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[center [h3 "Stubborn"]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b "Dude you look terrible" she had stated before offering him some pills. High strength enough to get high? She would know why? Well end of the world Rex really is it okay to be so harsh? He wasn't a fan of people who found it cool to waste time doing things like that. When in reality he was just as wasteful of his time in the world before. Pointlessly training for no reason but to not have to deal with real world problems.]]

[center [b He looked at the bed she had mentioned earlier a comment on how sad it was. A tragic end one might think but Rex only saw his future he'd be covered in blood and bite marks. That or bullets he knew the rate he was going he'd eventually die. Though he had wanted to refuse her offer of pills he wasn't a fan of medication but that wasn't his biggest reason. As scared Rex was of the world and everything in it he always faced it by treating himself like some sort of warrior. A warrior who may be frightened and scared to be born in the wrong time but a warrior nonetheless. He would rather build mental and physical fortitude and tough this out but saying no to a pretty face? Wasn't something he could do very well he had a lot of pranks pulled on him that way. Pranks he saw coming but when a girl smiled? He went along with anyhow he was a pushover. As he reached out grabbing the pill bottle as he took a pill. He'd be fine his body was growing used to recover or die. Micro fractured from head to toe the boy was sturdier than he looked.]]

[center [b Rex had noticed she plopped herself next to him as he looked away a bit embarrassed. She was super cute but why was he so shy? She wasn't exactly his type she seemed sporty and someone to have maybe gotten in a bit of trouble. He never thought he'd spend time with a girl like Maddy it wasn't that she wasn't nice or anything. She just... seemed too normal? Is that what it was? Only befriending goody two shoe Otaku's? A bit picky for someone who could never really make friends. Make friends a funny way to phrase that in a way he had. He'd imagine people talking to him he wasn't looney enough to know they were real. Hell it was just him holding a conversation with himself in his own mind. He'd imagine the other voices something soothing calming and relaxing as coocoo town as that felt. It kept him sane it kept him going sometimes he had wished he was crazy enough for voices to talk to him all on their own. He was so lonely day in and day out.]]

[center [+orange I-I... T-Thank you..]]

[center [b He muttered looking down at the ground his mind went back to her rations. How she had so little and yet? Here she was sharing meds with him! Rex had put the bottle down as he looked at the ground he continued to talk.]]

[center [+orange N-Nearby.. T-There's a s-store a-a Wal M-Mart it h-hasn't been c-c-cleared not e-e-entirely. I-I've been planning to h-h-hit it a-after s-scoping it out.. It's got around forty of t-them..]]

[center [b A suicide mission for any one man but Rex was preparing his mind and body for that. He had planned to walk in the store and scream I'm here come and get me. Live or die it didn't matter it made a decent final stand as any. Was he tired? Of living? Or did his heart only ever feel alive on the battlefield? He only felt alive when fighting to preserve that life. To him that was the only proof that he even existed was the mark he left behind after for better or for worse. The only way he ever felt alive, he was another dead man walking only difference was he could talk, barely.]]
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[center [h3 Snap out of it!]
As the boy set his hand on her shoulder she looked up, her mind showing her the reality of it all. They were all dead. The past was the past and she couldn't change that. She was alone with a boy she didn't know and for the first time in a while it wasn't an exciting experience. Her tears dried as the boy helped her up, Though her eyes still blurred slightly with tears. Nevertheless she managed to lead the boy to her current residence, a small convince store backroom. The food that was sold was almost all cleared out at the beginning of the end, but the girl had been there for a couple weeks and had stocked up with her own food, cans of beans, freeze dried dinners. And lots of stale ramen. Lots and lots of stale ramen.
She also carried with her a record player as well as a singular record. Her truck, covered in dirt and purposely rusted to look too broken for use, stood outside. She picked up the record, sliding it out of its well worn packaging, placing it in the record player. This was an older model, yet still pretty new, running on batteries. She clicked the on button, turning the volume down to a low hum that just barely filled the room as not to attract any dead roaming around outside. She picked up a can of beans, singing the lyrics to the song quietly.
[I " ♩♫Girls are not meant to fight dirty.. ♩♫"]
She scooped a can opener up from the floor, carrying it over to the boy.
[I "Like the bed? I think someone lived here before I came. They probably died though. There was a zom with a bite mark on his arm. It was kinda sad to be completely honest." ]
She plopped down beside the boy, chuckling to herself. Her eyes darted over to the boy, whom looked pretty terrible.
[I "Dude you look terrible. Are you okay? Need some aspirin? I got some pretty high strength shit, you know the kind that can get you pretty high? Its not dangerous unless you take a lot."]
She reached into a small box beside the bed, which held a lot of her belongings and pulled out an orange bottle. She had been saving the pills for a suicide she knew she would eventually want if things got bad enough, but for the time being she was still kicking and planned to keep it that way.
[I "I ration water though and we kinda drank all my savings for today." ]
She gave a sheepish smile as she handed the bottle to the boy, a ping in her heart as she realized that it was one less pill if he accepted. ]
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[center [h3 Hero?]]

[center [b Rex had stood guard ready to pounce at anything in a moments notice. He had than noticed her taking the lead. "No need to guard me Mister Hero" he could tell she felt her prowess was in question. She didn't seem frail or helpless that wasn't the case. He clicked his tongue a bit without thinking about it she was difficult. Though how could she know what he was thinking? It was because he felt she had a will to make it, it made sense to protect her over himself. She had rushed to take the forefront on point as Rex followed at her heels he grunted and walked quickly to pass her by looking back to see where she would take them. He didn't know why he was feeling so competitive it was best they calmed down and just focused on working together.]]

[center [b It wasn't long before she stopped he looked back to see tears falling down her face. She was apologizing? For what? Was she losing it out here? Rex could relate and understand but they needed to stay focused. That wasn't to say a pretty girl crying didn't affect Rex if anything it tugged at his heart strings. He took a deep breath closing his eyes as he placed a hand on her shoulder.]]

[center [+orange Maddy y-you are fine, we have t-to move okay?]]

[center [b He grabbed her hand tightly as he lead her asking for directions to her place. She had instead led them back to the pad as he closed the door behind them he took a deep breath as he winced holding his stomach. That fall and those fights did a number on him as he laid on the bed breathing heavily. He just needed to rest a bit and he'd fine.]]

[center [+orange I-I-I'm.. S-Sorry.. I-If I was pushy...]]

[center [b He muttered he wasn't even sure where it came from, perhaps because it was needed? To make sure she would be okay, why did he care so much? Because it was easy for Rex to be short minded and come up with goals quickly. If she would let him he'd have no qualm of looking out for her to be his goal. Of course as unstable as he was? He'd understand if she didn't want him around sure he thought that. Did he mean it? Probably not, it'd probably hurt a lot but he'd have to understand.]]
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[center [h3 Hardly a home]
[center [youtube]
As the boy opened the door Maddy noticed the gentle pus, scoffing at the boy. It was as if he didn't think she was strong enough to be a front line fighter.
[I How long since this hell on earth began idiot?]
She grit her teeth, slightly annoyed at the boy. She hadn't spent so long alone being a fragile girl. She didn't need protecting and she didn't want it either. In fact it made her furious that he was acting the way he was. She lifted her bat and gently tapped the boys head.
[I Jeez mister hero I don't have to be guarded okay? And to answer your question yes obviously I have somewhere I'm staying, but its hardly a home.]
She looked around and sighed.
[I I've been alone for a long time so don't worry about little old me hurting you. And my pad is the other way.]

She turned on her heals and grumbled, stomping off, not watching for him to follow, yet knowing he was on her heels. She kept a fast pace, her bat held at her side in a battle ready stance. Her goal was to stay ahead of the boy, which she did. Her body screamed in all the wrong ways, Her lungs burned as she practically ran and her legs begged for a break, her fingers aching from the vice-like grip she had on her bat. The feeling reminded her of her baseball days. Her eyes drowned with memories as the buildings around her blurred into one and she stopped dead in her tracks, collapsing to her knees in the middle of the road.
[center [h3 Memories]
[I "And Maddy takes the plate, her lucky bat in hand. She's got to be the best player on her schools team. Who do her opponents chose next?"
"Ohhhh Its Blaze, the best pitcher of the opposing team. Will Maddy be able to hit this one?"
Maddy scoffed. "Course I can. I'm Maddy the Magnificent. " She got her bat ready, winking at the pitcher as he threw the ball, causing him to throw it early. Maddy whipped her bat down with full force, hitting the ball out of the field as the crowd cheered. She jogged her way around the field, scoring the winning points for her team. ]
[b "Are you sure about this Mads? What if your mom hears us?" A boy asked as he slid himself into the girls window at midnight.
"Oh jeez calm down she's at work. And my brother is fast asleep." She smirked and pulled the boy to her chair, sitting on her desk in front of him. "Lets just have fun."]
[Center [H3 Reality]
[I I..I'm sorry.] Maddy stuttered as she sat on her feet on the worn down yellow paint on the road. Her face held in her hands, tears streaking her face and falling to the pavement below, a salty pool forming. This wasn't like her. Se didn't cry. She was strong. She didn't need her memories, she didn't need the boy. All she needed was herself. At the end of the day in a world like this all you could count on was yourself, right? Right?
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[center [h3 How Long?]]

[center [b As Rex stood up and the two prepared to head out again. He had heard her ask how long had it been as he tilted his head confused.]]

[center [+orange H-H-How long.. S-Since...?]]

[center [b He wasn't sure what she meant he had opened the front door as he headed out. Putting an arm up to prevent her from taking point as he pushed her behind him. He was gentle of course but almost strangely dominant odd from the submissive young boy. He looked right and left if anyone was going to risk their life on point it would be more. She seemed smart and pretty and had a will to live it'd be a shame if something happened to her. Even if he was a stronger fighter it didn't matter she'd be more likely to survive she had the common sense to carry water. The will to even care to do she wasn't winging this because she didn't give a damn.]]

[center [b Rex wanted to focus on avoiding combat as he was thinking of a safe place to take her. He was presuming they'd stay together strange she could leave anytime. She could, if... If she wanted to it would hurt sure. Despite being strangers he enjoyed the company but until she decided on that he was already set on looking out for her. That was just the sorta guy he was.]]

[center [b As he began to head down the street one had roamed from an Alleyway as he turned around slashing it's lower off as he gave another quick stab to finish it. As he winced holding his shoulder he was still in pain from his last two fights. "Damn it, after everything is this all I've got?" funny he fancied more indestructible than that.]]

[center [+orange D-Do you h-have a group? O-Or home you're heading b-back to..?]]

[center [b He asked as he stood in front of her rather protectively his back to her. If she wanted to kill him she had a free hit sure he could react but she was in a good position to start a fight. If that was what she wanted sure but Rex was more focused on trying to protect her than everything the poor girl has already went through too much. Was this his way of running away? By focusing on other peoples problems? Instead of his own?]]
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