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[size12 [#B1B0B2 [Kalam [tab]Kimi and Daisuke have not seen one another since the end of their first year of middle school, and are excited to finally see one another again! Daisuke was a chubby little stump of a boy then, but has grown immensely, and is a great deal more upbeat, no longer easily bullied and just as overjoyed to see his old friend as before. They agree to meet up a day or two before the start of the new school year, as now that Daisuke had moved back to Japan and has convinced his father to move back into the town where he'd met Kimi, he definitely wants to see her again, to catch up and hang out before school. While watching the stars, the pair see a bright streak across the sky, but it doesn't go away.
[tab]Instead, it hurtles closer and closer to the ground in the distance, and they chase it down in their curiosity, hoping to take a piece of a meteor home as souvenirs. What they find instead, however, is a mess. Using whatever random gifts the star fragment bestowed upon them, they must protect their home from others who may have found other such fragments and who might use their gifts to hurt the people around them. There will be fighting, cuddles, and terrible puns.]]]


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Kimi thundered down the stairs, jumping the bottom five steps entirely as she struggled to button up her black shorts. She’d laid out a bunch of cute accessories the night before, but they all sat abandoned on her dresser because holy shit she was going to be late. [b [#2FB28E “Diddlysmack,”]] Kimi hissed when she noticed that she’d misaligned the buttons by one and had to do them all over again. High Waisted shorts that only had buttons were the devil's work. She bolted into the kitchen, orange hair flying wildly about her face, and hoped her father had the time to go grocery shopping last night or at least remembered to pick up milk and bread. In her haste, Kimi nearly ran straight into her father.

[b “Shouldn’t you be meeting up with a friend?”]
[b [#2FB28E “Yeeaaah. I’m running a little late.”]] ‘Little’ was going to be a lot if she didn’t book it. Quickly she grabbed a piece of bread.
[b “It’s because you stayed up too late playing those weird games.”] Her father grumbled while reading the newspaper at their ‘family’ table.
[b [#2FB28E “Daaaaddd”]] Kimi whined, bouncing on the back of her heels as she waited for the toaster magically transform her ordinary piece of bread into toast. [b [#2FB28E “They aren’t weird.”]] [#2FB28E [i ‘Don’t talk about my boyfriends like that!’]] She added in her head as the toast popped up. [#2FB28E [b “Bye dad!”]] Kimi grabbed her toast with a small hiss at the heat. Giving her dad a kiss on the forehead, the small girl stumbled to wank her shoes on and darted out the front door. She had barely made it past the front gate of her house before a loud series of beeps from her back pocket made her stop.

[b Kimi-chan! I'm by the water now! ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ]
[b [#2FB28E “No.”]] Kimi groaned as her fingers flew over the screen to reply.
[b To: Dai]
[b Almost there! Woke up late!]
[b ว]

Shoving her lime green phone into her back pocket, Kimi shoved the piece of toast into her mouth and high tailed it to their meeting spot. On a good day, it would have taken her twenty minutes to get there. Also on a good day, she would have been there already. Ten minutes later and completely out of breath, Kimi finally made it. Wheezing heavily, she stopped and leaned forward, her hands on her knees to keep her balance while her lungs tried their best not to explode. This was the most exercise that she had in a [i long] while. Dia-kin had best have a snack for her for this. Straightening up, Kimi quickly patted down her now wild hair and made her clothing was actually straight - the second check on her shorts buttons happened as well.

[b [#2FB28E “Dia-”]] The short girl's words died quickly as her green eyes took in her friend's new form. Just where in the hell was the short little butter ball that she had to save from literally from large dogs? Who in the world was the giant that stood before her? Her pale face flushed a little as she mentally told herself not to mention his height or pick on him for it - yet. [b [#2FB28E “DIA-KUN!”]] She yelled, running full force at her old friend, throwing herself into his arms as she wrapped her own around his neck. Which was quite a task for her, since she actually had to launch herself into the air to hug him this way. Did he just drink milk and eggs since he left? He was here for a while, she had time to [s pry] ask about his secret. [b [#2FB28E “Welcome back!”]] Kimi couldn’t help but let out a small laugh as she was set back down.

[b [#2FB28E “You look so”]] [i [#2FB28E ‘freakin tall,’]] [b [#2FB28E “you. If that makes sense.”]] She covered herself quickly. Reaching up, Kimi had to stand on her tippyest of toes to put both of her palms on his cheeks. [b [#2FB28E “Are these piercings and tattoos? You look so edgy! I-I mean compared to like…..everyone.”]] [i [#2FB28E ‘Smoth.’]] Her brain commented as the small girl rolled back on her heels. [b [#2FB28E “So I was thinking that we could go star gazing tonight!”]] Kimis stomach took this moment to introduce itself with a loud roar. [b [#2FB28E “And get dinner...and snacks…”]]
  Kimi Nozomi / Darcy / 164d 2h 37m 5s
[center [pic https://s26.postimg.org/xymefds15/2017-08-30-16-44-17-292-432x544.jpg]]It was rare that he should opt out of driving somewhere, but there were few things he would not set aside for Kimi.

He could still remember the day they'd met, a cloudy one, a dull one. His Japanese was a mess, his mother and grandmother having unwittingly chopped it up as per their constant spanish exchanges at home. He was short, and his belly often protruded from beneath his shirts. He cried often, he couldn't tie his shoes. He was scared of everything that moved, and fell more often than some kids blinked.
But? There was Kimi, everytime, ready to knock some heads together any time he showed signs of mistreatment. Then again, she hadn't let him off the hook, either, insisting that he stand up for himself more often. Even when he was overseas, she was pushing him to see more of himself than what others were showing him, encouraging him to put his foot down and alllll that noise. His mother's passing had crushed him, and he'd reached out to Kimi again despite periodically falling out of contact. No matter what was going on in his life, she had something good to say, something to look forward to. Indeed, there was nobody else like her, and the new and improved Daisuke wanted to express this to her ten times over! How better to thank someone than to show them your progress?

He had long since decided their friendship superceded all else, and had resolved to bike to their favorite childhood hangout, a secluded beach at the edge of town. He was excited, cycling along on an enormous bike with his long thick legs with no regard for the curious looks he was getting from passersby. His foreignness was no longer his shame, waving and smiling goofily at people like the beam of sunlight he felt he had always been destined to become. After his grandmother's death, Daisuke had come to feel something completely new.
Was it purpose, perhaps?
Whatever one might call it, it was warm. It was soft. He wanted to share it with everyone, Kimi included. She was at the top of his list for EVERYTHING, including his visiting order. He had promised to meet up with her before addressing anyone else, hence the late afternoon excursion.

He parked his bike in the reeds along the sandy banks, heavy brown hands fishing a bright yellow rectangle from his back pocket. A confirmation text was in order, yes? Just to let her know he was here...

[center [i [b Kimi-chan! I'm by the water now! ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ]]]
He sat then, whistling, smiling as the water swished behind him. He had missed this town, the smell of the sand and the salt brought back so many memories... For once, his mind was not filled with fleeting images of his mother and grandmother, instead flowing with his smaller friend's smile and his own elation.

The easygoing and wildly tenderhearted Daisuke that had returned to Japan was of simple design, bursting with glee at even just the thought that his friend was coming to meet him. Years had passed, and he wanted to give her a hug again, like the old days! Even if... He was maybe a bit of a giant now. Puberty had caught him in a back alley somewhere in middle school; Few people had anything negative to say to Daisuke, partly due to his colossal build, and partly due to his nearly impenetrable kindness.
Sticks and stones.
Bullying was no longer an issue.
  YELL0W / Lusami / 175d 9h 34m 28s

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