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When Seth was outside and out of ear shot Jacob sat there with his head in his hands. "She showed me us... she was maybe 3 and we had a son... but my eyes... my eyes were red like the Volturi... bright red. Ness is that even possible, I mean it scares me... Renesmee... can I be a vampire? Can that happen? I mean yeah Sarah has Vampire and wolf genes but I wasn't born a vampire... I don't know how that can happen but she showed it to me. It was me.... she called me daddy in it... I... I don't know what to think Ness." He said... it was obvious that Jacob was so scared.

He pulled Renesmee and Sarah into his arms. "No matter what I will protect you both with my dying breath, I promise, you will always be safe with me...." He held her hand and said, "Ness... she will show you too... I know she will since you were in it." He put Sarah's little hand in her mother's and knelt in front of her waiting on her reaction.
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Renesmee smiled the next morning as she sat on the couch holding Sarah. She was excited to go back to the main house to tell everyone about what house they wanted to build. [b "Should we try and build it close to my family or La Push?"] she asked. She giggled when Jacob said that he would build a play set for her. [b "I think a store bought one will be fine. You can just inspect it before you let her on it."]

She nodded and held Sarah in her lap. She was holding the baby just as a precaution. She didn't know how to react. She watched as Jacob took the baby girl's hand, holding it to his face. She watched as Jacob's eyes went blank, glancing up at Seth slightly. Then, Jacob fell back, it scared Sarah who started crying. [b "Shhh. It's okay."] she said, holding the baby to her chest. [b "What did she show you?"] she asked. She glanced at Seth. [b "I think it would be best if you gave Jacob and I some time alone with the baby... We'll be at the main house in a few hours. You should go home and shower."]
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Jacob cleaned up the house and did the laundry the next morning. They had decided on the southern style house with the wrap around porch, it was something Jacob loved. He knew that Sarah would need a play set and sand box and he offered to build it himself that way he knew it was safe. He kissed Renesmee's lips gently and asked, "Should we test her gift now?"

Jacob took a deep breath and Sarah looked up to him with her big brown eyes, his eyes. Jacob took her hand and his mind was enveloped in a bright and colorful world... it was the future... the opposite of Renesmee's gift but mixed with what Alice could do but better... it was a certain future.. It showed Jacob and Renesmee and Sarah and Seth and a little boy about 2... there was only one thing wrong with this vision. Jacob's eyes were red like the Volturi. Jacob let go of his daughters hand and jumped back falling on the floor on his ass. "Theres no way that can be the future... it just can't"
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Renesmee nodded as she listened to Jacob. Knowing that their daughter had a gift, scared her beyond words. She was supposed to be more wolf, not vampire. She didn't know if Sarah would have the wolf gene now. [b "You don't wake her up, Seth. You don't go in that room until morning."] she said. She headed to their bedroom with Jacob. [b "What kind of house style do you think we should go for? I really like the southern homes with the wrap around porches.. What do you think?"] she asked.

Sarah slept through the night, only waking up once around three am to eat. She was already doing well about sleeping. Renesmee was amazed with it. Their daughter was not even twenty four hours old, and already had the sleep schedule down pat.

The next morning, Sarah woke up once again to eat. Jacob got up to fix breakfast while Renesmee and the baby went back to sleep. The baby slept on her mother's chest. Renesmee had never felt so happy before.
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"Its possible.... your her mother and your gifted and your parents are gifted... its very possible... maybe when she wakes up we can test it more... I don't want to wake her.... Seth head to bed, we're going to bed too, we have a baby monitor and I know you... with your wolf senses you won't need one but we have one just in case." Jake said as he pulled Renesmee toward the bedroom. The guest room where Seth would be staying was across the hall from the nursery where Sarah was asleep and the bedroom was right beside her room. It even had a door attaching the two rooms.

During the night Jacob was up and down checking on their daughter. She slept soundly only waking up once for a feeding with Renesmee. Jacob stayed up the whole time though, making sure everything was alright. The next morning he got up and made eggs, toast, and bacon for everyone, mostly him and Seth because they ate more than Renesmee ever did.
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Renesmee smiled softly as she listened to Jacob. She knew that more than likely, Sarah had wolf in her more than vampire. Which she was thankful for in a way. She didn't want to burden her baby with being a vampire and a werewolf, natural enemies. [b "I know you became Alpha for us, which I'm forever thankful for. But if you ever need to talk... You know I'm here. I'm always here."]

[b "You wake her up, and you're dead."] she said softly [b "I just got that baby asleep."] She looked up at Jacob and smiled. [b "I'm just glad, that no matter what happens to us, Sarah will always be protected... Always."] She looked up when Seth came in the room. She just shook her head. [b "Sarah is more wolf than anything. I've held her all night. I don't see how it's possible for her to have a gift. She's more wolf.. She's not cold or anything else that is a vampire trait."]

She looked up at Jacob. [b "Do you think it's really possible?"]
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"She could be chief if she wanted it.... I never wanted it but I did it for you and Sarah.... thats it. Its alot of responsibility and your in charge of the entire tribe and their well being...its alot of stress." He said sighing and listened to Renesmee read Seth the riot act. He nodded in agreement, "You heard her Seth." Seth nodded and phased back and asked, "Can I at least see her? I'm losing my mind here... I need to know shes safe.... not that I don't trust you as her parents but you both know how an imprint feels." Jacob nodded and said, "If you wake her up, its your funeral."

Seth looked down at the sleeping baby girl. He just smiled and flashes of the future popped into his head when he touched her hand. He stepped back and came out of the room. "Nessie.... I think Sarah is gifted like you are." He explained what he saw and it turns out that Sarah had a gift like Renesmee's and Alice's combined... she could see your future but she had to touch you.
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Renesmee looked down at Jacob as he spoke. [b "If Sarah has the gene, which I think she does, because she has so much of you in her, are you saying she couldn't become Chief? Just because she is a girl? It's the twenty first centuary for crying out loud.

[b "Nothing bad will ever happen to Sarah. She has an entire wolf pack, and a vampire clan to protect her."] she said softly [b "She has got to be the most protected child in the world.... Her Daddy won't let anything bad happen to her."] she smiled and leaned down to kiss his cheek. [b "I didn't think I could love any one as much as I love you, but boy was I wrong."] she said softly [b "Sarah beat that so much."]

She watched as Seth walked in the house. [b "You phase back to human. There are extra clothes in the bathroom. You do not go in the nursery. Your snoring will wake her up. You can sleep in the spare bedroom."] she said. She looked at Jacob, waiting for him to back her up.
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"It's not necessarily the first born....I have older twin sisters you know and neither of them have the gene...if we ever have a son he will be alpha and now that we know Embry is my biological brother...if Callie has a boy and we don't....he will be alpha...the pack will have a new alpha in about 18 years until then it's my duty to keep the town and the tribe safe...that includes you and Sarah...I know when she's older Seth with protect her but right now all I want to do is hide her away from the world and never let anything harm her. She's our daughter...I've never loved someone more than I love her....and I thought imprinting was the strongest love in the world." Jacob said looking up at Renesmee as he rested his head in her lap.

"Maybe we should let Seth in...its starting to snow." Jacob muttered looking out the window sighing. "He can't hurt her so i think he's safe baby." He opened the door letting a snow covered Seth inside.
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Renesmee nodded as she listened to Jacob. Billy had told her all of the stories. [b "You're Mother would be so proud of you. Look at everything that you've overcame in your life. I know I'm so proud to be the one that you spend your life with."] she said. [b "I wish I could've gotten to meet her. I know she was so special."] She looked down at her ring and smiled. She was never going to take it off.

[b "I have a feeling that we're going to have our hands full with Sarah, especially if she is anything like you."] she said, smiling. [b "I wanted to ask you, how will it work out that your firstborn is a daughter?"] she asked. She had been wondering it since Sarah was born, not that she cared. She was ecstatic that she had a daughter, she just didn't know how it would go down on the wolf side of everything. She leaned up and kissed his cheek. [b "I love you so much."] she said [b "I'm so thankful that the spirits wanted us together."]
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Jake held her close to him,"I almost killed my mother....the elders say it was because I was the future alpha and it was her destiny to have me...I never thought I'd lose her at 6 years old...your mom was there that day and I remember her handing me animal crackers in your grandpa's living room. Telling me everything was going to be okay and how cookies helped." He had tears in his eyes...."I miss her and wish she was here to see Sarah...she would have loved that she's named after her and she would have spoiled her rotten....hell dad is going to spoil her rotten....but Ness I know my mom would be most proud of you wearing her ring. Even at 6 years old I remember her telling me that there was one person out there that would make me hear birds singing when I saw her...that's you."

He took a deep breath,"I didn't know it at the time but my mom was my dad's imprint and she knew how all this felt. She knew."
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Renesmee smiled softly. She held the baby and cuddled into Jacob. She had never been so happy before in her entire life. [b "You gave me the most precious thing in the entire planet."] she said [b "She's amazing."] She watched as Sarah drifted off to sleep and just shook her head. [b "I was thinking maybe in six months."] she said softly [b "That gives me time to train with Emmett and Jasper so I can get back into shape, plus I can start cheerleading again."]

She listened to him and smiled. [b "I'm surprised you didn't tear your mother apart. Sarah ripped me... but it was all worth it."] she said. [b "I'm going to put her to bed."] She walked into the nursery and smiled. It was the same as it was when she, herself, was a baby. Soft pink everywhere. She laid Sarah in the bassinet and walked back to the living room. [b "I was told that we need to sleep when she sleeps.. But I just want time with you right now."]
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"I did put him on patrols....he just took that as patrolling our back porch...Embry and Quil took over the patrolling...yeah I know I slept inside...I mean I could let him in if it gets too cold out there but then again....he would try to take our time with Princess Sarah." Jake smiled at his daughter....there was so much of him in his daughter and then again renesmee was copied in her too. Jake knew that Charlie and Billy would be dying to see the baby girl but he also knew Bella had told them they had to wait until tomorrow which Jacob was thankful for. He wanted time with his girls... "Babe have you put anymore thought into the wedding? I know before we found out Sarah was on the way that you and Alice were planning...I want to marry you more than before if that's even possible."

He kissed her gently and kissed his daughter's forehead..."you know she weighed as much as I did when I was born....except my mother wasn't a human vampire hybrid...."
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Renesmee looked down at the baby girl as they sat in the giant bath tub. The water was only luke warm, she didn't want to harm Sarah's delicate skin. This was now what she lived for, bonding and snuggling with the baby. She washed the little girl off and soon enough stepped out of the tub. She laid Sarah down on her bed and dressed herself. She was still bleeding from the birth, much to her dismay. She had to wear the giant diaper that Carlisle gave her. She dressed in an oversized tee shirt and headed back into the living room.

[b "Miss Sarah Marie is all clean, ready to eat and then ready for bed."] she said softly. She sat down at on the couch and lifted up her shirt to feed Sarah. She listened to Jacob and just laughed, looking back on the porch. [b "I thought you put him on patrols?"] she asked. She just shook her head. [b "If I remember right, you were just like that. Except you actually slept in the house."]
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The baby girl had Jacob's eyes perfectly copied. She was the perfect mix of Jacob and Renesmee. Jake ended up making a frozen pizza because he was too enamored with thinking about his daughter to make anything else. He got her bassinet set up and found a movie on the television to watch. The cabin was small but had a nursery for Sarah and Edward and Bella were geacious enough to let them use it until they had a place of their own.

Jake remembered spending many nights in that nursery asleep in the rocking chair when Renesmee was a baby, he would hold her until she stopped fussing and now their daughter would be living in that room.
He kissed Renesmee when she came out of the bathroom...."we may end up having to give our older adopted son rules...I didn't even realize he's asleep on the back porch." He pointed out the small window and Seth was guarding the door closest to Sarah's room, curled up asleep in his wolf form.
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