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Sitting with her feet up against the dash, Lyric was in a foul mood. She wasn’t the type to enjoy losing. And while she understood the difference in skill and experience between the two of them, it still stung. A feeling that was only made worse by the echo of actual physical pain she experienced when she’d been shot in the chest. Although it was in fact a simulation, and she was in no real danger, it hurt like no other. Being shot was up on her list of most painful things to endure. In fact it ranked second, and was not an experience she enjoyed having to relive. Once had been enough for her.

[b “It wasn’t that bad of a plan…”]

She rolled her eyes at him, letting them linger on his face. He did not so much as glance at her in return, so she took this as an opportunity to glare at him. When that grew dull she brought her gaze back to the road ahead. She’d never been to the gardens before so as much as she hated to admit it, this was a bit of a treat. From the car she could see the splotches of color that littered the attraction. It called to her all the more knowing that the man she had found to be her biological father designed it. But as with most things these days, her hopes of seeing it any closer were dashed. Rather firmly, Black let her know she was to stay put in the car. Lyric opened her mouth to protest, but quickly shut it again. There was no point; it wasn’t like he was going to change his mind because she whined at him. That and if he knew she was actually interested in the gardens he might not bring her along tomorrow, just to be a jerk. She crossed her arms, sighing heavily. It was too bad, because this might have been her last chance to see them. Who knew how bad the damage of tomorrow’s attack would be.

The car was quiet with just her, and with comfortable seats she thought it might be a nice place to take a nap. She had been rudely awoken that morning, after all. Closing her eyes, she fell into a half conscious state, not quite sleeping, but not quite awake either. It was peaceful. That was until she heard tapping at the glass just a short way from her head. Nearly jumping out of her skin, Lyric looked out the darkened window to see Maria. Her expression was somewhat grim.

Pressing a button on the armrest, the woman rolled the window down so that she could hear properly. She barely caught the middle-aged woman’s question.

[b “Yeah, he’s dragging me around today cause I messed up his study.”] Lyric took some pleasure in sharing his pettiness, even if she was the one who started it. She looked around, not spotting the woman’s husband. The rebel was kind of curious what Maria was up to. Although, she had inkling it might have to do with the next day’s events. [b “I’m pretty sure Black went to check out some projectors or something… what’s up?”] Worst-case scenario, the plan had changed in the few weeks that she had been holed up in that apartment. Perhaps this was fate, even though that wasn’t really the sort of thing she believed in.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y 162d 5h 39m 20s
"It wasn’t that bad of a plan..”
The voice of Marcus black trailed off as he drove silently with Lyric in his passenger seat. Looking straight ahead, he continued to focus more on driving than giving her a solid compliment something which becoming much more frequent to the rather stiff and cold man. Their next destination was to head towards the place where the supreme commander would be giving her speech. The Illesian gardens was somewhat of an architectural marvel which was design by none other than her father. Despite it still being far away from it being spring, one could still see hints of how beautiful it was once the spring appear and the flowers started to bloom in their full glory. ‘

Stopping the car at the entrance to the gate, Black slowly reached into his car and looked at the guard that stood watching over him. [b “You’ve come to check out the security?”] The voice of the male spoke. Answering back, Black slowly pushed open the door and started to get out. Turning around he looked at the mischievous troublemaker that he’d decided to drag along with him regardless of whether or not she enjoyed it. Reaching for a pair of shades within his car, he spoke to her in a rough voice. Something between barking out an order and yet remaining a somewhat pleasant tone of civility. [i “Wait here, I gotta see if the projection’s working..”]

It was a last minute change which came from the supreme leader at 2 A.M. this morning. A random message with had been titled with [u “Change of plans.”]

When it came to it, the entire garden was designed to be in a square, once massive square which had multiple different styles of gardens from different past cultures lost after the midst of the war from long ago. Several miles separated by different gates which seemingly teleported you into another realm of nature and her beauty. In the middle of of the garden was a bridge which overlooked a river. Here was where the water lilies would bloom. It was a beautiful tribute design to honor the Supreme leader and many people enjoyed walking the bridge seeing the flowers and bloom. Needless to say, that was the very place where her hologram would be broadcast by the projectors which were place around the gardens.

Scratching the back of his head, Black murmured something before he started the trek to each four corners of the garden.

[center [i Consider it good timing or bad..] ]

Knocking on the window a familiar face of a woman stared through the glass looking at Lyric before he face turned into a frown. [i “Lyric?]
Of course it was just the voice of Maria Kyle. Stepping back he looked at the car trying to figure out whose it was that it belong to.. [i “Is.. that Black’s car?”]
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The conglomerate of red soldiers and other figures stared down the somewhat suspicious man as he came to their side from the blue. The man in command stared at him skeptically as he answered his question. This was an odd place for a scavenger to be hanging out. So instead of trusting him outright, he ordered for the man to be searched. An action that did little more than reveal the contents of his bag and person lined up with his story. They didn’t check his ears, missing the communicator altogether.

[b “Alright,”] His words and eyes continued to hold cynicism. [b “You check out, but it’s dangerous around here. Move along or stay out of our way.”]

As he finished up with his demand one of his men came trotting over to relay some information. [b “Aye, looks like a scout from the next encampment just arrived. She’s got some news from the higher ups.”]

[b “What are you waiting for? Bring him over here?”] Sighing, he wondered if everyone here was incompetent or if he was just grumpy from lack of rest.

It didn’t take long for the woman to make her way to the heart of the throng that the captain was at. He seemed a stern sort of man. The red woman couldn’t wait to relay what she needed to and get back to her own people. [b “Hello sir,”] She saluted him for extra measure. [b “Orders from the top, we are to keep an eye out for the enemy leader.”] She went into details, but he didn’t seem all the pleased with what she had to say. Although what she didn’t say was where their leader would be located. Apparently that was to be kept confidential.

The man was now fairly confident that there was no one capable left on their side. Of course they were to be looking out for blue team leader. Why would they not be doing that? This stupid hand gesture thing was a waste of time in his opinion. Sighing, he had no choice but to comply. Well, that or dissent, which he wasn’t too keen on either. Sighing heavily he looked over his fellow soldiers, picking out another less vital member he send him on the way to carry the message further.

In the mass of red, the scavenger seemed to blend in, but the captain eventually noticed he was still here. [b “And you, didn’t I tell you to get out of here?!”] The man really wasn’t in the mood to deal with all this.


Lyric had a rhythm going to her movements after a while. She made sure to check all sides of the building, just in case there was any change in status below. Now that she had at least some inkling of a plan and knew that the holograms below would be doing something she relaxed some, but not much. At the very least she was focusing less on shooting and more on keeping her position on the down low.

Up above, the timer seemed to move incredulously slow. The woman wasn’t sure if it was actually slower than regular time outside of this room, or if it just felt that way. Either way she didn’t care for it.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y 179d 2h 23m 30s
He wondered to himself how long it would take for her to realize the little “trick” that the holograms had up their sleeves. In truth, it was of little to no concern to him. All endings had beginnings and this was the start of their little game of cat and mouse. Perched against the seat of the tank, he sat with his hand gun ready by his side. The fullness of the war had brought about many buildings being destroyed and burnt out buildings collapsing upon the ground. Straggling blue holograms limped around and each time, Black would stop and order them to be help back to base. Things such as morale, understanding, and compassion would help turn the tide of battle, not only that but he’d set a trap up for the little mouse to see how well she’d be able to turn deal with the sudden twist of things.

Stepping over the fallen, red eyes blinked once and than twice as he made his way across the other line. A small hearing device was place in his left ear and as his hands tapped against the sack which was strung over his shoulders, he carefully approach the rest of those who’d looked like him. The assignment given to him was very clear and at the same time not clear at all. [i Infiltrate their lines, blend in with them, observe what you see them doing and then report it back to me. But above all, don’t worry about coming back to our side, become them. For in the end, being one of them will lead to the destruction of all of them.] It was cryptic order. However, the male simply thought that it would be best to follow his orders.

Pressing the device softly, he spoke softly barely above a whisper to deliver two crisps words. “I’m In.” Walking amidst the red holograms, he whistle softly, before he heard the cocking of a gun and felt several eyes upon him. Just a few minutes ago he’d been fully blue, and in truth he’d slowly been turning red. Hopefully he was Red enough to not be shot down just before he was able to complete his mission, however he doubt that luck would allow him such a thing. So he inhaled sharply and waited to see what exactly would be his fate and how it would be delivered to him.
[b “Who are you?”] Came the voice of a man who stepped out. An eye patch covered his eyes and he waited for a suitable reply.
Reaching for the sack slowly he spoke in a calm and slow voice. [i “I…. I’m a scavenger.. I snuck into the blue’s territory to steal supplies… Was hoping I’d make a quick buck.”]
Giving them an aloof smile the male hoped that they wouldn’t see pass his facade. Moving forward the one kept his gun trained on him spoke [b Search him and the bag..]

Looking above head, he watched as the clock ticked down slowly. It seemed as if the minutes within this simulation moved slowly, compared to the time in the outside world. Right now they hadn’t strayed far from the base, instead they’d been gathering up the wounded and taken them back to headquarters. If anything, he’d probably take out a small group of troops to scout for Lyric himself. That seemed to be the best option and amidst the various warring fraction of Reds and Blues. Grabbing a pair of binoculars from one of the storage closets, he held onto them and let out a low sigh. There was a high probability that she’d be moving round and would taken the higher ground. After All, didn’t she said she was skilled with a rifle? He’d wondered about that himself.
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 2y 180d 13h 36m 9s
Staying still to watch the formations of figures march about, there was more than one commotion in the distance. There was no way to tell if Marcus was the cause for certain. She had assumed they would be the only ones shot at, but that clearly wasn’t the case. The holograms were in the middle of a proper war, firearms included. Sighing, she knew it could work to her advantage, but she’d rather have a general idea of where Black was.

The tide of the battle in front of her seemed to ebb and flow between the red and blue sides. Despite the red humanoids being on her team, she didn’t much care either way. Lyric had no investment in this scenario. It was senseless violence, although that was the most common kind.

Putting time and distance between each shot she took, the woman didn’t know how long this sort of strategy would work. She was essentially just waiting for the enemy to come into view. It was in no way efficient, however it was her best option with the set of skills she had.

Training her eyes on her next target she noticed something after firing. Although most of the blue figures would scatter to find cover there were a few who would look her direction once their heads were down. They seemed to be trying to pinpoint her location, and they weren’t the only ones. The red would do the same in response. Both sides were making attempts to locate the shooter, even going as far as sending out scouts.

Rapping her fingers against the solidly projected concrete, she thought about it a little harder. Why did they need to be so smart, or at least invested in this simulation? Lyric couldn’t think of a reason, not unless they were meant to be used as full on pawns… Groaning she realized that made perfect sense. Black was a tactician. This would be useless to him if he couldn’t exercise his purpose.

That snake hadn’t planned on telling her; it was infuriating. This added another layer to the game. One she wasn’t equipped or ready to handle. Taking the lead was not Lyric’s thing. At least not in this way. She stood back and followed orders. That was where she was most useful; a clock needed enough cogs to keep time after all. Too many people trying to run an operation made a mess. Taking a moment, she stepped back from the ledge. The bright haired woman needed a second to figure out how to proceed from here. Was it better stick to her experience and lie in wait, or form a network with those who had been put in place to do so?

The option of trying to strive for both came to mind. If she could formulate some sort of plot then sneak down to the others then they could pass her instructions along to the others. But those were both fairly large ifs. There were eyes all over the outside of this building, but she knew that was her best chance.

Watching her surroundings, Lyric did her best to wait till most of the blue pawns were out of eyesight. From there it was only a matter of praying that no one saw her sneak back into the top floor window. She wasn’t looking forward to traversing those stairs again, but she took them fairly quickly. Going down was a lot more pleasant than up. She was careful to avoid windows that connected the stairwell to each floor. There was no telling if those scouts had already gotten into the building or not. She sincerely hoped they hadn’t. But just in case she carried her pistol in hand. At the bottom floor, she glanced through the small pane of glass. There was no one in immediate sight so she sneaked out silently. Without the thick metal door in the way she could hear footsteps. They tread lightly, but they were there. Crouching down low she peaked around the corner and she was rather glad she did. As luck would have it, the one she heard was part of her own battalion. Bringing her fingers to her mouth, she whistled to grab the figures attention. As soon as his eyes fell on her, an excited look crossed his face. It looked as though he was about to shout, but she quickly hushed him before motioning him to come closer. She then ushered him into the slightly more confidential stairwell with her.

There he clicked his heels together and saluted her. Jeeze…These things really were set up to take commands. [b “Hey, do you think you can get a plan back to the others?”] It was clearly more of a question than a demand, but he replied swiftly.

[b “Yes, ma’am.”]

Not used to being talked to in such a formal way, Lyric made a face but went on. [b “Great. I am going to be perched atop this building. I want you and the others to keep a lookout for the blue team’s commander… If you see him I want you to stick your arm up in the air like this intermittently.”] She held a fist in the air. [b “You know, if it doesn’t endanger you too much. Then if you see someone with their arm up, you do it too for about as long as they do. The plan is to create a chain reaction, got it.”] If this worked it would create a wake around Black and give her a clue of his general direction. In theory it would reduce her stress levels, but we will see.

[b “Kay, now go spread it like wildfire.”] She was about to see him off before she remembered one final thing. [b “Oh, and don’t stop the signal at this building. Keep it going so he won’t know I’m here.”] Optimally, he would notice something was up and follow the trail. But she didn’t want the end of it to be obvious. Not that that was her only worry. This would only work if the rest of the playing field was as densely packed with soldiers as it was here.

As soon as he was out of sight, she returned to her place on the roof. Lyric didn’t think she had been spotted, but she was sure it would become apparent if they started to storm the building full force. When that didn’t happen she knew she was safe. Now it was time to wait.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y 181d 15h 26m 39s
Whether to take the high ground or low ground was no concern for the man known as Marcus Black. Tuck away neatly on the top floor of a building, he slowed his breathing as he watch the holograms of strangers beginning to form. There were certain rules that he didn’t have time to explain to the female but he figured that as the time went on she would get the jist of all which was happening. Cocking the hand gun which he’d picked out he watched as the city began to fill up once more. It was something created from memories from the time when he was once younger. So, of course, it’d look like the lowest and poorest level of the city. Back then he’d been closer to the people whom he’d been spending time fighting against. Back than it was a much more personal affair, his body clashing against rebels, their blood on his hands whilst he’s was shed by those who wanted to see him dead. The thrill of it all brought him back; he was severely out of practice when it came to fighting.
Still, he only hoped his aim was well. Looking at his watch, he nodded his head as he saw the last second tick away and that was when it was time to prepare for this mock war. Aiming his hand out the window he pulled the trigger and let out a warning shot that the games had begun. Above head Three sets of giant numbers appeared. One was in green and that was the time which had begun ticking down from thirty minutes. Below were two sets of number. One in Blue and one in Red. Breathing in and out slowly Marcus stood against the wall of the building waiting for the silence to be interrupted by some big explosion or something out of the ordinary. All ready below, he could hear voices clamouring and gunshots being fired by the holograms.

[i “It’s just like I remember..”] He muttered to himself as he saw a face of a youthful lad leading the charge of red holograms against blue ones.. All around them the city was full of red and blue persona’s walking about each one out for blood and each one ready to take out whatever opposition opposed them. Taking a step towards the window, he looked out across the floor and he wondered on what section or side of the city had she taken.. In truth, she’d had the advantage since the city just so happen to materialized into a section which had been unfamiliar with.
Marcus was not like his grandfather, who’d memorized every street, every corner, and every building that had been built in his lifetime. That sorta intelligence didn’t run in his veins. Rising up from the spot which he’d found himself hidden away at, he’d slowly made his way outwards towards the opening of the building and began walking into the fray of the bodies moving against each other. Cocking his gun, he lifted it upwards and began shooting at the red holograms watching at they disburse one after another.

Another twist in this game was this holograms where just random figurines. They were intelligent, they had a certain level of awareness. Another thing which would help turn the tide towards who’d win during the final moments as they were clicked away by the clock above head. Walking towards those in blue, he watched as they eyed him up and down before one step forth, nodded his head and they began to run away from the surging crowd of red.
When he’d first fired that shot they’re been a paused, a momentary shock at the outside force which had intervene and now that that calm had pass, gunshots could be heard along with a clamouring of voices screaming out to go and get them.
[i “We found our leader!] A male voice shouted as Marcus kept pace and ran with them to where their base was. It was a building that stood proud and tall. Heading into it where the holograms where, the male brushed his hair back as he stepped forward.
[b “ATTENTION!”] He bellowed out and instantly several men snapped to formation. [b “Men, out there is a war-zone. One which will not stop unto we neutralize our target.”] He spoke and with that he wasted no time explaining the situation and once that was done, there was only one thing left to do.
Find Lyric.
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 2y 182d 12h 42m 24s
Going though the building Lyric hadn’t expected to be put through another transporter, but that ended up being the case. She was getting tired of these things and how secure they were. But she didn’t linger on it, as the strange room they wound up in had her interested. It seemed as though it went on forever and she wanted to know how it worked. Was it an illusion, or possible just that expansive?

There was no time to dwell on it as Black explained how this training session would hash out. It was all incredibly realistic and she wasn’t sure how she felt about it. Being shot was no joke, even if it was just the pain with no other complications. He was off to get started before he mentioned she had four minutes to ready herself. Groaning, she rushed toward the door. There were all sorts of firearms to choose from. Considering he never gave her a limitation she picked out two. The rifle she was hoping for and a small sidearm for if anything got too close for comfort. Lyric then loaded up on as much ammunition as she dared. Sure, it was important, but it was also loud if you weren’t careful. And this was, in part, a game of stealth.

All in all, she had probably spent less than sixty seconds with her choice, and then bolted out into the materializing world. She severely hoped this place was randomized. The woman was already at a disadvantage not having spent as much time in this kind of cityscape, but if he knew the layout beforehand the disparity between them would only widen.

Taking deep breaths as she ran through the streets, Lyric did her best to keep level headed. It was difficult because she have a very poor sense of time. Her ears were listening out for the sound of gunfire to announce that the exercise had officially started, but she had no idea if that would be in a few seconds or a few minutes. It was anxiety inducing, but that was kind of the point if this was meant to replicate a war zone.

She knew she wanted to get up someplace tall, but she also needed an escape route. It was a while before she found something that looked suitable. It was a large, many windowed building, she assumed it must have been some sort of apartment complex. There were fire escapes all over the thing, and several surrounding buildings of similar height. So she would be able to spread out some and not make it too obvious where she was, while having a viable option to leave if needed. Entering the building, she dashed up to the top. As she was climbing to the roof from the top floor, she heard the familiar crack of gunpowder in the distance and knew it was time to begin.

Simultaneously, blue and red figures littered the playing field. Lyric quickly checked her immediate surroundings to see if any had spawned there, but the rooftop was clear. She set herself up, watching the colorful humanoids dart around on the ground level. This situation would have been considerably improved with a scope and silencer, but those were not an option when she looked through the gun closet. Lyric would need to make due. Taking her time to steady her aim, she pulled the trigger. Hitting her mark, the hologram fell to pieces on the ground and the surrounding blue figures scattered. It was too bad; she had hoped they were not programmed for self-preservation. Even so, she managed to knock out another one as it fled. Sighing, she knew Black would have heard her, and it wouldn’t take him long to track her down, considering she didn’t plan on leaving this area for some time. But that came down to how he wanted to play. Would he be out to hunt her as soon as possible, or get some practice with the holograms first? She wouldn’t know until he started shooting again.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y 195d 7h 35m 7s
[b “Of course. How can I forget that you’re such an honest law abiding citizen. Why, that’s precisely why you joined up with a rebellion. To help others obey the law..”] The playful banter wasn’t something he’d normally go along with. But if she was going to be such a smart ass than why not go along with the playful banter? As she continued on with what she had to say, he simply nodded his head hearing that she was more experience with a rifle than a handgun. Personally he never enjoyed those things; he enjoyed the simplicity of the handgun and its power. Pulling into the privately owned gun-range facility a thin smirk filled his face as he head out and began to prep for this evening’s practice.

As soon as they got into their own personal space, the male looked the rebel over with keen eyes. In truth, most people would advise against him giving her live ammunition. How’d stupid would he be to give her a chance to fill him with her own personal vengeance and hatred? But seeing as military personnel were also armed and walking around in this personal facility it would be [i equally] as stupid for her to try and aim to kill him. Nevertheless, it matter not to him. The place which they were going required a used of a transporter, and so, as he headed towards the transporter he simply looked at her and pressed a few buttons and instantly they were in another room.

An empty white space surrounded them and it seemed to go on for miles upon end. Not only did it seemed to expand in front and behind, above head the ceiling made it seem as if they were outside again. In truth, they were underground the very city itself. Far below the slums and poverty stricken streets which Lyric was used to walking before the rebellion, of that he was sure. Turning towards the woman he spoke again. [b “You’re probably wondering if I’ll give you live ammunition? The answer to that question is yes, and no.”] Sweeping his hands across the vast field of nothingness he spoke softly. [b “We’re currently underground the city In a tightly seal military training room. This, is what the military police use to practice and… it’s where I had one of my exams at during school..”] Turning towards her he quickly washed those memories away before he moved on to explain what was happening..

[b “We’ll be doing a thirty minute long-exercise. In precisely ten minutes, this room will change to look as if we’re in the middle of a city during a war zone. Think of it as a game, of sorts.. Since you’re on the rebel side, your job will be to kill as many blue holographic figures you see.. While I, seeing as I’m working on the military aspect of things, will try and shoot as many red figures as I see..”]

Stepping backwards, he watched as a holographic door appear. Grabbing the handle, he pushed it open and reached forward what look like a hand-gun. The moment he touched it, it turned solid and he grinned. Cocking it, he pointed it at the sky and spoke [b “These holograms become solid upon human contact. So, if you get shot, you won’t die.. But you’ll feel the pain of the real bullet hitting your skin.. Just as you’re feel the real recoiler of a gun and weight of the bullet. Since this is prep to be just like the real word, all the ammunition you get from this here door, will be all that you can use during the thirty minute simulation.”]

Nodding his head he looked at her and slowly began to step away. All around them, buildings where beginning to materialize seemingly out of nowhere. The sound of disembodied voices filled up the streets and soon, Black was moving further and further away from the woman.. Turning around he shouted. [b “I’ll give a shot off once the simulation begins.. It ends once one of us shoots the other, is shot, or the time ends.. By the way, you only have four minutes to choose your weapon before that door disappears..”]

And with that the male was off running into the city to prepare for the beginning of what was about to be an intense training session..
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 2y 196d 2h 11m 52s
Making a disgruntled noise, she knew that was the answer she was looking for but she half hoped he would leave her behind. What was worse was that it was her own fault. Shrugging, she smirked somewhat playfully. [b “If I had the money to bet, I’d say it was your dear friend Maria.”] The fact that it was a half-truth made it all the funnier. The story, as they both knew, started with Lyric, but the only reason it got any traction whatsoever was due to the Kyle’s. Despite the humor she found in the situation, the thin woman was a little disappointed that it wasn’t flustering his usual flat demeanor this time. Breaking his composure had been most the fun of it, and the intended affect.

Noting the time that she had, Lyric didn’t dilly-dally like before. She was showered and dressed to go out in half the time allotted. She spent the rest lying in bed, her mind running over the plan that had been given to her weeks before. Perhaps if she got all the visualization and worrying out now she might be able to rest tonight. It was a long shot, but it was better than nothing.

When the time came, she met Black at the exit. Even though she said she didn’t want to leave, it was refreshing to be out of the apartment. Just because the thing was huge, didn’t mean it couldn’t feel stuffy after too long. While there weren’t any guards accompanying them, the pair passed them in the hall going to the garage. It was the same man that she’d swiped the badge from. He glared at her and she stuck her tongue out at him in return, just before she was out of sight so she didn’t have to see his retaliation.

Mildly surprised to see Black taking the driver’s seat, Lyric sat in the front as well. The car was different. At least not the standard issue thing he’d been toted around in before. Inside was plush, but she doubted it was any less sturdy than the others. He wasn’t the type to get shot on his day off because he wanted to drive a nice car.

The thought was interrupted when he mentioned her experience with firearms. [b “No sir,”] The thick layer of sarcasm coating her words left it clear he was correct. Still, she was having fun with the bit of banter. [b “As a civilian, that would be a crime. And you know how I love my place as a law abiding citizen.”] Giving it a moment, she eventually dropped the charade and elaborated. [b “I’ve got more experience with rifles, but I can shoot handguns pretty alright.”] Lyric had shot one of his guards that night she got loose, but his body armor had stopped her from doing any real damage. It was a shame, considering all the trouble she got into anyway.

Arriving at the firing range, she was almost astonished that he didn’t have one of these in his house as well. But with how empty and well built this one was she wouldn’t be surprised if Black had some sort of claim on it. In the end that didn’t really matter, what she was actually excited for was soon to come. Was this man brave, or rather stupid enough to hand her a loaded gun? Even though she had no plans to shoot him today, she very much doubted that was going to happen. Perhaps he had a toy inside he might attempt to train her with.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y 197d 9h 42m 9s
Was it wierd that he felt a sense of pride in how quickly she was getting the handle on all the things which he was teaching her? Pushing aside the feeling of being a some waht satisfies tasked maker, he grabbed hold of a towel and began wiping the sweat from his face. Of course now all that was left was showering and than getting in some gun practice before going over the security check. Squeezing the back of his neck he rolled it to the left than right before turning to look at the young lady with cool black eyes and a thin grin. Tossing the towel aside, he walked towards her and stood with hands before in pocket.

In truth that was something which he himself hadn't even had time to ponder. The yearly speech was always such a hassle to do; just as the ball was when he waa first to go because the Supreme leader was interested in meeting Lyric in person. Running digits through black silk, the male spoke slowly and carefully considering things. Making a sharp call he spoke up suddenly. [b "Yes. Our supreme leader is giving her state address once more."] Walking pass her, he turned his head back towards her and spoke again. [b "And yes you are. Sinnce someone spread a few rumors about me having a... pleasure Mate... I think it would be odd for me not to bring her along with me during public events. But I am curious as to who, exactly, started such talk."] He spoke turning his eyes towards her.

[b Shower, dress, and report to me in one hour.] With that Order Black walked out of the training room and head towards his own room in order to prepare fore the day ahead..
Stepping out after cleaning himself off, Firm hands began to tug at his own uniform before he grabbed hold of his car key and tossed them upwards into the air. When he told her that he'd be dragging her everywhere on his off day it wasn't something which he'd been exaggerating..He meant it perfectly well that she'd be doing everything and anything he would be. Reaching for his own own standard issue handgun and rounds of ammunition, he made his way down stairs towards the telaporter and let out waited for the girl to arrive.

In truth, it had been a while since he drove his own car. It was something which one would consider a luxury car, even by wealthy elite standards. Gun proof windows and sleek silver with to boot. It was still new considering how rarely he used it in the past two years since he got it. Pulling out of the garage he turned towards her and spoke [b "You've obviously shot a gun."]
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 2y 197d 19h 42m 52s
As much as she wanted to overcome this obstacle, Lyric knew she would only continue to be disappointed by slow progress. And so she agreed to move on to another, more defensive, style of combat. Although she wouldn’t admit it, the rebel woman was impressed he was able to glean so much from such a short series of moves. Even if he had been repeating them for a while. [b “It’s all I’ve ever been taught how to do.”] She sighed, not really caring to admit that. But it was fairly obvious he had caught on.

Everything flowed more smoothly from then on out. She was able to copy his instructions to a tee, without him having to go over it a second time. It was surprising she hadn’t learned many of these techniques already. Thinking on it, a lot of the training done in rebel ranks was offensive. People like her, who were taught more defensively, were never the focus. It was a shame, and when she returned back to them she would have to share the knowledge she’d gathered. This spark of hope for the future put her in a rather good mood. Lyric was smiling to herself by the end of the sparing session. The pair was stretching out again, this time she took it at a regular pace and completed her cool down about the same Black did.

Despite there not being a whole lot of aerobics involved with the work out, Lyric was ready for a shower. The only problem was that she was unsure if he planned on dragging her around for the rest of the day. It was supposedly his day off, but the teal haired woman kind of doubted he would be doing a whole lot of sitting around. Resisting the urge to ask if he needed her for anything else, she quietly headed for the door in hopes that he wouldn’t call her back. It was going well until she remembered that she needed more information about tomorrow’s event. Stopping short of the door, she internally groaned. This was the perfect time to bring something like that up, and a chance she hadn’t thought she would get.

Turning back around, she faced the dark man once more. [b “So… I heard your dogs talking. There is some sort of event going on tomorrow, right?”] She knew full and well what it was, but he didn’t need to know she was privy to that. Time was basically an illusion stuck in this house, and while she had heard his guards talk about something they never spilled what it was. [b “It’s not something you plan on dragging me to, correct?”] She didn’t feel the question was out of character. The woman had pretty clearly not been a fan of the last time she was pulled into one of these events. That gala had just been an excuse for the wealthy to flaunt their money, and she was sure there would be people like that attending Lillie’s speech too.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y 198d 6h 39m 38s
It came to him no surprise at how adapt she was at learning. The first throw went exactly as he had thought it would, no even better.. In mere minutes he was flat on his back, only problem occurred during the last second. There was a moment's hesitation when she tried to executed the choke hold around his neck. A thin smirk formed upon his face as he heard tell him to do it again. To which he obliged and the process repeated over and over and over again. Each time there was a moments hesitation which couldn’t be overcome to properly execute it the way he’d hope she would.
Laying downward with his face upwards Black closed his eyes exhaling and inhaling. Memories of the past exercises played backwards behind closed eyelids and he his hands drummed upon the padded floor as he hummed to himself. Overcoming problems was the duty of a tactician and helping a student master a skill to the best of their abilities was the role of a teacher. Whether or gentle push or pull in the right direction was needed was determined by the actions of the pupil. For a long moment he sat there in silence, it wasn’t even noon yet, and so there was no need to rush the hand to hand sparring session.
Opening up his eyes slowly he move to sit up and looked at her behind mahogany orbs. [i “You were never taught to follow through? But to hit fast and get out?”] It was an assumption he could tell by the way she hesitated every time. Standing up, he moved to dust himself off and slowly looked at her. [i “If that’s all then, I’ll just change from teaching you offensive attacks to defensives..”] With that he slowly began teaching her.
Breaking down a series of maneuvers and escape techniques, he slowly locked her throw how to escape a headlock, or being tackled to the ground by an opponent, and other things. Manipulating her body, he carefully showed her how to turn the tide against opponents, aiming for joins and pressure points before moving to escape her. Pressing her fist against one of his pressure points, he spoke softly, [b “I think this would suite your style of fighting base. Strike hard, fast, and than escape them..”] Letting go of her hand, he step back and rubbed the back of his neck.
[b “Now, anything you’d like to go over again?”]
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 2y 198d 9h 20m 30s
Lyric paid close attention, despite not wanting to be here there was no harm in getting better at close quarters fighting. In fact it would have helped her a week or two ago when she made her attempted getaway. Paired with the fact that she was going to be trying to lure him into a trap tomorrow, it might be nice to know what kind of moves he has up his sleeve.

Soon enough she was indeed flat on her back, the caveat being that Black was on top of her. Each of his movements leading up to that point had been deliberate so that she could follow them easily, before this moment she wouldn’t have pegged him as a teacher. But there it was. Taking his hand she was brought to her feet while he gave her one final run down and added a knife to the mix.

Lyric was no stranger to throws. It was the second-stage locking bit that that worried her. In her training, she’d been taught to down enemies then flee. After all, she was not built for drawn out close combat, or so she’d always been told. That being said, the woman moved quickly when Black moved toward her. Her arm was snaked around him in a fraction of a second, and in that time again she had his feet from beneath him. However there was a moment of hesitation before she followed him to the floor. Frowning, she was irritated with herself. Still, she went through the rest of the motions. Wrapping her other arm around him so that she created the same lock he had used on her.

Holding the position no longer than he had with her, she stood where she was still straddling him. The dark eyed woman didn’t have to wait to hear it was unsatisfactory. She knew where she messed up. [b “Again.”] The word was charged with her displeasure as she helped Black to his feet.

They ran the take down several more times, but she couldn’t quite get rid of the second of reluctance. Years of her prior training had the next step deeply ingrained in her and it was not to follow through. Lyric found it maddeningly frustrating. The irritation, however, gave her a supreme sense of focus. It allowed her to block out everything else. She might as well have been practicing this back with her fellow rebels. Still that wasn’t enough to override her problem.

After throwing him to the ground for the umpteenth time, Lyric didn’t follow through after the pause. She stood and took a step back, letting out an exasperated, [b “For fuck’s sake…”] It was just embarrassing at this point.

With one arm crossed against her stomach, she brought her other hand up to push back her wild hair. After it was out of the way, she let her thumb and forefingers sit on either side of her brow. The woman knew full well that getting frustrated didn’t help anything, so she closed her eyes and took in deep breaths. This helped to calm her back down, but it would do nothing for the source of her issue.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y 202d 10h 3m 24s
Noticing her stance, he nodded his head in approval as he moved to get ready to show her the first of many throws. Placing the back of his hand closer to her, the male spoke again. [i “The most important thing about throwing someone isn’t about how much muscle you put into it. But flow and using their weight against them.. Now, the first move is simply a sweep of the leg and a block. It’s useful when you’re unarmed and the other person has a knife of a gun.”] The moment he was done explaining it, was the moment he moved in for the “kill.”
Moving under her right arm to the aside, his right arm came quickly around her shoulder, while, his leg moved behind her one of hers to kick it off of her. A “throw” wasn’t an accurate name for it, it was more like a take down mix with a joint lock, however it didn’t really matter. Falling atop of her, he brought his other arm behind her to grab his other wrist and squeezed to apply pressure on her throat using his forearm. Holding it there for a few seconds, he soon let go and hopped to his feet, before he took her hand and pulled her upwards.
[b “Now, as you can see, it’s more of a tack down with ends in a pressure lock..”] Reaching inside his pocket, he pulled out what looked like to be a cellphone, and pressed a few buttons. Pretty soon a greenish knife appeared beside his foot. Placing the cellphone back into his pocket, he picked up the knife and tossed it the air. [b “This is mostly for visual purposes.. I’m going to try and stab you with the knife, and you’ll use the take down I show you. Remember, one arm wraps around my shoulder to disable me from striking down, you’ll leg will come underneath to sweep me off my feet, and the other arm comes around so that you can connect the two and squeeze to apply pressure forcing me to submit.. It’s a rather easy concept.. However, we won’t stop till I feel like you’ve gotten it down..”]
With that, he tossed the dagger and he prepared his stance. [b “Most knife attacks won’t happen like this, so this is more useful when someone’s trying to throw a punch at you.. But, you know, a knife is much more visible than a fist..”]

With that he moved to strike her.
  Marcus "Black" / Mr-X / 2y 205d 15h 51m 38s
Listening carefully, Lyric noted what she was in for. It didn’t sound too bad, but there was also the chance that she was underestimating his idea of practical. Not to be caught off guard she prepped for the worst. Growing more and more nervous about it, the rush she got from that anxiety peaked when he held his hand out to her. The soft tone of his voice and somewhat playful nature of his comment had the opposite affect though. It calmed her somehow, which in and of itself was alarming. The woman made a fairly unattractive face due to both the unsettling nature of what was happening and his comment to her lack of choice.

Walking over to Marcus, her footsteps seemed silent against the padded floor. What little sound that was created seemed to be absorbed into the room before it reached her ears. The distance between them wasn’t much as she drew near, but she kept her eyes skeptically trained on the hand he offered toward her. Even when she was within reaching distance she didn’t take it. She could already tell this was going to get more up close and personal than she wanted, so she kept her space for as long as possible.

Keeping her feet squared without going into a full hand-to-hand stance, she finally called back to him. [b “Ready whenever you are.”] As though he hadn’t been waiting on her this entire morning. Honestly, with how obnoxious she’d been, Lyric wouldn’t be surprised if he flipped her off her feet right now. That being said, if he did that meant she would get a shot at it too. And while she didn’t expect him to make it easy for her, she was going to give it her damnedest to have him flat on his ass by the end of this.
  Lyric Sawyer / Loxi / 2y 207d 9h 31m 30s

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