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Muse A has been an aspiring musician for years. They have finally hit it big; their music quickly climbing the charts, labels scrambling to sign them, screaming fans waiting outside venues. Muse A meets Muse B at an industry event, and the two hit it off immediately. Muse A invites Muse B out after the event, and they end up going home together afterward. As they continue to bump into one another at industry events over the next few weeks, the pair decides to act on their chemistry and try dating. It isn’t long before they start to fall for each other, but Muse A’s rising fame sweeps them up, leaving Muse B behind while Muse A travels the world. Muse B does their best to deal with the distance and the insecurities that come along with dating a musician but, they finally reach their limit when a photo surfaces of Muse A kissing a fan after a show. Muse A expresses regret about the incident, but can’t promise that they’ll be 100% faithful while on tour. After a difficult talk, the two agree that they shouldn’t be together right now, and they’ll just have to see what happens when the tour is over. But when it’s time for Muse A to write their sophomore album, nothing is more inspiring than their relationship with Muse B. Their first single is released and it’s a break-up song that’s all about missing Muse B.
Optional: Muse B is a radio host and their listeners keep calling and requesting the song.


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"I wasn't hard to track I hope, I just tried to hide from my dad." Morgan said waving to Layla. "We both got away from dad." Matthew said sighing, "and we have better lives for it."

Hailey started to fuss in Alexandria's arms, turning from a quiet baby into one with wailing cries. Nathan plugged his ears, Hailey was a loud newborn, no problems with her lungs, that was for sure. "Singer's lungs." Trey said with a laugh, "her father's a country super star and her mother is a radio personality, shes not short on lungs or charisma." Matthew rolled his eyes and asked Alexandria seriously, "Can I hold her?"

He hadn't held his daughter yet and with his injuries it would be hard but it he sat down on the couch and relaxed with a few pillows around him then hopefully he would be able to hold their daughter without too much difficulty. Nathan crawled onto the couch beside Matthew, "Okay I think I can hold her now." He muttered as the baby girl was sat down into his arms and she immediatley stopped crying.
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Alexandria smiled softly. [b "Have to be strong when you live with these hooligans."] she said. [b "I'm not even going to mention that I didn't have an medication. I wanted an all natural birth."] She looked down at Nathan and smiled softly. [b "This is daddy's sister. Just like Hailey is your sister."] She listened to Morgan and smirked slightly. [b "I think she looks like me. Matthew said so. I'm just glad she has his dimples though.."]

She watched as Nathan hide behind Matthew. [b "Be easy with Daddy, Nathan. He's still really sore."] she said. She looked at Morgan, who was now speaking to her and smiled. [b "I'm Alexandria."] she said, leaning over she side hugged the woman. [b "I don't know if I can take the credit for getting him to settle down. He was the one doing all the chasing."] she said. [b "I wanted to pursue my career, and then I met him."] She looked up when Layla walked into the house with groceries. [b "This is Layla. Family friend, and Matt's manager. She helped me track you down as well."]
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Morgan smiled seeing her and then looked surprised, "You just had a baby and your up and walking around... you are stronger than I would be." She said waving to Nathan and looking at the little girl. "She looks so much like my baby brother..." Matthew stood there blushing, "She has my eyes..." Morgan shook her head, "and your dimples, and your hair color... I could go on... shes a girl version of you Matt."

Matthew chuckled and said, "Okay okay Morgan, we get it. Your an aunt now though." Nathan hid behind Matthew's leg from the strange woman. "Nate... this is your Aunt Morgan... don't be scared, shes nice." Nathan nodded and went to hug the woman. "I'd hug you myself Morgan but I'm still in alot of pain from the accident." Morgan nodded understanding and turned to Alexandria, "Your the girl who found me and somehow managed to get my brother to settle down.... are you a miracle worker?" She asked with a smile and looked down at the baby girl, "Hailey... is so cute."
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Alexandria giggled when she heard Nathan's comment. [b "She'll only look like that for a few hours."] she said. She looked up at Trey and smiled. [b "I hope they'll be the best of friends."] She leaned over and kissed Hailey's head one more time. [b "Get out so I can get dressed. I need to go downstairs."]

She placed the baby in the pack and play, before throwing on a sports bra. It was amazing how small her belly looked after giving birth. She would still need to work out to get her pre baby body back. She looked at Nathan. [b "Lets go downstairs and see daddy. Momma's right behind you."] she said as she slipped into shorts and leaned over to pick up Hailey.

She walked to the staircase and grinned when she seen Morgan. [b "Morgan! You're finally here."] she said as she walked down the steps, holding Hailey, and holding Nathans hand. Once they reached the bottom, she grinned. [b "This is Nathan, our oldest. And this little girl here, is Hailey. Not even two hours old."]
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"Momma she looks like an alien." Nathan said making a face at the little girl. Trey stood in the doorway and chuckled, "he kept asking when he could see the new baby... after Matt explained to him that she was his sister of course."

Matthew wandered slowly to the front door and asked Layla who it was and how they got in without a key code. He opened the door expecting reporters or a fedex person and was met face to face with his older sister. "Morgan... is that really you?" He asked with a smile, shocked and surprised. Morgan nodded, "That fiance of yours is amazing, she found me and told me what happened after I moved out, I'm sorry baby bro." Matt shook his head, "Don't worry about that. its just... its good to see you again, are you staying?"

He couldn't stop smiling, of course Alexandria was behind this. Morgan nodded, "As long as you'd like me to... I actually don't live far from here. Only about 20 minutes, we both ended up in California."
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Alexandria smiled softly when she heard the door bell ring. He didn't even notice that someone got into the driveway without having the code. Alex had texted her the code, along with the address. [b "Matt. They got in without being buzzed in, go see what's going on."] she said. [b "We'll be fine."]

She looked down at the baby girl in her arms and smiled softly. She loved being a mother, but now the fact that she would miss more time off from work, was in the back of her mind. Especially now, with all of Matthew's injuries. There was no way she could go back to work right now. [b "Momma loves you, sweet girl."] she said as she leaned down and kissed her head. She glanced up when the door opened, and Nathan peeked his head in. [b "Momma."] he said softly. [b "I come in?"

Alexandria nodded and smiled. [b "Come cuddle with momma and sissy. Daddy will coming back in a few miuntes."] she said. She leaned over and semi helped Nathan onto the bed, with the arm that wasn't holding Hailey.
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"Shes so perfect." Matthew said looking at his fiance and daughter... "You we're amazing...and she was even stubborn." He kissed Alexandria's lips and looked at their baby girl. "Hey Hailey... I'm your daddy." He said smiling. The little girl had his hair color and his eyes... but everything else was Alexandria. "Daddy is never going to let anyone hurt you and never going to let you down baby girl." he muttered and kissed the top of the baby girl's head.

Matthew heard the door bell ring and said, "Let Trey get it... I don't want to leave my girls." He was in love with their baby girl. All the fights, the worry, the stress, seeing his fiance... the woman he loved in pain... that little girl made it all worth it. He had never thought that he would have a family and now he had a son and a daughter and a beautiful fiance.

"A month early, stubborn, and full of surprises already... our baby girl is more than perfect." He said looking to Alexandria smiling.
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Alexandria shook her head. [b "Matthew. You have two broken ribs. Please, just don't."] she said. She looked at Trey and shook her head. [b "Guest Bedroom."] she said. [b "I'm having a baby."] She looked up at Layla and nodded. [b "Good! He needs to rest. This month has been rough on him."]

She looked up back, and glared as she watched Matthew get up. [b "I'm be in labor for hours. So we'll be fine."] she said softly. She rolled her eyes slightly. [b "My water literally just broke. It doesn't hurt."] she said.

Alexandria ended up laboring for twelve hours, before it was time to start pushing. She only pushed for about fifteen minutes, and then her little girl, Hailey Jane was born. Nathan was made at first, because he didn't understand why his mother was holding another baby, then Matthew explained that the baby was his little sister.

She looked down at the little girl in her arms, they were doing skin to skin contact right now, nobody else was in the room except for Matthew.

The doorbell rang. Alexandria had texted Matthew's sister, and she was showing up to surprise Matthew.
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Matthew shook his head, "This is you and our child... I'm coming to help." He protested and Trey shook his head, "I got her Matt." he said coming to Alexandria, "Let me help you to the couch.... Matt you can call her doctor and tell her that the baby is coming and her water broke... stay calm."

Matthew nodded and Layla rushed down the stairs, "Nathan is asleep Alex..." Then she saw Alexandria's face, "Oh my God, the baby is coming."
Trey nodded, "yeah her water just broke, can you get some pillows and a blanket from the closet in the hall?" Matthew shook his head, "We have a place set up in the guest room... its all ready for the baby..." He stood up slowly as he got the doctor on the phone. A few minutes later he sighed, "Shes on the way but it'll be at least an hour with traffic."

Trey an Layla helped Alexandria to the guest room and Trey went to make sure Nathan was okay. Matt turned his attention to Alexandria, "Breathe baby... I know it hurts." He said giving her his good hand to hold.
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Alexandria shook her head as she listened to Matthew. [b "You aren't picking that damn guitar up."] she said [b "Not until we go back to the doctor in two weeks. Matthew, I will hide it. You know I will."] she said. She watched as he laid back on the couch. [b "You need to sleep."] she said. [b "I'm going to get Nathan settled back in, and then he can watch scooby with you."] she said.

She smiled weakly and leaned down and kissed his forehead. [b "You focus on getting better. Let me worry about everything esle."] she said. She looked at Daisy and sighed. [b "Not now, baby."] she said. [b "Baby Claybourne is fine."] she said.

She turned around and headed toward the stairs, she needed to go upstairs and check on Layla and Nathan. She gasped softly. She felt a cramping in her lower areas, and then water gushed out. [b "Trey... Layla!!"] she cried out. [b "My water just broke."] she mumbled as she continued to try and get up the stairs. [b "Matthew. Don't move!"]
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Matthew nodded, “tired and in pain but so glad to be home...I know the doctor said don’t try my hand for a couple weeks but I just want to see if I can play anything.” He muttered. His hand was still hurting and was wrapped and had a glove on it. “I don’t even want to see my stitches.” He said worried.

He knew Alexandria would have to help him change his bandages for his hand and help him wrap and unwrap his ribs but with her being so pregnant he was weary of asking her to help him. “You need some rest too Alex...I mean it. Nathan and I can sit here on the couch and watch scooby doo and you need to sit down and relax and put your feet up. It’s been a month since we’ve been home.”

Their dog Daisy tried jumping on Matthew and he sighed, “Sorry Daisy girl until I’m better no jumping on me.” The dog pushed against his good hand so he would pet her and he sighed. “Is Baby Claybourne giving you any trouble? We can call the doctor to check you out if she is.”
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Alexandria smiled softly as she looked up at Jared. She nodded softly. [b "I know, I know. But you all were there. Had he been alone, he wouldn't be here right now."] she said. She giggled when he said Matthew would get mad because she was being emotional, which could cause early labor. [b "I'm thirty seven weeks pregnant, I'm allowed to get emotional."] she said.

She turned around and headed back to check on Matthew. [b "He's asleep in Layla's arms. He's fine."] she said softly. She giggled when he said the flight attendent bought her an extenstion for the seat belt. [b "I love being pregnant, but I'm officaly over it. I just want our baby girl here already."] she said.

Soon enough they were pulling in the driveway of their home. She helped Matthew out of the truck, while Layla was getting Layla. [b "Alright. Lets get out in the house, and then we'll get your pain medicine."] she said. She had her arm wrapped gently around him. [b "Tired baby?"] she asked.
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Jared hugged her as they stood on the plane, "Hes here because God wanted him to be here... hes special and what did we say about that crying... you'll get all upset and that could cause that baby to come early and then Matthew would kill us all... he loves you so much and Nathan... but I think Nathan loves Matthew a little more than most people do."

Matthew was leaning back in his seat when a flight attendant brought him a soda which he was thankful for. He sipped it as he heard Alexandria coming back up the aisle. "Nathan okay?" He asked looking up at her from his seat. "The flight attendant brought you an extension for your belt so you and the baby are safe." He muttered leaning over and kissing her gently.

A couple hours later the plane was landing and Matthew couldn't be happier. He just wanted to rest and relax. "Sweetheart I need to lie down." He said as they walked into their home. He made it to the couch before he had to sit. His ribs were killing him.
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Alexandria smiled softly and nodded. [b "He's handled all of this pretty well, for a four year old."] she said. Once they got to the apartment, the paparazzi was insane. Jared had Nathan, with a blanket around him so they couldn't get pictures of his face, both she and Layla were holding Matthew's around, pushing everyone back. [b "I said get back!"] she snapped at one of the guys with a camera. [b "Get the hell back!"]

She sighed in relief once they got on the private plane. [b " I'm fine."] she said softly. She watched as he reclined back. [b "You just relax. Try and get a nap in. I'm going to check on Nathan."] she said. She leaned down and kissed his forehead before hobbling off to the back on the plane. [b "Thank you for keeping the paparazzi away from him."] she said to Jared. [b "I really don't know what I would've done the past month without you and Layla.."] she said softly. Her voice broke slightly. [b "He's here, because of you all."]
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Matthew nodded and kissed her. "We will just have to remind Nathan that daddy can't pick him up." Soon they were on their way home on the airplane. The airport had been hectic with paparazzi, wanting to get the first picture of Matthew Claybourne out of the hospital. He didn't look great but he was better than he had been and first and foremost he was will alive.

Matthew had seen the pictures of the crash, what his bus looked like afterwards... he was truly lucky to be alive. Some people didn't even believe we was alive as they had not seen him in over a month. Boarding the plane he slowly sat down in his seat in first class. It reclined and for that he was thankful, his ribs were killing him. He was going to be useless with the new baby.

"Any pains?" he asked touching her massive belly with his good hand. Baby Claybourne was the celebrity baby that everyone was excited for. Especially since Matthew's accident. All eyes had been on Alexandria and the baby.
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