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As the evening sun painted the city in reds, Leo's last meeting wrapped up and then it was just one item left on the agenda before getting ready for the gala. His daily meeting with his father.

When Leo had been younger, they had met in his father's office, an expansive room sparsely decorated, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city. His father imagined the city to belong to him, in many ways. He also imagined it was his to give away, and he imagined Leo to be the new caretaker of it. Leo, however, held no such illusions though never said as much. Back then, their meetings had mostly consisted of various tests. His father had tested him in a hundred ways, trying to break his resolve. Everything from questions of recent politics, to corporate gossip, to physical tests of endurance and loyalty. A few memorable ones were holding his hand over a flame for the duration it took him to recite the family's genealogy back five generations, seducing his father's assistant and convincing him to give up his father's personal schedule and literally jumping out the window when it was requested.

Nowadays, most meetings took place in his father's bedroom, as he had grown too weak to leave it. There were also no more tests. As Leo approached the large bedroom doors he heard violent coughing from within. He waited for the sounds to die away before knocking on the thick mahogany doors.

An attendant opened the door and stepped aside with downcast eyes as he recognized Leo for who he was. Leo walked inside without sparing a glance at the attendant, dismissing him with a gesture of his hand. The door closed silently behind him.

No one who knew Leo's father would believe it, but these meetings were Leo's favorite part of the day. He approached his father's bed and sat down in a chair next to it. The disrespectful gesture of simply sitting down without waiting for permission filled him with a vicious giddiness. The room was stuffy, dark. It stank of sickness and talcum powder. Leo breathed it in deeply, savoring it. He smiled, and was almost surprised to find the gesture was real.

"Hello father," he said.

The figure in the bed stirred, turned. Some rustling, then two golden eyes peered out from under the silk and eiderdown.

For a moment, they simply regarded one another, two identical pairs of eyes trying to take a measure of the other.

"How is the dying coming along?" Leo asked easily, his hands placed comfortably on the armrests. A rasping chuckle emanated from the bedclothes.

As Leo's father's health declined, they had become increasingly informal with each other. When he had been in good health, Leo's father would have had him beat within an inch of his life if he had ever dared to sit without permission, dared to address him with anything other than the utmost reverence and respect.

Leo theorized that his father saw so much of himself in his sculpted son that he simply couldn't take offense. He wasn't dying, he wasn't leaving this earth. He was merely giving way to his younger, healthier self. He probably approved of Leo's disdain for him too, as it mirrored his own disgust at his illness.

"Won't be long now," came the hoarse reply.
  Leonard Gestalt / 7y 257d 18h 26m 0s AGO I AN BIRTHDAY HAD / cleolamora / 66d 15h 7m 38s
[b Roleplay ideas~]

[i Sort of a humorous version of Rapture. 4ppl: 2 angels and 2 demons]

The devil, a greedy little shit hellbent (literally) on the domination of Earth and of Heaven, has gotten it into his horned head that he is gonna kill God .

Problem is, no one knows where God is. He's been on a bit of a holiday for quite a while now and he didn't exactly leave a forwarding address.

So now the race is on! Will the demons find him first, or will the angels be able to rescue their dad in time?
  C / 7y 257d 18h 26m 0s AGO I AN BIRTHDAY HAD / cleolamora / 182d 9h 29m 6s

[i Odabe Steel]
  C / 7y 257d 18h 26m 0s AGO I AN BIRTHDAY HAD / cleolamora / 207d 13h 6m 47s
[b [i Brain farts~~]]

A roleplay with a 300 word upper limit, excepting introduction posts.
Fast paced, with a large number of roleplayers.

[b Theme alternatives:]
- High fantasy
- Mutants (superheroes?)
- Space travel
- Tribal arena
- Pirates

[b Plot alternatives:]
- Team (roleplayers) VS Villain (NPC)
- Team (roleplayers) VS Team (roleplayers)
- Journey
- Treasure hunt
- Free form

[b Notes:]

The 300 word limit is a way to try to speed up the posting process, so a roleplay won't die out due to inertia.

Potential problem No. 1: the post quality might suffer, though this should be remedied by checking the roleplayers skills during initial screening.

Potential problem No. 2: 300 words might simply be too few words for a proper post. But that's what the experiment is for. If needed, the limit can be hiked up to 400 or 500 words.
  7y 257d 18h 26m 0s AGO I AN BIRTHDAY HAD / cleolamora / 255d 4h 24m 26s
[i Characterisation doodles for Taba...]

There was silence. Tabassum almost didn’t notice the stillness anymore, they had gotten used to it. The once bustling and bright estate was now barren; the neighboring desert was making its move to reclaim the space, white sand covered everything from the once shining painted glass windows to the lavish tapestries adorning the walls of the estate.
Tabassum walked through the halls alone, on their way to the kitchens to see if the rumor that their chef had fled in the night was true. Suddenly, while turning the corner into the great dining hall, they stopped short. A horribly acrid smell assaulted Tabassum’s nostrils and they almost gagged. In front of them was a broken window and below it a yellow pool of stale piss. Another charming gift from the townspeople of Effri. Tabassum exhaled through their mouth, tore their eyes from the crude vandalism meant to humiliate more than harm, and purposefully walked on.
As Tabassum lay in their bed, waiting for a sleep they knew would not come for hours yet, Tabassum heard a fragile tap on their bedroom door. Looking up, it was their grandmother. Thin as a leaf and with grey hair like a bird’s nest, the matriarch of what was left of the Al-Ettri clan huddled up to Tabassum and lay down on the bed.
“I dreamt of your father, Taba. He was very handsome, wasn’t he? My most handsome son. And so kind, too, Taba. So kind…” she prattled on, resting in Tabassum’s lap.
Tabassum, used to these nightly visits, simply stroked their grandmother’s hair until she fell asleep, mumbling of a happier time. Tabassum cried silent tears in the dark, for their family, for what had been lost, and for the impotent rage that simmered just beneath the surface of Tabassum’s carefully sculpted façade.
They vowed to set things right. However they could, they would restore honor and pride to their family name. No matter the cost.
The path was certain. A messenger had come bearing the best news of Tabassum’s short life. A chance, a way to reclaim glory for their family. Tabassum’s head was spinning as they carefully read the instructions for Refrain and what was needed to make it.
The path was certain.

Tabassum’s grandmother, in her nightclothes still, anxiously watched as her only grandchild swallowed the bottle of Refrain, made by an Eirwennian travelling alchemist for an exorbitant fee they could scarcely afford. She screeched in fear when Tabassum started convulsing on the floor, shaking up sand and dust in the air. In the end, however, the spasms ended and Tabassum opened their eyes. No longer were they the dark brown of his fathers, but a pale grey.
A smile, for the first time in years, was dancing across their face.
There wasn’t much to say goodbye to when it came down to it. Tabassum made sure to pay the servants who cared for their grandmother so they would continue doing so, they scratched the head of their favorite cat and hugged their grandmother for as long as they could stand.
On the finest of their family’s horses, Tabassum rode out from the estate at a measured pace, and didn’t look back.
And suddenly, home wasn’t home anymore, it was just another thing Tabassum had left behind them. The path was certain, and that path led ever onward.
  Tabassum Al-Effri / 7y 257d 18h 26m 0s AGO I AN BIRTHDAY HAD / cleolamora / 262d 3h 29m 16s

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