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[center [size17 [Josefin+Sans Located in the middle of the ocean, far enough away from boat traffic, and even plane traffic. Sits a small island. Jagged rocks and crashing waves surrounding the island, making it very hard to get too.
But that was the point, this island was meant to be hidden from the public, not even the media knew about it. It was secluded, non-existent, and that was how it was going to stay; as that is how the government wanted it to be.
Upon this island state a very large concrete building, blocked in by electric fence, and barbed wire, snipers posted at each corner in towers.
You must be thinking. Something very important in hidden in that building.
Oh if you only knew.

Have you ever wondered about other species? I mean, surely we aren’t alone on this plant. Things have happened and scientist haven’t been able to explain it before.
So what are some of these phenomenons?
The question has always raised. Are supernatural creatures real?
Why of course not. Are you crazy? Well, that is what a professional would say if you were to go and confront them with these questions. There is no logical way that Vampires, Werewolf, Shapeshifters. None of these supernatural creatures you read about on the internet are real. There is just no way. Well so you think.
The truth?
They are very much real, and very much living among us. The only problem is they can’t reveal what they are because if they do they will be shipped off that that island.
Where they are imprisoned, for being different, for being too ‘dangerous’.
That is right on that island is a prison for supernatural creatures. To hid their existence from the public and try and protect the humans from these ‘evil’ creatures.
In this prison they are experimented in. Studied. Maybe there is a way the government could use them for their own. Life for these poor creatures is ruthless and brutal.
One day a rebellion comes across the prison and the ‘inmates’ somehow get some of the cells open to allow certain creatures out. This turns into a bloodbath upon the island.
[i Muse A] and [i Muse B] are among those who have been released and given a chance to escape.
Fighting their way through the building they finally make it outside where backup has seemed to arrive. Someone, someway they end up making it onto a boat and heading towards the closest land they can find.
Somehow they found there way to California. Now they need to figure out how to live among the humans without letting themselves be detected and how to outsmart the government and keep themselves hidden among the humans so they don’t get sent back.
Will these two stick together and team up to not get sent back? Or will there differences cause them to fight so much they make a scene. Will they get caught?
Find out.
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[center [Bellefair [size16 The air was stale in her dark prison cell, dust and dirt—as well as a few drops of blood littered the cement floor. It was cold and damp, as most nights were, and the young Shapeshifter, crumpled up in a ball in the corner of the room, struggled to stay warm as usual. It had been six years since she was brought to this depressing, cruel place, with her family; having accidentally revealed to the neighbor’s son that she was a supernatural creature, a monster.

The day she had let it slip to Cody Anders, the boy next store and her high school sweetheart, that she was a shapeshifter, had been a nightmare from the moment she woke up. Standing in her boyfriend’s room in nothing but his shirt and her underwear while Cody slept soundly next to her, Klare stared at the pictures on the wall of the super thin, large breasted, blonde models in skimpy outfits, and bikinis. Her self-consciousness engulfed her. Being slightly on the thick side as a teenager, with not too pretty features; chubby cheeks and freckles that covered her cheeks, and eyes that seemed a little too big for her face; she longed to look like one of the models on her boyfriend’s wall.
Klare had looked behind her to see if her boyfriend was still fast asleep before looking back at one particular model with perky breasts and a large butt, and blonde hair that fell to the bottom of her back, and morphed herself into the woman of the picture. “What the fuck?!” Klare’s head shot around, changing from the models into her own in the process to see her boyfriend sitting there with a look of pure horror.
Klare closed her eyes trying to flush the memories away. They didn’t matter anymore, she was here in this shit hole, probably for the rest of her life—however long that would be.
There was a loud noise of the doors opening, signaling yard time. Hers never opened; because of what she was, they feared she would shapeshift into one of the guards and escape the facility. However, for some strange reason her door opened, along with every other inmate’s door. Then a loud alarm began to blare and as she peaked her head out of her cell and saw crowds of “Monsters” like herself wandering out of their rooms confused.
That was when the fighting broke out; as every kind of supernatural creature in the building began rushing for freedom trampling over each other, and the guards began firing shots to subdue the chaos while they tried to fix whatever error was going on.
Klare stepped back into her cell, wrapping her arms around herself. This was her chance to be free, but was it worth it? What if they caught her? What if she got killed in the riot? Should she risk it? Yes, she had decided, it was worth it. She closed her eyes for a moment, if she was getting out she needed to be smart about it. Klare went back to the door, the commotion having moved to the main floor where all the guards fought to keep everyone in made it easier for her to shapeshift herself into a small bird, unnoticed.
As Klare beat her tiny wings, she had a destination in mind; a small window in the guard’s office. The only open window in the building, which was currently unprotected, would be her gateway to freedom.
She flew in a zigzag pattern, trying to avoid any stray shots of power or bullets, until she had finally made it to the window. Her heart was pounding a thousand miles a minute and her ears ringing from the noise, but she’d made it. She was outside, standing on the island as sirens blared.
The cold earth beneath her bare feet and the smell of the fresh air overwhelmed her senses. She was free, she was really free. Okay not totally free yet, but she was close. All she had to do was get off this island now and she truly would be free.
There were noises on the beach, officers from the mainland; ones who transported the creatures to their prison, were arriving to the shore for aid. Klare ducked behind a bush, as she watched them run towards the building.
That was when a heavy hand came down on her shoulder. She nearly screamed in fear that she’d been caught, scrambling to get away another hand covered her mouth to quiet her, turning her around to show her he was doing what she was doing; trying to not get caught. She stared up at his face in silent panic as the noise from the beach faded towards the entrance of the building. When it was gone she was released and she fell roughly to the ground glaring up at him. [b [#0494b9 “You Asshole, you almost got me caught!”]] She hissed loudly pushing herself to her feet and dusting off her butt, before turning back to the boats. Her way off the island. Sharply Klare glared at the man, [b [#0494b9 “If you do anything to risk me being trapped again, I’ll kill you.”]]
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The blaring alarms were a painfully loud song of freedom for the young werewolf, as the area was raw chaos around him. There were bodies slamming against one another as the struggle to escape the confined space grew more desperate, and there Augustus was on the outside, smirking in. The cleverly constructed plan had worked.
He and another werewolf William had spent months planning this to make their escape. Every day during their meal they would sit and watch each guard learning their weaknesses, their shift changes, and any moments of vulnerability. In that time Will had started a fight with a guard as a distraction to get his security pass to the power board. Unfortunately, William never got to see the results of the plan falling into place, because as the rains of power and bullets began the werewolf was killed. Not that it bothered Augustus much.
Augustus wasn’t one of those people that got emotional over other people. It didn’t matter to him how many damned people died, the only thing he cared about was himself and that was all he needed. Maintaining close relationships was not something he cared to attempt, becoming attached only lead to three things that he wanted as far away from himself as possible; betrayal, disappointment, and feelings.
One thing he learned from watching the guard station carefully, was that inside the room was another exit, one that lead to the outside, which he was sure he could get to. It was going to be difficult getting through the violent mob himself, but if he hesitated he wouldn’t be able to make it.
Closing his eyes he ran shoving people to the side, trampling over others, and even using some as a meat shield. They didn’t matter. All that mattered was the unguarded guard station, just out of his grasp. He pushed on, throwing the lifeless body to the side as he reached his first goal. Lucky for him there was a dead guard laying there on the ground; he grabbed the outfit he was wearing and threw it on, grabbing the badge as well. This way he would go unsuspected in his escape.
[b “You there!”] He froze at the voice turning slowly. [#f8f262 “Oh good, you’ve arrived it’s a madhouse in there! I’m going for more back up!”] He improvised, looking at the other guards with their weapons raised.
[b “Have any of the creatures escaped?] One of them asked lowering his weapon.
[#f8f262 “That would be impossible there is only one exit they know about. The beasts are too stupid to know about any others, and we have managed to get the that exit under control.”] He responded.
The other guards looked to each other and nodded, [b “Tell them to send everyone they have from the mainland. We’re going to need as many people as possible to keep this under control.”] One finally responded motioning to the others to move on.
Augustus smirked as they ran past him before pushing his was out to the exit, [i those assholes ain’t getting nothing.] He thought smugly as he finally reached the outside. [#f8f262 “Fucking idiots even left me a boat, how nice of them.”] He said out loud with a shit eating grin as he made his way to the boat.
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