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Thank you for clicking!~

Just looking for a few Roleplays!~

Let's start with plots!!!

Here are some things I am into:

Fandoms- Harry Potter based~ Draco x Harry, Draco x Hermione , Fred x Hermione x George (Triad) , Hermione x Luna, Neville x Draco, Draco x Ron, Female Draco x Hermione

Werewolf plots:

Alright so here I'm not picky. We can do f/f m/m f/m and sometimes m/f/m here is how my werewolves work though...

Alright so every wolf is created with their destined mate. Everyone has a perfect half and they must search for them or they cannot take their rightful places in their pack. When they get near their mate they will smell something very appealing that draws them to their mate although they will not know that's what the smell is. If their mate rejects them regardless of reason it shatters tthem causing both physical and emotional pain. If they are accepted when they 'mate' they will bite eachother to ginally seal the bond between them and when they do the mark turns into what appears to be a tattoo signifying who they belong to.

I love these plots and absolutely love the plot twists that come along with them

Now for some rules! !

I can get fancy with formatting but I'm to lazy for this thread. I can post between 1,000-3,000 characters depending on how into the rp I am. I don't do godmodding. I don't cyber so if your wanting that I'd stop here and leave this thread. I like romance but I don't want it to be the center of the rp nor does it need to be instant. I don't post everyday so patience is key. Communication is important. I am here to collaborate with writers we need to communicate on where the story should go next to make the rp work.

Thank you for reading! !! If your interested please feel free to say something in the thread or pm me with the title ~Nyx~

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