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[h3 Xerxes Posts, To Be Edited Before Posting]

[right [pic]][center [Barlow+Semi+Condensed [size13 The sleeping quarters that Xerxes and Xandria had used on the ship were decidedly not suited to practicing swordplay. There is very little to do on a ship that doesn't get boring after a week or so, and Xerxes had been trapped in the wooden death trap for at least three. Eventually, after he had grown bored with reading Xandria's books on etiquette over her shoulder, Xerxes had began to practice with his great sword in the close quarters, thinking it may prove beneficial in the years to come. As a result, the walls of his sleeping quarters were littered with various gouges from when a slash went awry or he overestimated the amount of room he had to lunge. However, today the ship was docking on the Ancestral Island, where his life would most likely be forever changed. Xer had been striving to train just one more time before they docked, but he had accidentally overslept that morning, and by the time he awoke, they were quite close to the island, making it a hassle to get out his sword, practice, sharpen and clean the blade, just to pack it up again. His ears swiveled forward, focusing on a new sound accompanying the creaking of wood and sloshing of waves. Xandria was singing. He made his way above decks and approached, listening intently. He placed a hand on her shoulder, which was met with a cry of surprise. Xer couldn't help but laugh at the reaction and the look on his big sister's face.

"[#6A5ACD You're too jumpy da'len. We'll be docking in a few minutes. Don't get [i too] lost in your own thoughts.]" Xer gave Xandria's shoulder a pat before turning and heading back down to his quarters to prepare his bags. Not long after, he heard the shouts of the crew, signaling that they were docking. With a sigh of relief, Xerxes left his bags to the servants that had been sent from the castle and reappeared back above decks. He saw that Xan was ready to get off the ship, and he was more than eager to as well. He held out his arm, through which Xan gratefully wound hers, and they stepped down off the ship onto the docks. Xerxes was fully prepared for not regaining his "land legs" very quickly, but evidently he was better at it than his sister, because as soon as they set foot on the wooden planks of the docks, her legs went out from under her. Pulling her up inconspicuously, he continued towards the carriage that had been brought for them.


The windows of the carriage were covered with a heavy fabric that prevented most of the breeze from cutting through the carriage. This, combined with the body heat of the twins made the carriage a more comfortable temperature, but still a bit cooler than they were used to. Stepping out of the carriage came as a bit of a shock to the senses. A myriad of sounds, smells, and people, combined with the cool air, made Xerxes freeze in place for a moment. After a moment, he noticed Xandria pulling at his sleeve, leading him into the crowd. He caught sight of what Xandria was pulling him towards - Augustus Bronarch, his fiancée's brother. They had been sparring partners as children, and Xerxes had always tried to prove himself to the Fox prince, though he got the impression that it never worked. Ever since his engagement to Adela, Augustus had seemed distant and bitter towards Xerxes.

"[#6A5ACD Hello, Augustus. Got anything good on tap today?]" Xerxes motioned to the flask sticking haphazardly out of the Fox prince's pocket. He glanced over at Xandria only to see a slight flush covering her cheeks, presumably from the compliment she had been paid. The Wolf princess, Viviana, greeted them, though Xerxes did not receive a compliment this time. He felt Xandria squeeze his arm, rather hard, and he got the idea that she wanted him to respond. So, with a sharp nod, he said, "[#6A5ACD Good day, Viviana.]" She went on to explain how the Wolf twins had gotten honey poured in their hair, and Vaughn specifically had also gotten feathers. He made a mental note to praise his cousins for the excellent prank when he got the chance. He noticed Adela approach, but before he could make his way to her, Xandria bounced over and wrapped her in a warm embrace. Xerxes followed, and when his sister finally broke away from Adela, he also embraced her, then pulled away to stand close beside her, his arm held tastefully around her waist. He glanced over to see her cheeks turning pink, and he realized that he had never done this with her before, much less in public. A woman's sickly sweet voice was projected magically over the courtyard, letting the royals know that they had less than an hour before they would enter the crystal chambers below the castle to awaken their ancestors and officially start the competition. Xerxes took this opportunity to lean in close to Adela and whisper in her ear, "[#6A5ACD Don't be afraid to be close to me. We are engaged, after all.]" With that, he detached himself from her and made his way towards Xingshen and Augustus, where he caught the tail end of what Augustus was saying.

"[+teal Think you could scale that wall with your mouth full? Just keeping escape routes in mind.]"

"[#6A5ACD The stones were laid too well when the castle was being constructed. There are no hand- or footholds. One of the Chameleon siblings might be able to do it, though.]" Xerxes replied, cutting in before Xingshen could respond. He had a huge crush on the Serpent prince, and so he was always doing whatever he could to impress Xingshen, even if it meant imposing on someone else's conversation to do so.

[h3 ]

[right [pic]][center [Barlow+Semi+Condensed [size13 Xerxes didn't hear Viviana before he saw her, and his inability to hear her gave him a sick feeling in his stomach. One could say that he harbored a... [i distaste] for those of the Wolf Kingdom. He had to fight his urge to pull the small girl off of Xingshen as she sunk her teeth into his hand. Instead, Xerxes crossed his arms across his chest and sent a disapproving glare her way as she spoke.

"[+red As fun as that sounds I’m with Xerxes on this, the stones were laid to strategically, the best bet would be to check the garden for any ivy growing on the walls or find some decorative pillars, you’d be surprised how easy it is for me to climb up those. Not that I am consenting to have you shove whatever stupid thing you steal into my mouth and making me scale the walls. Because, as I said, I’m staying inside where it is warm.]" Xingshen stated, with a look at Augustus that made Xerxes smile just a small bit.

"[#6A5ACD I agree, I would much rather stay inside by the fires than go gallivanting around in the cold.]" Xerxes agreed, his temporarily hurt pride suddenly swelling in his chest as Xingshen agreed with his sentiment about the bricks of the castle. A loud chuckle emanated from behind Xerxes, and he turned to see his cousin Ishim standing in a group not too far off. Xerxes nodded his farewells to the other men and made his way towards Ishim, bumping their shoulders together to get his large cousin's attention.

"[+goldenrod Xerxes! How have you been?]" Ishim boomed, clapping Xerxes on the shoulder, nearly sending him sprawling in the dirt of the courtyard. Xerxes let out a chuckle.

"[#6A5ACD I've been well! I wanted to congratulate you on your little... ahem... prank, with the Wolf siblings. I wish I could've seen it.]" Xerxes said with a grin on his face. The expression was returned by his cousin.

"[+goldenrod Well, the next time I get an opportunity, I'll have a portrait painted, just for you, Xerxes.]" The two men were laughing when the same sickly sweet voice from earlier rang out through the courtyard again.

"[b The hall is now open, siblings please pair and start making your way into the castle. The awakening will happen now.]" Ishim rumbled a quick goodbye before loping off to find his sister, Rahael. Xerxes was tall, but he was still shorter than many of the people that surrounded him, and Xandria was even shorter; there would be little chance of them finding each other prudently just by sight.

"[#6A5ACD Dri, over here!]" Xerxes called, hoping his antlers would assist Xandria in locating him. Evidently it did, because only moments later she was looping her arm through his, their twin gold-trimmed green and brown cloaks rustling in tandem as they moved forward. They were both brought to a halt as the screech of the large golden gate nearly brought them both to their knees. Xerxes' ears flattened against his head, a sharp pain piercing his eardrum and leaving it ringing for several minutes after the gate had crashed open. He took the lead, pulling Xandria through the crowd of chattering royals. The hall smelled like magic, and Xerxes could almost feel his palms growing warm. He shook it off, though the feeling of lightheadedness and happiness still permeated his form.

Xerxes felt like he had been walking through the hall for hours, though he knew it had only been a few minutes at best, when he finally spotted the family portrait of the de La Forges. He studied the painting just as Xandria seemed to, though her eye was less suited to picking out the details, he knew. The artist had left out the speckles of grey in his father's hair and beard, but the crinkles around his kind green eyes were still there. The artist had been good, his attention to detail, stunning. He had even taken the time to apply delicate gold leaf along the hems of the entire family's clothes. Xerxes' mother's feathers looked like they would [i actually] be there if he reached out and touched them. He had always loved his mother's feathers. They were soft, almost like hair. Xerxes had gotten his stark white hair from her, but he had his father's eyes.

Drawing his thoughts back to him and his eyes away from the painting, Xerxes looked at Xandria, whom had a positively terrified look on her face. Their father had explained to them what this was like, but mere words can't fully describe anything. Xerxes smiled at his sister with a reassuring look on his face. She nodded to him before untangling her arm from his and stepping forward, one hand on her skirts and one outstretched towards the portrait. Xerxes felt his heart begin to race as her fingertips lingered mere centimeters from the surface. Though he would not have to experience it, he had still heard of the immense pain that the first seal caused. Xerxes gave a start as Xandria gasped, lunging forward to catch her if she fell. Afterwards, he realized that it was a stupid thing to do; his sister would [i never] fall. She wouldn't let herself. Her hand was gripping her skirts so hard that her knuckles had turned white, and Xerxes felt a twinge of worry, and just a bit of regret that he hadn't been the firstborn. He was pulled out of his thoughts by the wondrous sight of the painting dissolving into silver flames. He felt slightly disappointed that the portrait would not be allowed to be taken to his rooms, but the cavern that opened up was more than satisfactory.

Xerxes felt Xandria loop her arm through his again and they started forward, the earthy scent of dark clay penetrating their nostrils. Xerxes felt almost overcome with worry about what lie ahead, and it made him pull Xandria to a stop. Green eyes met pink as he spoke.

"[#6A5ACD You'll do whatever it takes to stay alive and safe, once this starts, won't you? I need your word, Dria. I have to be sure that you'll be okay.]" His worry was only slightly soothed as Xandria smiled and cupped his cheek gently.

"[#C71585 I'll be fine, Eddy. Stop being such a worry-wart or you'll give yourself wrinkles. We will both be fine. Now let's go before night falls, please.]" Xandria dropped her hand, intertwining her fingers with his and leading him forward. Instead of letting his worry overcome him again, Xerxes instead focused on the humming of his sister, letting it drift him away to back before they had to worry about this blasted competition.
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[h3 Xandria Posts, To Be Edited Before Posting]
[left [pic]][size12 [center [font "Tahoma" [i Back, forth. Back, forth.]

The rhythmic swaying of the ship combined with the gentle sound of ocean waves was almost enough to put Xandria Elise de La Forge to sleep. The ship was rather close to their destination, though, so she decided to go above decks to watch their arrival. Leaning on the bow-side rail and looking out into the ocean calmed her stomach somewhat, though it still seemed like it was performing rather intricate displays of acrobatics. Today, she would start a competition that could take her - or her brother's - life. No, she couldn't think about that. Shaking her head slightly, Xan began to sing an old Ochian lullaby to take her mind off of the daunting task that lay ahead.

Xandria's lilting soprano traveled across the waves towards the island as she watched it grow steadily closer by the second. She was so lost in her own head that she didn't hear her brother, Xerxes, approach. She let out a loud squeal and nearly jumped over the rail into the ocean from fright as he placed a hand on her shoulder. The sound of his laughter was soon joined by her own, though Xan was only laughing to hide her unease.

"[#6A5ACD You're too jumpy, da'len.]" Xerxes said, grinning. "[#6A5ACD We'll be docking in a few minutes. Don't get [i too] lost in your own thoughts.]" He let out another chuckle before heading back down below-decks, presumably to finish some last minute packing. As nice as the ocean was, Xandria was relieved that her feet would soon be back on solid, dry land. While the ship's captain brought them into port smoothly and safely, Xan focused on making herself at least semi-presentable, fixing up her windblown hair and smoothing her somewhat wrinkled skirts. Xerxes reappeared above-decks with impeccable timing, so Xandria looped her arm through his as they walked down from the ship to the docks. Xan decided that she had made a good choice in supporting herself on her brother, because as soon as she set foot on the sturdy wooden planks of the docks, her legs began to give out from underneath her, a side effect of being at sea for several weeks. She was glad that her brother had found his "land legs" again so quickly, otherwise the both of them may have ended up sprawled unceremoniously on the ground. Grateful to get off of her unsteady legs, Xan ascended into the carriage they had been provided and settled herself, beginning to hum peacefully as it started towards the castle.


Having grown accustomed to the warmer temperature in the carriage, stepping out into the cool breeze came as a bit of a shock to Xandria. She let a shiver run down her spine and pulled her lightweight cloak closer to her body. Glancing around, it seemed that the de La Forge twins were not the very last to arrive, but a good majority of the royals had been there for a while. While studying the crowd, Xan caught a glimpse of Augustus, whom she was more familiar with than most. She tugged on Xerxes' sleeve to lead him towards the Fox prince.

While Xerxes began to speak to Augustus, Xandria heard Viv's approach much sooner than she saw it; a chorus of "why I never," "watch where you're going," and "what in the-" rang out as the Wolf princess raced through the crowd towards Augustus. She immediately latched herself onto the Fox prince's arm, laughter ringing out from her lips. Xan felt Xerxes tense a bit; she knew that he didn't like the Wolf siblings, but the reason why was unknown to her. Viviana stopped her vocal assault against Augustus only to turn to the Deer twins.

"[#3b5998 Hello, Xan! You look so cute today! Hello Xerries! You look today.]" Xan smiled slightly, watching Viv's tail thump against Augustus' thigh.

"[#C71585 Hello, Viv. Thank you, I think you look quite nice as well. Though I do wish you would wear longer skirts sometimes.]" Xan said, squeezing Xer's arm, trying to get him to respond politely. All he managed, though, was a sharp nod and a quick "[#6A5ACD Good day, Viviana.]" A short, awkward silence followed, before Viviana spoke again.

"[#3b5998 How long have you guys been here? Someone in the Owl palace poured honey in my hair, so it took longer for us to get here. But they also put honey and feathers in Vaughn's - he looked like an ugly chicken.]" Xan couldn't help but snort at the image of Vaughn with honey and feathers in his hair. Xan couldn't say what her cousins had been thinking when they had done so, but one had to admit, it was humorous. "[#3b5998 Xan, are you going to decorate your antlers before the festival tonight? I could help you if you want. Oh! Ace! Willyougowithmetothefestival? Unless you already have a date for you. I have things to talk about.]" The last few words out of Viv's mouth were accompanied by suggestive eyebrow wiggles, and Xan had to resist the urge to laugh.

"[#C71585 You know I will. I would love it if you stopped by to help. I'll leave my door open for you.]" Shortly after receiving responses from both Augustus and Xan, Viv scampered off towards, she suspected, the Cat prince and princess. Adela had apparently approached during the conversation with Viv, and as soon as Xan had detected her presence, she skipped over to the Fox princess and gave her a big hug. Xerxes had also approached, and as Xandria backed away, he took her place, giving Adela a chaste embrace and then wrapping one arm around her waist. "[#C71585 Oh, Del, would you like to help me with my antlers tonight as well? I would appreciate the opportunity to catch up.]" Xerxes took this moment to lean in close to Adela's ear and whisper something, though Xandria couldn't quite hear what it was, and proceeded to approach and start a conversation with Xingshen. Adela, Xaoi, and Xan broke off from the rest of the group, gossiping about fashion and describing their outfits for the festival later that night.]]]

[h3 ]

[left [pic]][size12 [center [font "Tahoma" "[#C71585 I've decided to wear my cream ball gown, you know, the one with the golden applique on the left shoulder?]" Xandria had worn the dress in question at least once before; if she remembered correctly it was to the Black and White Gala the year previous. Just then, however, she was wearing an elegant green dress with light green and gold accents. It complimented her pink eyes perfectly as they scanned the crowd for signs of other familiar faces while Xaoi and Adela exchanged words of dresses, but Xan found herself becoming frustrated at the blurriness overtaking her vision at long range. Her fist clenched at her skirts and her jaw stiffened as she found herself fighting off tears of vexation. She shook her head slightly to get rid of the tears, and felt a hand on her shoulder. Xandria looked back to see her cousin Rahael's wise grey eyes staring back at her. Simultaneously, smiles cracked both of their faces, and Xan embraced her cousin deeply. "[#C71585 It has been far too long, dear. How have you been? And what in the world were you and Ishim thinking with the Wolf siblings?]" Xandria pulled away from her cousin slightly, smoothing the brown and grey hair-like feathers atop her head.

Before the Owl princess could respond, the sweet, sing-song voice from before rang out among the crowd, "[b The hall is now open, siblings please pair and start making your way into the castle. The awakening will happen now.]" Rahael let a sigh escape her lips and gave a gracious, yet mischievous smile and a wink before turning away to find her brother.

"[#6A5ACD Dri, over here!]" Xandria's ears swiveled slightly to the left to where her brother's voice was coming from. She smiled in farewell to Xaoi and Adela, then made her way towards the antlers sticking above the crowd. As soon as she had wrapped her arm through Xer's, as if on cue, the massive golden gates depicting the shapes of all the Blessed animals in Zuosaix began to open. The resounding scrape of the opening gates send a ringing through Xandria's ears, and she felt her eyes begin to water from the pain. After a few moments, it was over, and the crowd of royals began to chatter again as they made their way into the Hall of Heroes. Xerxes took the lead; though he was the younger sibling, he was taller and better suited to parting crowds. The air was thick with magic here, and Xandria felt it tugging at her, begging her to utilize it. She hummed softly, willing it away with promises of '[i later] ', and instead focused on the wonder of the crystal lights and the beautiful paintings of all of the royal families that lined the hall .

After what seemed like hours but mere seconds at the same time, Xerxes pulled Xandria towards the portrait of the de La Forges. Xandria studied the painting, savoring the sight of her parents, albeit from 4 years previous. Her father, standing tall and proud, his kind face split into a large smile, one hand resting on fifteen year old Xerxes' shoulder, the other wrapped around her mother's waist. Her mother was smiling serenely, her black and white feathers falling gracefully around her shoulders. Xandria sighed softly and looked towards Xerxes, who was giving her a reassuring smile. She nodded to him and stepped forward towards the portrait, took a deep breath, and extended her hand to touch the surface of the painting. She gasped and squeezed her eyes shut in a mixture of shock and pain as a white hot feeling seared up her arm in waves. Her free hand gripped her skirts so hard that her knuckles turned white and her nails threatened to tear the fabric. Just as suddenly as the pain had come, it left, and Xandria felt weak in the knees. She exhaled, not realizing that she had been holding her breath. When she opened her eyes again, the portrait was gone, and in the place where it had been, a cave entrance stood.

When Xandria had heard that behind the portrait was a cave, she had imagined a cave like the ones at home: dark, wet, and musty. This cave, however, looked like one straight out of a fairy tale or lullaby. It was made of shimmering, light blue diamond, and light reflected off of the walls like it would a crystal in the mines back home. It was utterly beautiful, and if Xandria had a choice she would've stayed there all day just staring at it, but she had things to do. She turned towards Xerxes and looped her arm through his again before proceeding into the cave, the earthy smell of dark clay penetrating her nostrils. They had only gotten part-way through when Xerxes stopped and turned to her, looking deep into her eyes.

"[#6A5ACD You'll do whatever it takes to stay alive and safe, once this starts, won't you? I need your word, Dria. I have to be sure that you'll be okay.]" Xerxes was trying his best to be the serious, responsible sibling, but it didn't fit him. Xandria couldn't help but smile at his attempt, and she reached up and cupped his cheek.

"[#C71585 I'll be fine, Eddy. Stop being such a worry-wart or you'll give yourself wrinkles. We will both be fine.]" Xandria let her hand fall and entwined her fingers with Xerxes'. "[#C71585 Now let's go before night falls, please.]" She started on again, this time leading him, instead of the other way around, humming to keep her mind off of what lie ahead.
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[center [pic]

[font "Tahoma" The tap of a couple of Kaz's fingers was all it took to make the dark haired girl jump nearly out of her skin. Any other person might have found the reaction funny - the guard nearby certainly did - but Kaz just felt bad. Even he had picked up on the jolt of fear that had rushed through her body in that moment.
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[google-font "]
[left [pic]][center [size14 [Cutive+Mon Offering drinks to an Irish woman probably wasn't the smartest move in Gabriel's playbook. Judging by Pandora's reaction, she had been waiting for him to ask. Though, she hadn't drank in a while, so perhaps he would have the upper hand. She flounced off to her room, and Gabriel followed behind, only splitting their paths to enter his own room.
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[center [pic]

[font "Tahoma" [b The First Day]

His mother had decided it was time. Time for him to go away.

"You're too horrible," she had said, "Too much for me to handle now." It made Kaz confused; he didn't think he had ever done anything terrible, but his mother was set in her ways. She must have seen him do it again. She hated when he did it. She thought it was unnatural, an occult thing. Of course, there was the possibility that it was, but Kaz didn't think so. He saw it as a gift, a gift from something, somewhere, to make up for his inability to communicate vocally. He had tried to convey this to his mother, but she had been adamant in her decision to send him away.
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[google-font "]
[left [pic]][center [Cutive+Mon [ ♫]
Freshly disowned in some frozen devotion,
no shortage of sordid, no protest from me.
With her sweetened breath, and her tongue so mean,
she's the angel of small death and the codeine scene.
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[google-font "]
[left [pic]][center [size14 [Cutive+Mon As soon as Gabriel's lips had met Pandora's, he had known it was a mistake. He had been her superior, back in Blackwatch.
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[center [pic]

[Inconsolata [size15 Jon was in the midst of picking at his salted pork when he felt Nymeria's hand cover his own. He looked up towards her and found her head tilted slightly as she spoke.

"[+grey I know the things that have been done to your family, Jon and I am truly sorry for that. I will behead every last Lannister for you and your family, I promise you that,]" Nymeria said, a deadly look in her eye. Jon had to admit, he appreciated the sentiment, though he had no qualms with [i a few] of the Lannisters. In truth, he had more of a problem with the Freys, as they were the cause of Robb and Lady Catelyn's deaths. However, he kept his mouth shut as Nymeria continued to speak. "[+grey I am so sorry for bringing your family up. I shouldn't have done that, knowing what had happened. I just wanted to know more about you since you know so much about me.]"
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[center [pic]

[font "Tahoma" [i Running.

She had to run. Her chest was tight, breathing labored, a stitch in her side. This was more running than she had done in a long while. What was she running from again? It was best not to risk losing momentum by looking back. However, judging by the low growl sounding behind her, it was likely to be one of the aggressive leopards native to her home. The predatory feline let out a loud yowl and then came the -


[b - - - - ↺ - - - -]

Rani awoke, a cold sweat dripping down her forehead. Her chest was heaving, and she felt as though she had run a marathon in her sleep. The memories of the [s [font "Tahoma" dream]] nightmare had quickly faded from her mind, leaving only the adrenaline pumping through her veins as evidence that it had happened. She pulled the silk duvet away from her body and slid out of bed, slipping her feet into luxurious fluffy slippers that were laid at the side of her bed.
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[google-font "]
[left [pic]][center [Cutive+Mon [size13 Five years.

It had been five years since Siobhan had been abandoned by her family. Five years without her father, five years without her brother and sister. Five years in the orphanage. Five years alone.

Siobhan had volunteered at St. Vincent's Home for Lost Children in the slums of Monochrome City for four years before her family left. As such, she had grown rather close with the children there, and one particular nun, Sister Francine. It was Sister Francine who had found Siobhan lying on the doorstep of the orphanage after her family left. Sister Francine, who begged Monsignor Joseph to accept Siobhan into
[right the orphanage.[+white XXXXXXXX]]

During her time there, Siobhan had helped out around the orphanage, caring for the younger children , cooking meals, teaching music. However, on her twentieth birthday, Siobhan left St. Vincent's.
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[google-font "]
[left [pic]][center [size13 [Cutive+Mon [size10 *A 'laighe dlùth means "lying dickhead" and dannsa means "dickhead", for future reference.]

The lollipop snapped in Siobhan's mouth, shattered to pieces by teeth clenched in anger. Her hands curled into fists, ready and willing to throw a punch. This poor excuse for a King had no idea what a [i real] King was like. He had never met her King. The true King. The audacity of this falsified persona Sardonyx put on like a mask made her sick. And after all that, he wanted her to stay with him? Live in his home like nothing was wrong?

Luca's sharp voice cut through her thoughts, saying exactly what she wished she could. He must have known the old King, the true King. Siobhan felt glad that she wasn't alone in her opinion of this [i a 'laighe dlùth]. Though, of course, Evie had to stick her nose into matters. Nobody in this damn group could mind their own business, it seemed. And to think, Sardonyx was only thinking about his own convenience. There was no concern there for her, just as she had expected. He didn't really care about anyone under him, except for Evie, and even that was a stretch. Siobhan wondered, since Sardonyx wanted her to move in with him so bad, if he would pay the rent on her apartment so that when this was all over , she could move back in with no issue. On second thought, he probably wouldn't. Selfish, pompous ass that he was, he probably didn't even think about it. She shot a glance towards Freyr, hoping that he might save her, but to no avail.

Her jacket was still on the chair in the kitchen when Siobhan went to retrieve her things, but the scarf was gone. Wonderful. Just another raindrop on her parade that day. She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and started a text to Freyr.

From: A G A T E
To: I O L I T E
>> Would you mind having Luca interrogate the rookies for me? Someone took my scarf. I would do it but my King awaits.

With a heavy sigh, Siobhan hit send and slid her phone back into her pocket. She slung her jacket over her shoulders and spit out the stick from the destroyed lollipop into the trashcan. Without stopping, she strode past Sardonyx and out the door.

"[+navy Do keep up, dannsa,]" Siobhan called back to him.

[size25 ♙]

The streets had been quiet on their way back to Siobhan's apartment, but not so much so that it was worrying. The idea was in her mind ever since Sardonyx had first antagonized her, and the walk home gave Siobhan plenty of time to work out the details, not that there were many. So, as soon as Dom followed her inside the threshold of her apartment, she turned swiftly on her heel and punched him square in the jaw. The resulting crunch satisfied her somewhat, though she would've been more satisfied if he had fallen, or at least staggered. Instead, he just stood there, solid as a wall. He didn't even seem shocked. Siobhan pressed her lips together and poked his chest, hard.

"[+navy Listen, dannsa. You may be the current King, but I don't accept that. You'll never live up to him. Never. No matter how hard you try, you'll never be as good a king as he was.]" Siobhan knew her words were irrational. However, she also [s [size13 [Cutive+Mon knew]]] thought that irrationality was the best way to avoid a shrink's prying eye. She turned back around with a huff and made her way further into her apartment. It could be called clean, but only in the sense that it wasn't messy with personal effects. There were cobwebs in the corners and dust on almost every surface, the bed was merely a pile of blankets in the far corner by the window. But it was her home, and Siobhan was rather averse to leaving. She began gathering her things nonetheless, albeit a bit reluctantly.
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[left [pic]][center [font "Tahoma" Only about three minutes had passed before Asa reappeared at the foot of the building. In the time that had passed, Callum had lit up a cigarette and was in the middle of breathing in the smoke when Asa called out to him, drawing his attention from his thoughts. As she delivered her cryptic message about SCP-028, he noticed that her case folder was missing. Curious, perhaps she had forgotten it.

"[+maroon Asa, it seems you've forgotten your case folder, do you want to run back up to your apartment and-]" That was as far as Callum got before Dr. Zyn arrived, alone, in the same Jeep from before. So, there was an emergency in another sector? He wondered if he should be worried, but pulled himself into the backseat of the Jeep beside Asa anyway. He felt awkward about sitting in the back with her, but he supposed it would've been moreso had he taken the front seat from her.
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[google-font "]
[left [pic]][center [size14 [Cutive+Mon Pandora was mostly right that the damage was already done and there was nothing left to do with Moira, but Gabriel still thought that she not only might do this again, to others, but she still deserved to pay for making them like.... like this. Just thinking of it threatened to make him angry again, but he kept it in. He would take out his anger when they were training. The corner of his mouth twitched just a bit upward, hinting at a smile, when Pandora admitted, in her own special way, that he was right. However, his face quickly returned to its normal, resting bitch face style expression, leaving no trace of the smile that was hinting there before. Pandora popped into his view and pointed accusatorily at his face.

"[b I've always looked like this. You should know that by now, Nova.]" Gabe did have to admit he had an angry looking face, but even still.
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[center [pic]

[Inconsolata [size15 Jon felt his heart beginning to race. He hadn't felt like this about anyone since Ygritte, and it scared him a bit. Nymeria thought of him as her king. It was an invigorating and terrifying all at once. He had known that he would get involved in the southern war at some point and in some fashion, but he hadn't thought it would be like this. As Jon stood, he felt lightheaded. Of course, he felt as though everything was moving much too fast to be smart or safe, but that was the way it needed to be. Perhaps it was from how long he had spent on the other side of the wall, but Jon thought that Nymeria would be a wonderful Queen, and he would be happy to serve under her, but she wanted him by her side and that said something.

Nymeria moved across the room and sat back at the table as she spoke. She was right, she did remind him quite a bit of Arya.
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[center [font "Sacramento" [pic]

By the time the rain was threatening to start, Catriona had already been up for several hours at the behest of her father, face red and muscles tired from training. It was like this every day, and it had been like this ever since she was a child. By this time in her life, she was used to it, though she still resented her family for it. They had never listened to her thoughts, only caring for their legacy. Catriona had been born into the Lachlan family, the most prominent military family in the Tranquil Valley. She thought it seemed a bit ironic, having a military police force in a place that was supposedly peaceful. The thought brought a wry smile to her face, and it was met with the sharp smack of a quarterstaff on her left ankle causing her to hiss in pain.

"[+red Pay attention, Catriona! Having your head in the clouds will only give the enemy an opportunity to strike!]" Her father, Macauley Lachlan, head of the guard, scolded. Cat heaved out a sigh and assumed her combat stance again.
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