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Natalie Rivers, Nicknamed Nate by her friends, is not a normal girl. She is the deffinition of otaku, Anime nerd. Spends all of her time perfecting her next cosplay, or watching the newest episodes of her favorite anime series, or looking up new manga's to read. She lives of Ramune, Pocky, and Hi-chews. One thing about nate that is different from all of her friends...she refuses...to be romantic? all otaku have at least one shojo manga or anime they like. She has none. DeathNote, Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist, Witch hunter robin, Element hunters, and many more..but never on this list of her favorite animes will you find a show based around love. Because of one very simple thing. She doesnt believe in love. She doesnt believe in affection or falling in love...because she refuses to ever have a broken heart. But at her favorite anime convention will she meet a young voice actor that changes her mind?

Romance intended duh
Otaku boy pah lease!
other than that...no real preference...real pics please~!

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Natalie grinned and shrugged "I'm not much of a phone person but if you have a facebook ar anything like that it would come in handy. However phones do work if you dont" she said with a laugh running her fingers cautiously threw her pink wig.
  Natalie Rivers / HeadlessRiderVI / 10y 69d 23h 29m 7s
He laughed " a two man con group hell yeah!" then he laughed. "well maybe ill leave you my number and you can give me a call if your intrested." he smirked a bit, he was starting tobe quite fond of this girl
  Damien Heartlock / RiokuKarasu / 10y 70d 14h 4m 19s
Natalie tilted her head to the side curiously frowning at him. "You think so? Thats strange i keep in touch with almost all of my con friends." she said calmly and smiled "But well thats your call. I'd love your, plus were practically a cosplay group already" she said with a laugh.
  Natalie Rivers / HeadlessRiderVI / 10y 70d 23h 33m 47s
"its no problem such a shame we wont see each other after the con I could help you get that jump start by introducing you to some people that might have upcomming animes to give you a shot." he said leaning back on the bed post
  Damien Heartlock / RiokuKarasu / 10y 70d 23h 35m 14s
Nate paused for a minuet and grinned at him "Its not nice to mis lead people like that you gave me a fright" she said with a sarcastic shrug tilting her head back to relax her neck and tugged on the heavy cuffs of her cosplay dress. "Well thanks thats really encourageing" she told him with a soft smile and sighed again.
  Natalie Rivers / HeadlessRiderVI / 10y 70d 23h 37m 33s
He looked at her. "No." Then he stopped and smiled. "I know you could make it, you have practice and determination pretty good for just starting out."
  Damien Heartlock / RiokuKarasu / 10y 71d 2h 20m 10s
New account sorry, a friend hacked my old one.
  Natalie Rivers / HeadlessRiderVI / 10y 71d 14h 47m 51s
Matalie kept the voice focused as if it was a real conversation that made the voiceing alot easier than it could be. But mostly, she kept it down, dispite the occasional tounge tie, she thought she did pretty well. As the scene ended she sighed and removed the headphones, looking over at him with a grin. "so, you think i could make it?"
  Natalie Rivers / torinchan / 10y 72d 17h 22m 21s
He smiled an watched her and thought to himself. "she has talent..." he then watched more as the scene continuing to play chiming in when ragnarok appeared.
  Damien Heartlock / RiokuKarasu / 10y 73d 2h 1m 41s
She nodded and took a slow deep breath she watched the screen intently she knew this scene fairly well, because of her work fandubbing Soul Eater she knew most of the scenes with chrona in them by heart. Speaking when she was supposed to in her crona tone she kept he insane sounding voice crack at the end of the last word as she typically did with this point in the series.
  Natalie Rivers / Torinchan / 10y 73d 23h 29m 1s
"yeah usually... cuz cons are just places I stop by and rest at like a normal hotel so all of my luggage and things come with me.. well if luggage is what you want to call it."
He laughed and picked up a disk and slid in into player turned on the tv then sat at the computer and ripped of Crona's voice for Nate to do over.
  Damien Heartlock / RiokuKarasu / 10y 77d 1h 42m 13s
Natalie smiled brightly "yeah Crona is pretty easy to voice for me i'd do it gladly." she said looking around the room interestedly, it didnt seem like a hotel room, considering all the things he set up in here. "You always bring all this stuff for temprary stays at cons?" she aske dlooking over at him interestedly.
  Natalie Rivers / torinchan / 10y 77d 23h 32m 38s
"want to do the character you are cosplaying right now? I have the video for it and it wouldnt take long to take the sound right off of it." he asked her rummaging through his things
  Damien Heartlock / RiokuKarasu / 10y 77d 23h 56m 35s
Natalie folloed him up to his room calmly poseing appropriatly for the pictures that were asked of her. Entering the room she looked around interestedly. Approaching the corner of the room with all the gear and smiling she examined it carefully before looking over at him. "Okay, now what?"
  Natalie Rivers / torinchan / 10y 78d 1h 22m 15s
"follow me." he also placed down money and then made his way out of the cafe and then over to the rooms that were on the third floor and up. After millions of fan based pictures later they finally made it up to his room. He unlocked the door letting her go in frist then closed the door then opened it again a bit keeping it open slightly.

His room lookign like he was a voice actor he had a little station set up in the corner a tv that hung from the ceiling so you could watch te character you were voice acting for as well as all his scripts for characters e was to voice act.
  Damien Heartlock / RiokuKarasu / 10y 78d 1h 57m 38s

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