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Nanites universe

All Nanites rps are 1-1’s
characters are not limited to single rp’s along the timeline.
Dr Smith does not get changed without changing back
The transformations can change the sex of the character

What are nanites?

They are microscopic alien robots which get in human blood supply and change the host

They arrived on a meteor there 7 colours only at the start of the book only 5 effect humans

Red = reset,

Turns back to human, does Not effect those that have changed sex.

Orange = were

Usually a female that changes into a big cat on a full moon person has a dislike of dogs can turn others

Usually a male that changes into a wolf on a full moon person has a dislike of cats can turn others

Were other animals are allowed to be discussed

Yellow = Superhuman

Like Marvel, DC or any other comic book type powers are bestowed upon you

Green = Magic

Witch, magical female able to summon objects or teleport herself, as their powers grow they can affect others.

Warlock magical male able to summon objects or teleport himself, as their powers grow they can affect others.

Blue = mers

Female gets wet from Salt water, grows tail can’t change others alone

Male gets wet from Salt water, grows tail can’t change others alone

Male or female, gets wet grows tail, sucks blood at any time of day. Can change others alone

Indigo = changes sex of human not any with other colours

Changes the sex of the human they are injected to only works once non reversible
Can be changed to other creature

Violet = vampire

Can be male or female, before they have turned another, they can go out during the day as a human. At night and once they have turned another. They are vampires in the traditional sense and can turn others

Who is involved?

Doctor Nikki Smith.
The scientist that discovered the nanites in “an old bit of tat found on Henry Dicksons archeological dig.

Henry Dickson
The archeologist that miss took the most important discovery of a generation as a bit of tat he is a jealous man

Sadie Myers
Nikki's college room mate, she is finding college hard and is hardworking and dedicated but dislikes how things fall into place for people having said that she is a good friend to Nikki as they are on equal terms.

The last mermaid not to be made by nanites

Others will be added later maybe.

Rp story ideas some may not be appropriate for all characters please discuss this with me

Origin of the species

Were, vampire, mer ,superhuman, magic

(a) was kidnapped and experimented you wake up in a stylish apartment with a credit card and a hot neighbour(b).
What will happen when you discover you're a [creature]

The creature

Were, vampire, mer ,superhuman, magic
(a) is a homeless person that (b) takes pity on. (a), lives in [B's] town and (b) knows [A's] face but that is all but what will happen when (b) sees (a) change for the first time ?

The new kid

Were, vampire, mer ,superhuman, magic
(b) Your class is joined by a strange new kid (a) the seems very nervous and scared (b) tries to be nice to them and invite them home where they accidently revealed

The Creauture ring

Were, vampire, mer ,superhuman, magic
(a) Buys there lover a ring (b). When they give them the ring it transforms them into a creature.


Were, vampire, mer ,superhuman, magic
A trick or treater (a) gets turned into their costumes by a witch(B)

nanites 101

Were, vampire, mer ,superhuman, magic
(b)Teacher and (a)student
(a) is in [B’s] class she is unlike any teenager you ever been with. one day during detention (a) starts to glow. They are forced to confess to you that they are one of the injected.

The new cheerleader

(b) cheers squad was one girl short but (b) had an idea (a) is the school’s biggest male nerd that (b) intends on turning into the school’s newest cheerleader
Please PM me to join and put the title of the role play in the chat
Character Details
I would like to play (a)/(b) please delete the one you do not wish to play or if your not bothered please leave both
Creature: Which form do you want the RP to take even if you are playing the human
looks :
Photo: optional not sure if it is possible
Short Bio: don’t give everything away

If there is nothing there you want please pme and we can tal story ideas
Thank You for reading


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Roleplay Responses

Please pm me any character or story ideas for this universe I all ready have one idea, the story of how Dr Smith, discovered the Nanos and how Henry tries to get his revenge on her
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