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"Does everyone know that Oliver is my son?" He asked seriously...."I mean they all know where I went and my songs are on the radio now....I'm playing he VMA's and hopefully buying a house here with about that wedding....are you going to let me buy you a real engagement ring?"
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 10d 21h 1m 8s
Destiny ordered a Double cheeseburger for herself and a Coke, as well as a Nugget Kids meal and Root Beer. She smiled at her friend in the window and started chatting away, until their meal was ready. She waved and pulled out. "Nothings changed since you've been gone. It's still the same small town you knew. Same people. No one has left... except you... but you're back!"
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 10d 21h 5m 49s
"Nuggets?" He asked hoping the little boy took after him and his favorite snack. "Just drive through babe." He ordered a 20 piece McNugget for himself and a chocolate shake and told her to get whatever she wanted and what oliver would eat. He handed his debit card to the woman through the window....keeping his sunglasses on when he noticed the girl in the window working was in their high school class.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 10d 21h 10m 15s
She smiled, looking at them through the mirror. "You never really yelled... well... only with your dad you did." She turned back and looked at Oliver, "Are you hungry, baby? Wanna go get some food?" She smiled at him, when he nodded.

Destiny waited for Jake to get in the front, then she drove off to McDonald's silently looking forward. She didn't want to talk about her dad. Or anything for a matter of fact. She wanted to go home and spend time with her boys. The only ones who mattered right now.
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 10d 21h 14m 49s
Jake's song was about her...most of them were but this one hit home and was more personal than the others. He shook his head and grabbed his guitar and backpack from by the door and apologized to her mother. He headed to the car and opened the back door. "You okay little man?" He asked Oliver who was obviously upset. He shook his head and Jake sighed,"Daddy promises he will never yell."
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 10d 21h 24m 35s
It seemed like no one understood that Jake was doing everything for here. Everyone was blinded by the fact that he wasn't there. She gave Oliver to her mom and burst out the door to the men. "It was my fault! I didn't tell him and you knew that! So don't give Jake crap, he was doing it all for me!" She looked at her dad, tears streaming down her face. "For me! That's all you ever wanted for me! To have a good life! Well here it is!" She shook her head, and went back inside grabbing Oliver rushing outside and to her car. Inside she buckled Oliver in his booster seat and got in the driver's side waiting for Jake.

She sighed and turned on the radio, letting her head fall on the driving wheel. That's when she heard it, Jake's newest song that she hadn't heard before.
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 10d 21h 30m 18s
Jake shook his head,"Des I'll be outside in a minute." He kissed her forehead and Oliver's before turning to her father. "Listen to might not like me but I didn't know about my son. I would have been here, not missed a moment....but I didn't know and now that I do I will never leave them again....your daughter and my son will be taken care of and not want for anything the rest of their lives....if she wants a new car she can have it...if she wants to go on vacation we can...I worked my ass off to make it in music for her!"
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 10d 21h 42m 48s
Destiny, looked at her dad who's face was very pale. He looked at everyone then back at Jake. Everything went down hill from there. Her dad looked at Jake furiously, "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU"RE DOING HERE? AFTER YOU LEFT DESTINY!" Destiny's face went pale and grabbed Oliver who was know bawling because of the yelling. She cooed at him and bounced him on her hip. "Dad! Would you stop and take it outside? You're upsetting Oliver." She glared at him and carried Oliver to the other room, softly talking to him.

She could hear her dad yelling in the other room, causing Destiny to start to cry. Her father hadn't started yelling until Jake had left, he was always mad and sometimes couldn't look at Oliver because he reminded him of Jake, the 'young man' who left his daughter all alone with his child.
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 10d 21h 46m 44s
"I want to know everything about him...and what your saying is he was stubborn like me and didn't want to come out?" He said with a smile. Jake scrolled through the pictures some more. "I wish I was here...." Destiny's father came home and stopped in his tracks seeing Jake.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 10d 21h 55m 25s
"No, it's fine. We can be in the crowd." Destiny laughs and shakes her head. "Cute? I'm pretty sure I was screaming and cussing during labor. Ask my mom." She gave her mom a look, while her mother started laughing. "Yes, you should be glad you weren't in the room." Her mom replied. Destiny shrugged. "He didn't want to come out." She made a silly face at Oliver, who giggled and made on back. "I know you missed so much, but time will make up for it."
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 10d 22h 1m 20s
"I want to see everything I missed and babe... clothes to wear to an event aren't a problem and he wouldn't be around a ton of people... I mean I can request a pirvate dressing room or a private box for you to watch the show and I join you when I'm done....being me has perks now." he said kissing her gently.

He scrolled through her phone... "You were so cute pregnant.... I never thought I'd say that but its true... and he... he looked just like me when he was born..."
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 10d 22h 11m 52s
Destiny smiled and laughed, shaking her head. "You know how much that means to me. I'd love to go, but me and Oliver have nothing to wear to that type of thing and we need to see how he is in big crowds." Her eyes perked up. "Do you want to see some baby pictures of him? I have ultra sounds and gender reveal ones too... if you want of course."

She took his hand and pulled him to the living room, and plopping down on the sofa. She pulled out her phone, going through her photos till the beginning of her pregnancy and hands him her phone.
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 10d 22h 18m 1s
"Thank you.... I don't want to go back but I have to... I have a job... maybe we can sell the house in New York... buy one closer to home and everything we need." he said hugging her.

He saw her mother smile out of the corner of his eye. "But we have a month to figure it all out because I'm playing on the VMA's in a month... I want you and Oliver there."
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 10d 22h 28m 45s
"Jake, we never broke up. So yes, I'll still go out with you and marry you." Destiny smiled, walking over to him and hugs him tightly resting her head on his chest. She knew he'd never leave her again, her or Oliver.

She knew that his father was still upset with him, and she hoped that he would get over it soon. Jake needed his dad's support. It was probably best if he had sometime to think things through. "Everyone does. Except me. I'm so proud of you. I really am."
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 10d 22h 34m 41s
Jake smiled at his son and said, "I love it buddy." He looked to Destiny and asked, "Will you go out with me again?" He knew now that Destiny and Oliver were a package deal... but he never wanted to be without them. He watched his dad with Oliver.... "Dad isn't happy with me...I know he thinks I should have stayed."
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 10d 22h 46m 9s

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