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[center [pic]]

[center [pic]]

[center [h3 Rex Rider]]

[center [pic]]

LV 3:
Class: Fencer/Warrior
EXP: 0/121
Stored EXP: 0
Skill Points Left: 1

(24)HP: 109
(30)ATK: 45
(20)DEF: 30
(24)SPD: 20
(0)INT: X
(0)MP: X
(22)AP: 80

Parry: The fencer can negate one physical melee skill incoming! AP Cost: 50

Fang: Swings with 30% more ATK power! AP Cost: 10

Stat Growth:
HP: 2=7
ATK: 2=3
DEF: 2=3
SPD: 3=2.50

Special Equipment: None

Coins: None

Items: None


Counterstrike: If the user blocks they can throw an attack back! This attack always having at least a 3/6 chance to hit. AP Cost: 10

[center [h3 Lea Melan]]
[center [pic]]
LV 3:
Class: Holy Magic
EXP: 0/121
Stored EXP: 0
(0)HP: 120
(0)ATK: 0
(0)DEF: 0
(0)SPD: 0
(0)INT: 41
(30)MP: 200
(40)AP: 40

Heal: Heals an allies HP by 20% MP Cost: 15

White Flame: Strikes a foe with your INT MP Cost: 20

Group Heal: Heals the entire frontline party in battle by 10% MP Cost: 20

Special Equipment: None

Coins: None

Items: None

[center [h3 Adriana LeFea]]
[center [pic]]
LV 3:
Class: Illusionist
EXP: 0/121
Stored EXP: 0
(30)HP: 60
(0)ATK: 0
(0)DEF: 0
(0)SPD: 0
(40)INT: 80
(30)MP: 140
(21)AP: 21

Brain Wave: Strikes the foe with you're INT MP Cost: 10

Mental Console: Can heal an allies HP by 10% MP Cost: 20

Mental Shackles: When an ally is attacking a foe can decrease that foes SPD by 30% and decrease their chance to dodge by 1/6 MP Cost: 30

Special Equipment: None

Coins: None

Items: None

[center [h3 Henry Leblanc]]
[center [pic]]

LV 3:
Class: Berserker
EXP: 0/121
Stored EXP: 0
(41)HP: 460
(40)ATK: 120
(0)DEF: 0
(0)SPD: 0
(0)INT: 0
(0)MP: 0
(40)AP: 80

Savage Blow: Gain 50% more ATK for one blow AP Cost: 20

Special Equipment: None

Coins: None

Items: None

[center [h3 Louise Chevalier]]

[center [pic]]

LV 3:
Class: Knight
EXP: 0/121
Stored EXP: 0

(26)HP: 206 (221)
(10)ATK: 5
(25)DEF: 75 (90)
(0)SPD: 0 (15)
(20)INT: 40 (55)
(0)MP: 0
(40)AP: 80

Guardian Aura: Can jump and guard an ally from an attack! AP Cost: 5

Holy Blade: Increases you're chance of hitting to 100%! AP Cost: 10

Stalwart Knight: Boost SPD/DEF/INT/HP by 15!

Special Equipment: None

Coins: None

Items: None

[center [h3 Alexander]]

[center [pic]]

LV 3:
Class: Thief
EXP: 0/121
Stored EXP: 0

(31)HP: 124
(30)ATK: 30
(0)DEF: 0
(40)SPD: 80
(0)INT: 0
(0)MP: 0
(20)AP: 110


Charm: Can buy and sell items for 10% better prices.

Special Equipment: None

Coins: None

Items: None


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Roleplay Responses

[center [h3 Lunchtime?]]

[center [b Rex had walked down with Henry he had planned on spending the night outside alone. Though Rex quickly learned how nosy was Henry took no time asking Rex where he was going to sleep. Rex hadn't earned a room in the guild and so Henry offered him to stay in his. Awkward! Henry was trying to be nice but Rex didn't know the guy! That aside he and Henry had arrived and she had yelled at them they were late. Rex being as sturdy as ever was already feeling up to a fight. Though before he could really speak up Henry had smiled seeing Lea's friend.]]

[center [i Late? You know Rex kept me up all night! Haha]]

[center [+orange W-Were sorry...]]

[center [i Oh Rex she's just kidding! Oh! So you got another member? Perfect! We just need two more! I think a party of six is the way to go. We could split up into parties of two looking for some members. I think a little bit of offensive magic and a knightly type might do the trick. Someone to take those big bad beatings for us~]]

[center [b Henry said as he pushed his glasses up giving a wink. Rex had shuddered a bit was this guy for real? Rex never struggled with taking a licking but he had to think about the others. Though Henry himself seemed awfully sturdy. What of Lea? Her friend? Did they share that trait of endurance? Would another mage member? Maybe not so it was a good call.]]

[center [i I think Rex should pair up with Lea! I'll go with you're friend here. The name is Henry, by the way, a pleasure to meet you.]]

[center [b He had offered a small smile as Rex blushed a bit. Him and Lea? Well regardless Rex knew one thing this guy was awfully pushy and he didn't like waiting much! Sure he was smart but he was really impatient!!]]

[center [h3 Sounds Like A Plan Right?]]

[center [pic]]

[center [i So does that sound like a plan or would you guys like to split off into different groups?]]

[center [b Henry had spun his hammer around as he leaned against it casually offering a small smile.]]
  RR / Kudaketa / 99d 10h 22m 33s
[center [h3 What's this all about?]]
[center Lea sighed and looked away from the boy. She didn't like the attitude she was giving off. She wasn't all about the money, in fact if she didn't need it so bad she wouldn't even be doing this. If her father saw how she was acting they'd...No she wouldn't think of that, because she had bigger fish to fry. She shook her head at the boy and smiled.
[+pink "Awesome! You know I wouldn't be so pushy about this if I still had the tools here that I needed to do my-"]
And as she spoke the door was slammed off its hinges, flying into the room. The girl squealed loudly, falling over onto the bed Rex sat upon as she looked up at the culprit. He was a young man, attractive in a way that reminded Lea of her father, which was weird to say the least. His eyes were green and his hair blonde, all traits that weren't ones her father had. Perhaps it was the way his hair framed his face, or his cheekbones. The girl didn't know but it gave her an ache that she hated.
She looked at her patient and blushed as she had fallen right into his lap, no doubt hurting him. She mumbled a sorry and looked at the other boy, her face now getting stern again, her hands rested on her hips, knotted up into tight fists to keep her anger in check.
[+pink "Who the hell-"]
The boy cut her off, going on a tangent about teaming up. She growled a little like a kitten as her eyes squinted at the boy. Granted she wasn't very intimidating, she had a temper. Her life was this infirmary and this boy just comes in like a tornado and breaks things. She wasn't having it.
[+pink "Who the HELL do you think you are? You barge into MY infirmary after visiting hours and breaking downy MY doors? And THEN you propose a party. Why I've never seen such a rude display in my life!"]
The girl took a step towards the blonde boy, her eyes staring intensely into his own.
[+pink "Now you better consider yourself lucky I'm at work and I must be professional or I swear I'd smack you right now. As for partying up, Come back tomorrow at noon. No sooner no later and MAYBE, just maybe I will think about it."]
With that she pushed the boy out of the room, turning him around and shoving him out the door before locking it behind him. She sighed and clapped her hands together before doing the rest of her final rounds for the night before popping her head into Rex's room.
[+pink "Hey you are safe to leave if you want, but you can also stay the night if you need lodging."]
The boy looked at her and nodded.
[+orange "I-I'm ready to go."]
The boy said as he stood up, wobbling a bit. Lea held his elbow smiling.
[+pink "Don't sweat it okay? As long as I can get back enough to keep this place running I wont hound you. Get some rest. I recommend not going into any kind of battle for a couple days. Oh and come here at noon, that is when the boy from earlier is coming back. We will talk about partying up. ]
[Center [H3 Lunchtime]]
Lea sat outside the infirmary on a bench, eating a carefully made non-soggy sandwich. She waited for the boys to arrive smiling. She had made enough food for everyone, and was silently hoping they liked it. The containers that held the food and drinks sat on the bench next to her. The sound of boots approached on the dirt path
[+Purple "Expecting someone Melan?"]
A man in a purple coat said as he sat down on the bench next to her.
[+pink "Hey Cav. Yeah I'm meeting some people to talk about partying up."]
The boy whipped his head in the direction of the girl.
[+purple "You're what?"]
She giggled and shook her head, offering the boy half of her sandwich.
[+pink "A guy owes me 10 gold so to make sure I get the money I'm partying up with him and some other random boy who broke down my door last night"]
The girl shrugged it off like it was no big deal, however the boys jaw dropped wide open.
[+purple "No! No way! You are not partying up with two boys you don't even know all by yourself!"]
[+pink "Then join our party."]
She took a bite of her sandwich. As Alexander sputtered a her nonchalance two more boys joined their ranks and it was time to commence the meeting.
[+pink "You two are late."]
  Melan Family / RockyRoader / 101d 2h 14m 14s
[center [h3 Do I Have A Choice?]]

[center [b Rex sighed as she began to list everything off as she got rather pushy he flinched back raising a hand over his face. He gave off another long breath of air with a shrug as she finished her little rant. Join a party? Rex? He wanted to become the worlds greatest swordsman and that was a goal he felt he had to achieve on his own. He couldn't make a name for himself in a party right?]]

[center [+orange I.. F-Fine fine I agree sure until I pay you o-off..]]

[center [b She threatened to send men after him and that wasn't his biggest fear. He was a little too cocky to be afraid of any knight or guard but had he become a criminal? How would he become a knight a hero and make a name for himself? He supposed he owed her and he had to the right thing but she seemed so pushy and adsorbed with the idea of money. Maybe this would give Rex a goal and a chance to grow stronger he didn't care for coin he just wanted to grow stronger and faster he wanted to be greatest swordsman ever.]]

[center [h3 Dear Me]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Henry had listened even after the women told him visiting hours were over. Henry had gave a shrug and decided a more direct approach he found this the perfect chance for a helping hand. He had kicked open the door with a massive brute force as he shook his head with a smile pushing his glasses up.]]

[center [i Deary it's apparent you want the boy to yourself I hear you guys forming a party huh? The legal limit in a party is six members and it's not only that but the recommended amount. So let me propose to you an offer that I join you're party and we look for a few members shall we? Sure you have to split up the money but we can take bigger jobs can't we? I'll even keep my cut lower until we get the hang of it for me this is a learning experience.]]

[center [b This was perfect a chance to learn more about monsters and even to start his own little adventure? Just the inspiration an author needs! He didn't care for money but if he had his own portion he could use it to help further his future career. He didn't want to make books for the money he wanted the world to know his name! Henry! The world's greatest author! Oh he could see it now! The adoring fans all the book signings! Oh it was only a matter of time? Sadly he'd have to fight to jump start that dream unfortunately it was easier to make a name for yourself with brute strength. Though Henry was built like a brute it didn't mean he acted liking one although busting the door down might give that impression yes? He couldn't worry about appearances one needs to be direct to get what he needs in this world.]]

[center [+orange D-Do we really n-need more help Lea..?]]

[center [b Of course this reckless little boy would get in Henry's way no matter it was up to the little lady after all yes?]]
  RR / Kudaketa / 132d 18h 42m 12s
[center [H3 Too much?]]
[center Lea furrowed her brows together. Did the boy just say that the price was too much? The jerk cleared out her cabinets and had the audacity to say that. She frowned, her face setting into an angry and stern look.
The scroll in her hand was unraveled and she handed it to the boy, standing next to him. The parchment had a long list of supplies on it.
[+pink "Here is a list of all the ingredients and supplies I had to use to keep you alive. Brace yourself because its a long list. We will start with the B's :]
Beetle Eye
Blatta Pulvereus
Boom Berry
Bouncing Spider Juice
Bubotuber pus
Bulbadox juice
Bundimun Secretion
Bursting mushroom
[+pink And that's just the B's. Shall I go on?"]
She tapped her foot on the creaky wooden floor, her arms crossed her chest, a small pout on her lips.
[+Pink "Your inability to pay right away isn't a problem, its how long it'll take for you to pay. I don't wanna let you skip town cuz then id have to send people after you and trust me neither of us want that. So I'm gonna make a deal with you-"]
She was cut off by a knock on the door. She frown and looked over at the door then back at the boy.
[+pink "Visiting hours are over, you'll have to come back tomorrow."]
She shook her head and got back to business.
[+pink "If you party up with me we can work together on odd jobs to raise money and until you pay off the debt I get half of your share of the earnings. I think that's fair."]
She smiled at the boy, awaiting his answer. ]
  DearConnorMurphy / 134d 8h 31m 10s
[center [h3 I What?!]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex had waited in the room as a young woman entered. She was short and looked sorta childish but in a adorable girl-esque kinda way. Rex had blushed looking away she was a total knock out and she seemed confident as well. As Rex listened to here he sat up and began to choke a bit shocked.]]

[center [+orange I-I what?! I don't h-have that kinda c-coin! Isn't t-t-that a little... Much?!]]

[center [b He sighed he'd have to give up a portion of his funds for a long time now. He'd need to form a party to even make that kinda coin in a reasonable time. He was trying to avoid joining a party he was horrible at talking to people. This can't be real right? Could it? That just wasn't fair it wasn't his fault this happened to him.]]

[center [+orange Y-You're serious aren't you? I-It wasn't my fault o-o-okay? I don't even h-have a p-party there is no way I can pay you back!]]

[center [b He sighed as he began to pant.]]

[center [h3 Intriguing]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The young man Henry had entered the guild as he pushed his glasses up. He was roaming through the guild library he had heard a rumor of a new sell sword being heavily wounded by an S rank beast. Henry wanted to the first to write any notes on this beast it was his dream to write books for hunters and knights a like. He needed a good title maybe not something corny like. "Slaying Beast For Dummies" that stuff could wait right? He needed more inspiration and content first! He had went around asking questions about the young man Rex was it? He had went up the guilds stairs into the infirmary to hear yelling and shouting. He had listened in to hear he had found his target and now he was in debt. Well it was easy to get information out of someone who was needing a little bit of help himself.]]

[center [b Henry had taken a step back as he politely knocked at the door a bit. He could use this chance to make some coin himself in a party that was easier to do. He could use the coin if he wanted to make a name for himself as a famous author.]]
  RR / -Isamu- / 148d 13h 10m 21s
[center [pic]
[Center [h3 A heavy debt]
[+pink "Right then. We've gotta get more of....Everything"]
A girl said with a sigh. Her hands ran through her low pigtails as she closed her eyes. Her head pounded as she thought about her poor patients. There were more people who needed healing and how many potions did she have left? None. Or well none of the necessary ones. Of course she had a few pain mixtures but that was all she found herself left with. She rubbed her temples before grabbing a few scroll off of the desk in the potions room and walking into a patients room. Her last rounds before she left for a dinner would end Just before Rider, Rex.
[+pink "Welcome to [B Ilfrey Infirmary]. My name is Lea, I will be your healer this evening. It says here that you twisted your wrist in battle. Can you rate your pain on a scale of one to ten?"]
And so the night went on as she healed the injured to the best of her ability while her supplier was out retrieving ingredients for the potions. She finished her rounds and sat at a bench outside of the infirmary. That morning she had packed a sandwich for her dinner but as she pulled it out she found that the bread was soggy from the meats grease. She sighed, hanging her head.
[+purple "Well it could be worse, you could have no food at all."]
A man chuckled as he sat next to her.
[center [Pic]]
[+pink Let me guess... You are scavenging in town and thought you'd drop by?"]
Even though her words were clipped and sounded harsh the image of the man calmed the girl.
[+purple "Long time no see Melan"]
The man smiled as he nudged her arm, producing a sandwich wrapped in a cloth.
[+purple "I was gonna eat it myself but you seem like you could use a refuel." ]
the girl took the sandwich and smiled at her old friend. [I "Sure Its probably illegally obtained but it would be rude to refuse."] She thought to herself as she took a bite. The meat inside was a little dry and tasteless but she was just glad to have food in her stomach after such a long busy day. Her eyes trained on a couple nearby who seemed to be on a date, snuggling up together on a blanket under an apple tree. She smiled to herself and glanced over at Alexander, who was stretched out lazily with his arms behind his head, a sly grin on his face.
[+pink "So what really brings you here Cav?"]
Alexander was a childhood friend of Lea, before either of them knew who they were going to be, before the man chose a life of adventure and slight law breaking. The two were thick as thieves so to speak. Their parents were friends and it just transferred to the children.
[+purple "I had a job in town. I was on my way out and saw you out here so I stopped by. You looked pretty stressed."]
the man leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees as his eyes too trained on the couple across the path.
[+pink "A Mercenary came in last night half dead. I used up all my potions on him and haven't had much sleep since. But seeing you is making it a lot less stressful."]
She grinned his way and he smirked, winking at her.
[+purple "You flatter me. Hey look on the bright side, you are gonna get a lot of coin for your 'services'"]
He chuckled at the last word, pushing himself up to his feet.
[+purple "Well I gotta move on. I'll send post when I can. You will be here I assume."]
He waved as he walked off, leaving the girl alone again with the half of the sandwich she had left. She wrapped the cloth around the remaining food and slipped it into a bag she carried, walking back into the infirmary and her first patient on her new round.
[+pink "Alright Mister...Rider is it? I'm Lea, your healer. I am here to discuss your debts. I'm sure my assistant has already told you about your wounds yes?"]
she looked at the man with a smile as he looked back at her.
[+pink "Well you pretty much cleaned me out of all my supplies so the bill will be pretty big. Its 10 Gold pieces. Do you have that much?"]
  Love songs / Nonconformity / 149d 10h 15m 33s
[center [h3 "Dawn"]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b There Rex was traveling the country side in the break of dawn. He had camped outside the night before bathing wherever he could and eating around a campfire. He was heading into a town he knew the mercenary guild he was registered with Twilight Mercenaries had a presence in the town ahead. As he pulled out a map.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b He fumbled awkwardly as he let his tag fall out of his pocket as he picked it up. He knew he was at the border of Vacuo and Vale heading into a town at the border. Siren town he had to register within the Vale's government as a sell sword which took what little money he had left. Even his equipment was all second hand from his father and tailored by a close family friend back home. He would be getting evaluated at the guild all in the next town. Sadly his maps were vague about towns so he had much to learn about the world. He knew only Mistral,Atlas,Vacuo,Vale,Menagerie were safe to inhabit.]]

[center [b As Rex made his way into town he found directions to a guild hall as they pointed him to the guild hall.]]

[center [youtube]]
[center [b ]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Rex had entered the building just to see adventurers and sell swords alike. Alchemist and priest and knights and all sorts of types even shops being set in the hall he was bewildered by it all. Small town boy moving up in the world sure he worked back home but this was a whole new ball park. An official government mercenary. Sure you had to pay them ten percent of all earnings but being able to grab jobs here? To shop here and have access to legal matters such as knights do? This was Rex's first step to becoming a real knight! First he would make a name for himself.]]

[center [b He came to a lady at the front desk as she looked at him asking for a name.]]

[center [+orange R-Rex.. Rex Rider, n-new arrival.]]

[center [b The boy was rather awkward as she went through her clipboard she looked through new arrivals.]]

[center Here you are yes you are to be run through the entrance exams to be given a rank. This is just show you're status okay?]

[center [b He had handed her his idea as she had placed a stone on his chest. This was like what his uncle told him this would record his progress.]]

[center [h3 Results]]

[center [b Rex had came sat down sweating as they waited to call upon him. Those were rather rigorous exams but hopefully he'd rank well.]]

[center Rex Rider please come to the front desk.]

[center [b He heard his name called as he came to the front of the desk as the woman offered a smile. As she stamped on his ID]]

[center Level three swordsman with a single skill to you're name. As low as that sounds you are already pretty familiar with combat aren't you? New sure but you show lots of promise most exams end with them as level one if they even qualify. Keep up the good work Mr Rider.]

[center [b Rex had offered a bow as he went off to the board he didn't have a copper to his name. This was his chance to make some money and gain some experience to as a swordsman. He knew he'd have to eventually form a party the maximum allowed by Merc's was six. The government couldn't have them going around creating armies now. It'd make people nervous only in authorized situations were armies of Merc's ever assembled. As unofficial mercenary one couldn't even travel with armed companions for that reasons the four kingdoms were nervous of the people rebelling.]]

[center [b Slime creatures need dealing with! Recommended level: one Recommended Party: 2]]

[center [b Rex had grabbed the request as he went to go sign up to take on the quest. As he headed out to the plains he had waited for his prey but to no avail. As he headed into the forest he was attacked by a group of wolves but it Rex hadn't managed to dispatch of them quickly enough.]]

[center [+orange Where our these slime beast?]]

[center [h3 Sudden Salvation]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b There it laid dusk as Rex awoke in a room covered in bandages with a large scar across his chest. As he began to pant, wait where the hell was he? No way a slime beast put a number like that on him. He tried to think about what happened last... He couldn't think of it he remembered... Nothing.]]

[center [b A man with a white cloak had entered the room as he came into the room.]]

[center [+red Good you're awake a guild priestess informed me you would be soon enough. She used her last remaining potions to help save you she found you on the street bleeding out. Rex Rider do you recall what happened? You're wounds would suggest you were attacked by a demon, one in the form of a dragon.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b A flash hit Rex's head as he heard a ringing he did remember fighting... Something like that he remember being shook to the very core of his soul.]]

[center [+red Well the knight's of Vale have been looking for this legendary beast for some time he is considered an S rank beast but even that doesn't do him justice. For lack of a better rank he's forced in that place, that aside I am glad you are recovering it seems he's left the country side again. It's been.. Twenty years since he's shown himself it's unlucky you came across him. However I'd say you are very lucky to be alive right now! Toe to toe with a beast like that? To be alive? You are a very talented man indeed but I'm sure lady luck was on you're side as well. As for the woman who saved you well she will be entering here shortly so do try to be polite yes? She also informed me that you may be having memory problems however if you remember anything at all report it to the chief of the town okay? Well take it easy you got that? All things considered you should be okay by tomorrow, by some miracle.]]

[center [b The man gave a wave as he left closing the door behind him. As Rex sat there thinking his first mission... And he failed? What was that thing? Did he really have to be saved already? So soon? His road to becoming a knight wasn't looking so good.]]
  RR (2) / Isamu / 166d 10h 8m 48s

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