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[center [h3 A Lusami and MorbidChild production. ] ]

[center Let us get one thing [size15 STRAIGHT], Dante and Damien Ward are just your two [size15 AVERAGE ] bros trying to find their way in the world. After getting sick of their Mother's abusive lifestyle, they decided they need a new place. Affording that place, however, was going to be a problem.

That's where Etta and Sullivan come along, the perfect couple! They've all been friends with the Ward brothers for a while, so why not have them move in together? It was the [size15 PERFECT ] idea.

Well, until it wasn't...

[size20 [b THE BROS ] ]
[size20 [b THE 'PERFECT COUPLE' ] ]

[pic ]


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[center A facade. A farce. A complete fake. That was what Etta had turned herself into, in her own mind. The first word that came to mind when she tried to think of something to say about herself, was liar. She lied to everyone. To her family, to her friends... And most importantly, she lied to the one person who she was supposed to be able to share everything with, her best friend/lover.

It had been years ago that Sully and Etta came up with the plan to pretend to date, to fake a life together so no one would suspect Sullivan of being gay. It was half her plan, half his, with mostly good intentions at heart. He didn't want to hurt anyone by coming out, and she was avoiding the men who were constantly falling her around like lost dogs. However, there was also another reason that she was in this pretend relationship. That reason? She was desperately in love with Sullivan Baley.


Etta's royal blue eyes fluttered open, a quiet voice ushering her awake.

[#0000FF "It's morning." ]

[b "I'm up, I'm up." ] She stared up towards her best friend and fake lover, a small smile planted on her pink lips. [b "Are you really that scared to go out there? They aren't sharks,"] Etta let out a small giggle. She knew her friend too well, and knew that he would be nervous around the twins. It had been a long time since they all seen each other, and the twins were also ridiculously fucking handsome.

It didn't take Etta long to get up, she never really cared for mornings but had nothing against them also. She was a go with the flow gal, and she enjoyed just doing whatever. She peeled off her undies and shirt and moved to the stash of clothes she had picked out last night. Etta loved fashion and it took her forever to pick out the perfect outfit, so it was always wise to do it before she went to bed instead of in the mornings. Her outfit for day was nothing fancy, just a pair of ripped of booty-shorts, and a white, collared t-shirt for lounging around for the day. She paired the outfit with a choker, before twirling towards her fake lover.
[pic ]

[b "Get ready, handsome, it's time for a new day," ] Etta smirked, motioning towards the door. She could already hear creaking of floor boards, so she knew that at least one of the brothers was up. She gave Sullivan a quick wink.
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[center Damien rolled to onto his side, a quiet groan escaping his lips. His eyes slowly opened, his vision blurred from the sun peeking in through the window. [b "The fuck?" ] His hands stretched up over his eyes, covering the abomination that was the sun. In front of him stood his brother, smoking another one of his cigarettes. [b "Morning to you too, asshat,"] He gave out another groan, this time much louder. He wasn't a morning person, not in the slightest, and his brother waking him just stirred the pot even more. Before he could speak again a small bark was heard from underneath Damien's covers. A goofy grin spread across his face. Krueger always brightened his day, which made the morning's bearable. Removing his blanket, Damien revealed his adorable corgi. [b "Hey buddy, how are yeah? Sleep well!?" ]

Krueger jumped up and started licking at Damien's face, waking him up further. [b "Alright, alright buddy."] Damien pulled his face away before stretching himself up and out of the bed. Krueger followed Damien's lead, eyes wide with excitement. [b "We ain't going nowhere until I get some coffee in me, bud." ] He winked at his own dog, completely aware of how others may see it but he never cared. He loved Krueger more than anything, and Krueger loved him. ;)

Damien didn't care that he was in his boxers, in fact, he was never scared about showing off his body. It was just like wearing a swimsuit, so what was the big deal? He gave himself a once over in the crappy mirror he grabbed from a put-and-take and sighed. No, he couldn't go out of the room like this, not while Sullivan was there. That dude could give anyone a stiff one. Or well, that's what Damien thought anyway. He quickly moved to his ratty dresser, pulling out a pair of boxers, jeans, and a simple black t-shirt. He quickly pulled them on before following his dog Krueger out of the room.

This new living arrangement wasn't the worst, not for Damien at least. Anything to get away from his mother. He was sick of constantly being the one to clean up after her, to be there for her. He was her rock ever since his Dad died, and now he was generally just done with the situation. He could see why his brother resented him so much, in all honesty. In their mother's eyes, Damien was an angel. Dante, on the other hand, was not. Damien constantly wished for a better relationship with his brother, but rarely ever showed it. It was hard, they were always butting heads over something. One of them was always in a mood.

Damien moved to the kitchen, his eyes on his brother.[b "You want something from the cafe? I got to take Mr. Killer out,"] He motioned to his bright-eyed pup, who was anxiously waiting to go outside.
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[center [pic]]
Everytime he opened his eyes, he felt [i worse].

He lay still, watching the comforter rise and fall as his best friend slept soundly at his side. Some friend [i he] was.
She swore up and down that she liked this arrangement between them, this lie. She claimed to need it on her end, too, but he felt as though his desperation was damaging their friendship in ways he feared he could not fix. He loved Etta, he loved her so much. Unfortunately, it was not the type of love that most believed was true of them, and he felt sick everytime other men gave him the stink-eye in their jealous rage. Etta was BEAUTIFUL. GORGEOUS.
She just... Wasn't a man.
But then, that was his predicament, wasn't it? Blue eyes glazed as he thought again about his parents' relief after he and Etta had 'announced' their 'relationship'. He had tried, against his better judgment, to break it to his parents gradually in middle school. Sharing his 'bisexuality' with them had gone over poorly, resulting in a slap and a number of shrieks and Bible references that were lost on his ears as he sucked down his tears and his pain.
He did so even now, swallowing back his true self and allowing his best friend of almost fifteen years to pose as his lover. It tore his heart out.
But he couldn't be himself, he would ruin... Everything.
Really their dynamic had not changed, they had been holding hands and cuddling and giving one another affectionate pecks since their kindergarten days. Sadly, people STILL questioned his masculinity, meaning he was constantly second guessing everything he did and wore. Each day, his heart chipped just a little more than the day before.

Worse yet was this living arrangement. Sullivan had not been on the greatest of terms with either of the Ward twins in the last few years, having once been the second of their proud band of four. They had all drifted apart in middle school, which was sad, but he had at least had Etta, always, forever. Thus, their impromptu agreement to share the rent had been a little... Rough, on everyone, but Sully had sworn to help Etta in return for her love and support, and if she wanted man-repellent, he'd act as much and for any stage she requested.
Despite how selfish he felt, he picked up her arm as it draped over his upper waist, patting her hand as he gave her a gentle nudge in his usual, soft-cloud of a voice. [b "Etta? It's morning."] he began, shyly leaving out that he was afraid to leave their new bedroom alone.
He didn't know what to say to either of the twins, and worse yet, he wasn't sure he could say ANYTHING to Damien. He felt the heat flow into his ears, he was sure they were red; He shook his head, pushing away yet more homosexual thoughts. He couldn't afford to dream, as he had years ago, leading up to his mother's having nearly abandoned him. His parents wanted a normal son, he would have to make it happen.
Even if it killed him.
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[center [pic]]
Dante was already awake.
He sat on the edge of his new bed and cracked his neck, cursing his luck. His new mattress was stiff as hell, and his hip was on fire as he rubbed furiously at the sore area above the waistband of his joggers. He'd have gone to bed in his underwear, but he'd been worried about [i her]. He didn't want to act like a fratboy, he wasn't like that...! He was more modest in this regard, wearing a white men's tank instead of his usual boxers-only bedroom attire. He didn't want to parade around like a peacock, he wanted to... Well, he wanted...
To be on better terms with Etta again. Since the day he'd met her, she had been the most beautiful [i anything] he had ever laid eyes on, and try as he might, he hadn't been able to change how he felt even after all this time with little to no contact.

Anyone with eyes could see that girly little piece of shit wasn't right for a real woman like Etta. [i Dante could do a better job-!]
He twitched.
This, was why he'd avoided her. He thought and acted like an asshole when his feelings came into question, and he knew Sullivan was a decent guy. He didn't deserve criticism, he didn't deserve to be mistreated. Hell, he and Sully had been pretty close once upon a time, having bonded over their shared love of cooking and sketching in early highschool. He remembered the days when Sullivan's hair floated past his shoulders, shining and dark and... Ladylike. Even he had started to wonder why Sully had kept it that way, suspecting his sexuality, only to come to school one day to find the smaller male had removed almost a foot and a half of his wavy black mane.

He decided against asking about it, but began to question Sullivan's intentions as far as his closeness to Etta.
Dante felt his hazel eyes grow cold and hard again. It was hard enough to be compared to Damien, losing to Sullivan on top of it was a real kick in the nards. Still, if... If he could get closer to Etta, maybe she'd reconsider her options? Not that Sullivan wasn't worthy of [i a] girlfriend, but Dante's puppy love had long since evolved into something that brought out a real wolf in him, prompting a reserved, easygoing young man to speak up tenfold, hoping to make his presence known.
In his defense, Damien had soaked up all the [i fucking] recognition their whole life. Dante was smaller, not by much, but he was not as broad, not quite as tall, and not nearly as assertive. No, the only area in which he did not have to fear standing in his brother's shadow was in artistic pursuits. Both twins were considered gorgeous and neither had trouble attracting lovers, but Dante...
Dante was not as detached as his brother. Even having had alllll these transient women to HIMSELF, his mind was practically lined with giant murals of his moon, his queen, Etta Schröder. It may never go away.

He lit a cigarette and opened the window, blinds included. His free hand curled and rapped the wall above his brother's sleeping form before pressing the cancer stick between his lips, gruffly chirping his 'hello's. [b "Dude, don't you have class? And where's the little guy, does he need to go out?"]
About the only thing he DID like about his brother was how well he cared for his dog, it showed a side he wished his brother would show to [i humans]. Dante snorted. Whatever. He loved his brother, even if he played around too much for his own tastes. He scooted out of the room and entered the kitchen for a banana, eyeing the bedroom door where Etta and pretty-boy were cuddled up all sweet and perfect-
He put his cigarette out and stuffed it angrily in the trash.
He hated being such a jealous prick.
In his quiet worrying, he absently pulled a hairtie from the random-bullshit drawer beside the silverware, pulling back his hair. What a hypocrite he was, wearing his hair like this and scoffing at Sullivan's dark locks. He didn't deserve Etta, not with this fucked attitude.
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