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Dragons have been around for many millennia, to where it was believed they were the first beings ever created by the supreme god itself.

The beasts were the embodiment of different magic and the world around them. The dragons were associated with being the guardians of the gods and goddesses. They were worshipped by some, feared by others.
For the most part though, the dragons kept to themselves. They didn't bother anything as long as it didn't bother them. The dragons lived in their own land, which was almost like their own world.
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Separating the dragon's land from the rest of the world was the Jadant Forest. One would have to pass through the forest in order to enter the dragon's territory. However, not everyone was welcomed or allowed to pass through.
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However, there was the occasional dragon or dragonelle who perhaps was too curious for their own good.

Tahrovin, a wyvern, was one of those. She was a cross of a lesser chaos wyvern and an inferno dragon. Tahrovin was more curious about her chaos lineage, having heard of chaos dragons and wyverns, both of which were most often unstable, incredibly powerful beasts.
There was one such story, the story of Titus the Chaos Dragon. However, his story was dark, to where he nearly destroyed both the dragons' world, and the world beyond it. His power was beyond what many could imagine, to where even the gods feared him.
So the supreme god went forth, finding certain beings whom would trick the beast, and finally trap him. Once it was done, the Supreme god had chains forged to hold the chaos dragon and to be sure he would remain untouched, had Titus buried under a large mountain in the most remote corner of the world.

Tahrovin had heard of the power, and wanted to know more, to perhaps gain such magic. She went to the Elder Angelus, a lesser chaos wyvern and Tahrovin's great-great-great grandmother. The Elder had told her granddaughter the stories, and of the power, but also warned Tahrovin of what would happen if she were to continued her path of pursuing such dangerous magic.

As for the young wyvern, she dismissed the thought, and continued her path. Tahrovin sought information from the 3-headed elder, one of the oldest dragons who still existed. They told her a few things, but not everything. They were worried, Tahrovin's curiosity would lead to nothing good if she continued her path.
They admired her hunger for knowledge, but some things were best left unknown...

The Supreme God had heard of Tahrovin's pursuit of wanting to know more of the Chaos power. It observed her, watching, knowing. As the wyvern became closer to finding what she wanted to know, the supreme god had shown itself in the form of a will-o-wisp.
It warned her, telling her to turn back. Of course, Tahrovin didn't back down. She knew she was close to unlocking her true potential.

And so the supreme god did what it knew had to be done in order to keep the worlds from falling into chaos once again. It cursed Tahrovin, forcing her into her human form, and stripping her of her ability to take her true form and the little chaos magic she had.
All she had now was her inferno fire, claws, wings, and tail. Other than that, she was trapped in a human form. The god had warned her, and now she would never know her powerful form, until she learned that some things were indeed best left to be a mystery.

Tahrovin returned to Mount Draconis, where she was immediately scolded and even attacked by the other dragons. The Dragon King, King Rigeulus Dahaka, banished Tahrovin from the dragon lands. If she were to ever try and return, she was to be killed on sight.

And so Tahrovin left her world behind, adventuring into the world of man. Trapped in a human's body for the most part, Tahrovin felt helpless. She still had her fire, but that was about it.
So now she must go forth, to try and rid herself of this curse so she can return to her true form once again. Tahrovin, having no experience with man or what they were capable of, had fallen asleep at the side of a road. Unknowing to her, a slave caravan was passing by, and saw potential in the female, so they captured her, shoving her into a cage.

Next thing Tahrovin knew, she was waking up with people shouting, chains rattling, and an unbearable stench.
Her wings were bound together, tail chained to floor of the cage, and her arms chained together. Course, Tahrovin was not happy about any of it. Before she knew it, her cage was suddenly being slid to the side. A rather wealthy man had bought her.
Tahrovin was not happy about it, not one bit. Once a powerful beast, now nothing more than a petty servant.
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[center [h3 Tahrovin]]
Tahrovin was enjoying the warmth when she was spoken to. The female turned her eyes towards Olivia. The draconic woman forced herself to reply in a quiet voice, [#b22222 "Greetings Miss."]
As Olivia continued to talk as she worked, Tahrovin grew silent again. Her gaze shifted to the other female, Sophie. Tahrovin's eyes narrowed slightly, pupils becoming thin slits. Though as Olivia mentioned finding something to eat in the pantry, did the female only give the woman a nod in response, slowly making her way over.
It was indeed cooler inside this part. Tahrovin wasn't too happy about it. She wasn't terribly hungry, but the woman knew she should at least nibble on something. Tahrovin found a bit of bread, breaking it apart, then eating it slowly.
The female turned, tail trailing behind her as she returned next to Olivia. As the woman asked if Tahrovin knew how to 'cook', she blinked a bit. Um, 'cook', did burning entire villages count as 'cooking'? Tahrovin kept the thoughts to herself, knowing better than to speak her mind about such a subject. Instead, she was tasked with cutting vegetables. Though, Tahrovin did as she was asked.
Her wings were neatly folded against her back, tail swaying a bit. As time passed, she didn't seem to notice. Tahrovin glanced to the side, hearing footsteps approaching. The timid Sophie soon appearing nearby. The draconic woman stopped what she was doing, turning to face her.
She raised an slim eyebrow. Tahrovin ran the place through her mind, having an idea where dining room was. Well, if anything she could just follow the scent. She already had it memorized in her mind...for reasons.
The female sighed, muttering under her breath. Though she turned, heading to where she was expected to be.

Her wings were still neatly folded against her back as she entered the room where the Lord of the Manor sat, waiting. Tahrovin approached in silence, keeping her eyes lowered. Before she knew it, she found herself close to the man.
As he spoke to her, Tahrovin gave a low bow in response, responding, [#b22222 "Greetings Lord. No, I do not believe that introductions were made."]
Tahrovin straightened again. Her eyes glowed slightly, soon coming to land on his own. Her tail twitched slightly, waiting once again in silence.
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Olivia and Sophie were in the kitchen preparing something with the ovens burning and the heat in the room steadily rising. Olivia looked over when Tahrovin wandered closer to the flames and she smiled at the dragon’s slight greeting. “[+d70ff5 Good Morning, Tahrovin.]” She said cheerfully, wiping her hands on her apron as she moved to grab something off of another counter top. “[+d70ff5 You’ve missed breakfast but you can grab something from the pantry before we get to work.]” Sophie didn’t look so happy about that offer but Olivia waved her off back to work and set to getting something around for Tahrovin to do.

Once she’d come back out of the pantry, which had been quite a bit cooler than the warm kitchen, Olivia asked if Tahrovin knew how to cook. “[+d70ff5 ... Oh, I’m sorry dear,]” She said earnestly after seeing the dragon’s blank expression. “[+d70ff5 I forgot.. Hmm… Oh! Here is something you can do.]” Olivia gave Tahrovin a miniscule task of chopping up vegetables. Around mid morning, someone spoke to Olivia and she glanced over at Sophie before walking back over to Tahrovin. “[+d70ff5 Dear? So you know where the dining room is?]” She asked. “[+d70ff5 Our Lord wants to see you.]” She said in a subtle voice, but there was curiosity in her eyes.

The dining room was just down a small hall from the kitchen and in the room with the relatively large table, the Lord of the manor sat musing in his own thoughts. When Tahrovin entered the room, Noel looked over at her with his warm amber eyes and he shifted towards her, folding his hands on the empty table top. “[+1c9b29 Ah, Hello.]” He said with a pleasant tone, “[+1c9b29 I do not believe we were properly introduced the last time I saw you.]” He said, still not at all threatening though he didn’t stop staring at her. His demeanor was relaxed, like he’d done this many times before. But he had no idea how Tahrovin thought or how she would react once he offered her his little proposal.
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[center [h3 Tahrovin]]
She was almost completely relaxed. The female's eyes slowly started to close. Though she jolted back, whipping around, baring fangs and claws. However, seeing the glint of armor and 'familiar' faces, did Tahrovin settle down, if only slightly.
The female was growling softly under her breath. Her eyes shifted to where the other had pointed. Tahrovin raised an eyebrow. Appeared humans had a 'time' about how long one could stay out, or perhaps it was just this man. Either way, it annoyed her.
Tahrovin only snapped her fangs in an irritable manner, but followed back. Her tail curled up between her legs, wings once again wrapping around her. The female kept her eyes on the ground, resisting the urge to just set the whole place ablaze. It would fill her with utmost joy...but she knew better.
[hr ]
The night was long. Tahrovin maybe got 3 hours of sleep, it wasn't much. Then again, there wasn't much to do. She was used to flying most of the time, but here she was confined.
Sudden sound of footsteps announced the presence of someone. Her forked tongue flicked out, testing the air. Hm, Sophie, least Tahrovin was sure that was the girl's name. Either way, the quiet human appeared at the door.
The kitchen? Ah yes, the place of warmth. Tahrovin waited for the girl to leave, then slowly stood. She yawned, showing fangs. Her wings unraveled from her back, making an almost soft rattling as they stretched. Her tail flicked to the side as she stood. Tahrovin debated on leaving or not, but remembering the heat and fire of that 'kitchen' was something she wanted again.
So Tahrovin opened the door. She could sense the warmth, homing in on it with ease. The female entered quietly, seeing the flames and the blast of heat was welcoming. Tahrovin almost gave a soft prrum of pleasure, but stopped herself.
She slowly made her way to where she saw the two women in the kitchen. Tahrovin only gave a small nod, her eyes wandering towards the flames.
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The trees around her created plenty of shade and the spacing allowed the wind to be funneled and whipped around inside if the grove. The cooler air then settled and a shout followed by laughter sounded from the manor. The slight sound of a door slamming let Tahrovin know that the group had just gone back inside and she mostly alone again with her thoughts.

After what felt like a few minutes, there was the sound of crunching leaves as someone paced through the grove towards her. They obviously weren’t trying to hide from the dragon and by the sound of their footsteps it seemed like they were headed straight towards her. The footsteps veered to her right and as she glanced over, Julian was standing there a few feet away. The soldier was still adorning her armor and she had one hand clasped tightly around the hilt of her weapon.

She said something, her tone dismissive and she waited, the two stared at eachother and Julian repeated herself before letting her voice trail off and she sighed. She then pointed upwards towards the sky and then forwards towards the house. The dusk sky was a orangish-red and the shadows from the trees were already stretching towards the east. Apparently Julian wanted Tahrovin to go back to the Manor. A few hours had passed from when she first sat down in the grove and now the curfew of the house was being enforced.

The manor was still relatively quiet when the dragon did enter again and despite how it looked from the outside, it really wasn’t that big. The side parlor where Tahrovin entered was near the kitchen and servant’s stairwell as well as close to the hall she’d been lead through by Eijaz from the entrance hall. It was easy enough to find her way around as well as feel the eyes on her from the twenty or so staff that watched her pass by. Back in her given room was where she could be alone without being bothered or gawked at, at least until morning again. When morning came, Olivia had sent her Sophie up to wake Tahrovin, though she was being woken late, and the timid girl informed her that was would be spending the morning in the kitchen and to come downstairs when she was ready.

The shy girl scurried back down the servant’s stairs almost as soon as she was done talking and left her alone to either get ready or just ignore what she’d been told.
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[center [h3 Tahrovin]]
The female released a soft snort, smoke escaping her slightly agape jaws. She couldn't help but wonder if all humans were so arrogant, least in her eyes. Then again, Tahrovin was one of those dragons who thought herself better than humans...despite being trapped in the body of one, which annoyed her to no end.
Tahrovin slipped past, weaving in and out of the pillars, keeping to the shadows. Her wings were folded neatly against her back, making it easier to traverse without bumping into anything. The female's tail trailed behind her, also managing to not knock into anything.
Her feet carried her towards the trees. As Tahrovin started to make her way, did she hear voices. The female glanced over, seeing several humans. A forked tongue flicked out of her mouth, testing the air. She raised an eyebrow, confused. Tahrovin stared for several moments, then snorted.
She ignored them, continuing to the grove. Tahrovin would do as she pleased. The female made her way, walking through the trees. Her, she was away from all those people and the crowded place. She paused, looking around. Tahrovin was slightly on edge, but felt more comfortable away from all the ruckus. She continued along, before coming to a pause.
The female glanced around, then turned to look at the ground. She used her hand carefully remove several loose strands of red hair from her face, pushing it back into place around her horns. There was little to worry about here, it was calm...except for that one harsh truth.
Tahrovin frowned, then sighed in frustration. Her gaze flitted towards the sky. She knew they were watching, it was watching.
[#b22222 "First you punish me by trapping me in this human body, now I am forced to be a 'pet' to these humans? Sick bastard,"] she muttered darkly under her breath.
As if in reply, the wind suddenly picked up, blowing around her. Tahrovin released an irritable growl, but grew silent.
  Dragoncita / 192d 2h 24m 7s
As Tahrovin stalked around the manor, heading away from where she’d seen the nobleman go, the feeling of eyes on her caught her attention and looking back, she could see the man standing out in the prairie about halfway towards the treeline, watching her. He’d seen her jump out of her window and stood to watch her walk away and he continued to watch as she met his gaze and scowled in his direction. His expression was calm and relaxed and standing among the rocks and tall grass, he simply adjusted his grip on the quiver he was carrying waiting a few moments. He then turned away, no suddenness in his movements and clearly in no hurry as he continued to walk back in the direction he’d been going in. He didn’t seem worried about what Tahrovin could do or what she was doing now. Either he was overconfident that something would keep her there or he was as she saw him, a fool.

Continuing around the manor, she could see that the south side of the had large stone pillars, similar to the ones that were around the front, except these didn’t have a chiseled lines running up and down them. There was an open room on this side, a shaded walkway leading from the stone deck in the back around this side of the manor and most likely continuing to the front. The room was something like a parlor except for the fact that the only furniture was a table between the two entrances into the manor. The rest of the parlor was empty and the shadow it casted was cool and almost chilled. On the south side away from the manor, there was another path and a domestic grove of trees, clearly planted with the spacing between them.

Tahrovin didn’t get to look around any further as a few people stepped out of the manor, prompting her to move on, or stay there and be gawked at and stared over towards by the other people. They weren’t servants or guards or anything like that. They were actually apart of the guests that visited the manor. Something Eijaz had alluded to but not really said anything about.
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[center [h3 Tahrovin]]
The female couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as Eijaz started to explain the situation she was now apart of at the moment. Someone 'owned' her? This was a joke right?
A human could not simply own a dragon or a wyvern. They could befriend the beast, but never own it...then again, Tahrovin had to remember she didn't have her true form, and she honestly had no idea how or if she would ever get it back.
[#b22222 "...5 years you say? It will be amusing if he actually believes I plan on staying that long..."]
Tahrovin followed behind him quietly as he led her to another room. The female's voice was soft again, [#b22222 "Kindness...tis hard believe."]
The female took in her surroundings. She still had a strong dislike about being indoors with no space to stretch her wings, but she would make do for now. She reached a hand up, rubbing underneath the collar slightly, but didn't seem too bothered by it. Tahrovin wandered towards the window. Her gaze remained on the outside as she replied to Eijaz.
[#b22222 "Brilliant...so I'm the messenger and the fetcher."]
She huffed a bit, smoke escaping from her lips, [#b22222 "Perhaps it'd be advisable to not anger me, for I won't be afraid to set whoever I see fit on fire."]
Then Eijaz left the room. Tahrovin's gaze remained on the outside. Her eyes narrowed, pupils thin slits as she caught sight of the man who 'bought' her. A soft growl escaped her, the air around her heating up, her agitation growing. Did this fool truly think she was going to sit in this deathtrap?
Without a second thought, Tahrovin suddenly opened the window. Hey, least she could open it and even better, slip right through it. The female jumped downwards, her wings opened up, catching the air as she floated, landing perfectly on the ground. Then, without a second thought, did Tahrovin make a bee-line in the opposite direction. She had the sudden urge to burn something, and it'd probably be safer to burn something other than that manor, lest she anger the humans enough to hunt her down.
Hey, the other said nothing about her going [b out] of the manor.
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“[+f5650f …]” Eijaz looked at Tahrovin with a calm look but his expression hid something as he turned to lead her out of the kitchen. “[+f5650f You… Don’t actually know why you are here, do you?]” He finally said, looking at her as if waiting for her to confirm or deny it. His eyes looked towards the heavy collar that was still around her neck and he pressed his lips together uncertainty. “[+f5650f That Nobleman, the one who came back to this manor with us, in all sense of the word [i owns] you now. He bought you from that slaver’s caravan and technically you are now a slave.]” He seemed hesitant to be telling her this but he quickly followed up with. “[+f5650f But none of us are ever treated as such. Lord Zék is a kind and considerate man, he only asks what he needs from us and nothing more and that is 5 years.]” Eijaz paused when he noticed Tahrovin’s unamused but also confused look and he clarified.

“[+f5650f Every servant that lives and works for him does so for 5 years before he asks if they wish to leave. Those who do are free to go at that point but… Well there are worse places to be then here. Far worse.]” He met her gaze carefully and held it for a moment before stepping back and making sure she’d follow him before taking her to a nearby staircase. It was the servant’s stairs in the back of the manor and they were a little steep for anyone who wasn’t use to them. He showed her to her room and paused, letting her take it in before finally telling her what she’d be expected to do now at the manor.

“[+f5650f You job here will be assisting Julian and when need be, running errands for Olivia. The tasks are fairly lenient but there is nothing routine about it. You won’t receive much trouble here but there is one thing you’ll need to look out for and that is the tenants. You aren’t expected to be nice to any of them but there is one you should keep an eye on. Her name is Marilyn and she has a tendency to create conflict the only thing I can suggest for her is that you stay out of her way but don’t turn a blind eye to whatever she’s doing].” With introductions done and her purpose there explained to her, Eijaz glanced out the window of her room before deciding to leave her there to settle

Outside there was a view of the back of the manor and the nobleman’s property. There was a stone deck built out from the manor before it was met with a wide extensive prairie and the continuation of trees far from the manor. Sprinkled across the prairie were smooth stones, some standing tall while others were just barely peeking above the grass and at the edge of the deck was the man that had brought her here. Lord Noel Zék. He was speaking to someone and paused as they replied and he waved them away dismissively. He turned towards the grasses like he was going to then walk out through them but he paused and looked back towards the manor. His fiery eyes scanned across the back of the building and they passed seamlessly over the window to Tahrovin’s room before he hoisted a quiver back along his side and turned to track out towards the distant woods on foot.
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[center [h3 Tahrovin]]
Tahrovin was completely silent. She glanced between the humans around her, still trying to figure out what exactly was going on, and why she was brought here. These people honestly expected her to stay? Well, she'd play the game for awhile until she grew bored of it.
The female's eyes wandered to the fire. She welcomed the warmth, and the flickering flames seemed to have a calming effect on her. Tahrovin was almost tempted to get closer to the fire, to touch it. The flames wouldn't hurt her, if anything they were a reminder of happier times for her. Unfortunately though, those times were gone, and had been for some time now.
Her burning gaze soon turned to the plate set in front of her. Tahrovin stared at if for several moments, then finally started to pick at it. Of course, she went for the meat, leaving everything else untouched.
She heard them before they even entered. Another servant entered. Olivia introduced Tahrovin, who in turn only glanced at the other for several moments, then turned her eyes back to the flames.
As she was bombarded with questions, Tahrovin somehow managed to keep her temper in check, which was extremely difficult. Thankfully for her, that man from earlier, Eijaz, had come back.
Tahrovin slowly stood, her wings remained in a make-shift cloak around her. She gave a nod to Olivia, then approaching Eijaz. Her tail trailed behind her, yet the female barely made a sound as she moved.
Her burning eyes settled on Eijaz, [#b22222 "Yes, perhaps an explanation would be nice, since I hardly know anything about humans, or their customs. I know a little, but my studies were focused on....something else to where I could not be bothered by humans or their traditions."]
Tahrovin grimaced to herself as she thought back. If only she hadn't been so keen on wanting to know more, to gain more power...she had been well aware of the consequences, but ignored the warnings from her elder and gods themselves.
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Olivia looked pleased with just knowing Tahrovin’s name and she clasped her hands together in a satisfied manner. “[+d70ff5 Well my dear, it is good to meet you.]” She beamed before stepping back to turn away. “[+d70ff5 Now are either of you hungry, the track back from town is a long one.]” She began and Eijaz shook his head.

“[+f565of Nothing for me, madam. But Lord Zék did ask that we make sure Tahrovin here is comfortable and gets a proper welcoming.]” He glanced at Tahrovin for a moment before stretching a little and turning back towards the doorway to leave the kitchen. “[+f5650f I’m going to check and see which rooms have extra bedding in them, I’ll be back in a few minutes.]” He said walking out of the room. Sophie looked over her shoulder as Eijaz left and her eyes shifted to the dragon before she turned back around. The heat in the room grew noticeable as Olivia built up the fires in the ovens and she continued to talk about how wonderful it was that Tahrovin was with them now. Sophie still hadn’t said anything and kept her eyes firmly turned away.

Almost as soon as Tahrovin was given something to eat, another servant came into the room and began speaking to Olivia in a soft voice before he stopped and looked curiously at other female. “[+d70ff5 This is Tahrovin, she came back from town with Lord Zék.]” She explained and the man nodded before speaking again to Olivia.

“[+0d4f91 Marilyn wants this prepared by tonight.]” He said handing her a note before nodding as the cook grimmest and sighed.

“[+d70ff5 Tell her that she’d just going to have to wait like everyone else.]” She said sternly and he nodded again, turning around to leave the room. It was a little while later, with Olivia trying to get Tahrovin to open up with various questions and Sophie having left the room with whatever she’d been preparing, when Eijaz came back.

“[+f5650f When you’re finished I can show you around the manor,]” He offered, “[+f5650f As well as explain what exactly you’ll be doing here.]” That’s right. The nobleman had brought Tahrovin back to his home where she’d been greeted with mostly open arms by everyone that she’d met except for a few individuals but as for Lord Zék, he had seemingly disappeared after they reached his land. Nothing had been explained to Tahrovin but she could get some ideas with Eijaz having told her that she’d just come from a slave auction.
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[center [h3 Tahrovin]]
Tahrovin only bared her fangs again. The language was unknown to her. The female simply smirked, tail flicking to the side. Her gaze turned back to Eijaz.
[#b22222 "I have, there were times I would fly for days to reach destinations and places beyond your reach...and as I mentioned, I will keep traveling until I right what I had done wrong."]
The manor soon loomed overhead. Tahrovin frowned at the sight of it. She had paused at the entrance. She looked the structure up and down, stepping back. It was just too enclosed, no room to open her wings, to escape if and when the time called for it.
It took a few minutes, but finally the female followed, entering inside. She kept her wings in the make-shift cloak around her form. She felt the presence of many around her, their gazes watching her. Tahrovin was put at even more unease. Her body was tense, growling softly under her breath.
They passed another to wherever she was being led. Tahrovin heard the mention of 'pet', which in turn made the female annoyed. The air around her seemed to heat up, showing her agitation. She may be trapped in human form, but Tahrovin was still a wyvern.
Soon, they entered a rather large, spacious room. Now this area was rather interesting. The female welcomed the warmth, which in turn seemed to calm her down a little. Tahrovin felt a little at ease, until one of new humans came over. This new stranger was rather the happy and welcoming sort.
Tahrovin shifted her feet nervously. Member of this family? They had barely met and Tahrovin was to join?
The female turned her burning gaze to Eijaz who introduced the two women as Olivia and Sophie. Tahrovin was silent for several moments, then looked back to Olivia.
[#b22222 "Tahrovin,"] was all the female said. She felt no need to share the rest of her story.
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Eijaz glanced back at Julian who looked quite unimpressed and she finally spoke up, in another language. Her voice was stern and cold and half way through whatever she was saying, Eijaz cut her off in a scolding tone. He was also speaking in another language and after their brief exchange, Julian just snorted and looked away grimly.

“[+f5650f You said you have traveled far.]” He inquired. “[+f5650f And I know I said that lord Zék brought you, but no one who lives there is treated like a slave. We are all living creatures and we are all respected as such.]” This last part, though told to Tahrovin, it seemed more directed towards Julian. The soldier just snorted something and she shook her head to herself. Eijaz, sighing quietly, motioned to Tahrovin for them to start walking again and the three made their way up to the manor.

It wasn’t as grand as it looked from a distance but the building did seem structurally sound. The walls were stone and the floors, being well polished and clean, had the same shine that marble did. The entrance was framed by pillars and despite the heat outside, the inside of the home was cool and pleasant. Eijaz walked Tahrovin to the kitchen and along the way, it was easy to feel all the eyes on her as she passed. In simple terms, her presence made the other servants weary. But it wasn’t just the servant’s eyes on her.

Passing the main stairway, a figure tilted her glass cup in hand and swirling wine slowly. “[+0d4f91 Hmm.. Seems like Noel has another pet.]” She mused softly to herself, standing still in the dim shade by a window.

They entered a large kitchen with windows on one side and two stone ovens on the other, both with glowing embers that made the room particularly warm. Two people were standing on the far side of the kitchen on the other side of a counter with baskets of fruit near them. The cooks and the older of the two looked over her shoulder and she smiled when she saw Eijaz.

“[+d70ff5 Hello Eijaz, how was the lord’s day on the…]” She trailed off when her eyes looked over at Tahrovin and the younger cook glanced back towards them too, freezing at what she saw. It was only for a few moments then the older cook broke out into a smile, turning around and wiping her hands off. “[+d70ff5 Oh Hello dear!]” She greeted pleasantly, though her younger helper didn’t look as eased as her mentor was. “[+d70ff5 So this is the newest member of our little family. Come, come, what is your name?]” She continued without missing a beat as she walked over to Eijaz and Tahrovin.

“[+f5650f These are our two cooks, Olivia and Sophie.]” Eijaz said. Olivia was still beaming while Sophie still looked a little nervous and turned away back to her work.
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[center [h3 Tahrovin]]
The female growled softly for the entire time. Her tail lashed from side to side, the air around her seemed to heat up, making it clear she was agitated. Tahrovin soon found herself standing before two other humans.
One of them appeared harmless, rather timid perhaps. As for the other, a woman with armor.
As the other reached for her blade, Tahrovin instinctively released a menacing growl. Her lips curled back, showing her fangs. The wyvern's voice was a low snarl, [#b22222 "Best not be trying anything with that blade my dear, or it just might end up as a pool of molten metal."]
The female meant what she said. Her forked tongue flicked out, testing the air once again. She turned her eyes towards the one who introduced himself as 'Eijaz'. The others started to walk. Course, Tahrovin was hesitant. She reached up, scratching at the collar around her neck. Hm, perhaps she should just play along. The female started to follow, tail trailing behind her.
[#b22222 "Slave trade,"] Tahrovin questioned, [#b22222 "I have heard of such things, never had to worry about such things in our lands...then again I had little to fear then."]
The draconic woman's expression was pained, remembering. Tahrovin shook her head, as if to clear those thoughts away. She needed to keep a calm mind. Her tail swished to the side, keeping her head low. The female's wings had folded along her, almost creating a make-shift cloak around her.
[#b22222 "I have traveled thousands of miles with no rest,"] Tahrovin replied softly to the male who called himself Eijaz, [#b22222 "And I will keep going until I find what I seek...this is just a minor detour."]
She lifted her head, taking note of the massive building in the distance, manor as they called it. Tahrovin raised an eyebrow, unsure. Was this a human's equivalent to a dragon's cave? If so, she'd take a cave any day. It was just too...out there. Least with a cave there was a chance of it being hidden away.
[#b22222 "Do all humans' have such...buildings that are just begging to be burned?"]
Blunt and perhaps speaking how she thought, Tahrovin cared very little. She wanted nothing to do with it.
  Dragoncita / 211d 18h 39m 3s
The man turned back and watched Tahrovin, waiting for her as the few guards that had noticed her moving like she was going to run came over and held their weapons ready. He wasn’t intimidated by her growling or from the fire she’d spat earlier as she was pulled from the cage. The man simply waited for her to follow after him. When she turned to follow, he led her towards some stables where a steed was waiting, as were two other people. One, a woman dressed in soldier’s armor who had a grim, hardened look and the other was a man dressed in simple clothes, like a servant.

“[+f5650f Lord Zék.]” The second man said, bowing his head to the first. “[+f5650f Are we ready to leave?]” He asked and the noble man nodded.

“[+1c9b29 Yes.]” He answered and mounted the waiting steed. The woman didn’t say anything and while the servant watched his noble, the soldier fixed her cold eyes onto Tahrovin and her hand reached down to grip the hilt of her sword. “[+1c9b29 Don’t be a stranger, Eijaz.]” He then said and the servant straightened, looking over towards Tahrovin before nodding and they began walking.

“[+f5650f Erm, Hello.]” Eijaz said softly to her, glancing towards the soldier before looking back at Tahrovin. “[+f5650f My name is Eijaz Luce and this is Julian Crow.]” He gestured towards the soldier and Julian didn’t say anything. “[+f5650f Lord Zék seems to see something in you. It’s been a long while since he’s bought someone from the slave trade.]” They were walking for quite some time before a thin forest began to thicken on either side of the road and the Noble man turned his steed to look back at the three.

“[+1c9b29 Take her back to the house and make sure she gets something to eat before meeting the others.]” Eijaz nodded at this order and then man turned his steed away again, taking off at a much quicker pace down the road.

“[+f5650f The manor isn’t much farther.]” Eijaz said in an almost reassuring tone and Julian still didn’t say anything. They were only walking for a few more minutes before the trees parted around the road and the large manor came into view. “[+f5650f Welcome to Lord Noel Zék’s home.]” The servant said, like he’d done this many times before.
  Noel Z / BBJ / 210d 10h 55m 50s
[center [h3 Tahrovin]]
Tahrovin shifted slightly, well, to the best of her ability. A forked tongue flicked from her mouth, testing the air. She continued to growl under her breath. Her gaze watched the crowd as what appeared to be a few either brave, or foolish souls started to bid. She, however, had no clue what was really happening.
The female was unaware of 'human customs'. Tahrovin had heard a few stories, but not enough to prepare her for this. She turned her head as the man grew quiet for several moments. Tahrovin suddenly felt the cage being shoved to the side. The female barely had time to react, not to mention anything to help balance what with her wings bound back.
Then they opened the doors. Tahrovin wanted nothing to do with it. She felt them pull on the chains, and she reacted. The female opened her jaws, releasing a burst of fiery flames. Course, the ones trying to get her out were startled, but as the fire died down, they returned to yanking her out.
Oh how she wished she wasn't cursed. These humans and this entire village would've burned. Tahrovin happily would've set the place ablaze. Being part Inferno dragon, she had a special knack with inferno fire which was different than normal fire. Unfortunately though, that wasn't going to happen.
Tahrovin was finally pulled out, after much straining. Even in human form, she was still pretty strong, retaining a decent portion of her true strength. However, she did have her limits, and being 'human' left her in a vulnerable state.
Then before she knew it, her form suddenly felt light. There was the 'clank' as the chains fell away from her body. Tahrovin's wings snapped open, stretching. Freedom! She almost leapt upwards, to fly away from this awful place when a voice spoke.
The female turned her head, her own burning gaze meeting this male's. Most of the chains were off, there was still a heavy iron collar around her neck. She didn't know that this man now 'owned' her. To Tahrovin, he was just a random stranger.
She curled her lips back, once again baring sharp fangs, [#b22222 "I can walk and fly farther than you if I have to."]
Then the man turned, telling her to [i 'come']. Just who the hell did this guy think he was? Telling a wyvern to 'follow' him like a dog? Tahrovin snorted softly, snarling, [#b22222 "Amusing. Sorry human, I don't 'come' when told to. I have no interest in this place or you."]
Tahrovin then turned to head in the opposite direction when she was met with a wall of spears. Great, these must be those humans that are called guards. She would've flown away, but being cramped in a cage and having her wings bound back left them in a useless state for the time being.
Seems she might have no choice but to follow...despite how much she despised the idea...Tahrovin was in no condition, or form, to fight so many.
  Dragoncita / 214d 9h 23m 32s

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