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Nikki, drove the camper van along the street, the engine misfired " oh Bessie, not here not now" she sighed and pulled over outside side a small three bedroom house. Nikki sighed and got out the van a crisp wind blow around her.

She put a pair of rubber gloves on and walked to the rear of the van and muttered some swear words. She sighed and stepped away before grabbing a spanner and hitting the old engine with it. Bessie responded by covering the doctor in thick black smoke.

Nikki goes through a huge coughing fit before taking out her phone, " ergh! My battery is flat!" She looked around and headed toward the house.

She knocked on the door and held her phone out she waited for some one to open the door
  (soon to be Doctor) Nikki Smith / Lawshenk / 1y 57d 5h 49m 51s
[+blue "Sarah Mae!"] A shrill high pitched voice rang up the stairs of the small three bedroom house. [+blue "You need to get out of bed young lady! Right now! It may be your birthday but your grandfather will be here in ten minutes!"] The voice said banging on the wall at the bottom of the steps.

Upstairs in one of the smaller bedrooms Sarah opened her eyes with a groan stretching her arms above her head letting out a deep sigh. [+red "Alright mother I'm up!"] She called back in what she meant to be a nice tone. [i [+red "Even on my birthday I can't sleep in!!"]] The red haired girl grumbled to herself as she sat up in her bed getting up and walking to her mirror. She glanced at the clock with an inward groan she opened a drawer quickly in her dresser and took out a dark blue dress with a flower print all over it. She undressed quickly and slid the dress on slipping into her favorite pair of flats she checked her reflection running her fingers through her long red hair she smiled at her reflection. [+red "Much Better.] She said quickly walking to her door and opening it before dashing down the stairs just as the front door opened and a tall grey haired man stood in the doorway. Sarah let out a very girlish squeak and leapt into the man's arms. [+red Papa! Oh how I've missed you!] Sarah said throwing her arms around his neck squeezing tightly breathing the musky scent of her grandfather in as if she would never see him again.

The old man chuckled. [+green "Why hello there sweet girl.] He smiled hugging his grand daughter tightly. [+green "Happy Birthday my dear"] he said moving her where he could look in her eyes [+green "I have something for you. Let us go into the livingroom and sit down"] taking Sarah's hand he led her into the livingroom and to the sofa.

[+red "You didn't have to get me anything Papa! You being here is enough!"] Sarah said to him sitting down in the armchair across from the sofa.

[+green "Nonsense. It is your twentieth birthday. I have waited twenty years to give this to you."] Her Papa said.

Sarah watched and he fished a small box out of his jacket pocket before handing it to her with a small smile. Sarah took the box gingerly. [+red "Thank you Papa."] She said as she opened the box. Sarah gasped at what she saw for there in the box was a small ring with wolves etched in that appeared to be dancing and there in the middle was a gleaming Sapphire stone. Tears welled in Sarah's eyes as she placed it on her ring finger on her right hand just as she had seen her grandfather do since she was small. As the ring slipped on her finger there was a warm sensation that went throughout her body that felt like fire. She had to take a sharp intake of breath.

[+red "Oh Papa. It is your favorite ring!"] She hugged her grandfather again.

[+green "I think it is time for you to take my place my dear. But I must go. I'm sorry I cannot stay."] The old man said before Sarah could ask any questions he kissed her forehead and walked out the door leaving Sarah staring at her hand confused.
  Sarah Mae Winters / LizzyBear / 1y 58d 9h 29m 36s
// hi I am sorry but real time chat seems to not be working so I will post here just wanted you to know I found it

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