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" I do post battle at Hogwarts mostly or AUs I like Draco x Hermione pairings where Hermione is sorted into Slytherin and tries to take over the ministry after Voldemort was defeated. I also like if she was sorted into Slytherin and she becomes top of her class and Draco and her get ridiculed to the point it makes Hermione insane " 

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It was when she felt the weight in the seat beside her did the girl's brown eyes come up. For a second she was thinking it was someone else, but seeing the blonde hair and smirk she had come to know and consider her bestfriend did she relax and give a small smile. [b "Good morning, Draco."] Hermione said, and then looked to the others in their house as the whispers only got louder.

Again she was starting to dwell, but the Malfoy boy spoke his words. Slowly her hand took his as he grippes hers and she was dragged out of the common room. [b "That wasn't very nice, Draco...and I've told you.. I can deal with them and the whispers.. but thanks for that."] The girl said as she pulled her hand away but stayed at his side as the pair made their way up the stone staircases and into the main hall, making their way into the Great Hall for breakfast.
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In the furthest four poster bed from the door in the fifth year Slytherin boys dormitory laid the tall blonde Malfoy. Waking with a start with sweat gleaming on his face. Yet another nightmare of the dark lord using the [i Avada] curse on the only young witch Draco had and will ever fall for. Not that she knew it though for he knew if he told his friend her feelings would not be reciprocated.

Draco stood from his bed dressing quickly and shaking the sleeping boy next to him [+green "Blaise. Get up."] He said as he slipped his wand in his school robes. [+green [i "I wonder how she looks today. ]] he thought to himself as he walked out of the dorm and into the common room. Seeing the brunette girl of his dreams Draco put on his signature Malfoy smirk and dropped himself into the seat next to her fully aware of the stares and whispers. [+green "Morning."] He said to her before turning to their housemates, [+green "Surely you lot have something other than being idiots to do."] He spat grabbing Hermione's hand and pulling her towards the door. [+green "C'mon let's get breakfast. "]
  Draco / LizzyBear / 227d 3h 43m 14s
[i 'Clever and cunning. There is talent here and the want to prove yourself. Though you're not a pureblood. So just where am I going to put you? Ravenclaw would help your mind and your cunning, but your ambitions... Your ambitions tell me you've got the makings of a great young witch. Soo...'] "SLYTHERIN"

Brown eyes opened as she had again been dreaming of her first day at Hogearts. As she had been dreaming of the day her life had forever changed. She was clever right and talented. The girl did everything she could to prove it and yet her classmates and more importantly housemates still never accepted her. They never thought she was good enough. Even if she had become one of the top Slytherin students.

Quickly she shook her thoughts from her head and dressed, using a galmour charm on her hair to keep it flat. After she was dressed, Hermione got her books into her bag and slipped her wand into her rode. And she had to remind herself that whatever comments came her way were from jealous classmates. With a forced smile, the girl left the dormitory and went to the common room and took a sear on one of the couches. The only good thing that had remotely come from her becoming a Slytherin was befriending one Draco Malfoy.

[b [i 'I hope he gets out here soon. They are all staring at me again...']] The girl thought, brown eyes on her lap as she could feel the eyes. What was worse was she could hear the whispers around her as well.
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 229d 6h 39m 50s

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