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Salia grew up being taught to be the perfect princess. Prim and proper in land were magic is forbidden. How ever at age 12 Salia developed an affenty for elemental magic. An old lady who was assigned as her maid. The old maid knew of magic and began to train Salia in it. When Salia was 15 she met ______ the young stable boy who taught her about love. Now Salia is 18 and due to be married to the Prince of stormhalt. However Salia runs away with ________. While they are on the run the two meet a girl from the future. They learn from the girl of s army of darkness raising up in the south of Dormter. Now the three must stop the evil army. While avoiding being caputered by the Prince and her father's soldiers.


all es rules

no godmode

no drama outside rp

have fun

no conterling someone's char without permission

cussing is ok

title pm may I enter



Prince of stormhalt:burningsxn

princess Salia:kenbloodmoon

stable boy:

girl from the future:dexy

friends of Salia and stable boy:cyberalienprincess

soldiers of king and prince

leader of the army of darkness:amy

army of darkness








Accepted skellies

username: kenbloodmoon

name: Salia

age: 18



username: AmyUmino

name: Amy Winchester

age: 24

gender: Female

role: leader of the army of darkness

bio(optional): Amy was born in Ireland but moved to the United States when she was 12.

username: Burningsxn

name: Caspian




username: Dexy

name: Kaya

age: 21

gender: female

role: girl from the future


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She stopped when she heard talking and climbed up a tree with great skill and climbed on one of the branches, pulling out some binoculars and Looked through them at the people as she took a drink from her canteen, hoping that she wouldn't be heard or seen. All of a sudden, a deadite popped out from another tree and lunged at her grabbing her by the neck, Amy struggling to grab the pistol that she had hidden in the Back of her pants.

When she finally got it after she kicked the deadite off, she screwed the silencer on and seen that it had fell from.the tree and cussed in Russian under her breath as she aimed for it "eat ugly son of a bitch", she mumbled as she shot it 5 times, the deadite growling and stopped moving all together once the bullet pierced its head then gave it the bird as it slowly died, shooting it again for good measure. She took the silencer off the pistol and put it back in the back of her pants then looked back to where the people she heard talking were.
  Amy (edit) / amyumino / 122d 10h 38m 50s
Caspian looked at the tree in front of him and rubbed his forehead in frustration. [b "You've got to be kidding me." ] He groaned, turning around a few times. You would think that being a Prince meant you had enhanced abilities, like being able to walk through a forest without getting completely lost. But no, Caspian was as normal as Princes got.

He had originally left the palace to get some space from the King who had been pressuring him into marrying the young Princess again, a girl whom he had never met but from what he heard, wasn't going to get along with. He had little tolerance for nobles who didn't fulfil their responsibilities and from rumours circulating the palace, she was interested in a peasant. He wasn't sure the King knew this, but maids and butlers talked and Caspian had always been a good listener.

The sky was barely visible behind the overhang of the trees but he could still feel the warmth of the air on his skin. As Caspian shrugged off his coat, decorated in his royal colours, he started to walk amongst the trees again. It wasn't soon before he came face to face with a strange looking girl, dressed in what he could only assume, were men's clothes. Shocked by the sudden appearance, he lost his demeanour for just a moment. [b "It's inappropriate for a young woman dressed that provocatively to be out walking unescorted." ] He said, looking the girl up and down with a sudden interest.

Caspian ran a hand through his blonde hair and tilted his head slightly. The girl was staring at him. [b " Hasn't anyone told you it's rude to stare and at a member of the Royal Court especially?" ] His words were spoken with the careful disinterest of a royal prince.
  Caspian / Burningsxn / 115d 16h 33m 12s
The past was a disgusting place; the sewers ran too close to the surface and the poverty ridden couldn't afford soap. The fresh air of he forest had been a sweet escape as well as no longer getting strange looks over her "strange" clothing. If you asked Kaya, it wasn't her clothes that we're strange.

Even so, these people were he key to humanities salvation; the only thing standing between a future overrun by evil. [I Her] future. She had to stop it but alone, she was as good as useless

The Army of Darkness was building it's power and it's ranks at this very moment, planning for the day they unleashed their might and destroyed anything they could crush beneath their boots. She wouldn't let it happen. Not again.

There was crunching of twigs and leaves nearby. A deer, perhaps? She hoped so, they had been long extinct in her time. A lion? A giraffe? No, those were so tall you could see them from miles around. She would have noticed. But when the source of the footsteps appeared, it was none of these things.

It was a boy. A boy whose face she had seen in history books a dozen or more times, starting at her from the oil painting. The Prince.
  Kaya / Dexy / 123d 6h 47m 15s
Walking along the path to her friend's castle Anika sees tons of wild life and stops and sits for awhile with her drawing pad as she sets her eyes on a mother doe and her twin fawns. She's starts to sketch them and hums along to the birds singing in the air. Anika finishes up sketching the doe and her fawns and then sees a wolf stalking them. " I wonder if I could sketch the scene as its happening.?" Anika says to herself flipping to the next page and starting to sketch. She finishes up just as the wolf pounces and kills one of the fawns the mom and other baby getting away quickly. Anika sniffles a little as she watches the wolf drag its prey away to feast on it. sitting up Anika brushes herself off and continues on her way to Salia's castle to visit her royal friend. Upon arriving to the castle Anika is stopped by the guards at the front of the castle and questions and poked and prodded. " will you two dimwits stop this already?" She snaps at the one guard who chuckles and shakes his head. "Sorry miss you know the rules" he replies. After she's done she's allowed to go in and Anika goes to the kings great room and asks to see Salia. "Your highness may I see your daughter please its quite urgent." Anika states boldly and looks down at her feet. The king agrees and has a maid go fetch his daughter. Standing around Anika looks around and sighs. "its been awhile since I've been here." She says to herself quietly.
  Anika Lydia / CyberAlienPrincess / 127d 6h 10m 22s
She was running through the forest and was chasing a deadite as she jumped over a branch and tripped but stood up and cocked the homemade sawed off and aimed it at the air, waiting for it to pass in her line of sight then heard a crack behind her, suddenly being thrown up against a tree, making her vision go blurry and doubled. She shook her head to clear it and grabbed the gun but was suddenly grabbed by the throat and let out a surprised yelp and she struggled to breathe, the deadite knocking the gun from her hand and slammed her back into a tree, her face going red from the lack of air passing through Her lungs, reaching her hand for the gun and finally reached it and shot the deadite in the head, blood splattering on her face and making a loud boom echo through the forest and wiped her face as she cocked the gun again shooting it again but this time in the face, smirking as she watched it stop moving then started to walk again as she whistled to herself, putting the gun on her shoulder and sniffed the air slightly.
  Amy (edit) / Amyumino / 179d 7m 29s
Salia yawned as she woke up to a knocking at her window.She smiled when she seen her beloved boyfriend sitting in her window seal. Now itd be impossible for a normal person to reach her sixth floor bedroom, but he was a lycan. Which made it easy for him to reach her window. Still smiling she opened her window letting him into her room. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Then she started to frown. "Your not supposed to be here in the daytime." She scolded him unable to stay mad long. She hugged him happily until she heard a knock on her door. " Princess your father wants to see you in the throne room." Came the voice of her maid from the other side of the door. She panicked as the door began to open. She quickly shoved her lover into her closet as the maid cane inside the room. "Yes tell him I'll be right down." She said slightly out of breath due to panicking. The maid nodded and left the room. Once the maid had closed the door Salia opened her closet to let her lover out. "I'll be back soon." She said to him and walked out the room.
  Princess Salia / kenbloodmoon / 128d 4h 5m 34s

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