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[center [size12 Aries was never one to allow people to see him in a vulnerable state. His current state, to him, was weak and he hated it and he hated it even more that McCree was sitting there, looking at him. But at the same time, there was some comfort there that McCree was sitting in the chair across from him, no rude comments were being exchanged and both of them were being kind to one another. A stunning revolution between the two. It always seemed that some kind of horrible thing had to happen for someone, for two people to actually be nice to one another.]]
[center [size12 Aries then began to sit up, looking down at the hospital gown that he was wearing, the wires strapped to his bed. For a moment, he had a mild panic. It reminded him of what the Talon agents had done to him. But he quickly escaped those thoughts and reached out to McCree, [i [#778899 "stay, please. Come sit on the bed."]] Aries murmured quickly. He wanted to tell McCree everything. He knew things about Jesse from the Commander, and Aries was just a person, with no back story to a lot of people. If some of the Overwatch agents knew that Aries was from Talon, they wouldn't accept him. Only the Seniors, like Gabriel, Ana, and the Commander knew about him and his past.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Reyes told me not to tell people about where I was from, but I guess you know now,"]] Aries laid on his back, looking up at the ceiling. [i [#778899 "But yes, I am from Talon. I went through their program to become an assassin for them, but I guess I had too strong of a will and it failed. I remember the things that they did to me and..."]] Aries shuddered for a moment and sighed. He then turned to Jesse and frowned. [i [#778899 "I am a creepy little, sickly freakazoid because of it,"]] he chuckled, [i [#778899 "but the Overwatch agents brought me in because I know a lot of the Talon HQ and we could bring them down easier with me on their side."]] In all honesty, Aries was a war machine against Talon, that's all he was.]]
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[i Things were.. Odd. Aries was a little shit, for sure, but... Something in me stirred when he had that brief moment of some kind of connection. To be honest, watching the brat in the medical bed calmed my nerves. I wasn't sure if it was because of the fact he was in a safe place, or if he was in good hands, or even if he'd just be okay.]

Jesse rocked himself back and forth in a chair, eyes warily watching over Aries's figure. Mercy had done her best with a quick deliverance of medications after she had gone through the files. So.. Talon was the reason behind this? The cowboy said nothing before taking note that the little shark boy noticed him. A chuckle escaped his lips,

"You're in good hands kid. I know you ain't a fan of no doctors, but Angela is the best we have."

McCree rose from the chair and removed his hat - revealing his messy, chocolate-y brown locks. A gloved hand ran through the strands before the hat replaced itself back on its perch, "Besides, it's best we get you in a more stable state before sending you out on the field." Jesse then turned towards the door,

"Need me to keep eye, or you need some shut eye?"
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[center [size12 Aries opened an eye to look down at a shoulder, a shoulder that belonged to Jesse McCree. He coughed softly into his hands, his body was aching something fierce. He had grown so tired, unable to keep that one eye open for much longer. [i [#778899 "I'm sorry that I am so rude to you,"]] Aries mumbled into the fabric of Jesse's shirt before losing what little bit of life he had for the moment.]]
[center [size12 Next time that Aries knew, he was laying on a bed, next to Angela Zieglar, who was sitting at her desk going over some files. He blinked a few times before looking up at the ceiling. He began to sit up, rubbing his eyes. [i [#778899 "What happened?"]] Aries was quickly, but gently pushed back down to the bed by the Blonde haired doctor and told what had happened to him.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FFBF00 "Jesse brought you in and said that you were having a terrible fit,"]] she explained before glancing over Aries' new chart and frowned a bit. [i [#FFBF00 "Talon caused this didn't they?"]] Angela asked and Aries just nodded, this time he sat up without listening to her constantly telling him to lie back down.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FFBF00 "This is far worse than I expected it to be,"]] Angela continued to think to herself as she turned back to her desk. She had several files and papers scattered everywhere before looking back at Aries, wheeling her chair over to his side of the bed. [i [#FFBF00 "You're suffering from a terrible sickness that was caused by their genetic mutation. I heard rumors that they had started doing that, but never believed them, but here you are, sitting right in front of me,"]] Angela didn't sound very hopeful about what would be the end of Aries, but she quickly came back with this. [i [#FFBF00 "I am going to do my best to figure out a cure to this, Aries. I promise you. But you have to come visit me two times a month, so I can run tests and make sure you aren't getting worse,"]] Aries didn't like the sound of sitting in this office with her for more than 10 minutes.]]
[center [size12 Aries then coughed softly into his hand, a bit of blood, but nothing compared to the previous fit that he had just had. [i [#778899 "I will be fine, Doctor. Thank you for helping me,"]] he murmured before laying back down, his back towards her. He just didn't even want to look at her right now. He just wanted to sleep, but that quickly ended when he saw Jesse McCree, sitting across the room. He eyes focused in on the Cowboy as Angela took her leave for a little bit.]]
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It took a while. A god damn long while for Jesse to snap out of that... fit of rage. The cowboy made sure to take in his surroundings for a moment. He hadn't wandered too far, and seemed to have brought himself out near the East Wing of the facility. A sigh left his lips before a grunt escaped from his throat,

"Again.. Fuck, Gabe's gonna kill me..."

This wasn't the first time the cowboy"s blind bull rage revealed himself. Oh he remembered, back on his first assignment with Gabriel... the two butted heads now, but boy they were at each other's throats back then. Like cats and dogs. Laughing at the memory softly, Jesee was soon greeted by Aries.

The boy had seemed to be looking for him.

Then, it hit him. An apology. Well an apology masked as a side handed compliment. The older was not sure how to respond, but he soon couldn't. The shark ninja was fighting another fit - this one seeming to be worse than the first. Jesse's brows furrowed down in immediate concern,

"Shit, kid!!"

With one swift movement, Aries could be seen propped on Jesse's back - piggyback style. "Gotta get you to the doc. Hang on, kid." Sprinting away, McCree flew down the halls. It felt like an eternity - the Medical Bay being on the West Wing was a pain in the ass. Fortunately, they made it.

"HEY! Angela! Kid's havin" a damn BAD fit!"
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[center [size12 Aries let his arms fall to their sides as Jesse finished his display of dominance and Aries watched him walk out of the room. Eyes followed from Jesse leaving to the Commander walking in, placing himself against a wall. Aries raising an eyebrow him, ruffling his fingers through his stark, white hair before approaching the Commander in a cautious manner. [i [#778899 "I figured as much. I know he doesn't want to kill me, Commander,"]] Aries thoughtfully spoke before shrugging a bit.]]
[center [size12 Maybe Aries was being a little too rude towards McCree, after all he could just ignore Aries completely and pretend that Aries didn't exist. He didn't have to [i babysit] him, if he really wanted to wiggle out of that duty. Aries knew that as much. Aries then placed himself against the wall, as well, crossing his arms over his broad chest. [i [#778899 "So, who is Jesse McCree, sir?"]] Aries asked, curiously. He wanted to know more. He couldn't exactly remember all the backstories that Talon has told him.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "I know I am not supposed to talk about my Talon days, but they mentioned him being a part of the Deadlock Gang, I am guessing that is what that tattoo is?"]] Aries was always curious about people. He wanted to know more.]]
[center [size12 After Jack fully explained Jesse's backstory, Aries frowned a bit. He then excused himself politely to go find Jesse McCree, that annoying, little Cowboy. Though, Aries knew that he wanted to pick and poke at him, he couldn't do that anymore. He had to control himself, making himself more likable? He didn't know if he wanted to be liked by Jesse though. All he knew is that he wanted to talk to Jesse.]]
[center [size12 Approaching quickly behind, Aries grabbed Jesse's shoulder tightly before turning himself around. He stared at Jesse long and hard before he opened his mouth to say anything. [i [#778899 "I will have to admit that was a pretty impressive display of your skill, McCree, but..."]] He was cut off by his violent coughing fit once more. This time is was worse. It was the stress that the sparing match had caused in Aries. He crumbled to his knees, hands over his mouth.]]
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"For fuck sake-!!" Jesse twisted himself away from the boy before flipping out his Peacemaker - loaded. Head tilted down, and dagger like eyes pointed directly towards Aries, this wasn't Jesse anymore. Then, that deep southern drawl broke the momentary silence,

"-Deadeye is watchin'."

Bang. That was one.. Bang! Make it two. Bang! Bang! Bang! A third, a fourth, a fifth!


Six. All six rounds littered a fine circle around Aries's small frame. A wisp of smoke drew itself from the overheated barrel. To Jesse the world koved in slow motion as his keen eye took aim and fired. But to an outsider... all six shots resounded as one sudden shock. This cowboy was for more than show and he certainly was not a pity case taken in by Reyes.

He was more than that.

Retreating to its holster, Jesse clicked his tongue. His eyes still stared down at what his bullets and temper created. The air grew warmer again as it appeared the cowboy was coming to. Realizing his mistake, the brown hat cast itself over the golden eyes while McCree swiftly made his exit. All the while, there were watchful eyes hidden at the other exit.

Jack Morrison.

Clearing his throat, Jack let out a low hum of thought, "I don't think... he was wanting to kill you. But Jesse is the type to at least be respected." The commander sat himself against the wall, arms crossed, "He saw himself in you. That's why he's so angry."
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[center [size12 Aries figured that he had pushed Jesse McCree to this point, might as well stick it out. This was going to be fun. It would take a lot to kill Aries, as long as the sickness didn't get to him first. As Aries went to move, he received a rather sturdy, harsh kick to the gut. He stumbled backwards, coughing a few times to regain his normal breathing back. Though, this was nothing compared to the things that he had endeared while he was with Talon. Nothing could ever compare to those dark days.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "I must have really pushed you hard, Cowboy,"]] Aries moved around the punches before throwing a couple of his own. Some landed and some didn't. Though, he did kind of regret pushing McCree to this monstrous state. It wasn't going to be as fun as Aries has originally though. Though, Aries was extremely powerful, he hadn't unlocked a lot of his true potential. He was lacking in some parts of his kit that he had to learn to become a better fighter.]]
[center [size12 Though the words [i sickly freakazoid brat] did sit with Aries though. He stopped for a moment, arms fell to his side as he stared up at Jesse. His eyes again those soulless, black eyes that seemed to have no emotion to them. He tilted his head, just like the first time they met.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "If you hate me so much, Jesse McCree, end me,"]] Aries held out his arms and grinned. [i [#778899 "You can talk all you want, but I want to see that magical Dead Eye of yours,"]] yes, Aries did know how that ability. A lot of people did, but Aries found out through Talon. Talon taught Aries a lot about Overwatch before he even joined up with them.]]
  aries / GH0UL / 14d 4h 35m 49s
This was the last straw. Jesse whipped around and threw a sturdy kick to the boy's stomach. The air in the room began to have a faint chill. It grew tense and almost... dark. Something was cracking in McCree as the warm hue had fainted from his usually happy eyes. Out slowly came a monster.

"Look, you [b shit], I don't have to like you. And yeah you're right. I never liked you."

The cowboy quickly spat to the side before throwing a punch or two, "Orders from the Jefe make it so I have to deal and worry with your damn sorry ass! We have enough people, MEN, to watch on the field to have to be worryin' about some sickly, freakazoid brat!" The rage pent up in the man's system was on a rampage, but it wasn't explosive. It was cold, sharp, and deadly something completely unlike Jesse McCree to be known for. He was mad. No, more than that.

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[center [size12 Aries had wondered the hallway, everything was empty as always. He figured that people were off doing their jobs, their own things and Aries liked it that way. He did not like people, who followed him around or talked to him unannounced. Aries would be considered a loner or even a recluse to most people and he was completely okay with that. That was why when he did interact with people, it was either silence or hatefulness from him. Like with him and Doctor Ziegler, he was mostly silent, but with Jesse, he was cruel and rude to him. It was his defense mechanism. He wanted everyone to leave him alone.]]
[center [size12 Aries stood still for a moment before hearing the sounds of something hitting a wall, pretty hard. Aries' head jerked up, blinking a few times before following the sounds, eventually finding Jesse McCree. [i I can never escape that cowboy, can I?] Aries rolled his eyes before continuing to follow him. Truthfully, Aries was no longer trying to keep Jesse away from him. It was more than that. Aries wanted to poke and prod at him for his entertainment, watching Jesse react the way that he does caused Aries a sick kind of pleasure. He couldn't help, but to love the way he reacted.]]
[center [size12 Aries stopped a few meters back when he noticed that Jesse made his way into the training room. He shrugged a bit, [i that frustrated huh?] Aries laughed at himself before following Jesse inside, where Aries stood off to the side. He wasn't just standing there, he was removing some of his clothing items.]]
[center [size12 Aries pulled off his helmet and face mask, as well as the cloak around his shoulders and all the extra things until he was left with a pair of black pants and a black, skin tight shirt. One his hip was his sword and the other side was a gun, both made with Hyper Light technology. Something that was hard to harness, but Aries managed to.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "I feel as if you're in here because you want to hurt me because I'm an asshole to you? You're worked up and want to let off some steam?"]] Aries chuckled, crossing his arms over his chest. [i [#778899 "Wanna spare?"]] He drifted over to Jesse and grinned a sickly sweet smile that would make anyone's skin crawl.]]
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What a brat. Tracer could only gape at how ... I suppose blunt Aries was. The Brit only chuckled nervously before rubbing the back of her neck, "So, you're baby sitting?" Jesse gave no reply. Tracer then continued,

"Maybe you just need to be honest with him. He's young and the responsibility of Overwatch could be a pretty heavy burden to carry on his own. I'm still trying to understand everything myself but.. Love, just stop pretending and be honest."

Words of wisdom were a rarity for someone of only nineteen. The cowboy's eyes widened slightly in thought before falling down to the tops of his boots. The girl was right and it surely pissed off McCree a good deal. The man had a temper too, and this didn't help. Letting out a long sigh, the cowboy could only nod his head, "Jefe is going to kick my ass for this, but no, I don't like the kid, Oxton. He's a for sure brat and I ain't the time to babysit when we have so much to do out on the field as it is." Lena's expression softened to a smile, "He kinda reminds me of you when you started." With that said, she left, leaving McCree to three empty hours.

Shortly after the dramatic lunch hour, Jesse was trudging along the hallways. Head down and arms crossed, the cowboy was in deep thought. But he also was highly frustrated. With a grunt, Jesse lashed out a fist and slammed it against the wall before his golden eyes stared up at the Deadlock tattoo that adorned his forearm. Down to the bone the kid was no hero. A mercenary and a gang member, forever and always right? Another grunt escaped his lips before McCree began to head back to the training room.

Time to let off some steam.
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[center [size12 Aries wasn't going to give Jesse a spiel on what was wrong with Aries, not that the cowboy would care either way. He just stared at the woman and Jesse until she left. Honestly, Aries kind of wanted to do the whole Overwatch then die peacefully by himself. It sounded a bit more morbid, but at the same time, normal for someone that had an illness of any sorts. Aries just didn't want to be treated. He wanted to be reminded of what Talon had done to him, so as to not get lured back into their grasps.]]
[center [size12 Aries nodded at Jesse about the whole meeting the rest of the crew bit. Not that he wanted to. He didn't realize that the Overwatch Organization was as big as it was. He didn't know that there was so many members. Aries' time in Talon wasn't long enough to learn about all the Overwatch agents, just the ones like Ana Amari, Jack Morrison, Gabriel Reyes, and Angela Zieglar. He knew about them, but not anymore. In all honesty, Aries would rather have himself experimented on the Blonde Doctor than meet anymore people. It came with the whole distaste for people bit that Aries had.]]
[center [size12 Aries then got up and wasn't too far behind as Jesse had gotten up to dump his tray, but then stopped in his tracks when he saw the British girl. He smiled, giving her a slight wave before walking up behind Jesse. He poked at his sides. [i [#778899 "You are squishy,"]] Aries was easily one of the most annoying creatures to ever exist to Jesse McCree and Aries knew this. He wasn't going to be like this towards anyone else, but the cowboy for obvious reasons. Aries choose Jesse because he looked like an easy target for Aries to pick and poke at. Which why he could understand Jesse's hateful stares, tones, and all around attitude towards having to watch Aries and show him around, as per Gabriel Reyes' orders.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "I know you don't like me, Jesse McCree, so why don't you just stop pretending,"]] Aries then moved past Jesse and left the large cafeteria room. Aries hated when people didn't fight back. He wasn't named Aries for the hell of it. He wanted someone to fight back, he was growing frustrated with the man named Jesse McCree. Faking all that niceness. It was kind of annoying to Aries.]]
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Jesse didn't make much of Aries' "fat" comment. To be honest, the cowboy was a little on the thicker side, but most of all that was pure muscle. Reaching over and taking back his stolen pop, the air met the Swiss Angel's sweet voice. Ah, Angela Ziegler, Overwatch's newest medical superior - and a beauty to boot. Always smiling and always gentle, the woman was always ready to aid those in need whether that be within Overwatch or civilians on the field. Hearing her instruction, Jesse clicked his tongue in response,

"Fine, doll. But you owe me-"

Angela only rolled her eyes with a laugh as she walked away. Spurs spinning, the man sat back and propped his left leg against his knee, "So, you're pretty sick then if Angela wants to get involved. She's always here for us, but it's rare that she is so insistent." Jesse eventually stood, retrieving his now empty tray, "Tell you what, kid, let's head back and see who you haven't met yet. I'm sure some of them would be.. well happy to meet you." God it was awful trying to be nice to this... ninja shark thing, but Gabriel would have this cowboy's head if he didn't follow orders.

"Then we'll get you back to Angela eventually, how does that sound, pard'ner?"

Give or take roughly five more seconds and as soon as Jesse tossed his tray away, they were met with a sudden smack to the back of Jesse's head. "Hey, watch'ya doin', love?" The chipper sounding voice, thick and dripping with a strong British tone, filled the air. It was Lena Oxton, Tracer. "I see we got a newcomer too?" She was assigned for one of Overwatch's flight programs to fly their newest streamline jet the Jetstream. However, due to complications with time and space itself, the Brit soon became one of the organization's newest recruits but also one of their prodigies.

A woman of literal time and speed.
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[center [size12 When Aries was about to take a rather large bite, the comment on the teeth made him close his mouth and look up at the male with those bugged out, wide black eyes of his. Always with the eyes, huh? He frowned a bit before shaking his head. [i [#778899 "Very rare that I do, if at all. I don't particular like meat, to be honest,"]] Aries explained before pushing the salad into his mouth. This time with his mouth not as widely opened. He had a sort of self conscious thing going on with his teeth. It made him uncomfortable for people to comment on them. That was actually the only thing he didn't like people comment on. People could say what they wanted about his creepy eyes, blue skin, and white hair, but the teeth they were off limits, but Aries would let Jesse have a free pass this time. Especially after all the teasing he had done to the cowboy during the first few hours of them knowing each other.]]
[center [size12 Aries cleared his throat and straightened up his posture and stared Jesse down for a moment before glancing down at the pile of food on his plate with a bit of concern. [i [#778899 "You know, that is extremely unhealthy. Its a miracle you're not fat,"]] he joked, reaching over to grab the bottle of soda. He didn't even ask, he just took a small sip out of it before replacing back on Jesse's side of the table. [i [#778899 "Might want to pick up a salad every once and a while,"]] he teased before turning back to his salad in a calm manner, not like he was eating before Jesse decided to join him.]]
[center [size12 Aries was quiet now, something that Jesse could probably be thankful about. No insults from the blue skinned boy as he nibbled away at his salad. He seemed quite content with himself, something he had not felt in a very long time. There was now an air of safety for Aries, here with the community of Overwatch people. He was no longer having to look over his shoulder to see what Talon agent, who was out to kill him. Aries was wanted by them and anyone to bring him in, unharmed, would be paid a pretty penny.]]
[center [size12 In mid chew, a blonde haired woman walked up to Aries. She had a kind smile on her face and big, bright blue eyes. She waved her hand to Aries' attention and he turned to her. He placed his fork full of greens down and swallowed what was all in his mouth. [i [#778899 "Yes?"]] It was like Aries wasn't going to be able to actually eat anything for more than a minute without someone interrupting him.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FFBF00 "Aries, I am Doctor Angela Zieglar. I am the staff doctor here,"]] Angela introduced herself and Aries nodded into her general direction. [i [#FFBF00 "I want you to stop by my office later, so I can run some check ups on you. I know that you are very sick and I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't try to help you,"]] she further explained before looking between Aries and over to Jesse. Aries just looked at her and didn't seem to really want help with what he had, so Angela leaned down to speak to Jesse. [i [#FFBF00 "I want you to make sure he comes by my office during you free time period,"]] Angela smiled before standing back up and walking off.]]
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This small conversation of casual lingo was oddly refreshing. It wasn't often that the Blackwatch members could relax like this. Being of covert ops, they were forced into a darker and more intimidating world and were held up in such of a regard. Though, granted, Jesse McCree was the loosest screw of the bunch - cracking jokes or picking on their leader from time to time to break the ice. Usually though, Genji never was one to even attempt to join in on the fun. But to see Aries break a tiny chip in the cyborg's shell...

Jesse respected that.

Once in the mess hall, the trio was greeted by the usual noise. It was so similar to that of an actual school cafeteria. Out of the three, Genji picked his food first - a simple apple, a bottled water with a green tea powder packet , and a small sandwich. He never ate much, but it mostly was due to his slightly deadened palette. Mercy, the Overwatch's newest head medic, was in the process of helping Genji improve from his tastebuds to simple bodily functions. The ninja had a very well known tale, but he tended to keep it brief or to himself if he could help it. Now we move down to Jesse..

Aries seemed to have snatched his bowl of grass and fled rather quickly. The cowboy had piled his own tray high with good ol' mac'n'cheese, a large chunk of chicken, and a bottle of pop. Not the healthiest, but he couldn't pass it up. Catching his eye, the cowboy observed Aries's interaction with Captain Amari. He was smitten. Then again, the Egyptian was a literal goddes among men - both in and out of the field. As she passed by, Ana quickly gave Jesse's shoulder a pat, [b "He's a good kid, as you are too, Jesse. Just give things time."] And with that, she was gone to prepare for the meeting. Rattle and clink went McCree's spurs and the young man plopped himself across from Aries,

[b "So.. with those teeth, why don't you eat meat-?"]

The guy had to have some credit. He was swallowing his pride and was attempting to know the newest recruit. However, despite the full mouth, one could see McCree was stiff and pale with discomfort and he clearly was forcing a smile through the garabge he was munching down on.

Hey, he was trying.
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[center [size12 Aries took a hold of the cloth that was offered to him and kind of stared at it with those creepy, black eyes before snapping back up when Gabriel came into the room. [i Food, I haven't eaten in a really long time now that I think about it,] he thought to himself before absentmindedly following the other two males, where ever they were going. Again, Gabriel's foods, other than the single word [i grub] had completely gone unnoticed by Aries, but the Asian male's voice rang loudly in Aries' ears. He pondered the question and shrugged a bit.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Well, I eat people like Jesse McCree, actually,"]] he had a very dry sense of humor. He even chuckled a bit before patting Jesse on the back. [i [#778899 "No, ummm. Surprisingly enough, I don't eat a whole lot, but when I do, I prefer veggies,"]] he commented. An odd selection for someone with teeth as sharp as his.]]
[center [size12 Aries, lost in his thought, followed the boys into the mess hall. There were several agents in here, eating. Aries' ignored them all until a very special lady walked up to him. [i Ana Amari, the sharpshooter,] and she was indeed special. Even Aries knew about her before coming to Overwatch. She caught Aries' attention and he looked up at her with those large, black eyes and smiled. [i [#FF0000 "Aries. Hello, we haven't got to meet yet. I am Captain Amari or Ana as most call me,"]] Ana introduced herself and Aries shook her hand. [i [#778899 "Just Aries please, nothing fancy,"]] Aries awkwardly answered before she walked away. Aries might have a bit of a crush on Ana Amari, but didn't everyone.]]
[center [size12 Aries looked around at all the food before finding what looked to be a salad. He snatched it up before anyone else could. He couldn't even imagine how good a fresh salad would be compared to all the nasty, gas station salads he had to eat.]]
[center [size12 Side eyeing Jesse before snapping his head into his direction and frowning. [i [#778899 "I'm gonna go sit down. Join me or not, cowboy,"]] he mumbled before gliding off into some direction and sitting down at a lone table away from everyone. He popped opened the salad and pulled down his mask. A rare sight. He choose the table away from everyone because he preferred people not to see his teeth. He began nibbled quietly on his food.]]
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