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It's been a few years since Joshua had killed Hyungwon, and he and Minhyuk still stayed strong. Their relationship had become stronger over time, the only thing keeping together was the promise they had made to Hyungwon about staying strong and not giving up. What happens when Joshua's father finally finds them? Will Joshua return to the family or will he stay with the pack that he had come to call home?

[center ~]

Hai~! Author-nim here with another story! I haven't done a wolfau in a [i long] time it seems xD. Joshua and Minhyuk won the votes this time so let's go~!

[center Characters:]

Joshua: A shapeshifter who was also a werewolf before he killed Hyungwon to become a regular shapeshifter again. He leads his own faction in South Korea now, though he is still a part of Sungcheol's pack. He still hunts vampires with his mate Minhyuk. His animal form is a large Lynx. In Sungcheol's pack he is in Jeonghan's group, the second group that consists of mainly vampire hunters. He can speak Korean, Japanese, and English.

Minhyuk: A pure blood werewolf with amnesia. He doesn't remember what happened to him when he was in his 20's, but was found by his pureblood mate Hyungwon and stayed with him for many years until his death. He found his other mate in a shapeshifter named Joshua, and has stayed with him ever since. He belongs to Joshua's faction. In Sungcheol's pack he is with Jun's group, since Jun's group works for Kris.

Ryeowook: A shapeshifter who is Joshua's younger brother. He had been thinking of stopping the change due to his mate being human but continues to change for Joshua. He was never one for vampire hunting, but he belongs to Joshua's faction as one of the leaders. His animal form is a large Lynx. In the pack he is with Jeonghan's group with his brother. He can speak Korean and English.

Siwon: The only human in a pack of werewolves, he came to America from South Korea and joined Sungcheol's pack because of his mate Ryeowook wanting to be closer to his brother. He had been asked a few times if he wanted to be turned into a werewolf, but has turned down every offer, wanting to live out his life as a human. In the pack he is with Sungcheol's group, finding that he works well with the big alpha himself. He speaks mostly Korean but he knows a little bit of English and is learning English from his mate.

Sungcheol: A turned werewolf who is the alpha of the pack. He is no where near the oldest, but he is one of the oldest, with Joshua being the oldest in the pack. He is the leader of his own group, and is the leader of his faction in the vampire hunting world. He is most famous for the attack against Italy in the 1960's, taking out most of the vampires with his group alone. He doesn't hunt often anymore, but is still given missions when no one else is available. Out of the three team leaders he is the oldest.

Jeonghan: A turned werewolf who leads the second group in the pack. He is one of the more active members of the pack, his group being called out on missions a lot. He is in Sungcheol's faction but supports Joshua's faction since one of his group members, Seungkwan, leads the main missions for Joshua's faction in South Korea. Out of the three team leaders he is the second oldest.

Jun: A turned werewolf who leads the last group in Sungcheol's pack. His group specializes in working for Kris, the only vampire hunter being in his group was Hoshi who also works for Kris. He found his mate in a pure blood named Chan, who had been with Sungcheol when they found Joshua. He is the youngest of the group leaders.

Mingyu Wonwoo and Vernon: 3 werewolves that are with Sungcheol's group in Sungcheol's pack. Mingyu and Wonwoo are pure bloods and Vernon is a turned werewolf. Vernon currently lives in South Korea with Seungkwan leading the missions for Joshua's faction. Mingyu and Wonwoo are both Sungcheol's betas but they aren't mates. They have yet to find their mates.

Seungkwan Woozi and DK: 3 werewolves in Jeonghan's group in Sungcheol's pack. Seungkwan is in South Korea leading missions while Woozi and DK take care of most of the international missions. They are all turned werewolves, and only DK has a mate in his packmate Minghao. DK is the second youngest in the pack while Woozi and Seungkwan are somewhere in the middle, being older than Jun but younger than Jeonghan.

Hoshi Chan and Minghao: 3 werewolves in Jun's group in Sungcheol's pack. Chan and Minghao are mates with Jun and DK respectively while Hoshi doesn't have a mate. Hoshi is the only person in Jun's group who hunts vampires and works for Kris. Minghao is the youngest in the pack while Chan is close to Sungcheol's age. Hoshi is the middle person in the group.

Credit to [https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1153873/forgotten-treasure-gs-open-graphic-graphics-poster-request-postershop-requestshop-artwork-graphicshop these] guys for the awesome poster~!


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[center Epilogue]

As promised, Junsu left Berlin and gave it back to Yixing. Chanwoo got to reconcile with his brothers and their pack as they accepted Chanwoo's offer of joining Moonbin's faction and becoming vampire hunters. Sungcheol had gone solo, no longer having a pack to lead and Ryeowook and his mate moved into the old pack house, with Minghao, DK and Mingyu joining them. Jeonghan and Jun stayed with Sungcheol's faction, though Joshua said that if they wanted they could join his.

Joshua and Minhyuk continued doing their missions, doing them with Wonwoo and Dowoon, who wanted to go back to the states with them. Sungjin and his pack promised to come visit, and Wonpil had a tearful goodbye with Dowoon. Jae and Brian wished Dowoon luck and promised to come visit.

Joshua got to the airport with the others, ready to fly back to the states. "Well, it's been a long 1 and a half years," he said as he looked at the flight board. "It has, hasn't it," said Minhyuk as he stood beside Joshua. "You can retire, you've led a successful career," he said. "I know," said Joshua. "Plus, I got plenty of money," he said. "I need to settle down now, and pay a visit to my dad," he said. "We can do that," said Minhyuk. "Together," said Wonwoo as he walked over with Dowoon.

They got their tickets to go back to the states and went to wait in the business class lounge. "Well, let's get this show on the road," said Joshua as he texted Ryeowook saying the arrival time. "Do you... Still feel your animal form?" Asked Minhyuk. "No, but I know if I need to change for some reason or another I can," said Joshua.

They boarded their plane when it came time to and Joshua slept the entire flight back while holding Minhyuk's hand. Dowoon and Wonwoo quietly talked with each other, keeping quiet as to not disturb Joshua.

There was a small party waiting for them when they touched down at JFK Airport and headed down to baggage claim. "Hyung!" Called Minghao as he tackled Joshua. "Oof," hey there," said Joshua as he chuckled some. "Why'd you stop changing hyung?" Asked Minghao. "I'm not exactly sure, it just happened," said Joshua as he scratched the back of his head.

"Father called, he was wondering when you were going home," said Ryeowook as Joshua got his bag from baggage claim. Wonwoo grabbed his suit case as DK chatted with Dowoon. "Dowoon, these are the two youngest, I think Minghao is a couple years younger," said Joshua. Dowoon nodded, smiling slightly. "We'll get along fine it seems," he said. "I won't feel like the baby anymore," he said, chuckling some.

"Well, let's go and turn in your missions," said Ryeowook. "Already did," said Joshua. "Yixing is a part of Dragon Enterprises, we just turned our missions in at his bank," he said, shrugging. "Alright cool, let's go home then," said Ryeowook as they headed out to Ryeowook's truck.

"Wow, you got a truck?" Asked Joshua. "Yep, got it last year after getting my citizenship," said Ryeowook. "I see," said Joshua as he smiled. "Put your bags in the trunk, everyone can fit in the back," said Ryeowook. Joshua put his bags in the trunk before getting in the passenger seat. Minhyuk got in the back, getting the window seat while Minghao and DK squished in beside him and Wonwoo sat between Minghao and Dowoon who sat at the other window behind Joshua. Ryeowook chuckled as he got in the driver's seat and drove off, heading home.

They got back to the pack house, and Joshua grabbed his bag before turning to look at the house. "It brings back memories doesn't it hyung?" Asked Minghao. "Mm," said Joshua. "You can have your room, Mingyu has his room and Wonwoo can choose his room," said Ryeowook. "I took Sungcheol's old room, Siwon had been sleeping in there so," he said, shrugging. "Where is he anyway?" Asked Joshua. "Missions, he took your jeep," Ryeowook said, shrugging. "Hope he doesn't wreck it," said Joshua. "He won't," said Ryeowook.

Joshua went to his old room with Minhyuk following behind him. "I guess they didn't trash my room then," Joshua said as he looked around the old room. "You really think Sungcheol would go that far?" Asked Minhyuk as he chuckled some. "No but you never know," Joshua said with a chuckle as he went to unpack and set up his laptop at his desk. Minhyuk smiled slightly as he flopped down on the bed, sighing.

"It's good to finally be home," he said. "I know," said Joshua as he got up and went to flop onto the bed beside Minhyuk. "Whatever happens with you being human now, I'm here until the day you die, either of old age or whatever," said Minhyuk. Joshua snorts before nodding. "Thanks," he said, turning onto his side and clinging onto Minhyuk. "You know, you're very clingy as a human," Minhyuk said with a grin. "Yeah yeah," grumbled Joshua as he smiled some.

"Sleep off the jet lag, we'll talk with the others later," said Minhyuk as he turned and hugged Joshua close to him. "Who said I was tired?" Joshua asked as he yawned. Minhyuk laughs. "You don't fool me Josh, get some sleep," he said. Joshua grumbled but went to sleep anyway.
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[center Chapter 20]

Joshua was better the next day, ready to go. "I'm ready to head out," he said, heading down to the lobby with Mingyu, Minhyuk, Wonwoo, Vernon and Seungkwan. Dowoon and the rest of his pack met them in the lobby, ready to go. "Who all is going?" Asked Joshua as he looked around. "I am," said Minhyuk. "So am I," said Vernon. "I'm going," said Wonwoo. "Alright, the others can stay here for now," said Joshua. "Let's go," he said, heading out to the Jeep.

Joshua drove to the coffee shop with Minhyuk in the passenger seat while Wonwoo, Vernon and Dowoon sat in the back. "Can you see who is at the coffee shop now?" Joshua asked Minhyuk as he gave his phone to Minhyuk. Minhyuk checked Skype. "Taeyong and Moonbin, Doyoung and Hobi, and Sungcheol and Ryeowook," he said.

Joshua clenched his hands on the steering wheel, before sighing. "Whatever, I'm human, I left when he kicked me out," he grumbled as he pulled up to the cafe. "No ill intentions alright? We can fight this out afterwards," he said. Everyone nodded as they got out of the Jeep and headed into the cafe.

"Hey Hobi," said Minhyuk as he grinned. "Yo," said Hoseok as he grinned. "Good to see you again hyung," said Moonbin as he walked over. Joshua nodded. "Likewise," he said. "Hey hyung," said Ryeowook. "What's up Ryeowook," Joshua said with a smile. "Joshua," said Sungcheol. "Sungcheol," said Joshua as he nodded. "I don't want to face your animosity right now," he said. "So can it and let's get this over with," he said.

"Well, I brought a truck," said Moonbin. "I can drive and sit out there and wait for ya'll," he said. "Sure," said Joshua. "Who's going to the building with me then?" He asked. "I am," said Minhyuk and Ryeowook. "Me too," said Wonwoo. "Alright, let's go," said Joshua as he headed out with Moonbin and the others.

Moonbin drove while Joshua was in the passenger seat. The others were in the trunk, talking amongst themselves. "Sungcheol is a real douche bag," said Moonbin as he drove. "You don't say?" Asked Joshua. Moonbin chuckled some. "But really though, why'd you stay with him for so long?" He asked. Joshua let out a sigh. "I was a beta at the time, I think due to that I couldn't leave, plus he was the only person who really accepted me," he said. "I owe it to Sungcheol because he accepted me and let me stay," he said. "You're human now it seems," said Moonbin. "You can leave that pack," he said. "I know," said Joshua.

They reached the building, and Moonbin looked at it. "Well, good luck," said Moonbin as he turned off the ignition. Joshua nodded and got out, closing the door. "Let's go," he said to the others. They hopped out of the truck and followed Joshua into the building. The doors closed and locked behind them and the lights turned off.

One of the lights turned on again and Joshua spotted his father. "I was expecting you Jisoo," said Junsu as he walked over with his hands in his pockets. "Father," said Joshua as he kept his expression blank. "What brings your mutt friends here?" Asked Junsu. "We're here to end this damn feud once and for all," said Joshua.

"Why did you go this far just to bring me out of hiding?" He asked. "To bring you back of course, Jaejoong told me about your visit to his territory," said Junsu. "Isn't a parent supposed to let go of their offspring when they choose to leave to pursue their own dreams?" Asked Joshua. "A parent is supposed be proud of their child's accomplishments," he said.

"What have you accomplished then Jisoo?" Asked Junsu. "I created my own faction for one," said Joshua. "I changed my name to Joshua, and I'm no longer a werewolf," he said. "I got out of the pack that caused me so much trouble, and I'm happy with my mate, who found his other mate in me," he said. "I'm leading a successful career as a vampire hunter, what else do you want to know?" He asked.

"I just want you to come home," said Junsu. "I may, if you hand back Berlin," said Joshua. "I need to branch off from the old pack, because I want to continue my career as a vampire hunter," he said. "But you have to accept that I work with werewolves, and... I've stopped changing," he said. "I've decided to finally start living my life as a human," he said.

"You drove mom away you know," said Ryeowook as he spoke up. "I don't even know where she went but stop this nonsense," he said. Junsu sighed. "Fine, I hand Berlin back in the control of the werewolves," he said. "I'm going to leave here, come visit some time Ji-Joshua," he said. Joshua nodded, smiling slightly. "I will," he said, before turning when they heard the doors unlock and swing open. "Don't do anything stupid," said Wonwoo as he eyed Junsu before leaving with Joshua and the others.

"You know," said Minhyuk as they stood outside the building. "Your father seems like less of a douche bag than Sungcheol," he said. "Father finally got with the times it seems," said Joshua as Moonbin pulled up in the truck. "It went well?" Asked Moonbin as Joshua got in the passenger seat and the others got in the trunk. "Yep," said Joshua. "He's handing Berlin back, but we should have a group stay around to make sure he stays on his word," he said. "Don't worry, Chanwoo can take care of that," said Moonbin. "Let's go," he said before driving off in the truck, heading back to the Cafe.

"It went well?" Asked Dowoon as they got back to the cafe. "Yep," said Joshua as he got out of the truck with the others. "Good, we can finally do all our missions," said Vernon as he chuckled some. Moonbin laughs. "Well, good luck to you," he said as Taeyong came out of the cafe. "Not gonna stick around then?" Asked Joshua as he turned to Moonbin. "No," said Moonbin. "My pack is anxiously waiting my return, and it took a lot of convincing to let Taeyong come along," he said. "We better head back then," said Taeyong as he got in the truck. Moonbin waved before driving off.

The rest of the afternoon was full of celebrations as the siege on Berlin finally ended. Chanwoo and Jinwoo provided free coffee to everyone as celebrations went on. Joshua had updated all the group chats on Skype and were met with many congratulations, even one from Yixing himself. They all knew this would be the last time everyone would really be together, having fun like this. They knew that after today, everyone had to return to their missions, and finish whatever they had to do.

Sungcheol confronted Joshua just before he left to head back to Wustermark with the others. "Hyung," said Sungcheol. "Hm?" Asked Joshua as he turned to Sungcheol. "I'm sorry," said Sungcheol. "I shouldn't've been too hard on you or the others," he said, scratching the back of his head. Joshua shook his head. "Don't worry about it," he said.

"But I've made the decision, I'm leaving the pack as soon as I get done with these missions," he said. "I never fit in anyway, I stuck around because I owed it to you for letting me stay," he said. "It's not me you should be apologizing to either Sungcheol," he said, before getting in the Jeep where the others were waiting. "Good luck on your missions then," he said before starting the Jeep and driving off.
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[center Chapter 19]

Joshua felt warm, as he stirred, falling off the small concrete perch he had been sleeping on. He groaned and woke, sitting up. He shivered, feeling cold suddenly as he rubbed his arms. He checked his pockets and found his phone, checking it for any new messages before he headed down to his hotel room.

"Oh, hyung," said Vernon as Joshua as he entered the hotel room. "Are you alright? You're shivering," he said. "Just... Cold," said Joshua before he grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom to shower and change clothes. Seungkwan tilted his head to the side wondering what was up and then he blinked. "Minhyuk," he said. "Hm?" Asked Minhyuk as he sat up, turning to Seungkwan.

"When was the last time Joshua changed?" Asked Seungkwan. "Erm, just before we left London," said Minhyuk. "Why?" He asked. "How long ago was that?" Asked Seungkwan. "A couple weeks ago..." Mumbled Minhyuk as he blinked in surprise. "Do you think he stopped changing?" He asked.

"He used to change every other day," said Vernon. "At least, when I was at the pack house," he said. "He did, even after you left," came Wonwoo's voice as he sat up. "But things have been stressed beyond belief," he said. "He stayed out there all night," mumbled Minhyuk. "It'll be alright, Joshua'll be alright," said Wonwoo. "He never talked to me about stopping the change," said Minhyuk. "Don't think about it now," said Vernon. "Let's get this feud over with first," he said.

Joshua came out of the bathroom changed into new clothes though he still trembled slightly from being cold. Minhyuk opened his arms and Joshua went to him, falling into his arms and clinging to him. "I'm so cold," mumbled Joshua. "It's alright," said Minhyuk as he rubbed Joshua's back. He gave a concerned look at the others, who shrug. "Why were you on the roof last night anyway?" He asked Joshua. "I needed some time to myself and I guess I fell asleep," said Joshua as he buried his face into Minhyuk's chest. "Get some rest alright? We'll be here," said Minhyuk. He felt Joshua nod and fall asleep against him.

"This isn't good," mumbled Seungkwan. "Do you mind taking over the planning for today?" Asked Minhyuk. "I think planning is done," said Seungkwan. "It's a rest day for everyone and we head out tomorrow," he said. "From what his laptop says," he said, pointing. Minhyuk nodded. "I guess we'll have a quiet day then," he said.

[center ~]

Throughout the day people came and went from the hotel room, with Minhyuk keeping an eye on Joshua. Seungkwan and Vernon were coming and going while Wonwoo was out the entire day.

Minhyuk made sure that Joshua was hydrated and fed throughout the day as he kept tabs on where the others in the other parts of Germany were. He wondered how he would confront Joshua about his decision to stop changing as he sat down at the desk.

"Minhyuk," came Joshua's raspy voice. "What's up hyung?" Asked Minhyuk as he turned to Joshua. "I should've spoken to you about me stopping the change," whispered Joshua. Minhyuk got up and walked over to Joshua's side of the bed. "It's alright," he said, wiping the sweat off of Joshua's forehead. "Just focus on getting better alright?" He asked. Joshua nodded and Minhyuk made sure he had some water before Joshua went back to sleep.

Minhyuk was at the desk talking with Ryeowook about Joshua's condition when there was a knock on the door. "Come in," Minhyuk called, and the door opened, revealing Mingyu. "Oh, hey Minhyuk," said Mingyu. "Don't be too loud, Joshua's sick," said Minhyuk as he turned back to the laptop.

"[i What's Mingyu doing there]?" Asked Ryeowook. "I came on my own hyung," Mingyu said. "The pack is falling apart faster than usual," he said. "Chan left, Jun followed, Minghao and DK were contemplating leaving when I left," he said, sighing. "Jeonghan said he was leaving when this was over," he said. "Woozi agreed, and I just left the place," he said.

"[i Well, that explains the shouting match earlier]," said Ryeowook as he sighed. "[i How's Joshua]?" He asked. "I got him to drink some water earlier, he's been out of it since this morning," said Minhyuk. "Does your kind get sick?" He asked. "Didn't mean it in a mean way by the way," he quickly added to make sure Ryeowook wasn't offended. "[i Only happens before we change]," said Ryeowook as he shook his head. "[i At least, that's what happened to me before I changed]," he said. "Hm," said Minhyuk as he listened to some sort of shouting match start.

"Sungcheol at it again?" He asked. Ryeowook shook his head. "[i I think it's Chan and Sungcheol this time]," he said. "What are they arguing about now?" Asked Minhyuk. "[i I don't know]," said Ryeowook. "[i I better go, Siwon is calling for me]," he said before hanging up.

Minhyuk sighed and plugged in the laptop to charge, seeing it was almost dead. He turned when he heard Joshua moving in bed, getting up and walking over. Mingyu blinked, watching.

"Josh?" Asked Minhyuk. "Mm?" Came Joshua's sleepy reply. "How are you feeling?" Asked Minhyuk. "Not cold anymore," mumbled Joshua. "At least you're feeling better," said Minhyuk as he got Joshua to sit up before going to get some soup. "Eat this," he said, spoon feeding Joshua the soup. "Are you going to be well enough to go tomorrow?" He asked. Joshua nodded. "I will be," he said. "I just need to rest a bit more," he said. "Go take a shower," said Minhyuk as Joshua finished eating.

Joshua nodded and looked over, spotting Mingyu who smiled slightly. "I guess things got that bad with Sungcheol if you're here," he said. Mingyu scratched the back of his head. "Yeah, but it's fine," he said. Joshua nodded and got up before going to take a shower.

"Well this is new to me," said Mingyu. "It is for me too," said Minhyuk. "We'll deal with the consequences later," he said. Mingyu nodded.
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[center Chapter 18]

Joshua looked up when it started to rain. He had managed to sit under a small overhang so he wouldn't get wet but he moved to sit on something so he wasn't sitting on the ground. He continued to plan with the others, deciding to go with what they had done when Hyungwon went to confront his father.

"I think it'll work anyway," said Joshua. "Have everyone on standby if something goes wrong," he said as he looked at skype wondering what the others in the call thought. "[i I think it'll work]," said Kyuhyun. "[i You talk like you have experience with this]," said Moonbin. "[i We did]," said Ryeowook as he scratched the back of his head.

"[i Hyung, is it raining]?" Asked Ryeowook. Joshua nodded. "I'm fine, I'm under a overhang," he said. "[i Is there any reason that Sungcheol isn't here in the call]?" Asked Moonbin. "Not really," said Joshua. "Just Sungcheol being moody because people from his pack want to join my faction," he said. Kyuhyun snorts. "[i Kids]," he said. "[i If I recall hyung, Sungcheol is around Joshua's age]," said Moonbin. "Age doesn't always mean maturity," said Joshua. "[i It may be the case with Sungcheol]," Ryeowook said with a chuckle.

"I don't know what his problem is," grumbled Joshua. "[i He's an alpha, the main one at that]," said Kyuhyun. "[i It's natural for him, to want to do] everything [i to keep the pack together, I'm surprised he never kicked you out because you started a faction]," he said. "His reasoning for keeping me around was the fact that I stayed around for so long," said Joshua.

"We've had our fair share of people coming and going with the pack, mostly because no one liked Sungcheol," he said. "The only groups that stayed was Jeonghan and Jun's groups," he said. "Jeonghan and Jun really stayed for me, and the rest of their groups stayed for them, well except our two youngest," he said. "They stayed for me, as I found out when I got kicked out of the pack house," he said. "They didn't join their respective groups until Hoshi saved Minghao from a werewolf hunter and Minghao found DK when he was out doing a mission for Kris," he said. "That was... 3 years ago?" He asked. "[i Mm]," said Ryeowook.

"Anyway," said Joshua. "So we each send people to meet up at the coffee shop," he said. "And then I drive to the location, they're expecting me so," he said. "We enter the building and go confront my father, and try to get him to hand over Berlin back to us," he said.

"[i There has to be some weird reasoning that he decided to take over Berlin out of all places]," grumbled Moonbin. "It was to draw me out of hiding," Joshua said, sighing. "He isn't aware that I don't even use my human name anymore, but most people know it by now," he said. "Which I find very odd because we were in South Korea pretty recently, you'd think he'd confront me then," he said. "[i Hyung, I don't even think he was] in [i South Korea at the time]," said Ryeowook. "I guess," said Joshua.

"We'll head out in 2 days then?" He asked. "[i Sure]," said Moonbin. "[i I'll send someone your way]," said Kyuhyun. "[i Same, but if Sungcheol decides to tag along]," Ryeowook said, tilting his head. "I'll deal with it then," said Joshua. "Stay safe," he said before hanging up and closing his laptop.

He sighed as he leaned back, looking up at the cloudy sky. He then heard Minhyuk's voice as Minhyuk called for him. "Josh?" Asked Minhyuk as he came up to the roof. "Over here," called Joshua as he wondered if he should move or not. Minhyuk walked over, his head tilting to the side. "It's raining," he said. "I know," said Joshua. "I'm under a small overhang so," he said, shrugging. He got up and made sure his laptop would stay dry before heading inside with Minhyuk following after him.

"How'd planning go?" Asked Vernon as Joshua entered the hotel room. "Fine," said Joshua. "Everyone agreed to go with the plan we did when we went after the Chae's," he said. "Someone's going to die coming out of this then," said Vernon as his expression turned blank. "I know," said Joshua. "But I am prepared for the consequences of what we are going to do," he said.

"Now the real planning we need to do begins then," he said as he sat down at the desk and put his laptop on it. "Who's going with me to the coffee shop then?" He asked. "I'm going," said Minhyuk as he looked determined. "I'm not going to let you go die," he said. "Dowoon wants to help," said Vernon. "Brian and Jae can be our way out then," said Joshua. "We'll need someone to be with the Jeep and be an escape in case something happens," he said. "Alright," said Vernon. "You should do that with everyone else, not everyone is going to fit in the Jeep," he said. "I'll let my brother, Kyuhyun and Moonbin know then," said Joshua as he went to do that.

Sungjin poked his head in the doorway, knocking. "What's up Sungjin?" Asked Joshua. "Mind if Wonwoo rooms in here for the night? Nothing against him, but Dowoon wants to spend one last night with us," said Sungjin. "Er," said Joshua. "I guess?" He asked. "Wonwoo's going to have the floor then, we don't have any room," he said. Sungjin nodded and left the room.

Wonwoo came into the room, scratching the back of his head. "Dowoon seems to want to join your pack," he said. "I figured," said Joshua. "Do you want to come with us?" He asked. Wonwoo nodded. "Alright," said Joshua. "Get some rest everyone, we'll be heading out in two days," he said.

That night Joshua hung out on the roof under the overhang, looking up at the dark sky as it continued to rain. He was nervous, having not seen his father since he left South Korea, but he was determined to put this feud behind them once and for all. He laid down against the little bit of raised concrete under the overhang and threw his arm over his eyes to try and sleep.
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[center Chapter 17]

Joshua was in his room alone while Seungkwan, Vernon and Minhyuk were out getting food when Wonwoo knocked on the door. "Come in," said Joshua and Wonwoo walked in. "What's up?" He asked as he looked up from his laptop. "I was wondering if I could talk to Sungcheol with you," said Wonwoo. "With me in the room?" Asked Joshua. Wonwoo nodded. "Alright, let me see if he's online," said Joshua as he stood and went over to the desk and put his laptop on it before sitting down and seeing if Sungcheol was online. Wonwoo pulled up a chair and sat in it.

Sungcheol picked up and waved, spotting Wonwoo behind Joshua. "[i What's up]?" He asked. "Is Mingyu there?" Asked Joshua. "I think this might involve him," he said. Sungcheol got up and went to get Mingyu before coming back to sit down with Mingyu sitting beside him. "[i What's up hyung]?" Asked Mingyu. "Ryeowook informed me of what you had asked him," said Joshua as he deadpanned. "[i Oh, right]," said Mingyu as he scratched the back of his head.

"Anyway," said Wonwoo as he looked nervous. "I was wondering if it was okay to join Joshua's faction," he said. Sungcheol was silent for a few minutes and Joshua wondered what was going through his head. "Now you don't have to yell at me like last time," Joshua said with a snort as he stood, going to grab his phone. "I also told him, that to join my faction you'd have to say yes so talk it out now, I don't want to hear the arguing," he said before leaving the hotel room.

"He's still pissed about that night," said Wonwoo as he sighed. "And for the record, I'd be too if [i I] got accused of stealing half the pack when I had no intentions to do so," he said. "[i And I wanted to join too]," said Mingyu as Sungcheol turned to him.

Joshua slid against the wall outside the hotel room, sighing a bit. He was listening in on the conversation though it was slightly muted, being in his own thoughts.

Dowoon walked by and stopped, wondering what was wrong. "Wonwoo's talking with Sungcheol," muttered Joshua as he shrugged. "Oh, right," said Dowoon. "I've also been doing some thinking," said Joshua. "I will let you join my faction, however I need confirmation from Sungjin since he is your pack leader and leader of your faction," he said. "Sure," said Dowoon. He sat beside Joshua, leaning his head against the wall as he looked up at the ceiling.

Wonwoo came to the door, opening it and looking around, spotting Joshua and Dowoon. "Did it go well?" Asked Joshua. Wonwoo shook his head. "Not as well as I'd hope," said Wonwoo. "He threw insults left and right before saying no and leaving the room," he said. Joshua snorts. "Alright then," he said. Dowoon sighed. "You werewolves have a weird way of dealing with these things," he said. "Well, I would've been alpha but since I was a beta at the time, I just let Sungcheol take over," said Joshua.

"The pack structure is a bit different than a normal wolf pack," he said. "We have the main alpha, then the natural alphas who are the main alpha's betas, then the other alphas and occasionally a couple natural betas," he said. "I was a natural beta when I was turned into a werewolf but if I had stuck with my father's pack and not get turned I would've become the main alpha," he said.

"How does that work then?" Asked Dowoon. "How is a er, 'main' alpha chosen?" He asked. "From what I know, it's usually given to the oldest person in the pack," said Joshua. "Or it's a pure blood who feels confident enough to become the alpha," he said. "Hence why Changkhyun, the youngest in Doyoung and Hobi's pack is the alpha," he said, before getting up. Dowoon stood and looked at Wonwoo, his expression saddened for a second before he made it blank. "It's alright," he said. "We'll manage something," he said.

"I don't want you to leave Sungcheol's pack for mine," said Joshua. "It'd be weird for one, and another, I may be a main alpha but I was never one for being an alpha, that's more my brother's role now," he said. "So it's really up to him anyway," he said. "Let's go talk to Sungjin then," he said. "They're outside sitting next to the fountain," said Dowoon. Joshua nodded and headed outside with Dowoon and Wonwoo.

"Hey Josh," said Sungjin as he spotted Joshua and the others as they walked over. "Sungjin," said Joshua. "I was informed that Dowoon wanted to join my faction," he said. "I did say for him to ask you first," said Sungjin. "What was your say in it?" He asked. "I said that I'd need your permission, not only as a pack leader but also as a leader of the faction," said Joshua.

"As a pack leader, I allow him to join your faction," said Sungjin. "As a faction leader, I will allow it, just take care of him alright?" He asked. Joshua nodded.

"Gonna guess that things didn't go well with you," said Sungjin as he turned to Wonwoo. Wonwoo shook his head no. "You'll work something out I'm sure," said Wonpil. "Your pack leader seems like a douche bag," said Brian as he looked towards the fountain. "Well," said Joshua as he chuckled. "If we weren't just regular animals I'd tear him a new one," said Jae as he chuckled some.

"You know," said Sungjin as he tossed a coin into the fountain before turning to Joshua. "I feel like we can pass off as siblings, maybe we were siblings in another life or something," he said. "Maybe," Joshua said with a small smile as he turned to the fountain. "Well," said Sungjin as he put a hand on Joshua's shoulder, causing Joshua to turn to him. "If you need a spot to get away from things, or a new place to stay, come to Spain alright? We got you covered," he said. Joshua nodded.

"Well, I need to go plan," said Joshua as he looked at his phone. "If Minhyuk and them come back while I'm still planning tell them I'm on the roof," he said. Wonwoo nodded before Joshua left, going to grab his laptop and head up to the roof for a private place.
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[center Chapter 16]

Joshua was in the middle of conversing with Minhyuk when he got a call from Sungcheol on Skype. He picked up, waving to Sungcheol and his brother. "What's up?" He asked. "[i I heard that Wonwoo found his other mate]," said Sungcheol as he waved to Minhyuk, Vernon and Seungkwan who were in the background. "Yeah," said Joshua. "Did he get in touch with you or did Mingyu tell you?" He asked. "[i Mingyu told me]," said Sungcheol.

"Where are you guys now?" Asked Joshua as he checked his other skype messages. "[i East of Berlin]," said Sungcheol. "[i Heard Moonbin even came out of Africa to join this raid]," he said. "Yep," said Joshua. "Chanwoo talked about it, he's in the south," he said. "[i I'd love to work with Moonbin again]," said Sungcheol as he scratched the back of his head. "I don't even know what we're going to do," said Joshua. "But we'll come up with something," he said. "[i Everyone is here to give their input if you need it]," said Sungcheol. "Thanks Sungcheol," said Joshua.

"[i Hyung]," said Ryeowook. "Hm?" Asked Joshua. "[i Mingyu had a conversation with me in what little Korean he could speak]," Ryeowook said in Korean. "Mm," said Joshua. Sungcheol knew this was a serious topic so he left, leaving the two brothers by themselves. "[i He also said something about joining your faction]," said Ryeowook. Joshua sighed. "I'm going to tell you what I told Wonwoo," he said in Korean. "The only way they can join is if Sungcheol lets them," he said. "[i I'll let him know]," said Ryeowook. Joshua nodded. "I'll see you around then," he said. Ryeowook nodded and hung up.

Joshua leaned back in his chair, sighing as he shook his head. "I feel like I've taken half the pack again," he grumbled. "Sungcheol is either going to disband his pack and go solo or banish me," he said. Minhyuk sighed. "I don't know if he'll go to such lengths," he said. "He still has Jeonghan and Jun and the rest of their teams," he said. "He's possibly losing his two best betas," said Joshua. "We'll make it work," said Minhyuk. "Somehow anyway," he said. Joshua nodded.

"Hyung," said Wonpil as he poked his head in the door. "We need to go scout the building out," he said. Joshua blinked before nodding. "Well, let's go then," he said, getting up. He went to his bag and searched through it, finding his phone. "I'll keep in touch when I have internet," he said. "If we're not back in two hours send someone after us," he said. Minhyuk nodded. Joshua left the hotel room with Wonpil following after him.

"You're not being your usual hyper self," said Joshua as he drove the Jeep to Berlin. Wonpil snorts. "I'm not [i that] bad," he said. "It's a defense kind of thing more than anything," he said. "Hiding the real me from others, only Sungjin and Dowoon know about it," he said. "Hm," said Joshua as he stopped at a stoplight.

"Wonwoo is a cool guy," Wonpil said, scratching the back of his head. "I was a but hesitant to get to know him but," he sad, shrugging. Joshua smiled slightly. "I've known him for years now," he said. "He's been one of Sungcheol's most loyal betas, him and Mingyu," he said. "Chan and I were his betas before Jeonghan and Jun joined us," he said. "Hm," said Wonpil.

They reached the building after a few minutes, Joshua parking across the street from it and turning off the jeep. "A plain building it seems," said Wonpil as he looked at the building. "Seems so," said Joshua as he checked to see if he could get internet service. He set up a VPN so no one could trace his phone as he updated the group chats on Skype.

"Do you want to try and scout the inside of the building?" Asked Wonpil as he looked around. Joshua looked up from his phone before shrugging. "I don't want to get caught yet," he said. "We're only scouting, not doing a recon mission," he said.

There was a knock on the window and Joshua turned to see Chanwoo standing there. Wonpil rolled down the window wondering what was up. "Ya'll are more obvious than anything you know," said Chanwoo as he grinned. "I've been asked by Moonbin to scout the area so," he said, shrugging. "Did you find anything useful?" Asked Joshua. "Not really, mind if I climb in?" Asked Chanwoo. Joshua nodded and Chanwoo got into the back of the Jeep, sitting down as Wonpil rolled up the window.

"It's been quiet, no one really enters or leaves the building," said Chanwoo. "Something about the place gives me the chills, like there's something going on inside that I can't put a finger on," he said. "From what I've gathered, Junsu is there, but I'm not sure of the layout of the building so," he said, shrugging. "Hm," said Joshua as he looked at the building again. "Is there anything else you managed to gather?" He asked. "Not exactly no, this is from Jinwoo who managed to get himself inside," said Chanwoo.

"Who is Jinwoo anyway?" Asked Joshua. "A member of Moonbin's faction," said Chanwoo. "He also runs that cafe," he said. "He runs a pack near Berlin but they don't do much hunting anymore," he said. "It's only Mino who hunts now since the others work at the cafe," he said. "Hm," said Joshua.

"Well, everyone's waiting on when you want to tackle this building," said Chanwoo. "I need more info about the layout of the building," said Joshua. "I can do that," said Chanwoo. "Alright, where do you want me to drop you off at?" Asked Joshua. "The cafe is fine," said Chanwoo. Joshua nodded and started the jeep, heading to the cafe.

Jinwoo stood outside of the cafe when they pulled up, and Chanwoo got out. "Thanks," said Chanwoo. "I'll keep in touch," he said. Joshua nodded and waved before driving off back to Wustermark.
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[center Chapter 15]

When they got back to Wustermark Jae met them outside the hotel. "Welcome back you three," said Jae. "What's up hyung?" Asked Brian as he got out of the Jeep with Joshua and Minhyuk getting out after a few minutes. "Nothing, the others were waiting your return, Wonwoo wants to speak to you Joshua," said Jae. "Sure, tell him to meet us in my room," said Joshua as he headed inside. Minhyuk followed after him. After a few minutes Jae walked inside with Brian following after him.

"What do you need Wonwoo?" Asked Joshua as Wonwoo entered the room. "I wanted to join your faction," said Wonwoo. "Any reason for doing so?" Asked Joshua. "It's not because of Sungcheol," said Wonwoo as Vernon and Seungkwan busied themselves with something on Vernon's phone. "It's not because of that night either," he added as an after thought. Joshua's expression turned serious as he clenched his hands into his fists, the trembling starting. A growl rumbled through Minhyuk's chest at that but Joshua put his hand up to calm him down.

"We don't speak of that night again," said Joshua as he forced the trembling in his hands to calm down a little. He took a deep breath and shook his head. "What is your reasoning behind this?" He asked. "Dowoon expressed wanting to join your faction, and he had talked to Sungjin about it," said Wonwoo. "I know there's a long process of interviews and things," he said. Joshua nodded and took out his laptop from his bag and turned it on. "Give me a couple hours, I need to think," he said. Wonwoo nodded and left the hotel room.

"Hyung," said Vernon after a few minutes. "Hm?" Asked Joshua. "What caused you to leave the pack house?" Asked Vernon. "Well," said Joshua. "When I became a regular shapeshifter again, my alpha aura woke with a vengeance," he said. "Apparently in my genes I am a main alpha and Sungcheol and I clashed a lot," he said. "Eventually it came to a boiling point and well," he said.

[center ~]

Sungcheol and Joshua were arguing over Joshua's faction because it was new and had apparently divided the pack in two. "I agreed to let you branch off, not take half my pack with you," said Sungcheol. Joshua growled. "I never took half [i your] pack with me," he said, trying to keep his trembling hands still as he kept his anger in check. "I only [i asked] and besides, only Vernon and Seungkwan agreed to join my faction, Minhyuk wasn't even a part of [i any] faction so he asked to join mine," he said. "My brother had asked to join my faction, and his mate never had a faction to begin with," he said.

"What about Jeonghan? Jun? The kids?" Asked Sungcheol. "If you [i bothered] to ask them instead of [i accusing] me of stealing your pack mates then you'd [i clearly] see that they never left in the first place," Joshua said, taking a deep breath. "What the hell is wrong with you?" He asked. "You'd think that after [i all] these years I'd take over like this?" He asked. "You want me out so badly then just say it," he said, his voice quiet as he turned away and went to his room to grab his phone.

"Get out then," said Sungcheol. "Get your crap and get the hell out of this pack house," he spat. "Fine then," said Joshua. He grabbed his laptop and the charger for it along with his keys and phone. "Give my room to the kids, or trash it, I can see I'm no longer needed here," he said before leaving.

[center ~]

"Well, after that Jun, and Jeonghan both got into a [i huge] argument with Sungcheol, even Chan threatened leaving," said Joshua as he sighed, leaning back in the chair and putting his hands behind his head. "By then the kids came over to stay at my brother's apartment, which was now our apartment and my faction's base of operations, neither of them wanting to be around with all the fighting going on," he said.

"Eventually we came to a truce," he said. "He apologized, but never asked for me to come back to the house in case something like that happened again, which I understood," he said. "I never left the pack, but after that night I was tempted to," he said.

"After so long, what's stopping me from leaving this time?" He asked. "I stayed because of you two, and for Minghao and DK, along with Chan and Jeonghan," he said. "I couldn't ask you two to come with me, and the two youngest are too young to be faced with a decision like that," he said. "Jeonghan had a reputation to keep with being a group leader and Chan couldn't leave Jun," he said.

"After a long talk," said Minhyuk. "I think it was Ryeowook that convinced Sungcheol to come to terms with the fact that you being a main alpha and him being a main alpha meant that you two couldn't be in the same house," he said. "So it worked out in the end I guess," he said. "I guess so," said Joshua as he set his laptop on the desk. "Well, I'm going to get Wonwoo and talk to him," he said, getting up and leaving the hotel room.

He knocked on the door to Sungjin's room, and Wonpil opened the door, grinning when he saw Joshua. "Wonwoo-hyung, Joshua's here," he said. "Hey now," said Joshua as he slapped Wonpil over the head. "That's Joshua-hyung to you," he said. "Ow," whined Wonpil. "Fine," he said, pouting. Wonwoo came to the door, nodding to Joshua. "We can take this down to the lobby," he said. Joshua nodded and headed down to the lounge area in the lobby with Wonwoo following after him.

"This is going to be rather difficult," said Joshua once they sat down in the lounge area. "Considering what had happened that one night, however I am willing to give you a chance to join, if Sungcheol lets you," he said. "He'll probably end up starting up this argument again, and I want to avoid it at all cost," he said. Wonwoo nodded. "Okay," he said.

"If he says no, then you can stay with his faction but Dowoon will still go through the interviews and things," said Joshua. "So," he said, getting up and going to pat Wonwoo on the shoulder. "Talk to him," he said before heading back to his hotel room.
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[center Chapter 14]

Chanwoo walked over after a few minutes with their coffee and sat down, giving everyone their coffee. "Hello again Jisoo," he said. "Chanwoo," said Joshua as he looked up from his laptop. "I was wondering what you were up to," said Chanwoo. "Minhyuk wanted to explore so," Joshua said with a shrug. "And I decided to tag along," said Brian.

"So, what brings you back?" Asked Chanwoo. "Well, are you aware of your brothers and their pack being in Berlin?" Asked Joshua. "I am," said Chanwoo. "The funny thing is, I called them here, but they only know my code name Chan," he said. "My brothers were the only ones to make it, the others are busy with something going on in Asia," he said. "Hm," said Joshua.

They look up when they heard the door open, and Yunhyeong and Jinhwan walked into the cafe, looking rather tense. They walk up to the Barista and asked for Chan, showing their pocket watches. "I'm over here," called Chanwoo. "Get them two coffees Jinwoo," he called. "Sure," said Jinwoo as he went to do that.

Yunhyeong and Jinhwan walk over, nodding to Joshua and Minhyuk before making a double take on Brian who just chuckled some. Chanwoo motioned for them to sit down as Jinwoo walked over with two cups of coffee, refilling Joshua and Minhyuk's cups. Jinwoo walked back to the counter and cleaned up the coffee machine, taking other orders.

"So, what did you call us here for?" Asked Jinhwan as he looked at Chanwoo. Chanwoo smiled slightly as he drank more coffee. He removed his cap, placing it on his knee. "Hey hyungs," he said. Yunhyeong blinked. "C-Chan?" He asked. "The one and only," Chanwoo said with a grin. Jinhwan was silent, his expression blank.

"Well, this is a change," Jinhwan said after a few minutes of silence. "What did you call us here for?" He asked. "I wanted to give you a way out," said Chanwoo. "A chance to leave the werewolf hunting world behind to join the largest vampire hunting faction in the world," he said. "You don't have to take my offer," he added. "You're welcome to continue hunting werewolves, but I know you want to stop," he said. "You already work for Kris, you have a way out already, but you can get complete protection from the other werewolf hunters if you join my mate's faction," he said.

That statement caused a look of surprise to cross Jinhwan's face before he schooled it to become blank again. "Is that why you faked your death then?" Asked Yunhyeong. Chanwoo took a second to drink his coffee as he nodded. "I am surprised then, that you went to that length," said Jinhwan as his expression turned cold. "You have to remember," said Chanwoo. "That back then you would've been against the idea of my mate being male," he said.

"He has a point," Joshua chimed in after a minute of being hesitant. "I've been through [i years] of being chased by my father, being [i hounded] by my imprint's father because my imprint was male," he said. "But, I'm glad that my mate, who found his other mate in me, doesn't have to go through that pain," he said. "Things are different now," he said. "And I think he finally sought you out because things are different," he said.

"I'm not here to cause trouble," said Joshua when Jinhwan turned his attention to him. "I'm just here because I also wanted to know why he faked his death," he said. "We knew each other back then, when I was staying on Jinyoung's father's farm and working," he said.

"Hanbin's going to be super surprised then," said Yunhyeong. "We'll have to discuss things with the others, see what they want," he said. "Good luck on taking back Berlin, Junsu's stupid for doing this," he said. "Moonbin's your mate right?" He asked. Chanwoo nodded. "We'll get in contact with him next time we're in Egypt then," said Jinhwan. "Who knew, that the biggest informant in all of Europe was you," he said, getting up and downing the rest of his coffee before walking out the door. Yunhyeong watched him with a sigh before getting up. "Glad to see you alive Chan, you can tell us the entire story when you feel the need to," he said going to pat Chanwoo on the shoulder before heading out after Jinhwan.

"So those people killed my father," grumbled Minhyuk as he stared into his coffee cup. "Hey, it's not all bad you know," said Joshua as he put a comforting hand on Minhyuk's shoulder. "I know," said Minhyuk as he drank more coffee. "I just wish I had my memories of that time," he grumbled. Chanwoo shook his head some and got up, putting his cap on. "Well, I better return to work then," he said. "Be careful going home, Junsu's got his informants all over the place now, trying to see who is where," he said before returning to the counter and going to help Jinwoo.

"You've been quiet Brian," remarked Joshua as he updated the group chat on Skype to tell everyone that iKon was gone from Berlin. "I guess," said Brian. "I just have a lot on my mind right now," he said. "Are we needed at home yet?" Asked Minhyuk. "No," said Joshua. "We've only been here for about two hours," he said. "Besides, I let them know that we were on a coffee break, Dowoon [i does] know where this coffee shop is located so," he said.

"Well, we're closing now," said Chanwoo as he walked over after a few hours. "Is it that late already?" Asked Joshua as he looked at the time. "Yeah," said Chanwoo. "Careful on heading home," he said, grabbing the coffee cups. Joshua nodded and stood stretching and waking Minhyuk and Brian before packing up his laptop. "You be careful too," he said to Chanwoo. "Always," said Chanwoo. Joshua smiled some before walking out of the shop with Minhyuk and Brian.
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[center Chapter 13]

Sungjin sensed that something was wrong as Joshua and Dowoon returned with Wonwoo. "What's up?" Asked Sungjin. "Well, Wonwoo has found his other mate in Dowoon," said Joshua. "Oh," said Sungjin. "Alright," he said. "I'm not opposed to this," he said, turning to Dowoon. "But," he said, turning to Wonwoo. "You do anything to hurt him and you're dead, got it?" He asked. Wonwoo nodded. "Hyung," Dowoon mumbled, embarrassed. "What? At least Jae didn't get a hold of the news," Sungjin said with a chuckle.

"He'd be threatening you to the ends of the earth," Dowoon said, shaking his head. Wonwoo laughs, shaking his head. "Also, I think Wonpil might get a new cuddle buddy," Sungjin said with a snicker as they walked back into the hotel. "I [i refuse] to be his cuddle buddy," said Wonwoo. "He can beg all he wants, he's not getting me as his cuddle buddy," he said. "You'll give into the demand," Sungjin said with a chuckle. "Just watch," he said.

Jae and the others walk over, noticing that something was going on between Dowoon and Wonwoo. "So... What's up?" Asked Jae. "Erm, well," said Dowoon. "Dowoon here is Wonwoo's mate it seems," said Sungjin. "Hyung, no need to be blunt about it," grumbled Dowoon as he blushed. "Cuddle buddy!" Said Wonpil as he launched himself at Wonwoo. Wonwoo moved out of the way just in time. "Hell no," he said. "But but," whined Wonpil. "I am not someone to be cuddled," grumbled Wonwoo. "He does have a reputation to keep," Joshua said with a snicker. "I heard that," said Wonwoo.

"Don't worry," Joshua said in German, causing Wonpil to tilt his head to the side. "He's a big softy once you get to know him," he said. Wonpil nodded, going to bother Jae instead. Brian came over, shaking his head. "Well, I can't say I approve yet, but whatever, welcome to our pack I guess?" He asked. Wonwoo nodded. "Thanks," he said.

"So what'd you find out?" Asked Sungjin as they went to sit in the lounge area. "My father is behind this," said Joshua. "And I met an old friend," he said. "Wasn't expecting Chanwoo to be there at the cafe," he said.

"Chanwoo's been an informant for everyone in Europe for years," said Dowoon. "But no one knows of his past, except that he has a mate who leads the largest faction in the world," he said. "Oh, Moonbin?" Asked Wonwoo. "That's the guy," said Brian. "We branched off from him actually, which is why our faction symbol is a fox," he said. "He controls all of Africa actually, their main base of operations is in Cairo, Egypt," he said. "Many of the smaller groups in Europe and the US can trace their roots to Moonbin's faction," he said.

"Does iKon even know that Chanwoo is alive?" Asked Joshua. "Doubtful, he's been laying low ever since faking his death," said Sungjin. "They've become werewolf hunters because of Chanwoo," said Joshua. "And now they can't leave that life," said Dowoon. "They could technically," said Joshua. "Chanwoo is a vampire hunter, or at least his mate is one," he said. "They could join Moonbin's faction to get out of being werewolf hunters and become vampire hunters," he said. "It is possible yeah," said Sungjin. "However we need to get Moonbin to agree to letting them in," he said.

Joshua brought out his laptop and turned it on, connecting to the internet and signing into Skype to see what was new. "Oh, I got added to a new group," he said, checking to see who all was in the group. "Why am I added to...? Oh!" He said as he typed out a messaged before sending it. "What group is this?" Asked Wonwoo as he looked over Joshua's shoulder. "I'm in a group with all leaders leading the assault on Berlin, Chanwoo must've put out the message," said Joshua.

Seungkwan, Vernon and Minhyuk came into the lobby, spotting Joshua. "Hyung, we have a problem," said Vernon. "What's up?" Asked Joshua as he looked up from his laptop. "iKon was dragged into the fray," said Seungkwan. "They can't do anything," said Joshua. "Not when [i all] of the teams attacking Berlin are vampire hunters," he said. "Unless they are going to their death, they can't do anything," he said.

"Chanwoo needs to get in touch with his brothers then," said Sungjin. "He does," said Joshua as he looked for Chanwoo's Skype name in the group lists. "Moonbin's got the south covered, his pack is there," said Minhyuk. "Good, all remaining teams can go East," said Joshua.

"Josh," said Minhyuk. "Hm?" Asked Joshua. "Can we go exploring for a little bit?" Asked Minhyuk. "We can take someone along too," he said. "I can come along," said Brian. "If you two don't mind," he said. Joshua looked at Sungjin who shrugs. "Don't be out for [i too] long then," said Sungjin. "We have no communication with you if you're in a place with no internet," he said. "We'll be back in 4 hours tops, if we're not back by then send a search party," said Joshua as he packed up his laptop before slinging the backpack on his back.

They headed out to the Jeep, as Joshua turned to Brian. "What brought you to come with us?" He asked. Brian shrugs. "Sungjin-hyung has come to like you two," he said. "I was curious as to why," he said. "Hm," said Joshua as he got into the driver's seat of the jeep. "Mind if I ride passenger?" Asked Minhyuk. "Go for it," said Brian as he got into the back. Minhyuk got into the passenger seat and Joshua started the Jeep, taking a moment to think of where to go before he pulled out of the parking spot and started driving.

"Where to?" Asked Brian. "Berlin? I feel like going to the coffee shop to talk to Chanwoo," said Joshua. "I think the shop is closed by now but you can check," said Minhyuk. Joshua nodded and drove towards Berlin, being careful. He was careful as he drove into Berlin. He pulled up to the cafe and looked towards the window. "Well, it looks open still," said Brian. Joshua nodded and put the Jeep in park and turned off the ignition. He got out of the jeep, grabbing his bag and heading into the cafe.

"I got it," said Brian as he walked up to the counter. "Is Chan around?" He asked the Barista, holding up his pocket watch with his faction symbol on it. "He will come see you soon," said the barista. "I'll get you 3 coffees then," he said. Brian nodded and went to sit down with Joshua and Minhyuk. Joshua set up his laptop and connected to the internet.
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[center Chapter 12]

Joshua spent his time planning as Seungkwan opened comms in the South. He waited for the teams that were going east to arrive on the eastern side of the kingdom before opening comms.

Right now Joshua was video chatting with his brother discussing how they would take back Berlin. "If only we had more information," grumbled Joshua. "[i I know, we're not even sure who has Berlin under siege]," said Ryeowook. "It's not father, is it?" Asked Joshua. "[i No]," said Ryeowook. "[i I've been keeping an eye on him]," he said. "[i Besides, why would he go through all this just to confront you]?" He asked. "I wouldn't put it passed him actually," said Joshua.

"Joshua," called Seungkwan as he walked over. "What's up?" Asked Joshua as he turned to Seungkwan. "Comms are open in the south, East is having a little bit more trouble," said Seungkwan. "Who's teams are headed there?" Asked Joshua. "Daehyun, Yoongi, Yongguk and his betas," said Seungkwan. Ryeowook hummed in response. "[i That's not going to be enough]," he said. "Just 5 people? Yeah that's not going to be enough," said Joshua. "Not bashing on Yongguk or anything," he said. "I can see if any of our pack can make it," said Seungkwan as he went to text the group chat on Skype.

"Okay, looks like Jun and his group are headed that way," said Joshua as he checked the group chat. "[i Good, the more people headed that way the better]," said Ryeowook as he turned his head to listen to someone talk in the background. "What's up?" Asked Joshua. "[i Looks like we're heading out, some groups are going to go to the northern side of Berlin, Sungcheol and them are heading out so I'm going to pack up here and go, I'll see you in a few hours]," said Ryeowook. "Alright, see you," said Joshua as he waved before hanging up.

"We're gonna need someone to do a recon mission," said Sungjin as he walked into Joshua's hotel room. "See if they could gather any info on who's there," he said. "I could," said Joshua. "Are you sure about this?" Asked Minhyuk as he looked up from his phone. "I do recon missions all the time," said Joshua as he scratched the back of his head. "I'll be fine," he said. "Take Dowoon with you then," said Sungjin. "We can take a car into Berlin," he said.

Joshua nodded and got up, going to grab his backpack and slinging it onto his back. He packed up his laptop, turning to Minhyuk. "Keep comms open alright? I don't know when I'll be back," he said. Minhyuk nodded. He headed out with Sungjin, going to get Dowoon then a rental car.

"Always gotta get a jeep huh hyung?" Asked Dowoon as their car arrived. Joshua shrugs. "It's habit, sue me," he said, chuckling some. "Let's go do this recon mission then," he said, getting in the Jeep. Dowoon got in the passenger seat and buckled up. Joshua sat in the driver's seat for a minute before starting the jeep and driving off, heading to Berlin.

"You seem tense," said Dowoon. "I'm just anticipating this mission is all," said Joshua. "I haven't done recon missions in a while," he said. "You're small, we can manage something I'm sure," said Dowoon. "In animal form maybe," Joshua said with a sigh. "We'll figure out something," said Dowoon. "I'm sure of it," he said. Joshua nodded and drove into the city.

"Hm," said Dowoon as he looked around. "We only have a limited time frame here," said Joshua as he stopped at a stoplight. "I know," said Dowoon. "I know a spot we can go to for information, do you mind stopping there?" He asked. "You know the area, where do we need to go?" Asked Joshua. "Go straight, then there's a small side street a mile up the road, turn there," said Dowoon. Joshua continued driving for a bit, making the turn when it came up.

"Stop here," said Dowoon after Joshua drove down the side street for a bit. Joshua pulled into a parking space and looked at the building that Dowoon had pointed to. "A cafe?" Asked Joshua. "Trust me," said Dowoon as he got out. Joshua got out and followed after him.

Dowoon headed up to the counter. "Is Chan home?" He asked in German as he took out his pocketwatch with his faction's emblem on it. "I'll get him for you sir," said the barista. "I'll get you two coffees," he said. Dowoon nodded and went to sit down with Joshua sitting beside him.

"Didn't expect you two to be here," said Wonwoo as he walked over with Mingyu. "Recon mission too?" Asked Joshua. "Mm," said Wonwoo. They got their coffee and continued to wait for their informant to show up.

"Wow, wasn't expecting a party," came a familiar voice as Chanwoo walked over. "It's been a long time Jisoo," he said to Joshua. "It has, hasn't it," said Joshua as he smiled some. "The burning question I have though, is why did you fake your death?" He asked. Chanwoo chuckled some. "I'll explain it later," he said. "Right now, I believe you want information," he said, sitting down in front of Joshua as the others sat around Joshua.

"The person who has Berlin under siege is someone everyone's been keeping an eye on," said Chanwoo. "The only reason he hasn't done anything yet is because of all the attention given to Berlin," he said. "Who is it?" Asked Joshua. "Junsu," said Chanwoo. "I knew it," said Joshua as he slammed his fist on the table. "No one believed it would be my dad behind this, and here we are," he said.

"Where is his base of operations?" He asked. "Center of town, here's the address," said Chanwoo as he wrote something down before handing it to Joshua then writing it on another piece of paper and handing it to Wonwoo. "Good luck, and be careful," he said, getting up and walking into the back.

Dowoon drank his coffee, shaking his head. "Why would a shapeshifter want Berlin?" He asked. "This is a prime spot in Europe, you can get to a lot of places from here," said Joshua. "But there's also that random chance that he did this to bring me out," he said. He brought out his laptop and turned it on, connecting to the internet and signing into Skype. He let the group chat know what was happening before checking the other group chats he was in.

Dowoon leaned back in the chair, watching Wonwoo and Mingyu interact with each other. "Do they know German?" Dowoon asked in German. "No," said Joshua as he looked up from the laptop screen. "What's up?" He asked in German. "Nothing," said Dowoon. "They aren't mates right?" He asked. "No," said Joshua. "Who do you think you're mated with?" He asked. "Erm," said Dowoon.

"You noticed it too then?" Asked Wonwoo as he turned to Dowoon. Dowoon nodded. "Well, this is awkward," Joshua said in English. "Do you two want to come back with us then?" He asked. "I'll let Sungcheol know," he said. "I'll head back, I need to head east," said Mingyu. "Be careful then," said Joshua. Mingyu nodded and got up, leaving the cafe.

"Come on," said Joshua as he got up, grabbing his bag and putting his laptop inside. "We'll head back to Wustermark," he said. Wonwoo and Dowoon nod before heading out with Joshua.
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[center Chapter 11]

They stopped in Cologne, getting off the train and going to stretch their legs and wait for the train that will take them ever so closer to Berlin. It had been an awkward ride for everyone, but once they were on solid ground again Wonpil decided to play a prank on Minhyuk.

"I suggest you don't," said Sungjin when he saw what Wonpil was going to do. "He's jumpier than usual, and it's not a good thing to provoke a werewolf," he said. Wonpil pouts. "What's the worst he can do?" He asked. "Kill you?" Asked Joshua as he walked over. "Seriously, Minhyuk's not in good standing right now," he said. "I suggest you don't," he said. Wonpil sighed. "Fine," he whined before going to bother Jae as they waited on the next train.

"He wouldn't though, would he?" Sungjin asked Joshua. Joshua shook his head. "No," he said. "But I wouldn't put it passed him," he said. "How rare is it for him to be outside of the US?" Asked Sungjin. "[i Very]," said Joshua. "We don't even get called outside of the US that much," he said. "Hm," said Sungjin. "It's Woozi and DK that get sent out more than we do," said Joshua. "This must be really important then," said Sungjin.

"Oh, you guys are here too?" Came Jeonguk's voice as he walked over with Hongseob. "Hey Jeonguk," said Joshua. "Hongseob couldn't come alone so I went with him," said Jeonguk. "We left after Vernon and Seungkwan left so," he said, shrugging. "Where are they?" Asked Joshua. "Wustermark, they wanted to meet you there," said Jeonguk. "Yeah, everyone else is in Poland right now," said Joshua.

"We're all headed to Wustermark it seems," said Joshua as their train arrived. "Mm," said Sungjin. Everyone got on the train, going to their respective sleeping cabins. There was a knock on the door to the sleeping cabin Joshua and Minhyuk were sharing with Taeyong and Jae popped his head in. "I got kicked out, mind if I join you?" He asked. "Sure," said Joshua. Minhyuk and Taeyong nod in agreement. "Top bunk is free," said Taeyong as he pointed. "Thanks," said Jae as he climbed onto the top bunk and laid down.

"How you feeling Minhyuk?" Asked Joshua. "This is my first major siege thing, I'm nervous," said Minhyuk. "Don't worry," said Joshua. "I'm most likely leading the attack from Wustermark with whoever's there when we get there," he said. "If anything, I can pretty much get us through there without anyone getting killed, we have humans and regular wolves on this raid," he said. "We'll have to open comms when we get to Wustermark, see who else is on the way," he said.

"This train has wifi at least," said Joshua as he sat on his bunk, setting up his laptop. "True," said Jae. "What does Skype say?" He asked. "Erm," said Joshua. "We got the western side of Berlin covered, so I think there's still people trying to get South and East," he said. "North is getting taken care of by Kyuhyun and whoever's with him, I'll let the remaining groups trying to get to Germany to just go to the South and Eastern side of Berlin," he said.

"You have comms open?" Asked Joshua as he looked at Jae. "Erm," said Jae. "That's more Sungjin's thing," he said, shrugging. "I'm sure he does though," he said. "How do ya'll get your missions then?" Asked Minhyuk. "Easy, share one phone number," said Jae. "They just send our name with the text the mission is on so we know who goes where," he said.

"Oh, Yugyeom, Aron and Jackson are headed south, with JR and Jinyoung heading east," said Joshua as a messaged popped up on Skype. "We need a few more teams heading East here," he muttered as he typed a reply back. "Daehyun and Yoongi are going east," said Minhyuk as he showed his Skype message. "Same with Yongguk and his betas," he said.

"Wait, since when did Jinyoung become a hunter?" Asked Taeyong. "Recently, I offered to let him join my faction and he agreed," said Joshua. "Hm," said Taeyong. "It helps his sanity, as we found with Hyungwon," said Joshua. "Figured it would," said Taeyong. "He needed to vent that somehow," he said.

"How much farther?" Asked Jae. "We still got another two hours," said Joshua. "Catch up on sleep, I'll keep an eye on comms," he said. Jae nodded and let the illusion fade before stretching out on the top bunk and falling asleep. Taeyong laid down on the bottom bunk and fell asleep. Joshua kept comms open as he and Minhyuk kept an eye on which teams went where.

Sungjin knocked on the door an hour later, poking his head in. "Jae," he called, as Jae woke, turning his head to look at Sungjin. "Just making sure you were here," said Sungjin. "Wonpil wants his cuddle buddy back," he said. Jae snorts. "Hell no," he said, sitting up and stretching. "I was enjoying the silence," he said. He put his human illusion up, showing that he was sitting up with one knee raised as he leaned slightly on it. Joshua chuckled some. "Minhyuk's a [i great] cuddle buddy," he said. Minhyuk groaned. "I am [i not]," he said, hitting the top bunk with his fist. "I don't want to be his cuddle buddy," he said.

"Jae, go keep him company," said Sungjin. "[i Fine]," said Jae as he hopped down, leaving the cabin. "You were right hyung," grumbled Minhyuk. "Leave him be, Jae's usually like this until he gets comfortable with you," said Sungjin. "It's only due to how we all grew up, Jae's a little different," he said. "Mind if I room in here?" He asked. "Sure," said Joshua as he pointed to the bunk above Taeyong. Sungjin nodded and climbed onto the bunk before laying down and letting the illusion fade as he curled up into a ball and fell asleep.

"We made it," said Joshua as he looked out the train window. "Wake up guys," he said as he packed up, shaking Taeyong before shaking Sungjin. He turned to Minhyuk and woke him up. There was knocks on the cabin door and Dowoon poked his head in. "Awake yet guys?" He asked. "Yeah," said Sungjin as he stretched, letting his illusion appear. He hopped off and headed out with Joshua and Minhyuk following after him.

Taeyong came out to the platform a few minutes later, meeting with his team. Seungkwan and Vernon walked over, waving. "Long time no see hyung," said Vernon. "I got comms open to the north, and as soon as we have confirmation in the south I'll open comms there," said Seungkwan. "Good," said Joshua. "Do we have a hotel nearby?" He asked. "Yep, booked tickets for you two, the others need to book them themselves," said Seungkwan.

"This is my first time meeting those wolves," said Vernon as he spotted Sungjin talking with his pack. "Don't worry about them, they are pretty much on our side," said Joshua. "I met what I think were either Sungjin's relatives or one of his packmates's relatives when I went through Europe before the first World War," he said. "We actually got to the US just before World War 1 Started," he said.

"Let's get to the hotel then," said Taeyong as he walked over with his team. "I'm sure the others can make their way over," he said. Joshua nodded and headed to the Hotel with the others following after him.
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[center Chapter 10]

They got to the train station, booking tickets to Paris so they could hop onto another train to get as close to Berlin as possible. If they needed to, they'd stop at one of the cities near Berlin. "This is so troublesome," grumbled Sungjin as he checked his phone. "Jae and the rest of them are headed out to Paris, we may run into them," he said. "Oh good, familiar faces," said Minhyuk. "Who's there? Taeyong and his team?" He asked. "Yeah," said Sungjin. "We'll probably run into them when we reach Paris, ya'll have your passports?" He asked. "Yep," said Joshua as he held up his. Minhyuk held up his. "Alright let's catch this train," said Sungjin as he went to buy tickets.

Once they got their tickets they went to stand on the platform, with Minhyuk standing with Dowoon while Sungjin stood with Joshua. "I'm sure you're aware of this, but your father is looking for you," Sungjin said in German as he looked at Joshua. Joshua shrugs. "I've been told that many times now," he said in German. "I didn't think he'd be looking for me after all these years," he said. "I threw my pocket watch I had with my family's emblem on it away years ago," he said. "He may be here in Europe, you never know," said Sungjin. "I wouldn't be surprised if he was," said Joshua.

"You still surprise me you know, being able to speak German," Sungjin said with a chuckle. "I did spend a [i lot] of time in Europe when I was with Sungcheol and Chan," Joshua said with a shake of his head. "I've been practicing my Korean," Sungjin said slowly, testing out his Korean. "Oh good," Joshua said, smiling some. "It's good that Brian's there then eh?" He asked. Sungjin laughs, nodding.

"What languages can you speak?" Minhyuk asked Dowoon as he looked around. "Erm," said Dowoon as he tried to think. "English, German and some Korean," he said. "We're also learning Spanish from Jae," he said, shrugging. "Brian's been teaching us Korean so," he said. "I wish I knew another language," Minhyuk said with a pout. Dowoon chuckled some. "You'll learn other languages while you're here I'm sure," he said. "I've been picking up on some Korean, since Joshua's brother and his mate mostly speak Korean," said Minhyuk. "It'd be cool to see them here," he said. "I'm sure they got called out like everyone else," said Dowoon.

Their train arrived, and they headed to their sleeping cabins. "It's gonna be a long train ride," Joshua said as he sat down in the bottom bunk of the cabin. "Mm," said Sungjin as he climbed onto the top bunk on the other bunk bed. Dowoon got on the bottom bunk under Sungjin and laid back, relaxing as he let his human illusion fade. Minhyuk climbed onto the top bunk above Joshua and played on his phone.

"Good thing this train comes with Wifi," said Joshua as he set up his laptop, putting it in his lap as he browsed the internet. "Mm," said Sungjin. "Oh, Siwon and Ryeowook got called, they booked a flight to Poland," said Joshua as he looked at Skype. They heard the train horn and felt the train start to move. Sungjin let his human illusion fade after one of the train guard people came to check them for their passports and things and decided to take a nap. Joshua grabbed some headphones and watched Youtube videos to pass the time.

About 2 hours later they pulled up in Paris, and Minhyuk woke up Sungjin and Dowoon while Joshua grabbed their bags and his laptop. They headed off the train and onto the platform, where they saw some familiar faces. "Oh hey," said Joshua as he waved to Taeyong. "Did we keep you waiting for long?" Asked Sungjin as Taeyong and his team walked over. "No," said Taeyong. "We actually landed in Paris instead," he said, chuckling some. "Go get your tickets, Jae and them should be here soon," he said. Joshua went to get the tickets to Germany, debating on which route to take as he looked at the map.

"Straight route seems like the easiest but," he grumbled as he looked at the map. "I think straight path would work," said N as he walked over. "We take the train to Cologne, then we go from there to Berlin, or as close as we can get to it," he said as he traced the route. "Wustermark looks like the closest city we can get to from the looks of things," he said. "Alright," said Joshua as he went to book the tickets for himself, Minhyuk, Sungjin and Dowoon. "You guys got your tickets right?" He asked as he turned to N. N nodded. "Yep," he said, holding up his ticket and passport. They headed back to the others.

"Joshua," said Taeyong as he turned to Joshua. "If you're going to tell me that my father is looking for me don't bother, I know," said Joshua as he sighed. "Well, that and I just wanted to say hello," Taeyong said, scratching the back of his head. "Oh, sorry," said Joshua as he laughed slightly. "I've just been told by basically [i everyone] that my father is looking for me," he said, shrugging.

After a few minutes a train pulled up to the station, and three more wolves stepped onto the platform. "Guys, we have to compensate for the wolves and Josh here," Sungjin said, scratching his head at them. "Oh, sorry," came Jae's voice as they put up their illusion. "Did you guys already get your tickets? We booked ahead of time so we got both tickets," said Jae. "Yep," said Joshua. "Now to wait for our train," he said.

Their train arrived about half an hour later, and they got on, going to their sleeping cabins. "Looks like we're sharing cabins," said Taeyong as N and his team went into one while Sungjin and his pack went into another. "Fine with me," said Joshua. Minhyuk nodded in agreement. They got settled in their cabin, ready to head to the next stop.
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[center Chapter 9]

Joshua was woken by loud knocking at the door so he stretched, returning to human form as he moved out of Minhyuk's arms. He sat up, grumbling about the time as he checked the time on his laptop before shouting that the door was open, waking Minhyuk in the process.

Sungjin walked in, grinning. "Hey hyung," he said. "Sorry for waking you but," he said, shrugging. Joshua shook his head. "We're trying to sleep off the jet lag here," he said, chuckling some. "We took the train here," Sungjin said matter-of-factly. "Sure, you have that luxury," Minhyuk mumbled as he stood, stretching.

"Where's Dowoon?" Asked Joshua. "Down at the cafe getting breakfast," said Sungjin. "We were heading out to get our vampires here after breakfast, was wondering if you wanted to tag along," he said. "Sure, give us a few minutes," said Joshua. Sungjin nodded and left the room. Joshua got up and went to brush his teeth and changed clothes. Minhyuk changed clothes before going into the bathroom to brush his teeth after Joshua left the bathroom. Once they were ready they headed out, heading down to the lobby and meeting up with Sungjin and Dowoon.

Minhyuk blinked, seeing the two large wolves in the lobby. "Oh yeah, we also see them in their true forms, I guess it can be a perk or something, we see the illusion most of the time though," said Joshua. As he said that Minhyuk saw the human illusion come back up, with Sungjin scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. "We have to compensate for you two it seems," Sungjin said, laughing some. "Don't worry about it," said Joshua as he chuckled some. "Let's get breakfast then," he said before heading into the cafe with Minhyuk, Sungjin and Dowoon following after him.

Dowoon ate breakfast in silence, checking his phone for anything new. Sungjin talked with Joshua and Minhyuk felt like the odd one out. "Why the long face?" Asked Dowoon, causing Minhyuk to jump. "Oh, no reason," said Minhyuk. "I just feel a little left out, that's all," he said. Dowoon chuckled some. "Leader-nim is always like this around Joshua-hyung," he said. "You get used to their banter after a while," he said.

"You seem like the curious type though," he said. "What questions do you have?" He asked. "Erm," said Minhyuk as he thought about it. "Do you need to go shopping for clothes?" He asked. "No," said Dowoon as he laughs. "Everyone has their trademark thing with them, I'm usually dressed in a white shirt and Jeans, Jae has his glasses and his guitar pick on a necklace, Brian and Sungjin have their guitar picks which are on actual necklaces, and Wonpil has his choker," he said. "Interesting," said Minhyuk.

"So... You're just regular wolves?" He asked after thinking of another question. "I mean, I guess so," said Dowoon. "We don't really interact with werewolves so I don't know how we compare to each other," he said. "I guess we don't heal as fast as you guys do, we don't need to worry about clothes, stuff like that," he said. "We're just wolves basically," said Sungjin as he shrugs, causing Minhyuk to jump.

"What's got you so jumpy today?" Asked Joshua as he tilted his head to the side. "I don't know, maybe the fact that I'm away from home?" Asked Minhyuk. "Homesick already?" Asked Sungjin. "Mm," said Minhyuk. "He usually doesn't get vampire hunting missions outside of the US," said Joshua. "He tags along with me when I'm out hunting but it's rare for him to get missions outside of the US," he said.

"I saw the influx of people from Chanyeol's faction coming over to Europe, must be something really big then," said Sungjin. "Taeyong and his team got pulled out of South Africa because of it," he said. "Jae was there to meet them at the airport before we left," he said. "Doyoung and Hobi are probably in Poland with Kyuhyun," he said. "With their team anyway," he said. "There has to be an underlying reason for most if not [i all] the US teams to get sent to Europe," said Joshua.

"Next thing you know, Sungcheol's entire pack is here," said Minhyuk. "It's possible," said Joshua. "Even Jun's team said they were ready to go fight some vampires if they were [i absolutely] needed," he said. "If Yongguk gets called out, we know this is really serious," he said. "Or Chanyeol himself," said Dowoon. "Mm," said Minhyuk. "Maybe it's a meeting or something," said Joshua. "For all teams?" Asked Sungjin. "Check your email," said Joshua. Sungjin checked his email on his phone.

"[i All teams report to corresponding European Faction bases or Yixing's pack house in Germany if you can make it, Berlin is currently under siege, abort all missions that all teams are currently on and make your way to Germany or corresponding European Faction bases]," said Sungjin as he saw the email. "We need to go then," said Joshua as he stood, throwing some money down to pay for breakfast before running up to the hotel room to check Skype and pack up. Minhyuk went to do the same thing.

"Okay, I got confirmation that we need to go," said Joshua as he pulled up the same email. "Skype got blown up it seems, everyone in Sungcheol's pack is heading straight to Germany," he said. "Yoongi, Daehyun and Yongguk are in Poland with Doyoung, Hobi and his team, and then Taeyong and his team are in Spain," he said. "I think we need to go straight to Germany from here," said Sungjin as he entered the room. "You guys packed?" He asked. "Yeah," said Joshua as he closed his laptop and grabbed his bag. "Yep," said Minhyuk as he grabbed his back. "Dowoon went to get your Jeep, let's head out," said Sungjin. Joshua nodded and left with Minhyuk and Sungjin.
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[center Chapter 8]

Their flight to England went rather smoothly, and they landed in London. "Where is your first vampire?" Asked Joshua as they walked out of the airport after getting a rental car sent to their location. "Here," said Minhyuk as he showed the location on his phone.

"Alright, let's get a hotel and sleep off this jet lag," said Joshua as the rental car pulled up. He thanked the driver and got into the driver's seat with Minhyuk in the passenger seat. "Always have to get a Jeep or an SUV huh?" Asked Minhyuk as he looked around the SUV. Joshua chuckled some as he drove off, heading to the nearest hotel.

They got checked into the hotel and Joshua grabbed his laptop and set up at the desk, opening it and turning it on. He made sure he was connected to the internet as he signed into skype. Minhyuk laid on one of the double beds, connected to the internet on his phone as he browsed through his text messages. "I know we don't have phone service but I hope people are smart enough to sign into Skype," grumbled Joshua. "They should be," said Minhyuk as he looked up from his phone.

"What are you checking anyway?" Asked Minhyuk as he heard Joshua typing furiously. "I'm just trying to look for routes to your vampires in France," said Joshua. "Do you want to go to Germany from there or go to Spain?" He asked. "Well you have your vampires to kill too," said Minhyuk. "Isn't one of yours in Spain?" He asked. "We can go there then make our way up to Poland," he said. "Sure," said Joshua.

"Room Service!" Came a voice from outside. "We didn't order room service?" Asked Minhyuk as he looked towards the door. "I know who that is," Joshua said with a chuckle. "Come in Sungjin!" He called. "Aw, ruin the fun why don't you," said Sungjin as he entered the room. "You can yell at Jae for telling us you were here," said Joshua as he pointed at the laptop. "Damn it Jae," grumbled Sungjin. "What brings you to England?" Asked Joshua as he turned his chair to look at Sungjin. "We got our missions here," said Sungjin as he shrugs. "Dowoon and I anyway," he said.

"So Dowoon is here," said Minhyuk as he tilted his head to the side. "Yeah," said Sungjin. "You guys aren't completely human?" Asked Minhyuk. Sungjin tilted his head to the side. "He doesn't know?" He asked as he turned to Joshua, who shook his head. "I didn't think we'd run into you immediately," said Joshua.

"When are you guys coming back to the US? Sungcheol's been asking about ya'll," he said. "Not anytime soon," said Sungjin as he scratched the back of his head. "Our faction's still pretty new," he said, shrugging. "Once we establish ourselves in Spain we'll come for a visit," he said. "Mm, makes sense," said Joshua. "We could become allies," he said. "Oh right, you made your own faction too," said Sungjin. "We'll talk officially when we're back at my place," he said. "Sure," said Joshua as he leaned back in the chair. "I'll leave you two be then," said Sungjin before he turned and left the room.

"Okay, spill the beans," said Minhyuk as he put his phone down. "Fine," said Joshua as he sighed, getting up and stretching before going to sit in the other double bed, bringing his laptop with him.

"Do you know of the animals that can disguise themselves as humans?" He asked. "Those exist?" Asked Minhyuk. "Yes," said Joshua. "They aren't shapeshifters, nor are they werewolves for the wolves that can disguise themselves as humans," he said. "They basically put up this illusion of a human form, with varying degrees of clothes on, depending on climate and other things," he said. "The most famous depiction of them is actually in the anime Wolf's Rain, which is accurate to a degree," he said, shrugging. "But humans didn't evolve from wolves, or other animals for that matter," he said. "The animals themselves evolved that way," he said.

"So the Eurasian Wolf," said Minhyuk. "In some places in Europe they're completely extinct but are they really?" He asked. "Sungjin's pack are Eurasian wolves," said Joshua. "You'll meet them later, maybe we'll run into Dowoon while we're here," he said. "Have you seen their wolf selves?" Asked Minhyuk. "I've only seen Sungjin's, he's nothing too extravagant, just a normal Eurasian Grey Wolf," said Joshua. "It's pretty normal for them, but there's definite personalities for each wolf that makes them different," he said.

"Do you want to sleep in the other bed or sleep in the same bed?" He asked. "Same bed please," said Minhyuk. Joshua nodded and got up, going to take a shower. Minhyuk played on his phone a little bit more, waiting for Joshua to come out of the shower before going to take his turn in the shower once Joshua came out of the bathroom.

Minhyuk came out of the bathroom, looking towards the bed and spotting Joshua in his animal form. He chuckled some and went over and pet Joshua on the head, smiling when Joshua started purring. "I figured you'd be in animal form," he said. "We don't get much privacy anymore," he said, sighing as he laid down beside Joshua, throwing an arm over Joshua's body and falling asleep listening to his purring.
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[center Chapter 7]

They were in the middle of watching Alien: Resurrection when Joshua got a text to his phone. He checked it, wondering what was up. "Oh, I got a mission," he said. "Where you headed?" Asked Minhyuk as he looked. "Europe? The only language I know there is German," Joshua said, scratching the back of his head. "Must be important to call me to some missions," he said, standing.

"I'll drop you off at the airport," said Ryeowook as he got up. "Yeah, let me book a flight real quick and get packed," said Joshua. "Minhyuk you should check your phone too to see if you get any missions," he said. "We usually get ours at the same time," he said. "Sure," said Minhyuk as he went into their room to see if he got any missions. "Oh, it's your turn to do laundry," Joshua called to Ryeowook who groaned. "God damn it," said Ryeowook. "Sorry," called Joshua as he laughs.

"Yeah, it seems we're being sent to the same place," said Minhyuk as he showed Joshua the missions he got. "France, Germany, England? Well, at least in England they speak English," said Joshua. "I got mine in Poland, Germany and Spain," he said. "We're going to be busy it seems," he said. "Mm," said Minhyuk. "Do you mind if we go business class?" Asked Joshua. "We'll head to England first then take the tunnel through the English Channel to France and go from there," he said. "Sure," said Minhyuk.

"Are there any safe houses in Europe?" Asked Minhyuk as Joshua booked their flight to England. "Erm," said Joshua. "I think so? Yixing's pack house is in Berlin, but I [i do] know the two major faction leaders over in Poland and Spain," he said. "They know English so it's fine," he said.

"Wait, isn't one of them Park Sungjin or whatever his name is?" Asked Ryeowook as he walked into the room. "Yep," said Joshua as he finished booking the tickets and closed his laptop. "He's a vampire hunter who's human, leading a group of human vampire hunters," he said. He packed up his laptop and slung the bag over his shoulder. Minhyuk got done packing also as he checked to make sure he had everything. "He's in Spain so," Joshua said, shrugging. "I'll just message him when we head that way," he said.

"Who's the second faction leader?" Asked Minhyuk. "Erm, I think his name is Kyuhyun," said Joshua. "I only met his team because Kyuhyun was out on a mission at the time and I needed a place to stay for a couple days," he said, shrugging. "Oh, I know Kyuhyun," said Siwon as Joshua went into the livingroom. "He's a good guy," he said. "He's a little hard to get used to but other than that he's a good guy," he said.

"Well, our flight is in 4 hours so I think we should go now and get through customs," said Joshua. "Alright," said Ryeowook. They headed out to the jeep, with Joshua throwing Ryeowook the keys to the jeep. "Mind if I ride passenger?" Joshua asked Minhyuk. Minhyuk shook his head. "Go ahead," he said. "Ya'll are just bringing carry-ons?" Asked Ryeowook. "Yeah," said Joshua. "It's easier on the long term missions," he said. "Don't have to lug a suitcase around every time," he said as he got in the passenger seat. Ryeowook got in the driver's seat with Minhyuk getting in the back. After a bit Ryeowook started the Jeep and drove off, heading to the airport.

"Ya'll have your passports right?" He asked. "Yep," said Joshua. "Yeah," came Minhyuk's reply. "Alright," said Ryeowook. "Hyung," he said. "Be careful out there alright?" He asked in Korean. "Father is still looking for you," he said. "I know," Joshua said in Korean. "He wants you to come home, thinking you haven't found your mate yet," said Ryeowook. Joshua sighed. "He didn't realize how close Hyungwon and I were, we [i were] mates," he said. "And now I found another mate in Minhyuk," he said. "I'm not against it obviously," said Ryeowook. "I have Siwon, but father really needs to get with the times," he said. "I know," said Joshua.

"Having a fun conversation I see," Minhyuk said, chuckling some. "Discussing my father is fun?" Joshua asked in English. "I was trying to lighten the mood," Minhyuk said with a pout. "I know," Ryeowook said in English, laughing some. Joshua chuckled some, shaking his head. "Minhyuk you need a lesson in sarcasm," he said. "I do don't I," grumbled Minhyuk, causing Joshua and Ryeowook to laugh again.

Ryeowook pulled up to the airport, letting Joshua and Minhyuk get out and grab their bags. "Have fun, don't die hyung," Ryeowook called to Joshua, who waved before walking into the airport to check in with Minhyuk.

Once checked in they went to the business class lounge where Joshua brought out his laptop and went to message Sungjin to see if anyone was home. "What are they like?" Asked Minhyuk. "As hunters or regular humans?" Asked Joshua. "Humans," said Minhyuk. "Sungjin's the leader, though he's not the oldest," said Joshua as he checked his email. "Jae's the oldest and he's more... Cold towards others? At least, it seems that way, but once he gets to know you he is a giant teddy bear," he said with a chuckle. "Brian is the same way, and Wonpil's childish but he's not the youngest," he said. "Dowoon is the youngest but he seems like the oldest," he said. "Because of his cool demeanor I guess," he said.

"They normally don't interact with werewolves, but they don't mind them," he said. "They see more shapeshifters in Europe," he said, shrugging. "I think the only major wolf pack is Yixing's," he said. "And his pack is small compared to other packs," he said. "Hm," said Minhyuk.

"Ah! A reply," said Joshua as he checked his Skype. "Oh good, they're home," he said. "We'll be out of phone service for a bit, we have to rely on when we can manage to get internet service," he said, making sure to text the group chat letting them know what was up. "Alright, let's go and catch our flight now," he said, packing up the laptop. "Alright," said Minhyuk as they went to their flight gate riding in one of the transporter things on the way there.
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