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[size10 *This is a work in progress]

[center [size13 [font "PMingLiU-ExtB" Humans by nature are very dependant creatures. They depend on others around them to ensure they are never lonely. Forming relationships is something we all must do, because everyone gets lonely. Love is the strongest emotion. Love is everywhere, and finding the one person they want to spend the rest of their life with, the one person they truly love, is a common goal all humans share.

Your soulmate. That's what they call it. A person truly meant to love them and that they truly mean to love. When two humans fall in love, they tell themselves they have found their one true soulmate. But honestly, what do humans know about soulmates? There is no way for them to tell. It's not the same with us. From the day we are born, we already have a physical connection with our Soulmates.

We are Olostian.

The Olosty are beings born of magic. We exist in a world parallel to human earth. We are all very different and fantastic beings, all having our own powers and attributes. However we all share one thing in common. Our connection to our Soulmates.

Since the day an Olostian is born, they share the skin of their Soulmate. It's an invisible but constantly weaving layer cloaking your body. It's called the Soul layer. Your Soul Layer is your own skin, but you feel and see the most extreme sensations your Soulmate does. If your Soulmate gets a massage, you will feel a dim sensation of ease down the locations worked on your Soulmate. If they orgasm, it will tingle and glide through your body. If they are injured, you will feel a phantom pain. These senses are heightened the closer you are together.

In the same sense, if you were to get a tattoo, your Soulmate will recieve a faded version of the same one. If you draw a heart on the back of your hand, so it will be on your Soulmates. You and your Soulmate share a body, and being together is the most intimate and incredible experience an Olosty can have. It is for these reasons that I'm very concerned for my Soulmate.

I am always experiencing extreme phantom pain.

It hurt. Some days only a little, some days, I felt like a monster, that all my pain was a manifestation of evil trying to claw its way out of me, burning and bending my body in the process. But I never felt sorry for myself, because whatever I was feeling, I know my Soulmate was feeling double. It was hard as a child, but overtime I grew used to the phantom pains, only struggling when it became extreme. It had given me a very high tolerance to ordinary pain. A scraped knee was something I wouldn't even notice until the blood ran down my leg. Each faded scar appearing on my body was a reminder that my loved one was suffering immensely. I had no idea who they were or how to stop it. But I knew I needed to find a way on the morning when my back was aching. When I stumbled into the dim light of my lamp to face the body length mirror hanging on the wall of my bedroom.

When I saw the words scrawled across my chest in thick, panicked black marker.

[size20 [b [font "Bradley Hand ITC" H ELP M E]]]


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