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[center [b Character Routes]
[size8 Inspired by Darcy]

Routes Explained;
[size10 How I feel about the character in general, where I see the story going. [b Subject to change].]

[b Route A;] A good ending
[b Route B;] An okay/so-so/bittersweet ending
[b Route C;] A bad ending ]
[+white X

[b A]
[ Akemi Ishida] - Route B
[b B]
[b C]
[b D]
[b E]
[b F]
[b G]
[ Gabriel Reyes] - Route A
[ Galen Munnar] - Route B
[b H]
[b I]
[b J]
[ Jon Snow] - Route B
[b K]
[ Kala Alohilani] - Route A
[b L]
[ Lilac Robertson] - Route A
[b M]
[b N]
[b O]
[b P]
[b Q]
[b R]
[b S]
[ Salem Emerson] - Route A
[ Siobhan MacGowan] - Route C
[ Syviis Dakian] - Route B
[b T]
[b U]
[b V]
[b W]
[b X]
[ Xandria de La Forge] - Route A
[ Xerxes de La Forge] - Route A
[b Y]
[b Z]
  o o c / ouroboros / 1d 1h 59m 45s
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[left [pic]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon Though the situation would make one think otherwise, Gabriel felt at peace with Pandora lying next to him. He could tell that she felt the same way, peaceful and relaxed. She had tensed up a bit when Gabe had touched her shoulder, so he pulled away and returned his hand to his side.

"[+red Yeah, that little British twat will get what is coming to her eventually. But you got the worse of it. I'm really happy you're fine.]" Gabriel smiled slightly, amused by Pandora's concern, as she sat up, slowly and gently to avoid jostling his bruised form.

"[b I appreciate it, Nova. I'm glad someone is doing better than me.]" Gabe chuckled, glancing at Pandora, scanning her body for signs of other injury while she leaned over to the heart monitor.
[+white XXX]

"[+red I heard that this was bothering you and Moira knows that she can turn this down. She's fucking with you. She is such a vile woman.]"]]]
  r e a p e r / ouroboros / 1d 4h 15m 2s
[right [pic]]
[center [Barlow+Semi+Condensed [size13 Xerxes heard the thumping of Viviana's tail as she approached before he saw her, and it gave him a sick feeling in his stomach. One could say that he harbored a... [i distaste] for those of the Wolf Kingdom. He had to fight his urge to pull the small girl off of Xingshen as she sunk her teeth into his hand. Instead, Xerxes crossed his arms across his chest and sent a disapproving glare her way as she spoke.

"[+red As fun as that sounds I’m with Xerxes on this, the stones were laid to strategically, the best bet would be to check the garden for any ivy growing on the walls or find some decorative pillars, you’d be surprised how easy it is for me to climb up those. Not that I am consenting to have you shove whatever stupid thing you steal into my mouth and making me scale the walls. Because, as I said, I’m staying inside where it is warm.]" Xingshen stated, with a look at Augustus that made Xerxes smile just a small bit.]]]
  p r i n c e / ouroboros / 5d 22h 50m 31s
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[left [pic]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon The incessant beeping had not stopped when Moira left. Gabriel had hoped that it would, though deep down he knew it wouldn't. It came with the territory of being in a hospital bed; a heart monitor was required. It seemed to be slower than a normal heartbeat, but perhaps that was just his ears playing tricks. He did have a concussion, after all. His entire body still ached, but his mind was pulled from the pain when Pandora entered.

"[+red I hate that woman.]" She said simply, referring to Moira, and it made Gabriel chuckle, which sent a spike of pain through his chest, causing him to wince.

"[b Don't make me laugh, Nova. It hurts.]" He noticed the beeping of the heart monitor sped up just a small bit when Pandora laid down next to him in the large hospital bed. They had only been this close once before, a Blackwatch mission to Russia had forced them to stay this close to conserve warmth. This, though. This was different.]]]
  r e a p e r / ouroboros / 6d 1h 46m 58s
[left [pic]]
[center [font "Tahoma" The rush of fresh sea air in Kala's hair made her whoop in excited glee. She had been surfing for over twelve years, but she still got a rush every time. A smile was cracked across her sun kissed face, brown eyes closed to fully appreciate the feeling of flight across the ocean. Vaguely, Kala heard the other surfers behind her, but she chose to ignore them, falling into her mind and focusing only on herself and the glorious feeling of the ocean spray on her face. Opening her eyes for a moment, Kala noticed what the surfers behind her were chattering about - the wave had doubled up and was making an almost perfect barrel. She grinned and swept into a bottom turn, making her way for the opening of the barrel. She caught it and rode it with a huge smile on her face, and put her arms out, less to keep her balance and more to add to the feeling like she was flying. A yell from shore caught her attention and broke Kala out of her reverie. It was her sister, Nani, calling her name. Kala pulled into a duck dive and began paddling towards shore. Luck brought her a smaller, gentle wave to push her back to shore quicker. She walked out onto shore, the sand squishing beneath her wet toes as Nani approached her.]]
  n e w y o r k / ouroboros / 6d 2h 7m 22s
[center [pic]

[Inconsolata [size15 "[+grey Aye, yes. I know of Theon's torture. Yara told me about it a few days after her and I met. Too bad that the Greyjoy blood line can't continue, but at the same time, Yara was the only good one to come of the Greyjoys anyway. I sound bitter and hateful, I know.]" Nymeria downed the rest of her wine, and Jon had to admit a slight bit of concern at her fervor with the drink. He took a few more sips of his own wine as Nymeria poured herself another glass and set it aside. Jon sat across from her at the desk and rested his glass on his knee while Nymeria spoke again. "[+grey We need to start our plans to head back up North once more, since we now have Jamie's army with us. I haven't been actually been in the Northern Kingdoms in such a long time. What is it like up there now? Before, there was only few Kingdoms, barely any people.]" Jon nodded, now that Jaime's army had been promised to them, they would have to reevaluate their approach.
  ouroboros / 9d 20h 32m 36s
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[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon Gabriel's chest was overcome with a sharp, white hot pain as Pandora wrapped her arm around him and pulled them up, out of the museum. He had had cracked ribs before, but he was sure that these were truly broken, which meant that they had only a short amount of time before he would start bleeding internally as well; that was, if he hadn't already. He felt very dizzy, and somewhat nauseous - a concussion too? Christ above, he was going to kill that monkey the next time he got a chance. Gabriel had barely noticed that Pandora had laid him on the roof of the museum and had been speaking to him.

"[+red Call the helicopter back.]" Pandora's usually fiery personality had become subdued, her voice soft and... was that a hint of worry hounding at her words? Gabriel tried to take a deep breath, but was met with a stabbing, twisting pain that made him wince; he had forgotten how painful a cracked rib was, much less a broken one. He gingerly moved his hand up to press on his earpiece, switching the frequency to the one the helicopter pilot was using.
  r e a p e r / ouroboros / 9d 23h 48m 51s
[size45 [Dancing+Script Ishida, Akemi]]
[size11 [font "Sacramento" | a pretty P S Y C H O P A T H |]


〖 ғ ᴀ ᴍ ɪ ʟ ʏ 〗

{Ishida Hana::Mother::Deceased}
{"She was the one who first taught me how to sew. She was taken away from me much too soon. I will do [i anything] to avenge her."}

{Ishida Hiroki::Father::Deceased}
{"He was a bit of a flake, but still a good man. He showed me the beauty of a good sake."}

{Ishida Ayaka::Grandmother::Deceased}
{"She was the one who first showed me how to make [i sukiyaki]. I still have the recipe memorized."}

{Ishida Kenzou::Grandfather::Deceased}
{"It's because of him I have the title of Chunin. He taught me how to use a kunai; I'll never forget it."}

〖 ғ ʀ ɪ ᴇ ɴ ᴅ s 〗

{Hijira Tsubasa::kaitoXi}
{"I saved him, and ever since he's been like a father to me."}

{Ota Kei::morbidchild}
{"We work together. He seems nice enough; I'll have to get drinks with him one of these days."}

〖 ᴇ ɴ ᴇ ᴍ ɪ ᴇ s 〗

{Ishidas' Murderer::Unknown}
{"I will kill her and avenge my family's deaths, even if it kills me."}

〖 ᴏ ᴛ ʜ ᴇ ʀ 〗


〖 ʟ ᴏ ᴠ ᴇ ɪ ɴ ᴛ ᴇ ʀ ᴇ s ᴛ ﹙ s ﹚ 〗

  石 田 暁 美 / Monday- / 11d 13h 25m 23s
[left [pic]]
[size12 [center [font "Tahoma" "[#C71585 I've decided to wear my cream ball gown, you know, the one with the golden applique on the left shoulder?]" Xandria had worn the dress in question at least once before; if she remembered correctly it was to the Black and White Gala the year previous. Just then, however, she was wearing an elegant green dress with light green and gold accents. It complimented her pink eyes perfectly as they scanned the crowd for signs of other familiar faces while Xaoi and Adela exchanged words of dresses, but Xan found herself becoming frustrated at the blurriness overtaking her vision at long range. Her fist clenched at her skirts and her jaw stiffened as she found herself fighting off tears of vexation. She shook her head slightly to get rid of the tears, and felt a hand on her shoulder. Xandria looked back to see her cousin Rahael's wise grey eyes staring back at her. Simultaneously, smiles cracked both of their faces, and Xan embraced her cousin deeply. "[#C71585 It has been far too long, dear. How have you been? And what in the world were you and Ishim thinking with the Wolf siblings?]" Xandria pulled away from her cousin slightly, smoothing the brown and grey hair-like feathers atop her head.
  p r i n c e / Monday- / 12d 23h 43m 18s
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[left [pic]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon "[+red They sent that miserable ape with Cadet Oxton. Oh my god, seriously? I'm about to rip them apart.]"

"[b Easy, Nova. We're here to get the gauntlet, not exact revenge.]" Despite his words, Gabriel was almost as irritated as Pandora that the monkey and the Oxton girl were the ones assigned to the job. He heard a quiet thump behind him as Pandora hit the floor, and almost as soon as she did so, chaos erupted on the floor of the museum. He had known that the monkey was present, but hadn't expected him so quickly. That was a mistake; Gabriel hissed as he felt the breath knocked out of his chest as Winston smacked him aside. He was sure that at least one rib was broken, but it was nothing that he hadn't experienced before. The monkey paid no mind to the man he had just knocked aside and proceeded towards Pandora, whom he also smacked across the museum floor and into a display.]]]
  r e a p e r / Monday- / 13d 23h 14m 34s
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[size12 [center [font "Tahoma" "[+goldenrod Alright, just one more set and then we can quit. I have to go pack for this trip, anyways.]" Syviis motioned to the bench where weights were waiting for them. Their partner for today was a gnome baker named Fabni who had, up until then, led a fairly sedentary life. Fabni let out a loud groan of despair when she saw the 50 pound weights on each side of the bar she was expected to lift. With an encouraging grin, Syviis helped spot her.

After another 20 minutes of lifting split between the two of them, Fabni and Syv parted ways; Fabni going back to therapy bake cookies, and Syv to finish packing. Three days former, Syviis had been called to the council chambers. When they had arrived, the Council had offered them a position as co-pilot on a mission to Earth. Eagerly, they had accepted, ready to prove their proficiency with flying. And so, here they were, with only 3 hours left before they were expected to board the ship, packing hurriedly to be ready in time.
  c o p i l o t / monday- / 20d 2h 11m 23s
[center [pic]]
[center [Inconsolata [size15 Theon had fully receded back into the persona of Reek while Nymeria and his men were showing their displeasure with his actions. Jon felt conflicted - on one hand, they were being rather harsh on this already mentally scarred man; but on the other, it was his complicity that allowed Euron Greyjoy to abduct Yara and all but annihilate Nymeria's already small fleet. Nymeria turned to leave, and mentioned that Jon should come with her. He nodded in response and turned quickly towards Theon. "[b It won't be safe for you to stay with your men right now. Find Davos and have him take you to my chambers. You can stay there while this blows over. But we [i will] have words later.]" With that, he turned and followed Nymeria to her... bedchambers? Jon felt almost indecent entering, even though he had Nymeria's permission to be there. Nymeria poured a glass of wine for herself and offered Jon one as well.
  s n o w / monday- / 20d 4h 16s
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[left [pic]]
[center [Cutive+Mon [size15 Galen stared up at the stars, food thoroughly forgotten. He looked at the twinkle that Aries was pointing to, and tried to imagine what it would look like; large cities full of people like Aries. As he was soon told, though, it was no longer like that, and Aries' species was dying out. He felt a twinge of sadness, that he might never see that world, or rather, any other world than the one he was currently on. He was slightly jealous that Aries had traveled so much between the planets, experiencing so much. Aries turned towards him, so Galen responded in kind, studying the strange smile playing over the Drifter's lips.

"[+red You know what, Galen? You are the first human that hasn't been nothing, but an annoyance to me. I am actually not a fan of humans. But you are something special, alright. Something that I can't quite put my finger on it,]" Galen's heart began to race as Aries leaned in closer to him, their faces mere centimeters away from each other. He felt the heat of a flush spread across his cheeks and onto his ears, comprehending their closeness. "[+red I guess you could say that you are someone that I hold very dear to me and I won't let anything ever bad happen to you, okay?]" Galen nodded, finding it very difficult to speak. He felt as though air was eluding him as Aries pressed their foreheads together, the intimacy unexpected and slightly overwhelming.
  s t a r s / Monday- / 22d 18h 51m 41s
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[left [pic]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon Gabriel scanned the roof of the museum, searching for a spot where the glass would be thinnest. He saw Pandora land on one of the nearby roofs with a good vantage point of the museum, and set up her rifle. After a moment, he heard her voice in his ear.
"[+red I found a spot and we have a surprise. I don't want you to do anything about this surprise until she presents a problem though. Little ol' Cadet Oxton has given us the pleasure of her company today.]" Gabriel let out a heavy sigh; he had hoped that they wouldn't come into contact with anyone from Overwatch for a while, but apparently those hopes had gone unrecognized by the powers that be. He had never been fond of Tracer, she was much too energized and peppy for his taste, and he had to admit that antagonizing her would bring him no small amount of pleasure.
"[b Understood. She can't be alone, though. Keep an eye out for others.]" Gabe said, focusing on a spot on the museum roof that seemed easiest to break. He shuddered as his figure appeared there, materializing from the shadows.
  Monday- / 22d 23h 2m 9s
[center [pic]]
[center [Inconsolata [size15 Thoughts of possible betrayal on Cersei's part had plagued Jon's mind the entire trip back to Dragonstone. She had given her word, but her word was obviously only worth so much. Jon had a sick feeling in his stomach, largely due to the overarching worry of betrayal. To try and keep his mind from the worry, he had been spending most of his time in Nymeria's war room, planning and strategizing for their attack on the Wight army. When he wasn't in the war room, he was standing on the cliff above the beach with Ghost, silently musing about the happenings of the day, or running over plans and strategies in his head.
Jon was on that cliff when he spotted the ships of Theon and Yara approaching, a feeling of despondency coming upon his heart like storm clouds over the sun as he realized that there were far fewer ships than what had left. He made his way to the long staircase that led from the castle to the beach, joining Nymeria on the descent with Ghost by his side.
  s n o w / monday- / 23d 1h 52m 52s

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