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______ was never too interested in school. Some would even label him as the class delinquent, skipping classes and hanging out on the streets with a bad crowd. On top of that he kept to himself and had a bit of an attitude problem coming off rude to anyone who talked to him, especially if they were authority figures. Though he had his own reasons why he broke the rules. Coming from a poor and broken home, it was getting harder and harder for his family to keep a roof over their heads. It looked like they were going to loose everything until the class president caught wind of their financial problems.

The rich and popular class president had her eye on ____ for a long time. She saw right through his delinquent act and was determined to make him hers at any cost possible. Though the reason wasn't exactly because she liked him or anything like that. She didn't. She wanted to prove herself as class president. That she could get even the schools baddest student to listen to her every whim. Then everyone would respect her, right? She would certainly get re-elected and that's all her rich status obsessed family wanted.

There was only one way to get this delinquent to behave and listen to her, and that was to use her money and her body. Convincing ____'s family that the busy class president needed an assistant and one that was available to be called on wherever and whenever, she agreed to pay them a large some of money, if only _____ listened to her every request. Of course, there was no way he was just going to come barking and wagging his tail willingly. So the day the deal was made, the gorgeous class president marched herself fearlessly into the alley way of thugs that _____ usually hung around with and grabbed him firmly by the collar and kissed him hard on the lips claiming him in front of all of them.

Not only would this random kiss in front of all these other delinquents, tick him off in general it was from [i her]. The class president of the school he hated and hardly went to, by the same person that was constantly hounding him to attend classes. A girl he had always despised. Now here she was suddenly acting flirty with him and like she liked him or something, and going on about how he's all hers because of some deal. Though he would have no idea that she really didn't care for him at all and that it was just a way of getting him to do as she says. How will these two move forward? How will he adapt now that he's forced to start going back to school AND become the girl he hates assistant? How will he deal with the fact that she treats him like a dog but is all over him at the same time? Will he be able to control his hot temper and do this for his family?


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-Your character does NOT like mine. Even if she's kissing him and embarrassing him, he hates it but has no choice but to put up with it. He can slowly start to like her but NOT right away.

-your character is also a delinquent, a bad boy with an attitude problem. Act like it. Of cours, he's adverse to authority figures, like a class president and being told what to do. So he is noooot going to like being practically a servant to least at first. But also give him some background as to why he would be like this in the first place.




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[center Finally they were getting out of that lowly place. The class president sighed in relief, internally as he led them out. Forcing herself to cling on to his arm all the way out and to the car. Though when he opened the door for her she was a bit surprised since no one was around. [i Did that call have something to do with it] Emiko thought before a grin found its way on her lips. [i Hmph. It's about time that delinquent learned to listen] The blonde thought smugly. Then again he could have just been behaving because of the way she was seducing him before. The class president blushed and shuttered in disgust at the thought. There was no way she was going to do anything with some loser delinquent. But that wouldn't stop her from flirting and convincing him otherwise if it meant she got what she needed. Even if it wasn't true.

"Yes darling it's the house at the end of the block~" Emiko chirped in her fakest nice tone she could muster. She was sure he was just behaving right now, and everything would go back to normal tomorrow. No way someone that hated authority as much as he did would make things this easy on her. Though as they reached the "house" at the end of the block it became quite clear it was a really REALLY large mansion. Not just some house. It was easily the largest in the area and it wasn't even the only house like it, that he father owned.

As they pulled up to the house Emiko dug through her bag pulling out a pile of papers and shoved them a bit rudely at him. "Looks like fathers home, so I guess you won't be able to come in tonight" the class president pretended to frown in disappointment. "Take these papers though and staple them, and bring them to the teacher tomorrow morning. Now that you're my assistant, you can get right to work tomorrow." She grinned her eyes narrowing to see just how he'd react to the sudden order on his face. It was an order after all, and it would require him to actually go to school, a place he didn't go often. Though not giving him much time to react she leaned in towards him reaching out to his face and cupping his cheek "Maybe, if you're a good boy and do what you're told you'll get a reward later" Emiko winked before slowly pulling her hand away from his face and heading out the car door rolling her eyes once her back was turned to him.
"See you tomorrow Kyle-kun" she turned briefly back to him and smiled before walking off to her families mansion.

[center [pic]]

[i Thank goodness dealing with that ingrate is over for today, I really need a hot bath] Emiko thought sighing as she made her way up to the door of the house and the butler opened it for her. Walking into the large gorgeous house she froze as she saw a tall large figure standing before her. "H-Hello father I-" Emiko smiled but was cut off when she was grabbed harshly by the arm and pulled closer to the man. [b Where have you been all day?!] The older man growled at her in anger. [b You missed school today, your clubs, your practices!! Everything!! Are you trying to embarrass me?! You're a Nasaki!!! Do you think that name is a joke?!] the man spat with hatred in his tone as he scolded the petite blonde. "No...of course not. I know how important it is father.." Emiko gritted her teeth as she gazed back up at him. He squeezed her wrist tighter "...that hurts" The blonde winced as she tried to pull away. "I was just trying to catch up on work I fell behind on..I know I shouldn't have missed activities but I'll make up for it father!" Emiko insisted before he snapped and tossed her roughly to the ground. [b Behind?! A Nasaki doesn't fall behind! A Nasaki doesn't miss an obligation. You better learn to understand your duties as a member of this family or you won't live here any longer!] he snarled and stormed away. "Yes, father. I'm..sorry" Emiko clenched her fists while she sat on the ground before rubbing her injured arm and weakly standing up.

This wasn't the first or last time she had met her fathers anger. He expected perfection. When Emikos mother couldn't met his standards he abandoned her. And he wasn't above abandoning his own daughter as well. The blonde seemed almost unphazed more so mad at herself for failing her family name even if it was just this once. Making her way upstairs the blonde stripped her clothes off revealing her smooth pale skin, before wrapping a towel around herself and heading into the bath. Wincing a bit in pain, she rinsed the part of her arm he held before as it began to turn black and blue. [i I will..get that stupid delinquent to go to school. I'll get him to listen, be the perfect student and then...they'll have to acknowledge my accomplishments. They'll praise me to my father. No one else..has been brave enough to even try this.] The class president thought in determination as she scrubbed the shampoo into her blonde locks.]
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A soft sigh escaped his lips as he heard his friend talking to her. Tomo was very annoying and never really knew how to not over step his boundary. He always meddled in his affairs and he always made sure he cut him off at a certain point.

'She needs to get lost' He thought to himself. He heard Tomo say he was getting cut off, and he groaned pushing his chair back a little the bartender chuckling at his grumpy behavior. He didn't like her offering her body to him and lie about it. She was very beautiful and he couldn't lie about it. He did find her very attractive.

'Her Place?' He thought and he felt like this was a trap but he knew something was up. He held up his finger reaching for his phone as he glared at her, his dark eyes icy and cold towards her. Tomo stepped back seeing this look and laughed at him. "Lighten up champ, you got a beautiful woman offering you her place. Take her up on it or you won't be allowed back in!" He said trying to mess with him.

Kyle walked outside calling his dad. His hand gripping his phone as his dad lectured him and told him about the whole scandal. He gripped his phone tighter realizing now, every dime he was getting from his dad to help him scrape by was now coming from her. His dad was liquidating more money to getting out of the military. He hung up on his dad without a good bye and slid his phone back into his pocket walking back in wrapping his arm around her.

"So my dad is abandoning me...and she is my literal lifeline." He thought to himself. All money was going to his dad then being put into his account. The same amount as before but now, it's pretty much from her.

"Lets go babe," He said said a fake smile plastered on his lips as he moved with her to his car and he walked to her side, opening to the door for her, which he hoped would confuse her, no one was watching and no one was around. So why would he? He saw her into the car and walked around to his side sliding in. Starting the car, he backed out and started to drive towards the richer side.

"So, where do you live babe?" He said smiling. He was going to smile and behave, he didn't like her, but the stories about her family were true. They would do anything in the power of money to get what they wanted. He felt cornered and trapped. He knew there was nothing he could do about it and he was scared. He would behave outside of school to an extent but in school he wasn't changing. His clock on his radio showed 11:48 PM. She would be wanting to go home and leave him be so he could hopefully enjoy a few hours of the day.
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[i What is this delinquent up to now] Emiko furrowed her eyebrows in slight annoyance but anytime he'd look at her she forced a fake smile on her face. When they arrived at the sketchy place. The class president blinked [i What the heck is this place.] she thought sitting up in her seat. When he parked the car and told her to wait, she only grew more impatient. [i If that mutt thinks I'm waiting in this creepy lot by myself he has another thing coming] Emiko pouted as she watched him get patted down and go through the door.

Just as he predicted the class president opened her door and marched right in after him. She didn't even look at the bouncers she just flashed her name card. Everyone knew the Nasaki family name and knew the kind of power her father had. As a politician and big business owner he dealt with his fair share of slimy individuals and it was entirely possible he owned the very building the set up was in. Glancing at each other they moved out of the way, as the blonde made her way into the building after the delinquent. One foot through the door and she could feel her blood boiling. [i Gross, of course someone like him would waste his time in a lowly place like this] she gritted her teeth grabbing tighter on to her bad.

Already she could feel the eyes one her. Sick old men drooling over the young blonde High schooler who had no business being in a place like this and of course Emiko just rolled her eyes at the half dressed women. It only reminded her, she needed to put in more effort to get his attention if the delinquent was coming to a place like this. [i This really is a pain] the class president thought as she finally spotted him near the bar. Heading towards the male she didn't seem to notice another young males eyes on her from across the way. Her focus was purely on her dog and no one else. Once she reached him she latched tightly onto his arm pressing her chest against it. "Kyle-kun...I missed you so much. How could you leave me in that empty car for so long all by myself" she pouted whining up at him. Though it had only been a few minutes. looking around them she pretended to get jealous and hugged on to his arm tighter "I-If you wanted to see a girl's could have just asked me. You're mine remember, silly~" she blushed a little grinning up at him, of course Emiko had about zero interest in showing him anything of hers. Her plan was to cause him enough of an embarrassing scene he'd want to get the heck out of there with her.

Hopping right up on the bar sitting before him, the class president began to untie the bow around her neck and unbuttoning her white shirt one or two buttons. The entire time her blue eyes locked on his. The heat of the small space causing her to sweat a little as she reached for his hand to draw it slowly to her chest. "I..wanted with my pet alone. But I guess you'd rather do it here" she purred as the entire place glanced over at them. "Such a bad boy, that you want people to watch~" the blonde said in a hot tone trying to sell every bit of her acting. She was just seconds away from having his hand make contact with her chest when a males voice came out from behind them.

[b You finally have a decent looking girl on your arm and you bring her here on a date? Ricte, even you're better then that.] the young handsome dark haired male made his way over to the bar holding his hand out to Emiko. [b Call me Tomo. I'm the son of the guy who owns this place.] he grinned kissing Emiko's hand causing her to blush slightly. Sliding off the counter into the seat between the two males she quickly did her shirt back up. "My name is Emiko N-" she was about to finish when he cut her off. [b Oh I know who you are. My pops had a few run ins with yours. Question is, you with this sly dog?] he said grinning and teasing Kyle a bit. "Bleh no w- I...I mean...of course. He's my dog after all~" she countered forcing a smile on her face as she slid her arm around Kyles. [b Damn shame, I totally would have shown you a better time] he winked before looiat the tender and his staff. [b Gonna have to turn down our best customer today. He has a date] Tomo grinned slyly at Kyle, making it clear he was messing with him but at the same time totally serious before giving Emiko a wink. [b He's all yours. At least for today] he turned around in his seat taking a shot.

Emiko was less then enthusiastic but put on an excited face as she tugged on Kyle's arm. "Now we can go somewhere private. Why don't you come to my house." She grinned up at him blushing. She had no intention of doing anything with him, but she hoped it would be enough to get him out. He was a grimy delinquent after all and a male, it had to work right?
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A wicked smiled played his lips as he walked with her in his arm. She didn't know what she was walking into. He had a deal downtown to go make. He knew it was dangerous and for him to bring a plus one would just make it more unbalanced. He walked to his car opening the passenger side for her. The car was clean on the inside, a nice interior and everything. Just an old beat out frame. Once she stepped inside the car he went to the drivers side smiling to her.

"Now, where we are going your pet will be right back... You just need to hang on and sit tight?" he said wincing as the demeaning tone she had left a bad taste in his mouth. He started his car up driving it. He took a few back allies and back roads heading deep down town. The place where most people avoid.

He knew telling her to sit tight wouldn't play well and she would want to tag along to see what he was doing. He untucked his shirt and slicked his hair back paying attention to the alleyway. His car was barely big enough to fit down the passage way.

Coming to a stop, there was a few cars already back in this dead end stop and very little lighting. No tags hung from the cars and the only person besides them was a guy at the door holding a fully automatic rifle on his shoulder. Opening his door he looked at her. "Stay." He said a sly smile on his face as he stepped from the car his hands in the air.

He shut the door with his foot walking forward the guy at the door saying something hushed to Kyle. Shrugging he walked to the guy and got patted down quickly before both of them went in.

Once inside it was an underground gambit. The whole work. Girls in bikinis walking around with drinks, smoke thick air, the sound of cards flipping and glasses clinking. He walked to the bar sitting down.

"So, I have a plus one who has no idea what this place is, she will be coming in soon even though I told her to stay out. Let her have fun man. She is harmless as a fly." The bartender glanced at him motioning his hand to pay up. Kyle groaned and slipped in a little roll of money. He had a nasty habit of gambling and this was his little hangout spot for his sin. He had a small little glass in front of him he sipped from waiting for her to walk through the door.
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Emiko backed up as he went into kiss her, nearly dodging it. [i Ugh..that dumb mutt wasn't supposed to like it. Bleh] she wanted to wash her mouth out from the over contact with the delinquent. It was already bad enough the first time she had done it. But she couldn't look like she hated it. Them fighting would only bring this back to square one. As much as she felt like she needed a good bath being around this boy, she knew she'd have to put up with it. "Nngh...he'" Emiko spoke in a hot appealing breath as he asked about her Romeo and pulled away.

[i God, what is wrong with this boy.] Emiko thought internally huffing. She was hoping he'd just fall for her like all the others did, and just obey her already. But it didn't seem like he was about to do that with his next statement. [i What?! He's skipping school! Er...this jerk really isn't going to make this easy at all] The Class President clenched her fists. "What?! Are you crazy I can't miss cla-" Emiko paused and took a breath. [i He won't ever believe my lie of liking him if I don't prove it some how. This is such a bother. There goes my record] she rolled her eyes and sighed. [i It won't matter, I'll get him to come here. One way or another.] Emiko thought in determination and then began packing a bunch of paper work in her bag plastering a smile on her face.

"Don't be silly Kyle-kun, of course I rather spend the day with you. I'd rather us get this paper work done some where private anyway. Then I'll have you all to myself~" Emiko said in a smooth and flirtatious tone. The blonde walked right up next to him as they headed the opposite direction of their class. "Besides it's only natural for a pet to want to show his new owner where he usually hangs around. I guess I'll allow you to think of it like a date. But just don't get too carried away~" the class president winked taunting him. She was going to go step by step with him. Do whatever it took to break him.
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He let out a low growl as he glared at her. His eyes narrowing as she called him her pet. How she was confessing her love for him. He was more angered by the fact she said she brokered a deal with his father who recently mentioned something of the sort.

He was paid off to make him a personal slave of a sort to make some goody two shoes better looking?

This was outrageous. A small smile played his lips as he leaned forward kissing her back and he pressed against her moving her back to a desk where he stopped.

"So Ms. Juliet, where art thou Romeo?" he quoted mockingly as he turned walking off to go through the door. Just because he skipped and done whatever he wanted didn't mean he was stupid. He knew more than met the eye and played to it. He kbew where he was going in life and didn't bother for passengers.

"I'm called a lone wolf for a reason sweet cheeks... And if you wanna tag along. Hope your perfect attendance can take a hit or two because you couldnt...fight the urge to be with me." He said rounding the corner to walk down the hall. Simply put his plan was to force her into laying out the details. His father wouldn't take a bribe so easily and he obviously even if his father did would never catch wins of the money. So there was more to it then a few dollars.

She had to have played a higher card then he could foresee. He rubbed his arm a little, it was still itchy from the recent ink work he had done. He worked part time on the side and was more fascinated with that then education. Why did he care that some snot nose girl didn't get her A+ in being a student tour guide. It was just school. He stopped a few steps outside the door to wait to see if she followed. She couldn't drag him to a class let alone talk him into it. He came in on a mere business negotiation and a proper hand off of property.

She was a handful, yes maybe the best looking but by far the most annoying picket fence dreamers he knew. He avoided her because of it. He didn't like people who tried to force their opinions and lifestyles onto others. Hopefully this ploy of his would work on weaseling information out of her.
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"Look who finally showed up to school today" she giggled seemingly ignoring his tantrum. "What, it's been like a week or something since you've stepped a foot into this building hasn't it?" The class president crossed her arms as she gazed up at him still forcing a smile on her lips. "Did you show up just for me~" Emiko teased him a bit, though she had NEVER been this way before with him. "You are usually hanging around those los- I mean those poor troubled boys in some alley way somewhere. Or was it a park?" She shrugged. She hardly cared. She was just happy he actually showed up to school for once in his life, this was going to look good for her already. Unless..he was going to be a defiant little delinquent and run off half way through like they tend to do. She sighed at the thought. Whatever his father said to him must have worked since he actually showed up to the school building..but for how long. He would definitely leave if she told him the full truth. So why not..embellish it a little.

Grinning she approached the hot head male once again, almost fearlessly as she placed a finger on his chest. [i Here we go. Time to sell the wild dog, my best acting.] Emiko thought as she forced a slight blush on her face and gazed up at him a bit longingly, before she pretended to be nervous. "Isn't it obvious? you, Kyle" she lied but made it pretty damn convincing. "I've always liked you. you think I'm always chasing you down to come to school" she traced her finger around his chest in circles. "I'm tired of hiding it. But I know my father would never approve of you the way you are. So I paid your father to give you to me. assistant. As my pet. You know my job is so busy as class president. And we can finally spend sometime together" she grinned up at him. This was...insane. The most sexy and popular girl in school, was claiming to like him?! The girl every guy wanted. The same girl that always nagged him and scolded him. She seemed to hate him, just yesterday!

Now suddenly she was confessing to him! So many guys had asked her out and she turned down everyone. There was no way this seemed possible. But she of course was something he hated most of all. An authority figure. And now she was going to be telling him what to do?! There was no way he was going to take this laying down.

The blonde brushed some strands of her hair behind her ear "Mmh..Kyle-Kun, don't act like it was so bad. Your lips are softer then I thought" she giggled placing her finger tips to her lips blushing lightly. "It's not like just anyone gets to kiss the class president you know?" She gloated as she flirted with him. "You even managed to put half of your uniform on today. Just missing the slacks. But it's a start. You really must be happy about being mine~" she stated in a mocking tone. Though she corrected it to sound more excited. For her this was just a game. The sooner he behaved, and was no longer a delinquent, the sooner she'd be rid of him and he wouldn't be her problem. Perking up the blonde heard the first bell ring and slipped her hand in his, which probably upset him more having this girl touching him, kissing him and suddenly "owning" him when just moments ago he was free. Would he really just stand for this?

"Come on, let's get to class, my pet, it's starting, you know" she stated not even looking back at him but dragging him along instead.
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A soft echo chimed in the back of the young boys head as he stirred to the sound of a blaring alarm. He knew it was gonna be a bad day, his dad called him telling him to behave and all their troubles have been solved. It was a very curious thing for his dad to call him. He was the disappointment of his father's life. He killed the woman he loved and sucks his money up. But he didn't want to transfer schools and his dad was okay with that but it was fiscally straining on his father. To support a single bedroom apartment and food and bills. On top of his own. He was just racking up debt at this point.

Kyle sighed as he stood up looking around his room. A soft beam of light shined in on his some what pale body as he staggered to the bathroom. He was a failure in the eyes of everyone around him and so why should he try to be anything more than that?

He took a quick shower and got ready for school. He questioned himself as he left the small apartment going to his car. It wasn't much but it was passable. Beat up Oldsmobile which he used to go back and forth to school.

He drove to school the music from his phone playing as he took some back streets avoiding the major crowds of people. He pulled up to the school getting out of his car next to a few of his friends. All of them had nicer cars. He stood out from them, he wore a nice white button up and nice blue jeans and he had his red hair neatly combed. But he was an ass, and probably the biggest one of them all.

There was this one girl who always tried to play nice with him and he couldn't get rid of her no matter what, but she always bugged him and tried to get him to follow the rules. He had a navy father and didn't want to deal with that. He was talking his friends and low and behold, she was strutting towards them. He knew she was trouble and she was, always trying to make him do something Good with himself. But that was always for a later date. He smirked as she approached him, his face red, eyes wide her lips pressed against his. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to the side into an abandon classroom slamming the door. He threw a desk to the side. His eyes red with anger.

"What the fuck was that?"

He couldn't think straight. What did she mean by as agreed? Why did she do that. He was embarrassed and angered by her actions. He growled at her.

"As agreed? What the fuck do you mean!" he demanded straightening out his shirt wiping his lips of a little gloss from her lips on them.
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Things came easily for Emiko. She was born beautiful, she was great at sports and was at the top of her class in grades. It went without saying that people fawned over the class president. When she ran for the position, she one it by a land slide. But even if she didn't have all these things going for her, she was still born with power and money. Her father, a very important government official and even better business man, made 'Nasaki' a household name. The Nasaki family owned most things you can think of, down to your favorite cafe. So it was only natural for anyone in that family to desire..some sense of control.

Emiko was no different and for the most part she had control, over nearly everything in her life. Everything and everyone. Except [i him.] No matter what she did, or what she said, he wouldn't listen. He'd just run off on his own. Slack off, dodge school. It was because of that delinquent, Emiko was scolded for the very first time in her life by someone who wasn't her father. It was a class presidents duty to set an example of how a student should behave. If any student failed to behave properly it was on the president to attempt to get that student in line, as the school believe students had much more sway over their peers then the teachers.

Still, nothing would get that hot head to listen to her. He blew her off and ignored her. Her! The heir to the famous Nasaki family and business. There were even times she was forced to go looking for him to try and drag him back to school, and of course she was never nice about it and he never listened. She had enough of the circles he made her jump through just to complete an easy job. He made her look bad and she was losing her patience with him. On top of that, another rich student was gaining a bunch of popularity recently, rumors floating around about how they may even run for class president and get the delinquent problem under control. Emiko couldn't have that! Her father expected her to be the best, to be perfect. He'd regard her as a failure if she couldn't get elected again. This left Emiko very little choice. She needed to get that delinquent under her control. Maybe, she was taking the wrong approach, she had tried to buy him off to come to school several times but he never took it. Maybe she was offering it to the wrong person...

It didn't take her long to make an arrangement with his father. It seemed like he was just as troubled about the boys behavior. Emiko simply played it off like there was no one else with enough time on their hands to assist her with her duties. That it HAD to be him. It wasn't like he did anything with his life anyway. Whether or not his father believed her, he was happy to agree for the money if not just to get his son back on the right track. It seemed like a win, win. Though conning his father was easy enough. Getting a delinquent that didn't care about rules, and didn't like being told what to do to go along with this agreement would a challenge.


Emiko was fully aware, none of her nagging and scolding him had worked before and that he wouldn't listen if she tried that again. This time it would have to be different. She knew very well how popular with the guys she was, though she never really took it beyond flirting. After all, her work and status was more important to her father then boys. Still, she knew how easily boys were willing to do things for her after smile a wink. And...he was a boy right? Even if he was a rough one. Why not appeal to the part of himself he can't help. If she could get him to fall for her like the other idiots, she could have him behaving in no time. But, there was a bit of a problem. He was a delinquent after all. He probably was pretty experienced with girls. And Emiko talked a big game but she never made it past second base and that was with just one boy. Things would HAVE to be different. She couldn't hold back with him. She needed him to listen, and it didn't matter what she had to do to accomplish that. She would make that delinquent hers, even by force.

When the deal with his father was finalized, the blonde prepared to head out to the popular area him and the other delinquents hung out. Running a brush through her silky blonde hair and applying some shiny pink lip gloss to her soft lips, she exited her families limo. [i Alright. This is it.] The petite blonde pulled her bad tightly to her. [i Ugh why do these losers have to all hang out in the sketchiest areas.] The Class President looked around in disgust. Taking a sharp breath, she put a serious face on as she made her way towards the group of delinquents he usually hung around. [b Damn, whose the hottie? She some kind of model or something] one of the males grinned practically drooling over her. Emiko rolled her eyes internally. [i Really, I can't believe I have to reduce myself to this] she thought feeling the urge to stick her nose in the air but remembered that probably wasn't going to help if she wasn't consistent with her acting. She gave them a sly smile and a wink, which only cause the delinquents to blush. [b You in the right place baby? You looking to have a good time or something] they said in a heated tone but she simply walked right passed them. She was on a mission and it didn't take long before she spotted, [i him].

As if she was a completely different person, and she was suddenly on good terms with him she walked right up to him sliding her arms around his neck. "No, I just came to collect what belongs to me" she let out a playful giggle in response to the other males question. [b Woah dude, is this hot chick your girlfriend or something, man that's messed up you never told us! How'd you get so lucky you sly dog] the other delinquents jokingly weeped. Though the jealousy was obvious. She could already sense the confusion and aggravation fuming off him and before he could even respond she cut him right off as she leaned up, her eyes narrowing and a blush creeping across her face. "Don't bother answering my pet, let's just show them" she muttered in a smooth tone before she pushed her lips into his kissing the delinquent hard in front of everyone, not pulling away until she was panting, her face was flushed and hot as the all stood in shock and jealousy. "All...mine.." she panted against his lips. "As agreed" she smirked slightly and she gazed up at him.
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