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I don't like the feeling of my heart fluttering when it storms. It's an anxious ball of emotion awaiting for the panic attack to set in.
  Fire / Lapis_ / 4d 50m 24s
Honestly, my life consists of taking care of my grandmother.
  Fire / Lapis_ / 6d 6h 31m 11s
Of all things, you replaced my non-latex gloves with latex. Great... My hands are burning and my skin is red and bumpy. In case you didn't know or you just really don't listen to a word I say.... I AM ALLERGIC TO LATEX!
  Fire / Lapis_ / 7d 18h 8m 55s
Yes because me needing to get my kidneys examined has all hell to do with you. Bitch, you're no longer considered family to me. You are not coming to this appointment. It's for me. I'm not even letting papa or my mom go with me. I'm not a charity case either. Stop telling people to pray for my fucking eye. It's better now.
  Fire / Lapis_ / 10d 34m 3s
Started my new medication. Giving it three to four weeks to actually work.
  Fire / Lapis_ / 10d 4h 42m 47s
I just really miss when I was younger. Innocence was a virtue and ignorance was bliss.

I wish I could have at least remembered the good times a lot more.
  Fire / Lapis_ / 10d 22h 3m 7s
Well, I should become a professional mourner. I'm a big enough crybaby for this.
  Fire / Lapis_ / 11d 21h 16m 12s
You don't know me well enough to cast out the final verdict. Honestly, I'm not open to letting anyone else get close to me again. Whatever, I guess misconceptions are a trend and virtual warriors have to be the heroes nowadays.

Unbeknownst to them, I actually tried to help this person that was in a difficult situation, one that I am dealing with as well. So, yeah, before you go all "social media" warrior on someone, try sticking around for the end result, not just the parts you see when you left.
  Fire / Lapis_ / 13d 10h 33m 18s
My mom's older sister is the scum of the fucking earth.
  Fire / Lapis_ / 14d 1h 3s
I need to stop. I need to stop this before I fall out from overworking my body...
  Fire / Lapis_ / 14d 5h 58s
I'm so worn out, running on an empty stomach and lack of motivation to do anything anything.

I'm doing things I have to so they'll get done.
I'm holding off a lot of things I enjoy because parts of my family are literally trying to get here from Houston and Orlando. I have to work to make room in this house for them because no one else here will!
  Fire / Lapis_ / 14d 5h 15m 25s
I'm going to hurt her... I'm going to hurt this old bat!

Don't ever bitch at me for defending my little sister.

Sit the fuck down and shut up! Just shut up!!!

You bitch and complain about the smallest of things and it's every fucking day.

I'm losing my mind in this house!
  Fire / Lapis_ / 15d 3h 40m 44s
Tomorrow is not going to be a good day for me or my family.

It'll be my Uncle Wayne's birthday and the anniversary of my Memaw's death. My depression isn't helping either.
  Fire / Lapis_ / 16d 45m 58s
My mother just admitted to being abusive in the past.

It's nothing new, you've been admitting this shit since I was four years of age and now it doesn't matter. Why? Because, you can't hurt my feelings or fuck with my head anymore.

I've outgrown that shit. Yes, I'm defiant. Yes, I say no everytime you want to put a dog, that you never wanted and bitch about constantly, first before your own fucking children and then tell me I'm the one with the issues. No, I'm fine.

Yes, I woke up the baby, trying to this goddamn dog off of my face.

So, threaten me some more with military shit, Dr. Phil, and other shit.
  Fire / Lapis_ / 17d 8h 14m 14s
I was dizzy because of lack of eating. I can't help it. My appetite has been diminishing and, no, I haven't had a fall back with my anorexia. I've been checked out for that. I just haven't felt that hungry.
  Fire / Lapis_ / 18d 20h 39m 42s

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