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[center [size20 [u .The Queen Needs A King.]]]
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[size13 [i "Do you fear me?" The wolf asks quietly.]]

[center [size13 [i The She Wolf stands before the Man.]]]
[right [size13 [i "No," he answers to the wolf.]]]

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[Inconsolata [size15 Jon was in the midst of picking at his salted pork when he felt Nymeria's hand cover his own. He looked up towards her and found her head tilted slightly as she spoke.

"[+grey I know the things that have been done to your family, Jon and I am truly sorry for that. I will behead every last Lannister for you and your family, I promise you that,]" Nymeria said, a deadly look in her eye. Jon had to admit, he appreciated the sentiment, though he had no qualms with [i a few] of the Lannisters. In truth, he had more of a problem with the Freys, as they were the cause of Robb and Lady Catelyn's deaths. However, he kept his mouth shut as Nymeria continued to speak. "[+grey I am so sorry for bringing your family up. I shouldn't have done that, knowing what had happened. I just wanted to know more about you since you know so much about me.]" The comforting warmth of Nymeria's hand that Jon had grown somewhat used to left his own hand, leaving it somewhat cold compared to the temperature of the room. He could tell by the look on her face that she was upset, presumably about bringing up his family and by extent upsetting him slightly. He let out a small sigh before placing his hand over hers and giving her a small smile.

"[b Don't apologize for curiosity, Nymeria. I could've chosen not to answer if I hadn't wished to. Though, I have to admit, it's quite the sign of good faith that you would kill your own advisor for me,]" Jon said with a slight chuckle. "[b He is still a Lannister, after all.]"
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[center [size12 Nymeria smiled at the thought of a younger, female version of Jon Snow wield this tiny, but powerful sword and she couldn't help, but to chuckle. It made her happy that it wasn't only her wanting this freedom to hold a sword and fight for what she believed in.Is this Arya girl was anything like her brother, Jon, Nymeria would be so proud of that girl.]]

[center [size12 Nymeria's smile soon faded in a small frown when she noticed that Jon Snow wasn't eating, but merely picking at his food. She sensed something was wrong and she slid a pale hand over top of Jon's and tilted her head. [i [#778899 "I know the things that I have been done to your family, Jon and I truly sorry for that. I will behead every last Lannister for you and your family, I promise you that,"]] a side of Nymeria that was serious and almost blood thirsty. There was a glint of something deadly in Nymeria's eyes when she spoke. She knew of the things that the Lannisters have done to the Starks because they believed in something different. They wanted things to be different and the Lannisters did not like that.]]

[center [size12 Nymeria still held onto Jon's hand, a soft grasp that showed that she was empathizing with him. She wasn't going to let go of it anytime soon. [i [#778899 "I am so sorry for bringing your family up. I shouldn't have done that, knowing what had happened. I just wanted to know more about you since you know so much about me,"]] Nymeria cleared her throat, taking a drink of her wine. She snaked her hand away from Jon's hand in a sense of sorrow. She felt as if she had been the one to make Jon upset and she did not feel too good about that either.]]
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[Inconsolata [size15 Jon felt his heart beginning to race. He hadn't felt like this about anyone since Ygritte, and it scared him a bit. Nymeria thought of him as her king. It was an invigorating and terrifying all at once. He had known that he would get involved in the southern war at some point and in some fashion, but he hadn't thought it would be like this. As Jon stood, he felt lightheaded. Of course, he felt as though everything was moving much too fast to be smart or safe, but that was the way it needed to be. Perhaps it was from how long he had spent on the other side of the wall, but Jon thought that Nymeria would be a wonderful Queen, and he would be happy to serve under her, but she wanted him by her side and that said something.

Nymeria moved across the room and sat back at the table as she spoke. She was right, she did remind him quite a bit of Arya. Fierce, headstrong, and not likely to conform to a man's wishes. The thought of his little sister brought a small smile to his face as he sat across from Nymeria. So, she wanted him to talk about his family. Of course, if that was what she wanted he would comply, but this was about more than that. He hadn't felt this open with anyone since Sam, but he was to the far south in the citadel studying to be a maester. Whilst Jon was lost in his thoughts, reminiscing about Arya and Sam, Nymeria had ordered her handmaidens to bring them dinner. He only snapped out of his own head when she addressed him again. She wanted to know [i private] things about him, things that he only told close friends. He found it interesting that she didn't enjoy talking about herself, because he certainly enjoyed listening. However, he found himself beginning to talk as the handmaidens spread their dinner around the table and Nymeria began pouring glasses of wine.

"[b My sister, Arya, is a lot like you. She was always out fighting with Bran and Rickon. Father always encouraged it, even though Lady Stark didn't care for it much. I have to admit I didn't help the matter. My last gift to her was a sword I had forged for her,]" Jon said, a small smile curving his lips. "[b She named the blade 'Needle'. Arya thought that since Sansa had her needles, she needed a needle of her own.]" Telling Nymeria about the family he had once had made Jon nostalgic, thinking of what he had and what he lost. He wished he was back at fourteen play fighting with Robb while their father looked on and Arya snuck out of her embroidery again to come watch. The smile that had curved his lips began to fade. For all he knew, Arya was dead, along with Robb, Rickon, Lady Catelyn, and Lord Eddard, leaving only Sansa and Bran as heirs to the Stark name, that was, if Bran had even made it back across the Wall. Jon fell silent and began to pick at the food that had been placed in front of him, mood thoroughly soured by the thought of his dwindling family tree.
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[center [size12 Nymeria looked down at Jon Snow with a small smile, nodding her head. [i [#778899 "I couldn't ask for anyone better, Lord Snow,"]] she quietly spoke, leaning down to put her hands on his shoulders to lead him back to a standing position. [i [#778899 "But you aren't my knight, you are my King. We are in this together now,"]] she explained with a soft voice.]

[center [size12 With Jon Snow by her side, she did not feel the need to be as feral and unpredictable as she used to be. She felt a lot more calm and focused on her end goal than she had ever been. She knew that wasn't the [i traditional] type of Queen by any means. She was a movement, experience, and someone, who defied the normal behavior. Nymeria had to fight for her dreams and what she wanted, so she had to be more aggressive about her views, which caused some concern with people in Westeros.]]

[center [size12 Nymeria remembered how things were before Man began to dominate this world. Women were free spirits, beautiful creatures that could never be held down by men. She wanted that back. She missed it so much. Women were allowed to hold swords and fight in battle. The Wildlings still had some of those ideals, which gave Nymeria some hope.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "I know that my views of this world is a bit... Uncivilized and most people will not be on my side before of what I am and what my views are, but I really appreciate that you are here and willing to side with me,"]] she admitted before walking to the other side of the room. [i [#778899 "Men find it odd for a woman to hold a sword, but yet, you do not. Did you have a little sister, who wanted to same as me?"]] Nymeria did not know very much about Jon Snow's family. She knew that he was a Stark, or at least that was the family he lived with. [i [#778899 "Come, Snow. Tell me more about your family,"]] she took a seat at a table and gestured to the chair across from her.]]

[center [size12 Nymeria called for one of her few Handmaidens to bring them some dinner. Something small to keep them over, while they spoke. [i [#778899 "I talk about myself a little bit too much for my liking, I want you to tell me about you. Nothing about how you fought Wildlings, or anything that are well known about you. Tell me private things,"]] Nymeria smiled, seeming more interested and bubbly than what she spoke about her own self.]]

[center [size12 When the food was brought, everything was placed out in front of them at the table. Nymeria said thank you and told the girl that she did not want to be bothered for the rest of the night. She smiled before waiting until the door was shut before she began pouring both her and Jon's glasses full of wine to have with their dinner.]]
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[Inconsolata [size15 Jon's head was, thankfully, still firmly attached to his body as Nymeria gazed out the window. His eyes followed hers to gaze at the snow slowly starting to pile up on the ground. It was a serene view, everyone had taken refuge from the cold inside the castle so the snow was pristine still on the ground. Jon couldn't help but imagine that he was back at Winterfell, still a boy of fourteen, playing with the younger boys in the snow. He shook his head slightly, dispelling the fantasy, and noticed Nymeria looking up at him, a slight smile curling her lips.

"[+gray Things would be a lot harder right now if you were not here, Jon. I appreciate what you've done far, more than you will know. I would be beyond grateful if you stayed by my side when I finally get the Iron Throne,]" Nymeria said, and Jon raised an eyebrow in surprise at her statement. He gently knelt down at her feet, pulling Longclaw from its sheath and laying it across his knees, keeping his eyes lowered in respect.

"[b My Queen, I would be honored to stay by your side during and after the fight for the Iron Throne. I will protect you and your ideals with my life.]" Jon said, his voice quiet but firm. He had known before that he had some form of feelings for Nymeria, ever since the night on the ship when he was injured beyond the Wall he had known. But it was one thing to simply feel something; it was entirely another to declare one's life for that person based on those feelings. But truly, Jon believed that Nymeria was the best choice to rule; not only did she have a blood claim to the throne, she was also the best leader he knew.

Jon dared to glance up at his queen for just a moment, and he thought that perhaps he was hallucinating. The late afternoon light made her almost glow; her hair a silver halo surrounding her petite face and bright golden eyes. It was sacrilegious to say, but Jon thought she looked like a goddess, wild and regal and free, albeit a little tired. He returned his gaze to the floor and let a slight smile curl the corners of his mouth. She wanted him to stay with her.
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[center [size12 Nymeria was quiet for a moment, looking out of the window before her. She watched the snow flutter to the grow, dancing in the winds from the sea. Things seemed peaceful, for now. She knew these peaceful times would quickly come to an end and when it does, she would lose many good men and women that have been standing by her side since the beginning. She did not quite know how she would take all of that once it did happen. Is the Iron Throne even worth it if she losses people that she cares so deeply about? She could not say right now.]]

[center [size12 Golden eyes trailed from the snow right up to Jon Snow's eyes, looking into them with a silent expression. She offered a very small, but kind smile at Jon's attempt at trying to reassure her. She did appreciate the things that he did to make everything just a bit easier for her. Honestly, if Jon Snow wasn't around, Nymeria would be in a very different situation.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Things would be a lot harder right now if you were not here, Jon. I appreciate what you've done far more than you will know,"]] Nymeria explained before quietly sighing. [i [#778899 "I would be beyond grateful if you stayed by my side when I finally get the Iron Throne,"]] that was a rather big statement by the Changeling Queen. She would prefer Jon Snow by her side than most of her men because of the simple fact that he has lived in Westeros for all of his life. He knew how this land worked, unlike Nymeria and most of the people in her life, since a lot of them came from a different land. He would prove useful, in the end.]]
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[Inconsolata [size15 When Jon studied Nymeria, he knew that her thoughts had strayed to the Direwolf that she had lost while trying to save him on that fateful day across the Wall. His eyes never left her as he explained his thoughts and their tactical advantages. He knew that she was nervous and if Jon was to be honest with himself, he was too. Utterly terrified. But he couldn't let it show, strength was what Nymeria and their people needed right now, he couldn't falter.

"[b I understand that the Southern men may not be properly prepared for a Northern winter, but that's a chance that we will have to take, Nymeria. It will be difficult to feed them, given that we don't have very large stores, but we'll manage.]" Jon stayed seated as Nymeria rose, turning to look out the window next to her desk. They were both silent for a moment before she spoke again. Jon's brow furrowed a bit, he had momentarily forgotten about the Dothraki army that she had under her command.

"[b The Dothraki had never crossed the sea before you arrived, either. I'm sure they will manage in the North. They are hardy men, Nymeria.]" A small, reassuring smile spread on Jon's face as Nymeria spoke again. He stood then and moved to Nymeria's side, hands clasped behind his back. He gazed out of the window with Nymeria for a moment as she spoke.

"[b It makes me nervous as well. More nervous than I probably should be, if I'm to be honest. But this war will end, and we will stand as the victors. I promise you that we will both survive, and then we can worry about getting you the Iron Throne.]" Jon spoke steadily, hoping to reassure the woman standing next to him. He gently placed one hand on the small of her back; he hoped it was reassuring and a sign of support, if she took offense his head would most likely be separated from his body.]]]
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[center [size12 Nymeria began thinking about her Direwolf that had died. She knew that surely the Wights had taken it and brought it back to the living. Her skin grew cold at the thought of having to kill her own Direwolf, after watching it die before her eyes. She cleared her throat and nodded, listening to Jon Snow's advice on what their best bet would be. Catch a Wight army before they cross the wall. This was going to be a battle that would never be forgotten. It made the Changeling Queen a bit nervous, but she had already lived a rather long life, losing it now would be nothing more than the circle of life. Though, of course she had no plans of dying in this battle.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "With Winter coming,"]] she paused herself before continuing, [i [#778899 "Jaime's men may have some difficulty adapting to the cold and bitterness of the Northern Winter, you know this correct?"]] Southerns have it so much easier with the winter in the South. It was never cold and frigid as the North was. She remembered that Kingdoms up there had to prepare years in advance for the upcoming Winters because of how harsh it was. Thankfully, Changelings do not need to lean on such human things. [i [#778899 "We need to make sure they are more than enough equip for the weather as well as getting them North before the snow falls more than it must have already fallen,"]] Nymeria explained as she stood up. She took a small sip from the wine before placing it back down.]]

[center [size12 Nymeria stood at the window that next to her desk and sighed quietly. She watching the Dothraki move about, the Greyjoys still bickering amongst themselves. She shook her head. [i [#778899 "I don't even know if I can take the Dothraki to the North. They have never experienced snow until now,"]] she murmured quietly, watching small flakes beginning to fall from the sky. She then turned to Jon Snow and stared at him with a worrisome expression on her face. All of this made the Changeling Queen quite nervous, of course.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "I know, I must seem like a worrisome mess right now and I really do apologize for this,"]] Nymeria sighed in a small, defeated way. [i [#778899 "I have freed thousands of slavers from their masters, destroyed Slavers bay, become the Queen of the Dothraki, and so much more, but a war between the dead and the living has made me more nervous than anything that I have done before,"]] Nymeria murmured quietly, hands clasped behind her back, and looking back out of the window.]]
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[Inconsolata [size15 "[+grey Aye, yes. I know of Theon's torture. Yara told me about it a few days after her and I met. Too bad that the Greyjoy blood line can't continue, but at the same time, Yara was the only good one to come of the Greyjoys anyway. I sound bitter and hateful, I know.]" Nymeria downed the rest of her wine, and Jon had to admit a slight bit of concern at her fervor with the drink. He took a few more sips of his own wine as Nymeria poured herself another glass and set it aside. Jon sat across from her at the desk and rested his glass on his knee while Nymeria spoke again. "[+grey We need to start our plans to head back up North once more, since we now have Jamie's army with us. I haven't been actually been in the Northern Kingdoms in such a long time. What is it like up there now? Before, there was only few Kingdoms, barely any people.]" Jon nodded, now that Jaime's army had been promised to them, they would have to reevaluate their approach.

"[b It's mostly the same as you remember it. Not many people, lots of snow, especially in the winter. Our best bet is to catch the Wight army before they can manage to cross the Wall. It's imbued with some type of old magic to keep them from crossing it, so hopefully it will buy us some time to get there.]" Jon took another sip of his wine before continuing. "[b Of course, we'll have to wait for Jaime and his army to arrive before we start making big decisions. We'll need to know his numbers added to ours to know our full strength, and we'll need all the help we can get to do this, Nymeria.]"
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[center [size12 With a small fire burning in the stone fireplace, Nymeria shrugged off her heavy coat, letting it drape around her chair with a heavy sigh. She took a seat at a desk that appeared to be where Nymeria did a lot of her writing, planning, and everything else. It was scattered with lots of papers, writing utensils, and now, a glass of half drank wine. She listened to Jon with a quiet expression before nodding a few times to show that she understood him.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Aye, yes. I know of Theon's torture. Yara told me about it a few days after her and I met. Too bad that the Greyjoy blood line can't continue, but at the same time, Yara was the only good one to come of the Greyjoys anyway,"]] Nymeria did look at the Greyjoys in a negative light, especially now after feeling betrayed by Theon, even though he might not have meant to.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "I sound bitter and hateful, I know,"]] she shook her head, finishing off her glass of wine before pouring another glass. This time, she did not drink it right away. She sat it aside with a heavy sight, leaning back into her chair with a contemplative expression on her face. [i [#778899 "We need to start our plans to head back up North once more, since we now have Jamie's army with us,"]] she wanted to change the subject. Thinking on Theon and the Greyjoys was starting a headache that Nymeria did not want to deal with.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "I haven't been actually been in the Northern Kingdoms in such a long time,"]] she was thinking back on past days before even Jon was alive. She sighed in a longing fashion before finally taking a sip of her wine. [i [#778899 "What is it like up there now? Before, there was only few Kingdoms, barely any people,"]] those were the days of mythical beings and creatures that populated the North, rather than now, where there were just humans.]]
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[center [Inconsolata [size15 Theon had fully receded back into the persona of Reek while Nymeria and his men were showing their displeasure with his actions. Jon felt conflicted - on one hand, they were being rather harsh on this already mentally scarred man; but on the other, it was his complicity that allowed Euron Greyjoy to abduct Yara and all but annihilate Nymeria's already small fleet. Nymeria turned to leave, and mentioned that Jon should come with her. He nodded in response and turned quickly towards Theon. "[b It won't be safe for you to stay with your men right now. Find Davos and have him take you to my chambers. You can stay there while this blows over. But we [i will] have words later.]" With that, he turned and followed Nymeria to her... bedchambers? Jon felt almost indecent entering, even though he had Nymeria's permission to be there. Nymeria poured a glass of wine for herself and offered Jon one as well. He nodded and said quietly, "[b Please.]" in acceptance of the wine. Nymeria groaned softly and rubbed her eyes; Jon didn't blame her, Theon had gotten them all into quite a situation.

"[+gray I feel as if I have made a mistake by bringing the Greyjoys into my life. You have experience with the Theon boy, correct? He used to be a part of your family, though he's a Greyjoy?]" Jon took a sip of his wine before responding.

"[b Aye, he was my father's ward, taken from the Greyjoys when we crushed their rebellion. I grew up with him for nine years. He wasn't always kind to me, but he was good enough to Robb and the others.]" A twinge of heartache swam through Jon at the thought of Robb. His death had come much too soon than what he deserved. "[b He was taken by Ramsey Bolton and he suffered quite a bit of torture at his hands. That's part of the reason I wished you to go a little more easy on him. He's not the man he used to be.]"
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[center [size12 Theon was stumbling over his words, shaken up by Nymeria's sudden aggression towards him. Anyone with eyes and a brain could see that Theon was displaying anxiety and nervousness, literally shaking in his own boots while the rest of his men looked just as angry as Nymeria did. They all erupted in anger at their [i leader], Theon. People were yelling that he was a coward and let Theon's uncle take Yara. It was all words of anger and Nymeria dismissed them for the time being, mainly to please Jon's wishes of her to go easy on him.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "I don't want to look at you right now, Theon,"]] Nymeria sneered before looking away. Her blood was boiling with anger at the new found situation that was going to cause a bit of a bump in the road. Now Theon's uncle, which Nymeria knew was sided with Ceresi, had an upper hand if Yara was actually in his hands.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I would suggest, Theon, to lie low for a while, while our Queen cools down,"]] Tyrion commented in a quiet tone as Nymeria began to walk away. She knew that the comment was in good humor to defuse the tense situation, but honestly, Nymeria was still very angry.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Lord Snow? We have a lot to discuss. Please follow me,"]] Nymeria quietly spoke, looking at him with narrowed, grey eyes before beginning the long walk up the winding stairs that led back into the castle.]]
[center [size12 There, Nymeria led Jon Snow into her own bed chambers. Not a normal thing to do for a lady, let alone a Queen, but she felt comfortable enough with the Northern King that she could trust him in here. She began to pour a glass of wine and ran her pale hand over her eyes with a soft groan.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "I feel as if I have made a mistake by bringing the Greyjoys into my life. You have experience with the Theon boy, correct? He used to be a part of your family, though he's a Greyjoy?"]] Nymeria asked before offering to pour Jon a glass of wine, as well.]]
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[center [Inconsolata [size15 Thoughts of possible betrayal on Cersei's part had plagued Jon's mind the entire trip back to Dragonstone. She had given her word, but her word was obviously only worth so much. Jon had a sick feeling in his stomach, largely due to the overarching worry of betrayal. To try and keep his mind from the worry, he had been spending most of his time in Nymeria's war room, planning and strategizing for their attack on the Wight army. When he wasn't in the war room, he was standing on the cliff above the beach with Ghost, silently musing about the happenings of the day, or running over plans and strategies in his head.
Jon was on that cliff when he spotted the ships of Theon and Yara approaching, a feeling of despondency coming upon his heart like storm clouds over the sun as he realized that there were far fewer ships than what had left. He made his way to the long staircase that led from the castle to the beach, joining Nymeria on the descent with Ghost by his side. He could see the worry in her eyes, so he placed a hand between her shoulder blades in what he hoped was a reassuring gesture. He watched as only Theon emerged from the longboat that had ferried the crew from the ships to shore, and he felt Nymeria tense from concern or anger, possibly both, though he couldn't quite tell.
Theon seemed to shrink into himself when Nymeria confronted him, the remnants of Reek coming to light. Jon almost felt a twinge of pity for the man, having been through so much, but he kept himself from striding to his side to comfort him. He let his hand fall from Nymeria's back as she approached Theon further, but he stayed right by her side. The cold edge of her words made it clear that she was hurting, and if Theon was a dog, he would almost certainly be running away with his tail between his legs at that moment. Jon spoke up then.
"[b Nymeria, go easy on him. If Yara is dead - and that is an [i if] - I'm sure that there was nothing Theon could do. However, Yara is important to you, there's no denying that. She would be a valuable hostage. It is quite possible that she is being held captive until whomever is holding her can glean some information from her.]" Jon said, hoping that his words could at least somewhat calm Nymeria.]]]
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[center [size12 Jamie was looking at her sister with a concerned expression, looking like he wanted to say something to her. A tugging at his gut and throat that felt like he wanted to vomit, but he had to keep it down. He knew that his sister was thinking of doing something very stupid and he did not agree with her in this situation. He followed behind Ceresi with blind loyalty, but now, after seeing just how volatile that his sister could be, he was starting to lose faith in her.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FFBF00 "Ceresi, I know that look and you can't go back on something that you promised. This is a problem that we can't just leave alone. An army of the undead? We saw that thing almost attack you,"]] Jamie explained, but Ceresi was not listening.]]
[center [size12 [i [#F9E79F "How can I sit idly by while we allow that Changeling possibly attack what I have built up?"]] Ceresi asked and Jamie just shook his head in frustration. [i [#FFBF00 "You think that she would be stupid enough to attack us while we are helping them?"]] Jamie countered her argument, [i [#FFBF00 "I'm helping them and staying true to my word. Strike me down if you must."]] Jamie held up his hands and waited to see if she would actually do it. Once he realized that she wouldn't, Jamie just walked away.]]
[center [size15 [b ~ Dragonstone ~]]]
[center [size12 Nymeria was glancing at the raging ocean with soft, tired eyes. Snow was falling around her face, landing on her shoulders and in her hair. It blended in with the silver strands perfectly. She looked like she was thinking long and hard about this journey North. She hadn't actually been in a North home in a very long time. That was her homeland though. It made her sad, to some degree. Her family was long forgotten, or at least that was what she thought.]]
[center [size12 Back when the Aster family was dominate in the Northern lands, the Stark family was just beginning to grow. Her family weren't the first men to take over the lands though, that was where the stories were wrong. The Aster family were magical beings that were hunted for sport, at first before people started to realize just how power the Asters were. They grew to power back in the early days before becoming recluses and falling into the shadows when the Starks grew to the great power that they were now losing with how the Lannisters disposed of them. Nymeria was not going to allow the Starks to disappear just like her family did.]]
[center [size12 As Nymeria turned to head back inside, she caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eye. Boats, boats that belonged to Yara and her brother, Theon. She felt her heart sink just a bit when she noticed that there were fewer boats that came back then how many had left.]]
[center [size12 Nymeria began walking down the stairs, meeting up with people who had noticed the ships coming in, as well. Tyrion and the rest of them besides her. Nymeria watched Theon walk from the water to the sand and she did not see Yara. Her heart sank even further.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Where is Yara? I will kill you, myself, if she has been harmed,"]] Nymeria's voice was quiet, but threatening and Theon withdrew and did not answer. He was surely frightened of how Nymeria approached him. [i [#778899 "I will let my Direwolves eat you if I find out that she is dead,"]] Nymeria held a special place for Yara in her heart. A woman with as much independence and spunk as Nymeria had, so of course they were close.]]
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[center [pic http://i64.tinypic.com/25s8qph.jpg]]
[center [Inconsolata [size15 Jon felt a mixture of guilt and anxiety run down his spine as he waited with Nymeria for Tyrion's return. He would never be able to forgive himself if his honest-to-a-fault tongue got Tyrion's head chopped off and mounted on a spike to be displayed on the walls of the Red Keep. His anxiety was raised to an all time high with each minute the dwarf was gone and, eventually, it got so bad that Jon was about to start towards the castle to fetch him either dead, maimed, or alive. It was at that exact moment that Tyrion turned the corner towards himself and Nymeria, head set firmly attached to his shoulders. Jon's shoulders relaxed and he let out a quiet sigh of relief.]]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata "[+red So, it took a bit of persuading, but she has agreed to help us against the Night Walkers. But, we know my sister. We can only take her word for so much.]" Tyrion explained, his hands held out in a "what can you do?" gesture. Jon could see Nymeria's mind racing with thoughts and plans in response to this news. "[+silver Well, we can keep our men at Casterly Rock and keep a small army of Dothraki at Dragonstone. Keep our bases covered, just in case, then we can head up North.]" Jon nodded in agreement, it was a good plan. He didn't trust Cersei in the least, and he got the feeling that no one else in his or Nymeria's parties did either. There was something strangely honorable about Cersei's brother, Jaime, though. Something that made Jon almost... [i like] the man, and he got the feeling that they might have been friends if Jaime wasn't a Lannister. Shaking the thought out of his head, he turned to Nymeria.]]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata "[b We should leave soon. Gods only know how long Cersei considers overstaying her welcome.]" Jon mentioned, motioning to the walkway that they had entered from. The skies were growing dark with angry clouds, promising rain or maybe a light snow.]]]
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