Tale As Old As Time

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You know the drill. "A love so strong it conquered time!"

Two people love each other so deeply, and are tied by the string of fate so closely, that they will meet and fall in love every time they reincarnate, lifetime after lifetime. But this story has a slight twist.

Long ago, there were two people who fell in love. This was a very regular story of love, sorrow and loss. Two people who were worlds apart but fought every obstacle in their path to ensure they could be together. Their story? Well that is to be discovered. They are the most famous love stories in history and literature, they are immortal and immortality is exactly the point to this story as the gentlemen in question is immortal. That's right. Cursed or blessed, this man can not die and it was a blessing until he finally met his true love. That was when it became a curse; a ticking time bomb of when he might lose her and because of his status within society that was sooner rather than later. I shall not tell you all the details because then what would there be to discover? I shall tell you though, that their love was not approved and there was more than scandal surrounding their relationship and how she was so wrongly taken away from this world well before her time.

Many years have passed. How long? Does an immortal keep track of time really? What would the point in that? It would be torture indeed to track the amount of time that they have been forced to walk upon the earth without being permitted to leave no matter how many times one might have wanted to or even tried. Death was not permitted for this immortal and the reason why was not know to him, nor had anyone he had ever met. But throughout his life he has been waiting for something; hoping that his love might one day be reborn and return to him and perhaps his wish had been granted.

She hadn't been an archaeologist for long before now but this was her biggest break through. She had happened upon something: An ancient love story that could change history forever. The story, again, is yours to discover. The fascination surrounding the case had attracted many eyes. Those of journalists and budding historians. Most of all though it catches the eye of the most prolific scholar of the period. Little did she know that she was the reason he was attracted to this case. Not only is she the image of the love he lost all those years ago but the discovery could unlock the secret about why they were separated in the first place.

What I am looking for...

So I have left this story pretty open because I would like my partner to have a say in how this story plays out. This is a love story with a historical element as well as the supernatural everlasting life. I am looking for the immortal male. When applying to play this character I want this person to have a think about why he might have been important in his time. Essentially he fell in love with my character in the past even though she was not worthy of someone of his status and something happens that means she disappears from his life. Perhaps she was murdered or banished. I want this to be a discovery - no point in knowing the story from the beginning - where's the fun in that?

This man is going to recognise my character and be in love with her because she is the reincarnation of the woman he loved long ago but remember she doesn't know who he is.

Most of all I want someone creative and willing to work with me on this.

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Constance led the way to her office, slightly ahead of Sebastian. As she made her way to the stairs that would lead to her floor she found her thoughts wondering to what it might be like to work with someone like him. In honesty, though it was very clear that he was extremely talented within his field, she couldn't help but think his presence might have simply been a distraction for her.

This was unfamiliar territory for the young woman and even as that thought crossed her mind she found her cheeks turning a light shade of pink once more. This time she was grateful for the pace she had kept that ensured that he didn't actually see her. It was at the moment that she decided that she would need to pull herself together for the rest of the day because she couldn't allow anything to come between her discovering more about this chest that she had felt this connection with. Strange how it seemed that her connection transferred to Sebastian too but she was not prepared to address that.

As they approached her office door she found it slightly ajar.

[b "That is strange."] Her words were almost a whisper and the tone suggested that she hadn't expected the door to be open upon her arrival and when she walked in she was surprised to see one of Jason's assistants sitting in the office waiting for her.

["b Can I help you?"] Now she was sharp and to the point, not liking that fact that someone would invade her professional work space without and appointment or even her presence to warrant such a visit. The assistant sat in her seat with an unpleasant smirk and her hand rested upon a box.

[b "Jason asked me to bring this diary to you as a matter of urgency. I thought you would be more pleased that he responded to your little outburst with such hast."] It was obvious that Constance wouldn't take a liking to this woman but she did a much better job at hiding it this time and she simply smiled towards the woman and thanked her.

[b "Please do make sure you follow proper procedure next time. I prefer appointments to be made and I don't like people being around the artefacts when I'm not here just in case something gets damaged. I'm sure your employer wouldn't appreciate anything like that happening."] They spent a few moments exchanging looks and it didn't take long for Jason's assistant to remove herself from the room with nothing more that a reminder that Jason would be in touch for an update soon.

Her heart seemed to quicken with excitement when they were left alone and she didn't hesitate to show Sebastian to the chest while she made her way to the box to take a peek at the diary that could offer so many answers. They green leather was battered, as expected but it was a thing of beauty and even though she didn't exactly read the pages instantly, she took in the delicate handwriting as she flicked through the pages. It was simply remarkable that someone who had no social standing around this time period could write so well and she couldn't help but grin from ear to ear as she began to lower herself to the seat, simply running her fingers over the paper admiring the penmanship.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/NUrRlsZ.png]]"Constance, then. Of course we can dispose of the titles, it will make working together a lot easier" he replied, letting the tone of her voice wash over him like a wave. The more fanciful parts of his mind were soaring as even his more grounded side struggled to remain so. She had always had a way of vocalizing that made him positively [i weak]; the simple sultry overtones sinking deep into his skin and resonating with his very core.

It did little, however, to diminish his very acute notice of her ignoring of his arm. He thought to quickly bring his hand to his mouth to cover a feigned cough, a thinly veiled attempt to save face. He had clearly been presumptuous and she too polite to rebuff him openly. Internally he dampened somewhat, but kept it from staining the golden expression he wore, remaining all smiles and cheek. The sinking feeling lasted only a moment, however, and he pulled their linked arms ever so slightly closer. His heart threatened to burst out of his chest, but he could think of nowhere in the world he'd rather be.

"Perhaps not," he chuckled, "But I'm still grateful to have it nonetheless."

The genuine intent in his voice chimed like a bell, even as he watched her almost physically stiffen and dull. Was it paperwork that garnered such a reaction, or the sight of being seen with him in such a manner? Perhaps both, or maybe neither.

Either way, he gave a grateful nod as he accepted his pass, clipping it to his lanyard beside his Smithsonian ID.

"Oh I think I will be around quite a bit. You can't get rid of me that easy Miss Ja-..Constance, rather" he chuckled, motioning for her to continue as he moved to follow.
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It seemed when Sebastian spoke of money that he was experienced with such things. If it were the case that he himself had plenty to spare, he was unlike those she had met before. Most certainly unlike the ignorant sponsor they had left behind only moments ago. In her experience, those with money were often changed by it and liked to show it off because it was rarity for someone to have it in abundance. If Sebastian had money, he didn't seem to flaunt it, nor did he behave in a way that suggested it either.

His grin showed off his handsome features and she forced herself to look away. The last thing she wanted was to get caught staring at him but it was something she could find herself staring at for a lifetime without getting bored. His strong jaw line, his prominent cheeks and those eyes; those eyes were hypnotic.

[i What am I doing? Stop swooning. This is so unlike me!] As the thought crossed her mind, she subconsciously cleared her throat and smiled towards him.

[b "You can call me Constance. Miss James seems so formal and if we are going to be working together for a while then I would hate for such formalities to remain. Unless of course you would prefer that?"] She was testing the water now, not listening to her own thoughts about catching herself before she fell. Constance looked down at the floor as they walked, practically kicking herself for sounding so ridiculous. She was beginning to act like a foolish love sick teenager. Seduction lacing her words and and obvious disappointment at a wrong answer if it were to come but that smile of his struck her heart. It was beating so fast and the sound of it echoed in her ears as her head vibrated with the beat of it. It was just a smile, yet the effect that it had on her was almost as though she had been kissed for the first time.

Constance almost allowed his offer of his arm to go unnoticed. Not purposely of course but her thoughts and awareness of her changing demeanour had distracted her for some time as they walked. It was such a old fashioned thing to do and something that showed just how chivalrous the man was and that thought alone made her smile so even though it went against her better judgement, she decided to take his arm.

[b "I'm sure a man such as yourself doesn't need such protection,"] her words, laced with the humour that she had found within his exchange. Their conversation seemed to flow easily from the moment they left the dig but when they arrived at the office, the conversation ceased as Constance began to go through the process of signing Sebastian in as a visitor.

[b "Here is your pass. I have registered you as a reoccurring visitor just in case you find yourself with the need to return her."] Was the hope in her voice obvious? [b "If you would like to follow me, my office is this way."]
  Constance / d1gn17y / 1y 195d 16h 30m 11s
[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/NUrRlsZ.png]]"I have a feeling that even if he had to pay full price, it would not bother him. Money tends to lose value with each dollar earned." he stated flatly. His dislike for the man was clear, as hypocritical as his statement may have been.

The tone in her reply spoke volumes. Her aversion to romance was not a new one; Sebastian clearly remembered playing the doting suitor for many months before she relented and allowed his courting. It became a game of cat and mouse, a form of flirting all of itself, and it brought warmth to his heart. It ranked at the top of his long life's worthwhile endeavors, one of the few things he would never change.

"Miss James, of course, my apologies for the confusion" he said with a grin.

"Drive? And miss out on the pleasure of a guided tour? I wouldn't think of it."

He laughed lightly as he spoke, flashing her an honest smile. In all honesty it felt that he would simply wither the moment he left her presence, the way a rose wilts away from the soil. His mind had still yet to decide whether this was reality or some clever fantasy, but either way he would take no chances.

"Besides, what should happen if I'm again beset by fools or scoundrels. I surely need the protection offered by your scholarly ferocity" he teased gently, offering his arm to link with hers. A little forward, perhaps, but his dated sensibilities still saw the act as a gentlemanly one. Despite his growing fatigue, Sebastian radiated exuberance like a glow. Almost reminiscent of a child on Christmas morning or a sailor sweeping his young wife after returning from sea.

[i Careful, Seb. You don't know exactly what's going on here. Just take it easy and don't get too attached] cautioned the sterner sides of his mind, but they were easily overshadowed by his optimism.
  P E R M A N E N C E / Retribution / 1y 195d 17h 37m 9s
Constance seemed quite comfortable in the presence of this man and the way he seemed to support her without even knowing her made her feel better about the situation that had arisen. Another laugh escaped her lips as he spoke of Indiana Jones and she shook her head, knowing that if the man had not been the sponsor of the dig, she might have lost her temper in such a way that did resort to violence.

She glanced and watched as he stretched, exposing the build of his body a little more. It was clear that the man was per tired and she had realised that she had no real idea of how far his journey had been. Constance had not journeyed much further than home for a long time. She had once craved to travel the world and take part in archaeological digs all around the world but the fact of the matter was, something always kept her here and even now she could not explain what that was exactly. It was rare to find such a historian who had not spent the majority of their career travelling to the see the wonders of a world left behind.

Sebastian spoke again and she raised an eyebrow when he told her that he had already taken care of lunch and she shook her head. [b “I don’t mind at all, in fact I am rather grateful. Part of me wishes he had to pay as a no show because it’s that kind of place you know?”] Another laugh. What was it about him that made her feel at ease? Usually her professional persona would throw up a wall around her, showing those that she was not one who could be broken down.

This felt more as if they have been friends for a long time. [b “It’s Ms James.”] Her tone changed now, indicating at the displeasure towards the idea of being a ‘Mrs’. No man that she had ever met had been someone she could see herself settling down with, yet she had never been interested in trying either. Perhaps that was a fault of hers. Did that make her less of a woman?

[b “Of course. The office is not too far from here. I walked but if you have a car I can give you the directions and meet you there?”]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/NUrRlsZ.png]]Hearing her laugh he could not help but grin wide, the musical tone sending a tingling sensation through his body like lightning. Sebastian had heard most of the world's greatest compositions in person, from Bach to Mozart to even Abelard, and yet nothing could even hope to compare to the purity of her laugh.

"Quite the opposite, you've nothing to apologize for. I'd have been disappointed to see such idiocy unanswered, I've nothing but the utmost respect for you handled it. To be honest, some part of me even hoped to see a punch thrown. It would have been [i very] Indiana Jones" he laughed. As the walked he arched his back and stretched his hands up above himself not unlike a cat, wincing slightly as he felt the muscles in his back struggle against him. It had been a long trip, one without his usual morning routines to keep his mind fresh and body limber.

Life, as it does after so many centuries, become a series of strict routines and procedures maintained with a total attention to detail. Every meal perfectly proportioned, every activity planned weeks in advance, every task completed with meticulous precision. It made it easier to keep his mind occupied and away from its darker trains of thought.

Still, he was glad for the change of pace. More so now.

"Don't worry about lunch, I've already had it taken care of. I hope you don't mind," he stated absently, rolling his shoulders, "Now I hate to sound like a broken record Ms, or is it Mrs James?" he asked in a tone he hoped to pass for...inconspicuous, "But I was hoping we could see this chest you have unearthed."
  P E R M A N E N C E / Retribution / 1y 197d 8h 31m 25s
Constance sighed and noticed that Jason turned to leave when she did and it appeared that he knew of the woman who Eric had been conversing with. It was hardly surprising that he would pounce on the fresh blood almost instantly, knowing that the man made it his mission to ‘conquer’ any woman in his path. He had once expressed is disappointment in his failure to do so with her. Her wall was too high for him to climb and too strong for him to break and eventually he admitted defeat and it killed him to do so.

Constance smiled towards Casey and nodded towards her as she watched her lean in to exchange some words with Sebastian. She distracted herself with other thoughts for a moment until they were done talking. The last thing she wanted was to appear rude by listening in to the conversation that was being exchanged. Soon enough, the woman seemed to busy herself with her phone and Sebastian moved back to Constance and they began to walk in rhythm with each other.

She had not noticed how warm it was until she watch Sebastian wipe at the brow that glistened with droplets of sweat. It was something she had grown used to and it reminded her that not everyone was. A laugh managed to escape her lips as Sebastian made an observation about the site and the benefactor who had shown himself to be ignorant to their work.

[b “I certainly do.”] She said, now feeling calmer and the smile upon her face was an indication of that. [b “I do believe that I owe you an apology. I sincerely hoped that I would be able to keep myself composed and I do believe I have embarrassed myself in front of a stranger today.”]

Constance looked over towards him, taking in the sight of him once more. [b “I also need to apologise for the fact that I invited you to a lunch that is no longer taking place.”] A laugh filled the air around them as she seemed to return to her old self.
  Constance / d1gn17y / 1y 198d 56m 45s
[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/NUrRlsZ.png]]Sebastian could not help but raise an eyebrow at Constance's determination in the face of Jason's incompetence. It was not often that you found someone with that kind of steadfast assurance in such a traditionally patriarchal field. The sight sent a ripple of goosebumps radiating from his spine. The woman's fire was something that he remembered all too well, and to see it again was like the first sight of shore after a long voyage.

[i She always was the lion in the room. Everyone else was a guest in her house.]

He nodded a quick farewell to Jason and turned to leave with a warm smile on his face, stealing another glance side ward. In truth, he admired in so many ways. He had met many great people throughout his years. Heads of state, spiritual leaders, artists and revolutionaries. But none inspired such awe in him the way she did.

Seeing her scan the dig site, he followed suit and spotted Casey conversing with Eric. Her body language, especially the way she twirled her hair around her finger and batted her big brown eyes, spoke volumes of her intentions. A barely repressed chuckle escaped him as he waved her over. [i I fear for the man that falls for that trap] he mused.

"Constance this is my assistant, Ms Casey Reeves. Ms Reeves, this is Constance James, she leads the dig team here" he stated with a casual tone. The woman smiled in welcome as she approached, but did not speak, instead leaning close to Sebastian's ear. They whispered a few quick words back and forth for a moment before she turned and left. A phone had materialized in her hands seemingly out of nowhere, and she typed at it mercilessly.

As Sebastian moved to follow Constance, he raised a hand to wipe at his brow, looking up at the beating sun. How the woman before him managed to stay so composed in sites like this was beyond him.

"Well that was...eye opening" he murmured to her, sure to keep his voice audible only to her, "You certainly have your hands full with this, don't you?"
  Bärin / Retribution / 1y 198d 12h 57m 44s
Embarrassment is all that she felt now. She had lost her temper with her benefactor and in front of someone who would be of critical use and importance to the following historical investigation and she found herself inhaling and exhaling slowly to bring herself to a calmer state.

Although she had shown some disrespect towards Jason, Sebastian seemed to do a good job of smoothing things over with him when he could have easily turned on her for such a negative attitude. His words more than calmed her and for a moment she became mesmerised by the way he spoke once more. People were not as poetic as he seemed to be anymore. It was almost as though he was from a different time, talking about things as though they had written for the purpose of poetry.

There it was again: the unexplainable rising heat and the quickening heartbeat of a woman, becoming infatuated with the idea of a man who was unlike anyone she had ever met. Here he stood, putting Jason in his place and supporting Constance in a way that put her to shame. She wished that she had more patience and she wished that she had been able to hold her tongue but she would apologise later.

He was correct of course that it was astonishing that such a find had been made and it was so obvious that Jason had no clue just how important it was that they found a diary of a common woman who could even keep such a diary. It seemed that he still conformed to the tradition of social class and hierarchy and perhaps that very fact might have been the reason for dismissing the find.

[b “I expect that any found artefacts will be moved to my office by midday tomorrow. If you are funding my team to complete such a project, you must allow us to actually work with the artefacts that warranted this dig in the first place.”] She shook her head and allowed a sigh to escape her lips. [b “I suggest that we reschedule our working lunch until I have had the opportunity to examine the artefacts you will send. It may give us more clues about the chest; it may be completely unrelated but either way, our business is complete until then.”] Constance turned around, searching the site for Eric who seemed to be lost in conversation with a woman who stood flirtatiously. An eye roll and a harsh tone was enough to grab his attention and as called his name she turned back towards Jason. Eric was able to hear her from the distance between them now and so she continued to speak. [b “Eric here will continue with your site visit from here on out. I have work to do.”] She said simply, moving away from the man, unsure as to whether Sebastian would follow. She hoped that she hadn’t tainted his impression of her.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/NUrRlsZ.png]] Jason's arrogance and clear disregard for the world in which he forced himself into grated on Sebastian's nerves like nails on a chalkboard. An all too transparent ignorance emanated from the man like a cloud. This was not a historian. Not even an enthusiast. He was a fraud. Despite this, Sebastian managed to maintain an air of composure and respect, not wanting to offend the man who had funded this...situation.

"When it comes to archaeology, or any kind of historical endeavor really, is that it is not just dirt and stone separating you from discovery. All of time and her perpetual passage works against you. We are a fleeting species in the grand scheme of things. We boil down to empires built on salt and sand. It is truly a miracle that we manage to find anything at all" he said with the faintest hint of an edge to his voice that even he could not repress.

People like Jason were nothing new. Snakes preying on any opportunity for fame and fortune, but most had a basic understanding of the workings of the field. Jason's following words shone a spotlight on the scope of his ignorance.

"If the artifacts found here date back to the 18th century as they likely do, the mere fact that this girl was literate is a small miracle. Not to mention the contents of such a diary could contain genuine first hand accounts of life in the era during that period" he subtly scolded in a tone of disbelief.

"I understand you may not be an archaeologist or historian yourself, but I assume you're a man of sense. Sense enough to recognize where your opinions are overshadowed by the experience of the people you fund" he said, gesturing to Constance, "You need to send for anything else that has been found but not handed over to the dig team. Anything from diaries to chamber pots to jeweled crowns."

As he spoke, he glanced side wards at the woman beside him. [i A similar temper as well.]
  P E R M A N E N C E / Retribution / 1y 199d 8h 43m 47s
It was clear that no matter what she wanted that Sebastian was going to be sticking around for the duration of the dig and the journey in general. That fact alone made her feel insecure and nervous. She had grown concerned with showing herself up, making silly mistakes that would ultimately be scrutinised by him; never before had she cared about such things. Another part of her was excited to share such a discovery with someone who seemed to be just as passionate about the journey to discovery as she was. Sure, it was wonderful having Eric around but he did not care as much as she did.

Constance now observed as the two men before her become acquainted, seemingly establishing some kind of masculinity in the way that they shook hands. Her lips turned up into a smile slightly, always finding such things comical. Of course, it was something that came subconsciously but she could not help but muse about how Jason did not have a peg on Sebastian.

[b “It is quite a dig you are correct. I am sure that I have the best team for the job although the discoveries are not as often as I would have liked.”] The male voice spoke, laced with disappointment as he looked towards Constance, almost a flicker of blame crossing his eyes and her eyebrows furrowed in response. [b “There were a few minor discoveries made a couple of weeks ago when they landowner began to dig to lay the foundations of a further building. Simple things that would not usually warrant and interest but I for one, find such trivial things fascinating.”]

[I Lies.] She thought to herself. [I You don’t care about any of this. You simply hoped that there would be more to find.]

[b “A diary of sorts was found, belonging to a common girl. Her name is unknown as she only ever signed with her initials but we thought there would be more to discover along with this.”]

[b “A diary?”] Constance spoke up now and she did not even try to hide anger. How had he managed to keep such an item away from the one person who was leading the dig? How could he have not mentioned this before? This might have been linked to the chest and he is only just now bringing it up, so casually as though it did not even matter. [b “Why is this diary not within my possession? Everything found of this dig, including that discovered beforehand,, thus warranting such a dig, should have been handed over to the investigation team.”]

Jason looked at her with simple amusement and shook his head with a laugh. [b “It’s of no importance. A simple diary from a woman drunk on infatuation. It is actually rather amusing but I was sure that it would not be important. How could it be?”]

Constance scowled and raised her voice slightly. [b “How dare you!”]
  Constance / d1gn17y / 1y 199d 11h 23m 44s
[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/NUrRlsZ.png]]A blush. Blink and you'd miss it, but it was undeniably there. Sebastian briefly turned his head to hide an amused smile. That such a simple rush of blood could affect him so profoundly was amazing. This was a feeling he hadn't had in a very, very long time. For although he had never struggled with women, his was a particularly calculated approach. A detached demeanor, interspersed with veiled flattery and a feigned sense of connection. He was not proud of it, but the millennia had taught the value of efficiency. Constance had always had a wildly different power over him.

Her laugh. God, her laugh.

"Hopefully we can get to work soon, I'm eager to get my hands on it" came his response, before turning his attention forward.

For Sebastian, personality was malleable and demeanor a mask. This was evident in the man's immediate shift to stern composure as introductions were made. He gave a small nod as he extended his hand in an all-too-perfected gesture. The first handshake spoke volumes in the business world's upper echelons; it could establish the balance of power, speak of each party's valuation of each other etc. Sebastian was fluent in this unspoken language of stale masculinity, and would make it known.

"Jason, it's good to meet you. This is quite the dig you have here" he commented as he quickly evaluated the man before him. A typical show pony out for media attention in the hopes of becoming the next Bill Gates or Elon Musk; a household name. A dime a dozen, but still tended to be unpredictable. He would need to keep an eye out.

"I have to say though, it was an interesting site to search. What prompted you to get involved?"
  P E R M A N E N C E / Retribution / 1y 199d 11h 58m 19s
Something within her seemed to stir as she walked with the new arrival and it was not something she could recognise so easily. As she spoke she could almost feel his eyes taking in the sight of her as she had only moments before and she wondered if this is what it was like to share mutual attraction. It was something she had very little experience of as she was a woman married to her work and right up to this point she had never so much as been on a single date with a man. The excuse of work was always there but she began to wonder if that was really her reasoning or whether it was simply the fact that she felt a disconnect to that world and she felt no desire to indulge in it.

Now they had stopped she found herself avoiding his eyes as his spoke with such poetry that almost melted her. The obvious passion for the past and the way his accent seductively laced the words forced the butterflies in her stomach to life. His grin; his laugh; all of it seemed to appeal to her in ways that she had never been interested in before and she wondered if the heat she felt rising to her cheeks would be evident to the man before her.

Constance took a brief moment to compose herself and inhaled a breath that seemed to settle the butterflies that had grown so fierce within her. [I He’s just a man Constance. You have never cared before.] She seemed to regret her invitation now, knowing that she would have to sit across from a stranger who had an unexpected effect on her and still she felt that tiny bit of familiarity. There was no way that she could have laid eyes upon this man before and not realised it. Not now or any other life time if one believed in such fantasies.

She laughed slightly at the way he seemed to get caught up in his own little world and the way he pulled himself out of it. Constance nodded when he agreed to dine with them, partly disappointed that she would not have a chance to figure out what on earth was going on with her, while the other part of her was excited to learn more of the man and his apparent passions for the field.

[b “Well it will be nice to have an expert as you say. Dead ends seem to be appearing at every turn and perhaps you are just what I need to really delve into this. This one feels exciting but mostly all I have felt is frustration up to this point.”] She spoke just as they arrived at the entrance tent where Jason awaited her presence. Another deep breath and a momentary closure of her eyes allowed her a second to compose herself. [b “Jason, sorry to have kept you waiting. I’m Constance James.”] She said as she held out her hand to formally introduce herself. When Jason met hers with his own, she felt her usual discomfort with human contact and she could almost feel his ego surrounding them. His smile told her everything she needed to know about how much the man loved attention and she did well to hide her displeasure towards the way he took in her appearance.

She coughed slightly and turned towards Sebastian. [b “It appears that we have another body joining us for lunch this afternoon. Sebastian here is our liaison from the Smithsonian and he is here to help us.”]
  Constance / d1gn17y / 1y 200d 1h 41m 46s
[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/NUrRlsZ.png]]For the briefest of moments as their eyes locked, Sebastian though he saw a faint flicker of recognition; fleeting as it were, it damn near shot his heart through his throat. Quick as it came, it was gone, leaving him wondering if it were really there in the first place. He shook his head lightly and refocused his attention.

As he followed behind her, however, he could not help but take another opportunity to take the woman in. The elegant curvature of her neck, the delicate but undeniably confident gait. The way her dress caught the wind as to give the momentary illusion of her floating above the ground, a ground that could never hope to be worthy of her stride. Images of swans and ballet an-...

[i Enough, Sebastian. You are not a lecher, and you long ago stowed these nonsensical romantic fantasies. Compose yourself.]

With a sigh, he forced himself to take a more objective view of both the woman before him and the situation he found himself in.

"I'm sure we'll manage to dig something up, dear. Honestly I somewhat fancy myself an expert in mysteries like this" he stated with a coy grin.

[i Apparently puns, too. For shame Sebastian.]

"Finds like this are more than...relics. Through the right lens, they can be a portal to a world so long past, so unrecognizable and unfamiliar that one could be forgiven for mistaking it as fantasy. This most rare glimpse of the past can hold a mirror up to the face of we as a people with far greater clarity than we're likely to find elsewhere. Discoveries like this, and indeed virtuous folk such as yourself are a rare treasure."

His passion was clear in his words. It was as though a fire had been lit within him all over again, one borne not just from love of a woman, but from love of a world lost. Even his ever scolding inner monologue could offer no rebuke to his momentary fervor.

"But, of course you would know this already Constance, I'm just ranting now" he chuckled. "I would love to join you for lunch, and I do look forward to helping you find your story. Maybe I'll find one of my own along the way."
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There was something different about the way the man looked at her; almost as though he was expecting her to know who he was. Yet, it was not arrogance. She drank in the sight of him, taking note of his build and the way that he held himself with confidence. He pulled off the smart casual look with ease and for a moment, she caught herself second-guessing her attire. She must have looked ridiculous in a pair of muddy boots and a dress but normally she would not have cared so why was it that something as trivial as that began to worry here?

His accent was stronger than her own was, confirming her suspicions about the fact that he did not originate from here. The sheer tone of his voice was enough to send any woman into a frenzy, especially coupled with his physique but Constance remained professional the entire time, aware that her heart began to beat a little faster when her repeated her name.

[I What is the matter with you? Get a grip woman!]

She locked her eyes with his once his hair shifted and she could have sworn she recognised something within them. Constance caught herself quickly, ensuring that her obsession with searching his eyes had been hidden from him. She cleared her throat, ensuring that she also snapped herself out of her own thoughts and back into the conversation exchange that had seemed one sided now.

Constance glanced at is identification badge and began to piece things together and wondered if she would find working with him just as irritating as she did with other people who have liaised with her in the past. In fairness to them, it was always she who seemed to ostracise those around her; often claiming that she would be able to do things better alone. Constance simply nodded when he complemented her dedication and watched as he shifted his body, seemingly aware that he had blocked her path before and she began to journey towards the entrance tent once more.

[b “At this moment, there is simply not much to know. We found the chest and I have literally tried every avenue possible to figure out where it has come from. I cannot date it; I cannot identify the family it might have belonged to. It is as though they never even existed but I know that is has to be a family crest of sorts engraved upon the lock.”] She spoke to him now as a colleague and fell into a rhythm as they walked together. [b “You seem to want to know more but I can assure you that’s all I can tell you. Eric, my associate, has tried to encourage me to break open the lock in hopes that the contents may tell us more but I cannot bring myself to damage it. I am sure you agree with him and disapprove in the name of knowledge but I won’t do it.”] She defended, almost as though he had already protested against her.

Constance let out a sigh and turned towards him. [b “Honestly, our benefactor has us out here looking for something. I do not know if it is something specific or he just hoped that the dig would help him in the media if something were found. Me, I am looking or a story. I just know how it begins yet.”] Her voice became distant as though she was lost in thought. [b “If you want to know more, you are more than welcome to accompany us to lunch. I am about to meet with our benefactor now.”]
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