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[google-font "][tab ][Cutive+Mon [size14 Calliope was beginning to wonder if she should repeat her plea for help when Sevorin finally responded. The change in his tone and his thicker accent threw her somewhat, though it most definitely fit his fearsome appearance, covered in blood as he was. Her wound seared with pain as she was jostled about into his arms, causing her to inhale sharply. She pressed her pale pink lips together and tried to focus on her breathing, in through the nose and out through her mouth. The shocks of pain seared her mind white, making it hard to concentrate on much of anything. Finally, she was laid upon a flat chest, where Sevorin offered her a pouch of fresh, sweet smelling leaves. Following his instructions, Calliope plucked a few leaves from the pouch and put them in her mouth to chew. Before he had even said it, she had noticed the pain in her abdomen dulling with each passing moment. It still stung, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it had been a few moments before. At Sevorin's prompt, Calliope pushed out the green lump of mush with her tongue into his hand. She sucked in a breath quickly as his thumb pressed the paste into her wound, the muscles around it tensing in response.

[tab ]"[+goldenrod I am not confident in my ability to heal it fully, but you could perhaps sew what I cannot heal?]" She said, posing the statement more as a question, not wanting to volunteer him for it if he thought she would fare better otherwise.
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[google-font "][left [pic]][center [size11 First came the faint buzz of the phone receiving a text. Siobhan groaned softly and covered the lit-up screen with her hand. It was much too early for text messages.
  agate / tsunami / 188d 9h 58m 17s
[left [pic]][center [font "Sacramento" The first flake of snow fell at exactly 5:47 AM.

They were big, fluffy flakes, drifting straight down and piling on each other, starting to form drifts against the walls of the building. The grounds were still, no breeze was rustling the bushes and all the small creatures were still sleeping in their burrows.
  warlock / tsunami / 188d 10h 49m 43s
[google-font][google-font][center [pic]

[over+the+rainbow [size15 Tuesday Morning, 03:27]]

[Abel [size14 Lorcan hadn't heard the screams. He was sleeping soundly until Caoimhe awoke him with her drones' incessant buzzing in his ears.
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[google-font "][center [pic]

[Cutive+Mon It had been two days since the ship departed Ketterdam's docks, and Dmitri had been anxious all the way. They were only halfway through their trip to the Wandering Isles, in the middle of the True Sea, and he had nowhere to go, no feasible means for escape.
  tsunami / 209d 11h 40m 7s
[google-font "][center [pic]

[Cutive+Mon The path that Feng was taking through the ship seemed to be rather convoluted to Dmitri, and he couldn't help thinking that he couldn't find his way back even if he tried. The Shu boy made a good point about Kerch, though. It was much too foggy and grey for him, compared to the lush summers and beautiful snowy wonderland winters of Ravka.
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[google-font][google-font "][left [pic]][center [abel Hey, I'm looking forward to seeing all of you. You should all have a key, but I'd appreciate if you rang the doorbell before you let yourselves in just to be on the safe side. We can figure out rooms when you all get here. Hope to see you soon. Also, if the cat meows to be let outside, please do not let him outside. I know he's very persuasive, but he needs to stay in the house. -Ink]
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[google-font "][center [pic]

[Cutive+Mon Dmitri could almost [i see] the gears turning in the Shu boy's head as he stuck out his hand for a shake. Not that he could be blamed, the Shu were already a superstitious people. While Ketterdam was most likely the safest place for them aside from Shu Han itself, they weren't exactly on wonderful terms with Ravka, and his heritage was evident.
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[google-font "][tab ][Cutive+Mon [size14 Calliope began a conjuration again, after noting Sevorin's skeptic approval, but she did not manage much before her concentration was broken by the clang of steel on steel. She took in a sharp breath as Sevorin knocked the approaching bandit's head, leaving even her ears ringing.
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[google-font "][center [pic]

[Cutive+Mon The dimly lit streets of the Zelver district were quiet, aside from one set of soft footfalls down the cobblestones. Said feet were clad in dark leather boots, black slacks falling around the ankle.
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[tab ][Cutive+Mon [size14 Calliope had known that her distinct lack of funds would be a problem for most, and it seemed Sevorin was no exception.
[h3 to be edited and posted later - for gof]

[left [pic]][center [font "Sacramento" The Nest had, over the past few months, become a makeshift home for Calliope.

Sure, it was small, cramped, dusty, filled with various fungi, and prone to being invaded by Adam or Theodore at any given time, but at least she could hear the latter when he approached her abode. Despite the fact that Calliope was living in the Nest almost constantly, one would be hard pressed to find any personal effects of hers laying about. Even her clothes were well hidden; so much so that sometimes even she struggled to locate them. It wasn't so much preparation than it was paranoia. One could never be too careful after crossing Caduceus.

Callie had made a habit of perching on the sill of the only window of the attic and watching those who approached the building. That particular day, from her perch, she watched Theodore the [s [font "Sacramento" great bumbling oaf]] gargantuan accountant for their little group stumble into the building. As soon as he entered, she could hear him crashing around. His size was problematic in most situations, but she had no doubt he would come in handy in a fist fight.

Theo was grumbling something about cutting himself down at the knees if he grew any more, and Callie couldn't say she was particularly opposed to the idea. She hummed softly and turned to face him on her perch. "[+purple I would help you do it,]" She purred quietly, jumping soundlessly to the floor. "[+purple You're much too big already.]" Just as Calliope was sitting on the couch opposite Theo, Adam crawled through the trap door, practically vibrating with excitement. The man in the picture that Adam threw down seemed to exude light, even in photographs. [i Disgusting]. He was perfectly groomed and had the stature of an Ancient Greek statue. He would be hard pressed to hide from anyone, especially her. This was going to be fun.


Not long after Adam's plan had been revealed, Callie had packed a small bag containing food to last her the few days until the party, dark grey attire to easily hide in the shadows, her trusty knife, and the earpiece she would wear the night of the party for communication. It had been imperative that she get to the venue early, or else she would have no chance to get in, aside from Adam's ridiculous server outfits. There was no way in Hell she was going to be seen wearing those shiny ass pants.

Just then, Callie was wedged into an air vent above the main hall where most of the party would be happening. The event was already mostly in full swing, but the heir to the Gestalt Corporation was trying his hardest to arrive as late as possible. A few times, she had caught sight of Adam and Theo, both adorned in the ridiculously shiny pants of the staff in attendance. Adam's looked as though it fit well , but Theo just looked hilarious in the ill-fitting attire. Catching sight of him the first time had made her giggle dangerously loud, almost giving away her position.

"[+purple It's hard to see anything past all those ridiculous outfits,]" Callie whispered in response to Adam. It wasn't totally a lie, either. The bright, gaudy, ugly colors saturated the ballroom and made it difficult to identify any certain color, gold in particular. A new vantage point would be needed. She shimmied back the way she had came until she arrived at the open vent leading into an empty bedroom. "[+purple I'm getting a new vantage point, maybe I'll be able to spot him better from another angle,]" She whispered, moving towards the door. Before she could reach it, however, the door opened, revealing two of the opulently dressed heirs of some too-rich companies stumbling drunkenly (already?) into the room. If their faces hadn't been thoroughly attached, she would've been seen. Christ. She slipped out the doorway behind them, sticking to the shadows of the long, ambiently lit hallway.

Theo's voice crackled into her ear, and Calliope smiled slightly. So her prey had arrived. The balcony above the ballroom would provide a good vantage point to study her target from, and it would most likely be deserted; the upper floors were off limits to guests. She slowly but surely made her way up the flights of stairs, wary of any guards that may be patrolling - or slacking. Without incident, Callie arrived at the balcony floor, and she made her way over to the rail, perching herself on it like she did every day at the window in the Nest. From higher above, it was much easier to pick out the vibrant gold locks of the Gestalt heir.

"[+purple I have eyes on the pretty boy. Adam, what's the next move?]" Callie whispered, pulling her knife from its sheath at her side. "[+purple If I could get in and out easy, I could take him out right now. It's a little harder considering the huge fucking crowd of women fawning over him,]" She hissed, awaiting her next orders, albeit rather impatiently. Her fangs itched to be imbedded in that flawless skin of his.
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[google-font "]
[tab ][Cutive+Mon [size14 The man, Sevorin, had fixed Calliope with a particularly glowering look, his honey-gold eyes
locked on her own amethyst ones.
  ouroboros / 321d 10h 28m 52s
[h3 to be edited as needed - salem's sins]

[left [pic]][center [font "Sacramento" It was snowing.

Leonard should know, he had been awake when the first flake had fallen. It had been exactly 5:51 A.M when the flake touched the ground. He had sung then, albeit quietly; it had been an improvised song mostly consisting of "la"s and "doo"s, but the tune was one of melancholic happiness, full of contradictions but wonderfully beautiful all the same. A smooth, low baritone drifting across the not yet disturbed snow beginning to pile on the ground. It wasn't a heavy snow, but each tiny flake contributes to the whole until eventually you're buried and you didn't even realize it was happening.

Just before seven, someone had disturbed the peace outside Leo's window. A girl with stark blue hair and dark clothes was sitting in the garden. He wondered which guard had been lax enough to let her outside before the allotted "wake-up" time of seven o'clock, each day. If he was honest with himself, it was probably Gary.
[right The routine had become like second nature to him over[+white XXXX]
the four months he had been kept here at Hollylock.[+white XXXX]]

Supposedly, the facility was getting some new people in today. One had to assume that they would be the same as everyone else here: a little fucked-up, but a witch or warlock all the same. They had all committed crimes here, some lesser, some more; but always enough to land that person in prison - that is, until the leader of this facility swooped in to "save" them. Leonard would have been perfectly happy in prison, in fact, its what he deserved. However, he supposed, it [i was] nicer here, and still quite strict.

Leo hated reliving that day; the fateful day when he had taken three lives - not on purpose of course, but what was done was done. Perhaps if he had killed someone else; like the crotchety old man who lived down the street and hung a flag proudly depicting a swastika, or the police officer who spent his days off-duty scampering around town and drinking, only to go back home and take out his drunken anger on his wife and young children. Perhaps if he had killed them instead, he wouldn't feel so guilty. But he hadn't killed them. He had lost control and taken the lives of three innocent children. He deserved to be in prison, not here, learning how to better utilize his powers, the powers that had already killed.

With a sigh, Leo decided that it must be time for breakfast since the girl in the garden had disappeared after communing briefly with a squirrel. He pulled a denim jacket over the obscure band t-shirt he was wearing and tugged on a pair of sneakers he kept by the door, then made his exit. Gary was standing at the junction between the boys dormitory and the main building, so out of kindness - and perhaps pity? - Leo waved at him. The other man beamed and waved back enthusiastically, a little [i too] enthusiastically, as he accidentally smacked himself in the face. Leo held back a chuckle and made his way towards the dining area, pulling his long auburn hair into a low ponytail to keep it out of his face. His deep green eyes surveyed the room, his height making the task much easier. So, only one newbie was here so far, huddled in a corner and picking at a banana. Leo decided to be the person he wished he had had when he first arrived here, someone kind enough to introduce themselves and not ostracize him from their already established friend groups and cliques.

Leo stalked to the table where their food was laid out - he supposed it had been neat when breakfast first started, but he was a smidgen late and Tabby had already gotten to wreck the carefully laid settings. He let out a soft sigh and grabbed an almost overripe peach, a large glass of apple juice, and his own personal ice cube tray. He took his armful of breakfast and made his way to the corner where the blonde boy sat. He plopped down next to the newbie and sat his breakfast items down before extending one hand.

"[+deepskyblue Hey. The name's Leonard, but you can call me Leo. You look lonesome, stranger,]" He said in his deep rumbling baritone. With the hand that wasn't outstretched towards the newbie, he popped out one of the ice cubes and stuck it in his mouth, attempting to crunch it quietly.
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[google-font "]
[tab ][Cutive+Mon [size14 Sunlight filtered gently through the tall grain crops, the sounds of wildlife mingling with those of the nearby town, Heran. That very same sunlight fell on and illuminated the pale, but freckled face of a woman.

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