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Salia grew up being taught to be the perfect princess. Prim and proper in land were magic is forbidden. How ever at age 12 Salia developed an affenty for elemental magic. An old lady who was assigned as her maid. The old maid knew of magic and began to train Salia in it. When Salia was 15 she met Warick the young stable boy who taught her about love. Now Salia is 18 and due to be married to the Prince of stormhalt. However Salia runs away with Warick. While they are on the run the two meet a girl from the future. They learn from the girl of s army of darkness raising up in the south of Dormter. Now the three must stop the evil army. While avoiding being caputered by the Prince and her father's soldiers.


all es rules

no godmode

no drama outside rp

have fun

no conterling someone's char without permission

cussing is ok

title pm may I enter



Prince of stormhalt:

princess Salia:kenbloodmoon

stable boy: Lumasi

girl from the future:eeveelover

friends of Salia and stable boy:cyberalienprincess

soldiers of king and prince

leader of the army of darkness:amy

army of darkness








Accepted skellies

username: kenbloodmoon

name: Salia

age: 18



username: AmyUmino

name: Amy Winchester

age: 24

gender: Female

role: leader of the army of darkness

bio(optional): Amy was born in Ireland but moved to the United States when she was 12.

username - lusami

name - warick wulfbriar

age - twenty-one

gender - male

role - stable boy

bio - n/a


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She heard people whispering about her but ignored it as she ducked behind a crowd of people as a couple guards walked past her then used her feet to jump unto a ledge and pulled herself unto the roof. She started to run and jumped to another roof as she rolled unto her back as the guards looked for her then smirked as she dove into a pile of hay, grunting slightly as she shook hay from her short hair as she spit some of it out of her mouth as she stood up, standing a whopping 6'4". She started to walk again as she hummed slightly, spotting the guards again and took off into a run through the street and started to climb one of the buildings to get away from them, seeing the guards splitting up to cover more ground, Amy running on the roof and stopped when she came to a ledge and tried to figure out a way to get down without breaking a bone or injuring herself, hearing the guards getting closer to her and made a quick decision and jumped into a wagon that was passing by as she jumped, the guards looking around confused.
  Amy (edit) / amyumino / 18d 2h 47m 50s
Anika steps forward and pushes Prince Archer back hard enough it sends him flying backwards and into the hall losing the door she looks at king boku before bowing humbly before him "Your majesty sir Prince Archer was evesdroppingg and over heard mine and Salia's conversation about me helping a friend runaway from her captures sir. The boy here with me helped me and is merely a stable hand sir. I would never lie to you and see you as a father figure sir. Well Prince Archer busted her door in and came up to her and grabbed her roughly as you can see from the bruises forming in your daughters arm." Anika says with her head bowed. She stays in this position until the king places his hand on her shoulder "Anika get up darling I believe you. I know the boy here has a love interest for my daughter and the fact that he is here bugs me to no end please remove yourself from my presence stableboy." The kings replies to Anika and Warick. Turning to Salia he goes and holds her arm and examines it. " you and Archer will be married in three weeks time so please talk to him. Yes he lost his temper but he is a good guy." He says to Salia quietly.
  Anika Lydia / CyberAlienPrincess / 18d 3h 19m 30s
Salia was about to pick Anikas last option when Prince Archer busted into her room. Prince Archer Approached her angrily. "who was she talking about you running away from me with !!!" He screams at her grabbing her arm roughly. "let go of me now your hurting me." She said trying to free herself from the prince's grip. When she couldn't break free of him she panicked. "Warick help!!!" She cried out to her beloved knowing hed free her from this other man. All at once the Prince was flung across her room. Once she was free she ran to Warick hugging him sobbing softly her arm throbbing from were the Prince had grabbed her. "Warick Anika we have to get out of here before my father comes up here with his soldiars."she says pulling at Waricks arm. "Lets go now"she says trying to get her friend and beloveded to the door to escape. Before they could escape the prince stood back up as her father entered the room. "Whats going on here." King Boku asked looking at the scene before him. "I came to try to speak with your daughter and she had this boy attack me." The Prince answered quickly covering his own hid.
  Princess Salia / kenbloodmoon / 19d 1h 36m 36s
looking between her best friend and her best friend's boyfriend, Anika sits on the edge of Salia's bed and thinks of ways to get them out of this arranged marriage predicament. "Well a couple of ideas have came to mind just now." she says glancing at the two before continuing. " number one is we go along with this little arrangement and then get your husband to be to become unfaithful to you because of me resulting in you going to your father and your father calling this wedding off. Number two is we take Salia's groom to be on a little camping like trip for "quality bonding time" between the bride and groom to be and while we are there Warick or one of his little buddies can show up and attack resulting in the groom to be's death or the third and final option is just to kidnap you two and we all run away together." Anika states matter of factually to Salia and Warwick watching as their eyes get big. Just as they are about to say something there is a knock at Salia's bedroom door and her husband to be calls out to her "Salia darling please open the door so we can talk this out like rational adults." the obnoxious fool claims knocking again. Suddenly her bedroom door flies open. luckily Warick had gotten up and was behind the door when it opened so he was hidden. Standing in her door way was her husband to be looking pissed off as he advances towards Princess Salia and Miss Anika.
  Anika Lydia / CyberAlienPrincess / 19d 1h 32m 16s
He hid once more, significantly more annoyed now than before. This [i hiding] was such a horrid thing, such a scandalous habit, all founded on the premise of Salia's being of royal birth. He understood the idea of political marriage, but could not find it within him to agree; What kind of father would catapult his daughter into a marriage with a stranger? He himself was not rich, but he wasn't busted ass poor, either, he made enough to feed and clothe himself and could easily tend to Salia on that front, too. Why did his not being of noble birth have anything to do with his worthiness as a fiancé? He loved Salia dearly, it made no sense that he ought to be excluded from her list of suitors...
Worse yet was knowing this threat to his happy relationship was standing RIGHT outside the door, [i alive and well]-...

More annoyed with every passing thought, he slid out of her wardrobe of his own accord, though thankfully at the same time she invited him back out to join her and her friend. He had met Anika on numerous occasions and was not bothered, shooting her a weak smile as he made his way back to Salia's side. Even if her father barged in with her supposed betrothed and ten men behind him, Warick would be calm. His hiding was for Salia's comfort, if he were to do things the Warick way, her father would either submit to their union here and now, or die with his disagreements. This 'Prince' could share the same grave.

He knelt in front of her as she sat on the side of the bed, setting his hands in her lap and gently petting her leg. [b "Y'know, if this issue persists, I could always just... [i eat], the bastard."] he offered, flashing a sharp grin. Only trying to make her feel better, of course!
[s He was not against it, though.]
[b "What would you like to do? I don't want to upset you and fight your father, but I don't see a whole lot of alternatives."] Maybe Anika would have some input, too?
  Warick / Lusami / 20d 20h 59m 18s
She walked a bit more and came across a town and put her beanie on her head and put her head down as she shoved her hands into Her pockets as she tried her best to blend into the crowd and ducked behind a wheelbarrow, Hoping nobody Seen her. She got back up and took an apple from a stand and bit into it was she walled again then stayed to hum as she blended into the crowd of people, blood already drying on her shirt and arm from the python and looked around as she put the apple core into a random barrel as she sniffed slightly, noticing a pungent smell wafting through the air and made a slight face as she plugged her nose and pulled her bandanna she kept in her pocket over her nose, noticing that people looked sickly and were staring at her. She sighed as she ducked into the crowd once more and started to walk In a random direction, hoping to find some drinking water and some real food and not the edible berries shes been eating on for about 3 days now, her stomach growling slightly and sighed once more.
  Amy (edit) / Amyumino / 21d 23m 35s
When Salia heard Anika addressing her father she looked at Warick panicked again." Hide quickly." She whispers and runs to the adjoining room to change clothing. Once Warick is safely hiding away Salia opens the door and glares at her father and the Prince. "You two are not welcome around me!!!!" She screams and pulls Anika into the room slamming the door and locking it. "Salia that's no way to speak to your father and husband to be now let us in!!!" She heard her father scream from the other side of the locked door. "He's not my Husband to be !!!! You can marry him if you want him a wife so bad!!" She screamed back at him angrily crying once again. When she heard her father and the Prince stomp angrily down the hall she sat on her bed crying even worse now. "Warick you can come out now it's Just Anika." She says as her beloved comes out from his hiding spot. She turns and looks at Anika and sighs. "Anika what am I supposed to do I can't allow myself to marry anyone other then Warick."she said still crying softly.
  Princess Salia / kenbloodmoon / 21d 53m 55s
Standing there stunned Anika runs after Salia but isn't fast enough. Salia beats Anika to her room and closes the door. Climbing the stairs to Salia's room Anika ponders what her best friend is going to do about marrying someone other then her beloved Warick. Upon coming up to Salia's bedroom chambers she hears her friend inside talking and knows Warick has came by to see Salia. Anika knocks and inside she can hear Warick ask if he needs to hide. Anika waits for the door to be opened when suddenly Salia's father and her husband to be appears next to her scaring her. " Your Majesty you scared me." Anika says loud enough for the young couple in the bedroom can hear. " Anika darling why are you just standing out here in the hallway why haven't you entered into my beloved daughter's room?" the king asks Anika suspiciously. "Well I knocked and your daughter told me she was changing and to give her a moment." Anika replies quickly. "what brings you up here, you normally don't climb these stairs so what gives?" Anika asks the king puzzled.
  Anika Lydia / CyberAlienPrincess / 21d 3h 50m 22s
He waited, closing his eyes and boredly laying back while fighting the urge to sneak down and listen in on Salia's summons. He thought better of it, though, not wanting to get her in trouble or worse, be burnt at the stake before her very eyes. No, he would behave... For now. One eye popped open at the sound of the doors being flung open, his brows dipping in concern as the love of his life dampened his tunic with tears. It was moving a bit quick, but he did catch her words between sobs, his arms gathering her up around her shoulders and pulling her in for a worried look. [b "Marry? Marry who, what happened down there?"]
King Boku could not POSSIBLY have meant him, that was for certain. He felt a savage rumble rise from the back of his throat, though did his best to lid his displeasure for now. He didn't want to fight her people or her father, but he was itching to do so if it meant they'd be stopped from taking Salia from him.

[b "Are you okay?"]
He smoothed her hair out with his hand, surveying her for further damages, aside from the newfound heartbreak. The knock at the door prompted a swear to leave his lips, and he glanced at her, genuine, however annoyed. [b "Should I hide for this one, too, or no?"]
  Warick / Lusami / 26d 6h 21m 12s
She continued to walk until she heard a loud hiss and seen a huge burmese python wrapped around a branch of a tree that she had to go through, her trying to figure out how to remove it without it biting or constricting around her. She ended up grabbing it by the back of its head but it reached around and bit her on the lower arm 3 times, making her swear loudly and it somehow getting away from her and wrapping itself around her ankle, she grabbed it again, it biting her an additional 2 times on the arm and once on her hand, Amy finally getting it from the branch and around her anle and places it in a Bush, making her way through the trees, blood all over her arm, her shirt and was dropping on the sand and grass as she walked, not knowing where she was headed but was hoping that she would find some civilization soon and hoped she at least found people before it started to get dark since that was when all the nocturnal animals, mainly the hunters came out looking for their prey. She jumped over a log and heard a creak of a branch and pulled the gun from the holster on hey back and pointed it towards the sound.
  Amy (edit) / Amyumino / 27d 19h 4m 5s
Salia yawned as she hurried down the hall to her father's throne room. Once at the door to the throne room, she stopped for a moment catching her breathe. Slowly she pushed the large door to the throne room open and went inside. Once inside the throne she noticed two people standing there other then her father and her father's guards. One was her best friend Anika. The other was a man she'd never seen before. Smiling she ran over and hugged Anika. "Anika it's been to long since you last came to the castle" she said smiling. "Salia the reason I called you in here is I'd like you to meet Prince Archer of Stormhalt. You are to marry him in three months." Her father king Boku said to her. "NO I WONT MARRY HIM!!!!!" Salia screamed over the news of ger planned marriage. Salia ran out of the throne room, and back to her room tears streaming down her face. She completely forgot about her friend Anika being in the throne room. Once back in her room she climbed onto her bed beside Warick and hid her face against his chest sobbing and soaking his shirt in tears. "I can't marry that man." She whispered through the tears to Warick. Then there was a soft knock on the door.
  Princess Salia / kenbloodmoon / 26d 6h 32m 57s
Walking along the path to her friend's castle Anika sees tons of wild life and stops and sits for awhile with her drawing pad as she sets her eyes on a mother doe and her twin fawns. She's starts to sketch them and hums along to the birds singing in the air. Anika finishes up sketching the doe and her fawns and then sees a wolf stalking them. " I wonder if I could sketch the scene as its happening.?" Anika says to herself flipping to the next page and starting to sketch. She finishes up just as the wolf pounces and kills one of the fawns the mom and other baby getting away quickly. Anika sniffles a little as she watches the wolf drag its prey away to feast on it. St and I up Anika brushes herself off and continues on her way to Salia's castle to visit her royal friend. Upon arriving to the castle Anika is stopped by the guards at the front of the castle and questions and poked and prodded. " will you two nimwits stop this already?" She snaps at the one guard who chuckles and shakes his head. "Sorry miss you know the rules" he replies. After she's done she's allowed to go in and Anika goes to the kings great room and asks to see Salia. "Your highness may I see your daughter please its quite urgent." Anika states boldly and looks down at her feet. The king agrees and has a maid go fetch his daughter. Standing around Anika looks around and sighs. "its been awhile since Ive been here." She says to herself quietly.
  Anika Lydia / CyberAlienPrincess / 31d 19h 20m 49s
Nakabi sighed aloud. It had been three weeks since she had decided to go back in time. she was sure without a shadow of a doubt that she would be needed...but for what, she wasn't quite sure.
Oh, come ON,"she snapped as her machine was defaulting. "Why won't this damn machine work?!?" she had to get back in time. She knew that she was going to be of help to someone...but if she COULDN'T GET THERE, then of what help would she be?
"COME ON!!!"she barked aloud. Finally, the machine started. she hopped in and set the coordinates. Damn machine malfunction, she thought to herself. Always getting overheated...
After a long hour's ride...a few hours of sleep sounded great. she briefly closed her eyes. but soon, she was fast asleep. She slept through the entire ride. once she landed she jolted awake. "Bout time I got to this miserable place,"she said softly. "well, then... best be getting on my way. can't be held up for too long. best to get going while the going's good."
Then she headed on her way, excited.
  isis wintergale / eeveelover / 33d 1h 27m 14s
She was running through the forest and was chasing a deadite as she jumped over a branch and tripped but stood up and cocked the homemade sawed off and aimed it at the air, waiting for it to pass in her line of sight then heard a crack behind her, suddenly being thrown up against a tree, making her vision go blurry and doubled. She shook her head to clear it and grabbed the gun but was suddenly grabbed by the throat and let out a surprised yelp and she struggled to breathe, the deadite knocking the gun from her hand and slammed her back into a tree, her face going red from the lack of air passing through Her lungs, reaching her hand for the gun and finally reached it and shot the deadite in the head, blood splattering on her face and making a loud boom echo through the forest and wiped her face as she cocked the gun again shooting it again but this time in the face, smirking as she watched it stop moving then started to walk again as she whistled to herself, putting the gun on her shoulder and sniffed the air slightly.
  Amy (edit) / Amyumino / 33d 19h 58m 17s
[center [pic]]
Warick was not the best with rules, and this was apparent as he scaled the walls of the east wing, six stories above the grass and the stables as he effortlessly hauled himself onto the ledge of his beloved's window. Salia was about the only thing abiut the royal family he DIDN'T hate, and he took care to visit often, however restless he was to be without her allll day, EVERY day. No, he wanted to see her [i now] instead, peering into her window through wild blonde hair and pegging the fancy glass with pebbles from his trouser pocket. Hah! She would have no choice but to let him in!

He was not made to wait long, immediately scolded but grinning despite her words. Day, night, he wanted to see her always; Why wait? [b "Aw, c'mon, nobody saw me?"]
He could have gone for a little more than a peck on the cheek, but was ushered into the closet to avoid her maid. Always hiding... The large canine sighed, waiting to be let out and sulking just the same.
[b "Awful timing, pops."] the lycan breathed, leaning back on her bed and staring at the ceiling for a moment. Why was she being summoned NOW? What possibly could the king have to say this early in the morning? How early did a guy have to climb a castle to get a hug or two in peace?!
  Warick / Lusami / 33d 20h 2m 9s

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