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The time it took for the guards to arrive passed both in the blink of an eye and at an eternity. This was of course a contradiction, however the dread of the torture to come made every second seem so much shorter while the cold silence dragged it out. Outside of her own mind, Lyric was unsure she could describe the sensation. But eventually the men did arrive and they were not gentle. Pressing her firm down on the bed as per Black’s request she turned her head to the side so that she breathing wasn’t hindered by the soft surface. Keeping her shirt was a bit of a consolation, although it almost made her feel like she was being pitied.

Next thing she knew it had begun. The initial sting would normally be followed by an ache for something like this, but because of the continuous strikes the bite only intensified without being allowed to dull. Taking in a deep breath, the pain built as he continued. The woman was determined to stay silent for the duration though. When it seemed like it was too much to take muted she bit her tongue and hard. The pressure in her mouth kept strong until she broke the skin. The task of iron permeated her taste buds. It was a welcome distraction.

When it was through, her arms were released, but she hesitated to sit up. A mistake, she found, as Black’s hand came down red hot on her lower back. Not willing to give him the satisfaction of a yelp, she skewered her tongue again, making a second wound. It took a lot of concentration, making it hard to discern what he was saying when he spoke again. However she got the gist of it. Turning her head to look back at him, she responded. [b “That sounds lovely… Tell her I will be there, there won’t be a problem.”] The feistiness gave her just enough energy to twist the corner of her mouth up in a smirk.

The idea that things would only become stricter on her now was one she had already come to terms with, but it still stung when he said it. So much for her going free in a year. She knew that had been a bluff, but there had been a glimmer of hope attached to it.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y 280d 7h 10m 54s
At her comment about the guards he smirked briefly. Of course this was the point where he could elaborate but there was no need to.. As she spoke once more, he wasn’t at all surprised by what she said. He figured that she would say such a thing.. The defiance of hers was something which he admired. He’d always admire those who refused to break. Loyalty-even on the opposing side-was something which was to be respected. But in the end they always broke down. There was a weakness, a certain thing within the human spirit which crushed made everything gave way. In his own mind, he dubbed it “the cornerstone of the human spirit.” Leaning back, he waited as footsteps could be heard approaching. Several guards came in to assist with the beating that was to be administered to his prisoner.
It didn’t take long to secure her to the bed. And he allowed her to have the some decency. When one of the soldiers move to stripped her, Black stepped in and shook his head. [i “No.. Raise her shirt up, but leave her breast covered. Being whipped in front of a crowd is shamed enough for her.] He mused as he leaned over her. Folding the belt again, he grabbed the tip and snapped it. As he watched as two soldiers held her down by her hands and feet he exhaled before he brought down his hand on the expose area of her back. It made a rather large smacking sound, and he inhaled again as he raised the belt once more only to repeat the process of whipping her several times.
[i Release her..] By the time he was done, several welts were on her back. In all around fifty lashes had been given to her and as the guards let go of her hand and moved. Pressing a hand to the welts, he pressed down on them, seeing how she reacted and how much pain she still felt after the beating was done. Admiring his handiwork with a belt, he spoke. Once more.
[i “On my way home, I received a call from Miss Kyle.. apparently she wants to take you on a girl’s night out? If you’re not sore from the beating by tomorrow night, I suggest you take her up on the offer. It’s the last taste of freedom you’ll ever have after pulling this stunt.”]
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 2y 280d 8h 18m 16s
Normally the rebel would have laughed at such a remark. A lot could be said of those who were willing to admit the feats of their enemies; she just really wished she wasn’t around to hear it. His almost teasing comment about the guards caused her to narrow her eyes at him in a glare. [b “Well, I very much doubt they leave, and it isn’t like I had all that many resources.”] Her tone was snide, but it didn’t last as his demeanor took a turn back to devilish.

Crossing her arms, she looked him up and down as she debated what to do. On one hand she really didn’t want to do what he said, as scary as he was that feeling was still here. Especially because of how degrading it was. She wasn’t a child. That and her insubordinate spirit were not so easily dampened. Doing as he said felt like she was giving in, and Lyric hadn’t been broken yet. But on the other hand, more guards meant more people to see the humiliation she would inevitably suffer. Pain she could handle, but the hit to her pride would be less tolerable.

In the end she decided against submitting on her own accord. [b “I suggest you call your men.”] Her dark eyes locked with his as she spoke. The true tipping point had been the satisfaction she would take in knowing he couldn’t manage it on his own. Black would have to call for the aid of his men and something about that thought satisfied her.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y 280d 8h 37m 49s
“I don’t know whether to take my belt off and discipline you.. Or be thoroughly impressed as a tactician for how well you manage to plan this fiasco.”
Those words came out rather softly as he shifted from one weight to another… Hands in pocket those eyes were eyeing her. Her skin was bruised, a thing which he was sure the supreme leader wouldn’t be happy about. Normally she wasn’t one to oppose physical punishment, but as she told him in the beginning this was a very delicate cased that needed to be taken care of with the utmost importance. So, all the male could do was just give her a thin smirk.
“As a tactician, I will give you a word of advice; guard duty.” With that being said, he reached for his belt and slowly unfashioned it. He wasn’t one to shy away from punishment, either.. Snapping it in his hands he cracked his neck from side to side. The playfulness he once had was gone and his chilling demeanor had returned. [b Lay down, face first on the bed. Or I’ll have my guards come in and hold you down.”] It was no idle threat and he knew that in her weaken and stun condition that he could easily have forced her to submit to his will.. But he saw no need in causing any more damage than what needed to be done..
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 2y 280d 10h 39m 10s
Being asleep. Lyric didn’t hear the door open. She was off in in dreamland, however there was no feature for her to watch this time. There was nothing, at least, there had been nothing until the coughing rousted her. Shifting in the fluffy comforter, she rolled over so that she was facing the wall, unaware that someone was trying to get her attention. It wasn’t until the sound came again that she lifted her head to look toward the door. The light filtering in behind the man caused her to squint, but she could tell who it was without seeing more detailed features. Clearly word had reached her captor about what she had been up to. The woman very much doubted that he appreciated her well thought out escape plan. It was a shame, perhaps that might have gotten her out of whatever was to come.

Without speaking, she sat up, now glad that she had passed out in clothes this time around. Shaking her head, she attempted to adjust her eyes to the blinding light. It wasn’t until she was sitting fully at the side of her bed that the world came through, as it should. The woman looked back to the man standing ominously in the doorframe and instantly regretted it. The expression he wore was one that sent a chill down her spine. To say he wasn’t happy would have been a gross and frankly stupid understatement. This was the first time she could truly and honestly say that he scared her, however she kept the sentiment tucked deep inside of her. Just because it was true didn’t mean he had to know about it. It would only feed into his ego all the more. Not to mention encourage whatever terrible thoughts were going through his mind. She regretted letting her chance to get out slip through her fingers all the more now.

Lyric’s mind and heart raced. Taking in a deep breath she strained to steady herself. There were several things she could have said in that moment. More than a few of them were unwise. Like, isn’t it rude to barge into a woman’s room in the middle of the night? However sass was not liable to land her anywhere she wanted to be with the current looming predicament. In the end she stood, not liking having to look so far up to him. But even with that all she could manage out was, [b “Yes?”] Would such a short and to the point inquiry betray her feelings, or would it cover them? She had no way to tell how Marcus Black would decipher it, as she wasn’t entirely sure herself. The bright haired woman had the sneaking suspicion he would see straight though her, as though she was as transparent as a pane of un-tinted glass.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y 280d 11h 18s
[i All of these plants come from the outside world?]
Black spoke softly as his fingertips softly traced the petal of a rose. Eyeing it carefully he waited for the reply to come. A simple ‘mmhmm” was the answer to his question. Stepping away from the plant he turned his head towards the man who was sketching on the table. Before him was a hand-drawn map which had several areas of land sketch out. The detail which he’d painstakingly went to great lengths to make was impressive and deeply admirable. Turning towards the male he was about to open up his mouth before he felt a vibration in his lap.
[b “Trouble?”] Barrett asked looking upwards.
Shaking his head from side to side, the man simply pulled out his phone. He didn’t believe there to be any trouble, but then he bit his lip. That damn little girl. It seemed as if the strategy meeting would have to be put on hold. Seeing as discipline needed to be dealt out one by one. Telepathically, he sent out a message for his driver to pick him up. As he spoke telepathically, he spoke to his host offering an almost apologetic raising of his hand.
[b “Hey, being top brass makes you a busy man. Go forth and do ya thing..”]
[i “I will..”] Black spoke as he bowed his head and excused himself..’

If there was anyone had a reason to fear Marcus Black, it would be due to his hand-to-hand fighting skills. Part of being in leader of the interrogation unit required dealing with dangerous criminals. The risk of having them gain weapons was to great to risk arming the staff. So everyone who served in Black’s unite always worked unarmed. So; it goes without saying, his discipline sessions always involved using his bare fist. He moved swiftly, without warning.
Ducking forward, he came up straight throwing a right jab into the face of the guard pushing watching him fall to the floor. A pained groaned left his lips. Erecting himself again, he simply rolled back the cuffs of his shirt unto his forearms were exposed and spoke in a voice that was filled with nothing but pure anger. [i Stand him up.]
Clothed in full-military gear, the impact of his punches wouldn’t cause any serious damage but the pain was still felt. Shaking off his fists, Black braced himself as two more guards helped him stand to his feet. A moan could be heard coming from behind the helmet which protected him from any brain damage that the beating might cause. As soon as he was up, a swift kick was delivered to his stomach with enough force to knock him back down again. And with the final blow, Black found that he was well satisfied with the punishment being met.
[i “Get him out of my sight..”]
“At once sir..” Came the replies of his men as they half-dragged, half-walked the young boy out who was sore from the beating he received. With that taken care of, Black made his way upstairs. He knew full well where Lyric had been sleeping, since he had cameras set up in most places in the house. There was a part of him that wanted to praise her for planning a sneak attack. Had she better hand-to-hand training it surely would’ve been a successful endeavour. However now wasn’t the time for praise.
Pushing the door open, the male slowly reached for the belt that was around his waist. But, he decided against it. Instead he cough rather loudly. And stood in the door way waiting for her to take up.
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 2y 280d 11h 54m 59s
When Lyric made it to the bottom of the stairs, she was more than a little surprised to have not run into any opposition. These things looked like they’d never been used, but she would expected at least one of the lackeys to be stationed here. Not that it bothered her any. She was glad to exploit their oversight. Still, she was cursing Black for living all the way at the top of this god forsaken building. The woman was fit, but that was still a shit load of stairs.

She hesitated before opening the door leading into the ground level. Pressing her ear tight to the metal, she listened for anything that might clue her into what was happening on the other side. For a while there was nothing, but then came the faint sound of footsteps. Someone was pacing outside. The rebel waited for the sound to fade back out before pressing forward. Whoever it was, must have turned a corner because they were not in view when she entered the familiar lobby. Keeping on her toes, she edged to the corner waiting for the guard to double back. When he did, he was in for a surprise. The thin woman had the armored man downed before he knew what had happened. Not confident she could keep him down she snapped up his gun. Sights aimed on the middle-aged gentleman, she smirked. [b “Best you keep quiet about this for a bit, okay?”] Her request was met with a steel gray glare, but he nodded in submission. Good, now it was time to move on.

The bright haired woman stayed on alert as she rounded the corner. She watched her front and back. There was no saying if that guard would get up and cause trouble for her. Hopefully he was smarter than that. As she went toward the door, she paused looking at the reception desk. There was a screen. Biting her lip, a message would have a better chance making it out of her than her. Groaning, she rushed over to the desktop device. Touching the screen it came to life. A bright light displaying the company logo and a prompt flashed up. Rolling her eyes, she wondered why nothing could be easy. Lyric backtracked to find the guard standing. [b “Hey you. Come here.”] She beckoned him over with the end of the gun in her hand. He begrudgingly obliged.

Pointing at the computer, she spoke. [b “You’ve got a passcode, right? How about letting me in.”] Her demands were said as though making a request, but her tone made it clear she wasn’t asking and she wouldn’t be tried. Grumbling, the man’s stubby fingers ran over the screen. He entered what looked like a personalized login. As soon as he had finished she pushed him away and took control.

It was simple enough to get into the system, although a bit tedious with only one hand. She wasn’t willing to take her weapon sights off of the failure of a guard. The message was the worst part of all. It was addressed to a nameless email that would be filtered into the rebellion’s network.

[I ‘Lyric Sawyer: look into Dr. Jaeger and his infant experiments. Connected to bigger plot, but unsure how deep it goes as of yet… Food shortage worsening… Expedition out of the city in less than a year.']

It was concise, but it got most of her intel across. Even these small leads would be enough to send them looking in the right direction and that was all she needed. The woman barely had time to tap send before she heard a door slide open down the hall. Her already quickened heartbeat increased to pounding. Jumping over the desk she booked it towards the door. Behind her she could hear the man she had held up shouting to the others. There was no time.

Right out of the gate she could see three guards surveying the grounds. It was even worse than she figured it would be. Cutting toward the left she headed to the bushes. The darkness afforded her some coverage, but there were so many incandescent lights that it wasn’t much. The foliage also rustled around her. It was a naturally unnerving sound in the absence of wind or animals. A dead giveaway to her location. Keeping low, she tried to avoid making any more noise than she absolutely had to. However it wasn’t enough. Just as the edge of the property seemed to be in sight she caught a flash of a bear of a man in her peripherals. He did not look happy.

Weapon up and took aim, but the threat didn’t do it this time. The pompous expression twisted in his features looked like he was mocking her. He didn’t think she would do it! Angered at his assumption she pulled the trigger. Not aiming to kill she hit his arm dead on, but the bullet ricocheted off. All that went through her mind was [I ‘fuck’] as the guy charged her.

On her in no time flat she was dodged his first hit, but was left blind to the second punch that landed on her face. Staggering back, she managed to keep her footing, but she was dazed. It was enough for him to sweep her feet. Bitter from being shot, he gave the woman a swift kick in the side for good measure. [b “Bitch.”] He swore before pinning her to the ground, arm wrenched behind her back painfully. The earthy scent filled her lunch as her face came in contact with the mossy grass.

Her senses came back to her as she felt his large hand run along her body. [b “Hey, hey, hey, hands to yourself asshole!”] Wriggling against him she wasn’t able to do much against the cyber kinetic strength. His palm stopped as it was planted firmly against her ass.

He slipped the keycard out of her back pocket and looked over it. Under his breath he growled, [b “Rector is in for it this time.”] There was no hint of amusement in his gravelly voice. Standing, he brought Lyric with him. She felt as though he might dislocate her shoulder with how he yanked at it. She scowled fiercely at the man as he led her back to the building she just came from. The entire trip back, she simmered. Teleporting back up to the top floor, he half threw her back in the condo before leaving again.

Alone again, she dragged her feet to the couch and collapsed on it. She lied like that for a while, her face and body aching. But what hurt more was the fact that that might have been her only chance to escape and she squandered it. The only consolation was the message she squeezed out. Even that was not much. Lifting her head up, there was a red stain on the fabric of the couch. She must have been bleeding. Sighing, she rose and meandered to the bathroom. The mirror revealed just how tired she looked along with the damage she had sustained. Her cheek had split, but the blood was already slowing. It was the quickly darkening black eye that stood out on her pale skin. That would take a while to fade. Lastly, she lifted her shirt to see her bruised side. It was already turning a sickly yellow. How did she fuck up this badly? The frustration boiled inside of her at her own mistakes.

Tossing the thought aside, she cleaned her face. Digging about she didn’t find anything that resembled a first aid kit so she settled with pushing a damp rag to the side of her face until the blood stopped flowing. After that she passed out in her room. She was too tired and disappointed to scheme anymore that night.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y 285d 8h 17m 39s
There was no such thing as rest for the wicked. Even though a sleepless night had pass work was still demanded of him. Digits ran through black locks of hair as he leaned back in his chair and watched as soldiers reported to him day in and day out. Preparations for the exploring the outer world were slowly beginning to go underway. Gas-masks were being tested and later on that night he would have to leave in order to go and see how much progress was made. Along with meet up with Barrett, the operational specialist which lead the out expedition time and time again. Luckily for the lil prisoner, he’d no time to keep an eye on her or care for whatever silly games of tricks she was up to.
Holding an [i ipad] in his hand inquisitive eyes looked over the plans. Moving to and fro he mumbled to himself. The plan to explore the outer world was a very ambitious one. Looking over the designs of the masks and how they had spherical orbs of which contain oxygen he hummed to himself. In each sphere contained five-eight hours of oxygen.. Barrett was no doubt a genius when it came to design breathing devices and maximizing it to its fullest possibilities.
Heading towards the kitchen the man sat down on the table and reached for a half-drunk mugged of coffee. Sipping from it idly, he scarcely noticed the guards which had come into bring him items of importance. Setting down the tablet upon the table, the male blinked before he straighten himself upwards to listen to the daily reports which were being ushered in by the guards. Leaning forward on a palm of his hands the male listen intently to all which they had to say. Once the talking had passed he nodded his head solemnly as before he polished off his mug of coffee.
Saluting them he dismissed all of them before one of the guards spoke out of line.. Raising an eyebrow at the question, the 30-odd year old going on eighty let out a long sighed. Hands ran through his tangle locks of hair and those bleary eyes stared headed taking in the form of the soldier. In truth he looked to be young.. Probably a kid from a fortunate family who graduated head of his class. He knew nothing of war; he knew nothing of poverty. In truth Black was the same way once.. Before the riot of ten years broke out. Inexperience and to emotionally he let panic and fear rise up inside of him. Ordering his men to attack because he thought that was the right thing to do. [u [i Ever since the day he failed his men he hated rebels more than anything in this world.] ]
Rising from his chair he shooked his head slowly. “I’ve stumble upon something which was unknown to me.. Man fears the unknown; I am no exception. But we work through our fears and doubts. We’re not allowed to let them consume us..”
Those words came out a lot braver than what he what he intended and instantly the male snapped to attention and nodded his head. Setting his mug down on the table, he turned towards the guard and spoke once more. “Prepare the car, I’ve a long day and night ahead of me..”

Barrett was a muscular black man with a mechanical arm which sometimes transformed into a machine gun. Twenty-six years ago when he was fifteen he came from the slums to study and improve his social standing. Ever since then he’d been slowly working his way upwards. He joined the military and left after twenty years of service. Only to be asked back three years later and ever since he’s been here, working to help lead expeditions outside of the city and into the wasteland.
His office was none like anyone had ever seen. It was a square room which had water which ran through creating a box. Instead of shelves wild-life grew in fresh soil. A myriad of green, velvet's, azure and assaulted the eyes and meanwhile a stone floor held a desk with paperwork was strewn all over it. He was old school like that. Preferring pen and paper to electronics. Entering into his workspace, Marcus was amazed at all which he saw.
A chair was pulled up on the other side of the desk, and the dark-skinned man sat fiddling with a mask of sorts and spherical ball which was the color of navy blue.
[b “Most people call me Black.It's odd hearing my first name.”] Came the stoic words of the male as he leaned forward.
“So, it seems..” Rising up Barrett walked around the desk and saw on it beside him.. “You and I have much to discuss. I’ve been outside the city walls many times. But you haven’t. The terrain is dangerous depending on where you go.. But, that don’t matter much. What matters is how we make use of the limited time we have..”
[b “Indeed. Planning an exploit will be difficult.. But we shall manager. We have to..”]
And with that the two great minds went to work.

[center [b meanwhile..] ]

“Son of a bitch!” Frisking himself, the soldier tried his card but to no avail. “That lil brat..” Turning upon his heels, he headed quickly to the transporter only to find that he was unable access without his card. Luckily people knew ways on how to get around it. Clearng his voice he spoke
“I want to manually request entrance to the telaporter..”
Suddenly a voice spoke up. [i “Request heard.. Please tell me your card number..”]
It was mandatory that all of the body-gaurds memorized their card numbers.. And remember 27 numbers in a row which was no easy fit yet he did it. Inhaling deeply he rattle of the numbers.
[i Number is correct, now please tell me your first and last name.]
Answer the question he shifted uncomfortably.
[i Correct answer, what is your blood-type, eye color, hair color, and date of birth]
Answering all of them the voice spoke again.
[i Lastly what is the date of your mechanically surgery.]
Rattling the date off he was finally able to use the teleporter..
Stepping off at Black rooms, he stepped out and pushed open the door..
Four guards stood outside the door and greeted him.
“What are you doing here at close to 3 am in the morning?”
“I lost my card.. I think the prisoner took it..”
“Oh very.. Wait.. didn’t you report to Black Yesterday or the day before?”
“Yeah so what?”
“And you’re just now realizing your cards gone..”
“So what?”
“Don’t you think she could’ve escaped?”
“Not possible. No one knows about the secret stair-case.. That’s why its secret duh..”
“Hold on, let’s play footage of that area..”
Pulling out a tablet, the guard click on the camera and began to rewind it slowly till an hour passed.. Soon, the found what needed and one of the guards spoke through grited teeth.
“No fucking-one knows about the secret goddamn door right?”
“What are we gonna do?” One of the guards ask.
“Nothing..We do, fuckin’ nothing.. Cause where can se go? The whole upper level is for high-class military officals and the wealthy. This place is crawling with guards.. Someone will be bound to run into her..”
“But she’s been gone for an hour..”
“LIke I said, someone will run into her.”
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 2y 285d 12h 18m 38s
After all the effort of getting up and ready for her day, Lyric found that she wasn’t in the mood to leave the room. And so she didn’t. Instead, she flopped back on the bed. Staring up at the blank ceiling she used it to project her thoughts onto. Now that she wasn’t so tired, she could more easily process what she had discovered the night before, although it was still a hard pill to swallow. She always knew she would be a pawn in this world, but the woman hadn’t expected to be standing as a piece on this side of the board. Not that she had resigned herself to that fate. The dark eyed woman still planned to give them hell when she had the chance. It would be easier now that she knew just how important she was to them. There was no way they would kill her. Although she still thought that might be the more tolerable option in the grand scheme of things. And there was also the slim chance that Black hadn’t been lying the night before, but she wouldn’t count on it.

Thoughts of leaving the confines of the city crept into her head. There was an exciting sense of adventure wrapped in it. It had been centuries since humanity had had freedom to explore the Earth’s surface. Needless to say, the chance to be a part of that was stirring, but Lyric pushed the idea from her mind. Helping the enemy to any capacity was sickening. Trading her deep-rooted beliefs for something so selfish was beyond her. Wasn’t it? Part of her wasn’t so sure and because of that she knew she had to get out of this place before the sentiment could creep any deeper into her.

Closing her eyes, she ran over the layout of her prison. It seemed to be air tight, but there had be a way out. No fortress was impenetrable, so the same had to be said about when the situation was reversed. They were on the top floor… They had come in through transporter and she hadn’t seen evidence of an elevator. There had to be a fail safe. Systems failed and electricity grids went down. Someone as important as the dictator's most trusted dog didn’t have time to be stuck in a place such as this. Lyric was certain there had to be a stairwell somewhere. It just came down to figuring out where. In her time here, boredom had driven the young woman into exploring the entirety of the space that was available to her. With that knowledge she had an approximate idea of where the stairs could be hidden away. After all, there weren’t that many options.

When she was sure Marcus was engrossed in his work, as he often was, Lyric took the opportunity to snoop around a bit more thoroughly. It didn’t take long to uncover an out of the way door. It was locked, but to her surprise it wasn’t hooked to the bio system. Her hunch about it being a back up in case the system went down must have been right. It did look as though it needed some kind of key card though. Thinking back, she was pretty sure all of Black’s guards had been carrying around something like that. Swiping one wouldn’t be too hard if she played her cards right.

From time to time the guards would come up. It was usually to make reports to Black, but sometimes they passed documents along too. Lyric made it a habit to bother them. A trend that also helped to alleviate her ever present boredom. It took a while, but eventually they seemed to grow used to her poking and prodding at them. A mistake on their part, but she was glad for it all the same. When she had thought everything through as best as she could, the colorful haired woman made her move.

Leaning on one of the armed men, he looked at her as though he truly despised her. She could only smile in response.[b “Don’t you ever get tired of being a lapdog?”] There was no response. They generally didn’t honor her with a reply, but she kept talking all the same. It diverted attention from where her hand was going. [b “I mean, I get it, a job’s a job. But damn, you must make quite a bit to tolerate being a glorified babysitter.”] The same could be said for Black, but she left that out for now. She couldn’t help but laugh as she garnered a glare from him. All the while her hand snaked its way up the other side of him to unclip the ID card hanging there. Slipping it securely in her back pocket, she backed off some. [b “Alright, alright, maybe babysitter is a bit much. We’ll go with watchdogs. It’s gotta better ring to it, right?”] Her hands went to her front pockets as she rocked from toe to heel. There was still no response. The men pushed forward now that she wasn’t in the way. Their visit was short lived and they lift without incident. Somehow Lyric had managed to pull it off.

Not wanting to leave time for anything to fall back to her, the woman set her sights to leave that night. Operations slowed down then and there would be fewer people in the building to spot her. The rate of success was probably still pretty low, but it was the only chance she had and she was going to take it.

That night she didn’t go to sleep when she went to the room. The woman stayed up, waiting for Black to retire. Knowing his habits now, there was a chance that might not happen, but regardless she was going to leave. Digging through the closet, she found dark colored clothes and a hat. Hopefully it would be enough. It was two in the morning before she left the confines of the bedroom. She tread carefully, not wanting to make unnecessary noise. There was no telling where Marcus was at any given time, but when she saw he wasn’t at his desk as she passed it she had hopes that he had gone to bed.

At the door, she took a deep breath. Chances were that opening this would alert someone and they would in turn tell her captor. This would be a time sensitive mission. When she was mentally prepared she pressed the card to the scanner. With a deep clunk sound, the lock unlatched and she was in the stairwell. Making sure the door closed silently behind her, she took off at a manageable pace down the steps. On the way down, she twisted her hair tucking it into the hat. Lyric wasn’t sure hiding her most promenade feature would help any, but on the off chance she got out of here that’s what they would be looking for. Now all she could do was keep her wits about her and hope luck was on her side.
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[left [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/55/36/89/553689f2cc30086008f33d352ce106f2.jpg] ]
There was nothing the male could offer in reply to the girl’s words. He had not meant to speak of empty promises for he was not a man of idle words. However, there was nothing at this moment that he could do to prove that his words carried weight with them. So he did nothing. Intertwining his fingers together he leaned back against the seat and closed his eyes. The silence which rose between them was well needed and he didn’t mind sitting in the solitude of his own thoughts.. Interior dialogue played back and forth within his mind. Somehow “Doctor Jaeger” had a foul taste to it. Along with the story which he’d been told. Something didn’t sit well with him.

The moment he got into his house was the moment he began setting to work on following up with the suspicion which was aroused by Kyle’s story earlier. Fingertips typed away at the computer and he was so engross in his fishing that he barely noticed that the girl he ha had been given charge over was heading to bed. Pulling up his file, the young tactician bit into his lips. [i He saw into the realm of God. Saw into the realm of God. Realm of God. Realm..] Haunting words cycled through his head over and over again. Yet for some unfathomable reasons he remained fixated on the world “realm..”

Leaning back against his chair he let out a heavy sigh. What exactly was it did he saw in this supposed [b realm?] Most importantly, hadn’t Lillie herself mention it before? Clicking on an article, he began to skim through it.. It was dated back eighteen years ago. Two or more odd years after his execution by firing squad.. In it was a photo of the doctor blindfolded and tied to the wooden post.. Six men lined up willingly ready to open fire. However something odd didn’t sit well with him.. Pulling up more articles, he bite his lips trying to find what it was that didn’t sit well with him.
[center [b Doctor Jaeger; Evil awaken] ] [center [b Doctor Jaegar; Humanities greatest mind.] ] [center [b The one who holds our future; Jaegar] ] [center [b The world’s most evil man..] ] [center [b Innocence losts; how one man’s quest to play God ended in failure.” ] ]

“Of course..” Marcus whispered softly to himself. By now several hours had passed as he read article after article about the name who was once heralded as humanity’s greatest chance to reclaim the toxic wasteland and advance beyond the scopes of this city. Pacing around in the same outfit he wore to attend the banquet he nodded his head taking in the very thing which he missed. The thing which he missed wasn’t there to begin with. At all which he could find, nothing was written about the research he was trying to do. Not a single article mention how he was trying to cure or come up with a way for humanity to withstand the poisonous world from outside. Worst, nothing was written on whether or not they closed down his facility or put an end to his research.

Despite the horrific results; the means to achieve them justified the end. Of the child which survived on for three years. If he remembered correct what she told him, it, the child test subject, was immune to all kinds of toxins. Then there was another child which had been “lost.” however, he doubted it.

What would be the excuse to let such an opportune breakthrough slipped through their gasps? Closing his eyes, he leaned against the kitchen counter and began humming to himself.. [i “If I wanted to hide humanity's secret weapon.. Where would I put it? The same place I’d put a priceless diamond somewhere in the dirt.. Where no one would look…”]

Suddenly, he headed towards the phone and began to dial it without caring.. By this time day at broken and the sun was beginning to shine through. Drumming his hands along the counters he waited before the green holographic form of a woman came through.. Once more he was face to face with their beloved dictator..

[i “Do you ever sleep, Black?”] Came the words of the woman, before the male shifted his weight to his other foot. Letting out a grim grin, he spoke softly.
[b “It seems like we need to talk.”]
[i “There’s no need.. Pulling up your search history, I can tell what you’re thinking.. Why didn’t we shut down his research facility? Was it possible that we faked his execution.. Killed someone else in his place.. Or made a clone? Or..did we really let a child escape without any way of tracing her? You know the answers. The absence of evidence is evidence enough.”]
[b “True.. if something isn’t there. Most people wouldn’t look for it.. Why look for something that doesn’t exist? But still, how..”]
Here, the woman shrugged her shoulders and walked to and fro. [i “There’s a reasons why we traded Cade for Lyric… But, this isn’t your business.. You’re our tactician.. You’re my right hand man. But every leader knows that two hands are better than one.. Now, if good day.”]
With that the communications was broken off.
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Lyric was relieved when Marcus finally excused the two of them. It elated her enough that she didn’t mind him touching her for once. Looking in from the outside it probably looked natural for them to share casual contact, but the truth was that she was only being guided back to her cage. A fact that sunk in as the armored men from before surrounded them. She didn’t doubt they had been waiting there the whole time, nothing more than dogs to their master. A reminder of what she could become if she wasn’t careful.

The car was moving before he spoke again. This time the sound of his voice startled her. Lyric had not been expecting it. What was even less expected, were his words. The thin woman stared at him skeptical. There was no way it was that simple. If she could hold out for a year she was free to go, no strings attached? The statement was unbelievable and therefore she chose to chalk it up to nothing more than lies to lull her into a false sense of security. If she let him succeed surely she would lose herself in this game he was playing.

[b “Listen.”] Her words were tired and soft as her dark eyes connected with his. [b “I’ve heard a lot of empty promises in my life. Words are never binding. I will believe it when I see it.”] The only part of his statement that she actually believed was that she had a year. One year before something happened. It very well could be that they left the safety of the city, but it wasn’t clear yet. Especially since the world they lived in was ever changing. Just because that was the plan today didn’t mean it would be tomorrow.

Her eyes didn’t leave him, piercing gaze burrowing straight into him. Lyric watched waiting for him to falter in some way. The man stayed serene. She didn’t know what she expected; he was supposedly a master of getting under peoples skin and into their minds. Eventually gave up on finding anything there that might let her see into what he was thinking. Instead, for the first time, she allowed herself to take in his features. They had been together for days, but she had not taken the time to actually look at him.

He was young, at the very least younger than she expected someone of his position to be here in the upper rings. In the rebellion, almost everyone was young. People didn’t live long enough down there. His build was good, even though he always had escorts she was sure if she tried anything while they were alone he would easily overtake her. It was irritating because she had been trained for combat. Any chance she had there had to be based in stealth and not brute strength. Lastly, there was his face. While generally stoic, it was regrettably attractive. With that thought, she was done staring at him. The captive woman went back to her window, mildly upset with herself for thinking anything of the sort.

The way back to Black’s seemed slower than to the party, probably because she had to sit with herself and her thoughts. Both the disturbing one from moments ago and of that she had learned at the gala. But they did make it back to the building. Just like the first time, the guards escorted them the entire way before leave. Now it was just her, Black, and her overwhelming sense of exhaustion. Without a word she went back to the room she had claimed. It was one of the smallest rooms in the house. The tightness of quarters couldn’t come close to that of home, but it was as close as she could get. As soon as she was alone, she stripped and pulled the braids from her hair. Lyric was done with the tight dress and just about anything formal. Like that she crawled into the bed.

Thankfully she fell fast to sleep. She didn’t want any more silent time with her thoughts as of yet. Instead she got a dream, a rarity for her. In it she was in a place she didn’t recognize, but it was peaceful. Although she was alone she could feel a presence with her the entire time. It wasn’t dark or looming in any sort of way, it only seemed to serve as some sort of companion for her. It stopped what surely would have been a strong pang of loneliness as she explored this new and fantastical place. Whens he woke, she was disappointed. The turquoise haired woman lingered in the bed reminiscing on what she had seen before she got up and dressed herself.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y 296d 4h 27m 24s
"May I speak so boldly to you sir?"
In the midst of guess mixing to and fro enjoying the latest gossip and fine wine, Marcus Black nodded his head gravely at the older gentlemen.
"Very well. Do you know why it is...that most dictators and rulers who try to control the aspects of people's lives limit their knowledge for power? It is because knowledge is a power but it is also damnable."
At this, the military chief nodded his head slowly as he let out a long sigh. Swirling the contents of his drinks around long enough, he spoke those words softly.
"You always have those who say victors write history so there fore it is impossible to trust it? But that is a blanket statement. In most cases, despite how feeble, the losers views remain etched in history. Their culture, their beliefs, they're rituals. And sometimes.. It was for the best that the winners of wars, elections, or what have you are in the position they are. Regardless of the malicious or benevolent intents they have.. Dr. Jaeger is one such person. Which proved this is true.."
Pausing to sip of his drink, he set it down as he watch a passing servant walk around with an empty tray. Sighing to himself, he closed his eyes as he let the memories of the pass wash over him.
"We exist now in a time where the impossible is becoming possible. I've never told you this story.. But are you aware that my wife is barren?" He spoke softly.
Stunned into silence, the glass in his hand almost dropped to the ground. "It is.. Sadly, one of the most devastating blows a newlywed can take. Knowing that one is unable to reproduce.. Most marriages fall apart due to the shame.. Or guilt or.. Misplaced anger. Our first and greatest hurdle was getting over that news. I've face death several times. Felt pain more unimaginable than even your wildest dreams can produce. But nothing compared to watching your love.. Your god given other half.. Feel as if she's failed.
During those years, we had to truly wrestle and grapple with the words "for better or for worst." Love and self love. Patience and hours and hours of meditating and praying and visiting doctors got us through it all. But. We Were foolish. We forgot that the devil hears you prayers to.."
A snort came from Marcus as he sipped his glass.. "Never figure you to be a religious man.."
"Aye. Well. There comes a time when a man decides he has faith or he has had it. Most people are raised being introduced to some deity. Whether we make the faith of our fathers ours.. Is another test of manhood. Now Dr. Jaeger was... The most brilliant mind of our generation. His field was genetic engineering of cells. He wanted to know.. If by playing God and manipulating her genetic coding, he could get her to bare children.. As you know it work. But I'm afraid it came at a cost almost too great.. Both my son and wife were almost lost.. And Once he saw that it wasn't for that he would not have seen it.”
Sparing the theatrics, the male continued on with his is story. [b [i “He saw into the realm of God.. and he went mind trying to stand on part with God. With incredible knowledge comes the allure of becoming unhinged.. Insane. And I see the very beginnings of Dr. Jaeger in your..”] ]

The conversation left a very sour taste in the male’s nice. When the execution had happened, he was barely just a teenager.. In truth, he was no more than 32 years old.. And already he held positions older men than He envied. Young and barely halfway pass a quarter of a century, it disturbed him that one would compared him to such a crazed man.. Feeling the solemness fill up the air, he rocked himself to and fro.
From then on the conversations were stale. Moving to and from the convos, he was deep in thought before he was reunited with Lyric Sawyer. All his life, he had heard horror stories of the monstrous man.. People painting him in the light of the madman. Even when he read over the case files, his bones chilled at the thought of using new borns as guinea pigs. But no one ever bother to tell him about the humane side. Where all creatures of darkness born of the light and driven into the shadows the closer they came to discovering the source of light? He didn’t know nor was he willing to find out..
Turning towards her, he saw that she two was digesting things. Stepping away from the couple which he had been talking to he gently touched the girl on the shoulders and spoke [i “The hour is growing late.. We must.. Be getting home now. A man such as myself have too many duties to attend to to account. So I do hope you’re forgive my rudeness.”
Dismissing himself and her, he gently guided her towards the door and back towards his escorts.

Leaning against the velvet seats, he stared out the window. His mind was lost in the midst of thoughts and he spoke to her softly.. [i “In one year.. We’re preparing an exhibition into the toxic waste for research materials. One thing I don’t do is force my men under me to give orders. If on that day you wish not to venture out with us. You will be release without harm. But unto then.. You’ll stay in my care.”]
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Not long after she’d asked her question, the straight haired woman from the night before appeared. The other ladies immediately accepted her, letting her in on all the gabbing that was going on. It was clear that she could see through Lyric’s lies, but for whatever reason she decided to roll with it. The captive woman was glad for this, and laughed along with the others to her comment about Black. Lillie, as she had been called, seemed liked nothing but bad news. With her there, she thought that there would be nothing to learn. As though she was a gatekeeper of sorts, however this ended up not being the case.

Once again the clucking women pulled her in, prodding to hear about the doctor and some terrible incident that had come about decades ago. The information that followed was just about as horrific as they described. Lyric had been expecting it to be an exaggeration. After all the things people in the upper circle found appalling tended to be nothing more than mere inconvenience. This, however, was so awful she was surprised she hadn’t heard anything about it. She chalked it up to being before her time, that and it seemed most of it took place in the high-class rings. They probably wanted to keep this under wraps.

[b “That is abysmal…”] While she said that she kind of understood. How many of humanities problems would be solved if only they could leave the confinement of the city walls. She, and just about everyone she knew, dreamed of getting out as children. It was sort of a game down in the streets below, at least when you were young enough to still have hope. It didn’t take long for that type of sentiment to disappear, well that was if you lived long enough to see it happen.

The story about the girl who got away didn’t set well in her stomach, especially at the mention of the hair variation. It was too much of a coincidence to be nothing, especially after Black had brought it up himself. While it could all be an elaborate ploy to throw her off, Lyric doubted they could get all these women in on it. She chose to take it at face value and trust that this was the reason they had been determined to get ahold of her, even at the expense of Cade. For a moment she locked eyes with Lillie, attempting to read her further. She gained nothing from it before the first tart started touching her.

Managing to keep her composure, her façade continued. [b “Oh, but I’m not half as pretty as you. Just look at your dress it’s gorgeous on you. Absolutely stunning.”] She did her best to pull the conversation away from herself. It was too tempting to tell her that the look she envied so was something you could only get after a lifetime of suffering and surviving on the brink of starvation.

The circle’s conversation soon turned to a round of complimenting one another. It was nearly unbearable, doubly so because Mrs. Kyle continued to play with her hair. Braiding it mindlessly as they all bantered. Normally that was an action that would relax her, but something about the middle-aged woman’s hands through her hair made her feel sick.

After all that, it all came back to Lyric again. Mrs. Kyle gushed. [b “Oh, I am absolutely green with envy. Just look how nice her hair looks all done like this. You ladies know I have an eye for this sort of thing. I just knew it would look perfect. You should really do more with this beautiful hair of yours, dear.”] It was strange to watch a person both compliment someone else and fish for some of her own at the same time.

Lyric couldn’t see herself, surprisingly enough there were not mirrors lining every wall for these people to look at themselves. However, she could tell the woman had done multiple braids, converging them to one that ran along side her head and in front of her shoulder. Her hair was never something she had fussed over. [b “I suppose I should, but I just don’t have the talent for it like you.”] That was probably the first truth she had told of the night.

There wasn’t much else that was said that interested Lyric. She made sure to give the appropriate nods and awes where they were needed, but for the most part she had checked out. Her thoughts were elsewhere… If they thought she was some sort of miracle mutant baby, what did they want from her? To test that she really could go out of the walls? Probably. But beyond that what was the point? The most likely option in her mind was that they wanted to find a way to pass on the gene. If that were the case she hoped they would try to create a more foolhardy vaccine. The other option that came to mind was the prospects of being used as a breeder. That would only work if the trait was hereditary, but it disturbed her nonetheless. Sawyer would rather endure the poking and prodding of needles for years before she willingly carried one of these cretin’s child. The only solace she took from this was that she would likely die in whatever testing they did to see if she really could leave the walls. It was wasn’t likely that bat shit crazy doctor managed to actually create a means to survive the outside world, and it was even less likely she was the missing child.

With time the conversation dried up, and one by one the women excused themselves, Lyric took the opportunity to do so as well. The young woman returned to the buffet table to grab a snack. Her reconnaissance was done, this was already too much information for her to properly process. She would also pound back a couple of glasses of champagne before the night was through. It wasn’t enough to get her intoxicated, but it was enough to take the edge off. When thing were finally starting to wind down, the rebel woman returned to the area Marcus was. She started hovering silently around him, in hopes they would soon leave. And while she wasn’t particularly keen on returning to his house, she sure as hell didn’t want to be here any more.
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[left [pic https://i.pinimg.com/236x/e0/14/4d/e0144df179fb097824ba6dac65a2e4ec--cyborg-girl-character-inspiration.jpg] ]
The address had finally been made.. Now there was nothing more to do than linger around like an apparition. Weaving through the throng of people in the room, finger tips would gaze her skin and people would stop. Words would be spoken, little of them having much meaning. [i “Congratulations” “We loved your opening speech.” We’re enjoying this little Pax Romana.” Thank you for doing your best to keep us all safe..”]
All of these words would be appreciated if she knew that there was sincerity in them. But in the minds and hearts of the aristocrat or militant men who enjoy the rare events of social gatherings, this was nothing more than a chance to get relax. Taking sips of alcoholic beverages and and gossiping about their little nonsensical business, they all pretended as if nothing wrong could ever unfold in their own lives. But, little did they know how fragile life was. How senselessly cruel and brief it could be.
A hand moved to her scalp to cool the burning sensation. Passed emotions run amuck deep within her soul. Brushing back tresses of hair she exhaled.. A cigarette break was needed and then, perhaps, she would retired and hand over the M.C. Duties to her right-armed man. That was the intention, before suddenly locks of green stood out in the midst of woman. An eyebrow raised and she watched as the pair of ladies ushered the little urchin into a corner. Oh, my, the lies and gossips bored house-wives made up and feed into. There was a thought to leave them be. But curiosity grew on her..
Stepping towards the group, she interlaced her hands into one another. Perhaps tonight something of more interesting would happen. Things stopped being stagnant eventually and growth occurs whenever there’s time and space to given it to. Inching towards crowd of woman, she listen intently. She’d knew she’d already miss most of the conversation. That was to be expected. However, what came next froze her solid. [i Doctor Jaeger.]
Watching as a young male came by carrying a tray of drinks, she quietly pluck one from him and softly excused herself into the midst of ladies. Instantly those eyes lit up and voices cooed ‘Oh my.. It’s Lillie.. It’s the mistress.. It’s the lady of the night..”
Smiling pleasantly she got into the role of another airy-headed bored housewife. Sipping from her cup, she sighed. “I swear, balls are absolutely so boring. It seems like as soon as the liquor starts flowing, some of my most respectful men forget themselves. The amount of invitations I’ve had to turn down in joining them and their wives in bed.. What’s a poor woman like me to do..” She sighed.
Instantly those voices cooed and words of sympathy and understanding filled her ears. [i “Well, I do hear that some men are into forbidden women. And with the rumors that you prefer female lovers over males.. Why, you could hardly blame them.”]
“Ah yes, well…rumors are just rumors.. I can hardly say I’ve time for passions of the night.”
[i “Oh? Why, Marcus was just said the same thing not too long ago. But, his little pet just spilled all the beans. Oh, you wouldn’t believe the sort of kinky, nasty, things a man like that is into. Though he does look the type.”]
It was a slip of a tongue. Flashing her eyes towards her little prisoner, she sighed. Tilting a hand to her face. “So the secrets out. Is it? Oh.. When he was younger, he use to be such a better love… But I guess you truly can’t teach a dog new tricks..”
This brought out laughter in the woman. With that being said, another woman chinned him.
[b [#5c275d “Oh Lils, you do remember that doctor which was executed by firing squad almost twenty-ish years ago.. It seems our newly acquainted friend is curious about him.. Ooh, it absolutely sends shivers down my spine thinking about him. And that horrid mask he used to wear… urgh. Those Poor little newborns..”] ]
Sipping her drink softly, she nodded her head.. [i “Indeed.. Those poor children..”] Chine in the lady who was wife to kyle.
“I try my best to forget such. Atrocities.. But.. If I must, than, I will tell the story again.. Dr. Jaegar was a scientist who studied mutations of genetic Dna. He had all these outlandish, and quite truthfully, revolutionary ideas. He was working on a special type of drug which, when given to a newborn baby, would act a vaccine against the toxins. In other words..”
[i “If a child who received the drug at birth were to survive during past childhood, than leaving this city would be no problem for them. They would be able to eat the toxic food, drink from its rivers, and breath in the air without being killed.. But it had a less than a percent chance of working.”]
“That is correct.. He tried again and again, asking me and many over politicians and military men to donate newborn babies to his experiment.. He swore it would work.. Eventually he went made. He ended up planting bombs in a hospital, and threatening to kill everyone, unless they gave into his demands.. He kidnapped several, newborns eight boys, two girls.. He gave them the vaccine.. The result was horrifying.. Five died instantly, two survived for a month, one till age one, the other age three… And as for the last girl, we don’t know what happen to her.. He put her in a capsule and shipped her off to the ghetto.. I hoped she died.. I can’t imagine the hell that awaited her..”
[i “But.. there is one interesting thing she’s forgetting.. Of those who survived.. Test were done on them, and an unknown DNA sample, never before seen or heard off was found.. Not only that, but they’re hair color turned a greenish-blue.. Kinda like, yours..”]
Without asking, the wife who had dragged her off, brushed her fingers through her hair and smiled.. [i “But I doubt such a beauty such as you grew up dirty and filthy. Your skin, your figure, it makes me jealous.. And don’t get me started on your hair..”]
  Mr-X / 2y 300d 3h 29m 51s
Black played calm and collected on the outside, but from the look in his eye Lyric could tell her little irritation wasn’t wasted. That small glean was enough to make her happy, but before she had time to revel in it she was pulled into the conversation by the blonde woman. At first it seemed harmless enough, but time she made it to her third sentence, Lyric realized just what she was insinuation. The thought mixed with the woman’s touch sent a shiver down her spine. She honestly didn’t care to imagine it fully. But when she glanced over to Marcus, it was clear he was flustered. The rebel planned to have some fun with this in a bit. However for the time being, things were getting interesting.

The conversation lead to what appeared to be an inkling of her enemy’s true intentions. Something about alterations and a man called Jaeger. The name seemed familiar but she couldn’t place it. Once again she found herself regretting not paying closer attention to such things. Hindsight was cruel. She would learn from her mistake and take care to remember everything she could on this side. There was no telling if she would have a chance to bring all this information home, but she would try.

The trio went silent after that. There would be nothing more to come from them, but now she had some leads to ask about later if she was allowed to leave Marcus’ side again. The bright haired woman didn’t see why not, but that would all depend on how he would react to what she was about to do next.

Lyric did her best to put on a sweet, innocent façade. [b “Oh, Marcus, I don’t know why you’re being so bashful.”] For the split second her eyes flashed to him, she smirked and then continued. [b “He is rather rough with me, I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it.”] Bringing her hand to her cheek, she feigned distress with a sigh. [b “But if you had any advice to help me I would very much appreciate it.”]

Lyric barely finished her sentence, the almost laughable plea for help, before the blonde woman’s eyes lit up like fireworks. [b “Of course!”] She released her husband’s arm and latched onto Lyric, nearly dragging her away. The upper class woman called some of her friends over. A posse of gossip queens soon surrounded the thin woman. The small crowd occupied a corner of the hall. The situation was strangely ideal to gather information. The rebel couldn’t have asked for a better chance, she just had to bluff her way through this first part before changing the subject. And all that entailed was slandering Marcus Black’s name. She was sure she could handle that much; in fact she was quite looking forward to it. After all, these lovely ladies looked a lot more interested in him than her.

Taking things slow, she let the other woman speak first. This tactic allowed them to set the bar she would use to spin her web of lies. And wow, the bar was high. Ladies in the upper ring had some strange fetishes. Regardless each one had to put her two cents in about how to make it more bearable in the beginning. Advice she sorely hoped she would never need.

When it was her turn things went still and all eyes and ears were on her. Lord, they were so nosy. Stitching together a lot of things the women had brought up, Lyric wove a terribly embarrassing story, had she not been so determined to see this through she wouldn’t have been able to finish the lie. Enduring, she ended it with quite the bang. [b “And after all that the main event wasn’t anything special. It’s really disappointing to brave all of his fantasies and not get much in return, if you know what I mean.”] She put on a pathetic sort of expression. It was the icing on the cake. Lyric had most, if not all of these women pitying her now. Not to mention she was sure at least half of them would repeat the story word for word until it was circulating the city. That alone was satisfying.

Allowing the group to work itself into a tizzy of more advice and condolences, Lyric fell into place with in the circle. Answering questions and accepting further advice until they had all calmed down some. It was then that she decided to push her agenda.

[b “Mrs.”] She addressed the blonde aristocrat from before. [b “I regrettably came into your conversation before a bit late, but curiosity has gotten the better of me. Mr. Black, your husband, and you were speaking of a Doctor Jaeger. Just what sort of person is he?”] It was vague, but she hoped with the group around her, at least one of them would be loose lipped enough to spill the beans. With that thought, this was the first time she ever found herself thankful that the citizens of the upper ring were so naive.
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