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[i “Come now child..”]
The voice of a graying-haired male spoke softly. Bouncing upwards, the boyish face of an eight year old child came strolling quickly to the older gent’s side. They were at a military ball. Standing in the midst of the crowded room was a beautiful woman with her hair tied back in a pony tail. Soft caramel eyes looked downwards to see the face of a little child and she cooed gently. [b “Is this Marcus Thorn?”] She teased before ruffling his hair, and instantly the boy pouted before swatting at her hand.. “Cut it out.” he murmured not used to being toyed with in such a way.
[i “Marcus!”] Came the sharp voice of his grandfather. [i “Show some respect to our supreme leader.”] He spoke his hand coming down on the boy’s shoulder giving him a hard squeeze. Squirming underneath the grip of it, the young boy nodded his head.
Smiling gently, Lillie giggled before she held out her hand towards the boy. She towered over him by a few inches, a thing which would change the older the male grew. But for now she enjoyed bending over slightly so that she could enjoy a waltz with him. [b “Mmhm. I hope to see you in my military in the coming years Mister Thorn. You’re will be well retired by than. So I’m expecting you to work your way up so that I can have another Thorn as my right hand man… You’re family has served me well these past few decades..”] She giggled as kissed his forehead.
Wiping it off he squirmed and she grinned. [b “Never been kissed before?”]
“No..” Came his reply as he looked down at the ground. To that, she took hold of his chin and murmured. [b “Mmhm. Well than. Let me help you with that.. You need to become a man quickly now.. So that you can be by my side..”] Cupping his face with a hand, she lean downward and kissed him softly.. Eyes widen as she pulled away and grinned. [b “Graduate from the military academy early, Thorn. I expect you to live up to your family name..”]
Letting go of him, she step away and he blinked confused. Reaching out to her, he spoke softly. “What… what. If I can’t?”
Suddenly she froze. Turning towards the young child, her face harden and her eyes turned to ice. [b “Than you’ll be shot before your eighteenth birthday. If you can’t serve me or my purpose.. Why keep you alive?”]

Shooting up from the couch, Marcus Black brought a hand through his hair as beads of sweat pooled. Sleep was something he tried to avoid because the past had it’s way of sneaking up on him. Placing a palm to his forehead, he looked towards Barrett who, himself, had dozed off as well. Together they’d been working since yesterday afternoon to crack the code to extend the exploration process and after working around the clock, they’ve done it. They’d done it. On the table sat a mask that would help protect against the toxic levels for more than twelve hours.
Beside that stood a capsule when expand, popped into a tent which had oxygen pumping through the inside for a period of six hours. With these things set up in place; the expedition could hopefully last the better part of three months. But this was all in theory, a smaller group would have to go out to test it.
Still, the male exhale sharply as he looked at Barrett who was slowly waking up from his nap to. “You okay Marc? Seems like you saw a ghost?” He spoke looking at the male whose composer seemd.. A little off.
Truth be told, He’d rarely been this tired. So sleep was something he’d hadn’t need in years. The tactician was always careful to limit anything which would’ve been to strenuous.
[i “I just remember something I wish I could forget.”] He spoke softly. Glancing at his watch he blinked. It seemed as if would’ve been later than just a half-hour past midnight. Touching his watch, he pressed some buttons before placing it to his mouth. [i “How’s the surveillance going?”]
Soon another voice came out on the other end. [b [#4c1c4f “Sir, Lyric is currently with Miss and Mister Kyle.. It seem like she took her to a.. Bar of sorts.. She’s been drinking for the past half hour… should I tell them it’s time to get her home..”] ]
Without hesitation Marcus spoke. [i “If both Maria and Alex are there, than I doubt they’ll let her run off. Tell the rest of the guards to go home, Save Maximus.. Except you. You lost your card key, so consider this extra punishment.”]

[i [#1c204f “Another shot of whiskey.”] ] Came the soft voice of Alex. Turning towards his wife and Lyric, he offered her a warm, sorta look, before he noticed something from the corner of his eyes. Taking off his helmet, on of Black’s guards was coming to sit beside them. Leaning forward, he watched as he shot Lyric a hateful look, before reaching for tapping the bar counter.
“I told Black that you were here.. So he relieved all of the guards of babysitting, besides me. So, not to be rude or anything, but can you hurry the fuck up so I can escort the escapist back home?”
Letting out a warm smile, Maria simply looked at lyric, before turning towards the soldier and she giggled softly. “You’re not jealous.. That I took miss Sawyer to play with another male are you?”
Turning a bright red, the gentlemen stammered “N...no..no. I. don’t.. Know,.. she’s...I have a girlfriend!” He blurtted out
Laughing lightly, Alex smiled at the young boy before he sipped from his drink. [#1c204f “Don’t worry! We won’t tell Black that you were examine his little Prisoner’s rear the whole night..”]
That last comment was all that was needed to get him to stand up and offer a salute.. “I’ll be.. Outside waiting sir! Please notify me when you’re ready to leave and I’ll gladly escort you back to Black’s place. Sir!”
It was always hard to see through the couple’s over-the-top sexually act. But in the end, acting like a sex-crazy couple always tend to keep under the radar. Now, the male returned to his serious nature and looked at Lyric once more. [#1c204f “In two weeks, Lillie will be giving a speech which updates everyone on the current events of our world. She does this four times a year. Marcus Black will surely be by her side.. It is during this time, when the rebels will launch their attack. So be prepared.”] Alex murmured softly as he rose up from the stool. Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled out a wallet and set down crumpled dollar bills on top of the bar counter and smirked at the two.
[#1c204f Miss Sawyer, I’m terribily sorry for forcing all this onto on a short amount of time. But our time was running low.. Certain… events forced the rebels to move ahead of schedule. Also, the rebellion did get your message.. Right now they have two contacts which are working in the middle of sector of the city trying to find out about the food shortage.. Though. They will not like what they found.. And also for the doctor, I already told them all they needed to know..”]
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 1y 216d 11h 56m 16s
There had been a lot of hugging that she wasn’t expecting today, although this one caught her more off guard than with Maria. But that was nothing in the face of what he was claiming. Up until recently she thought she was an orphan. News of the experiments and whatnot had tossed that into the air, but thinking that she would actually meet either of her biological parents was out of the question. It wasn’t until she saw the picture, of a woman who looked too similar to her to even question them being related that she was forced to accept it. The bright haired woman listened to him, but couldn’t find any words of her own.

He was an architect, and must have been a pretty famous one at that. Every building he had listed off was well known. All prominent enough to make a list of what to destroy to make a statement, a pang of guilt ran through her. She knew his life’s work was about to come crashing down. Jonathan could not catch a break it seemed. Perhaps that was hereditary, because the same could be said for her.

His ramblings also revealed something she hadn’t known. The infants taken for the experiments had been upper crust. Normally with something so dangerous wouldn’t they Shanghai children from the lower levels? Was there a reason for that? Perhaps it was something to look into, although it could very well have been nothing at all.

All in all her father seemed like a gentle sort of person. Lyric deemed that the reason he didn’t seem to know much about what was going on behind the scenes. And she wasn’t going to be the one to tell him either. If they wanted him ignorant, who was she to interfere? Well, that and something about him made her not want to disappoint him, or rather scare him, any further by telling him she was actually a slave. Who knew how we would react, and that might cause some issues, especially for the plan she just agreed to take part in.

Lyric found her voice when he asked about Black. Now generally she was a pretty good liar, but that guilty feeling was still sitting in her stomach. It stopped her, so she kind of danced around and diverted from the question. [b “There’s nothing Black can throw at me that I can’t handle; I’m resilient… Plus, I barely see him. He keeps me busy at the office while he is usually out and about.”] None of it was an outright lie. The answer seemed to pacify the man before he handed her a paper. The writing was neat.

While the woman was interested in getting to know more about where she was supposed to come from, she wondered if that would come at the cost of abandoning the place she was raised. It was something she was going to have to think about, luckily for her she had a long time to do just that. [b “…I will think about it.”] The smile she wore was kind of solemn, but the man looked as though he understood this was a lot to take in.

Jonathan glanced down at his watch. [b “I’m sorry, I wasn’t given much time…”]

She couldn’t help thinking that was probably for the best. This whole night had kind of been a whirlwind and this was no exception, but as he was almost to the door a question came to mind. [b “Actually, I have a question.”] He paused and turned back at her, his expression showing he was ready to give an answer. [b “Is Sawyer supposed to be my given name?”] That is what he had called her when he entered.

He looked a little confused, but he replied quickly. [b “Uh… Yes, we named you Sawyer Ivona Barlow.”] Continuing to hesitate, it looked as though he wanted an excuse to stay a little longer. [b “Do you have any other questions?”]

Lyric shook her head. That was enough. [b “Thank you.”] She couldn’t remember who told her her name was Lyric Sawyer as a child, but whoever it was must have known where she belonged. With that, he left. The woman waited a bit before exiting the room, but when she did the green eyed man was waiting to escort her back to the lounge area. Maria was waiting, and she had another guest now. At some point her husband must have come along.

Taking the empty seat next to the woman she was pretty close to exhausted. It was strange, because she hadn’t done much of anything. It was all emotionally draining. However she wasn’t ready to be left alone with it all. [b “I need a drink. A real one.”] Lyric was going to need about a gallon of something strong. She had always assumed she just held her liquor well, but it was more likely that whatever gene was protecting her from radioactive toxins was also dampening the affects of alcohol in her blood.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 1y 220d 7h 40m 41s
A single cigarette burnt between two fingers as the age man leaned forward. A drink was poured but he heeded it not, instead all he could do was look at the woman he called a wife and exhale very slowly. A thick silence permeated the two and he knew not how to disturbed it without his voice coming off shaky. So, after much internal debate he took the glass of JIm Bean. Before he could bring it forth to his lips however, a soft hand simply rubbed against his. Turning slight, those dark eyes looked into the face of his dearly beloved who had been his refuge for the better half decades.
[i “Do you think we made the right choice?”] His voice came out slowly as he cocked his head to look at where Lyric had been taken.
He’d not told his old friend the truth about how he found his daughter. Nor did he tell him that his daughter had been part of a rebellion group. How could he? When he’d worked so hard to design and build some of the very things which the rebellion group had target. The Illesian garden and Corian bridge were said to be some of his finest works. However, they paled in comparison to the dream which he was slowly working on building. It would be a mine-shaft like building which would help those in poverty have easier access to the second level so that they might find better working jobs. A noble feat, but one which he’d been fighting to build for the last six years.
An irrational fear of the poor was steeped into the hearts of those who’d never known poverty. It sometimes frustrated the older male to no end, knowing that there were those more deserving of the lavish lifestyle than others. Others who’d never have to work because all that they could ever want, need, was handed to them upon a silver platter. So, those bleary eyes looked upon his wife with a tired look and she simply moved forward to kiss his lips softly.
[b “Only those two can decided if the choice is right or wrong..”] Rubbing his side very softly, she placed her forehead to his.
She’d seen him at his worst. When he worked up in the middle of the night cry so hard that his whole body shook. Or when he’d get so uncontrollably angry that his rage resulted in holes punched into the walls. His fight with PTSD had broken him down numerous times and all those times when he’d been broke she’d be there. Just as he was for every time she’d accomplish the good. From her graduating classes, to opening her own beauty salon, to winning awards and having articles published on her and her dresses, the two were the rock for each other. Always putting the other first, their marriage was selfless beyond what meager words could describe.
Pulling her in close, he tilted her chin back and whispered. [i “You’ve been so good to me, Maria.”]
[b “Mmhm. Than maybe you should reward me?”]
Setting down the glass, he smiled and winked at her.

{b “I…. I..know, you must not believe me… but, here… look!”] His voice was breaking and as he sniffled, he pulled out picture of woman in a hospital bed holding a newborn baby in her arms. It was such a serene moment. [b “We..only had such a short time with you… I… I know you must hate me… for. Not trying my best to find you.. After you left, I threw myself into my job building and designing for the government and clients. City hall, that. Fucking bridge, the gardens… Even [i Illeasian tower] I designed for the military.. It’s what allows them to speak telepathically to each other by turning their mechanical upgrades into radio waves… but, i must be boring you…]
Stepping back he took out a handkerchief and dabbed the corner of his eye. His eyes couldn’t help but look at the sight of braids in her hair and he let out a soft sigh as he looked into her eyes. Indeed, she did have her mother’s eyes, though her figure was slimmer than Ilethia’s. But it was something he expected from living life on the edge.
[b “Alex, he told me.. He ran into you while at a military ball. He said you were. Interning with Black.. That… sadist… has he hurt you? I hear he enjoys using brass knuckles as a discipline method..”] Stopping himself he brushed back a lock of hair, before he reached into his pocket. Grabbing a pen from the table he scribbled something quick on the paper and gave it to her. [b “I know.. You’re not a child anymore… and I can’t do anything more for you but.. Here’s my address both house and work along with my numbers for both.. It’d.. be good to see you again.. After you finish your one year intern..]
  Alex Kyle / Mr-X / 1y 221d 16h 16m 1s
No sooner than the shot arrived at the counter did Lyric throw it back. The terrible burn of tequila filled her mouth, twanging the back of her throat as well. Taking two fingers she tapped against the dark stained wood signally for the man to bring another. The small, thin glass came in unison with her being touched by Maria. She followed the brunette’s eyes to see a man. He must have been a little younger than her. He was cute, but the baby face didn’t quite suit her tastes. Even with his beard hiding it. It was a relief that he wasn’t going to be her partner for the night. Standing, she drowned the second shot. The warmth gave her the courage to move forward. Lyric only hoped that the liquor started to affect her sooner rather than later.

Crossing the floor again, she felt eyes on her, more so than before. The woman couldn’t help but wish she had had time to have a few more drinks before the ball started rolling. The low lights gave the interior a bleak setting, not unlike how she was feeling about the situation. Continuing along to the back, there were no more prying eyes, just a dim lit hall. She followed the ginger man to the end of it. When it seemed there was no farther to go, he pressed on what appeared to be a thermostat. With the inputting a long chain of numbers, the wall shifted. The hall continued, albeit only a short ways. There was just enough space for two doors, one on either side. The young man opened the one on the left. Lyric entered first. The room wasn’t very large and not what she expected at all. It looked more like a small meeting room. A round table sat in its center, surrounded by six or so chairs. The walls were bare. No signs of décor, especially none that matched the aesthetic of the rest of the establishment meant this wasn’t a place for patrons. She very much doubted that this room was used for any sort of business they would want made public.

Looking back when she heard the door slide closed, the green-eyed man was still present. He motioned for her to take a chair, and she did. He followed suit as well, taking one across the short tabletop. The serious look in his eyes didn’t match his youthful appearance. Yet, he wore it regardless of her opinion. Rather curious as to what he could have to say, Lyric stayed silent in hopes that he would get to it. This night had been full of surprises and she doubted it was done yet.

His staid look melted and a welcoming smile took its place. [b “Hello, Miss. Sawyer.”] He nodded as though sorry he had delayed the introduction as long as he had. [b “I am Thomas Saxon. I’ve come to ask you a favor. “]

The turquoise haired woman nearly stood up and walked out there, but managed to resist the urge. Instead she ran skeptical eyes over him. Nothing good ever followed that line. It was likely that she was going to be pulled into something ridiculous.

[b “Hold on, hold on, hear me out… Much like you, I am working for a resistance. We are an offshoot of your cause. As such we like to help one another out, often times we feed your higher ups information. After all, we want the same things. We just hoped to use different means.”] He had her interest to some degree, but she still wasn’t too thrilled getting dragged into this. [b “You see we want to dismantle the current system, but we also acknowledge there are some useful parts and people in place. One of those people in Marcus Black…”] He paused to gauge her reaction.

She took his halt as a chance to speak. [b “And you really think I am in a position to try and convince him to your side?”] The expression on her face said it all. She was no longer skeptical; there was no way that was possible.

Thomas chuckled. [b “No, no, you are not, but you are in the ideal situation to act as bait. In two weeks exactly the underside’s rebellion is going to cause their commotion around town. It would be simple for us to use this to make a move of our own. We can orchestrate something so that you and Black will be separated from the rest of his pack. From there you just have to lead him to a preselected destination for us to ambush him. Black is a logical man, we are confident we can bring him to see the light.”] Saxon’s smile had a sort of twisted air about it. The man moved on, answering the question she hadn’t yet asked. [b “As for what you get out of this arrangement. If we can’t confidently persuade him, you walk free. No need to hand you back to the capital, after all.”]

The tone of his voice made it clear she would be going back with Black if he didn’t bend to their will, but she doubted that would happen. This was literally what the man did for a living. That being said, the chances of her getting out were high. Not to mention this would put Black out of commission for some time. It would be a heavy blow to the government. With all this she still took her time to properly think it over. Lyric would most definitely be in some trouble if this plan didn’t work. In the end she thought it might be worth it. [b “… Alright,”] she voice was hesitant. [b “You better have this streamlined. I don’t want to be a part of some half cocked scheme.”]

No sooner than she spoke, Thomas’ smile widened. Opening the bag at his side, he pulled an assortment of papers. One of which was a map of the area in play. Thoroughly he explained every detail of what was to happen. It seemed as though there was a fallback for anything that could conceivably go wrong. These people were serious. Lyric wondered how long they had been planning this out.

When everything had been explained he looked up at her, [b “You got all that?”]

She nodded. [b “Yeah. So long as it goes as you say, then I can handle it.”]

[b “Good, good, then I will have Mrs. And Mr. Kyle start bothering Black about the two of you coming to dinner.”] Thomas started to gather all this things together, putting them neatly away. Just as he finished there was a knock on the door. [b “Ah, looks like your visitor is here. Guess we had just enough time.”] Standing he went to the door, stopping just sort to give his goodbyes and best wishes. When he opened the door he spoke to the man on the other side. [b “She’s all yours.”]

The man who entered was one she was confident she’d never seen before, neither in person nor photo. He had sharp features, and posture that suggested he was a nervous wreck at the moment. [b “Sawyer?”] The name was more of a question, but one that he almost choked on.

Lyric thought it odd that he called her by her last name; nearly no one had done that since she had arrived in the upper city. [b “…Yes?”] She returned his inquiry with her own.

No answer came, but the man moved toward her. Becoming anxious, Lyric stood so that she would be more mobile is she needed. However, when he came closer she could see his expression more clearly. The graying man was holding back tears. A sentiment she was not sure how to react to; she froze in place. He stopped just short of her. Reaching a warm hand out, he gently caressed her face.

[b “It’s really you?”] Seeing her baffled expression, he scrambled to explain. [b “My name is Jonathan Barlow, and… and I’m your father, Sawyer.”]
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 1y 223d 8h 43m 46s
[i “What’ll we to do with them all?”]
[i Men, women, and children, all stood against the wall as the rain poured down that evening. The rebellions had swollen and the summer had been filled with bloody crash after bloody crash. Flames still set the lower cities ablaze and even in the upper realm fires burned. If not for the rain stifling the billowing smoke, than perhaps those flames would still burn so eerily. So brightly. And those who had foughten to bring down the reign of the empresses had done so using riots and what not. But now, all that had been brought to end. Locks of auburn hair shook violently as the strong figure of a woman fought back against struggling arms. Only to be struck down in front of the group of people she led.]
[i “Alex..” A voice came out stern and slow, and the youthful lad turned his head to look upon the face of his commander. Such a darkness burnt within those eyes and as he stepped forth from behind the line, he knelt before the woman that was struck down, before lifting her chin upwards. Without hesitation, she launched herself forth, biting and snarling, only to feel the toe of a boot into her side.. Now, soldiers moved to restrain her while others were held at gunpoint pacifying them.]
[i “How do you rid yourselves of ants? You smoke them out of their own and get rid of the very place they fester in. Kill the queen and the colony is no more…” Grasping those locks, he twisted her head upwards and looked into the youthful eyes of the woman with whom he had been toying with ever so mercilessly. There was no need for anymore violence or bloodshed. Yet, in the eyes of that man, examples needed to be set. Taking a pistol from his holster, he slowly pressed it against the girl’s temple and still she didn’t flinch. “Do it, you coward. Fucking kill me.”]
[i A grin formed upon his face. Yanking her head upwards, he turned towards the young boy and spoke aloud. “Come here Alex. I want you to shoot her, straight in the head. .”]
[i “Sir.. We were order to detain and arrest those in connection with the rebellion. I see no further need for such actions..”]
[i “You a good man.. Always playing by the rules, but, I gave you an order..”, Alex hesitated to move forward. So the older squeezed the trigger. Blood spilled unto the pavement and the male rose from the corpse of the woman. Instantly, there a ripple of stammers and stifled cries came from the people lined up against the wall. Mothers held the shoulders of their children and there was tension in the air.]
[i “Joe, what’s the count..”]
[i “Sir, there’s seventeen men, twenty women, and we’ve counted around eleven children..”]
[i Rising Cocking his pistol, he pointed at a random child, before pulling the trigger. “Redo the count, I only seen men here. Men who are about to be executed for treason. Open fire at will.”]
[i “But sir!’ Alex shouted in the rain. “There ar-” A swift kick to his side brought him down without hesitation. Now he felt the coldness of the barrel upon his temple and he heard the chilling voice of his commander. “Son, I like you. So let me give you some advice.. Learning how to follow orders, will help you live longer..”]
[i Gunfire blended into the sound of thunder illuminating the sky. Bodies dropped down and that was the last time any rebellion was mention or thought of. They dubbed it the “Massacre at the north tavern.” That was the first wave of execution. Everyone who was in they, including the staff, were brought outside and shot. By the time it was down, close to a hundred lives had been lost. Not even children were spared.]

Stirring the glass of Jack Daniels, Alex Kyle brought it to his lips and pounded it down. It was needed to wash away the memory of forty-three years ago. Sitting in the midst of rebels he pounded his fist against his chest. A young man sat facing him. Squeezing his eyes shut, he let out a sigh before he rubbed his face into the palm of his hand. “So, Lyric’s okay..”
Reaching out a hand towards the young man he nodded his head. He gave him a firm grip with his arm before letting go. All those years ago when he joined the military, he did so to give the people hope. But now that hope was running out; he feared that there was nothing more he could do but to help give the people back the one thing they desperately needed. “Freedom.” Life down in the slums was a hellhole. Prostitution, violence, poverty, starvation, this was the state where most of the population lived. Only a few manage to climb up out of this rat hole and prosper. And so as Cade sat with another leader of the rebellion he leaned backwards before another man spoke up.
[b “We recieved a message from Lyric. She told us to look into Dr. Jaegar and his infant experiment. The fuck’s that about?”]
Setting down his empty glass of Jack, the elder man blinked his eyes. Now, that, was another memory he wished he could put behind him as well. Tragedy after fucking tragedy. Death after fuckin’ death. It seemed as if the very God’s themselves were punishing him for his inability to save those children from the massacre. Those corpse still haunt him as those eyes stare wide-eyed and lifeless at him. “I need another drink..” He spoke softly.
[b “Look old man. You’ll get your fucking drink after we figure out who the hell this Yagar guy is. So hurry the fuck up and get talking..”]
Nodding his head, he leaned backwards and murmured. “Doesn’t matter. Since I’ll be shot for treason any rate..”
[b “Shot for treason?”] Cade ask lifting an eye..
“Oh, it’s nothing.. Nothing at all.” Waving his hand to and fro, his fingers scratch at his beard before he murmured.. “Lyric Sawyer, is a special girl. Truth is, her parents.. Are good friends of mine..”
[b “Parent’s? She’s an orphan.”] Another leader spoke. [b “And yet here you are saying that she has parents? Cade, just what the hell are we doing listening to this man any way?”]
To that he only leaned forward and spoke. [i “You have evidence?”]
Pulling out his wallet, the military-man produced a picture of a couple. The man on the left was well known. Reaching towards the picture, the rebel leader inhaled sharply as he studied the picture ever so carefully. Sure enough, the man in the woman had the same sharp look to his eyes that Lyric had. And the face of the woman was shapen so that at first glance, she truly did appeared to be Lyric herself, but aged quite a bit.
[b “Jonathan Barlow… He’s a building architect.”] One of the leader spoke softly..
“Mmhm…” Nodding his head he softly tapped his glass against the table. Rolling his eyes, the leader motion for a bartender to come towards them and refill his drink.
“At any rate.. Jaegar kidnap a bunch of babies to try and make them radioactive proof. He wanted to try and help people leave the city.. I was there to visit the newly weds. Truth be told, I disobey orders. During the whole ordeal, he ended up shipping one of the children off in a caspule during the ghetto. Instead of actively persuing him I went AWOL. I spent two days without rest searching all over for her, and by the time I found her... It was almost to late. If I hadn't had any medical supplies on me, I might not have been able to save her, but I manage to do so. By that time they sent out a search party for me, and I had no choice but to go back. I took a severe beating for it, but that price was small to pay in the grand scheme of things.”
[b “And then you dumped her in the ghetto?”]
“Not.. Necessarily. I told my wife. And she made weekly trips regular back and forth to help nurse her for the first year.... But, yes.. We did leave her. It was around that time that we slowly started getting involved with the rebellion.. If she kept on making trips back and forth on a weekly basis, than that would’ve arouse suspicion…”
[b “That sounds pretty fucked up. You had the resources to help, but didn’t just to save your own ass.. That’s what I hate about you uppity, rich people. Never willing to risk your own damn lives..”]
Shrugging his shoulders, Alex looked at his watch and let out a sigh. “Well, the hour grows late.. And I need to get going, so good bye..” He spoke as he stood up and smiled.
[b “Thanks again for the info Mitch. Always a pleasure doing business with ya..”]

His face was melting. As he pulled at the skin, he felt the slim drip down his face. “MItch, the guard dog.” was nothing more than an act. If the rebels knew that he was higher-up in the food chain, than he doubt they would be willing to listen to him. So he always took precaution and put on a fake mask to hide his real self. As effective as it was concealing his identity, it did come with a time limit which was two and a half hours before it start dissolving off.
Leaning against the back seat of his hands moved towards his pockets and he reached for a cigarette. He’d already pass on the information to his lovely-partner in crime, and by now he was sure she was passing it on to Lyric. Silently he prayed that such a small thing, would save the life of his friend, Marcus Black, and that of Jonathan's daughter.

[i “I’ll take a bourbon please and oh, why not a shot of tequila for my little girl friend here?”]
It was almost hard for Maria to hold back her excitement as she the way heads turned when Lyric walked up towards the bar with her. This was the place where the upper class and wealthy “played”. As those eyes looked around the room, counting the pair of eyes which were on her, she could already tell she had done the perfect job making her look absolutely stunning. Now only had she gone ahead and made her little friend look beautiful, but she had also went ahead and pulled some strings.
Looking down at his phone, she blinked as she saw the message from her husband. A warm smile formed upon her face. Touch the hand of the young lady she purred softly. It was than that a handsome youth with warm green eyes and freckles splotch upon his face came up between the two. Locks of strawberry-red flowed down from his face and as he smiled looking at the two, Maria spoke [i “Well Lyric, if you follow this man, he’ll be leading you to a room I called ahead to reserve just for you. It seems like our gentlemen is running late, but he’ll be here soon.. And I’m sure you’ll probably want some help.. Warming yourself up for for the night to come.”]
Blowing the girl a kiss she winked as she turned back towards the bar.
  Alex Kyle / Mr-X / 1y 225d 13h 46m 50s
Great, it was going to be that kind of girl’s night. Taking the fine-stemmed flute that had been offered to her, she couldn’t help but think she was going to need something stronger than this to make it through the night. Somehow she knew all those lies were going to come back to haunt her, although she had hoped it wouldn’t be so soon. When the vehicle came to a stop, Lyric took her time getting out of the car. Throwing back the rest of her glass, she readied herself for the undoubtedly long night that was ahead of her. However, this moment of peace didn’t last as Mrs. Kyle half dragged her form from the car. That lady was stronger than she looked. Not to mention desperate. Didn’t she have other friends to frivolously spend her time with?

The pair was nearly through the door when she started babbling about her hair again. Lyric was just about ready to check out when the woman leaned in real close and whispered something in her ear that she wouldn’t have expected in a hundred years. The dark eyed gal’s jaw nearly hit the floor. Attempting to not act too suspiciously, the rebel didn’t turn to look at the older woman as though she had sprouted a second head. A feat that was more difficult than it sounded. Instead she turned to her calmly, although the look of disbelief didn’t leave her face. Seeing this, Mrs. Kyle signaled with her hand. It was a simple motion, and proof enough to Lyric that this wasn’t a farce.

Watching as the lady manipulated the guards into giving them some space, she was much smarter than Lyric had originally given her credit for, Though that was not a high bar to overcome. It was also equally interesting watching the man in the lobby squirm, uncomfortable; until he seceded to her will to some degree. There were definitely some advantages to acting like a sex-crazed ditz… Then again she still wasn’t sure how much of that was an act. There was the possibility that those were just two of her faces.

Walking into the shop, they didn’t bother stopping in the lobby, Lyric assumed the woman must have called ahead. There were three people standing in back. They smiled when they saw Mrs. Kyle. She on the other hand immediately put them to work. [b “Alright everyone, I need you to take her measurements, then work on finding some outfits for her.”] She looked between the trio, motioning to the rebel woman. [b “In the meantime I am going to do something with her lovely hair.”] This statement seemed to have her the most excited.

Lyric was not used to this to any capacity. Being poked and squeezed with measuring tapes. But that was over soon and the woman who had brought her here was taking her to a chair near a sink. [b “Time to get that hair clean.”] The pair was alone when she began wetting her bright colored hair.

Waiting patiently, it felt like there wasn’t a whole lot that she could do in this situation. Lyric just have to wait for Mrs. Kyle to start telling her what she wanted to know. Nothing good would come of pressing the matter. That being said, the brunette hummed happily as she ran her hands through the tangled strands. Before she knew it, it was clean as could be and they were moving to a different chair.

Towel drying her hair, Lyric was allowed to do that much as Mrs. Kyle picked out all sorts of products and combs. Getting back to work she made idle chitchat. [b “Did you know that the [I Illesian gardens] are rather nice in the spring. They would be in full bloom in a couple weeks.”]

Smiling, the rebel knew exactly what she was getting at. [b “I would love to see it, it’s just a shame that I can’t get out. Seems like this will be my last trip for some time.”] There was a chance that the older woman might be able to pull some strings to get another outing by then, but it wasn’t for sure.

Running product through the sitting woman’s hair, Mrs. Kyle seemed to be having a good time of it. [b “Mmm, that’s a shame. I will have to see if I can get Marcus to make an exception like today. After all, I’d hate for you to miss out since there’s so much you haven’t seen in the upper city. Like Center City Square, the Clorian Bridge, or even city hall. Honestly, there are so many places to see.”]

Lyric’s eyes widened. The attack was going to be that widespread? It was likely most of these would be small, but it was still much more than expected. She turned her head to look back at the woman, but an iron grip straightened her back out again. [b “Don’t move while I am working dear, you will make a mess of everything I’ve done.”] Despite the real reason for all this, Mrs. Kyle was rather intent on having her fun too. [b “You need to look perfect for the gentlemen.”]

Flinching, she had hoped the brunette was joking about that. It didn’t seem to be so. Sighing silently, she reminded herself that it was a small price to pay for the intel she had received. Things moved quickly from there. Her hair was finished, it had been intricately done up with all sorts of braids loping around one another, although some of it had been left down and ran curled down her back. That meant it was time to be stuffed in some dresses as Mrs. Kyle had her own hair done. That was almost a bigger ordeal than the up do. Nothing seemed to fit the image the middle-aged woman was going for. In the end she was in a black, formfitting, number that flowed just a little passed her knees and had a high cut slit running up it. It wasn’t bad; it kind of made her feel like the spy she was attempting to be.

Mrs. Kyle, whose first name turned out to be Maria, was ready in an instant. She must have known exactly what he wanted to wear. That being said, everything still took a couple of hours to complete. The pair returned to the lobby all gussied up to meet the guard who had been left to sit in silence. [b “All finished, dear.”] She smiled at the man who still looked rather uncomfortable. [b “Time to get going.”]

Just the words he had been waiting for. The tall man stood and escorted them from the building and back to their car. This ride was a little longer than the last. The sleek black vehicle transported them around the immeasurably towering buildings. There was so much to see in this area. Every inch seemed to be taken up with something. When they did stop, it was in front of a sharp looking building with dark windows. It was impossible to see in, but she was sure the patrons could see out just fine. Lyric confirmed this when they entered.

There was a large, looming, sort of man near the entrance. He nodded at Maria as they walked in. She must have been a frequenter her just like at the salon. The décor was brighter on the inside than it had been outside; still much of it seemed subdued in the subtle lighting. There were not many people here, but most of them seemed important.

The bubbly brunette grabbed Lyric by the arm. [b “Let’s go have a drink to start things off.”]
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 1y 225d 16h 44m 57s
[i Marcus “Black” Thorne]
[i At 14;21, I had left the house in order for me to meet with Barret Wallace, head of the exploration team which, as you know, is planning the biggest exploit outside of the city that we know of so far. During this meeting, at about 3;52 in the morning, I received a call that the prisoner which I had been task to look after-Lyric Sawyer-had escaped only to be returned. Considering that I had carefully selected a the guards on duty to watch her, I was counting that one day she would plan to escape. However, I didn’t know that she would be leaving so soon. Needless to say, upon hearing this I returned home to see that she had indeed been gone. There were bruises on her face which showed that she had been attacked by a guard.]
[i My first order of business upon my return was to punish those who were responsible for this possible ruinous plan. One was Rector. He received a beating with my bare fist. In order to protect against any lethal damage, I had him wear armor before the beating commence. Afterwards, I turned my attention to Lyric herself, and after praising her for the little skit she pulled, I punished her. In my head, I counted fifty-two lashes with a belt against her bare lower back.]
[i After the beating, I gave her medicine to help with the pain and the bruises which one of my guards had given her. And right now, at 7;00 I am preparing to submit this to you, Lillie, our supreme ruler.]

If ever there was a one true thing which black despised the most, this would be it. Writing reports of any “event” that happen and sending it the supreme leader was a bore. He always tried to be concise when writing these reports, but what usually happens is her summoning him to learn more about these “events.” Reaching for his mug of coffee which had an unhealthy amount of creamer in it, he had barely just sent the ‘send button’ when she appeared once more in front of him. It was like the first time she appeared before Lyric. Only this time she was wearing a nightgown which flowed from her shoulders down to her waist. Letting out a yawn, she whispered.
“There’s this thing, y’know called sleep.. You should really, try it..” She spoke as she stretched herself out.
[b “When you get these ‘upgrades.’ The need for sleeping or eating fades.”]
“Mhmm. I’m not happy that you whipped her.” Lillie spoke softly before she let out another yawn. “Reading this, only fuels the rumors that you’re a kinky bastard to.. I’m surprised you didn’t just bend her over you knee.”
[b “Excuse me?”] Black stuttered as he suddenly turned red. Turning away, he coughed softly. [b “You know that, um.. The erm. Womanly charm.. Uh, reminds a mystery to me.”]
“MMhm. At any-rate. Return to Barrett’s.”
Standing up, he saluted her. Before he nodded his head and fired off a “Yes Ma’am..”

Clinging tightly to her temporarily girl-friend, for the night she shut the door and in the car and leaned back against the plush seats. Within, there were cup holders and a fridge which held delicious beverages. Two empty wine-glasses rested before her and the girl, and as she reached for the champaign she smiled at the beauty which sat before her..Without really asking for permission, she began to fill both glasses with the cooling refreshment before she slinked back into her chair and let out a long sigh. On both the left side and the back side, two cars floated in the air with them, Each one had four-guards within. Four which would be following them whenever and wherever it was that they went for the night. But it didn’t deter the female any one bit from the fun which she had been determined to have.
[b “Oh dear, Lyric, it really has been such a long time since we last talked… Why, since I learn of all the freaky things you were being forced to endure, well I had to rescue you.. Mmhm. I know of a lovely little secret spot where I could take you and you’d absolutely loved it.. I’m sure that we could find you several men to please you. Of course not all at once… unless you're into that sorta thing.”]
Giggling like a schoolgirl who’ve just heard a funny joke, she sipped from her glass before she sat back down and looked towards the out-sky. Slowly, her eyes turned from the aristocratic and rich palaces and cities which float above, and head downwards to where the slums lie. With a deep and heavy sigh, she murmured words which were lost in the moment as the car suddenly came to a close.
Now, the pair were in front of a beauty-saloon which was closing. Smiling at her little friend, Miss Kyle, gently reached out a hand and pulled Lyric out of the car and into the fresh air.. [b “Mmmhm. But before we get you laid, and I mean, actually sex, you must let me do your hair again..”] She cooed, as she turned around and ran fingers through the tangle mane. [b “I’ll wash it, comb it, braid it and..”] Leaning forward, she put her lips to her ears and whispered. [b “Tell you where the rebels are planning to strike next.”]

Heading through the doors, she smiled as she watch the guards shift uneasily to and fro. Not only was this a saloon, but it was also known for being a taylor as well in the back of the shop. And the thought of watching Black’s captive, being stripped down and force to play dress up wasn’t one which they didn’t mind sitting through. However, having to watch sit down and being forced to listen to Miss Kylies’ scandelous gossip, and watch her work on Lyric’s hair which could take hours, upon hours, was something they’d gladly avoid. So, just as Miss Kylie had hoped, the guards drew lot, and one unlucky bastard was forced to sit in the lobby,while the others got to stay outside, or in their cars.
They all knew that tonight was going to be a boring night.
However, the middle-age woman smiled kindly and the guard and spoke. [i [b “As much as I do appreciated Black’s paranoia.. I do, have a husband in the military who taught all types of wonderful techniques.. Though, I doubt how useful they’ll be outside of the bedroom.” ] ] Laughing once more, she waved the guards away, but one of them stood firm.
[i “We’re sorry ma’am.. But Black’s orders are absolute…. And, I kinda don’t want to get thrashed by him. So, I’ll stay.. Outside in the lobby, while your in the tailor shop just holler if you need me.. Sorry that we can’t leave you all alone, all alone like you’d wanted.”]
[b “It’s fine. That just means that without a male audience, I can force Lyric into some more dresses.”] She grinned as she moved into the shop and closed the door.
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 1y 228d 6h 15m 22s
Blinking, somewhat confused at what had just transpired, Lyric’s face went red. Did she just get fucking spanked? And what the hell was with people touching her butt tonight? More irritated at this than the whole whipping thing she sat straight up. A searing pain running up her spine, but she ignored it. Her eyes red hot on Black as he walked out. Fidgeting about, she suppressed the urge to scream, not in pain, but in anger. She was absolutely livid.

Giving herself a moment to calm down, she took in a deep breath and a seat on the bed. The woman closed her eyes and cycled her breathing. A technique that helped regulates her heart and breathing. It didn’t take long, although she was still rather furious. But behind all that, she was also tired. Sleep would be a welcome distraction from the throbbing of her lower back. Pulling off her shirt, she wasn’t keen on it falling back down when she lied down. It would likely stick to her wounds and reopen then.

With only her bra to cover her up, of course that was when Black returned. Perfect timing, as usual. Feeling her irritation return to her, she looked at the clock on the desk instead. Deferring her attention would help her not punch him in the face. Still, she had to listen to his voice. He explained what the pills were; placing them in her line of vision and then, thank the powers that be, he left.

Staring down the two oblong-ed tablets, she debated whether or not she wanted to take them. Lyric didn’t particularly want anything from him right now, well besides her freedom, but that wasn’t going to happen. Growling under her breath she grabbed the stupid pills, popping them into her mouth before chasing them with the entire glass of water. After that she buried her face in the pillow and left her back facing the ceiling. Surprisingly enough, she was able to fall asleep with relative ease. Relative being the key term.

Upon waking, Lyric was indeed feeling better. Standing she moved to the mirror. The marks on her face and body were gone, and there was nothing but a minor ache left in her back. It almost felt as though she had slept wrong, but that was it. There was a long while before she felt like leaving the room, and thankfully when she did Marcus was nowhere to be found. He didn’t spend a lot of time in this house and she was glad for that, now more than ever.

Her day passed, uneventful until a guard came up to collect her that evening. Apparently Mrs. Kyle had come. Lyric didn’t really want to see the overly familiar woman again, but she had already agreed. Sighing, she had no idea what a girl’s night out for these people entailed, but she was going to take part. Being escorted down to the lobby. The woman was waiting there. She smiled when she caught sight of the bright haired woman.

Running up, Lyric was incredibly uncomfortable when she was pulled into a hug. [b “Can you [I believe] that they made me come all the way here to get you. And they plan on following us around all night?”] Mrs. Kyle seemed legitimately distressed by the news. [b “Mr. Black keeps his pets on too short a leash. It is borderline paranoia. He would have a better time if he cut loose some.”] Sighing, the middle aged woman didn’t seem like she was over it, but she dropped it all the same. Clapping her hands together her cheery disposition bubbled back up. [b “Alright dear. Let’s go have some fun.”]
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 1y 229d 11h 58m 49s
[b “Good choice..”] His voice came out softly as continued to look at the welts on her back. Erecting himself straight once more he moved backwards and coughed softly. Contrary to popular belief, inflicting physical pain wasn’t something which gave him the most pleasure. He enjoy it, to some extent, seeing how the body reacted when it had deal with suffering blow after blow. Infinite hours he had stood over the writhing bodies of those who had cried out during his interrogation sessions. But that never truly satisfied him as much as psychological torture did.
The games of the mind and figuring out how to break it was task which Black always took very seriously. Leaving nothing up to chance, he made it his mission to find out what was the best possible way to break. So as he slowly began to slide his belt into those lips he figured one more strike was necessary to complete the mental aspect of it. Lifting his hand, he brought it down fast and hard on her rump. [i “That, was purely to drive home the point of humiliation..”] He explained as he stepped back and rolled dowm his sleeves. In his eyes, the punishment was sufficient.
Leaving the room he made his way down towards the stairs. Due to being top brass, he had access to military medicine that most people in the public could never get their hands on. One such thing, was a pill which was used to help the cells recover faster.. Normally it was use to get deep lacerations to close quicker when stitches were available. Considering the fact that she had a black eye and probably other bruises two pills and a good night’s rest would clear up the pain and her face. Being whipped in front of his men and then being spanked like a little naughty child, was enough for him to be sure that she wouldn’t be planning any more escapes? Or would that make her want to escape more? Reading rebels was sometimes a hard task mainly because the human mind was infinitely fickle.
Entering her room again without asking, he set the glass of water down by her bed along with the two pills. [i “These are military issues pills. It helps the cells work faster to heal the body. It should ease the pain, along with take care of the bruises on your skin. It’s your choice to take them or not. Either way, I’ll leave you be..”] And true to his word, he left through the door.
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 1y 230d 8h 27m 41s
The time it took for the guards to arrive passed both in the blink of an eye and at an eternity. This was of course a contradiction, however the dread of the torture to come made every second seem so much shorter while the cold silence dragged it out. Outside of her own mind, Lyric was unsure she could describe the sensation. But eventually the men did arrive and they were not gentle. Pressing her firm down on the bed as per Black’s request she turned her head to the side so that she breathing wasn’t hindered by the soft surface. Keeping her shirt was a bit of a consolation, although it almost made her feel like she was being pitied.

Next thing she knew it had begun. The initial sting would normally be followed by an ache for something like this, but because of the continuous strikes the bite only intensified without being allowed to dull. Taking in a deep breath, the pain built as he continued. The woman was determined to stay silent for the duration though. When it seemed like it was too much to take muted she bit her tongue and hard. The pressure in her mouth kept strong until she broke the skin. The task of iron permeated her taste buds. It was a welcome distraction.

When it was through, her arms were released, but she hesitated to sit up. A mistake, she found, as Black’s hand came down red hot on her lower back. Not willing to give him the satisfaction of a yelp, she skewered her tongue again, making a second wound. It took a lot of concentration, making it hard to discern what he was saying when he spoke again. However she got the gist of it. Turning her head to look back at him, she responded. [b “That sounds lovely… Tell her I will be there, there won’t be a problem.”] The feistiness gave her just enough energy to twist the corner of her mouth up in a smirk.

The idea that things would only become stricter on her now was one she had already come to terms with, but it still stung when he said it. So much for her going free in a year. She knew that had been a bluff, but there had been a glimmer of hope attached to it.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 1y 232d 8h 46m 58s
At her comment about the guards he smirked briefly. Of course this was the point where he could elaborate but there was no need to.. As she spoke once more, he wasn’t at all surprised by what she said. He figured that she would say such a thing.. The defiance of hers was something which he admired. He’d always admire those who refused to break. Loyalty-even on the opposing side-was something which was to be respected. But in the end they always broke down. There was a weakness, a certain thing within the human spirit which crushed made everything gave way. In his own mind, he dubbed it “the cornerstone of the human spirit.” Leaning back, he waited as footsteps could be heard approaching. Several guards came in to assist with the beating that was to be administered to his prisoner.
It didn’t take long to secure her to the bed. And he allowed her to have the some decency. When one of the soldiers move to stripped her, Black stepped in and shook his head. [i “No.. Raise her shirt up, but leave her breast covered. Being whipped in front of a crowd is shamed enough for her.] He mused as he leaned over her. Folding the belt again, he grabbed the tip and snapped it. As he watched as two soldiers held her down by her hands and feet he exhaled before he brought down his hand on the expose area of her back. It made a rather large smacking sound, and he inhaled again as he raised the belt once more only to repeat the process of whipping her several times.
[i Release her..] By the time he was done, several welts were on her back. In all around fifty lashes had been given to her and as the guards let go of her hand and moved. Pressing a hand to the welts, he pressed down on them, seeing how she reacted and how much pain she still felt after the beating was done. Admiring his handiwork with a belt, he spoke. Once more.
[i “On my way home, I received a call from Miss Kyle.. apparently she wants to take you on a girl’s night out? If you’re not sore from the beating by tomorrow night, I suggest you take her up on the offer. It’s the last taste of freedom you’ll ever have after pulling this stunt.”]
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 1y 232d 9h 54m 20s
Normally the rebel would have laughed at such a remark. A lot could be said of those who were willing to admit the feats of their enemies; she just really wished she wasn’t around to hear it. His almost teasing comment about the guards caused her to narrow her eyes at him in a glare. [b “Well, I very much doubt they leave, and it isn’t like I had all that many resources.”] Her tone was snide, but it didn’t last as his demeanor took a turn back to devilish.

Crossing her arms, she looked him up and down as she debated what to do. On one hand she really didn’t want to do what he said, as scary as he was that feeling was still here. Especially because of how degrading it was. She wasn’t a child. That and her insubordinate spirit were not so easily dampened. Doing as he said felt like she was giving in, and Lyric hadn’t been broken yet. But on the other hand, more guards meant more people to see the humiliation she would inevitably suffer. Pain she could handle, but the hit to her pride would be less tolerable.

In the end she decided against submitting on her own accord. [b “I suggest you call your men.”] Her dark eyes locked with his as she spoke. The true tipping point had been the satisfaction she would take in knowing he couldn’t manage it on his own. Black would have to call for the aid of his men and something about that thought satisfied her.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 1y 232d 10h 13m 53s
“I don’t know whether to take my belt off and discipline you.. Or be thoroughly impressed as a tactician for how well you manage to plan this fiasco.”
Those words came out rather softly as he shifted from one weight to another… Hands in pocket those eyes were eyeing her. Her skin was bruised, a thing which he was sure the supreme leader wouldn’t be happy about. Normally she wasn’t one to oppose physical punishment, but as she told him in the beginning this was a very delicate cased that needed to be taken care of with the utmost importance. So, all the male could do was just give her a thin smirk.
“As a tactician, I will give you a word of advice; guard duty.” With that being said, he reached for his belt and slowly unfashioned it. He wasn’t one to shy away from punishment, either.. Snapping it in his hands he cracked his neck from side to side. The playfulness he once had was gone and his chilling demeanor had returned. [b Lay down, face first on the bed. Or I’ll have my guards come in and hold you down.”] It was no idle threat and he knew that in her weaken and stun condition that he could easily have forced her to submit to his will.. But he saw no need in causing any more damage than what needed to be done..
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 1y 232d 12h 15m 14s
Being asleep. Lyric didn’t hear the door open. She was off in in dreamland, however there was no feature for her to watch this time. There was nothing, at least, there had been nothing until the coughing rousted her. Shifting in the fluffy comforter, she rolled over so that she was facing the wall, unaware that someone was trying to get her attention. It wasn’t until the sound came again that she lifted her head to look toward the door. The light filtering in behind the man caused her to squint, but she could tell who it was without seeing more detailed features. Clearly word had reached her captor about what she had been up to. The woman very much doubted that he appreciated her well thought out escape plan. It was a shame, perhaps that might have gotten her out of whatever was to come.

Without speaking, she sat up, now glad that she had passed out in clothes this time around. Shaking her head, she attempted to adjust her eyes to the blinding light. It wasn’t until she was sitting fully at the side of her bed that the world came through, as it should. The woman looked back to the man standing ominously in the doorframe and instantly regretted it. The expression he wore was one that sent a chill down her spine. To say he wasn’t happy would have been a gross and frankly stupid understatement. This was the first time she could truly and honestly say that he scared her, however she kept the sentiment tucked deep inside of her. Just because it was true didn’t mean he had to know about it. It would only feed into his ego all the more. Not to mention encourage whatever terrible thoughts were going through his mind. She regretted letting her chance to get out slip through her fingers all the more now.

Lyric’s mind and heart raced. Taking in a deep breath she strained to steady herself. There were several things she could have said in that moment. More than a few of them were unwise. Like, isn’t it rude to barge into a woman’s room in the middle of the night? However sass was not liable to land her anywhere she wanted to be with the current looming predicament. In the end she stood, not liking having to look so far up to him. But even with that all she could manage out was, [b “Yes?”] Would such a short and to the point inquiry betray her feelings, or would it cover them? She had no way to tell how Marcus Black would decipher it, as she wasn’t entirely sure herself. The bright haired woman had the sneaking suspicion he would see straight though her, as though she was as transparent as a pane of un-tinted glass.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 1y 232d 12h 36m 22s
[i All of these plants come from the outside world?]
Black spoke softly as his fingertips softly traced the petal of a rose. Eyeing it carefully he waited for the reply to come. A simple ‘mmhmm” was the answer to his question. Stepping away from the plant he turned his head towards the man who was sketching on the table. Before him was a hand-drawn map which had several areas of land sketch out. The detail which he’d painstakingly went to great lengths to make was impressive and deeply admirable. Turning towards the male he was about to open up his mouth before he felt a vibration in his lap.
[b “Trouble?”] Barrett asked looking upwards.
Shaking his head from side to side, the man simply pulled out his phone. He didn’t believe there to be any trouble, but then he bit his lip. That damn little girl. It seemed as if the strategy meeting would have to be put on hold. Seeing as discipline needed to be dealt out one by one. Telepathically, he sent out a message for his driver to pick him up. As he spoke telepathically, he spoke to his host offering an almost apologetic raising of his hand.
[b “Hey, being top brass makes you a busy man. Go forth and do ya thing..”]
[i “I will..”] Black spoke as he bowed his head and excused himself..’

If there was anyone had a reason to fear Marcus Black, it would be due to his hand-to-hand fighting skills. Part of being in leader of the interrogation unit required dealing with dangerous criminals. The risk of having them gain weapons was to great to risk arming the staff. So everyone who served in Black’s unite always worked unarmed. So; it goes without saying, his discipline sessions always involved using his bare fist. He moved swiftly, without warning.
Ducking forward, he came up straight throwing a right jab into the face of the guard pushing watching him fall to the floor. A pained groaned left his lips. Erecting himself again, he simply rolled back the cuffs of his shirt unto his forearms were exposed and spoke in a voice that was filled with nothing but pure anger. [i Stand him up.]
Clothed in full-military gear, the impact of his punches wouldn’t cause any serious damage but the pain was still felt. Shaking off his fists, Black braced himself as two more guards helped him stand to his feet. A moan could be heard coming from behind the helmet which protected him from any brain damage that the beating might cause. As soon as he was up, a swift kick was delivered to his stomach with enough force to knock him back down again. And with the final blow, Black found that he was well satisfied with the punishment being met.
[i “Get him out of my sight..”]
“At once sir..” Came the replies of his men as they half-dragged, half-walked the young boy out who was sore from the beating he received. With that taken care of, Black made his way upstairs. He knew full well where Lyric had been sleeping, since he had cameras set up in most places in the house. There was a part of him that wanted to praise her for planning a sneak attack. Had she better hand-to-hand training it surely would’ve been a successful endeavour. However now wasn’t the time for praise.
Pushing the door open, the male slowly reached for the belt that was around his waist. But, he decided against it. Instead he cough rather loudly. And stood in the door way waiting for her to take up.
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 1y 232d 13h 31m 3s

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