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[center [b GENERAL INFO:]]

[center Character's full name:]

[center Name origin:]

[center Nickname, if any :]

[center Does s/he like the nickname?]

[center Birth date:]

[center Place of birth:]

[center Ethnic background:]

[center Religion:]

[center Degree of religious practice :]

[center Current address:]

[center Does s/he rent or own?]

[center Brief description of home :]

[center Does s/he live with anyone?]

[center Describe the area in which s/he lives :]

[center Is this his/her ideal home and location? If not, what would s/he prefer?]

[center Home decor :]
[center ___ Expensive]
[center ___ Inexpensive]
[center ___ Carefully planned]
[center ___ Comfortable]
[center ___ Neat]
[center ___ Cluttered]

[center When someone walks in, what's his/her first impression?]

[center Pets?]
[center ___ No (why?)]
[center ___ Yes]

[center If yes, what kind and how many? Name(s)?]

[center How important are they? How well are they treated?]

[center Current occupation :]

[center Job satisfaction :]

[center Income level:]

[center Education:]

[center Does s/he drive? What kind of car does s/he own, if any? :]

[center Sexuality :]

[center Marital status:]

[center If married or currently romantically involved, with whom, and for how long?]

[center List any significant previous romantic partners:]

[center For current spouse/partner, what does the character call him/her ?]

[center How did they meet?]

[center Any children ?]

[center Describe relationship with each child :]


[center Height:]

[center Weight:]

[center What is his/her body type ?]

[center Eye color?]

[center Does s/he use glasses? Contacts? Hearing aid?]

[center Skin tone :]

[center Any prominent features, freckles/moles/scars/tattoos/other distinguishing marks?]

[center Face shape ?]

[center Whom does s/he most look like ?]

[center General health ?]

[center Any chronic conditions?]

[center Any current health problems?]

[center Blood type?]

[center How does s/he dress :]
[center [u PRICE:]]
[center __ Expensive]
[center __ Average]
[center __ Inexpensive]
[center __ Cheap]

[center [u STYLE:]]
[center __ Haute Couture]
[center __ Conservative]
[center __ Trendy]
[center __ Eclectic]
[center __ Business]
[center __ Sexy]
[center __ Gaudy]
[center __ Casual]
[center __ Sloppy]
[center Does s/he dress to be noticed? Why?]

[center Any special jewelry? If so, why is it special?]

[center Other accessories:]

[center [i Grooming:]]
[center ___ Every hair in place, very neat (Why?)]
[center ___ Average grooming]
[center ___ Clean but sloppy]
[center ___ Unkempt (Why?)]

[center Hairstyle :]

[center Natural hair texture :]

[center Current hair texture :]

[center Natural hair color:]

[center Current hair color :]


[center Pace :]

[center Accent or dialect, if any:]

[center Voice tone :]

[center Any favorite/habitual words/phrases or curse words?]

[center Describe general vocabulary or speech pattern :]

[center [i Mannerisms/demeanor?]]
[center ___ Cool/confident]
[center ___ Volatile/moody]
[center ___ Nervous/fidgety/shy]
[center ___ Other?]

[center [i Typical posture:]]
[center ___ Stiff and rigid]
[center ___ Stands straight but not stiffly]
[center ___ Average, varies with mood]
[center ___ Slumped and defeated]
[center ___ Slouchy, careless]
[center ___ Relaxed]
[center ___ Other]

[center [i Gestures:]]
[center ___ Doesn't gesture much]
[center ___ Deliberate and controlled]
[center ___ Only when excited/upset]
[center ___ Most of the time]
[center ___ Wildly/weirdly]

[center Common gestures :]


[center Finances: :]

[center Describe any personal habits, e.g. smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling, etc. Are any of these addictions?]

[center [i Morning Routine:]]

[center Describe the character's morning rituals. Who else is sleeping in the same bed? What time does he/she wake up? Is he/she cheerful in the morning? What wakes him/her up -- alarm, spouse/lover, kids, pet? What does he/she do during breakfast-read, watch tv, feed kids, etc.]

[center [i Afternoon/Workday:]]

[center Now describe the character's workday or afternoon behavior. Does s/he work outside the home? How does he/she get there? Does he/she anticipate, dread, resent the work ahead? Does s/he give the job genuine attention and effort? Does s/he enjoy this work? Is s/he good at this job? What would he/she rather be doing? How long and hard is the work day?]

[center Does s/he stop for lunch? Where?]

[center [i Dinner:]]

[center Does s/he eat at home or go out a lot? If the latter, what is/are his or her favorite restaurant(s)? At home, who prepares the meal? Who does he/she eat it with? What does it typically consist of? What goes on during dinner -- tv, conversation, fighting, reading, etc? Who cleans up?]

[center [i Evening:]]

[center What does your character do on a typical evening? Where? With whom? How much does he/she enjoy it? What is the ideal evening for him or her?]

[center [i Bedtime:]]

[center Does he/she go to bed at a consistent time? Alone or with someone else? Does s/he usually fall asleep right way, or is s/he an insomniac? Does he/she dream -- a lot, a little, never? Are most of his/her dreams scary, pleasant, sexual, imaginative? Are there any recurring dreams? Does s/he sleep well or poorly ?]

[center [i Skills/Talents:]]

[center What is s/he particularly unskilled at?]

[center Any hobbies :]

[center [b THE PAST:]]

[center Home town :]

[center Was his/her childhood happy? Troubled? Dull? ]

[center Earliest memory:]

[center Saddest memory:]

[center Happiest memory:]

[center How much school did s/he attend, if any? Did/does s/he like school? Why or why not?]

[center Most significant childhood event:]

[center Other significant childhood events, if any?]

[center Significant past jobs:]

[center Any police record? If so, what was the arrest for? When/where?Convictions? Sentence(s) served?]

[center First crush or romantic love?]

[center What was his/her first sexual experience? Is it a positive/negative memory?]

[center Major accidents or traumas? How is s/he still affected, if at all?]

[center [b FAMILY OF ORIGIN:]]

[center Mother's name :]

[center Mother's current status:]
[center ___ living]
[center ___ deceased]
[center ]

[center Mother's occupation, if any:]

[center Describe the mother's relationship with character:]

[center Father's name:]

[center Father's current status:]
[center ___ living]
[center ___ deceased]
[center ]

[center Father's occupation, if any:]

[center Describe the father's relationship with character:]

[center Any step-parents, foster parents, or birth parents :]

[center If s/he is adopted, does s/he know?]

[center Any siblings :]

[center Relationship with each:]

[center Nieces/Nephews, if any:]

[center In-Laws, if any:]

[center Other than the above, who else in the story is part of his/her extended family ?]


[center Who, if anyone, is his/her best or closest friend?]

[center Other close friends:]

[center How in general does s/he react to or is perceived by... ]
[center Friends?]

[center Strangers?]

[center Spouse/Lover?]

[center Past spouse/lovers?]

[center Own children, if any?]

[center Other family members?]

[center The opposite sex?]

[center Children in general?]

[center Others who are more successful?]

[center Others who are less successful?]

[center Boss ?]

[center Underlings at work?]

[center Competitors?]

[center Authority ?]

[center Anyone who challenges him or her?]

[center Anyone who angers him or her?]

[center Anyone who asks for help?]

[center What do most people consider likeable about him/her?]

[center What do most people consider his/her biggest flaw?]

[center Any secret attractions? If so, does the other person know it? Has there been any actual romantic/sexual activity?]

[center In romantic relationships, is s/he generally monogamous or uncommitted?]

[center Is his/her sexual behavior inhibited, average, experimental, or reckless?Has this changed ?]

[center Whom does s/he dislikes most, and why?]

[center Whom does s/he like most, and why?]

[center Who's the most important person in his/her life right now, and why?]

[center Whom does s/he admire (nonromantic), and why?]

[center Biggest influence, and why ?]

[center Whom does s/he consider an enemy, and why?]

[center Person s/he most misunderstands or misjudges:]

[center Person who most misunderstands or misjudges him or her:]

[center Has s/he's lost touch with anyone who was once significant in his/her life?If so, why?]

[center Worst end of a relationship ]

[center Whom does s/he most rely on for practical advice?]

[center Whom does s/he most rely on for emotional support?]

[center Whom, if anyone, does s/he support ?]


[center Any psychological issues ?]

[center Is s/he an optimist or pessimist?]

[center Meyers Briggs Personality Type:]

[center Most comfortable when ... :]

[center Most uncomfortable when ... (in a crowd, alone, speaking in public, etc.:]

[center Is s/he cautious, brave, or reckless in his/her approach to life?]

[center What does s/he most value/prioritize? ]

[center Whom does he/she really love best?]

[center What would he/she be willing to die for?]

[center Is s/he generally compassionate, sensitive to others? Or self-involved/selfish/oblivious?]

[center Personal philosophy:]

[center What is his/her biggest embarrassment?]

[center What is his/her greatest wish?]

[center Any prejudices ?]

[center Political party or beliefs, if any:]

[center Does s/he believe in fate or destiny? Is s/he superstitious?]

[center Character's greatest strength:]

[center Character's greatest flaw:]

[center Other good characteristics:]

[center Other character flaws:]

[center What are his/her own favorite attributes ?]

[center What about least favorite?]

[center Are these feelings accurate?]

[center How does s/he think others perceive him or her? ]

[center Biggest regret:]

[center Other regrets:]

[center Proudest accomplishment:]

[center Other accomplishments:]

[center Biggest secret(s):]

[center Does anyone else know these secrets? If yes, how were the secrets revealed?]

[center How does s/he react to a crisis?]

[center What usually causes the problems in his/her life ?]

[center How does s/he react to change?]

[center Quirks:]

[center What would s/he most like to change about her-/himself, and why?]

[center Write a paragraph of the character describing him/herself:]

[center Short term goals:]

[center Long term goals:]

[center Does s/he plan to achieve these goals, or does s/he think they're unrealistic? Will others be affected? If yes, does it matter to the character?]

[center What, if anything, is stopping him/her from achieving these goals?]

[center What does he/she actively work to gain, keep or protect?]

[center What event or occurrence does s/he most dread or fear?]

[center Which person in his/her life would s/he most want to emulate?]

[center Which person in his/her life would s/he least want to emulate?]

[center [b LIKES/FAVORITES:]]

[center Food:]

[center Drink:]

[center Color:]

[center Book:]

[center Film:]

[center Music/Song:]

[center TV:]

[center Sport:]

[center Motto/Quote:]

[center Hangout(s):]

[center Possessions:]
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[center [pic]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata Nymeria squeezed Jon's hand, hard, when he awoke and spoke to her. She finally lessened her grip, but Jon kept hold like he was overboard in a raging storm and she was the rope keeping him above water. She spoke softly of sacrifice and Jon could feel every ache and pain in his body, from the throbbing of his hands where they regained warmth to the sharp, stabbing pain behind his eyes that he was sure must have come from hitting his head too hard on the ice when he went down, to the dull ache of exhaustion in his legs and arms. He was taking stock of all his injuries as best as he could when Jon felt a finger on his chest, tracing the scar of the wound that had killed him. It was such a simple gesture, but the way she did it made it feel so... intimate.]]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata "[+gray This. He wasn't lying when he said you died for your people.]" Jon winced slightly. He had hoped that she wouldn't find out for a long time.]]]
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[left [pic]]
[center [Cutive+Mon [size15 When Aries finally opened the door, he explained his drowsy behavior and Galen scratched the back of his head, blushing slightly from embarrassment. Maybe he should've waited until the next day... But he was there, so there was no turning back. He entered at Aries' behest and pulled up a chair from the small sitting area. When Aries sat, he proceeded to Galen out for his actions, which made the man flush again and avoid eye contact, or at least try to.]]]
[center [size15 [Cutive+Mon "[+forestgreen I can fight! ...I think. I've never really tried it out in front of anyone, but I thought I would learn, just in case. I could help you!]" Galen was so excited, the Drifter would let him come if he could fight! But... did Aries just say he may very well die? No. That couldn't happen. Galen wouldn't [i let] that happen. This was one of the last Drifters in existence, after all, and the loss of him could hurt the entire universe greatly.]]]
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[center [pic]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata He was so close, everyone was so close to getting away - and then the Night King appeared. He held a spear made of ice, aimed, and threw. It hit one of Nymeria's larger direwolves, and the beast went down almost immediately with a heart-wrenching whimper. Jon felt a twinge of guilt - if he hadn't gone North in the first place, the wolf wouldn't have needed to die. Jon felt his rage build and, disregarding Nymeria's hand, started towards the Night King, hacking and slashing his way through the White Walkers. The sheer number soon overwhelmed him, though, and he caught a glimpse of Nymeria and the rest of his party riding away on her giant direwolf right before the ice broke.]]]
[center ~~~~~]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata [i Cold]. All he could feel was the mind-numbing cold, stealing more of his body heat with every passing moment. A couple White Walkers had fallen with him, pulling at his cloak, scratching at his arms and legs, dragging him down, deeper and deeper into the lake. Jon was almost resigned to his fate - to either drown or freeze - before he remembered. Nymeria. Arya. Sansa. Davos. Hell, even Tyrion. All those people that he cared about, and who cared about him to some extent in turn. He couldn't just desert his people, he couldn't just die like this. So Jon fought. His limbs didn't want to obey but he [i made] them. He kicked and thrashed and scratched until the White Walkers had let go.]]]
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[center [pic]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata Jon thought on Tyrion's proposition for a moment. It was crazy, but it [i might just work]. He pressed his lips together, thinking. He would need men, and Castle Black was too far to pass over the Wall in a timely manner, they would have to pass through Eastwatch by the sea. Tormund was there, and a few other Wildlings. Good men, good fighters. He would journey there first. He nodded towards the dwarf.]]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata "[b It's a good idea. My men and I will bring back a White Walker to convince your sister, or we'll die trying. I'll leave on the morrow, with Queen Nymeria's leave.]" Jon said, turning to leave. "[b You're a good man, Tyrion. I'm glad to have you as an ally.]"]]]
[center ~~~~~]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata Jon stepped off of his boat after arriving at Eastwatch and was immediately embraced by a giant of a man with a bushy red beard and wild hair to match - Tormund. Jon broke into a smile and patted the Wildling's back to break the embrace.]]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata "[+brown Jon Snow! I thought you'd never come pay us Free Folk a visit! What brings you?]" Tormund's voice boomed. They spoke while walking to the castle.]]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata "[b Tormund, I need men. I need you to pick some men you can trust and who can fight. We're going North to capture a White Walker.]" Jon said. Tormund gave an incredulous look, but nodded, and gestured for Jon to follow. He led Jon down below to the ice cells, where a scuffle had just broken out. A young man was yelling, screaming about how they had sold him to the Red Woman to kill. He was barely being held back by a man even larger than Tormund with a large burn scar on his face.]]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata "[+brown These men can fight, as you can see. They're courageous enough, and good fighting men. We can take them.]" The group quieted when they heard this. They all came close to the bars, gazing at their captors. "[+brown Go on now, introduce yourselves to your King.]" Tormund ordered.]]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata "[+darkgoldenrod And why should we do that? I'm not a Northman, why should I recognize him as my king?]" the man with the burn asked, though it was posed more as a statement than a question. Tormund rolled his eyes and sighed, looking to the others in the group. They each reluctantly stepped forward and introduced themselves. Jon nodded at each in turn, until the man with the burn stepped forward. "[+darkgoldenrod You're the Stark bastard, aren't you? I remember you. Do [i you] remember [i me]? I was little Joffrey's Hound, do you remember, bastard?]" He taunted. Jon pressed his lips together and nodded curtly.]]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata "[b I know you. And all of you are coming with me, North of the Wall.]" Jon turned to Tormund. "[b Make sure you arm them with weapons of choice, and gather supplies. We leave at dawn on the morrow. Make sure none are late.]"]]]
[center ~~~~~]
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[center [pic]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata Jon was almost taken aback when Nymeria relinquished her dragon glass so easily, but he didn't let it show. He only bowed his head in thanks. She continued on, telling him about how her ancestors had died fighting the White Walkers and that they would die doing it too. Jon was confused at how Nymeria's ancestors could've possibly died fighting White Walkers, but he nodded to Ser Davos to let him men know they had leave to start mining, and Davos exited the throne room. Jon was just about to take his leave when Tyrion spoke.]]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata "[+red I know what you're doing, Jon Snow. You're remaining loyal to your people, but bending the knee is key to your survival right now. Your survival as well as your men. Nymeria's family have fought the White Walkers. She knows the stories and she knows how to fight them. She is a fearsome Queen that you may need to reconsider what you are going here. Jon Snow, you don't realize this, but Nymeria's family was once the most powerful house in the North, not to mention the whole country of Westeros. The Asters were allied with your family long before Ned Stark was even thought about, and the Asters were the first to fight the White Walkers. They were the original protectors of the Wall. You might want to reconsider how you think and look at Nymeria. She isn't just some foreign invader, she was once your family's ally a long time ago.]" Tyrion shrugged. Jon sighed and pinched his nose before addressing the dwarf.]]]
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[left [pic]]
[center [size15 [Cutive+Mon As soon as Galen had left the Drifter's presence, he regretted it. He knew that it had been rude to just leave like that, but now that he had done it, he couldn't bear to return. He watched from the kitchen window as the Drifter finished his meal, paid, and left. After the man had left, Galen let out a breath that he hadn't known he had been holding. Shaking his head gently, he returned to the Drifter's table and began to clear it. He was about to throw away one of the many napkins he had brought over when he saw some writing on it. "[b The Inn, room 12. Come by, we need to discuss some things. Your friend. Aries, The Drifter.]" Galen just stared at the note for a moment, shocked that the Drifter - Aries was his name, Aries - wanted to speak to him more. He had thought that his several missteps would have irredeemably tarnished his good name in Aries' eyes, but apparently not. Galen resolved to go to Aries' room to talk once his shift ended.]]]
[center ~~~~~]
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[left [pic]]
[center [size15 [Cutive+Mon When the Drifter confirmed his identity, it was all Galen could do to keep from jumping around and yelling from happiness. He was just about to ask if the Drifter would take him on his journey, when the Drifter started coughing. It was a distinct cough, the same one his father and sister had before they passed. Galen instinctively took a step back and everyone in the restaurant quieted again, some turning to stare at the Drifter. After his initial shock, Galen stepped forward again, tempted to place a hand on the Drifter's shoulder to give comfort, but that would be rude, and he decided against it. Instead, he retrieved several more napkins for the Drifter, just in case. When the Drifter's coughing fit finally quieted, he cleaned up the blood that he had coughed up and apologized.]]]
[center [size15 [Cutive+Mon "[+forestgreen There's no need to apologize for something out of your control,]" Galen said softly.]]]
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[center [pic]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata Jon could tell he had struck some kind of nerve with Nymeria, though he hadn't meant to. He stood just inside the door, one hand held behind his back, the other resting on Longclaw's hilt, more of a comforting tactic he'd picked up when he was North of the Wall rather than an attempt to intimidate or threaten anyone in the room. He listened, quiet and patient, his dark eyes never leaving Nymeria's. He knew that if she wanted to, the Changeling Queen could take the North by force with very little effort, but he also knew that he would lose the North even quicker if he bent the knee. Jon waited silently until the Queen mentioned her knowledge of the White Walkers. He tried very hard to let his only reaction be his eyes widening slightly. Once she had finished, Jon opened his mouth to speak only to be cut off by Ser Davos.]]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata "[+green Your Grace, none dispute your hardships nor the work you've put in to get back to our shores. You were the first to bring Dothraki to Westeros. Jon was the first to make allies of Wildlings and Northmen. He was named Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. He was named King in the North, not because of his birthright, he has no birthright, he's a damn bastard. All those hard sons of bitches chose him as their leader because they [i believe] in him. You're in a difficult position, we understand that. You would risk your life for your people, that's evident. Jon would as well, and he has. He fought those things for the good of his people, he risked his life for his people, he took a knife to the heart for his people, he gave his own life for-]" Davos cut off when he saw Jon glaring at him. Jon cleared his throat loudly before he spoke.]]]
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[right [pic]]
[center [size15 [Cutive+Mon The blue skinned being was silent for a time, just staring at Galen, which made the man very uncomfortable. He was just about to open his mouth to apologize, fearing he had offended the person, when they reached up to the mask they were wearing and opened a small flap in it to speak. Even more frightening than the being's soulless black eyes was their sharp, pointed teeth, though they had a gentle enough voice. They ordered a simple water and salad, and was polite enough.]]]
[center [size15 [Cutive+Mon "[+forestgreen O-of course. I'll be right back with those,]" Galen stuttered, and scurried off to the kitchen to get the water and salad. He was just exiting the kitchen to bring another patron their food when he saw the old women, Adeline and Shirley, pestering the blue-skinned man. Just before he was free to go usher them back to their table, they left of their own volition and sat back down to their tea. He had caught one part of the conversation, "[i [+grey us, Drifter?]]"
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[center [pic]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata Nymeria was silent for a time, after Jon had stated his purpose. She then turned and motioned to her men, who promptly carried away his boat. Jon's hand jerked towards Longclaw, meaning to go after them, to stop them, but remembered himself at the last moment and tried to relax himself. '[I If I was in her place I would have done the same,]' he thought. When Nymeria was apparently satisfied, she waved a hand, beckoning both her followers and Jon with his, to follow her up the winding steps to the castle of Dragonstone. Jon made to follow her, but realized that Tyrion had stayed behind, presumably meaning to speak to him. Jon sent his men ahead, but kept Davos with him. Just when Nymeria was out of earshot, the dwarf spoke.]]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata "[+red Don't think she's imprisoning you. She's isn't. She's doing this for her own sake, as well as her people, that are here with her. It keeps you from doing something drastic, so keep in mind that she doesn't know you like I know you. She doesn't know that you're an honest man. She keeps everyone at arms length to protect herself,]" He said. Jon nodded with understanding.]]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata "[b She's a wise woman. I can see why you ran to her after being accused of killing Joffrey.]"
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[left [pic]]
[center [Cutive+Mon [size15 The Judgement. Many knew of it, some knew its origin, all knew its effects. The Judgement had... [i changed] people. Galen had grown up hearing the story, whether in a history lesson or from his grandmother. Galen had seen the effects himself. The Judgement had corrupted his parents, and his sister, Ripley. His father succumbed to the illness the Corruption brought first. Not a week after they had buried him, Galen and his mother buried Ripley. His mother was different, after that. She became cold, mean. That was another effect of the Corruption. To avoid drawing his mother's ire, Galen shrunk into himself, became shy. When he did make a friend, which was rare, he tended towards making jokes at his own expense. But no one noticed. He dreamt of a time when someone would come take him away, to take him away from this horribly boring place to go on an adventure, full of danger and intrigue and romance.]]]
[center [Cutive+Mon [size15 Galen knew that time would never come. He was stuck in this small town, surrounded by a whole lot of nothing, only ruins and forests and monsters. He would be forced to marry a girl from Ashur, he would be forced to have children to further his line. His children would grow up here, he would die here, and so would everyone else. Until that happened, however, Galen was stuck. His life was one long routine - wake up, get ready, go to work, go home, go to sleep, wake up again and repeat. His only respite was those times when the adventure struck him, and he snuck out of town, with only his wits about him. It never lasted long, he always returned before nightfall. But it was fun, when it happened.]]]
[center [b ~~~~~]]
[center [Cutive+Mon [size15 Galen was staring up at the stars he had painted on his ceiling , as he always did, dreaming about someone coming and sweeping him off his feet to go on a wonderful adventure. His daydream was broken by shrieking.]]]
[center [Cutive+Mon [size15 "[+maroon GALEN! GET UP, YOU NEED TO GO TO WORK!]" His mother screeched, banging on Galen's door. He sighed deeply - it was still an hour until his shift started, and only a 5 minute walk to the restaurant where he worked, but his mother insisted that he was almost late every day.]]]
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