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"Yes. He's exactly like you." Destiny smiled, a light blush on her face. "I'd like that, just... do you get followed around a bunch by paparazzi?" She hated the thought of their whole lives being caught on camera, not having any privacy.
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 266d 19h 1m 33s
"Hes stubborn like me isn't he?" Jake asks her as he kisses her cheek. "Two years from now, we will be married and living in our new house... and maybe another baby on the way."
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 266d 23h 44m 58s
Destiny leaned back in his arms and looked around, shaking her head. "They'll stop in about a year or two. You know nothing ever happens like this, in this town." She laughs and see's Oliver sliently glaring at the pumpkin.
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 267d 47m 42s
Jake smiled and snaked his arms around her waist from behind watching him. There were people whispering and pointing at him... he had been recognized already.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 267d 1h 5m 27s
"Dont even ask." Destiny rolled her eyes and grabs Jake's hand, swining their hands inbetween them. She laughed as Ollie, fell on his butt as he tried to pick one massive pumpkin up.
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 267d 1h 18m 54s
"I love cider." Jake said chuckling and watched his son. "What do you think he will do if I go and pick up the biggest one for him?" Jake wasn't a small guy and could easily pick up the biggest pumpkin but he wanted to see Oliver try.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 267d 1h 25m 35s
"Lets eat last, that way he uses all his engery. He also hates cider." She laughed, watching Ollie ran off ahead of them towards the pumpkins. "Watch, he'll try and carry the biggest pumpkin all by himself."
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 267d 1h 34m 38s
Jake nodded, "Do we want to eat first and get cider or does Oliver want to do his activities and pick out his pumpkin and do the corn maze and then we all eat?" Jake asked locking the car and shoving the keys in his pocket.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 267d 1h 46m 35s
Destiny put her hand on his thigh, "Remember we're here to enjoy ourselves as a family, Dont worry about them, babe." She kissed his cheek, before getting out of the car and smiling at a couple of people then opens the back door grabbing Oliver.
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 267d 1h 49m 39s
Jake nodded in agreement as he drove, "I'd love that, I've gotten a couple newer tattoos but your name is still my favorite." He pulled into the pumpkin patch and it felt like half the town was there and staring at them.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 267d 3h 55m 28s
Destiny almost forgot about their matching tattoos. They had gotten them their junior year, a few days after prom. Everyone said that they would forget it because they probably wouldn't be together past highschool. Their names were on each other's wrists, in matching fonts too. He had gotten his on his wrist while she had gotten her's on her ankle. "We should get matching one's with Ollie's name." She smiled at him, pulling up her skirt hem to look at the tattoo on her ankle.
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 267d 4h 10m 14s
Jake nodded, "It was alot of fun but I missed you the whole time.... you know people still ask about your name tattooed on my wrist... I always say its for the girl who has my heart."
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 2y 267d 4h 21m 6s
She smiled and nodded as she turned on the radio, "That's fine. I don't mind. Post all you want." She grabbed her phone out of her pocket and went through his Instagram. "Did you have fun? Making the music and preforming?"
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 267d 8h 32m 16s
Jake nodded, "Maybe I can post one of me, you, and Oliver. Show the world what means the most to me." He said kissing her lightly.
  Jake / Polkadotrocker / 2y 268d 3h 38m 33s
She smiled and nodded, giving him a quick kiss before getting in the car and leaning her seat back a little. "Never again sounds nice." She pulled her camera out of her purse also. "I brought this along for pictures."
  Destiny / InterStella / 2y 268d 8h 51m 25s

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