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[h3 Hey!]
Did you know there is a very exclusive and special lottery going on? The grand prize is an all expense paid trip around the world for four! Though it's very expensive to enter the lottery... but we'll be splitting cost four ways since there's four of us already wanting to go on this adventure!
Why is it so expensive? Because this isn't just a normal trip around, as in it isn't a one time round trip! It's four special tickets that let you use any sort of public transportation for free!
Though I did hear that the trip is a test of some kind. For what? I don't know. It could be a secret professor wanting a group of four to help with an even more secret project, could be a Team looking for new members in a specific way, could even be the International Police recruiting agents! There's only one way to know... and I'm sure we'll find out! I just know we'll win!

[h3 Explanation]
You've already read about the lottery right? Well, in Sinnoh where the lottery is being held, a group of four friends decided to put together everything they had in order to afford a lottery ticket.

And when they entered the ticket... they los- kidding! They won of course!
[sub [sub Otherwise this wouldn't be much of an RP...]]
But we'll be starting just before the lottery numbers are announced.
Oh, any by the way, this will be set in the Pokemon video game universe. An AU of it, if you will. It will be taking place during the X&Y game and eventually Sun and Moon.

[s I already have 2 of the 4 characters set for me to play. So that means this can be a small group RP or not. And I don't have anything specific for what the other two friends should be! Well, except for them being OCs.]
Well, I have one character spot left for anyone who wants it!

[b But I do have rules.]
[b 1:] These friends won't have any Pokemon to begin with! Not even starters! Don't worry, they all will get Pokemon eventually just not now.
[b 2:] Speaking of Pokemon these friends will get, absolutely no legendaries will be obtainable by them.
[b 3:] Standard rules like no GMing, character controlling with no consent of the owner of said character, etc apply of course
[b 4:] And ES rules too.
[b 5:] DO NOT REQUEST ACCESS. If I'm going to add you, I'll do it manually. If you do it anyway, you're banned from the RP. Unless I feel very generous.
Not that many rules so far. Hopefully I won't need to make more but I will if I have to.

PM me with Pika! as the title and with a basic skeleton of your character.


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"It I wonder if there are other devices like the PokeNav and such as a region exclusive." Evan says. "And you have every Pokemon registered... but maybe we might be lucky enough to discover new Pokemon."

"It's nearly every couple of years that something new is discovered about Pokemon, it's only a matter of time before we discover something down the line." Junia says.

When the Ghastly came out and looked at Evan and Junia, Junia waved at it and Evan only did a small wave.

"Oo, oo, Ralts, I want find one!" Junia says. "They evolve into the cute Kirlia and then either the elegant Gallade or the beautiful Gardevoir!"

"Another Psychic type?" Evan questions. "You remember that Karma can do Psychic attacks too once she evolves into a Braixen, right?"

"Pffff, did you forget that Psychic isn't the only types of moves a Gardevoir and Gallade can learn?" Junia says. "It will take quite a while before a Ralts would evolve into either of those but I've got confidence in my abilities to evolve all the Pokemon I get!" She then pets Karma.

"Well you have to start by catching one." Evan says. "A Pokemon I really want to find is a Riolu."

"So let's go search for the Ralts then and maybe a Riolu at some point!" Junia responds with some teasing at the end. "Hey Alex and Rose, what Pokemon are you both itching to catch?"
  Junia & Evan / Okimichi / 342d 20m 30s
"Oh yeah, a PokeNav is Hoenn's version of all those! It doesn't have a holographic interface like a Holo Caster, but it's very similar to a C-Gear, Poketch, and Holo Caster's design where you can download apps to it, use it to call people, check the news... There's even a DexNav app that lets you hunt for rare pokemon! It only works if you've caught the pokemon before, but uh..." Rose paused and looked a a little bashful "Well, I've pretty much registered every pokemon there is..."

She was pretty humble about it, but she quickly decided to correct herself,
"That isn't to say that I've caught all the pokemon, or even a legendary! But in order to become a registered pokemon breeder in the PBA, you have to take this huge test and know every pokemon there is, and what their type is, and what region they can be found in. If you pass the test, you become a registered pokemon breeder and you get a completed national dex that tells you moves and stuff for every pokemon already."

She then let the new ghastly out so she could introduce herself.
"Oh, but I have seen a lot of pokemon in my adventures. I was a trainer before I was a breeder, or even a pokemon groomer!" She said, before turning to the ghastly.

"Hi there! I'm Rose, and this is Blaue. And these are my friends Junia, Evan, and Alexander!" She said, and Alex waved from the back, silent.
The ghastly seemed happy to meet everyone, and went to each in turn, floating for a second in front of them, before moving on.

"Is it all right if I nickname you? How about Geist?"
The Ghastly seemed to like the name, and gave Rose a big lick.

Rose then took a look at her PokeNav and then at everyone else "So it looks like you can find Ghastly, Duskull, Ralts, Chansey, Starly, Roselia, Bidoof, Bonsly, Mime Jr, Vulpix, Tauros, Miltank, and sometimes Snubbul. Let me know if you guys ever want to know what pokemon are in a specific area! I can look it up no problem!"
  Pokemon Breeder Rose / CreativeRed / 343d 26m 3s
Evan and Junia watch and listen as Rose explains and demonstrates how to catch Pokemon.

"I think we should catch a variety of Pokemon to cover all our bases." Evan says. "And we should try to catch different Pokemon from each other if we can help it; that way we always have ways of training."

"You're getting a little ahead of yourself you realize, we can always catch Pokemon so there's no need to worry about any of that right now." Junia responds. "Not to mention that there's plenty of different kinds for us to catch."

"I guess you're right." Evan says. "It's not like we're entering any tournaments just yet."

"Hey Rose, how many Pokemon have you seen on your travels?" Junia asks. "And PokeNav, that sounds familiar... or am I thinking of Poketch?"

"Haven't seen or heard much about Poketch anymore, they must have run out of apps for it long ago." Evan says. "There was also the Pokegear from even way before and then there's the C-Gear that came after Poketch and now there's the Holo Caster, who knows what will be next."

"Either way, I'm sure it will be very helpful!" Junia says.
  Junia & Evan / Okimichi / 343d 4h 1m 18s
Rose and Alex met up with Junia and Evan shortly after they both arrived at their route. Rose seemed energetic and excited as she approached, and after they decided where they were heading, Rose stood in front of her friends, bouncing up and down in her excitement.

"I'm gonna teach everyone how to catch pokemon!" She explained, pulling out pokeballs from her pouch. She then handed five to each of her friends, and Alex simply stored the pokeballs, not sure when he'd need them. He didn't know the surrounding areas pokemon very well, and all he knew at the moment was that he wanted to train his Snivy and maybe catch a ghost type pokemon down the line...

"All right! So as we all know, once you get out of the towns and towards the taller grass areas, you can find wild pokemon, and that's why it's not recommended to go in tall grass if you don't have a pokemon." Rose explained.

As she explained how to go about finding a pokemon, she stepped back into the tall grass, with Blaue following behind. The blue pokemon made a startled noise when a ghastly seemed to appear out of thin air.

"All right. I hope you don't mind helping me teach everyone how to catch pokemon!" She told the pokemon as Blaue jumped up to battle.

"I was taught with a zigzagoon, but a ghastly will do! So when you enter a battle with a pokemon, you can either fight until the opponent is knocked out, or you can fight until it's ALMOST knocked out, and then try your luck at catching it! Blaue, use water gun!"

The totodile happily used the move, and the ghastly attempted a confuse ray on Blaue. The battle went on for some time, until the Ghastly started to float lower and it looked tired.

"There's an app on the PokeNav that can read a pokemon's health for you, but I'm not sure if there's one for any other device... You can also just practice telling where a pokemon's health is by looking. The closer it looks to fainting, the easier it will be to catch. And then" Rose pulled out a pokeball and tossed it at the tired ghastly. "You throw the pokeball! It will shake a total of three times, and if the pokemon doesn't break out after three shakes, then you've caught it! If it breaks out, you can always try again!"

As Rose was speaking, the pokeball shook, just as she described, and suddenly stopped.

"By the way, my PokeNav has an app that tells me what pokemon are in the area, so if you ever want to know, just ask!"
  Pokemon Breeder Rose / CreativeRed / 343d 21h 41m 55s
"Hi, hi, yes we're ready!" Junia says. "Hm... well, I think Blaue would appreciate the candy but I guess that's your choice and... don't get any pokeballs, got it!"

"Seems we're only getting potions then." Evan says. "Maybe a few other things too."

"I guess we'll see you when you get here then, bye!" Junia says then hangs up. "I really want to go to the Battle Frontier here in Sinnoh at some point... but do you think we would ever be experienced enough for such a place?"

"Maybe in a few years unless we devote our time to training instead of traveling." Evan responds. "Or unless we happen to be like those kids who became legendary trainers from their journeys."

"Yeah, they were so awesome!" Junia says. "The ones in Sinnoh were Lucas, Barry and Dawn, right?"

"Right, they managed to defeat Team Galatic and stop something about a portal." Evan replies. "They even stopped the Team Galactic scientist at the Battle Frontier."

The two of them waited a bit until Rose and Alex got there.

"First route, well... there are multiple routes to take from this city." Evan says. "And if I remember correctly, there is construction happening at the entrances to this city on both route two-zero-eight and two-twelve, so that leaves us with only two-zero-nine for us to take which will lead us to Solaceon Town."

"You really studied that map, didn't you?" Junia asks.

"Someone had to, and it's not like we don't have it in case we get lost." Evan answers. "So... I guess we're heading to Solaceon Town first."
  Junia & Evan / Okimichi / 354d 51m 37s
Alex and Rose chatted for a while longer, until Rose's phone went off. It was one of the video phones that showed a video. When she answered, she noticed right away that the pair were out shopping, and judging by the way they were standing and moving around, they weren't at a public phone. They had holo casters!

"Hey guys! Alex is here too. You all ready?" She asked. "We can meet you at the store when we finish with the conversation. I have everything packed already, but I did try to make it fair and I left all my expensive max potions and rare candies at home! It's not worth it to use max or hyper potions on lower level pokemon anyways... Oh! By the way, don't buy any pokeballs! Well, I mean you can, I guess, but I have a little surprise for you!"

When their conversation ended, Alex and Rose packed up their stuff, grabbed their pokemon, and made their way to the pokemart. It was fairly easy to find Junia and Evan, and the four were soon re-united.

"When everyone is done shopping, let's go to the first route so I can give you guys your surprises!" Rose said excitedly, eager to treat her friends.

[pic http://i67.tinypic.com/2db1ieg.jpg]

Alex followed Rose quietly, simply observing the things around him, until they got to the pokemart. There, he purchased a few items, before heading back to the group. He didn't know what Rose was planning, but he figured it would be good. After all, she had a lot of pokemon training, battling, and breeding experience.

Now that Blaue had stopped chasing him, Snivy found himself relaxing in his trainer's arms, almost falling asleep.
  Pokemon Breeder Rose / CreativeRed / 355d 33m 14s
After a while of using their new devices, they eventually decided it was time to gather everything they packed and head out for their new journey.

"We're leaving now!" Junia says.

"We'll be sure to call as often as we can!" Evan says.

"Take care not to get yourselves hurt!" Their mother responds.

"We won't!" Junia says.

"As long as Junia doesn't dive straight into situations again!" Evan says.

Junia lightly punches Evan's arm then they both head out towards the Pokemart first.

"So, what do you think we will need?" Junia asks.

"Probably potions at the very least." Evan answers. "Veilstone City Department Store has everything we could need but we would have to take the route this time instead of a secret man-made tunnel."

"Tree!" Yamori says while still on top of Evan's head.

"And um... berries?" Evan says. "Don't know if anyone is selling them so we'll have to find them ourselves."

"Feeennekin!" Karma says while walking alongside Junia.

"I'm sure we'll have no problem finding berries." Junia replies. "Oh, right, we need to call Rose!"

The two of them reach the Pokemart and head inside.
Junia calls Rose with her Holo Caster while they look at what available items they could need.

[i Would this work if she possibly doesn't have one?] Junia wonders while she waits for Rose to pick up. [i Well, we get find out... luckily they have a public phone here in case this doesn't work.]
  Junia & Evan / Okimichi / 355d 1h 45m 20s
Alex was a quiet guy, not saying much during the whole ordeal, and in fact, when offered a pokemon, he simply stared for a few seconds at the pokeballs in the sack, and pulled one out seemingly at random.

His choice, of course, was Snivy, and the pokemon seemed to eye its new trainer with a calm demeanor. The pokemon seemed a perfect match for Alex, as it didn't say a word the entire time.

Only when they got out and they were parting ways, did he speak again.

"I'll go to Rose's house after, ok?"

Rose had responded with a nod and a wave, and he went to his own apartment, packing up his belongings he wanted to take with him on his journey, and he took a bit of time to take out his new Snivy and get to know the pokemon.

He sat on the floor and let his Snivy out, and the two just sat in comfortable silence for a second as the grass type looked around.

"Hi. I'm Alex." Alex introduced himself "I guess I'll be your trainer from now on. Everyone is giving their pokemon a nickname...Do you want one?"

Alex paused, hoping the pokemon didn't want one, because he was really terrible at nicknames, and he wasn't prepared, but he wanted to give his pokemon the opportunity, at least.

Luckily, the snivy shook its head no, and simply climbed into his lap, signalling that it was ready to go back to meet the others.

Alex and his pokemon arrived shortly at Rose's house, and the two chatted for a while, during which time, Blaue chased the poor snivy around the house, who just seemed to want to relax as they waited for Junia and Evan to call.
  Ace Trainer Alexander / CreativeRed / 355d 22h 25s
"That's a good idea. I've already packed, but I left it at home. That way I can make a quick call home and let everyone know how it went! Bye Junia and Evan!" Rose said, waving. And then she turned to Arcene "Bye!"

She headed off to her own house and made a quick call to update her assistant and her pokemon on what all happened.

"Hi everyone! I'm calling back to say that we won!" She squealed in excitement for that part. "And this is Blaue. We actually got starter pokemon! How neat is that? Haha, braixen, don't give me that look! I've never had a water type starter pokemon before!"

Rose continued chatting for a while, reminding the assistants of a few things, as well as telling them about team omniscient, and to let her know right away if they saw anything about them in Hoenn.

When the phone call ended, she picked up her gear, which included a spacious bag for storage, twenty pokeballs, a national pokedex, and other travel essentials. She also did some research on totodiles, as well as a thorough examination of her pokemon and her abilities, and she came to the conclusion that Blaue was going to be a very physically strong pokemon and do well with physical attacks, with special defense against non-physical attacks that was higher, and pretty good health.

They both decided to wait for the others to call when they were ready so they could meet up. Maybe when they started their journey, she could teach them all how to catch pokemon...
  Pokemon Breeder Rose / CreativeRed / 1y 4d 12h 13s
Evan sighs at what Rose said.
"I know, I know..." He says.

"Hm... I think you should go home and pack this time for such a journey." Junia and Evan's father says. "And I also have something waiting at home for you both."

"But first you have to get ready." Their mother adds. "Then you can see what it is."

"Really?!" Junia exclaims. "Come on Evan, let's go!"

"W-wait, I just remember, we never ate still!" Evan responds.

"Oh yeah... well, we can share it with Karma and Yamori at home!" Junia says. "See you later Rose and Arcene, we'll be going now!"

"B-bye." Evan says then both him and Junia walk home with their parents.

They reach their home in no time and head inside. Junia and Evan left Karma and Yamori on the couch then ran upstairs to back their bags/cases.
After they finish, they run back downstairs and start to eat the food they were supposed to eat earlier.

"Ah, so you're ready then?" Their mother asks. "Obviously I mean you're ready to go after you're finished eating."

"Yup!" Junia says as she gives the rest of her food to Karma.

"As ready as we can be." Evan adds as he gives the rest of his to Yamori.

"Your father is sorry that he couldn't see you off on your adventure but he is very busy with work now." Their mother says then hands them both two devices. "He got you both Holo Casters and Pokedexs from Kalos."

"WOW!!" Both Junia and Evan yell.

"They both work no matter what region you're in." Their mother explains. "They're automatically updated every time a new Pokemon is discovered so you don't have worry about behind a generation."

"Thank you!" Both and Evan say.
They both then start messing with their new devices to see what functions are available.
  Junia & Evan / Okimichi / 1y 10d 10h 37m 0s
Rose knew the graveler would be too strong for them, but her totodile seemed to have other ideas... She squared up and looked ready to fight but Rose scooped her pokemon up and ran out with her friends when the walls started to crumble. Luckily they made it out safe, and she sat down for a second to talk to her pokemon about biting off more than she could chew...

"Look, Tototdile. I know you want to train and be strong. You want to be the best, right?" Totodile nodded "But you can't just go picking fights with every pokemon you see. We have to work together and pick our opponents with care. I don't mind giving you a bit of a challenge, but he would have knocked you out in one swoop! I don't want to see you hurt, ok?"

With the conclusion of her speech, Totodile seemed to get teary eyed as she nodded, and then she launched into a tight hug around her owner's neck.

"You know, I haven't nicknamed you yet... You're my tough lil gator girl...How about... Tsunami?" The Totodile leaned back to give Rose a glare "Ok... What about... Gator?" The totodile seemed to think about it, but she remained unsure. "Blaue?"

The last name caused Totodile to get excited, and she hopped around excitedly as Evan started to speak about their experience. Rose turned to him and nodded.

"We should be careful of stronger pokemon, definitely! But I have faith in natural made caves. They'll be a lot sturdier than some tunnel dug by team omniscient. Don't stress yourself out about caves the whole trip, ok?" She teased, knowing he was one to worry, especially more so than his sister. She just wanted to make sure he wasn't too freaked out by the experience, and she knew he'd understand that she was just teasing to show her friendship.
  CreativeRed / 1y 11d 10h 46m 50s
Karma and Yamori continued to battle against other wild Pokemon they encountered along the way and won each of them too.
Everything was going fine for everyone until...

"GRAAA!" Is heard along with loud stomps that shook the ground.

A Graveler unexpectedly bursts through a cave wall behind everyone.

"Waah!" Evan reacts. "W-we need to run, it's way to powerful for us!"

"But what if we take it down?" Junia asks.

"Don't be crazy, there's no way we could when we just got our Pokemon!" Evan answers.

The Graveler roars again and unleashes an Earthquake which causes the tunnel to start collapsing.

"Come on everyone, we need to get out of here!" Evan says then Yamori jumps back onto Evan's head.

"R-right, let's go Karma!" Junia says as she picks up Karma and runs.

Evan runs with her too until they get out of tunnel. Once they reach outside, they stop and watch as the tunnel falls into ruin and becomes unusable as a way to get to Veilstone City and back.

"That... we need to be careful of something like that happening again." Evan says. "Maybe we should train more before we try going into caves or tunnels filled with wild Pokemon so we can prevent anything like that from happening again."

Evan and Junia's parents come running over to them after hearing all that noise.

"What happened, where have you been, are you all okay?!" Their mother exclaims.

"We're fine... for now." Evan answers. "We got back the tickets and got ourselves Pokemon."

Their parents ask even more questions with Junia and Evan having to explain everything that had happened until now.
  Junia & Evan / Okimichi / 1y 13d 23h 19m 23s
After the battle ended, it seemed to bolster the other pokemon's spirit, and soon Rose found herself spectating Junia and Evan's battle.

She was glad that her friends were getting the hang of battles. It was definitely something that was different for everyone, but so far they seemed to be doing well.

When the geodude fainted, Totodile seemed to want to run off and find a geodude of her own, to which Rose called after her "Don't run off too far! We have to wait for the others!"

This only seemed to give Totodile a spark in her eye and a mischievous smile. "TO-TOTODILE! TOTO!" She called out into the darkness, before turning around and waving her tail. At first Rose was confused, but then she realized her pokemon was actually egging on any nearby geodude!

"Oh my gosh, you little monster, you! Be sure not to bite off more than you can chew!" She teased the pokemon, who only mimed biting at the mention of biting off more than she could chew.

It looked like Totodile would be a handful... She definitely loved to fight.

She ended up battling every pokemon she encountered, and each time she won, she seemed to get stronger, until during the third battle, she actually unleashed a water gun attack on an unsuspecting geodude!
  Pokemon Breeder Rose / CreativeRed / 1y 15d 22h 59m 13s
Junia and Evan catch up with the others and watch the battle go down.

"Huh... well, what about you, Karma?" Junia asks.

"Fennekin!" Karma responds then jumps out of her arms and runs further down the tunnel.

"Wait for me!" Junia says as she chases after Karma.

[i Oh boy... we might be in this tunnel a while.] Evan thinks to himself then Yamori jumps off his head runs up beside Karma. [i Come to think of it... wasn't there a pair of moves that are very good when combined with each other- ugh, not the time to be thinking about that!]

Evan runs up beside Junia and suddenly, a Geodude pops out from nowhere and tries to tackle Karma.

"Quick, dodge it!" Junia shouts.

Karma narrowly avoids the attack.

"Normal won't do much against it!" Evan says.

"Tre- Treecko!" Yamori says.

"You have a grass move you can us against it then?" Evan asks.

Yamori nods.

"Then use whatever you've got!" Evan says.

Yamori runs up to the Geodude and uses Absorb on it, draining some of its energy.
The Geodude backs away and does a Defense Curl.

"We gotta use all we've got, Karma, so go and tackle it!" Junia says.

Karma runs up on the Geodude and tackles it from behind, though not doing much against it, it does weaken it a little.
The Geodude retaliates with a tackle of its own against Karma and sends her sliding across the ground on her back.

"Use Absorb again, Yamori!" Evan says.

Yamori once absorbs some of the Geodude's energy which was enough for it to faint.

"Yeah, we did it!" Evan says. "Good job Yamori!"

"You did a good job too, Karma!" Junia says.
  Junia & Evan / Okimichi / 1y 15d 23h 16m 55s
They all headed out back into the tunnel, and upon mentioning of the max repels and training, Rose's totodile immediately started squirming, trying to get out of her arms.

"TOTOTOTOTOTOTO!" The totodile said excitedly as she slipped out of her trainer's arm and happily ran off down the tunnel.

"Wait Tototdile!" Rose said, chasing after her pokemon, trying to keep up. She only got so far before a zubat swooped down and tried to attack the Totodile. That just gave her a gleam in her eye as she prepared herself to battle as her trainer caught up to her.

"Ok, so you want to train! Let's do this!" Rose said excitedly. She was definitely ready to see her new Totodile's powers!

"All right, let's start out by tackling this thing to the ground! Then we'll have the advantage!"

The totodile launched herself upwards, using her head to smash into the surprised zubat and sending it crashing towards the ground. In retaliation, it let out a sharp cry, knocking Totodile back. But she recovered quickly and jumped back on to the zubat, landing another tackle. This time, the zubat flapped its wings in attempt to squirm free, but Totodile had it pinned, and she only let the zubat go when it emitted a strange light from its mouth that hit Totodile, causing her to blink in confusion.

"Ah, no, not supersonic!" Rose cried "Come on, you can snap out of it! Scratch one more time!"

Luckily, Totodile was able to snap out of it long enough to deal the finishing blow, and Rose jumped in celebration.

"Good job Totodile!"
  Pokemon Breeder Rose / CreativeRed / 1y 16d 1h 27m 49s

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