The Lighthouse Witch

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Just off the coast, there is a lighthouse. It is small and blends perfectly into the ocean scene surrounding it. The isle it sits atop, however, does not. What should be a cold barren rock is lush, green, and full of life. Rumor has it; it is that way because a witch lives there. She keeps to herself, never leaving the islet. But from time to time someone comes in search of her magic. Both humans and mythical creatures alike come to her hoping she can do the impossible. And she does. But her magic comes at a price, and there is always a catch. After all, even with magic, miracles don’t just happen.


I want to make this a fantastical sort of romance roleplay. My general idea is that a mermaid/merman comes along and befriends the witch and eventually tells her they want to be human. So she does it. Then something goes wrong and they have to leave and go on some sort of adventure. Somewhere along the way they fall in love. It is really up in the air, so I am open to suggestions

I am looking for someone to play the mermaid, no gender preference here. You also need to be able to add to the plot. I don’t want to be the only one that makes things happen. It gets dull. I use illustrated pictures and I would like it if you did as well for this. Other than that, I need a few good paragraphs per post. My own replies depend greatly on what my partner does, so I won’t throw a word count out there. I may ask for a sample post, but it isn’t a guarantee.

PM me if you are interested. I may open this with multiple people if it is popular

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