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[h3 Kingdoms]
The kingdom of Ilfrey: The farthest kingdom north and the coldest, having treacherous snowy winters and long cold spells. Natives tend to be more cold in personality much like their climate. Though winter last for many months, there is a four month period of spring, summer, and fall.

The kingdom of Briar Glen:

The kingdom of Hythe:

The kingdom of Aerilon:

The kingdom of Myrefall:

The kingdom of Alderrdeen:

The kingdom of Blackborn:

Unclaimed territory: The two chunks of land no one dares inhabit, covered with dangerous creatures, many unknown to man. If a hunter ventures into the woods of unclaimed land he rarely lives to tell the tale.

[H3 Oceans and Islands]

Cos Sea: Frigid and cold, having many glaciers there are few creatures, but those whom dwell in this ocean are to be feared. Icebergs riddle the water and boats refuse to sail the ocean, as it is more treacherous than the unclaimed territory.

Turquoise Abys:

Gulf of Roqolm:

Flyz Bay:

[h3 Creatures and where they inhabit]


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