling on the torch again. Once he was outside in the open lu was quickly greated again by the criminal member from Earlier [#eb922d “Candle, How did the meeting go?”]

[#6108ba “Demon if you want to know go ask the Sensei.”] Lu pointed to the wall behind him.

[#6108ba “If you don't mind I have a mission to be off on, apparently we had all seven of the blades taken again, this time instead of several people it is one.”]

[#eb922d “I will come with you.”]

[#6108ba “No, I do better on my own.”] With that lu was off before another word could be said. It was at first just a blazing daylight of sun off the frost that had hidden the village so well in the past from the other ninja villages. Those who would enter the hidden cave system wouldn't come out unless they had a map, or they knew exactly what direction to go. Slipping his mask off his face lu had stripped himself of his Anbu clothing. Pulling out his regular clothing he slipped into the waterfall that was the source of the Frost’s hiding mist. It had heated rocks and the water around them wasn't extremely hot, but it was hot enough to make a clash of mist when cold water hits the surface. Washing himself of any possible traces of anbu membership Lu’s hand paused when it touched the scar on his right shoulder. Thinking back to how he got it was not something he wished to remember. Letting his hand drop to his side in the water lu dipped his head into the water.

Bringing his head back out of the water The seal pressed on the back of his neck started to glow a light blue in color. Pushing himself out of the water he put on his Komodo which he normally wore when walking around the city. Slipping his Anbu mask back on lu set off again, this time at a much quicker pace. He knew where he was going and who he was after, now to just stall the person and get the blades back. As he was running lu stopped a few times to resupply himself only a few times. He didn't get everything at the same place for he knew that it would slow him down. He bought Kuni from the village closest to the Hidden frost. He got food and water at his next stop, and the very last stop he got information on where his target was.

Making his move would be easy, but it seemed to easy. Lu had waited for a few minutes of observing the room that his target was in. He had several guards with him, likely all hired to protect him from the mist's anbu. Looking around the room even more Lu noticed his target was asleep. Two guards were watching the door, three were walking around the room likely bored from nothing to do. And there was at least six in the corner playing a card game of some kind. Deciding his course of Action Lu slipped into the room next to his targets and he took out the people at the door first. He had busted the door down with a clone. The three that walked around the room destroyed the clone however by gaining up on it. Lu came into the room however while they were doing so and was up in the rafters of the room.

Weaving hand signs the room filled with a mist that it seemed formed a chilling sense., and as it was seeping out into the hallway Lu had taken the water from the air and formed more ice kuni. [#6108ba "Thousand needles"] The crystal kuni all flew around the room until they were stuck into ether the wall, a body, or into something that they couldn't be pulled out of. The guards had all be taken out, however the target was still alive, but pinned to the ground with ice in his hands and shins. Dispersing the mist lu walked over and removed his mask. With his bright yellow eyes piercing through his targets he bent down and grabbed one of the kuni's in the hand. Twisting it to cause pain push through the boy he only looked on at the boy's face.

[#6108ba "Where are they?"] was all lu had asked.

[b "I don't know what you’re talking about."] twisting the ice again the boy seemed to wither in pain under his hand.

[#6108ba "Where are the Blades of the Mist?"]

[b "They are not here anymore. I sold them to ninja who wish to destroy the hidden mist just like I do."]

[#6108ba "Who are they?"]

[b "I don't know. I didn't ask for a name, I just gave them a location and how much I wanted for the blade I sold them."]

[#6108ba "Those blades will eat them alive."]

[b "Just like they will the mist village one day."] Lu only took a look at the boy and with that he cut the child's throat, Blood spattered everywhere but on Lu himself. Standing up the man spun around to see a hotel maid who was about to scream out. However quickly he closed the gap.

[#6108ba "Shhh, you don't remember any of this, tell anyone what happened and I will be forced to come back and kill you."] The girl only nodded and went into the room lu had broken into.

Shinda turned back around and searched the entire room to find one of the seven blades still in the scroll that they were sealed into. The label had read Needle. It was the Sewing Needle. At the very least he wouldn't have to worry about this one blade, but the other six he would have to track, retake and keep on his person from now on. Jumping out of the Window Lu quickly took off to the hide away again. He had found from one of the maids that walked around that a person left not too long ago with six scrolls. He was headed even farther away from the hide out and closer to that of the Hidden Leaf village. Weaving in and out of the trees, bushes, and branches that had come between him and his new target Lu quickly wrote in the back of his new biji book his newest target. He crossed out his latest victim's name as he was doing so.

[#6108ba "Damn him. Those blades belong to the Anbu of the Hidden Mist and he just sells them like they are some regular Weaponry."]
Stopping just in enough time lu just about cut himself on a trap.

[#6108ba "That was close."]

Watching as a leaf passed on the string and was cut right in half by it he narrowed his eyes and looked past the one that was right in front of him.

[#6108ba "They are smart; whoever this person is at least put a trap down. However they are a metal dust user."]

He tapped the string and it broke from his ice style being on his finger and instantly freezing whatever it touched.

[#6108ba "To bad."]

Quickly speeding back up lu just hit the area with his crystal style and all the traps that were put out quickly froze and shattered. Stepping into the village he could sense his target's chakra, so he quickly followed it. Putting on his anbu mask however as he started to see people coming down the street at him. They knew not to block his path or to get in his way. Watching his target every time he sold one of the scrolls Lu wrote down the person's name until at the very last bit was down. This target had one of them. It was the Executioner's blade and it was no longer in the scroll it was the blade he carried on his back.

Following the man into the forest Lu quickly moved out of the way from a downward slash of the blade to see the Executioner's blade where he was standing before. Looking down the blade and handle at the man He only smiled.

[#6108ba "Caught you."] The man seemed to be frozen where he stood and couldn't move what so ever.

[#6108ba "Crystal Shatter."] The man's body shattered into a fine grained ice and evaporated into water afterwards. The blade dropped to the ground. Gathering up the Blade lu sealed it into the scroll with the Needle.

[#6108ba "Two down, Five to go."] Crossing off the sewing Needle from his list, and the Executioner's blade he went back to the hide away to find the other five.
  Crimson Ninja / Colorful_insanity / 279d 1h 58m 28s
Kenta yawned as she stood alone yet again on the practice fields. It was to early for her partners kyu and yosh to have awoken to join her yet. This was the normal for the young clanless konichi. She would practice every morning by herself. Until one of her teams members awoke to join her. It was in dear of these early morning solo practice sessions. That she'd try to recall her past before coming to the village hidden in the leaves. Sometimes she would have small flashes of people's faces but never James or how she new them. This frustrated her to no end. She had even asked the Sixth if there were any memory jutsu that could help help her regain her memories. She had been practiceing Tia jutsu without realizing it. As she looked at her hands she noticed her knuckles had been busted open by the wooden practice dummy. She calmed herself as she looked at the blood smiling. Now she could practice using the blood storm. Bloodstorm is her unusual kekka genki. No one in the village had ever heard of a clan with such an ability first time she used it. So no one when she had turned up even had the slightest idea as to where she had came from. Her mind was fogged with all these thoughts this morning to the point that she didn't even notice that one of her teammates had arrived to practice with her. Blood rose from her knuckles as she began to use her special ability to destroy the dummy infront of her. She continued using her blood to destroy practice dummies until a twig snapping got her attion, and she worked around to see who was there.
  Kenta light / kenbloodmoon / 279d 23h 43m 34s
This day was like any other day. The sun had risen, The birds had song their songs of morning, and happy people were moving about in the village hidden in the leaves. Even in the dojo of the Hyuga clan, the family the housed one of the most powerful doujutsu, was having an ordinary day. "Eight trigrams: 64 Talons!" came a shout from a young member of the famed clan. It was this technique only that made this day slightly out of the ordinary. The Hyuga is well known for their extremely potent taijutsu style and techniques. The irregularity behind the one that was called, is that typically this technique is called 64 palms. However, this boy, Gouki, has been doing the entirety of his clan's move pool in a different fashion. This move referred to his feet rather than strike with his hands during this technique. He sought to reinvent his clan's techniques to perfection for what was soon to come; the Chuunin exams.

It had been a week since his recognition alongside his team and another squad. The Sixth Hokage had extended what was to be a month of training into twice that due to and upsurge of death among other incidents occurring. The remainder of the legendary 12 of the Leaf had been dispatched to solve this dilemma within this amount of time while the Leaf was left to the powerful combatants striving to increase their ninja rank.

[b "It's time for me to go meet up with my team,"] Gouki spoke. In the dojo, several other Hyuga members were on the ground, out cold. Few members of the clan could read his unorthodox style after all. "Gouki-chan!" He didn't have to turn around to know that Hanabi had called to him. Until recently, she had been his superior in taijutsu, but now..."When you come back, I will have my revenge match. Don't think you can escape either!" she shouted at him. He jumped off giving her a thumbs up as headed to the place he was to meet his team. They were to grab a bite at Ichiraku Ramen before going to see Lord Sixth for some mission he had for them.

Gouki arrived at the shop and looked around to find a nearby clock. He ended up going across the street to the local flower shop to check the time. [b "Huh. I'm actually early for once,"] he spoke walking back to the shop. In most cases, he would be late since he didn't really care about punctuality all that much. He leaned on the side of the building waiting for his comrades to come.
  Gouki Hyūga / AkumaMatata / 280d 1h 8m 5s

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