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she sighed and changed into some pajamas. she grabbed a framed picture from her suitcase and laid down hugging it to her chest.
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 1y 165d 19h 8m 23s
Atlan went to the med room and jumped in a tank of water to heal and recuperate. He kept thinking about how reclusive Abigail is.
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 1y 165d 19h 14m 41s
she looked away and stayed silent for a few moments. "i need to lay down..." she said quietly and went to her room through her shadows. she locked the door and sat on the bed.
  Nightingale / wingedwolfy120 / 1y 165d 19h 16m 33s
"stop being a baby. I need you and I to be on the same page always when we fight. You don't have to like me just work with me."
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 1y 165d 19h 18m 32s
"why? so you can use that information against me?" she said and looked at him. it was obvious that she had been betrayed on multiple occasions.
  Nightingale / wingedwolfy120 / 1y 165d 19h 28m 54s
Atlan told Abigail "Come on. If we're gonna be working together then we need to know each other."
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 1y 165d 19h 31m 8s
nightingale stayed silent and stared out the window. she shivered slightly and pulled her cloak tighter around herself.
  Nightingale / wingedwolfy120 / 1y 165d 19h 33m 7s
When Atlan returned he got chewed out by Starfire and Nightwing for using such a dangerous move with no consideration for the consequences.
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 1y 165d 19h 34m 46s
she pulled her hood over her face more and followed the others silently.
  Nightingale / wingedwolfy120 / 1y 165d 19h 37m 41s
Atlan regained Consciousness when his team arrived. Then he looked at Abigail and said it's time to go home.
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 1y 165d 19h 43m 25s
abigail wheezed slightly and coughed violently again.
  Nightingale / wingedwolfy120 / 1y 165d 19h 46m 30s
With the time bought the sky went black and a glowing cage appeared around graviton then three lightning bolts shot down from the sky hitting the cage and rendering graviton unconscious and needing medical attention. Atlan then passed out from exhaustion.
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 1y 165d 19h 56m 10s
Abigail's shadow ball disintegrated and she helped the others.
  Nightingale / wingedwolfy120 / 1y 165d 20h 2m 42s
When graviton was distracted his gravity field was released allowing Atlan and the others to escape it. Immediately he began to chant a spell. As he was chanting the other Titans recognized the chant and attacked graviton to buy him enough time to complete it.
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 1y 165d 22h 51m 18s
Abigail used her shadows to distract the villain and created a ball of shadows. She appeared in front of the others and began to absorb black goop that sludged out of the ball.
  Nightingale / wingedwolfy120 / 1y 165d 23h 28m 27s

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