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[b Winston:] It's okay you don't have to be sorry. How are you?
  Joshua Treehouse / MrSandman / 2d 9h 32m 24s
[b Ophelia:] Duh, I knew that. That was kind of dumb of me to ask.
  вαвιєѕ / SSerendipity_ / 2d 18h 56m 54s
[b Winston:] I really don't know. I never really tried fo feel anything..
  Joshua Treehouse / MrSandman / 3d 23h 8m 13s
[b Ophelia:] Well hello stranger. Does that make you feel a certain way though?
  вαвιєѕ / SSerendipity_ / 4d 10h 28m 7s
[b Winston:] I am not really the stabbing type. I never really understood the hype of stabbing. Why so many people go that way or even turn to a gun. Sometimes poisons. Which I prefer myself there is something right about watching a poison victim. The way I kill is by attacking the very emotions and mind of the body using my powers to grip onto the soul and slowly pull it and twist it until they can no longer contain themselves. Than it is all over and I walk away soul in hand.
  Joshua Treehouse / MrSandman / 4d 11h 43m 30s
[b Ophelia:] Yeah, but doesn't make us mortal. It takes that one thing to kill a person. And it has to be super powerful. And you just said it yourself, only death can take the immortal. You could stab me right now, and I'm not going to die from it.
  вαвιєѕ / SSerendipity_ / 8d 16h 55m 39s
[b Winston:] Everything is mortal. Even Gods can be killed, or people who call themselves Gods. Nothing is untouchable form death besides death itself. So to me everything is mortal.. does that make sense?
  Joshua Treehouse / MrSandman / 9d 2h 21m 51s
[b Ophelia:] [i Looks at him weirdly] Who says I'm a mortal?
  вαвιєѕ / SSerendipity_ / 9d 7h 3m 17s
[b Winston:] I see that, that's a good trat to have as a mortal.
  Joshua Treehouse / MrSandman / 9d 14h 2m 12s
[b Ophelia:] Nope that’s okay! I’m a very patient person.
  вαвιєѕ / SSerendipity_ / 9d 14h 16m 24s
[b Winston:] Yeah sorry about that my holder got a little busy there for a few days and had to focus on work. I am back now though.
  Joshua Treehouse / MrSandman / 9d 14h 18m 25s
[b Ophelia:] I’m always here. Waiting on you to come back.
  вαвιєѕ / SSerendipity_ / 9d 14h 42m 17s
[b Winston:] Hello if anyone is here. [i *Drops in and lands on the couch.*]
  Joshua Treehouse / MrSandman / 9d 18h 55m 30s
[b Ophelia:] Yeah. My holder told me about those. Doesn’t sound too good.
  вαвιєѕ / SSerendipity_ / 12d 18h 41m 33s
[b Winston:] Yeah the heat spells were out of this world I have been told by the others. A good thing he doesn't really have that problem anymore whatever it was.
  Winston Patterson / MrSandman / 13d 7h 43m 0s

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