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One of Atlans guards grabbed her. " We need to get back to the palace. The queen must know what has happened."
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 20h 30m 8s
she growled and sighed. "great...." she grumbled and called azrael telling him what happened.
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 20h 33m 17s
"silence. You are nothing but the whore of Babylon. When I free my son you will pay what was owed." He turned his attention to Atlan who now had his Trident ready. "You are coming with me." He said pulling Atlan into a portal without the Trident.
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 20h 36m 24s
"hades..... what do you want?" she asked and swallowed.
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 20h 38m 19s
"oh yes you are. You're-" there was a loud explosion. They're so a tall man in Black with a crown if fire on his head. "So you're the one who imprisoned my son."
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 20h 40m 50s
she blushed and looked away. "i am not uptight..."
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 20h 44m 12s
"good now you can stop being so uptight. Have a little fun and loosen up. No pun intended."
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 20h 45m 41s
she nodded and said. "then only if you want to..."
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 20h 48m 58s
"not unless I want to but when I absorb my clone back I will have all it's memories."
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 20h 50m 4s
"so you won't be able to feel it?" she asked and bit her lip looking up at him.
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 21h 3m 46s
"it's not really me so there's nothing to worry about"
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 21h 4m 46s
she swallowed and asked. "are you sure it's okay?"
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 21h 6m 56s
He then whispered in her ear. "You can still have that you know. My magic is stronger now than ever. I can send a clone to your room."
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 21h 8m 9s
she blushed and bit her lip. "as if anyone would be as good as you were..." she said and looked away.
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 21h 10m 28s
"don't be a stick in the mud. I thought you guys weren't strict with your rules." He said slapping her butt. "Be more flexible. You know like you were in the cabin._
  Atlan / Mikeymickeymike / 21h 11m 22s

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