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"congrats on that too.... i'm splitting from titans myself..." she said and looked away slightly.
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 332d 19h 47m 3s
"I don't know when I'll become king. That's all depends on when he decides he wants to retire. I do know this. He and I will essentially be switching places when that happens. I'll take the throne and he'll be more of a full time in the league. Speaking of the league, I'm no longer a part of the Titans." He said showing her a justice league communicator.
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 332d 20h 15s
"but you have to be there too since you'll be the new king soon." She said and smiled up at him.
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 332d 20h 37m 45s
"Well seeing as how you've become so chummy with my pops I think that will happen. But it will have to be on neutral ground seeing as you all can't breathe underwater and we can't enter your realm."
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 333d 6h 45m 46s
She nodded and smiled at him. "And then afterwards I would like to propose a treat with Atlantis..."
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 333d 8h 29m 15s
"if it doesn't we fight him two on one. No biggie."
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 333d 8h 45m 19s
She nodded and said worriedly. "I hope it works...."
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 333d 8h 57m 27s
"while you two are meeting I'll surprise him and push him back through the door. Once that's done dealing it is easy. You just lock the key."
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 333d 9h 1m 31s
She frowned and said. "Okay..." She looked away slightly and swallowed.
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 333d 9h 4m 37s
"meet with him. Tell him you want my power back and that you'll trade your unborn child for it."
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 333d 9h 9m 31s
She nodded​ and thought about it. "Let's see how though..."
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 333d 9h 12m 10s
"I'm not involving any other evil God's who just want to benefit themselves. Besides I believe his name is Hades and he doesn't do anything for free. We'll just have to outsmart soren."
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 333d 9h 19m 48s
"maybe I could ask Lucifer for help..." She said and bit her lip.
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 333d 9h 23m 52s
"well getting him to the door is easy. He has to use it to being his army here. But the two of us need to figure out how to get him back through it."
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 333d 9h 33m 11s
She nodded and thought for a moment. "Alright then what do you think we should do?"
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 333d 9h 42m 40s

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