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[center [h3 Tutorial]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex had began to walk through as he heard the strange black mist with red eyes speak to him.]]

[center [+orange I-I... Don't actually remember my name and what? Another huh? No way..]]

[center [b He tried to logically deny it but excitement crept upon his face and into his chest. Another world huh? Really? Just like that? For free? No catch? For free huh most people would wonder how to get back or be terrified some black spirit looking thing brought them here. He didn't care whatever they wanted couldn't be worse than what he had been through.]]

[center [b Adapt fast well and this thing would guide him? Sounded like a start to almost every RPG he had played ever. Sure Rex was strong and a talented swordsman but if this was indeed a fantasy world? He would need to learn some sort of magic while gaining a blade of some power. Though if this thing had granted him a blade how powerful could it be? Could be pretty magical or even his clothes who knew. Rex was taking this all way too easily but he didn't really realize that.]]

[center [b He'd need to train even harder while learning skills and spells from this world to add with his own physical prowess. With a guide talking to him asking for help wouldn't be a prospect right? Rex wasn't very fond of talking to others even in a fantasy world. It wasn't he wasn't fond he was just scared of how others would judge him as he passed by a job. He looked into a window and saw his own reflection was that... Him? He grinned and frowned and made a few faces as a child nearby simply stared at him. He let out a nervous chuckle as he awkwardly walked away sighing. Awkward! "Was that my own reflection?" he loved it he never liked how he looked before but he loved it. He wasn't really bland he looked super cool like.. "The White Swordsman" he had to hold back a fit of laughter. "Yes!" sure it wasn't going to make him a different person and he'd be confident and start talking to people willy nilly. He did hope however maybe he'd be a little more sure of himself? Maybe? He liked the amount of clothing and the gloves that heavy clothing served as a social barrier. The less of him people saw the less shy he was or at least less panicky. He did already feel more comfortable in this world. Shop keepers gave him smiles and waves as adventurer's and others seemed awfully friendly. The men looked pretty cool and the women? Looked a lot cuter than the one's from his world. He had saw a few look his way with a small fit of giggles as he walked faster his face turning red. He wouldn't admit it but it made him feel rather happy.]]

[center [b Than he had heard his spirit suddenly spouting about sucking up to someone with great power. Rex had tilted his head in dismay flattering someone? Not his strong suit and he might not have looked it but he was rather prideful at least when it came to survival. He had never let someone fight in his stead. He didn't doubt this person was powerful but Rex wanted the chance to grower stronger himself not rely on someone else first thing didn't appeal to his romantic idea of being in another world. He shook his head a bit it was rather awkward because he didn't want to offend this spirit. What if changed it's mind? Took him back home? Rex wasn't sure if he could handle living in his world knowing this place was around he'd... He'd surely....]]

[center [b Than he looked up to see the mist had pointed out a woman. He gulped to see the most gorgeous woman yet and her clothing was? Err.. well Rex saw himself look for a moment before looking away. Wouch! "He wants me to talk to her?! No way" She was way too cute and way way too sexy. No way Rex couldn't even talk to normal girls or anyone for that matter. That's like starting off in a level one hundred area right out the gate. He shook his head at the spirit.]]

[center [+orange I-I can't she's way too.. C-Cut.. Cu..]]

[center [b As he tried to create distance between her and him as he began to escape. She came right over with her arms crossed over her chest did she catch him looking?! It was just for a moment he didn't mean to. "Oh nonono" than she had instead offered help asking if he was lost. He looked around as he pointed at himself a bit confused no way she would talk to a guy like him. Though hold and behold she was she even offered her name and a heart wrenching smile. Rex blinked as he looked at her hand and back at her his heart racing. It felt like it was trying to break a record here and as adorable as one would think that'd sound. It wasn't he felt himself almost like he was going to puke not in disgust but from the sudden social interaction. He was happy too at least he thought he was. Oh god he had been silent a hadn't he? Just sitting here and over thinking everything! "I'm so stupid stupid!" he awkwardly raised his hand out as he stared at the ground. Eye contact wasn't exactly one of his strong suits. As he shook her hand softly as he continued to look at the ground.]]

[center [+orange L-L-Lost..? I erm.. I...]]

[center [b She could tell he wasn't from here he wasn't sure how people would react if he knew NOTHING about this world. That he was a demon or a crazy person. He needed to think of an excuse to give people for the future and for this second. He remembered in game the guy kept saying his head was foggy. Though it wouldn't be the same exactly Rex had a similar idea.]]

[center [+orange I-I... Hit my head really bad I-I-I can't remember a t-thing.. Except m-m-my name... R-Rex.. R-Rex Rider... I think.]]

[center [b Funny his name was the one thing he had forgot. He knew that wasn't his name but he wouldn't explain everything to her. He than began to wonder if she could see the mist too. He did seem very... Spirit like did he only appear to Rex or to everyone? He didn't want to randomly ask "Can you see my black spirit friend?"]]

[center [b If she couldn't he'd look crazy and receive a "Okaay... I'm going this way now" he had gulped panting. He stuttered so much and looked away from her so much he was afraid he sounded distrusting or rude. He didn't mean to be either he just... Wasn't very good at direct conversation. Certainly with girls like her who knew his first challenge here would be so basic.]]
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[center [pic]]
[left [pic]][size11 A sudden sensation of falling overtook the woman, causing her to open her eyes frantically. She was not met with the comfort of her blankets wrapped around her in her bedroom, but instead found herself staring into abyssal nothingness. While panic gripped at her thumping heart, she attempted to relax, as she knew what usually came next. For a moment she looked around, realizing that she was suspended in the void, not standing. If there was ever a time to use the phrase, "the silence was deafening", it would be now. She could not even make out the sound of her beating heart or her labored breathing.
For how long she remained in the stillness, she did not know. The darkness suddenly flushed bright white, and when she went to cover her eyes, she found herself unable to move her arms. Attempting to twist herself to look around, it dawned on her she was only able to move her neck freely. All around her, familiar black shards materialized, moving with what seemed to be purpose around her.
Abruptly the shards stopped, and moved in front of her, swirling about, at first a certain distance kept between each one but slowly coming together. With a burst, the shards were gone, leaving in their place a figure in robes. Although no hood was on, the face had no distinguishable features, as if a shadow was cast upon it. Lorsvek could not bring herself to look away from the figure, that brought all the unease of being stalked by a stranger, yet in juxtaposition simultaneously bringing the relaxing sensation of familiarity.
Though no words could be audibly heard, she responded as if being spoken to, the sound of her voice frightening her after hearing absolutely nothing for so long.
"[#9F81F7 To Olvia? Why?]"
From the bottom of the robes, the figure began to dissipate into crows, so dark you could not see their eyes, and these crowns circled menacingly about Lorsvek, their cries nearly drowning her out as she spoke again.
"[#9F81F7 I don't understand. Why must I go to Olvia?!]"
More than half the figure was now gone, though so many crows fluttered about her it was hard to see. She attempted to struggle as the sensation of falling began to return. With only the head now left, as the last of it became crows, a sudden voice boomed, somehow clear as day against the barrage of cawing.
"[b Arise from your slumber, and remember my words.]"

[center [pic]]

This time, when Lorsvek shot awake, she was in her bed, her blankets tossed to the ground and her body covered in a cold sweat. Her hand gripped at her chest just above her heart as she closed her eyes, attempting to even out her breathing. It took only but a moment to become stable again, and with the words spoken to her from her nightmare, she knew what it was she had to do. Throwing her legs over the side of the bed, she rested her elbows on her thighs, holding her face and letting out a groan. Olvia was a bit of a trek, but she was smart enough to not defy the words of Cartian.
Stretching, she finally stood herself up, raising her arms over her head and feeling her shoulder pop. Getting up in the morning wasn't usually a problem for her, but the nightmares had a tendency to really wipe her out, both physically and emotionally. Still, she was able to pull herself together, and start. Going into her dresser, she pulled out her usual attire, which was perfect for the warm weather that was blanketing Heidel. Her home was small, just a single room cramped with all the things she'd need - a bed, a dresser, a table to relax, a small stove with a cooking pot and utensils to make meals, and a storage chest. Could she afford better? Definitely. She'd been independent from a young age, and had learned almost right away to save and never splurge. Though those were details she kept between herself and Amerigo, the storage keeper.
The stove had a small compartment, in which she reached in and grabbed some lamb jerky. If she was making a trip to Olvia, it was probably for the best she kept to a light meal.
[i [#9F81F7 "Oh... I should probably grab my Rosar Amulet."]] The thought passed her mind as she snagged the intricate sleeve piece, slipping it on, turning her arm over and over to make sure it was on snug. She grabbed a pouch off the table across from her bed, tying it to the white belt that clung to her hips.
Running a hand through her hair, she finally left her abode, making sure to lock the door with the key she kept in the pouch. The sunlight that met her eyes made her blink hard, and the endless chatter of people bombarded her ears. Across from her home stood Cleia, the Marketplace Director Shai, waving a sign and shouting out the different things on bid and keeping people in order. Lorsvek considered saying good morning, but seeing the crowd around her, she decided to just say something later. With so many wagons passing through, she stuck to the side by the houses, heading down the street towards the river where Amerigo was.
"Good morning, Lorsvek!" A small voice called out, causing her to pause. Oh, it was Lara, Heidel's general goods vendor. For a Shai, she was rather friendly. They worked together quite a bit, the Shai paying her to sometimes carry out large orders to some of the farms on the outskirts of the town.
"[#9F81F7 Hello, Lara. How has business been?]"
"Well, well." She bounced happily, the array of potions on her belt clanging together. "Are you going out today?" Her bright eyes lingered on the amulet.
"[#9F81F7 Ah, yes. To Olvia.]" For a moment she considered mentioning why, but she decided to bite back her tongue. Most did not respond well when she said it was because of a nightmare she had.
"Olvia? That's quite far. Here, have a potion! I know you tend to do some fighting on your adventures." Lara looked behind her, gesturing for one of the assistant Shai's to get a potion.
"[#9F81F7 I-I don't have silver on me right now, I couldn't -]"
"Hush! You do so much for me and never accept payment. It's just one potion." Lara shoved the potion into her hands, a beaming smile on her face. Lorsvek let out a small laugh, opening the bag on her hip and slipping it in.
"[#9F81F7 Th-thank you. I should get going.]" She waved as she hurriedly started walking to her initial destination.
"Be safe!"

It was by the river she met Amerigo, who stood besides a few guards that nodded hello. Considering he was the storage keeper, he needed the extra protection.
The dwarf grinned up at her, "Morning, lass. Heading off?"
"[#9F81F7 Of course. Could you get out, erm... a thousand for me?]"
"Will you be able to carry that?"
"[#9F81F7 While you get it out I'm going to stop by the stables and grab Lovely.]"
"You should consider changing the poor horses name." The dwarf laughed, causing Lorsvek to throw a playful glare at him as she started walking away.
"[#9F81F7 I was a child, Amerigo. Besides, I think he likes it.]"
Thankfully, the stables weren't far. As she approached, Izaro already knew what she was there for, and stepped away into the stables. She stood outside until the doors were opened, and he stepped out holding the reins of a large brown horse with a white mane and tail. Upon seeing her, the horse whinnied and trotted ahead of Izaro to her.
"[#9F81F7 Good morning, my Lovely. Has Izaro taken well care of you?]"
"You know I wouldn't dare mistreat him." Izaro handed the reigns to her as he spoke. "Do you need a saddle for today?"
"[#9F81F7 Actually, yes, thank you. I need Lovely to carry some silver for me.]"
Izaro scurried off, bringing back a blanket and a saddle. While Lorsvek patted Lovely on the neck, keeping him calm, Izaro set up everything, including a bundle to sit just behind the saddle.
"This should be good enough. Stay safe."
"[#9F81F7 Of course. Thanks so much.]" She walked with Lovely's reins in her hands back to Amerigo, who was waiting.
"Shall I help you get the silver in, or will you be fine?"
"[#9F81F7 I can do it. No worries.]" It didn't take long for her to carry the bag of silver over and empty it into the bag already on the horses back. As she handed it back to Amerigo, she nodded and waved.
As she got onto the saddle, she let out a bit of a sigh. It would take her a while to get to Olvia at a reasonable pace, but she would need that time to mentally prepare herself for whatever was waiting.

[center [pic]]

[center With ever watchful eyes, the Black Spirit chuckled to itself as it floated about the clueless boy, although in the moment he could not be seen. He was weak in this world, but he was malleable and easy to break. He sensed that. It was why he chose him. With a toothy smile, he watched him for just a bit longer before finally allowing himself to be seen.

He hovered in front of the boy, chuckling. The words that left his body did not immediately translate to whatever language the boy could understand, but he knew he would understand. Anyone could understand.

"[b So... You've gotten your wish. How does it feel to be in a new world? Hey, how much do you remember? Your name at least, I hope. Well, I guess it doesn't matter.]"

It spoke with little regard to his response. Of course it didn't care. The boy was just a vessel for him to grow, of course.

"[b This world is different from yours. You'll need to adapt, and fast. But don't worry, you have me, thankfully. I can guide you... to someone who can better guide you. What? I can't interact with anyone besides you.]"

It chuckled more, seeming to be a signature thing of the creature. It looked around, floating in circles, seeming to stay a certain distance to the boy.

"[b This place, Olvia. It's a small farming town. A good start. There are some people here you can talk to... Wait. Do you sense that? Of course not. I sense great power nearby, not someone who possibly lives here. You should seek them out. If you suck up enough maybe they'll take you in. How are you going to find them, you wonder? Don't worry, I'll tell you.]"

With that the spirit disappeared, allowing the boy to wander wherever it was he wanted. After a while, its voice came back, and he only had a few things to say.

"[b That's her. She has amazing power. Quick, she's looking this way. Remember, you need someone like her to help you.]"]

[center [pic]]

Lorsvek had left her horse at the edges of Olvia, wandering around, talking to everyone she could find. For a while, it seemed fruitless. Nothing had happened, nothing seemed out of place. It wasn't until she talked to Nodmir that she finally got the lead she needed.
"Anything... Odd? Well, some young man bumped into me earlier. Just looked at me funny and stumbled off. Pretty sure he's still over there, you can immediately pick him out. I guess Olvia still lives up to its weird reputation of strangers appearing."
With a quick thanks, Lorsvek headed where she was told. She'd nearly forgotten that Olvia had such a reputation. Honestly she didn't often go out of her way to visit this place, as it held little for her and was too far away to be worth the effort. As something tugged at her, she whirled, and it was in that moment she knew. I mean, his clothes alone gave him away, but it didn't help that he looked like a lost puppy.
A wash of shyness came over her, and she idly played with her hair as she took a breath. Was this why she needed to be here? And why? There didn't seem to be much off about the boy. However, as she unknowingly stared, a flash of black and red eyes gleamed behind him, and it made her breath hitch.
"[#9F81F7 [i Is that... It couldn't be. It had to be me seeing things.]]" She shook her head to herself before sighing loudly and gathering together her courage.
Striding over to the boy, she crossed her arms over her chest and looked around. "[#9F81F7 You seem terribly lost. Do you need some help?]" For a moment, she paused, tapping her foot and attempting to keep herself together. "[#9F81F7 Oh! My name is Lorsvek, by the way.]" She outstretched a hand to him, a small, warm smile on her face, her eyes glistening with only a hint of her shyness showing. Despite his face seeming young, he seemed to be around her age. Still in the back of her head she wondered why Cartian would want her to meet this man. What of after that, she questioned. She guessed she'd just find out in due time.
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[center [h3 Another Day]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b It was a cold winters day with a slight chill in the air. Despite it being another Monday morning people were cheery and teenagers happily making their way to school. Christmas was just around the corner and everyone was the merrier for it.]]

[center [b Though every rule of thumb tended to have an exception a young boy by the name of Alvin would serve as that example.]]

[center [b There he laid on the bed with feathery brown hair and a worried expression sprawled across his face as he slept. As he suddenly shot from his bed only to look around to see he was in his room and his alarm blaring. Like clockwork they say same stuff another day.]]

[center [b Alvin had stood up and stretched as he stared at the wall giving a yawn. He didn't have many thoughts going through his head he was tired. As he let his brain have time to process he realized it was another day to go to school.]]

[center [b Now Alvin's brain was fully turned on as he groaned and made his way to the bathroom as he began to brush his teeth. He had looked at the clock he got up an hour and a half early as usual. He knew exactly why he did that it was to get in his daily exercises and Anime sitting.]]

[center [b Of course his mother was still at work wasn't she Alvin missed having her around. She was around for his eighteenth birthday at least that was something.]]

[center [b He had went to the living room as he made some space pressing his body against the floor. As he started to do his daily push ups. He didn't have a set amount he liked to think about things and go till he dropped. Was it effective to not pace ones self? Alvin didn't care it was probably how every single anime character did it right? He had such a strange thought process. He just felt it was more fun to think of ways in exciting ways though not everyone had the same idea as exciting or cool as he did.]]

[center [b With his mother gone a lot and it wasn't like he had any friends he simply grew up watching Anime. First as a cheerful hobby as a child and more of a way to cope with things in life. He grunted as he began to push himself faster. He felt like such a loser when he let his mind wander like this.]]

[center [b It began to remind the boy why he did these in the first place. Because he was so scared and timid to talk to anyone and everyone. He even would get anxious ordering food at a fast food joint. He felt so weak and socially inept he felt if he could grow stronger maybe he would as a person too? He wasn't sure what else to do it was all he could think to do. It was crazy how hard he could work on training his body but how lazy he was when it came to work. Was it lazy? It did suck it was a set amount of time rather than work so you are stuck without any anime or video games for hours. It felt time consuming and Alvin was pretty impatient despite how the timid boy seemed. He also hated having to interact with co workers or his boss or how meaningless any job he felt had. What the purpose? The goal? It felt so wasteful life felt so wasteful. He sometimes had wished life could throw a more concise and clear goal. Something more romantic and adventurous strange to think of the word adventurous. He was anything but he kept to himself for the most part and ignored and avoided things he didn't like.]]

[center [b He meant adventurous an a way he knew any and every Otaku felt. He hated being such a contrived Cliche but every day he had wished something was different. He tried to rationalize his thought process and when he started thinking? It was hard to break him out of it as he began to think he switched to sit ups working on his core.]]

[center [b The whole world is almost owned by a form of government or another what's left to explore no one has? What's more is where could one live and follow ones own rules? By some shape or form you have to follow a government law. Rules and such given to you by birth because you don't exactly have a say. Sure back than kingdoms surely had that but it had to have been easy to leave a kingdom and not go too much further to see a village or another kingdom. Everything nowadays seems to connected it made Alvin feel so uneasy. Like the world and it's authority was trying to peer in and watch him he didn't like the feeling.]]

[center [b Let's go to another reason he hated how things worked he felt his talents were so utterly useless. What was he good at really? He knew what he was good at two things sure he was good with math to a degree. Only because of every RPG he's ever played so like not really all that good with Math. He was just quick with simple math percents,multiplication,division ect.]]

[center [b He cringed when he thought of those things as he sat up and went outside in his backyard. Grabbing his favorite ironwood stick standing at about six feet one inch and seventy something pounds. Heavy to be swinging around like a sword as he knew most swords back than were eight to twelve pounds.]]

[center [b As he swung around the stick rather clunky-like due to the weight he panted as he pushed himself harder and harder. He was good at this and fist fighting. His uncle tried to tell Alvin if he loved to be in such perfect shape why not join the army? Or be a boxer? It annoyed Alvin when people gave him ideas. He knew he was in the wrong because it annoyed him simply because he wanted to give up and they were just trying to help. No ones gonna say "Alvin you are right sit in that room and rot till you die"]]

[center [b Well at least not family would say that Alvin has heard terrible things from kids at school. Both directed at himself and each other and with that anger began to fuel his swings. God he couldn't stand people he couldn't understand people either. No he wanted to return to his first train of thought as for those suggestions his uncle was a gun freak. He took Alvin to a gun range and he... hated it beyond words. Sure he smiled and told his Uncle Mike he had a great time. He didn't the guns were painfully loud the ear protection uncomfortable and Alvin was a terrible shot. Maybe the lack of passion or care but Alvin found the idea to join the army unsavory. Leading him to the next reason he hated this world. Firearms how he couldn't stand them killing someone from afar? A weapon that had little restraint or regard for someones life? You were less likely to die in a sword fight you could take someone down and not have to kill him. Cops in other countries didn't use them sure it was harder but it made you work harder. Train harder to be stronger to be faster to be smarter. Didn't take a lot of strength of arm to shoot someone from blank range maybe that was why crime was so rampant. So much power with such little effort shooting this and shooting that. A school shooting it made a child a match for a grown man in a mere instant and it felt... Unbalanced. Alvin just felt life was such a broken game and war was stupid. Not for the reasons Alvin should have felt like bloodshed and such he felt bloodshed should only occur when an ideal worth fighting for existed.]]

[center [b Ideals aside no one played to win with the weapons they had? They could destroy the Earth so everything was so under control he remember reading about the Cold War a stalemate. People acted like they evolved and they were above war we were too scared to destroy everything. Wasn't for that and people would strive to grow ones ambition power and influence.]]

[center [b An any classic RPG there was so much more to balance to weapons and to war itself. One had to have the strength to pull back an arrow for a longbow to aim and you could only shoot so fast. It was more possible to avoid an arrow too. Swordsman spend years upon years training Alvin remembered when his grandma used to pay for fencing and took him out of county to find a dojo for Kendo. Ultimate weeb stuff right? He loved it for the years he did he excelled but his mother and grandma felt he invested more than it in life. He remembered going to a nationals and heading to Japan for a tourney he wanted to explore the cafes and do everything.]]

[center [b He lost the tourney perhaps because traveling was stressful? Because maybe talking to people and sleeping wasn't exactly something he did well under stress. He was exhausted before the match ever started but the traveling expenses were great and Alvin had a part time job to pay for it as well even so. His Grandmother felt it wouldn't be realistic to expect a career out of that and she was probably right. He was also terrible at learning other languages. Which brought him to the fact he hated learning any academics.]]

[center [b Boxing? Too many rules and restrictions and the fact who landed more punches by the end mattered more than a straight K.O. That bored Alvin despite how meek he seemed he was too rough to have excelled in such a sport. Hell Kendo and fencing restrictions held Alvin back a lot. With that thought Alvin had switched to a lighter stick as he went to practice his sword technique. Sure it was a waste of time and didn't help his muscles grow but it relaxed him and it made him happy. It was good to let them rest in some way.]]

[center [b Step step side to side and lunge back and lunge again keep the flow of motion. Academics were now on his brain and how he probably didn't have long for his exercises. Oh boy did he have a passion for like nothing. Like nothing? More like it was legit nothing not a single subject or elective besides the notion of being a therapist? The human mind sounded intriguing but Alvin knew he wasn't smart enough for all of that. He knew he wasn't the only one other kids hated school too and had poor grades like Alvin who barely kept a C average. Difference was? They had poor grades because they had friends and a social life and went to parties they did things. Had girlfriends and boyfriends and school was a place to laugh and talk. He wasn't scornful of them maybe jealous at how brave they could speak up. Though he just knew his mind wasn't up to par with the rest of the world. He remembered one year someone asked him who he was rooting for in the super bowl. He didn't even know what two teams were playing he hated sports strange for a guy in such good shape but it was boring. He found so many things boring.]]

[center [b At least in a RPG academics usually helped learn magic and Alvin wasn't really a caster in games. He'd make side characters to try it out and it was a lot of fun. The College in Skyrim? He remembered role playing and reading the books in the library and becoming a master mage on the hardest mode. He felt like a scholar and it felt pretty cool since he knew he was a terrible student. His main account though was always either a decently durable melee DPS or a tank. In one MMO recently he was a Paladin and just loved to manage the fight from the front line.]]

[center [b On the mic online he was so much more confident and sure of himself he'd hand out orders and strategies like nothing. He always maxed everything out and raided weekly to get top end gear. Socializing was important in those games and he hated Anime that portrayed MMO's in a dumb way. One in particular of some guy striking off on his own at one point even killing a raid boss by himself. No healing no tanking just "bad ass" takes the guy down alone. Yuck it felt like it gave people a poor representation of what gamer's were like. It was more about teamwork than anything really.]]

[center [b Though Alvin felt everything about what he loved was represented in weird ways. He remembered hearing people talking about his manga's he brought to school once. How he probably masturbated to cartoons or got off on 2D girls. It was so contrived and generic it that he must more frustrated if he was to have an obstacle that it had to be so lame. Lame or not it did the job and it made him sit alone quiet often he had only ever had.. Had.... Two friends not exactly a high score. Even when he'd think about serious things like he was he'd find time to fill in a joke. It was his way to try and focus on other things than how depressed he was.]]

[center [b He admitted at least to himself that it wasn't the best coping strategy. Alvin had thought about skipping school again today and doing more raids. It was easy to think he had friends in every MMO he played sure he helped people out and they helped him too. They'd Skype or voice chat and do a big raid but when they'd Skype just to chat? Or to talk about stuff other than the game? He was always at a loss for words he didn't know what to say he felt like such a loser not wanting to talk about his life. He'd simply just play more and more and get so ahead he'd need a new group to play with. People would laugh and make jokes they had a life they couldn't keep up but they weren't wrong. Him not having a life always helped him to the best. In a virtual world that really never mattered.]]

[center [b "Play video games for a living" mom says like he could stream he was too shy. People would critic him very harshly too elitist point out his small mistakes as well as he wasn't very social to act funny or be entertaining. He'd need a better mic and camera and it all seemed like such a hassle. It wasn't long before his phone had went off time to head to school in thirty-five minutes huh? He had wiped at his forehead as he went back inside to take a shower and get out a scarf and heavy clothing. It wasn't exactly snowing but he loved to wear as much clothing as possible. It served as.. An armor a social barrier between him and others they less they could see of the real him the better.]]

[center [b After getting dressed after a hot shower he sat down to eat pour a bowl of cereal. As he had turned on his phone setting it on the table to watch one episode of Anime before going. He couldn't skip school he had too many absents as it was the teachers didn't believe he was sick ever. He wasn't he hated going it didn't help that he got into a lot of fights at school so the teachers really thought he was a bad kid. At least in the movies kids like him meek timid and anti social the teachers were supposed to like right? Guess not in his case he's even been suspended before his mom was more disappointed than anymore. When people picked on him and he felt backed to a corner or people got pushy? All he knew all he could do was start swinging and someone always got hurt. He felt like a rabid animal that all he was good for was...]]

[center [+green Ugh.. Stupid just don't think on it.]]

[center [b He took a deep breath with those words as he ate away and watched. It wasn't long before he had to head to school. He took the bus as usual since he didn't exactly care to learn to drive.]]

[center [b As usual he placed his ear buds in his head listening to music as he closed his eyes yawning. He knew somewhere around someone was talking about him.]]

[center Hey isn't that the guy who got in a fight with Jordan?]

[center [+pink Didn't he like put him in the hospital? I heard he got suspended for that.]]

[center [+purple What an asshole Jordan was such a nice guy. He tried to blame Jordan told the teachers he was being bullied. Playing the I don't have any friends so people pick on me card.]]

[center Oh he had friends but they left his ass awhile ago they even transferred classes to not be around him! He's crazy like quiet guy who jerks off to cartoons and secretly kills people kinda crazy.]

[center [+red Haha don't let him hear you say that or you might end up dead next to a round of good old white wash. Not a fitting death my friend you will be missed!]]

[center Hey! Come on man don't joke like that one time I bumped into him and he looked at me like a cornered animal. I was afraid I was going to die cause I was walking home alone.]

[center [b They had all laughed as Alvin rustled looking out the window it wasn't like his headphones were that loud. However he could pretend they were it beat people giving looks and he didn't know what they said. As he got off the bus he saw bits of paper fall to the floor from his head. For saying how afraid they were they sure liked to mess with him. He never wanted to be scary if anything he had always wanted to make people feel at peace. Like... A real hero of justice would. He looked around as he headed to class as usual a bunch of pretty girls talking in the front of a bus for a good five minutes. Alvin tried hard not to look but he was a sucker for a pretty face. Sure girls terrified him more than anything but that didn't mean he wasn't a sucker for a pretty face. He's agreed to some pretty dumb stuff just cause of cute girls. Course they were always messing with him it wasn't like he didn't know that he was just too awkward to say no.]]

[center [b That was how he got in a fight with Jordan a large specimen of a man. Alvin was talked into approaching Jordan correcting him on something on his grammar. Than saying "it's just a prank bro" in some filthy Frank youtuber style. That went horrible as Jordan wasn't fond of people he didn't know making jokes with him like old chums. Why did they wanna mess with him? Or did they wanna see Alvin get his ass kicked? Jordan was good at football a line breaker and a large man to say the least. Sadly Alvin made more enemies by taking down someone people admired and respected. One duck and a solid hay maker and it was done Alvin had been in so many fights in his short life. He grew up around some poor neighborhoods when his dad was still around. Plus people picked on him a lot this being a great example he could tell Jordan had gotten by on size and fear of force alone. No one had ever rocked his jaw before and so Alvin had. Though the story got blown out of proportion yes he got suspended but the guy didn't go to a hospital.]]

[center [h3 Later That Day]]

[center [b Later that day Alvin sat near the window as the class began nothing but a background noise. He'd wing it or cram study to make up for whatever he didn't hear. As he stared at the window and lost himself to daydreams like he always had.]]

[center [b As he imagined living the life of a knight with his closest friend and rival and a badass yet beautiful companion. To get married in a simple time and to live off whatever he could make with blade in hand. As cliche as he knew this was it was always fun to ponder how scary it would be. To do battle with a monster or another person blade to blade. Or to fight a mage in real life how terrifying yet exciting it could be.]]

[center [b Maybe that's why Alvin didn't care if he got suspended or people would try and attack and hurt him. No not maybe don't fool yourself Alvin you fight back cause you don't care if you live or die. How old was he when he realized that? He could hardly remember sure the last two years were different when he still had his friends. That part of the kids story was true anyhow. He wished he could just fight and fight till he was dead and gone. It beat killing time till he rotted away that was for sure.]]

[center [i Alvin can you read the next paraphrase for us?]]

[center [+green H-Huh..?]]

[center [b Most of the class had looked at him with a rather bored expression they wanted to be out of here too. Alvin had felt his hands grow sweaty he knew how this went. Did he dare guess? Get it wrong? Be honest that he zoned out? No he'd look like a jackass either way he wasn't afraid about the whole class bursting out laughing. That was an unrealistic expectation more likely they'd judge him silently. Surely the really cute book worm girls. Girls who studied a lot and were peppy and tried really hard? Those girls made his heart melt he loved to see how hard they tried. How happy life made them was it because he envied the way they approached life? Or was it because simply his man's instincts found it cute? Perhaps it was a mixture but he could see one such girl looked at him with a look of disappointment. As the teacher gave him a stern look as his heart began to pound and pound harder and harder.]]

[center [i Alvin if I catch you slacking off again detention okay it's almost like you want to live there. I suppose it is rent free.]]

[center [b The teacher made light as a few kids chuckled, oh great a cool cheeky teacher. Was that better or worse than a fully angry one? Considering it made a few kids laugh at him? Perhaps not when other people would get laughed at for a harmless joke. They'd pick themselves up and focus and not take it so personally right? "So why can't I do that" Alvin felt his chest racing as he tried to pay attention. He almost wanted to cry, over something so small? He felt like such a baby but he could feel his hand quivering. He took the saying shaking like a leaf to a new level.]]

[center [b Of course the same teacher had called him again and he had indeed spoke up. He knew it would happen and before he knew it he was heading home. Zoning out the whole day will do that time will zip right by sometimes he wondered if he'd blink and one day he'd be dead. Would that really be so bad? He felt his eyes began to water it wasn't like his friends cared anymore. His former friends and it wasn't like anyone at school did. Hell his dad ran away cause of him his mom would have more money. It'd be better if he just rolled over and died.. so much for a hero of justice. So fucking stupid to think of things like that.]]

[center [b As he made his way across the corner heading home he took a few shortcuts as he turned around to hear some shuffling.]]

[center Hey Alvin man how you doing?]

[center [b It had to have been one of Jourdan's friends. Alvin hated how generic and contrived this world. Revenge? Over some ego maniac sports maniac sex driven guy. He always talked about women as nice pieces of ass to conquer and now they had to teach a punk ass bitch a lesson. Alvin hated it, it was like no one fought for an ideal. To be revered among peers and to push people who annoy you. Course Alvin again zoned out as they begin to cuss and throw insults his way. Until two held him back as another punched him.]]

[center Scared now bitch? How do you like it?!]

[center [b Alvin growled as he ripped his arm away punching the guy at his right in the throat. As he the other on the left came in punching Alvin again. He knew this wouldn't be a clean fight sadly that was something a lot cooler in Anime too. Alvin turned and shoved his elbow in the man's nose as he heard a loud crunch. As the guy from the front slammed a piece of nearby plywood over Alvin's head. As Alvin overplayed how bad his stumble was the man came in for a vicious follow up attack. "Keep the flow of motion" with that Alvin backed up letting the guys punch miss as he through a flurry of punches wild and messy as the guy fell over. As Alvin got on top of the guy punching at him as he raised his hands over his face trying to defend himself. As Alvin sneered in anger and in... What was this? Was this... Joy?]]

[center [b Alvin had pounded again and again as the other two pulled Alvin away throwing him into the trash in the alley. As the kicked at Alvin a bit as they ran off.]]

[center [+red Fuck you man!]]

[center [+green Get back here!]]

[center [b Alvin growled as they were gone leaving the bloodied man on the floor. They wanted to get the last beat down in and take off so they could feel good about themselves. Alvin had spit on the ground with a bit of blood god that lasted way too short. Like he said not nearly as cool as one in anime. Than as his blood stopped racing panic began to set in. The worrywart side of him back to normal what if he got in trouble for this? What if he went to jail? He just went off on this guy could he say self defense? No one in school would vouch for him what about his mom? She'd have to go through all of that court.]]

[center [b Alvin began to run away as he tripped over a trash can he began to run more. Where could he go? What could he do really? It wasn't long before he stopped and hit the wall. Screw it he should just give up give them a reason to shoot him what was the point. How could things escalate today of all days? It was such a random day for this to just suddenly happen in a span of minutes.]]

[center [b No it was bound to happen right? What could he do? What can he do?]]

[center [h3 Black Spirit]]

[center [b As the young brown haired male began to panic his green eyes starting to rattle. He had saw a smokey ebony-clad mist begin to rise from the seeps of the ground. As the boys eyes widened he had backed up and by instinct raised his fist. As if the boy could really strike at mist it was the only way he knew how to react.]]

[center [b The mist had begun to whisper to him as a strange voice invaded the coves of his mind.]]

[center [+green N-Now I've lost it huh..?]]

[center [b The boy sat down as he laughed at first trying to drown the voice out. As it continued he held his his hands to head as he began to laugh tears falling from his eyes. The boy had never imagined his mind was so frail for him to be driven mad so easily. Was it though? So easy? Was he mad? Or was this world?]]

[center [+green O-One way or another I don't want to be here... So unless you can kill me or take me from this world than go shew.]]

[center [b The spirit blankly stared with red eyes appearing upon the mist as it nodded. Alvin had felt a strange crushing sensation in his chest and before he knew it he felt he was sleepy.]]

[center [h3 A New Life]]

[center [+orange I said take me from here!]]

[center [b The boy woke up in an alleyway but it... Looked different. Something felt off as he looked down at the ground he saw his clothes were different. As a mop of white hair fell from his head in front of his face. What was this? He had stood up as he admired the clothes on his body they looked rather cool. Wait... He had a sword too and it looked... Well pretty badass!]]

[center [b He had walked out the alleyway to see folk wearing more simple clothing. Men armed to the teeth traveling through and horses trotting along he rubbed at his eyes. This couldn't be real could it?]]

[center [b He remembered watching an anime where all the main character did was blink and he was brought to a world like this. A world of intrigue and fancy but of course every main character was one that hated the last world to begin with. How could something that's been written as a story time and time again be his life now? How could he just accept this? He began to pinch his hand as he looked around. This was a dream right? Please don't let this be a dream it'd be a cruel joke if it was. Owowow okay he wasn't waking up from that he noticed his wounds were gone.]]

[center [b He went to reach for his phone and it too was gone as he walked down the street as he pumped into a man.]]

[center Hello lad may I interest you into some wares? You seem new around here what's the name?]

[center [b He had shook his head a bit shyly as he pulled his pockets out to show he had no money. As he gave a bow walking away god that was super freaking awkward. Even in this place he didn't feel better to talking to people. Was he like drugged and brought to a village of cosplayers? Not that he'd complain but what was this place? He than began to wonder why he didn't at least answer the man his name. Problem was he couldn't remember... The only name he felt was one that he knew wasn't it before. Rex... Rex Rider he had liked the sound of it sure. It tacky and cheesy for an otaku but he liked it still. How could crazy people mess with his memories? Hmm... this was certainly strange to say the very least.]]
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