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She grinned, "Don't thank me." She mouthed back and left the room to let them have some time together. She went to her room, and laid down thinking about all that had happened today and how it had happened so fast. Eventually she passed out.
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 99d 4h 48m 56s
Jake watched Oliver and scooped him up tickling his sides. "The tickle monster is gonna get ya." Jake said laughing and tickling Oliver. "STOPPPPP!" He said laughing and Jake smiled at Destiny and mouthed... "Thank you for everything." Jake hadn't known what he was missing but he knew now.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 99d 4h 54m 32s
Destiny smiled at Jake and mouthed a thank you as she started to pick up the blankets, and pillows. She knew that Oliver was going to be a daddy's boy. He was already taking to Jake so fast. Usually he was shy and quiet around new people. He would cling to her leg and cry. He did the same when he was a baby and she tried to bottle feed him. He always came back to her. It didn't matter, he had his father in his life finally and that's all she wanted.

She Put the pillows up on her bed and shoved the blankets into the laundry hamper. When she came out, Oliver and Jake were laughing and picking up his toys. She smiled and watched them silently in the door way.
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 99d 4h 57m 14s
Jake sat down on the couch, "Buddy... can daddy talk to you?" He asked him. Oliver looked at him and then to his mother and nodded. Jake wasn't good at this dad thing... he had no experience but he was trying his best. Pulling Oliver into his lap he sighed, "Little man, daddy is going to help mommy and you should too... putting your toys away helps and makes daddy happy."
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 99d 5h 9m 27s
"Well, you are used to small living. Big, open spaces where really never your thing." She smiled, then frowned looking around the house. "I'm sorry it's so messy. I didn't know I'd be having a guest." She Blushed and called their son to help her pick things up.

Of course Oliver started to throw a fit, he didn't want to help his mommy. He plopped down on the floor and started wailing. She groaned, "Oliver, please help mommy." She walked over to him.
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 99d 5h 17m 40s
"Its alot more like home than where I live.... everything that means anything to me is in my backpack... somehow I knew I wouldn't be going back... I can hire movers to pack everything....I just dont want to leave you two." He said as he leaned his guitar against the couch.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 99d 5h 25m 40s
"I didn't shrink! I've been this way since Freshman year! You know that!" She threw her hands up in defense and chased Oliver up to the house, threatening him with kisses and the tickle monster. She unlocked the door, letting Oliver run around the living room. "Well this is my home. It's a bit crowded." Oliver's toys where everywhere as well as blankets and pillows.
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 99d 5h 28m 7s
"I've been six foot seven since Sophmore year babe... maybe you shouldn't shrink." He said kissing her gently. He looked to Oliver and asked, "Can daddy call you Ollie?" The little boy thought about it for a minute and nodded, "I like it... and our hair matches." Jake chuckled, "Yeah it does."

He carried his guitar and backpack in the small house.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 99d 5h 33m 57s
She shrugged, "No one has ever called him that. Only Oliver. I'm sure you could ask him, though." She smiled and turned around in his arms, getting on the tip of her toes to give him a kiss. "Can't you shrink a little?" She teased him then heard Oliver made gagging noises. She giggled.
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 99d 5h 42m 18s
"Yeah I was sending him money every month... he didn't have to lie to me..." He said sighing and nodded... "Yeah I'll sleep with you." He said snakeing his arm around her waist as they got out of the car. "Can I call him Ollie?" He whispered to her, not wanting to upset Oliver.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 99d 5h 46m 55s
She shook her head, "I didn't know you gave him money... He still has his job, I just thought he was working more." She frowned, tapping the wheel as she pulled into the driveway of her apartment. She sighed and stepped out, and going to Oliver unbuckling him and helping him out. "I only have two rooms. You can sleep with me... well in the same bed." She laughed.
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 99d 5h 49m 17s
Jake chuckled, "sorry... new at this whole dad thing... I'll learn... and dads been helping you?" He asked sighing... "I need to make up with him... he hates me now....I kept sending him money because he told me he lost his job.... he didn't did he? It was for you and Oliver?"
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 99d 5h 58m 33s
Destiny snorted, coke spitting all over the driver's wheel. "Jake! Your going to teach Oliver bad manners." She giggled, looking at him. "I live just down the road in a small apartment, your dad's been helping me with the bills."

She looked back at Oliver, who was stuffing nuggets in his mouth making his cheeks bigger then they already were. "See? I told you!"
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 99d 6h 3m 27s
Jake smiled, "Good because I'm not going anywhere." he kissed her gently and dug into his food as well.... "So where do you live now?" he asked with his mouth full of nuggets.

Oliver giggled, "Daddy's funny mommy." He said still laughing. Jake smiled. He had always been the one to make Destiny laugh.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 99d 6h 7m 46s
"Well... yes... it's hard not to notice it. I haven't seen anyone so." Destiny bit her lip and turned in her seat handing Oliver his food, which he happily dug into. She handed Jake is nuggets and shake.
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 99d 6h 17m 58s

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