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[center [b Not every immortal deserves exile...]]

[b There was only two types of immortals... The rulers, and the followers... This story starts in midevial era, around the year 1658, when savages and knight alike believed in honor and justice... But, as immortals would call it, the most sound and difficult challenges ever in eternity, it holds true to the tradition. Those eons, immortals went by a certain code... They were to never turn a human unless they're nobles... Servants cannot go against their masters... And a noble must stay with noble blood, as it has been tradition. But, this tale is about two that sought to break these rules... And break, they did]

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[I Meet --------... Once a Hazara, or a servant vampire for Pashtun, noble vampires... He, in spite of his bloodline, became General of the armies of Hazara, and became undeniable to the seat of Council. His story is complex, for you see... He was in love with a Pashtun, who had suddenly disappeared in his youth... And her name was Cheimi... Princess and heir to the throne]

[I What he doesn't know... She is alive, but she isn't the same princess he would recognize. She was exiled by her council for refusing to mate with a prince she did not love, denouncing the throne of immortal man and became a princess of the beasts, hoping to one day take the throne that was rightfully hers. In a ceremony, there would be an ambush, and she is captured... And none can recognize her... Except -------]

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