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Though it is vast inside of his own personal apartment, the place is a cluster of books, papers, and other useless items that the General barely bother to pick up. Thousands upon thousands of paper laid stacked in piles after piles not to mention. But besides the area in front of them which acted like the common area, everything else was neatly organized. In the middle of the room stairs spiral upwards into a second place which had even more open rooms. Spacious and comforting, it was vastly different than how the general present himself to the outer world. Hands in pocket, he temporarily disregard the girl as he headed towards the stack of papers which needed to be sorted out one by one. [#c0c9d3 “You can consider yourselves dismissed.. The girl will be no bother to me.”]
Speaking through the telepathic link in his brain he gave his men an order. Without so much as a hesitation the men which had escorted the prisoner and captor to his humble abode now snapped a salute. A crisps “Sir yes sir!” Left their lips before they stalked back into the teleporter and left him alone with the girl. Lifting up a pile of paper he spoke aloud [i “You’ll have for forgive me. I forgot to mention that since this is my personal apartment.. Access to teleport to and from this room will be denied without military clearance. So, in other words.. Even though this room is spacious, it’ll nevertheless be your jail cell.”] Once he had sufficiently gather the stacks of paper, he began to place them on a wooden desk. Those dark eyes turned towards the wildcat and he simply bit his lips.
Thoughts were forming in his head. A series of basic exercises that would begin to mentally tax her and put their toll on the feminine beauty. Picking her brain apart and slowly undoing every single resolve which she had would be a challenge which he couldn’t wait to rise up to. However first thing was first. Heading towards the kitchen, he opened up a drawer and pulled out a menu. Walking towards the young prisoner he dropped it at her feet before returning towards the desk. There was no where which she go. Save for escaping outside through the glass windows.. Ah yes, tall windows stretched all the way upwards creating a half-formed box around the apartment. Down below he could see the city stretched out for miles and miles.. At nighttime when all of it was a glow he found it to be a most beautiful sight.. The way lt illuminated the darkness which pervaded throughout the city. It brought him a sense that he was that light. That his methods-though disagreeable-were something which would make light come from the darkness. Looking out of those windows now he allowed for a deep sigh to leave him.

It was than that a project of a woman appeared in the room. Locks of deep dark black flowed into her face and a Katana was at her side. Standing tall and proud, she lifted two fingers towards her lips and took a deep dragged from the cigarette before exhaling and making it smoke curl around. State of the art technology allowed for her to walk around the room as if she was truly there. Biting her lip, she murmured to herself briefly before she turned towards the man who was absent in thought. He wasn’t to entirely disturbed by her presence though he found her suddenly intrusion into his home a rather irritable one. Taking another long dragged from the cigarette she let out a sigh before she turned towards the woman. [#18812a “Now, Now, why do you look so glum? A pretty lil’ girl like you should smile at the chance which she’s been offered. Though I guess it hasn’t been fully explained?”]
[#18812a “You’ll find out our plans soon enough.. But before we get much further. I recommend ordering the Roasted chicken. Much better than the shit offered down below.. No doubt.. You’re very important to us.. And you'll find out why.. but till then.. Ta-ta love..”]

As soon as she left the male let out an irritable growled.. Turning towards the girl he looked at her with a momentary soft expression, before hardening once more. He never had to spend time with a woman before. To absorbed in his work.. And now that he had someone to baby sit, commanded, [b [i [u break] ] ] He’d had to adjust to not being the only one here.
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 1y 293d 5h 50m 27s
It was pretty irritating that he had been able to read what she was thinking so quickly. Not that it must have been excessively hard in this situation. It was natural to wonder what was going on. However once Marcus got to the part where he was properly introducing himself, Lyric had a harder time swallowing the information. It didn’t make any sense. Sending someone with so much authority to a hostage swap. Whatever the government was planning, it was bigger than she had first realized. But no matter how much she thought about it, she couldn’t figure out just what they were trying to accomplish with all this mess.

Inside the complex the overly luxurious décor continued. And as distracting as it was, it still wasn’t enough to take her mind from her ever-darkening situation. Though it seemed things would only get worse from there. Black announced that the idea that she would be a prisoner was nothing more than a guise. Instead she would be a slave. It took a moment for the new turn of events to sink in. The idea was strangely farfetched. Sure she knew this sort of thing was happening in the center city and upper rings, but how did taking someone like her help them in any way? It made even less sense to make her a servant, at least to her.

Her line of thought was cut short when he reached out and touched her. A cold shiver ran down her spine and gripped her stomach. Worried what might happen if she pushed him away, she stayed deathly still until he let her go. There was about a million things she wanted to say in response, all of them rather nasty, but she managed to hold her tongue. Now more than ever she knew it was important to keep her head down until she could come up with some sort of plan to get the hell out of here. Still, she couldn’t help but focus a penetrating glare at the back of his head when he turned to keep moving.

Lyric continued to follow the man though the foyer. They approached the shallow entryway that was a transporter. She watched as Marcus activated the device. His hands moved in a deftly practiced way over the control pad. The motions gave the impression he had done this innumerable times before. Unfortunately all she was able to glean from his actions was that the teleporter was fit with biometrics. As long as they kept her out of the system or restricted her access points, the woman wouldn’t be able to freely move around in this building. A fact that made the immense complex begin to feel unfathomably small.

When the machine was ready to be used, it lit up a brilliant blue, similar to the one on the door. The cool glow only lasted as long as it took for the pair to walk through the threshold. And like that they were instantly on the top floor. The view through reinforced windows told her that much. Lyric’s eyes lingered on the scene. As horrid and wasteful as all of this was, it really was a beautiful sight. It might not have been so bad if only more people could enjoy it.

The sense of unknown was anxiety inducing. The bright haired woman wasn’t sure what to do. She wasn’t a guest in this place, but a captive and the idea of taking any kind of orders from the monster of a man who brought her here was sickening. A chasm opened up inside of her, dividing her rebel spirit and will to survive. When he pushed her, she didn’t know which one would win out.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 1y 295d 14h 29m 20s
The building before them towered above all the others.. Nestling in the sky upon the second level of the city, it’s lights shone brightly beckoning and inviting all to enter within it. There were no elaborate words to describe it being something more than what it was.. An apartment complex which housed many officers. On the top two floors, was the man’s private apartment. No, it was more of a loft which existed for him and him alone. Vast and spacious, he’d had to grow accustomed to sharing it with a [s woman, prisoner] [i Slave.] The very word upon his lips felt foreign to him. Moving towards the little woman, he looked down into her eyes as he towered above her. Hands within his pocket, dark solemn eyes took her in. The tautness of her face. Eyes which equally observed her surroundings. If anything he admired that she was astute. Already she was trying to assess the situation which she was in. He, himself, was a practical and straightforward man. A reason to not be so never occurred to him. So turning his head towards the soldiers he nodded towards them and instantly they formed her sorta box around the two with their weapons at the ready. Moving beside her he spoke.
[i “If I had to guess you’re trying to recall if you know my face or name. Let me put your name at ease. Yes. You have heard my name. You’ve seen me on the news, once or twice a year… Or rather, you would if you ever watch the Supreme commander give her bi-yearly address to our country.”] His words flowed and suddenly he pointed his fingers towards the entrance.
[i “I am Marcus the “black hearted.” Command-in-chief of the entire military. I yield to no one but the supreme commander herself. The riot police report to the military police which reports to the chief of police, which reports to the commander of the level1 military which deals with citizens. Than you have the outer guards. Those specialize in maintaining the southern, northern, western, and Eastern outlets of our cities. Next you have the active duty military. These are the ones which are the biggest threat to the rebellion. Trained for war and authorized to use deadly force when needed, they kill without mercy. Every rebel killed has been done by their hands. And I, over see all of it. Every head, every general, every leader..I have complete authority to over them all.. But why do I tell you this? Because we lied to you and your resistance, rebellion, whatever the fuck you call yourselves..”]
His voice came out calm and smooth as he continued walking forward into the building. Inside a golden chandelier decorated its opening. Velvet carpet spread through the circle entrance way and a heavy-set ebony desk sat in front of them. Sitting behind the desk was a brunette wearing glasses who wore a cute little smile. Her outfit was purple and silver. To the left was a hallway which lead down somewhere, to the right was another. Ahead a blue and green door laid open. Beyond it was a narrow entrance-way which led to nothing more than a wall a two inches in. Two circles-one beneath and one above, worked as a means to teleport people to where they need to be and go.
[i “You haven’t been taken as prisoner. You’ve been sold into slavery. Or did you think that we would hand over Cade and several others knowing their status?”] He spoke those words cooly before he turned upon her and reached out a hand towards her. Grabbing her chin, her tilted her head back and murmured. [i “Make no mistake. I will break you. You will learn submission and you will call me master before the year is out.]
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 1y 298d 2h 31m 0s
When he came closer to her, she watched his every movement as though he was a rabid animal. A dangerous creature that could lunge out and attack with little to no discretion. It took no time for him to move closer to her. She was entirely on edge, but resisted the urge to flinch as he set his coat over her. It was thick and warm. The item was accompanied by his brisk touch, guiding her away from the rendezvous point and to a new destination.

Lyric was unable to breath easy until the main ordeal was completely through. She didn’t trust these government dogs as far as she could throw them. If they made a sketchy move, she was full ready to turn and bite back. But the moment never came. It all went smoothly. Soon she could see the vehicle waiting for the pair. It was black, like just about everything else, and held no interest for her. So her attention went back to the man.

Upon closer inspection he looked familiar. There was a good chance he was important. It was likely she had seen his face flash across screen with lists of atrocities he had committed. Although to be honest she had a hard time pulling any of those features to mind. The catalog of those who beat and broke humanity was long and after a while everyone in it seems to look the same. He was no different. Although she was certain it wouldn’t take long for him to make a name for himself in her own small world.

The other hint that he was someone of significance was how the soldiers all seemed to scramble to make his life easier. It was something she saw in the rebel alliance as well. Those who were new or generally low in the rungs always sucked up to those who might be able to make their situation better. It was sickening.

The interior of the car was pristine. Much like the exterior, it didn’t give her much to look at in order to preoccupy her mind. And an idle mind was the enemy right now. Had she not been actively keeping up a starch appearance, she would have sighed. However that was a luxury she could not afford in front of these people’s prying eyes. Instead she took a moment to lift the jacket from her person. Setting the wet fabric to the side, she shook her head loosening the stray droplets of water form her hair. They landed lightly on her skin, a cold sensation that fit the situation she was in much better than the heated car.

Taking off from the ground gave a real sense that there was no turning back. Lyric stared out the window watching at the gray scene below, muddle by the rain, grew farther and farther away. Across the car she could hear her captor mumbling to himself. Well, that was definitely a good sign, not.

The ride was uneventful. All she could do was watch as the image outside her tinted window as it morphed into something completely different than she was used to. The faded and runny colors melded into stark lines. Bright and light colors came into existence. The building they finally came to was no different from the others in that way. Her stomach clenched at the thought of how much it must cost to keep a place like this up. People in the lower levels were dying of starvation and preventable disease while something like this was going on. It fanned the flame of her rage even further.

Once again the door was opened for her. A grunt grabbed ahold of her arm, immediately she pushed his hand away. [b “I can get out of a car myself, thanks.”] The tone of her voice was icy. She planned to hold onto her dignity as long as possible, at least when it came to these sorts of things. Taking in a deep breath, the air was clean and crisp. The rain must have just recently passed through here as the lingering smell of petrichor was laced into everything. While pleasant it endured ominously as a foil to her situation.

Turning to the dark haired man who she assumed was her new captor, she looked at him expectantly. How much longer was he going to stay quiet? Didn’t these people generally revel in sharing what was to come for the ill fated? Perhaps it wasn’t his job, it could be that he was nothing more than an attendant to get her where she needed to be. Either way, she was sure she would know soon.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 1y 300d 30m 18s
[i Fist collided with metallic skin as the man knocked down a fellow soldier. Physical pain wasn’t felt by cybernetic humans. Yet It was still ever so satisfying. Brass knuckles were used during these discipline sessions for these newly recruits who were being indoctrinated into the military. His frustration was that they refused to listen. The knowledge of known when to attack or when to withdraw was an important thing to learn. If they’re minds wouldn’t take in the lesson than their bodies would.. As one newly recruited soldier lunged at the tactician, he bellowed out. Picking apart every flaw he could fine with the boy’s fighting methods, a firm knee was given into his stomach sending him crashing into the wall of the training classroom… Dangerous locks of black hair fell unto his face as he made his way to stand again. A fighter he was not. However..]
[i “Black..” A feminine voice called out his last name and he turned his hand towards her. Docile brown eyes looked deeply into his and he instant relax. “Come with me.. I’ve information for you.. On your next assignment when it comes to dealing with the rebels.”]

Thunder ignited the sky in a whitish, greyish hue as the weather took a term for the worst. Immediately he took of his jacket and placed it over the form of the girl before pushing her rather roughly towards the car. The eyes of the government were always peering into the social levels of the inhabitants of this country. Hundreds of miles long and hundreds of miles wide, the city stretched from East to West. To North to South. Beyond each gate was wilderness and nothing more but the inhospitable cruelty which was Mother Nature's revenge on mankind for ruining what was once a beautiful gift. Withdrawing their weapons, the soldiers gathered quietly made their way to open up the door for the lady and for him as he sat within the car. So far no chains her. Not that it matter.
Lifting off of the ground those eyes took in those green tresses which fell upon her face. Indeed she had the feminine look and savagery in her eyes of that of a rebel. Brainwashed no doubt, to believe that the cause which he fought for was evil and her’s.. Rather theirs were nobel. Yet they’re multiple shades to the color grey. There was a doubt she understood the position which she was so kindly [s forced] [i Blessed] to be put in by the powers beyond both of their control.

[i “Lyric Sawyer. Familiarize yourself with that name general.. For its someone whom you’ll be entrusted to keep watch over.. Or rather.. Mold..”]
[i “I fail to understand. This.. this is a girl we’re talking about..” He spoke as he her picture in his hands. She was captured by one of the cameras in the city. In a group of men she was the only one which stood out. They had been many female resistance fighters in the past. Sure. Those who had been captured. Death came the same rate as it did male captures. Feminine capability to restain pain always amused the general. Torment, he learn, couldn’t break a woman unless psychological aspect was added to it. So why was she an interested to her?]
[i “You thinking why she’s an interest to me?” The voice of the ruler came out. Lighting a cigarette, it leaned against the door and took a long drag of nicotine. It filled her lungs and as she exhaled she sighed out greatly satisfied at how well it hit the spot. “Cause she has potential. To lead. To take orders. To fight. And furthermore she’s young. Her body can still handle the cybernetic surgery and it won’t killed her. She possess an inside look on how the desperate think. How the rebels connect with one another. Knowing the mind of the enemy is more important than killing the body..” It’s voice came out cooly, before it brushed back long locks of black out of its hair.]
[i “You want me to train her to be a soldier?”]
[i “No. She already has the training no doubt.. I won’t you to train her how to be submissive. Break her. Turn her into a good little bitch, than build her up again. Think of her as.. A personal slave.. Most men would treat her with physical force. But you. You understand that things like this need a more. Delicate, intellectual touch. This mission will be the hardest one yet. But the most rewarding..”]

“Rewarding my ass..” He muttered as he stared into the eyes of the woman who was suppose to be treated as nothing more than his personal “Slave.” How? That was a question which he needed an answer to. How would he get inside of her head and break her down.
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 1y 300d 8h 51m 17s
In the makeshift meeting hall, Lyric found herself surrounded by the top brass of the resistance operation. While many of them appeared stern, none of them scared her. She had seen much worse out on the streets of the lower circles. There wasn’t a whole lot left in this world that fazed her. Normally she would not be included in such a highly sensitive dialog, but this time the focus was on her good friend and mentor. The other side had captured one of their quickest rising commanders, Cade, and frankly it was a disastrous blow. She as that man’s right hand was taking his place in this assembly.

There was no consensus at the table. Everyone seemed to have fragments of ideas but not a single mind could pull together a strategy thorough enough to even consider putting into action. It was infuriating. However she couldn’t say a thing, seeing as she had failed to bring anything prolific to the conversation. That was probably what irritated her the most.

It was then, as the dozen solemn faces were growing quiet, a hurried messenger rushed though the door. The shadow of a boy rushed up to the woman he worked under, handing her a missive and promptly making his exit. No one made a sound as her pale eyes ran over the words. They widened in disbelief at what it said. The quiet was prolonged as she attempted to find the words she needed.

“It seems they’ve made an offer.” The middle aged woman paused as the room began to liven up again. The buzzing of confused comments shooting too and fro the room. Lifting her hand, all speech came to a slamming halt. “They have agreed to release Cade and five others in exchange for a new prisoner.” This time no one piped up. It seemed too good to be true. They had to be asking for someone who was far too important for them to hand over if the conditions were that favorable. “The woman’s crystal clear eyes fell to Lyric, “They want you Sawyer.”

The whole idea seemed preposterous. This had to be some sort of trap. The din of whispered voices started at a dull roar then rose in volume. Half the room looked on her with sympathy and the others with greed, but all of their eyes were darkened with anticipation.

It wouldn’t take her even a second to decide. If the revolution was going to continue to flourish they needed Cade back. “Only a fool would reject such a favorable offer. We have to go through with it.” There wasn’t a single hint of hesitation in her voice. Just moments ago she had been furious with herself that she couldn’t do anything and, now like a gift, a chance to change the tide of the battle had been dropped in her lap. She would take it, no questions asked.

The assembly came to its conclusion shortly after that. A communication officer would soon be sending their reply and details of the rendezvous would be negotiated.


No time was wasted. Three days of freedom was all she was given before she and a small squad were dispatched to the meeting place. The weather was absolutely dreary, but even through that she could see two figures in the distance. One of which was much more familiar than the other. It was most definitely the commander. The other silhouette stood tall behind him, almost like an escort. His voice boomed across the concrete landscape. Lyric rolled her eyes at his manipulative message. It really seemed like these people honestly thought they were saving this world from something. The only thing she thought it could possibly be was happiness.

With a short sigh beneath her breath, the woman ran her thin fingers through her unruly hair, pushing it back and out of her face. With that little tick, she and one of the officers marched out to meet the other pair for the exchange. The woman stood tall as she walked, exuding an air of confidence. Her cold onyx eyes stayed trained on the man accompanying Cade. He seemed a little too pleased with himself for her liking, pompous even. It wasn’t until she was close enough to touch him that her eyes wandered to her mentor. She smiled and nodded as she passed him. The expression in his eyes was apologetic, like he wanted to say something but knew it wouldn’t mean as much as he wanted it to. To her, the look was enough.

Behind her, Lyric could hear his heavy footsteps fall in line with that of the exchanging officer. The deal was done. So long as nobody made any stupid moves, it would all be though soon. Now she was left to wonder just what they wanted with her. Before this point she didn’t allow herself to think about it. She didn’t want it to crack her resolve. And now, she only prayed that they might kill her. At least that way she could be made a martyr. A force to light a fire beneath those who fought for the same cause as her.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 1y 300d 11h 3m 25s
[center “You don’t want to live through this..”]
It was an observation made evident by the silence that pervaded the air. The fraying to and fro and the violent spasms had stop. However the voltage of electricity passing through him hadn’t. Intolerable pain flowed through his veins causing his teeth to clench out and his back to arch in agony. Hovering above the Earth in the infinite blackness of space, the interrogation and torture sessions had gone on. Pain had been inflicted in numerous ways. Drugs administered. All that hadn’t been enough to break the man which sat before them. Nodding his head, he singled for the pain to stop and it did so instantly. Lungfuls of air were gasped out as the male struggle to remain calm and wait for the next blow.. Yet there wouldn’t be any more suffering. No more physical torment.
An index and thumb lifted up a piece of paper and he turned towards the male. [i “She’s beautiful..”] He murmured as another hand began to stroke the paper in a licentious way. Turning upon his heels he held the paper up and instantly his captor’s eyes widen.
[i “You’re scared?”] He inquired of him. [i “Scare that she’d be beaten.. No. no.. Such a delicate flower requires to be handle with specially good care.. They agreed to trade her.. For you. Mmmhm. I’m going to enjoy learning how she.. Tastes.. Like.”]
“B..b..bas..tard..” A pain voice struggled to speak and the interrogator turned his eyes upon the male. It seemed that at long last he had finally struck a nerve deep inside of him. Setting the paper down on the table, he turned towards the male. Lifting a hand he step towards the gentlemen and smirked that evil smile which many had feared and broken under. Psychological games were his favorite to play. Inflicting scars was something anyone could do easily. However it was the deeply traumatic, that he loved to focus on. Those scars which seemingly lasted forever and never faded away were the ones which he couldn’t help but relish in. So, as he tilted his head backwards he smiled. [i “My men are in need of some good entertainment.. I’ll be sure to tell them to take extra good care of her before passing her onto the next squadron.. And while she’s entertaining my men.. I’ll be sure to tell her why.. How.. this could’ve been avoided if only you stopped playing the martyr and]
“N..N..O.. I.. I’ll… t..a.lk..”
[i “No need. I scanned your brain and everything you could’ve told me, was already known.. We’re only doing this to send a message. That is that our government can be negotiated with, as long as obedience is had..”]

It was a dismal and rainy day the meeting of the prisoner exchange.. Neither shackled or bruised, the prisoner walked ahead at gunpoint being soaked by the outside rain. Towering over him with hands behind back, was the man who was most infamous. Not a warrior, but a tactician, his psychological mind games made him fearsome. Above all he took dark pleasures in it. Watching the way people squirmed and writhed beneath his grasps.
[b “We are not oppressors. Or tyrants as you would believe. As agreed upon, we’ve allowed several of your prisoners go in exchange of one.. Here is one.. The rest have already been release to you.. Now, bring me the one you agreed to let go of..”]
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 1y 300d 12h 23m 20s

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