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Doesn't hurt to have a planning space. This way the chat can be for sayin "wassup" and important announcements from everyone; here we can say "wassup" and collaborate. I can even copy and paste planned scenes, friendships and other stuff below this sentence. ISN'T THAT AWESOME?

[Scene ideas so far]

-Victor being bullied by Aleksi for alliance with muggles
-someone transfiguring their classmate into a small animal and
stuffing it down another's pants
-someone places a diminuendo charm on their classmate's textbooks
or dorm room furniture for some payback for the earlier prank.
-someone smuggled in Firewhiskey cause they don't give a feck.

list of British swears and definitions, yeh bloody wanker:

>Confirmed rules from the rp reworded cause they aren't mine but ones that I thought would be helpful to keep in mind as planning guidelines.<<

-basic ES rules. which is no X-rated stuff and stuff pretty much.....
plus other shite.
-swear words have been allowed, British swear words preferred
-romance confirmed welcome
-fun: we are not meant to take this rp very seriously (example
provided was transfiguring your classmates and other juvenile pranks)
-in case of problem, questions or emergency, please PM HirokoKyo


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