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[center [size20 [u Bang, Bang. You're Dead.]]]
[center [size15 [i A tale about a Space Cowboy and his rag tag team of misfits that collect bounties to hopefully get food in their bellies for another day. Life as a bounty hunter isn't as glamorous and great as one would think it is. It's a hard life, hoping you get enough to get food to keep yourself from starving. Even though our Space Cowboy, [u Maverick] is an elite bounty hunter, he still sometimes struggles to get by.]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WmwLWGy.gif]]
[center [size15 [i In 2071, roughly fifty years after an accident with a hyperspace gateway made the Earth almost uninhabitable, humanity has colonized most of the rocky planets and moons of the Solar System. Amid a rising crime rate, the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP) set up a legalized contract system, in which registered bounty hunters chase criminals and bring them in alive in return for a reward.]]]
[center [size15 [i The original crew are Maverick Aspen, an exiled hitman for a powerful organization, and his partner Randy Watson, a former ISSP officer. Maverick and Randy have dealt with some major problems in their journey, the team get involved in disastrous mishaps leaving them out of pocket, while often confronting faces and events from their past: these include Randy's reasons for leaving the ISSP, and Maverick keeping himself as low as a bounty hunter can from the eyes of his former employers. For now, they keep to themselves on board their large ship named the [u Rocket Queen]]]
[center [pic http://68.media.tumblr.com/73c6a8da0d46109de9f6e9ea6dc2f9c9/tumblr_inline_mxek1t1tK81s2pyq9.png]]
[center [size15 [i Maverick's previous line of work consisted of being a professional hitman, which is why he is considered and elitest among his fellow bounty hunter peers. Even though he may be considered young, around the age of 30, he has been in business of killing people since he was around 15 years old. He was taken under the wing of a man named Naru Kagamai. A man that ran a multi-million dollar company that had pushed Earth to where it could no longer be livable, but no one knows that, but Maverick. Naru had many people that he wanted dead and guess who did that for him? You guessed it, it was young Maverick Aspens, the young, professional killer. By the time he reached the age of being aware of how bad his actions where, Maverick was stuck and felt like he could never leave until he met Randy, who helped him escape.]]

[center [size20 [u You Gonna Carry All That Weight?]]]
[center [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/1bb1e8f63523c354a2dae451ccffee37/tumblr_os1fgx9zCl1rnvb0co1_500.gif]]
[center [size15 [i Maverick couldn't live under the radar of Naru Kagamai for very long, especially now that he was a top tier bounty hunter. He couldn't live in a peaceful life no more. He was stuck on the run once again. Flittering through space, from one planet, to another. He never felt safe anymore. What was Maverick to do? He hadn't a single idea, neither did his friend, Randy.]]]

[center [size20 [u See You Around, Space Cowboy.]]]


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[center Freya pushed her face into Maverick's chest when he softly wrapped his arms around her, grateful for the interaction. She was still not used to the softness of his touch.

[#808080 [i He could wrap his hands around your neck right now. He could have a blade and strike it into you. Do you not care? ] ]

Freya pulled away slightly, nodding. She understood where Effie was coming from, this time. She was putting a lot of trust into this man she barely knew.

[#6495ED "I understand," ] Freya stood up a few moments after Maverick, following slowly behind him, unsure of what to do with herself. She made a mental note about his 'demons' before speaking again. [#6495ED "I would love to help but I must be honest with you..." ] Freya gave out a deep breath, [#6495ED "I've never really cooked before. Could you possibly t-teach me?" ] Her voice was quiet, embarrassed.

[#6495ED [i I wonder if his demons are like you. ] ] She pondered to herself.

[i [#808080 Who the fuck cares? ] ]

Freya moved slowly towards the kitchen, looking around at everything. She walked silently towards the oven, looking at it in a confused manner. Freya, had never seen an oven before.

[#6495ED "What is this?"] Freya cocked her eyebrow and turned towards Maverick.
  Freya Illyria / morbidchild / 140d 18h 15m 57s
[center [size12 Maverick sat there and listened to Freya intently, he wanted to understand her words clearly and empathized with her. He has killed people before, not the bounty kind of killing, no. He has brutally murdered people that he had to witness anger, sadness, or joy from the people who witnessed it. Maverick could empathize with her and she would never know it. Maverick was good at keeping his personal demons at bay and not talking about it, but he felt like he needed to share small details with her. But, that would be in due time, for now he would sit here and try his best to comfort her.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Look, no more tears, okay?"]] Maverick leaned over to her and softly took her into a tight, but comforting embrace. He remembered his mom doing this for him when he would get hurt, whether emotionally or physically. Maverick was a very emotional person, so he did cry a lot when he was younger.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I need you to understand that I understand what you are saying. I know that it seems that you and I are from completely different worlds, but we really aren't. I have some pretty bad demons, as well,"]] Maverick explained in a soft voice. He did not want to share everything with her. He would just give clues that he could understand and empathize with you.]]
[center [size12 Carefully, Maverick stood up though. He had let Freya go. He did not want to think he would harm her by continuing to hold her in that embrace. He was careful around her as to not cause her to become volatile with him.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "We actually never got to eat while we were out. You wanna help me cook something for us?"]] Maverick was going to attempt to show that this ship was not only his and Randy's home, but it was now hers, as well. He gave her a small smile, holding out his hand for her to come with him.]]
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[center Freya didn't speak much to Randy, her mind filled with resentment towards herself. She made simple small chat, trying to appreciate the fact that he was trying to fill this awful silence and distract her from her own head. Unfortunately, it didn't work. She sipped slowly on the tea she was given, which she repeatedly thanked Randy for. It was delicious, filling her mouth with a taste she was never graced with. She kept looking around the room, all the luxuries around her making her feel a bit uneasy.

[#808080 [i They have everything they could ever want. They spoil themselves. ] ] Effie was trying to irritate Freya, and it was working. They had been fighting with each other for the entire night, the back and forth becoming a major distraction. Randy had fallen asleep at some point, probably bored since Freya was barely responding. [#808080 [i If they were dead, we could have this place. ] ]

[#6495ED [i Shut the fuck up. These people have been nothing but kind to us. I will not harm them. ] ] Tears started to roll down her face.

[#808080 [i You won't. I will. ] ]

At that moment Maverick walked in, looking somber in stature. He did not seem angry at the moment, however, Freya could tell he was still bothered by her. She didn't blame him, not in the slightest. [#6495ED "Closure? I-" ] Freya pondered for a moment before continuing [#6495ED "Yes, it made me feel... I felt like it was supposed to happen. Like, although I couldn't control it... He had to die. So I sort of let her. I let Effie do it. I barely fought." ]All those words spilled out so quickly, she didn't know if Maverick truly understood her. She wiped at her tears before leaning over, cowering slightly. [#6495ED "I am sorry."]
  Freya Illyria / morbidchild / 153d 19h 41m 52s
[center [size12 Randy was sitting directly across from Freya and listened to her quietly, rolling over things that he could say to help her. There wasn't a lot, that wasn't a lie, that he could say that would make her feel a million times better. He knew that Freya had an internal conflict with herself and he saw that the moment that he saw her. She was a slave and being a slave can do some terrible things to people, especially to their mental state.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Thank you for sharing that with me, Freya. I am confident that Maverick isn't mad at you, in particular. You don't know how we deal with bounties and most people assume that the bounties are killed and brought in, so we cannot fault you for that, especially given that this man was someone that was beyond horrible to you,"]] Randy explained with a small smile on his lips. [i [#778899 "I'm not angry with you,"]] he reassured before looking down the long hallway that led to Maverick's room.]]
[center [size12 Randy did know that Maverick was very angry at the situation. He knew that it would take some time for Maverick to recompose himself to be able to face Freya. For now, Randy choose to entertain Freya and continue talking to her. He even made her food, leaving a small plate for Maverick, whenever he decided to show his face.]]
[center [size12 Later that evening, Maverick finally appeared from his room. He was quiet as he walked down the hallway with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. He glanced into the living room and could see Randy leaning back on the couch, sleeping with his mouth half open. He couldn't help, but to chuckle at the man.]]
[center [size12 Finally, Maverick saw Freya. He felt his heart pang a bit. He was unbelievably angry at her before. He knew that he might have even made her fear him and he did not want that, of course. Quietly, he sighed before approaching her.]]
[center [size12 Tapping his cigarette in a nearby ashtray, Maverick took a seat next to Freya. He leaned back against the couch and looked at the girl with a soft expression. [i [#FF0000 "You okay? I bet Randy made you a cup of his famous tea,"]] Maverick pointed, looking at the cups that were sitting on the table in front of them.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I promise you, I don't hate you, so please don't think that,"]] Maverick wanted to reassure her of that. He tapped the cigarette before finally finishing it. [i [#FF0000 "You don't know how bounties work, so I can't fault you for that. Plus, I bet killing him gave you a closure kind of feeling. I understand how that can feel, I can reassure you,"]] Maverick had his own demons, as well. He has been through his own personal hell before.]]
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[center Freya was crying profusely, following Randy as he lec her to the seat. Her mind was swarming with thoughts of regret.

[#6495ED [i He was helping me. I hurt him. You hurt him! ] ]

[#808080 [i How was I supposed to know he was supposed to be alive? We weren't told beforehand NOT to kill the guy. ] ]

[#6495ED [i What, like that excuses everything? You murdered someone. ] ]

[#808080 [i That someone was Piggy, and he deserved it. Besides, it's not the first time. It won't be the last. Don't act innocent. You've killed plenty, too. ] ]

Freya stopped herself from fighting with Effie any longer, knowing that the tension was already too hard to control. If she angered Effie then someone could get hurt. Even Freya. Besides, all of Freya's angry was depleting as she wept. Soon enough a hot cup of tea was in her hands and she sipped on it, happy with the taste. She had never had anything so sweet and refreshing. Still, a sadness hung over her like a cloud.

Freya nodded to Randy. He had helped her so far, surely she could confide in him. Besides, Maverick trusted him, and Freya trusted Maverick.

[#6495ED "She... I mean I..." ] Freya gulped before taking a large breath. To explain she would have to talk about Effie. [#6495ED "Someone lives inside of me. She has lived there since I was abducted. She comes out sometimes... Especially in situations that could be upsetting for us..." ]

Freya looked up at Randy and gave out a sigh. She waited a few moments, collecting herself, before speaking again. [#6495ED "I killed Piggy. Well, Effie did. I watched." ]

[#808080 [i And you loved it. ] ]
  morbidchild / 169d 19h 38m 56s
[center [size12 Randy could only assume the worst as Maverick walked off. He glanced around before finding Freya, on the floor, with a pursue full of bits of cash and some jewels. He was slightly confused, but did know that she was guilty of something. He cleared his throat before walking over to her.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "I know you're different, Freya, but that doesn't mean that we are going to abandon you over a mistake that you couldn't help,"]] Randy explained before picking up the small pursue and setting it aside. [i [#778899 "I know Maverick seems beyond angry, but he will come around soon. He just has to have a moment to himself before he just explodes,"]] Randy tried helping, but sometimes, he knows that not even he can help.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Come on, Freya. Let's at least go sit on the couch. I will bring you something hot to drink, okay?"]] Carefully, Randy helped her and gently led her to the couch and walked into the kitchen to fix a small cup of hot tea and stayed in there for a moment to think over what could have happened to cause Maverick to be as angry as he was. Randy rarely saw Maverick like that. It kind of worried him.]]
[center [size12 Randy returned with a heavy sigh, placing the cup of tea on the table next to Freya. [i [#778899 "So, are you willing to share what happened? I know Maverick isn't going to talk right now,"]] Randy did not want to push her, but if he was going to help, he had to know what happened.]]
[center [size12 Meanwhile, Maverick was sitting on the edge of his bed with a frustrated expression. What was he going to do? He couldn't just go out and find another bounty with the snap of his fingers. He just spent not just a lot of money, but too much money for Freya, as well as keeping that lady silent.]]
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[center Effie sat for a second, confused. [#808080 [i Is he mad? Really? ] ]

[#6495ED [i You upset him! You messed things up, Ef. He's upset. ] ]

[#808080 [i I can see that, dimwit. He's upset for a stupid fucking reason and you know that. What? Am I supposed NOT supposed get our revenge? This is what you wanted too, Freya. Don't forget that and don't be foolish. ] ]

[#6495ED [i You cost him money, money he used to help you! Us! We have to do something. ] ]

[#808080 [i Fuck it. Whatever. ] ] Ef turned away from Maverick and started to walk away and into a crowd. [#808080 [i If money is so important to him I will go fucking get some. Easy. ] ]

Soon enough Ef found her victim, a woman dressed in a lavish gown and hair done up so large that it hit into lights as she walked by stores. Ef collided into her, apologizing profusely with a sweet and sincere smile on her face. Her hood laid low hiding the tattoos and her eyes. [#808080 "I am so sorry." ]

The woman ignored her and rudely went on, not realizing that her purse was now missing its coin purse and wallet.

Ef returned and hopped onto the ship, making sure no one saw what she had done. As soon as the door of the ship closed guilt sank in about the whole situation, and along with it, came Freya.

Freya started to weep profusely, collapsing onto the ground and heaving. She tried to apologize but instead threw the coin purse on the ground. Jewels spilled out slightly. Freya barely knew the meaning of money nor did she know that the jewels and money she had stolen would not be enough for all three of them. The woman she stole from was in fact just an actor, not a noble.
  Freya Illyria / morbidchild / 179d 11h 58m 5s
[center [size12 As Maverick was busy with phoning the police, he did not realize what Freya had exactly done until he turned around. His body tensed, not in fear, but angry. He bit his lower lip and calmly exhaled the breath that he had sharply taken in. He wanted to yell and scream. The girl had taken away a large bounty from Maverick's hands. All criminals are supposed to be turned in ALIVE, not dead. Maverick was not only angry, but silent. He could not find the words right then to speak.]]
[center [size12 After a few silent moments that seemed to take an eternity to pass, Maverick looked at the girl once more. This time in her eyes. He took a hold of her shoulders, firmly, but not harshly. He was still holding back words of angry and spite. He took in a breath once more, calming himself down before exhaling.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "You just took money that was supposed to feed not only you, but Randy and I, and lit it on fire. You just made money very tight to live off of now. I even bought you this outfit, spending extra to keep you safe,"]] Maverick's voice was very monotone, lacking in emotions. [i [#FF0000 "Randy will be here in a moment. Please do not speak to me until I can figure out what I can do to feed all three of us,"]] he closed his eyes, letting go of her shoulder before turning around.]]
[center [size12 Slowly, a ship was lowering itself to the top of the building. A long rope lowered into the alleyway to allow Maverick and Freya to get into the ship. Randy greeted them before cutting his cheerful look. He was about to compliment Freya's outfit before noticing Maverick's expression. It wasn't a normal, after a bounty expression. It was an angry one.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Don't talk,"]] Maverick held his hand up to Randy, taking out a smoke and began puffing away as he stalked off to his room to figure out exactly what they were going to do.]]
  maverick / GH0UL / 179d 12h 58m 4s
[center Ef stood back, watching silently with a sadistic smirk on her face. She didn't get in the way of his attacks, a feeling of ease coming her way as Maverick repeatedly smashed his fist into Piggy's face. When Maverick finished Effie started to laugh, a little bit disappointed.

[#808080 "He's still breathing," ] she snarled, moving towards a piece of wood on the ground. She picked it up and examined it before snapping it across her knee. [#808080 "This will do." ]

Before Maverick could protest Effie slammed the now-stick into the fat on the man's neck. Blood splattered against a part of her cloak. Again she stabbed, now fully going through Piggy's throat. He twitched slightly before showing no more sign of life.

Effie turned to Maverick, smile still on her face. [#808080 "There, we are done." ] She started to wipe her cloak, happy with the fact that the material made it easy to clean. In fact, the blood practically fell off. [#808080 "Well, Freya was right, this outfit is very nice." ] Ef look down at Maverick's pants, now realizing she got blood on his outfit too. [#808080 "Well, whatever, am I right?" ] She winked, before turning away from him and looking down the street.

[#6495ED [i He was going to turn him in. You didn't need to kill him. ] ]

[#808080 [i Shut up, you loved it. ] ]

Freya couldn't fight that and Effie knew. A sense of satisfaction rushed over the both of them as soon as the grotesque man's chest stopped rising. Freya was twisted, just like Effie. Ef, just did something about it.

[#808080 "Mavvy, who's next?" ] Ef whipped around, in full control still.
  Freya Illyria / morbidchild / 179d 13h 13m 23s
[center [size12 Something changed inside of Freya and it was very obvious with her mannerism and how she was speaking, but Maverick did not shy away. He knew that there was something very different about this girl, but it wasn't going to make Maverick back down. He took her in and made a promise to himself that he was going to keep her safe and guarded, rather she needed/wanted it or not.]]
[center [size12 When she pulled down an alley, Maverick almost tripped over his own footsteps, but gained his balance back. He listened silently, watching her carefully before looking at the homeless man who was forced from his home. Maverick felt a tinge of guilt in his stomach for the man, but that quickly faded away when she spoke of the man that they were hunting. He became focused and nodded at her.]]
[center [size12 This quiet moment did not last very long. Their safety was no longer there. The man was here and Maverick knew that he had to stand guard, fight for not only his life, but hers as well. He was ready for that challenge. He had done far worse, so this was nothing for him.]]
[center [size12 Maverick stood up straight, one hand in his pocket and the other on his waist as he glanced to the man that was speaking. He chuckled quietly, shaking his head. Did this man seriously think that Maverick would allow him to take Freya away from him? He chuckled again, almost laughing audibly.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I always enjoyed playing with my food a bit,"]] Maverick took a step forward, in front of Freya. He allowed his arms to fall from his side. Naturally, he wasn't going to throw the first punch. That would make things way too obvious and easier for this fat man to, not only, defeat Maverick, but take Freya as well.]]
[center [size12 [i [#27AE60 "You really think I am going to let you keep something that is very precious to me? Ha! You bounty hunters are all the same. Greedy, selfish, little bastards,"]] the fat man took his first punch, which Maverick dodged flawlessly. Moving around fat fists that were being thrown his way.]]
[center [size12 Finally, Maverick made his move. He gave a heavy kick, knocking the man to the ground, which gave Maverick the upper hand for a moment until his foot was grabbed causing him to fall to the ground. A clumsy mistake, of course, but Maverick allowed it to roll of his shoulders and managed to scramble back up.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "No, no, no. I aint going to let you get away that fast,"]] Maverick cleared his throat, grabbing his gun from the inside of his coat pocket. [i [#FF0000 "I hope your gang of slavers take this as a warning,"]] Maverick had a kind of sickly grin on his face, but instead of shooting, he took a fist fully of the fat man's shirt and began punching as hard as he could until the man was rendered unconscious.]]
[center [size12 Once Maverick gained his normal composure, he stood up and cleared his throat. He rarely lost composure like that. He hated when he did things like this. Generally when he caught bounties, it wasn't like this. It was a smooth ride that ended with the person being hauled off in handcuffs, this time, Maverick literally beat the man until he couldn't anymore. He put his gun back into its rightfully place and called Randy.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Randy, its Maverick. Let them know that they can come and pick up this fat mess. I may, or may not have gotten a little carried away,"]] Maverick chuckled nervously before tensing up at Randy's scolding.]]
[center [size12 Once that was over, Maverick turned to Freya and offered a very apologetic look. [i [#FF0000 "I never get that carried away. I do apologize,"]] Maverick hadn't realized it yet, but he had blood splatters against his face and hands. Not only that, but he had suffered a few cuts and bruises on his face. [i [#FF0000 "But Randy should be picking us up, along with the police picking up this fat Pig,"]] he smiled.]]
  maverick / GH0UL / 179d 19h 1m 3s
[center Eleanor was beyond grateful, scooping up the money and nodding profusely. [#FF1493 "You are such a kind man,"] Her tone had changed towards Maverick, now sweet and soothing. [#FF1493 "You can come back any day." ] Eleanor then took Freya's face in her palm and smiled. [#FF1493 "Be safe, dear." ]

Freya nodded, her stomach fluttering with butterflies. She pulled away for the woman and walked with Maverick and out the door. As soon as the bell again chimed, now announcing their exit, something switched inside of Freya. An overwhelming feeling rushed through her, the butterflies in her stomach disappearing into a volcano of rage. She was no longer Freya.

[#808080 "Maverick," ] Ef huffed, her dark grey eyes piercing into his. She studied them for a moment, memorizing the soft brown hue. [#808080 "He is watching. Waiting. Come." ] Her fingers interlaced with his and suddenly, with great force, she pulled, leading him into a dark alley. She weaved and turned until they were out of sight of the locals. One homeless man stood in front of Maverick and Effie, confused to why two people were back in his territory/home.

Effie dropped Maverick's hand and walked in front of the man, her cold eyes digging into his. [#808080 "Leave, now,"] was all she said. The man nodded, not questioning or saying a word. Ef turned back to Maverick and clapped her hands together. [#808080 "He will follow. Piggy always follows." ]

[#6495ED [i Keep him safe, Ef. He doesn't know. ] ]

[#808080 [i Fuck him, he knew what he was getting himself into. ] ]

Soon enough, a loud, deep voice was heard, booming towards the two.

[#808000 "Freya, my sweet, swet thing," ] The man's voice was eery and scratchy, as if he was punched too many times in the throat. [#808000 "Where is my pretty, pretty plaything? Are you hiding?" ]

[#6495ED [i We need to run. ] ] Freya was scared, cowering in the back of Effie's mind. [#6495ED [i This was stupid, so stupid. ] ]

Effie started to laugh. Not a sweet, simple laugh, either. She started to maniacally weep with laughter, excited about what was to come.
[#808080 "Over here, you fat fuck." ]

Piggy rounded the corner, coming into clear sight of Effie and Maverick.

[#808080 "You ready, Mavvy, baby? Piggy needs to be put down." ] A large grin was spread across her face. Her instincts were always right, and now, here Piggy was.
  Freya Illyria / morbidchild / 179d 21h 6m 13s
[center [size12 Maverick felt incredibly judged the moment this lady got up and walked over to him. The look on her face screamed judgement, but as long as she was good at her job, he did not mind what she said or judged. He did begin feeling uncomfortable in his own outfit. He was something that he always wore. The dark blue suit with the pale yellow button underneath. His tie was loosened around his neck and the top two buttons weren't even done up and his collar was popped up. He looked like a bounty hunter, or at least someone that did bad things for money.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Yeah, I have never been one for fashion, so I just gave her what I thought she could fit in,"]] Maverick raised his hands in defense to the woman, but soon felt a bit more relaxed once she took Freya to the back of the shop and was no longer eyeing him with those judging eyes.]]
[center [size12 As Maverick was waiting, he had lit up a cigarette and was puffing on it at the door, as to not pollute the air in the shop with the smoke. He sighed softly, glancing over the faces in the street for that pig's face. So far, he was not scene. Maverick felt like he could only let his guard drop for so long though. They weren't completely safe until this asshole was caught and hauled off to jail.]]
[center [size12 Before someone caught him, Maverick tossed the cigarette out the door when he heard the curtains being drawn back and he stood up straight. He looked over the woman, Eleanor before his eyes fell over Freya. His eyes widen and he grinned brightly. He most certainly loved it. He couldn't put words together, but did approach Freya, glancing over the outfit before putting the thumbs up with a big grin on his face.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Not only a beautiful outfit, but this can provide some cover for you, Freya,"]] he chuckled softly before looking at Eleanor. [i [#FF0000 "I definitely know where I need to come next time I need some new threads,"]] he made the joke, but he would always wear this stupid looking outside.]]
[center [size12 Maverick placed an arm around Freya's shoulder as he guided her to the counter to pay for the outfit. [i [#FF0000 "Here ya go, Ms. Eleanor. Plus, a little extra to say that you did not see us here and for your amazing work,"]] Maverick gave Eleanor a wink before placing about three times as much as the outfit cost on the counter before leading Freya out of the store.]]
[center [size12 Waiting for the door shut behind them, Maverick glanced in both directions before walking further into the crowds of people. [i [#FF0000 "I wouldn't want Ms. Eleanor to get caught up in this nasty business, but we may pay her another business later for more clothes for you and maybe something extra for me,"]] he chuckled softly. His stomach did begin to growl as they were walking further into the market district, where the restaurants were. [i [#FF0000 "How does lunch sound?"]] Maverick asked as he directed them into another building.]]
  maverick / GH0UL / 181d 10h 56m 55s
[center Freya couldn't speak, her mouth ajar as she stepped outside of the ship. She had heard of planet's like Lapua but had never seen something so spectacular. People were bustling about, too busy to even look at the face of Freya as she passed. Freya did not mind this, her eyes flickering from building to building. Lights beamed all around her and it was hard for her to take in the scenery at first. It was just so mind-blowingly beautiful.

Finally, Maverick had stopped and was talking. Freya really didn't listen, all too curious about her surroundings. Terror and excitement welled up in her stomach and she thought for a moment that she would be ill.


A bell chimed when Maverick and Freya entered, announcing their presence to the workers. One woman sat behind a large desk, clothes carefully scattered across the room on different shelves. At first, the woman didn't look at Freya but at Maverick, curious about why a male was in her shop. Then her eyes graced Freya and her face lit up. The woman had red hair and must have been in her late 30's. She wore a beautiful robe and her hair was tied up, perfectly framing her face.

[#FF1493 "My my, aren't you just a stunning thing!"] The woman had gotten off her chair so fast that it had fallen on the ground, making a small bang. The woman didn't care. [#FF1493 "Now what are you wearing?" ] The woman glared at Maverick as if she knew it was his doing. [#FF1493 "Absolutely atrocious, this can't do at all!"] Soon enough the woman had Freya's hand her hers, ushering her to the back of the shop. Freya let herself follow, a bit confused about what was happening.

The woman turned to Maverick and glared slightly, [#FF1493 "You stay right there." ]

~~~The Back of the Shop~~~

Curtains were closed, cutting off the back of the shop to make it into a dressing room. Clothes were scattered across the ground as the red-headed woman, who had now introduced herself as Eleanor, was panicking. It had been at least forty-five minutes since Freya had seen Maverick, who must have been waiting in the front of the shop patiently. Eleanor was looking for something to tie her 'creation' together. Finally, she found it, a purple cloak.

Freya stood in front of Eleanor, not really caring for this whole process. Effie, however, despised it.

[#FF1493 "Done!" ] Eleanor draped the cloak over Freya before pushing her towards the mirror. [#FF1493 "What do you think? Don't you look simply beautiful! Boy, come here, does she not look wonderful!?" ] Eleanor had finally asked for Maverick. Well, not asked, but screamed for.

Freya's eyes widened, unsure of how to take in the outfit that hung across her body. She was so used to being in tattered clothes or nothing at all. Now this, this covered her and made her feel... Almost safe? As if the hood could now cover the tattoos she desperately wished she could hide from.

Freya huffed, turning away from the mirror. Suddenly, she felt nervous. [#6495ED [i Will he like it?] ] She asked herself.

[i [#808080 'Who the fuck cares?' ] ] Ef replied.

[b [https://imgur.com/a/Cts4X The OUTFIT] ]
  Freya Illyria / morbidchild / 181d 13h 25m 35s
[center [size12 Maverick could, honestly, jump for joy right now, but right now, they had to get moving before this slaver tried making a run for it. The talk about a famous bounty hunter's ship in the area would soon spread through the planet's market, sooner rather than later. [i [#FF0000 "Well, let's get going,"]] Maverick grabbed his gun off of the kitchen table. He reloaded, cocked it, and slid it in the back of his pants before looking back at Randy and Freya. [i [#FF0000 "Come on. What are you two doing? We got a Pig to catch,"]] Maverick was overjoyed. It was obvious on his face.]]
[center [size12 Randy just sighed, rubbing his face in frustration for his friend's wild behavior. [i [#778899 "If you aren't careful, Maverick, you're gonna accidentally shoot yourself again,"]] Randy chuckled, obviously poking at Maverick, who just pouted at him.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Okay, Freya is going to come with me and Randy, you stay here. Hack into the street cameras and keep an eye out for us while we find this piece of shit,"]] Maverick instructed before tossing an arm around the blue haired girl's shoulder and gave her a wide, goofy grin again. [i [#FF0000 "You ready to get this, fucker?"]] Maverick was happy to be doing this, actually. Another bounty means that he can release some of his pent up aggression and energy that he had to keep under lock and key when he was around most people.]]
[center [size15 [b ~ Lapua's Street Market ~]]]
[center [size12 The wind picked up, clouds were dark in the sky, and Maverick was walking with Freya by his side. He had a pair of circle sunglasses on as he glanced around the streets. So far, no ugly, pig nosed man around. He felt a bit of relief at this thought because he wanted to at least get Freya some clothes and whatnot before he did anything.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "So, Freya, let's get you some clothes and shoes, huh? You can't keep wearing my clothes,"]] Maverick joked as he led her into a store. It was a more upscale, nice clothing store and he took a step to the side. [i [#FF0000 "Pick out whatever you want. I don't mind price. I want you to be happy,"]] Maverick offered a kind smile, but kept an eye on the doors just in case.]]
  maverick / GH0UL / 209d 2h 42m 14s
[center Freya's eyes snapped towards Randy, her stomach pinching in pain. Ef sat in the back of Freya's mind, ranting and raving about what he had just said.

[i [#808080 Is that what we are to him? Just some burden? If he knew what I was capable of he'd think twice before making snarky comments. I can take care of the both of us better than either of these pathetic pieces of meat. ] ] It was easy to tell that the comment had upset Ef, however, it was Freya that spoke up about it, as she was slightly upset too.

[#6495ED "I promise you that I can handle myself,"] Her voice was quiet, trembling slightly, sounding slightly pathetic. She coughed, clearing her throat so she could speak more clearly. [#6495ED "I do not wish to burden anyone,"] Freya's eyes flashed towards Randy, a cold stare directed his way. She understood why he was so worried, in fact, she thought he wasn't being cautious enough. Still, though, it was hard to sit there and listen to people talk about you as if you were precious cargo.

Freya looked at Maverick as he flashed a goofy grin her way and she once again reassured that she was fine with the situation by nodding. She didn't speak this time, instead her mind flashing to a not-so-distant memory.

[b ~~~ ]

Freya stood in the middle of a large dome made of chain links, her fingers dripping with blood. A large distorted voice boomed from speakers above, cackling while speaking. [#D2691E "And Ef has defeated another foe! Wow! I have to say, for someone who is yet again the reigning champ of The Dome, she doesn't look too happy!"] The voice took a moment to laugh before continuing to speak, [#D2691E "Well folks, that's all we have today! Come back tomorrow to see Ef fight our guards next!" ]

Tears started to roll down Freya's face, her sobs echoing off the walls. She wailed, falling to the ground where some of her fellow slaves laid, dead. She couldn't speak, her cries catching every word as she tried to plead. Her entire body started to shake as hands snatched her from the ground. The guards pulled her away from her friends, not letting her say her goodbyes.

[b ~~~]

Shaking her head, Freya leaned towards Maverick, giving out a small sigh. She wished she could tell him about all the horrible things she had done but she knew in her heart that he couldn't accept her. Who could love a monster?

[#6495ED "I am ready when you are." ]
  Freya Illyria / morbidchild / 228d 52m 25s

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